Welcome to kindergarten! for posting


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Welcome to kindergarten! for posting

  1. 1. Welcome to Kindergarten!
  2. 2. Tonight’s orientation will cover:• School-wide Information• Classroom Policy• Daily Schedule• Homework and Folders• Your role in your child’s education• Academics
  3. 3. A little about me…• From Los Angeles, CA• Went to BIOLA University in Orange County.• Taught in East L.A. and South Whittier for a year.• Fifth year teaching in Arizona.• Live in Rimrock with my hot doggies Sheldon & Mollie.• I am addicted to Starbucks.• I love to fish and camp!• I LOVE LOVE LOVE to teach!• I have taught 105 students so far!
  4. 4. School Information• School hours: 8:15-2:00 – Breakfast starts at 7:45 in our gym. – School doors open at 7:45. – Office Hours: 7:30-3:45 p.m.• Attendance – Each day counts! – Please call/send in a note if absent!• Transportation: – A note is NECESSARY for any changes. – School wide policy
  5. 5. More School Information…• Cafeteria: – Breakfast costs $1.25 – Lunch costs $2.50-send in an envelope/bag – Pay until free/reduced lunch applications are processed. – A sack/packed lunch is fine. (Milk is $0.40). – No foods that need heating/refrigeration, please! – Peanut, nut allergies in Kindergarten
  6. 6. More School Information…• Shoes: – NO FLIP FLOPS! – Please wear close toed shoes on Wed. for PE• Labels: – Things get lost! – Backpacks – Jackets – Hats – Etc.• Check Lost and Found!
  7. 7. Classroom Policy • Classroom Expectations: – Make good choices. – Follow directions. – Be kind. – Tell the truth. – Do your best always!
  8. 8. More Classroom Policy…• 4 colored faces! • Consequences• Prizes and privileges – Timeout – Friday prize box – Missed Recess – Sitting with a friend – Visiting Mrs. Pottorff – Extra recess • Red notes – Picnic Lunch with Miss L. – Please sign and return. • Contract/conference
  9. 9. Daily Schedule: • 12:20--12:50 Specials:• 8:10-8:45 Attendance, Seatwor Music (Mon.), P.E k, and Flag Salute (Wed.)• 8:45-9:00 Singing time • 12:50-1:45 CENTERS – Reading• 9:00-9:30 Calendar – Math• 9:30-9:45 Recess – Parent Center• 9:45 Reading – Fun Center• 10:30 Computer Lab • 1:45 Clean up, pack• 11:00-11:45 up Lunch/Recess • 2:00 Dismissal• 11:45-12:10 Rest and Story time
  10. 10. Homework and Monday Folders• Homework: – Comes in the folder on Monday – Due back on Friday in the folder. – Creates good habits. – Should be able to complete in 10-15 minutes nightly. – Will get harder after Christmas. – Graded on the report card.• Monday folders: – Go home on Monday. – Send back by Friday. – Keep completed work at home! – Send back any notes, papers to be returned.
  11. 11. Snacks, birthdays, and parties!• Snacks – Everyday in the morning. • Parties! – Please send a snack one – Seasonal parties will time a month. – No nuts or seed products, be celebrated. please! – A note will go home• Birthdays in the Monday folder. – Packaged products only. – Parents are welcome – Juice boxes to come too! only, please. -Invitation policy: Must have invites for the whole class.
  12. 12. School Supplies!• 2 packages disinfectant wipes (1 per semester)• 2 boxes of tissues (1 per semester) Waterbottles!• 2 pump bottles of hand sanitizer (1 per semester)• 2 boxes of 24 count crayons (1 per semester) (Not on list)• 8 glue sticks (4 per semester)• 1 bottle Elmers washable glue• 2 black dry-erase board markers(1 per semester)
  13. 13. Academics!• Reading: A whole literacy approach! – Phonics basis – Vocabulary and “gumball words” instruction – Modeled strategies and book “exposure”• Math: – Shapes, colors, numbers – Counting to 130 – Problem solving – Beginning addition
  14. 14. More Academics…• Science and Social Studies: – Social Studies :Content integration with reading. • Community and transportation – Science: Senses, plant and animal life cycles • Hypothesis and experiments• Development: – Character: How to be a responsible and contributing citizen. – Physical: Gross and fine motor skills.• Music and art: – Content integration with reading, science, and math. – Music with Mrs. Murlless each week! YAY!
  15. 15. How can you get involved?• Support the parent teacher partnership!• Read, read, read!• Help with homework!• Join the SAC (school advisory council) or the PTO (parent- teacher organization) •Purchase books from the• Contribute to class parties and book order. projects. •Clip box tops for• Ask your child about their day. education. CONTEST!• Sign up for the classroom website! •Parent/Teacher• Become a parent/grandparent Conferences helper! •September• Open classroom policy-come •February watch us learn! •Practice writing names• TAX CREDIT!!!!! and tying shoes!
  16. 16. Other things…..• Resources: – Flashcards – Website http://www.starfall.com/ http://pbskids.org/lions/• Important Events: – Pumpkin Patch Field Trip – Halloween Parade – May Zoo Field Trip – Graduation• Classroom website: • www.cvkindergarten.blogspot.com • Must sign up with email address to be invited. • For safety reasons • I can post pictures and give information. • Questions????
  17. 17. for coming!