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  • Let’s talk about Social Media.
  • Why?
  • Because your customers are there.
  • Social Media is now the #1 online activity.
  • People spend 1 out of every 6 minutes online using social media.
  • Facebook has become so huge that its users outnumber the population of Europe.
  • 93% of US Internet users are on Facebook.
  • Is your business taking advantage of this opportunity?
  • We can help.
  • Before we talk about how we create your social media community, let’s start with the basics of social media and how it benefits your business.
  • All social media is based on connections. People choose to like or follow you. You are building a relationship with those people so when it comes time to buy, the customers feel like they have a friend in the business.
  • Additionally, the connections you have, have connections to other potential customers.
  • When you post something that’s popular and your fans interact, their friends and connections see it. Those connections are now aware of you and they can feel secure knowing that others in their community are doing business with you.
  • That’s how social media audiences grow virally. And the best part, once you have these connections, you don’t lose them. You can reach out to them whenever you want.
  • Unlike traditional media, you own and program the channel instead paying to advertise in between someone else’s content.
  • Best of all, you can reap the rewards of these connections for a smaller investment than traditional marketing methods. Let’s talk about the ROI of social media:
  • What is a targeted qualified lead worth to your business? How about 1000s of them? Social media is the most effective way to reach a large number of highly targeted customers at a low cost.
  • How important is word of mouth to your business? Social Media is word of mouth amplified. It’s a great opportunity to encourage your happy customers to raise their hand and say I like this business. Your happy customers can easily share with all of their friends and connections their positive experiences with your business.
  • How much more valuable is a repeat customer? By engaging your customers through social media, you have the opportunity to reward your loyal fans and generate repeat business. And increase the lifetime value of your customers by maintaining those relationships long-term.
  • What is the value of knowing where you’re succeeding and failing? Gathering customer feedback on social media can teach you a lot and help you correct customer service mistakes. It also demonstrate to your customers and prospects that their opinions matter.
  • How much is a great idea worth? Crowdsourcing is a social media buzzword that has real value. By creating a community for your customers to share ideas, you could develop you next great product or service.
  • How much credit are you getting for doing things right and giving back to the community? Through social media, you can let everyone know what you and your employees are doing to make the world a better place.
  • Considering all these factors you can start to see why so many businesses are investing more and more of their marketing budget in social media.
  • Most companies don’t even need to spend more money. They just need to reallocate from less effective media.
  • In fact, we suspect that you will eventually lower your marketing budget over time because of the effectiveness of social media.
  • So the question is no longer whether you should use social media, but how well will you use it.
  • When it comes to social media presence, most businesses fall into one of three categories:
  • First is the Avoiders. They are staying away from social media because they don’t see the value, don’t have the time, or they have a concern about negative comments or regulatory hurdles. These businesses need help to understand how to get value, how to get it done without distracting from their core business, or how to moderate a social community in a responsible, effective way.
  • The second category is The Stuck. They are trying, but can’t seem to grow their audience. They have someone in-house who has some knowledge of social media, but is not an expert and the results reflect that.
  • Third, we have the Overwhelmed. They have a social media audience, but they are spending a lot of time and money taking care of that audience. They are spending big bucks on an in-house social media management team when they could be getting the same results for less.
  • So what’s the secret to moving out of these categories and achieving real success in social media?
  • Expert strategy and consistent execution. At Maximize Social Media, we provide both with our done for you social media solution. Let’s look a t a real-life example of how we helped one client establish a true social media presence in just one month.
  • MaxxAir Vent is the nation’s leading manufacturer of RV ventilation products. When they signed with us, they didn’t have a Facebook page.
  • Tasked with the challenging goal of making people become fans of fans, our strategy team devised a plan to create a community for MaxxAir that focused on the passion people have for their RVs.
  • Through a strategic, targeted advertising campaign and an exciting like incentive we raised awareness of the page.
  • Once people arrived they saw consistent, engaging wall posts as well as opportunities to share their own content and opinions. They received feedback from MaxxAir when they participated and the community took off.
  • In just one month, the page attracted over 10,000 fans. We don’t share this to impress you, but to impress upon you that Maximize Social Media understands social media and can deliver results.
  • Founded by a team of social media experts with a track record of proven business success, Maximize has quickly built a nationwide sales and fulfillment team that is ready and able to support your business’s social media goals.
  • Once you decide to partner with Maximize Social Media, you will have a community manager assigned to your account to facilitate our simple, single point of contact service model.
  • Your community manager will be supported by a team of Social Media specialists to give your social media accounts constant, daily attention.
  • That team provides a wide variety of services to achieve outstanding results.
  • Growth strategy To reap the benefits of social media, you need to have an audience. If people aren’t listening, your message will never be heard. We will get to know your business and customers to design a custom strategy for you. We meet your specific business needs and laser target the people you want.
  • Custom development We make you look like a big business with social media page customization. We include Facebook landing pages and custom applications as well as custom Twitter backgrounds at no additional cost.
  • Engaging Content We research and publish engaging content that drives fan interaction. The saying , “If you build it, they will come” does not apply to social media. Interaction drives the visibility of your page, which in turn leads to viral growth.
  • Community moderation Once you have a large audience, you need someone to manage it. We monitor your pages for questions and other engagement opportunities and react accordingly. We also make sure to remove negative and offensive content in a timely manner.
  • Analytics To ensure that we are achieving the desired result, we closely monitor page analytics. We use that data to actively adjust your social media strategy and to keep you informed on the progress.
  • This strategy is a proven method…
  • … for achieving social media success.
  • Best of all, we’re able to achieve outstanding results at a fraction of what it would cost to hire just one full-time in house social media manager.
  • So, if you’re ready to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to make an impact on your bottom line,
  • Let’s take the next step.
  • Social Media Strategist Mike Hays

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