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YQL Presentation at Geek Girls Dinner Sydney
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YQL Presentation at Geek Girls Dinner Sydney


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This presso gives you an overview of Yahoo!'s YQL and its advantages and some examples! A few of the examples are inspired from Chris Heilmann's presentation too!

This presso gives you an overview of Yahoo!'s YQL and its advantages and some examples! A few of the examples are inspired from Chris Heilmann's presentation too!

Published in: Technology
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  • Instructions on how YQL should create URLs that access the data available from your Web service. Also, an Open Data Table definition provides YQL with the URL location of your Web service along with the individual query parameters (keys) available to YQL.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Girl Geek Dinner YQL
      • Pratibha Gannavarapu & Allan Shone
      • Yahoo!7
      • 17 th June 2009
    • 2. Pratibha Gannavarapu Technical yahoo Who Am I?
    • 3. The best way to mashup data from the web! What am I doing here tonight?
    • 4.
      • There is abundant data on the web!
        • Web pages
        • Web services
        • RSS
        • CSV
      Good Thing About Web!
    • 5. Problem!
        • Locating the right URLs for accessing them 
        • Going through API documentation
    • 6.
      • Need easier way to access this data!
        • Pipes
        • YQL
    • 7.
        • Pipes is an online service that lets you remix popular feed types and create data mashups using a visual editor
        • There are several modules to fetch the data and other mechanisms such as sort, filtering etc.
        • Once a pipe is built, it can be accessed and build your app based on it.
    • 8.
        • RESTful webservice call
        • Select {what} from {service} where {condition}
        • Returns XML or JSON
      What is YQL?
    • 9.   select * from where text="Geek Girls Dinner Sydney Yahoo" limit 3     An Example
    • 10.
      • REST query format
      • Format xml or json
      Using from within a script!
    • 11. Lets try our Flickr example here Console!
    • 12. show tables; What data is available?
    • 13.
      • No
      • Open Tables
              • Create and use your own table definitions
              • Enables YQL to bind to any data source through the SQL-like syntax and fetch data.
      Only Y! data??
    • 14.
        • XML file with the following info:
          • Authentication and Security Options
          • Sample Query
          • YQL Data Structure
          • Pagination Options
      Defining Open Data Tables
    • 15. Example definition
    • 16.
      • Using IN
      • select * from search.termextract where context in ( select description from rss where url='' limit 3 )
      • Console
      More Examples
    • 17.
      • select * from html where url=‘' and xpath='//h3/a’ limit 5
      • Console
      • RSS Feeds
      • select * from rss where url=“ ”
      More examples
    • 18. An example!
    • 19.
      • Makes data accessing more easier
      • More easier for developers
      • Access Y! data
      • Add your own open tables
      • select * from {atom, csv, html, rss, feed, table }
      • In short it is select * from Internet
    • 20. - Chris Heilmann Thank you! Resources