The Fifth Estate Case Study


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The Fifth Estate Case Study

  1. 1. You are the marketing manager of a new movie hitting theatres soon Once you have watched the clip decide…  The target audience for the film Who would be most likely to watch it? Why?  Then brainstorm a plan for how you would market this film. Think about… Media platforms, campaigns, clever ways to get the audience hooked, think big!
  2. 2. Case Study
  3. 3. The Fifth Estate  Loosely based on true events  The film's screenplay was based in-part on two books  Co-produced by DreamWorks Pictures and Participant Media  Directed by Bill Condon (Dreamgirls, Kinsey)  Cost $28m (£17.1m) to make (not including marketing costs)  Released in the United States on October 18, 2013 by Disney's Touchstone Pictures label
  4. 4. Dramatic Plot Summary The story begins as WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and his colleague Daniel Domscheit-Berg team up to become underground watchdogs of the privileged and powerful. They create a platform that allows whistle-blowers to anonymously leak data, shining a light on dark government secrets and corporate crimes. Soon, they are breaking more hard news than the world's most legendary media organizations combined. But when Assange and Berg gain access to the biggest trove of confidential intelligence documents in U.S. history, we are asked a defining question of our time: what are the costs of keeping secrets in a free society-and what are the costs of exposing them?
  5. 5. How to make revenue…  One technique filmmakers use to „guarantee‟ revenue is to employ elite Hollywood actors.  The Fifth Estate has plenty of A-star talent, especially Benedict Cumberbatch who has a large passionate fan following…
  6. 6. Benedict Cumberbatch Star Trek Into Darkness Daniel Bruhl Inglourious Basterds Laura Linney Frasier/The Truman Show David Thewlis Harry Potter Series Peter Capaldi Doctor Who/World War Z
  7. 7. How to make revenue…  Another technique in guaranteeing strong box office returns is promoting your film appropriately to your audience.  The Fifth Estate was marketed in two ways (Trailer and Poster)
  8. 8. Official Movie Poster
  9. 9. Other posters
  10. 10. Questions What do you learn about the film from these posters? Are they successful at marketing The Fifth Estate? Why/Why not?
  11. 11. Theatrical Trailer
  12. 12. Global vs. Local Setting Although the film uses mostly British and American actors, and it is made and distributed by an American conglomerate, The Fifth Estate is based on true global locations making it more universal…
  13. 13. Themes  The role of journalism in international affairs  Media ethics in a changing world  Free press (Fourth Estate) being transparent  The balance between privacy and transparency  Media literacy
  14. 14. Other films… …in a similar vein have prospered at the box office in recent years. Also… Hollywood agency WME is said to be offering a film about Edward Snowden, who exposed the US National Security Agency's programme of surveillance of its own citizens
  15. 15. Another way to make revenue..  Larger institutions have the means of distributing and marketing on a much larger scale due largely to one thing… MONEY  The Fifth Estate is a Disney Film, and was initially distributed by Touchstone (one of Disney‟s asset companies). The following Disney-distributed films occurred large sums at the box office in recent years…
  16. 16. Gross: $3,255,008 Gross: $182,207,973Gross: $623,357,910 Gross: $415,004,880 Gross: $83,151,846 Gross: $79,884,879
  17. 17. Target Audience Think back to when you were discussing what you thought the target audience was for this film…  Young tech-savvy people (possibly more male) 18-35y/o?  Interested in current events and journalism  Fans of Assange and Wikileaks?
  18. 18. Wikileaks weighs in…  WikiLeaks leaked the movie's script along with a detailed manifesto explicating all the perceived errors in the film  Then Wikileaks Twitter feed posted a link to all of The Walt Disney Company‟s major shareholders.  Assange told the Hollywood Foreign Press during a Skype conversation that the movie was going to fail because audiences would “rather have a "combative underdog" to root for than see an anti-WikiLeaks movie”  Some have said WikiLeaks "sabotaged" The Fifth Estate by releasing its own documentary, called Mediastan, for free download.  Assange directly pleaded with star Benedict Cumberbatch not to play him in the movie before production began.
  19. 19. Critical Reception Do you think that The Fifth Estate‟s largely adult audience rely on movie reviews more so than an audience of say, teenagers?
  20. 20. IMDB Rating (as of 23/03/14) Rotten Tomatoes Rating (as of 23/03/14)
  21. 21. Public Reception At the box office, the movie was consumed by…  54 percent male  90 percent over the age of 25 The latter number is troubling, as it indicates that more young people, typically more digitally savvy, weren't interested. Disney said most of The Fifth Estate’s revenue came from the big cities; the film didn‟t begin to connect with Heartland and small-town audiences.
  22. 22. Other possible thoughts…  This was an overcrowded weekend, with at least six high profile premieres, not to mention the continuing box office machine Gravity.  Was it wise for Disney-DreamWorks to try to release the film as a blockbuster thriller rather than a smaller, intellectual movie?  Maybe moviegoers just don't care about Assange or Wikileaks? “Insiders close to the film say Americans, particularly those living in conservative states, have no interest in Assange or WikiLeaks,"
  23. 23. Other possible thoughts  The film‟s disappointing premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival failed to create the kind of buzz necessary for a movie hoping to win over educated and discerning moviegoers  That summer Edward Snowden was all over news media. Snowden leaked the National Security Agency surveillance program, which bypassed WikiLeaks in favor of traditional media outlets. This perhaps also robbed Assange of much of his Most Dangerous Man on the Internet mojo.
  24. 24. Your task…  WHY was The Fifth Estate a flop at the Box Office?!  Create your argument using some of the evidence above, but mostly your reasoning in order to choose good evidence.  Brainstorm an essay plan which details your argument  HOMEWORK – create your essay using the brainstorm plan
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