A2 exam 2012


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A2 exam 2012

  2. 2. Lucien Freud a portrait ofFrancis Bacon
  3. 3. ‘BRING Me SUNSHINE’Gilbert and Dubbed the Morecambe and Wise of modern art, Gilbert and George have straddled the George decades, their eccentric veil never dropping for a second. The pair who sidestepped misogyny to focus on the beauty of flawed males
  4. 4. BAUHAUS 1919-1933 Art/ Industry• Gropius himself said,"The Bauhaus does not pretend to be a crafts school; contact with industry is consciously sought...the old craft workshops will develop into industrial laboratories: from their experimentation will evolve standards for industrial production...The teaching of a craft is meant to prepare for designing for mass production. Starting with the simplest tools and least complicated jobs, he gradually acquires ability to master more intricate problem and to work with machinery, while at the same time he keeps in touch with the entire process of production from start to finish."
  5. 5. Marc Quinn ‘Alison Lapper Pregnant’ Plinth in Trafalgar Square London used by numerous artists todisplay their work bringing together the Artist , the Environment and the Public
  6. 6. Andy Goldsworthy“I enjoy the freedom of just using my handsand “found” tools–a sharp stone, the quill of afeather, thorns. I take the opportunities eachday offers: if it is snowing, I work with snow, atleaf-fall it will be with leaves; a blown-over treebecomes a source of twigs and branches. I stopat a place or pick up a material because I feelthat there is something to be discovered. Hereis where I can learn.”
  7. 7. As a woman in a patriarchalsociety, as an Arab citizen in a Jewish Maiada Aboudcountry ….in my videos there arealways some forms of resistance to Art/Feminism/Politicsthe sexual and social roles played byme as a woman, the roles that I havehad to follow through all of my life as away of transcending the “unkindness”of the real circumstances. Manyreasons brought me to deal with theissues of gender and sexualityespecially within the femalebody, viewed as a taboo in the Arabworld, so that I could accomplish thethings that are forbidden in myfamily, society, and religion. I haveused my body as an actual material toreflect the social and the emotionalconflict, trying to break downbarriers between art and life. I havetried to create self portraits bybreaking and representing my identityin order to make the viewer aware ofthe structure of seeing andexploring my experience in life, givinghim a chance to have a look at mypersonal world and my own nature.
  8. 8. Kenneth Neal, A Modern Day Abolitionist "Know Your Bones", political/social artA social journalist/artist doing my part to promote social, cultural, and class destruction awareness .
  9. 9. Surrealists and the Invention of Assemblage Andre Breton Poem Object 1935André Breton, the leader ofthe early Surrealists, was apoet, writer, andrevolutionary philosopher.While he is most famous forwriting the SurrealistManifesto, Breton alsocomposed some of theearliest assemblages called“Poem-Objects”.
  10. 10. WAR ARTWar art, or the visualization of suffering in conflict Harvey Thomas Dunn ‘the tanks at Seichepreyhas always been a powerful means of mobilizingpublic opinion and action against violence. It ismost successfully used in humanitarian crises orconflicts, where images of suffering people promptus to take action, either in the form of donations orpolitical pressure to intervene.
  11. 11. Choi Jung Hyunsculptures made from computer parts
  12. 12. Figurative SculptureAnticlockwise - David Mach,Anthony Gormley, AlbertoGiacometti. Auguste Rodin
  13. 13. Fashion Illustration and CultureFashion and art are one in thesame; fashion will forever be a medium forexpression, interpretation and serve as anextension of ourselves.
  14. 14. Art andCultural
  15. 15. Japanese artist TakashiMurakami hasproduced a collectionof rugs in collaborationwith Louis Vuitton.They worked on twodesigns, that come ineditions of 20 each.The round flower rugthat you see above,comes in both 2 meterand 3 meter diameter.
  16. 16. Fashion and Technology
  17. 17. Conceptual clothing by Jenni Dutton Filleted Mermaid made from thin wire, fabric and wax, decorated with broken glass. I have always been fascinated with the legend of the mermaid. There is something about the combining of the female and fish forms that has a powerful and sexual image. She is at once helpless and yet alluring but this hybrid creature, like all creatures of the deep stands for the unconscious, and in particular for the anima, the femine aspect within the psyche.
  18. 18. Coastal ArtMans relationship with the sea
  19. 19. Edward Hopper
  20. 20. Henri Matisserelationship with colour