A Vision For The World - Part 6


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A series of classes designed to turn you into a "World Christian" by helping you discover the truth of God's unfulfilled global purpose to reach all peoples. It will ignite in you a passion to take action and fulfill your destiny as part of God's plan.

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  • Show them that the World Christian is a believer who is actively involved in God’s work no matter where they are geographically. Explainthe various habits of a World Christian.
  • Ask them what it would take for them to become a World Christian? What would their life look like? How would this change the way they live life right now?Explain to them that God wants them to become a World Christian and that you would like to help them get there.
  • Mobilize!Let them know that you are excited about their journey in becoming a WorldChristian and that you would love for them to join with you as both grow in God’s heartfor the world.
  • A Vision For The World - Part 6

    1. 1. Lesson 6 ©2010 MissionsPlace.com – http://missionsplace.com By: Aaron Edwards
    2. 2.  Practical Application What Can You Do?
    3. 3.   GOER: Someone who is going on a short or long term trip and is actively working in another culture.  SENDER: Someone who is giving (typically financially) to see the gospel taken to another culture.  WELCOMER: This person is reaching out across cultures in their community with the intention of sharing the gospel with them.  PRAYER: This person is praying for other countries and cultures and is cultivating his prayer life to include God’s heart for the world. Be a World Christian
    4. 4. Where Are You?
    5. 5.  Websites  The Joshua Project  joshuaproject.net  The Traveling Team  thetravelingteam.org  U.S. Center For World Mission  uscwm.org  MissionsPlace.com
    6. 6.  Books & Magazines Missions Books  Perspectives  Let The Nations Be Glad  Missionary biography's Magazines  Mission Frontiers  Commission  World Christian  Voice of The Martyrs
    7. 7.   Perspectives Course  Certificate class taught at churches across the country every Spring and Fall  www.perspectives.org Take a Class!
    8. 8.  Pray!  Unreached People of The Day  Joshuaproject.net  Operation World  Awesome book!  A World Map
    9. 9.  Give Strategically As a Church Personally
    10. 10.   Make a commitment  Pray  Financial Support  Send them a care package  Email them! Support a Missionary
    11. 11.  Mission Trips  Short Term  YWAM  Foursquare  Etc.  Long Term
    12. 12.  Research them  Pray for them  Strategically give to reach them  Visit them  They may be in Dallas!  Involve others in reaching them Adopt A People Group
    13. 13.   http://thetravelingteam.org  Perspectives on the World Christian Movement: A Reader by Ralph D. Winter  http://www.joshuaproject.net/  Holy Bible: The New King James Version: Containing the Old and New Testaments. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 1982. Sources