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  • 1. Close Encounters: Beyond the Basics Craig R. Lang MS CHt Certified Hypnotherapist Researcher/Investigator, Minnesota MUFON [email_address] Michigan MUFON Sunday Mar 15, 2009
  • 2. Intro
    • By day, Principal Software Engineer
    • Boston Scientific in Arden Hills, MN
    • Evenings and weekends:
      • Field Investigator with Mutual UFO Network
      • Writer (SF and UFO/CE4 non-fiction)
      • Private Practice Hypnotherapist
  • 3. Poll - Audience Experiences
    • How many here have seen something unexplained in the sky?
    • How many have had some kind of experience they can not explain?
    • How many have done field investigation of close encounter events?
  • 4. Agenda
    • Overview: Sightings and Encounters
    • Events of the Fourth Kind: Abduction
    • Field Investigation
    • Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
    • Thoughts and Speculations
  • 5. First Example: Spring Lake Park, MN CE1
    • Spring 1978
    • Object passed close overhead: Treetop level
    • Slow moving
    • Seen by whole family and neighbors
  • 6. UFO101: Types and Kinds of Events
    • Types:
      • Anomaly (AN): anything unexplained: ghosts, monsters
      • Distant Encounter (FB or MA): Phenomenon is at a distance
      • Close Encounter (CE): Phenomenon is up close and personal)
    • Kinds:
      • First Kind - you're here, it's there
      • Second Kind – the same as #1, but it left something behind
      • Third Kind - you're here, they're there, but at a distance
      • Fourth Kind - you and they are both in their reality: Abduction/Contact
      • Fifth Kind (more than one definition)
          • You called them (Greer/Haines):
            • UFOs responding to human signals (blinking headlights)
            • Human Initiated Contact (CSETI)
          • They hurt you (Vallee): UFOs are dangerous (!!!)
    • ....... Focus on CE1, CE4 in this talk .......
  • 7. A Close Encounter of the First Kind
    • 1993: Hwy 65 in Blaine, MN
     Two people in car, observe close approach of light Witness looks away for a moment Moments later, both look up and observe large triangular object
    • Both highly PSI sensitive
    • Life-long experiencers
    • Common in triangle sightings(?)
  • 8.
    • Object observed by large number of people
    • Hovered/Maneuvered over I694 - I35W interchange
    Hovering and Maneuvers New Brighton Freeway CE1 Fall of 1979
  • 9. Sighting = Relationship
    • CE1: Relationship mostly one way: Observation
    • CE3: Relationship “stronger” - one way (possibly more...)
    • Relationship two-way?
    • In CE1 or CE3:
      • Witness sometimes feels that “object is there for me” or
      • “ They” are aware of me
      • Object is watching me
    • Possibly look for CE4 in these cases
    • Event of fourth kind: Relationship two way, witness becomes an experiencer
  • 10. Hovering/Slow Speed Triangular UFO: Western Suburbs October 2000
    • Treetop level
    • Object moved at walking speed
    • Passed over nearby Hwy (note: should have been seen but no reports...)
    • Sense of “communion” with object – aware of her presence (relationship?)
  • 11. Agenda
    • Overview: Sightings and Encounters
    • Events of the Fourth Kind: Abduction
    • Field Investigation
    • Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
    • Thoughts and Speculations
  • 12. Close Encounters of the fourth kind (Witness now becomes an experiencer)
    • Often "unremembered" - Missing time
    • Sense of mystery: "What just happened?”
    • Ambiguous – “can’t be sure…”
    • Sense of disquiet:
      • "Something seems to be wrong",
      • "That was weird..."
  • 13. “ Jade” - A Classic Abduction
    • Late Evening: Walking on suburban street
    • Vague memory of:
    • Object overhead
    • Beam of light
    • Last memory of event
    • Then location was changed
    • Subsequent memory fragments of ‘something strange’
  • 14. Jade: Subsequent Memories
  • 15. Evelyn: A (very) Close Encounter
    • Distant object
    • UFO moves toward/over house
    • Lights in yard
    • Entities at door
    • Amnesia from that point on
    • Sense of “something strange happened”
  • 16. Evelyn: The “Pulled out of Bed” CE4
    • Awoke to sense of entity along side of bed
    • Felt touch on shoulder
    • Suddenly flipped over onto front, floating over bed
    • Felt self being pulled out of bed by feet
    • Memory drops out at time when body about half way off of foot of bed
    • Next memory is of light ascending from over east side of house, above kitchen window – some time later
  • 17. Physical traces found after event
    • Close up of trace
    • Found a day later while doing winter prep work on yard
    • Dead patch/trails had not been there the day before
    Larger view of trace and north side of yard
  • 18. Evelyn: Subsequent Indicator Events
    • Became interested in space, E.T. life, contact, etc...
