Brand Advocates: Audi Roadtrip Story

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How Brand Advocacy and use of social media can help your ROI.

How Brand Advocacy and use of social media can help your ROI.

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  • Talk about audiroadtrip-Fanto Brand Advocate -3 confirmed sales of A7 - $210,000 known stats- over 2 mill impressions-Cosmopolitian of Las Vegas and Red Bull
  • Empowering your fans and provide them with resources and they will happily tell others. *Reputation-Lifelong customers- Bruce’s Yams/Olivier
  • *SM is about brand/customer interaction. not just about getting perks. There's got to be a real relationship first.  I see so many companies just latching onto influencers that have no idea about their product or just try it once and run. You've got to find the people out there with passion about your product, not shout "please love me, i'll give you free things
  • The man could become THAT guy. Reeves Tampa story. Klout- Socialmedia_RS
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  • 1. Head of Lettuce Media A Social Media Strategy company
  • 2. Driving Sales To Your Front Door "Its a learning process for everyone in this industry. Nobody is an expert. We started with one goal: listen, listen, listen". -@Audi
  • 3. Social Media Drives Brand Loyalty• 14% of people trust ads, while 76% trust consumer recommendations.• 67% of brand followers will purchase that brand
  • 4. • How to participate in conversation• Why you should interact with consumers• How to empower your brand’s audience
  • 5. How to participate in conversation?"If you wish to persuade me, you must think my thoughts,feel my feelings, and speak my words." - Cicero• Entertain• Engage• Educate
  • 6. Why you should interact with consumers….. "People join brands, they do not buy them" - Erin Claire• Increases sale opportunities -ROI in potential car sales for Audi• Improve company reputation• Gain lifelong customers and brand advocates
  • 7. How to Empower Your Brand’s Audience.• What are brand advocates?• How to find brand advocates? -Monitor social media -Crowdtap -Blogger outreach
  • 8. What Not to do• Don’t abandon your online community• Not “Googling” your brand ambassadors• Forget that consumers online are real people• Use Klout as a base for influence.
  • 9. What to do• Reference Members• Invite Followers to Events• Thank people• Interact• Be Excellent to Each Other
  • 10. Head of Lettuce Media A Social Media Strategy company