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  • Some useful slides and artists, nicely presented, thanks for sharing
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Year 11 exam

  1. 1. This is your GCSE Art Exam question. ordinary and / or EXTRAORDINARY...
  2. 2. It is important that you begin working on the EXAM paper straight away. START TODAY! Exam dates….Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th May
  3. 3. There are 6 main starting points.PEOPLE, PLACES, IMAGINATION, OBJECTS, ACTIVITIES and NATURAL WORLD.
  4. 4. PEOPLE
  5. 5. Marc Quinn Robert Bosch Portrait of Martin Luther King made out of dominoes.Quinn is inspired to work with physical deformity.Looking at fragmented sculptures in the BritishMuseum, he wondered how viewers would respondto bodies that had been damaged during theirlifetime rather than after being transformed intoobjects through artistic representation.
  6. 6. Chris OfiliNo Woman No Cry 1998. Uses mixed media,including elephant dung!
  7. 7. Andy Warhol‘Elvis. 1962’. Screenprinting on silk. At that time Elvis was seen everywhere-on TV, magazines, newspapers. The way his image is repeated over and overseems like a comment on that. The fact that the image of Elvis seems to befading away could be significant...
  8. 8. Elizabeth Peyton Peyton painted numerous celebrities in her distinct style which renders each of her models with the same red lips, defined eyes and pale skin. To the right a good weblink for MOMA gallery for this artist rtist_id=8042
  9. 9. Alfred StieglitzArtist Georgia O’ Keeffe’shands with thimble. Analternative way to make aportrait of somebody.
  10. 10. Richard Billingham Richard Billinghams photographs of his family in their Birmingham flat, published in the book Rays a Laugh 1996, are a stark, painful and often humorous study of the relationships within his own family. They encapsulate many of the critical questions relating to the position of the observer in relation to the observed.
  11. 11. YinkaShonibareFashion designer and sculptureartist. These pieces of workshow a very surrealrepresentation of the humanform. Scramble For Africa. The Swing. 2001.
  12. 12. Jason Freeny – Contemporary sculpture
  13. 13. John Hedgecoe- Arnold Machin– created the plaster cast of theTook the photo of the Queen that is used on postage Queen that is used on postage stampsstamps This is now a very ordinary sight as we see it all the time on coins and stamps.
  14. 14. Ana MariaPachecoWall mountedwoodensculptures anddark, dry-pointetching prints.2011
  15. 15. Gustav KlimtAdele Bloch-Bauer 1907. Oil and gold oncanvas. She is clasping her hands (she had adeformed finger). Dressed in gold,surrounded by gold. Lots of gold suggestsshe is wealthy and important. The Kiss
  16. 16. Julian Opi
  17. 17. Cindy SheermanSherman’s photographs are portraits of herselfin various scenarios that parody stereotypes ofwomen. A panoply of characters and settingsare drawn from sources of popular culture, oldmovies, television soaps and pulp fiction.
  18. 18. Leonardo da Vinci Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) was an Italian Renaissance Artist among many other talents. He is widely considered to be one of the greatest painters of all time.
  19. 19. Ive always wanted to create drama in my pictures, which is why I paintLucin Freud people. Its people who have brought drama to pictures from the beginning. The simplest human gestures tell stories. Reflection (Self-portrait), 1985Current exhibition on at the National Portrait Gallery 9th Feb – 27th May
  20. 20. Simon Patterson“The Great Bear” 1992 –links people of popular culture together.
  21. 21. OBJECTS
  22. 22. Shelly Goldsmith‘No Escape’ -images of flood sceneshad been transfer printed onto Goldsmith’s work uses textile materialschildrens dresses. and processes as a metaphor for imagining how psychological states, emotions and memories associated with human fragility and loss can be made visible in cloth.
  23. 23. Lisa Milroy- collections of ordinary objects
  24. 24. ‘Five Lipsticks’
Oil on panel.Kim KibbyOil paintings of everyday objects Tinker Toy Still Life -
Oil on canvas Summer Delight #2:
Flip Flops – Oil on panelGuitar Headstock -Oil on panel. Little Clay Pots -Oil on panel.
  25. 25. Andy Warhol- Ordinary Objects
  26. 26. Joseph CornellJoseph Cornell’s Artwork are collections ofbought and foundobjects in boxes.Cornell collectedsource material for hiswork, which becameartistic creations abouthis inner thoughts,desires, and ‘Untitled’ (Cocatoo and Corks),imagination. 1948, 4 3/8 x 13 1/2 x 5 5/8 inchs.
  27. 27. William Michael HarnettHarnett was a very skilled painter. Hewanted to make objects look as realisticas possible.He used an assorted collection ofeveryday objects to create interestingcompositions for his Art. To the right: ‘Old Models’ 1892 Oil on Canvas‘A Mans Table Reversed’ 1877 Oilon Canvas
  28. 28. Small scale to large scale... Louise Bourgeois – Maman, 1999. Bronze. “The Spider is an ode to my mother. She was my best friend. Like a spider, my mother was a weaver. Like spiders, my mother was very clever. Spiders are friendly presences that eat mosquitoes. We know that mosquitoes spread diseases and are therefore unwanted. So, spiders are helpful and protective, just like my mother.”ClaesOldenburg. Popartist. Very largereplica sculptures ofeveryday objects,pictured in unusualplaces.
  29. 29. Su Blackwell – paper cut art
  30. 30. PLACES
  31. 31. Maps Jasper Johns Sarah Fanelli ‘Map’ 1961 Oil on canvas‘Map’ combines a kind of representation,that is, a map of the United States, withmany issues more common to abstractpainting. Johns combines colour, lines, andreadable gestures (brushstrokes), as well “Map of my Day” 1995as letting paint speak for itself on flatcanvas surfaces.