    • Many paranormal side effects
    • Electronics and watches malfunction
    • Frequent light bulb burnouts
    • Ghosts and related sightings in family history
    • Fear of night, being alone in house
    • Reaction to subject of space, UFOs, etc.
    • Lifelong interaction with the phenomenon
    • General sense of fear/anxiety
    • (more on indicators later...)
  • 19. Events in a typical CE4
    • Oz Factor ( ‘Muffled Silence’, ‘Twilight Zone’ )
    • Capture (extreme fear, onset of amnesia)
    • Transport to the UFO
    • Medical Experiments: “Laying on table” or “Tested”
    • Other "contingent" events such as: - “Ship tour” or “conference” with aliens - Lessons, or knowledge/secret/mission - Mindscan - Apocalyptic visions
    • 2 hrs after start: Return to normal reality - Confusion/Disorientation - Sense of mystery - "what just happened?"
  • 20. Janice: Wolves on the House
    • Janice – many experiences over lifetime
    • Late July, 1994 Experience
      • Occurred in Eau Claire, WI area
      • Awoke in wee hours to find herself in yard
    • Events:
      • On house, saw several “wolves” or “coyotes”, with “moon” behind them
      • Found herself accompanied by entities, one on each side
      • Escorted to UFO/”alien realm”
      • Classic CE4 event: “Onboard”, experiment, “conference” with entities
  • 21. Diagram of Location
  • 22. Experimental “Goo Machine”
    • Found self standing in front of “goo machine”
    • Was instructed to place hand in flow of “goo”
    • Seemed “gross”, but complied anyway (compelled)
    • Found that instead, substance was more “smoke-like”, or illusory. - Not actually “gross”
  • 23. Conference with Entities
    • Next found self in room with “leader” and several smaller entities
    • They seemed curious about her health condition
    • One to two word explanation of health condition
    • Leader turned and repeated it to the others
    • Subsequently found self back in bed – awoke with a start: “What in the hell?….”
  • 24. Carolyn: Case of the Starchild
    • Carolyn and husband live in Northern, WI.
    • Rural area near moderate sized city
    • Multiple encounters throughout life, combined with challenging life circumstances
    • Encounters were largely classic (similar to Hopkins/Jacobs)
    • Repeated CE4 events involving appearances by entities
    • Memories of medical “procedures”
    • Repeated events leaving body marks
  • 25. Case Summary/Chronology
    • During late 1997/Early 1998, repeated close encounters
    • Unable to have children but...
    • Described how had become pregnant in 1998, following CE4
    • More CE4 events during this time
    • Following experience, found pregnancy had ended
    • Dec 1998 – apparent event – “baby dream” presentation
    • Nov 1999 – child presentation “1 year old”
  • 26. Related/Subsequent Events
    • Many “Apocalypse” Dreams
    • Repeated CE4 events involving appearances by starchild
    • Repeated events leaving body marks
    • Encounter in Spring 2000
      • Handprint left on sliding glass door of house
  • 27. Handprint Photos
  • 28. Recent Events
    • March 2006 Nebraska I70 Encounter
      • Saw large object
      • Missing time
    • In Regression described encounter with “black eyed people”
  • 29. Agenda
    • Overview: Sightings and Encounters
    • Events of the Fourth Kind: Abduction
    • Field Investigation
    • Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
    • Thoughts and Speculations
  • 30. CE4 Investigation and Fieldwork
    • CE4 Just like any other sighting
      • only closer... 
      • May look like CE1, with anomalies
    • Begin with standard witness interview
    • Ask witness to describe event:
      • Cognitive interview (FI Manual 5 th Ed. P62)
      • Multiple passes
      • Recount in reverse order
      • Change perspective (if you were over there, what would you see...)
    • Ask about other events, family involvement
    • Finally, ask about beliefs re: UFOs, experiences, etc...
    • In any close sighting, Look for CE4 indicators
  • 31. Experiencer Indicators
    • Missing Time
    • Many UFO and Paranormal Events throughout life: Ghosts, Psychic events, “Religious" or Spiritual events
    • Sudden change of physical/mental/spiritual health
    • Onset of special gifts (often this is sudden)
    • Sudden change of spiritual outlook or personal world view
    • Unexplained scars or "scoop marks" on body
    • Unexplained phobias/obsessions - especially regarding:
      • The Sky, Outdoor locations, Night-time, Space, Sci-Fi (!),
      • ET Life, UFOs, etc...
    • Dreams/Nightmares of UFOs, aliens, being in a strange hospital or lying on a table
    • Sense of special knowledge/mission/secret that is present but hidden
  • 32. Evelyn: Indicator Events Example
    • Fear/Fascination with space, E.T. life, contact, etc...
    • Many paranormal side effects
    • Electronics and watches malfunction
    • Frequent light bulb burnouts
    • Ghosts and related sightings in family history
    • Fear of night, being alone in house
    • Reaction to subject of space, UFOs, etc.
