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  • 1. Islam
  • 2. Islam is the religion of people called Muslims. Muslims believe that someone is more important than themselves. Muslims believe this person is God, whom they call Allah.Muslims believe that there is one God and he iseternal.
  • 3. Muslims believeProphets spreadthe word of Allah.The last and mostimportant prophetwas a man called This picture is of Muslim ChildrenMuhammad.Muslims believe that Muhammad receivedmessages from Allah, given to him by an angel.
  • 4. Muslims believe that these messages were the words of Allah and can never be changed.They were collected together to formthe Muslims’ holy book which is calledthe Qur’an.
  • 5. This is the symbolmost often used forIslam.
  • 6. There are over 1.2 billion Muslims in the worldtoday, living in almost every country in the world.About 3 million Muslims live in the USA, about 1.5million live in Britain, and about 220,000 live inAustraliaIn most of the countries in northern Africa andthe Middle East, over half of the population areMuslims.In Europe, Islam is the second largest religionafter Christianity.
  • 7. Muslims pray in a place called a Mosque.In the entrance of the mosque there is a row ofclocks to inform them of the prayer times forthe day.Muslim take off their shoes before they enterthe mosque.Muslims then perform wudu, washing to makethemselves fit for prayer.
  • 8. The main room of the mosque• There is no furniture• Decorated in Arabic text.• Never any pictures• Usually covered in carpet• May have a large single dome on the roof or one or more smaller ones
  • 9. This is called the Prayer HallMuslims pray in this room at prayer timesMuslims pray facing in the direction of MeccaMuslims may use prayer matsMuslims prayers involve standing, bowing andkneeling
  • 10. Useful wordsAllah. – The Muslims GodQur’an.- Muslim holy bookMosque.- Place of worshipWudu – the wash before prayerMihrad – Alcove or arch in prayer hallMinbar – platform or stairs where the prayer leaderpreachesqiblah – direction of MekkahMekkah – can be known as Mecca. A place in SaudiArabiaImam – Muslin leader or teacher