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  • 1. Yr 11 Geography Rehearsal Exam : Revision Guide The following list gives you some ideas for revision. It is in no way a comprehensive list of all topics that you need to know, you simply need to learn everything that you have done since the start of the course, up until the end of Recreation and Tourism. However, it will remind you of some key areas for revision and provide you with some exam tips. Tick them off as you revise them! TOPIC 1 : Settlement and Employment Need for new homes in the UK Advantages and disadvantages of Greenfield and Brownfield sites Growth of cities in LEDCs – migration and natural increase Solution to problems in LEDCs Case Study : Rio de Janeiro Managing urban areas – traffic and transport Case Study : Transport in Oxford and Waste in St Albans Primary, secondary and tertiary employment Transnational corporations Child and unfair labour Case Study : Nike New types of employment, out of town locations Case Study : Birmingham fringe developments and City Centre
  • 2.
    • TOPIC 2 : Hazards
    • Where and why do volcanoes and earthquakes occur?
    • Theory of plate tectonics
    • Constructive, destructive, collision and conservative plate boundaries
    • Case study : Montserrat volcano
    • Predicting and planning for volcanic hazards
    • Causes of flooding – natural and human
    • Case Study : MEDC Flood; Mississippi floods
    • Case Study : LEDC Flood; Mozambique floods
    • Methods of flood control in MEDC s and LEDCs
    • Flood hydrographs
    • TOPIC 3 : Coasts
    • Different types of erosion
    • Transportation – Longshore Drift
    • Deposition
    • Landforms e.g. stacks, spits, beaches
    • Different methods of coastal protection – advantages and disadvantages
    • Case Study : Barton on Sea ; problems of erosion, management and successes/failures of schemes.
    • Case Study : Daintree Coastline , the pressure of development and protection of the environment.
    • TOPIC 4 : Recreation and Tourism
    • The reasons behind the increase in the leisure and tourism industry in the UK
    • National Parks aims and attractions
    • Case Study: Lake District National Park – the attractions, problems, conflicts and management
    • Ecotourism – definition and features
    • Case Study: IntoAfrica Ecotourism holidays – an example of ecotourism and benefits to an LEDC.