    • Lifelong interaction with the phenomenon
    • General sense of fear/anxiety
  • 33. Carolyn: Related/Subsequent Events
    • Many “Apocalypse” Dreams,
    • UFO and Alien Dreams
    • Repeated CE4 events involving appearances by starchild
    • Repeated events leaving body marks
    • Encounter in Spring 2000
      • Physical evidence: Handprint left on sliding glass door of house (seen earlier)
  • 34. Agenda
    • Overview: Sightings and Encounters
    • Events of the Fourth Kind: Abduction
    • Field Investigation
    • CE4s: Challenge and Healing
    • Thoughts and Speculations
  • 35. The Shattered Reality
    • High strangeness of events during CE4
      • Far from normal experiences: Often leaves experiencer with limited ability to cope
    • Can result in extreme fear
      • Fear Management: Hypnotherapy extremely useful
      • In The Cosmic Bridge :
      • Cases of Evelyn, Jenny, Carolyn, Amy, Jim
    • Experiencer has a foot in each world
      • Normal everyday world
      • World of the phenomenon
  • 36. The Emotional Effects of Encounters
    • Reactions can range from
      • Interest/Curiosity: “Wow, Cool!”
          • ….to….
      • "God Awful" trauma
    • Shattered Reality
      • ("Oh My God, it really happened”)
    • Fear
      • Can be extreme
      • CE4 can happen at any time
    • Hypnotherapy can be a primary healing tool
      • dealing with emotional effects.
  • 37. Healing is top priority
    • Check early: Is post-contact trauma present?
      • check for fear response
      • Treat as any other case of long-term fear
    • Healing work as needed …
      • Based upon client’s goals – some may not need it
    • Understanding: What happened?
    • Experiencer: a “Cosmic Bridge” between worlds
      • Goal often is to help experiencer to resolve these two worlds
  • 38. Evelyn – Fear management after “Pulled out of Bed” CE4
    • Subsequent months after encounter: fear of being alone in house
    • Panic at night sky, subject of UFOs, E.T.s, Space, etc...
      • But also extreme fascination
    • Feeling of “Mission”: here for a purpose
      • But terrified to seek the truth
    • Talk Therapy & Counseling ineffective
    • Began with specialized hypnotherapy
    • (parts work – stay tuned...)
  • 39. Parts Therapy: Resolving fear-instilling event
    • Evelyn: Couldn’t start with regression, due to fear factor, needed initial healing before starting
    • Mind is a “quilt-work” of thoughts, ideas, memories, etc.
    • Each acts as a “piece of personality”
    • Each part effects overall health, personality, etc.
    • Open interaction, permeable boundaries.
    • In trance: can address individual parts, mediate between opposing parts
  • 40. Parts Work (continued)
    • Called out part that “helps Evelyn feel the fear”
      • Sought out “how it got it’s job”
      • Source = religious teaching to fear unexplained
    • Also called out a “Spiritual Explorer” part
      • Wanted to explore her experiences, understand them
    • Able to resolve discord between “Spiritual Explorer” and “Fear” parts
    • Allowed Evelyn to explore experiences on condition that rest of life normal/grounded
    • Subsequently, a great deal of info emerged regarding events
  • 41. Regression: Getting to the heart of the matter
    • To learn experiencers perception of encounter
      • Sequence of events “behind the veil”
    • Clean regression is paramount
    • Limit vocabulary to generic, non-leading questions/instructions
      • “ Please continue…”
      • “ What are you experiencing?”
      • “ What else do you notice?”
      • “ How do you feel about that?”
    • Multiple passes through event
      • Other techniques available but this is the cleanest way to develop detail
  • 42. Multiple Passes
    • First few passes: Allow account to develop
    • Should be stable, with increasing detail.
      • If stable, look for progressive elaboration
      • If core account varies, may be "creative" in nature
        • ...but still important, even if not CE4 event
        • look for metaphor or dream material, what is lesson
    • Dream test:
      • ask generic question about what is in the distance
      • if detail is present, then may be biographical
      • If blank, fog or no detail, then may be a dream
  • 43. Later passes
    • Secret details: description of the "interior"
      • Comparison with commonly described “classic” abduction events (some kept to CE4 researchers).
      • Similarity suggests that it may be a abduction event
    • Ask "false lead" questions
      • Ask “check” questions that lead toward the “mundane” (no aliens, no abduction, etc…)
      • Risky: Generally want to avoid leading questions
    • Can ask more detailed questions (stay generic)
    • Followup healing work (next slide...)
