Willis and Dorrie Modern Olympics Keynote


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  • Willis and Dorrie Modern Olympics Keynote

    2. 2. MODERN OLYMPICS By Willis and Dorrie
    3. 3. By Willis and DorrieMODERN OLYMPICS
    4. 4. WHO IS BARON PIERRE DE COUBERTINBaron Pierre De Conbertin was born in Paris, France onJanuary 1st 1863. He died at the age of 74 from a strokeon September the 2nd 1937 in Geneva, Switzerland.Boron’s full name is “Charles Pierre Fredy Coubertin. Heis the father of the Modern Olympic Movement. Heorganised the first meeting of the International OlympicCommittee (IOC). New Zealand was one of the 13nations rBaron Pierre De Coubertin was the 2nd president of theInternational Olympic Committee and created theModern Olympic Flag in 1914.
    5. 5. OLYMPIC FLAGThe Olympic Flag represents the five continents Asia,America, Africa,Oceania and Europe.The Olympic flag was introduced in 1914 by PierreDe Coutertin.Did you know the colors on the Olympic flag werechosen because all the colors appear on everyonesflag. The Olympic Flag was presented to the IOC atthe 1920 Summer Olympics by the city of Belgium.
    6. 6. CEREMONIES There are many ceremonies in the Olympics such as the Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony and Medal Ceremonies. Did you know that the Opening Ceremony represents the official commencement of the celebration of the Olympic Games. Do you know that the Opening Ceremony and the Closing Ceremony are very over the top! :)
    7. 7. HOST CITIES There have been 30 Summer Olympics. London have had the privilege to have the Summer Olympics 2 .Did you know the first recored Olympic games were recored in 776 BCE. The Host Cities always create an amazing area for the Stadiums and places where the athletes stay.
    8. 8. TORCH RELAY AND FLAME The Olymic torch is a mark of the start of the Olympic Games. The Olympic torch is carried aroud different countries. The torch is symbol of the Olympic Games. The fire was first started at the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam and has been round ever since.
    9. 9. TORCH AND RELAY CONTIN. In 2000, as the Olympic flame travelled first through Greece, then through Oceania and finally around Australia, athletes across the world were beginning to make their way to Sydney for training and to celebrate the Games of the 2000 Olympiad.In every Greek town and village that the torchrelay passed through on its ten days in thecountry, the streets were lined with people.On 20 May, the torch relay around Greece cameto an end at the site of the first modern OlympicGames, the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens.
    10. 10. TORCH FACTS The to has changed every 4 years and is carrying on changing! They put more effort into the old torchs than the new torches !
    11. 11. MASCOTSThe Mascots are always something to dowith their country (e.g beijing Panda). In1968 Winter Olympics was the first timesomeone had a mascot and now everyyear there is a new country.