  32. 32. LS Lowry - Market Scene, Northern Town, 1939Manus Walsh Alfred Wallis
  33. 33. Anselm Kiefer – ‘Athanor’. Mixedmedia textural painting.Can the materials that you use givethe place you are depicting a certainmood or feeling? Ando Hiroshige – Japanese woodblock prints, exaggerating the shapes and pattern seen within a natural landscape. (Ukiyo-e)
  34. 34. Rachel Whiteread– ‘House’1993.A concrete cast of the inside of anentire Victorian terraced house,exhibited at the location of the originalhouse — 193 Grove Road — in EastLondon (all the houses in the streethad earlier been knocked down by thecouncil).It also won the Turner Prize in 1993.Tower Hamlets London BoroughCouncil demolished House on 11January 1994.
  35. 35. Slinkachu is as a London-based artist who createsSlinkachu- Little worlds very small street-based installations and then photographs them: from far away and up-close.
  36. 36. FaithRinggoldAfric an American Tar Beach 2 1990 Silkscreen on silk 66 x 66"
  37. 37. Gaudi The most famous of Gaudi’s work, this church in Barcelona has been in construction for more than 100 years. Gaudi was a devout Catholic and spent over 10 years working just on this project.
  38. 38. ACTIVITIES
  39. 39. John Salt – photorealist painting Laura Knight - painting Duane Hanson – Tourists. 1988 Gregory Crewdson- photographer
  40. 40. Robert Delaunay – The RunnersNestor Kirchner - paintings
  41. 41. Edgar Degas "Three Studies of A Dancer," by Edgar Degas, The Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer - (Bronze) cast in 1922
  42. 42. “I’ve spent the last 25 years of my Lois Greenfield photographic career investigating movement and its expressive potential. My inspiration has alwaysleries/index.html been photography’s ability to stop time and reveal what the naked eye cannot see. My interest in photography is not to capture an image I see or even have in my mind, but to explore the potential of moments
  44. 44. Jean Arp- Feuille se Reposant (RestingLeaf) 1959Angie Lewin - Printmaking
  45. 45. Sam Taylor-Wood
  46. 46. Elizabeth Blackadder – botanical drawing andpainting. Carol Sims – acrylic on canvas
  47. 47. Sophie Ryder
  48. 48. Karl BlossfeldtMonochrome photography of natural forms such as flowers, seedpods.
  49. 49. Edward Weston Weston explored natural form through black and white photography.Shell, 1927 Vintage gelatin silver print
  50. 50. Andy Goldsworthy 1956 - presentAndy Goldsworthyis a British artistwho works withnature, naturalform and thenaturalenvironment tomake his creations. (to the right) Carefully broken pebbles
scratched white with another stone
St. Abbs, Scotland
1 June 1985
  51. 51. Georgia O’Keefe• O’Keefe’s paintings are beautifully contoured forms, realistically painted but using unusual combinations of objects.• She expertly painted subtle tones and colours. Rams Skull, Oil Painting, 1935
  52. 52. Yayoi Kusama 1929 - present PUMPKIN (TOTW) Acrylic on canvas 2003Kusama is a Japanese American artist who works in a wide variety of mediaand techniques – prints, sculptures and installations.Her starting point is often natural form.
  53. 53. Henri Matisse La Gerbe, one of Matisses latest 
works (1953).
  54. 54. Vincent Van Gogh 1953 - 1890Vincent Van Gogh was a Dutch post-Impressionist painter whose work has far-reachinginfluence on 20th Century art due to its vivid colours and emotional impact. "Irises” Oil Painting 1889
  55. 55. David Hockney Hockney’s recent work has been created on his ipad and his iphone this one is considering the Natural World Below is the Royal Academy website at the Royal Academy London -21 January - 9 April 2012
  56. 56. Damien Hirst1965 to presentHirst exploresthe uncertaintyat the core ofhumanexperience;love, life, death,loyalty andbetrayal throughunexpected andunconventionalmedia. Psalm 27: Hirsts butterfly and enamel paint on canvas
  58. 58. Tacita DeanTacita Dean trained as a painter and now works in a variety of media, including drawing, photography and sound but is best known for her compelling 16mm films.Deans work finds connections between past and present, fact and fiction.
  59. 59. Manus WalshManus Walsh’s workhas been describedas cubist, abstract,impressionist,surreal, naturalisticand romantic.
  60. 60. Arthur Rackham Arthur Rackham was an illustrator in the late 19th and early 20th century. Rackham’s work depicts mythology, folklore and fable
  61. 61. Paula RegoA number of her prints relatespecifically to childrensliterature, to fairy tales,nursery rhymes and longerfictional works which have awide popular appeal. Below.. a good link about the Artist and LITTLE MISS MUFFET 1989 her work
  62. 62. Brian Froud- Magical Creatures
  63. 63. Salvador Dali – The Persistence Of Memory. 1931.
  64. 64. Swans Reflecting Elephants 1937
  65. 65. Rene Magritte and the Surrealist artmovement.
  66. 66. Carel Weight – Paintings thatseem to communicate ordinaryand extraordinary at the sametime...
  67. 67. AnthonyGreen –watercolourpainting
  68. 68. William Blake – poetand painter. A lot ofhis work was aboutreligion andmythology.
  69. 69. M C Escher – graphic artist who made repeating patterns into artwork and impossible structures.Alberto Schommer–photography. 1990.