  • 44. Reframing and other healing work
    • Reframing
      • Client specific viewpoints of the event
      • Goal is understanding, (self)forgiveness, empowerment
      • Re-examine meaning of a given event
    • Chair/gestalt therapy
      • Put the “leader of the aliens” in the chair & allow dialog
      • Empowerment of experiencer: “telling off” the leader
      • Release and forgiveness of “them”
    • Parts work as needed
    • Emotional protection imagery
    • Finish with “ecology check” = Check of emotional state
  • 45. Agenda
    • Overview: Sightings and Encounters
    • Events of the Fourth Kind: Abduction
    • Field Investigation
    • Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
    • Thoughts and Speculations
  • 46. Thoughts and Speculations
    • What’s going on?
    • What is our relationship with them?
    • What might be the “alien agenda(s)”?
  • 47. Mystery and Paradox
    • Fermi Paradox: “where are they?”
      • So many stars, so little contact...
    • Why is the phenomenon so paradoxical
    • Why are UFOs so secretive? (or are they?)
    • Why don’t they just land on the Whitehouse lawn?
    • Possible Solutions:
      • The Zoo Hypothesis
      • Deardorff: “ET Strategy for Earth”
      • Nature Preserve Hypothesis
      • Genetics & Hybridization
      • Indigo Hypothesis
  • 48. The Zoo Hypothesis
    • Simplest “UFOlogical” Resolution to Fermi Paradox
    • They are here but are observing and hidden
    • Interacting with us only covertly
    • ET’s want to remain undetected: “The Prime Directive”
      • Prevent interference?
      • Prevent us from threatening them?
    • Would seldom see evidence of their presence
  • 49. Deardorff: “Proposed ET Strategy for Earth”
    • Expands on Zoo Hypothesis
    • E.T. Assumption: We’re not ready for contact
    • Prime Directive: Initial interstellar quarantine
    • Stages of contact
      • Observing stage: mapping, surveying, scientific observations – quarantine and non-interference
      • Clandestine contacts, abductions, etc.
      • Infusing contact awareness at the “grass roots”
      • Gradual disclosure into “open consciousness”
      • Eventual Entry into "Cosmic Kindergarten"
  • 50. Nature Preserve Hypothesis
    • Another variation of Zoo Hypothesis
    • Earth as a protected ecosystem
    • Aliens as “rangers/biologists,” humans as “animals”
    • Periodically E.T. rangers/biologists capture (abduct) and study human animals
    • Rangers “Implant” radio collars on the animals
    • A metaphor for UFO abduction?
  • 51. Genetics/Hybridization Aspects of UFO Abduction
    • UFO abduction literature extensively describes ET genetic interest
    • Abductee reports of embryos, hybrids, etc...
      • Varying degrees of “humanness”
      • Being increasingly human seems to be a goal... (?)
    • What is the purpose of this?
      • We don’t know (!!!)
    • CL Speculation:
      • “Human Improvement Project” (????)
      • (continuation on next slide)
  • 52. Indigo Hypothesis
    • Abductee families - brilliant/psychic/empathic children
    • Indigo Child Phenomenon:
      • Psychic, brilliant, empathic
      • A lot written on Indigo Child subject in New Age community
      • A “powerful and controversial” phenomenon
    • Correlation between UFO/CE4 and Indigo phenomena?
    • Speculation:
      • Jacobs: “Hybridization Project” over the last 100+ years?
      • Genetic results injected back into human gene pool?
    • Are we being modified (a human improvement project)?
      • To be better citizens of the cosmos?
      • For other (less benevolent) reasons?
    • Idea offers testable theories: genetics, ESP tests, etc...`
  • 53. Speculation: E.T. multi-pronged agenda
    • Breed a humanity more “advanced” psychically and/or spiritually?
      • Hybrid reports
      • Indigo children
    • Growing awareness within the individual
      • Psychic awakening
      • Teaching and mission aspects of experiencer phenomenon
    • Opening of human consciousness
      • Sheldrake: Sum of effects: the 100 th Monkey effect
      • Barbara Marx Hubbard’s book, Conscious Evolution
      • Suggests an aggregate spiritual emergence in progress
    • Preparing us for contact?
    • From Cosmic viewpoint: necessary before we can travel out there? (we’re not the greatest neighbors yet...)
  • 54. (a shameless plug for my book…  )
    • The Cosmic Bridge
    • Close Encounters and Human Destiny
    • Explores :
    • Impact of encounter on the experiencer
    • Possible reasons/agendas for presence of the Visitors
    • Evolving relationship between humans (individual, society) and the phenomenon
      • Human consciousness convergence with that of the visitors?
    • The emerging Cosmic Bridge between Human and Visitor consciousness... ?
    • Newsletter : News from the Bridge – signup at my table
    • or on website:
  • 55. Contact Info
    • Craig R. Lang, MS CHt
    • Field Investigator, Minnesota MUFON
    • Certified Hypnotherapist (Nat’l Guild of Hypnotists)
    • CE4 Researcher/Investigator
    • Minneapolis, MN
    • 763-257-7334
    • E-mail: