Privacy and surveillance

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  • 1. Privacy and SurveillanceWhat?In the next two lessons, you will read news articles onEdward Snowden, produce an informative powerpoint or worddocument on Snowden and his actions and then considerquestions regarding surveillance and privacy.Why? (1) Reading news articles improves your reading skills andclose reading skills; and (2) this task will also function as researchfor our study of George Orwell’s ‘1984’.
  • 2. What is ‘Surveillance’?
  • 3. What is ‘privacy’?
  • 4. Edward SnowdenMany people feel that Edward Snowden, the 29year old responsible for leaking top secret detailsregarding national surveillance, has opened upthe debate around privacy and forced people toconsider and question the boundaries ofgovernment surveillance.You are going to spend today’s lesson learningabout and researching Snowden and therepercussions of this leak.
  • 5. You will demonstrate this understanding by creatinga word document/Powerpoint presentation whichexplains:1) Who Edward Snowden is;2) What he has done;3) Why it has caused international uproar;4) The repercussions of his actions;5) What you think will happen next with this case.This should be finished by the end of today’s lessonand then emailed to
  • 6. Start here…••••
  • 7. Start here…•••
  • 8. Once you’ve created yourPowerpoint/Word document andemailed it to Miss Hamilton, you areready to consider privacy andsurveillance more generally…
  • 9. Answer these questions on paper and hand it in to Miss Hamilton atthe end of the lesson.Many people feel that Edward Snowden, the 29 year oldresponsible for leaking top secret details regarding nationalsurveillance, has opened up the debate around privacy and forcedpeople to consider and question the boundaries of governmentsurveillance.1. To what extent do you think this is the case?2. How do you feel about the revelations regarding the extent of theUS Government’s surveillance?3. Do you think Snowden was wrong to leak details of nationalsecurity? Explain your answer fully.4. Do you have a problem with your Government accessing youremails, texts, tweets, Facebook status updates, photos etc?Explain your answer.5. Lots of people are saying that if you have nothing to hide then youshould have no problem with surveillance. To what extent do youagree with this? Explain your answer fully.