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NUS Museum Upcoming 2012

NUS Museum Upcoming 2012






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    NUS Museum Upcoming 2012 NUS Museum Upcoming 2012 Presentation Transcript

    • NUS Museum 2011 - 2012 Upcoming Exhibitions and Events
    • Asian Art and Culture Exhibition Series
    • The Family Tree Project
      • This exhibition is a study and documentation of photographer Edwin Low’s
      • extended global family, involving his siblings and their off springs. While
      • the project’s primary purpose serves as a tribute to Low’s family and his
      • need to document them following the death of his father, the dispersion
      • of his family over four continents from its origins in Southern China, gives
      • the project a secondary purpose of contributing towards the on-going
      • study of the Chinese Diaspora. The project will consist of formal and casual
      • portraits of his family as well as captured moments from family activities.
      • The exhibition will showcase both print and video elements.
      • NUS Museum has been actively involved in the study of the Chinese
      • Diaspora from various trajectories. Several studies and exhibitions have
      • been staged at the Baba House, a Straits Chinese heritage home in the
      • collection of the museum, as well as exhibitions on immigrant artists and
      • their impacts on Southeast Asia.
      • Details
      • Date: January 2012
      • Academic Opportunities
      • Module tie-ups (Sociology, History, Southeast Asian, China Studies, Peranakan Studies, Biology, Genealogy, Photography, Diaspora Studies)
      • Photography and portraiture weekend courses
      • Lecture series
      • Panel discussions
    • Raffles Light
      • Presenting the outcomes of a yearlong archival project undertaken at the
      • home of biologist and seashells collector Dr. Lim Chuan Fong and on-site
      • at the 19 th Century Raffles Lighthouse which sits on Pulau Satumu, an islet
      • at the southernmost tip of Singapore’s territorial waters, this exhibition
      • seeks to generate a multi-disciplinary experience as various conversations
      • enter the museum. Raffles Light is conceived as a transition animated by
      • the display of photographic evidence, material remains or artifacts,
      • anecdotal histories and related documents exploring alternative ways to
      • recount and understand heritage through objects originally collected with
      • a ‘scientific’ intent. In its generality, the exhibition calls attention to
      • aspects of how personal collections and archives come to be constituted,
      • and how a varying regard for historical sites may be registered in
      • Singapore. This exhibition is co-organised with the Raffles Museum of
      • Biodiversity and Research. 
      • Raffles Light is held as a companion to the ongoing exhibition Camping and
      • Tramping Through the Colonial: The Museum in Malaya, which explores the rise of
      • the museum and themes on the archives in British Malaya from the 19 th century
      • onwards and how contemporary practitioners may lay claim to it.
      • Details
      • Date: January 2012
      • Academic Opportunities
      • Module tie-ups (History, Sociology, Geo-politics, Border Studies, Heritage Management, Theatre Studies, Biology, Photography)
      • Lecture series
      • Field trips
      • Video screenings of field research and process
      • Development of short stories and plays
    • Tautology of Memory
      • The core component of this exhibition will consist of a suite of video montages
      • produced by Mumbai-based artist, Rupal Shah. Capturing the architectural
      • features of the Ajanta caves and re-interpreting them through aesthetic layering
      • procedures, the intervention into the Archival Square at NUS Museum will seek to
      • register itself as a set of discursive or relatively-fluid connections by being playful
      • of colonial and postcolonial mappings of “heritage sites” and their associated
      • civilisational imperatives.
      • In addition to the montages, the display component will include still shots of the
      • murals and frescoes as well as an audio work showcasing the role of tour-guides in
      • narrating history at the Ajanta caves, made complex by the insertion of archival
      • images taken by Robert Gill, a 19th century British amateur photographer and
      • military officer in India. These multiple roles, essayed by various participants in the
      • project, amidst their varying concerns, will seek to problematise and conflate
      • within a single space the ironies, paradoxes and humour which descend on history
      • and its sites.
      • Tautology of Memory is held as a companion to the ongoing exhibition Camping
      • and Tramping Through the Colonial: The Museum in Malaya, which looks at the
      • rise of the museum and the archive in British Malaya from the 19 th century
      • onwards and how contemporary practitioners may lay claim to it.
      • Details
      • Date: March 2012
      • Academic Opportunities
      • Module tie-ups (Communications and New Media, Film Studies, Architecture, Sociology, History, Southeast Asian Studies, Heritage Management)
