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Sec 2 HISTORY chapter 7 part 2 (2010)

Sec 2 HISTORY chapter 7 part 2 (2010)



Riots in the 1950s

Riots in the 1950s



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    Sec 2 HISTORY chapter 7 part 2 (2010) Sec 2 HISTORY chapter 7 part 2 (2010) Presentation Transcript

    • How did The Local People Respond to British rule After World War II ?
    • Riots in The Early 1950s
      • Social and economic problems after WWII continued into the 1950s.
      • Caused many people to be unhappy with British rule .
    • Riots in the Early 1950s
      • Two riots in the 1950s showed that people in Singapore were getting more and more unhappy with British rule after WWII
        • The Maria Hertogh Riots
        • The Anti-National Service riots
    • Maria Hertogh Riots
    • Maria Hertogh Riots
      • Born in Java in 1937 to Dutch Catholic parents
      • Parents were imprisoned during the Japanese Occupation
    • Maria Hertogh Riots
      • Maria was taken care care by a Malay woman, Che Aminah and her husband.
      • They brought her up as a Muslim and named her Nadra.
    • Maria Hertogh Riots
      • 1949 – Maria’s mother, Adeline Hertogh wants her daughter back.
      • The case was brought to the High Court in Singapore.
      • Maria Hertogh was placed in the Social Welfare Department .
    • Maria Hertogh Riots
      • May 1950 – the court ruled that Maria be returned to her natural parents.
      • Che Aminah sent an appeal to change the court decision.
      • Two months later , Maria was ruled by court to be given back to Che Aminah
    • Maria Hertogh Riots
      • Under Che Aminah’s care, Maria was married to a Malay teacher.
      • She was only 13 years old.
    • Maria Hertogh Riots
      • November 1950, the battle for custody continued.
      • The court ruled that Maria should be returned to her natural parents.
      • The Dutch law did not recognize Maria’s marriage as she was under-aged and was not given consent by her natural father .
    • Maria Hertogh Riots
      • This upset the Muslim community as they felt that Muslim law was not respected .
      • Meanwhile, the court placed Maria in a Catholic convent in Thomson Road.
    • Maria Hertogh Riots
      • Che Aminah appealed again for the custody of Maria Hertogh.
      • 11 December 1950 – the court rejected the appeal within 5 minutes.
      • The large crowd that gathered to hear the verdict at Padang started to riot.
    • Maria Hertogh Riots
      • WHY?
        • Felt betrayed as they thought the British were taking sides with the Dutch
        • Any European and Eurasian in sight was attacked.
        • Cars were overturned and burnt
        • Serious rioting happened around the area of Sultan Mosque, North Bridge and Jalan Besar Roads.
    • Maria Hertogh Riots
      • The riots continued for 3 days and a curfew was imposed for two weeks.
      • Troops were called in to help maintain law and order.
      • The situation was under control by the 3 rd day.
    • About 18 people were killed and 173 were injured during the riot
    • Anti-National Service Riots, 1954
    • Anti-National Service Riots
      • Started by the Chinese-educated students when the government introduced National Service.
      • The National Service Ordinance – all males between 18 and 20 to register by May 1954 for National Service
      • Otherwise, they will be jailed or fined.
    • Anti-National Service Riots
      • Secondary students from Chinese schools do not like the National Service
        • Not willing to defend the colonial government which ignored the Chinese students’ interests.
      • Very few students from Chung Cheng High School and Chinese High School turned up for the 1 st day of registration.
    • Anti-National Service Riots
      • 13 May 1954 – more than one thousand students gathered in front of the Government House to present their petition to the Governor.
      • The peaceful demonstration turned into a riot when police were called in to break up the crown.
        • The police and students clashed
    • About 26 people were injured and 48 students were arrested .