Phrasal verbs in out


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Phrasal verbs in out

  1. 1. I was in Berlin when the break out start. war broke out. Two prisoners have break out of escape from a managed to break out of the something place. jail. Sarah fell ill and her - (a) gritar, mother called the call out llamar, hacer doctor out. Sarah enfermó y su madre intervenir (b) llamó al médico. callo out for - pedir, llamar, How about calling out pedir algo por for an ice cream? teléfono ¿Qué te parece si pedimos helado? You have to check out of check out leave a hotel the hotel before 11:00 AM. cross out draw a line Please cross out your old through address and write your new one. tachar cut something out remove part of I cut this ad out of the something newspaper. (usually with scissors and paper) drop out abandonar I dropped out of ScienceOUT because it was too difficult. eat out Comer fuera de I dont feel like cooking casa tonight. Lets eat out. fill out completar You wont be admitted agregando la unless you fill out the información medical form first. requerida No te admitirán a menos que primero completes el formulario médico. Fill out subir de peso Im afraid I have filled out, I cant wear these jeans any longer. Me temo que engordé, ya no puedo usar estos pantalones. leave a room or She usually gets out by 6 get out oclock building
  2. 2. leave a place or Some birds managed to getget out of escape from a out of the cage. place avoid doing something that you have Kids always try to get out ofget out of something promised to do. tidying their room. evitar hacer algo que ha prometido hacer stop working properly, become weaker. (parar After running for one hour,give out her legs finally gave out. funcionando correctamente, se vuelven más débiles.) give something to each person in agive something out = group = hand out. Please give the copies out.give out something dar algo a cada persona en un grupo produce a light, The lamp gave out agive out something heat or a signal, yellowish light. emit. Please leave out the details and go to the point.leave out omitir, olvidar Por favor omite los detalles y vé al grano. be able to see ormake something out She could just make out a hear something.= make out shape approaching in the ser capaz de ver dark.something o escuchar algo.make something out understand She couldnt make out what= make out had happened. somethingsomething understand somebodysmake somebody out character. Shes a strange girl, nobody= make out can make her out. entender elsomebody carácter de alguien. change a person The World Cup can makemake something out or thing into heroes out of unknownof something else. players.somebody/something cambiar a una persona o cosa en La Copa Mundial puede
  3. 3. otra cosa. hacer héroes a los jugadores desconocidos.Move out Leave a place you Shes tired of living there live or work in and is MOVING OUT. use all of Dear, we have run out ofrun out of something sugar! something.quedarse sin algo nos hemos quedado sin usar todo de algo. azúcar!Rub out Borrar I made a mistake so I rubbed it out.take something out remove from a Can you take the place or thing garbage out to the street for me?take someone out pay for someone My to go somewhere grandparents took us out for with you dinner and a movie.
  4. 4. "He broke in to their break in interrupt conversation to add that he couldnt work overtime." break in / into "Thieves broke into burgle / steal the warehouse and stole 100 computers." bring in "She has brought in introduce some changes to the company." bring in (2) = He brings in a lot of receive income recibir ingresos money as a computer programmer. After the accident the ambulance was called in to call in assist the injured - hacer entrar, people. llamar a Tras el accidente se llamó a laIN ambulancia para que asistiera a las personas heridas. cave in : "The unions finally accept someones caved in and idea or decision accepted the new contracts." We will get the hotel arrive and register check in keys when we check at a hotel or airport in. chip in =: " Were all chipping in contribute for Marias birthday present." Your father cut in while I was cut in interrupt dancing with your uncle. pull in too closely The bus driver got cut in in front of another angry when that car vehicle cut in. The air start operating (of conditioner cuts cut in an engine or in when the electrical device) temperature gets to 22°C.
  5. 5. Start doing something, usually When we saw what without planning was happening, wedive in all DIVED IN to help. I might drop come without androp in/by/over in/by/over for tea appointment sometime this week. Its freezing out there, lets eateat in comer en casa in today. Está helado afuera, comamos en casa hoy. complete: "You need to fill infill in this form." As Robert is onfill in act as a substitute: holiday, youll have " to fill in for him this week." bring someone upfill in "Can you fill me in to date: on the new project?"fit in He doesnt really fit be accepted by a in at work. Hes very group: different from us."get in – Lets go! The planell get in soon and Dan will wonder where we llegar are. ¡Vámonos! El avión va a arribar pronto y Dan se va a preguntar dónde estamos. The package must be got in by sevenGet in entregar sharp. El paquete debe ser entregado a las siete en punto
  6. 6. Get in How did you get in here? I never entrar gave you the key! ¿Cómo entraste aquí? ¡Yo nunca te di la llaveGet in on involucrarse en una actividad que otra What do I need gente ya está to get in on the realizando team? generalmente sin ¿Qué necesito para ser invitado entrar en el equipo John thought he could pass the exam by getting in with the teacher and he got an F.Get in with congraciarse con John creyó que podría aprobar el exámen con sólo congraciarse con la profesora y obtubo un aplazo.give in She gave in to her finally accept childrens demands something: " for sweetshand in "They handed in give something to their assignment someone: early." The painkillers have start to have ankick in finally kicked in. I effect. feel much better." To join Your brother is in something is to playing football inJoin in become involved in the park. Why dont an activity with you go and join in?
  7. 7. other people. In our presentation, start with we are going to leadlead in something in with our vision for the future." Can you let thelet someone in allow to enter cat in before you go to school?move in "Some new occupy a house: neighbours have moved in next door." Where can we plug the TV in? ¿DóndePlug in Enchufar podemos enchufar la tele?take in "I still cant take in understand: the news."take in He really took me in deceive someone with his hard-luck engañar a alguien story."take in (3) = "She took the old provide refuge: couple in." Is there any way ofwork in = working in this incorporate: " paragraph? The text is a little unclear otherwise."