      • Video Screenings
    • Stories from Archaeological Finds
      • This exhibition presents objects uncovered from archaeological
      • sites in Singapore, Java and the Angkor region of Cambodia. On
      • account of their durability, ceramics make up the majority of the
      • finds. Although broken, incomplete, and occurring in a wide variety
      • of shapes and sizes, studies of these items reveal interesting and
      • valuable data about the utilization of the sites, activities that took
      • place and the lifestyles of past occupants. A number of other
      • materials such as sculptures and textiles from NUS Museum’s
      • collection are displayed alongside the archaeological finds; together
      • they offer a wider picture of the historical and cultural backgrounds
      • of these areas.
      • Details
      • Date: April 2012 to November 2012
      • Academic Opportunities
      • Module tie-ups (History, Sociology, Anthropology, Archaeology, Southeast Asian Studies, Geography, Materials)
      • Curriculum tie-ups with Junior Colleges and Secondary Schools
      • Sherd Handing Workshops
      • Lecture series
      • Walking Tours
      • Overseas Field Trips
    • Others
      • Prosodion - 2012
      • Ceramics Collection – April 2012
    • NUS Researchers and Artists Exhibition Series
    • Sculptures of Chong Fah Cheong
      • Cheong Fah Cheong graduated from the University of Singapore in
      • 1971 with a Bachelor of Social Science. A self-taught Singaporean
      • sculptor known locally and internationally for his whimsical and
      • iconic sculptures, of which several are located in the civic centre of
      • Singapore and in NUS. His works explore the concepts and themes of
      • social class, power and wealth.
      • In this exhibition, Chong Fah Cheong reflects on his interest in the idea of
      • The journey – the process of rambling, interacting, encountering and
      • probing both in nature and the urban sprawl. These experiences and
      • sensations from past and present, from childhood to a mature artist
      • culminates in works that are unique, yet provide glimpses of the everyday.
      • Forms and shapes combine, giving rise to objects, which are
      • simultaneously abstract and familiar. This exhibition will feature both past
      • and new works.
      • Details
      • Date: Feb 2012 – June 2012
      • Academic Opportunities
      • Module tie-ups (Sociology, Geography, Architecture, Sculpting, Materials, Art History)
      • Curriculum tie-ups with Junior Colleges and Secondary Schools
      • School visits
      • Panel discussions
      • Walking Tours
    • Paper-to-Gallery Series
      • The Paper- to- Gallery exhibition platform at NUS
      • Museum encourages faculty, students and overseas
      • researchers to work alongside curators to present
      • research findings in a visually enriching format, and with
      • an emphasis on the development of curatorial
      • methodologies. This platform provides greater public
      • access to the large body of academic findings. The nature
      • of the Museum with its scope for exhibition-making and
      • programme development allows teachers, students,
      • researchers and faculty to communicate ideas and
      • findings in a visually meaningful manner to a broad
      • audience. Recent Paper-to-Gallery exhibitions include
      • Cigondewah: An Art Project by Tisna Sanjaya and The
      • Sufi and the Bearded Man: Re-membering a Keramet in
      • Contemporary Singapore.
      • Academic Opportunities
      • Other module tie-ups (pending research subjects)
    • Conference and Seminars
    • UMAC Conference 2012
      • As a subset of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), the
      • International Committee for University Museums and Collections (UMAC)
      • works towards the cause of university museums and collections by
      • increasing their profile, recognition, and influence in public, academic and
      • political spheres. The annual UMAC Conference is the main platform
      • through which such objectives are promoted. It also seeks to increase the
      • number of active UMAC members and participate or initiate networking
      • activities to promote university collections and museums.
      • The annual UMAC 2012 International Conference is organised and hosted
      • by NUS Museum. It provides an opportunity for university museums in
      • Southeast Asia to be represented on an international platform that has
      • traditionally and largely been Europe/US-centric. In view of the dramatic
      • growth of museums and exhibitionary interests in Asia, the conferences
      • allows for shared discussion on challenges confronting university
      • museums, as well as present the efforts by university museums in the
      • region to explore innovative strategies in mobilising university museum
      • collections thus opening up collaboration possibilities.
      • Details
      • Date: September 2012
      • Projected Attendance: 120
      • Academic Partnerships
      • Internships and Consulting Practicum
      • Parallel events with NUS faculties, schools and institutions