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My plan to be part of the digital world

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  • Brand Plan

    1. 1. You-Me-T.O Jessica Sanchez Personal brand plan
    2. 2. Brand Position <ul><ul><li>From a Toronto-Latino optical, showcase the adventures in fashion, lifestyle and culture within this beautiful mosaic , in both English and Spanish. </li></ul></ul><ul><li>In the midst of this place, is where I tell my story. </li></ul>
    3. 3. Sizzling… <ul><li>When I refer to a Latino perspective, its not THIS (view poster) </li></ul><ul><li>Yes, we Latinos dance salsa, but the entire identity is not solely based on this. (By the way, I love this movie) </li></ul><ul><li>Fostering a positive space and image of Latinos in social media. Creating a movement but from a Canadian standpoint. </li></ul>
    4. 5. GOAL Be a cross-cultural bridge that Canadian and Hispanic people use to connect with Toronto’s colourful character.
    5. 6. Action 1: Blog posts in English Time frame- NOW Action 2: Set up Blog posts in Spanish Time Frame- NOW Action 4: Synchronize my blog with The magazine section “ Moda Beats” for LATIDOS Time frame: 6-8 months from now Action3: Generate an extensive Body of work. Publishing As I go Time frame- Now to 6 months Action 5: After 1 year the Readership will Grow, especially If connected To the latin market (still calculating time frame) Action 6: Take over the world C P R A I T T H I C A L
    6. 7. Bilingual (English & Spanish) -can communicate fluently -exposed to culture and fashion venues/events/industry have not acquired a full insertion into the social media world (work in progress) -can philosophize everything, to a point of abstractness. Can possibly deter readers - opportunity to write for a style section in bilingual magazine -currently working with Chrissy Newton , lifestyle-fashion-entertainment PR agency -under the mentorship of Casie Stewart , recognized blogger - fashion and lifestyle blogs are abundant -competition is good but without proper knowledge of the digital realm and how-to market, my brand is threatened.
    7. 8. Key Message Move beyond familiar cultural and social landmarks, introducing alternative perspectives from Canadian and Hispanic idea generators. My voice, my thoughts and soundtrack to daily dynamics of fashion, lifestyle and culture.
    8. 9. ENTER HERE… <ul><li> </li></ul>
    9. 10. Strategy RATIONAL: -The Latino population in Toronto and Canada is growing at a high rate . Many new immigrants do not speak English and feel isolated from the city’s dynamic -Language barriers causes a lack of understanding and many wonderful thoughts, ideas and creative outlets can be overseen. My target market: young, urban, technological savvy, curious English and Spanish generation that live in Toronto and the GTA. I expose to them my findings of fashion, culture, events and different lifestyles in both languages .
    10. 11. Various tactics include : -after each blog post, I will post on twitter with as many hash tags as I can possibly fit in 140 characters -Tagging is the name of the game (each blog post will be tagged out) -Am currently partnering up with fellow bloggers to be a contributor on their blogs. I will write on walls if need be. -Networking is crucial for it a provides a platform to share your story with others. Building community awareness of your story can only be achieved through complete immersion into different digital communities. Each channel previously mentioned will be utilized, plus any others. -Attending events such as #genyTo , Third Tuesdays, and countless social media events that cater to like-minded people. You Got to MOVE...
    11. 12. Just me... -Born in Cali, Colombia, my first pet was a baby tiger named Margarita (no need for a stereotype) -Love to jazz everything out. My best friend is called Bejeweler. -Phobias: Thunder storms, chicken wings & loosing my teeth -The one person I would love to meet is the late MJ -A stiletto is your best accessory -If I could raid someone’s closet it would be Grace Jones -Would love to have tea with Boy George ,Tim Burton and Daniel Quinn. -When I close my eyes I always see my mothers face -If I were animated, I would be JEM!