As exam 2014 earth,fire, air, water


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As exam 2014 earth,fire, air, water

  1. 1. There are many different meanings for these words and how they can be interpreted in Art.
  2. 2. Earth Noun 1.The planet on which we live; the world. "the diversity of life on earth" Synonyms: world, globe, planet, sphere, orb 2. the substance of the land surface; soil. "a layer of earth" Synonyms: soil, topsoil, loam, clay, silt, dirt, sod, clod, turf. Verb 1.(British) connect (an electrical device) with the ground. "the front metal panels must be soundly earthed" 2. Hunting drive (a fox) to its underground lair
  3. 3. Fire Noun 1. a process in which substances combine chemically with oxygen from the air and typically give out bright light, heat, and smoke; combustion or burning. "his house was destroyed by fire“ 2. a burning sensation. "the whisky lit a fire in the back of his throat” Verb 1. discharge a gun or other weapon in order to propel (a bullet or projectile). "he fired a shot at the retreating prisoners" Synonyms: launch, shoot, discharge, eject, hurl, throw, send flying, let fly with. loose off, shy, send. 2. dismiss (an employee) from a job. "I had to fire men who've been with me for years" Synonyms: discharge, dismiss, give someone their notice, make redundant, lay off, let go, throw out, get rid of
  4. 4. Air Noun 1.the invisible gaseous substance surrounding the earth, a mixture mainly of oxygen and nitrogen. 2. an impression of a quality or manner given by someone or something. "she answered with a faint air of boredom" Synonyms: expression, appearance, look, impression, aspect, manner, bearing, mien, countenance. Verb (an opinion or grievance) publicly. "a meeting in which longstanding grievances were aired“ Synonyms: express, voice, make public, vent, ventilate, articulate, state, declare, give expression to, give voice to. 2.expose (a room) to the open air in order to ventilate it. "the window sashes were lifted regularly to air the room“ Synonyms: ventilate, aerate, freshen, refresh.
  5. 5. Water Noun 1.a colourless, transparent, odourless, liquid which forms the seas, lakes, rivers, and rain and is the basis of the fluids of living organisms. "sodium chloride dissolves in water" Synonyms: aqua 2. A stretch or area of water, such as a river, sea, or lake. “the lawns ran down to the water's edge" Synonyms: sea, ocean, lake, loch, pond, pool, reservoir, river Verb 1.pour or sprinkle water over (a plant or area) in order to encourage plant growth. "I went out to water the geraniums" Synonyms: sprinkle, moisten, dampen, wet, spray, splash. 2. (of a person's eyes) fill with tears. "Rory blinked, his eyes watering”
  6. 6. EXAM = 40%
  7. 7. Everybody knows... the four AOs For the exam you have to show evidence of: ALL 4 of the AOs (Assessment Objectives) AO1: Looking at other artists AO2: Experimenting with media AO3: Recording your ideas AO4: Making a final piece
  8. 8. It is important that you begin working on the EXAM Paper straight away. START TODAY! Exam dates…. 8 , 9 and 12 May th th th
  9. 9. Where to begin?
  10. 10. Remember …. The theme is merely a starting point to inspire you. Feel free to take the project in any direction that you wish, provided that you can clearly justify and explain how the theme has inspired your thoughts and ideas.
  11. 11. The Four Elements The ancient Greeks believed that everything was composed of a mixture of just four ‘elements’ – earth, air, water and fire. This is not quite as silly as it might at first sound; the world is composed of matter in various ‘states’ - solid, liquid and gas and plasma - a type of very hot high energy gas. The Greeks had in effect divided all matter into the four basic categories which we now called solids, gases, liquids and plasma. Earth – (solids) Air – (gases) Water – (liquids) Fire – (plasma) Solid Gas Liquid
  12. 12. You must begin by exploring all the themes below. You then may narrow your ideas down by choosing to focus on just some or one of the words. EARTH FIRE AIR WATER
  13. 13. Contextual references The artists on the next few pages are suggestions to help you think about possible ideas. You may already have ideas of your own. Keep an open mind at this point... There is also a Beaumont Pinterest Album of Artists and ideas to support you with your project
  14. 14. Earth
  15. 15. Claude Monet
  16. 16. Jelle Martens Martens work combines strong graphic blocks of colour woven together with saturated grainy photography to create dynamic visual palettes.   Marten is a Belgian Artist, Photographer and Graphic Designer
  17. 17. Herbert La Thangue (19 January 1859 – 21 December 1929) La Thangue was an English realist rural landscape painter
  18. 18. David Hockney
  19. 19. Kurt Jackson
  20. 20. Fiona Hall
  21. 21. Kate MacDowell. “In my work this romantic ideal of union with the natural world conflicts with our contemporary impact on the environment.  These pieces are in part responses to environmental stressors including climate change, toxic pollution, and GM crops”. 
  22. 22. Judith Braun New York-based artist Judith Braun creates all these wonderful landscapes and abstract patterns using nothing but her fingers dipped in charcoal dust
  23. 23. Anna Gillespie Taste the Rain is part of an ongoing series of work using material that has fallen from trees: acorns, beechnut casings, leaves, bark, sycamore keys
  24. 24. Kimberly Kersey Asbury About the Landscape Series:  Powered Pigment, Wax, Paint, Thread, Stuffing on Canvas, Paper, and/or Fabric. The landscapes along with the hand-stitched artist books are inspired by William Turner’s watercolor sketchbooks.
  25. 25. Jorge Mayet Born in 1962, in La Habana, Cuba Lives and works in Palma de Mallorca, Spain
  26. 26. Brian Alfred Alfred creates collages, paintings, and digital animations.
  27. 27. Jared Steffensen
  28. 28. Fire
  29. 29. Lucas Simoes Simões takes photographic portraits and burns through the eyes. Whilst the images themselves aren't of a particularly disturbing nature, the destruction of them using such a brutal media and to create such sensitive forms results in something quite grotesque but enchanting.
  30. 30. Antony Gormley WASTE MAN was made over a six-week period at the end of summer 2006 out of about 30 tonnes of waste materials that had been gathered by the Thanet waste disposal services in Kent and by local people, and deposited in Dreamland, the area of Margate next to the sea and close to the station that had traditionally been the site of a vast funfair.
  31. 31. Yves Klein Fire Paintings, 1960
  32. 32. Joseph Wright of Derby Eruption of Vesuvius, 1776
  33. 33. Pierre Debusschere Pierre Debusschere is a visual artist working in the fields of photography & video. He has shot editorials for several leading magazines such as Vogue Homme Japan and Citizen K, as well as being a regular contributor to Dazed & Confused.
  34. 34. Valerie Hegarty For Hegarty, the joy of her work lies in its destruction rather than its making. Centering her practice on the politics of the American myth, Hegarty’s canvases and sculptures replicate emblems of frontier ethos - colonial furniture, antique dishware, and heroic paintings of landscapes and national figures only to demolish them by devices associated with their historical significance.
  35. 35. Georges De La Tour Georges de La Tour was a French Baroque painter, who spent most of his working life in the Duchy of Lorraine, which was temporarily absorbed into France between 1641 and 1648. He painted mostly religious chiaroscuro scenes lit by candlelight.
  36. 36. Van Gogh
  37. 37. Air
  38. 38. Tim Knowles
  39. 39. Catherine Eaton Skinner
  40. 40. Damien Hirst
  41. 41. Tadao Cern The Artist 'blows away' photo subjects with powerful blasts of wind to create interesting facial expressions in images
  42. 42. Maia Flore A beautiful series of photographs, inspired by what she wants to experience.
  43. 43. Tommy Ingberg Ingberg is a self-taught photographer and visual artist, born 1980 in Sweden. He works with photography and digital image editing, creating minimalistic and self-reflecting surreal photo montages dealing with human nature, feelings and thoughts.
  44. 44. Gerhard Richter
  45. 45. Gil Bruvel Perceiving the flow
  46. 46. Claire Brewster Paper in Three Dimensions”My work is about retrieving the discarded, celebrating the unwanted and giving new life to the obsolete. I use old and out-of-date maps and atlases as my fabric to create intricate, delicate and detailed sculptures.”
  47. 47. Lisa Keophila, Fiona Lim Tung, Kristen Lim Tung & Jon Margono Hanging paper flower installation
  48. 48. Jeff Wall A sudden gust of wind, 1993 Wall produced this clever image with multiple exposures, combined in post production (image manipulation). His inspiration was the Hokusai print
  49. 49. Adrian Sommerling Wind
  50. 50. LuAnn Ostergaard “My inspiration comes while trekking through the gritty chaos of a metal scrap yard, abandoned alleyway or natural area. I find beauty in imperfection and may often times see it in scarred, weathered and entropic surfaces of a rusty scrap of metal, natural stone or other found objects.”
  51. 51. Peter Lippmann series of photographs / rotting fruit
  52. 52. Water
  53. 53. William Turner To see more of Turner’s paintings visit the National Maritime Museum (exhibition lasts to 21st April 2014).
  54. 54. Alfred Wallis
  55. 55. Ana Teresa Barboza
  56. 56. Matt Wisniewski My home is the sea
  57. 57. Sophie Calle Sophie Calle met people in Turkey who despite living close to the coast had never seen the sea. These films show the first time they look at the ocean. They were asked to turn around and face the camera when they were ready. Emotions range from elation to bitter tears. “Voir La Mer” (To see the sea)
  58. 58. Peter Doig
  59. 59. Sandra Meech “As part of my research for the course I discovered the textiles and clothing of the Caribou Inuit in Northern Canada and was fascinated by the Arctic landscape.”
  60. 60. Thomas Saliot
  61. 61. Jean-Pierre Kunkel Oil paintings of pools
  62. 62. Alexandre Ciancio
  63. 63. Deniz Senyesil
  64. 64. Katsushika Hokusai
  65. 65. Aneta Ivanova
  66. 66. Tina Crespo Crespo is a photographer whose work has featured in Urban Outfitters, Elle Decor UK, NY Mag's Apartment Therapy, SFGirlByBay, Creature Comforts, and
  67. 67. Charlotte X. C. Sullivan Buamai - Bubble Drawings :
  68. 68. Alberto Seveso Ink and water
  69. 69. Linnea Strid
  70. 70. All…
  71. 71. Dorothea Lange
  72. 72. Roni Horn “You are the Weather”
  73. 73. Ron Mueck Mueck's sculptures faithfully reproduce the minute detail of the human body, but play with scale to produce disconcertingly jarring visual images.
  74. 74. Lucian Freud
  75. 75. This week…. Create a Pinterest account and start pinning images relating to your exam title Create a broad A2 spider diagram Create an A2 mood board on the theme you want to focus on