Historical Fiction Read Alouds


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Historical Fiction Read Alouds

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  • To tell you a little about myself, I just finished my sixth year teaching fifth grade in a title 1 school in South Harlem. I use iPads one to one with my students and I blog about my experiences, lesson ideas, favorite free apps at classtechtips.com . If you are not on twitter I highly recommend it - it's a fantastic way to connect with educators across the world, read about what they are doing in their classroom and share some of your favorite things. If you have any questions after today please feel free to email me I'm very accessible and you're more than welcome to reach out.
  • Historical Fiction Read Alouds

    1. 1. Historical Fiction Read Alouds: Bring American History to Life Monica Burns
    2. 2. My Blog: www.ClassTechTips.com Twitter: @ClassTechTips ClassTechTips@gmail.com
    3. 3. Historical Fiction Monica Burns •Tells a story that is set in the past •Setting is drawn from history •Often takes place during a notable period in history (significant event) •Often contains actual historical figures Creative Nonfiction Narrative Nonfiction
    4. 4. When can you use these texts? • Literacy Block (skill instruction) • Social Studies (introduce a topic, mid-unit) • Small group instruction/ book clubs Monica Burns
    5. 5. John, Paul, George & Ben By Lane Smith • Great for all ages • Describes each as children, making connections to their historical significance Monica Burns
    6. 6. The Escape of Oney Judge By Emily Arnold McCully • Great way to introduce various historical themes • Tells the story of Martha’s Washington slave Oney Judge Monica Burns
    7. 7. The Flag Maker By Susan Campbell Bartoletti • Story of the flag that inspired the national anthem • War of 1812 seen through the eyes of a young girl Monica Burns
    8. 8. Dave the Potter By Laban Carrick Hill • True story of an artist, poet and potter enslaved in South Carolina • Beautifully written, simple text Monica Burns
    9. 9. Henry’s Freedom Box By Ellen Levine • True story of a slave who mails himself to freedom • Kadir Nelson’s beautiful illustrations Monica Burns
    10. 10. A Patchwork Path By Bettye Stroud • Underground Railroad • A girl and her father escape slavery using coded symbols on a quilt Monica Burns
    11. 11. Mr. Lincoln’s Boys By Staton Rabin • Based on true events • Rambunctious children who had a unique view of the nation before the Civil War Monica Burns
    12. 12. Pink and Say By Patricia Polacco • Based on events from the author’s family history • Serious, emotional story Monica Burns
    13. 13. I Have Heard of a Land By Joyce Carol Thomas • Westward Expansion • Moving to stake a claim in the Oklahoma Territory; pioneers including free slaves Monica Burns
    14. 14. Dandelions By Eve Bunting • Westward Expansion • Motivations and struggles of immigrant families Monica Burns Great for an author study!
    15. 15. Train to Somewhere By Eve Bunting • Orphan Train that brought children to families out West • Flashbacks, making inferences Monica Burns
    16. 16. The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate By Jacqueline Kelly • 1899 in Texas • Young girl trapped by gender roles wants to explore the world around her Monica Burns
    17. 17. Peppe the Lamplighter By Elisa Bartone • Young boy from an immigrant family in turn of the century New York • 1994 Caldecott Honor Monica Burns
    18. 18. Uncle Jed’s Barbershop By Margaree King Mitchell • Depression Era • Sharecropper dreams of opening his own barbershop but has to deal with the injustices of segregation Monica Burns
    19. 19. Rent Party Jazz By William Miller • 1930s New Orleans • A boy whose family is struggling finds a creative way to raise money to pay their rent Monica Burns
    20. 20. Rudy Rides the Rails By Dandi Daley Mackall • Depression Era • Based on a true story of a boy who left home to find work on the road Monica Burns
    21. 21. Amelia And Eleanor Go For A Ride By Pam Muñoz Ryan • Based on a true event • Amelia Earhart and Eleanor Roosevelt leave a White House party for an adventure Monica Burns
    22. 22. Baseball Saved Us By Ken Mochizuki • World War II Japanese-American internment camp • Connected to author’s family history Monica Burns
    23. 23. Ruth and the Green Book By Calvin Alexander Ramsey • African-American travelers avoided persecution when Jim Crow laws ruled parts of the country Monica Burns
    24. 24. The Wall By Eve Bunting • All ages • A father and son visit the Vietnam Memorial Monica Burns
    25. 25. The Man Who Walked Between the Towers By Mordicai Gerstein • True story of Philippe Petit who walked on a tight rope between the Twin Towers in 1974 • 2004 Caldecott Medal Monica Burns
    26. 26. When can you use these texts? • Literacy Block (skill instruction) • Social Studies (introduce a topic, mid-unit) • Small group instruction/ book clubs • Integrate technology into your literacy instruction Monica Burns
    27. 27. Monica Burns Sticky Notes free iPad app
    28. 28. Captions Lite free iPad app
    29. 29. Grafio Lite free iPad app
    30. 30. Monica Burns Toontastic Lite free iPad app
    31. 31. My Blog: www.ClassTechTips.com Twitter: @ClassTechTips ClassTechTips@gmail.com