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Peru John and Stewart
Peru John and Stewart
Peru John and Stewart
Peru John and Stewart
Peru John and Stewart
Peru John and Stewart
Peru John and Stewart
Peru John and Stewart
Peru John and Stewart
Peru John and Stewart
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Peru John and Stewart


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  • 1. PERU by Stewart Sloan and John mcmillan 1p6 Mrs Dunlop S1 Americas Adventure
  • 2. Map of peru
  • 3. PERU!!! <ul><li>The Capital City is lima </li></ul><ul><li>Other Major Cities are Arequipa, Ica and Trujillo </li></ul><ul><li>The Currency is Nuevo Sol </li></ul><ul><li>Main Products are mad orniments </li></ul><ul><li>Flag on the first page </li></ul><ul><li>Religions catholic and islam </li></ul><ul><li>The Language is spanish </li></ul>
  • 4. History <ul><li>Some of the oldest civilizations appeared circa 6000 BC in the coastal provinces of Chilca and Paracas, and in the highland province of Callejón de Huaylas. Over the following three thousand years, inhabitants switched from nomadic lifestyles to cultivating land, as evidence from sites such as Jiskairumoko, Kotosh, and demonstrates. Cultivation of plants such as corn and cotton began, as well as the domestication of animals such as the wild ancestors of the llama, the alpaca, and the guinea pig. Inhabitants practiced spinning and knitting of cotton and wool, basketry, and pottery </li></ul>
  • 5. People <ul><li>there is round about 30 million people living in Peru now </li></ul>This is a parade in Peru
  • 6. Charity Projects <ul><li>A charity project in Peru is project Peru. </li></ul>Project Peru is a UK-based registered charity which works directly with our project partner in Peru. Its aims are to provide financial and material support, while at the same time encouraging voluntary effort and raising awareness of development issues in a Latin American context.
  • 7. wildlife <ul><li>This is a baby puma </li></ul><ul><li>Very cute from Peru </li></ul>this is a strange sea creature That was found in the mama cocha In 1976 when a man called Charles Sidney found it with his son Thomas.
  • 8. Landmarks People believe that in the ancient times this was a message to aliens because this image can only be seen from the sky This is 18 statues of people from round about 300 B.C.
  • 9. Famous People Miss world was from Peru and considered beautiful in Peru and 1 the Peru person. The dog says I&apos;m famous in Peru
  • 10. Thanks for listening GOOD BYE ADIOS