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Successful plan for everybody who wanna join Oriflame, Have a look its amazing. If you wanna join, inbox me. thanx

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  1. 1. The OriflameManager Success Plan
  2. 2. Executive Director Regional DirectorTHE SUCCESS TREE 11 • EXECUTIVE CAR 10 ALLOWANCE £5000pa • DIRECTOR CARA Dynamic Income Opportunity • As RD + Opportunity ALLOWANCE £5000pa • RM Allowance + to join International Gold Director Incentives All UK TripsIf you plan to succeed • £120000 sales • £80000 sales 3 x Regional Managers“The sky is the limit!” 4 x Regional Managers • As RD + 0.125% on all 5th • As SRM + 0.25% on line RM’s 4th level RM’s • FREE PRODUCTS • FREE PRODUCTS • FREE DELIVERY • FREE DELIVERY District Manager • 30% Discount • 30% Discount 6 • DM Allowance • £5000 sales 2 x Group Managers Regional Manager Senior Regional Manager • As GM + 4.5% on all teams Senior District Manager 8 9 • FREE PRODUCTS • CAR • CAR ALLOWANCE • FREE DELIVERY 7 ALLOWANCE£3000pa £4000pa • SDM Allowance • RM Allowance • RM Allowance • 30% Discount • £10000 Team Sales + NEW Laptop + New Projector 1 x District Manager • £15000 sales • £40000 sales • Commission as DM + 2 x District Managers 2 x Regional Managers 6% on down line DM’s • As SDM + 2.5% on 2rd • As RM + 0.5 % on • FREE PRODUCTS line DM’s + 2.5% on 1st 3rd level RM’s level RM & • FREE PRODUCTS • FREE DELIVERY 1% on 2nd level RM • 30% Discount • FREE DELIVERY Senior Group Manager • FREE PRODUCTS • 30% Discount • FREE DELIVERY5 • 30% Discount • SGM Allowance • £2500 Team Sales Group Manager 1 x Group Manager • Commission as GM 4 • FREE PRODUCTS • FREE Business Cases Senior Consultant Elite Consultant • FREE DELIVERY • £1250 sales Team of Consultant 10 • 30% Discount 3 2 • 5% on personal & 1 • £600 sales Team of 5 • £600 sales indirect, 9% on direct + • FREE PRODUCTS 6% on direct groups • Commission 5% • Extra 5% Discount on all team sales • 23 – 30% Discount • FREE PRODUCTS • FREE PRODUCTS • FREE DELIVERY • FREE PRODUCTS • Up to 35% Discount • FREE DELIVERY • 30% Discount • 30% Discount
  3. 3. WHAT MAKES ORIFLAME’SPRODUCTS UNIQUE?Natural Swedish Cosmetics• The Wisdom of Nature and the Best of Science• Over 40 years of skin care expertise• High quality, innovative products at affordable prices• Environmentally and animal friendly• Money back guarantee• The catalogues capture the latest beauty and fashion trends
  4. 4. ORIFLAME TODAY• Over 2 Billion Euros in annual sales• Significant double digit growth year on year 2009 + 20% 2010 + 28%• 3.5 million Consultants• 7,500 employees Stockholm SWEDEN• 900 products annually• Co-founder of World Childhood Foundation• Global R&D centre with more than 100 scientists• 5 own production units in Sweden, Poland, China, Russia and India• Listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange since March 2004• Products based on natural ingredients, never tested on animals• Operations over 60 countries
  5. 5. CONSULTANTAs soon as you start as a Consultant you are eligible fordiscounts, special offers, free products every catalogueand many more advantages:Catalogues every 3 or 4 weeks which presents selectionsof the full range of over 900 high quality products featuringspecial offers and new product launches. You receive a23 or 30% discount on all of your orders.A personal service that includes your Oriflame orderdelivered direct to you at home and full credit facility(subject to status).ELITE CONSULTANTWhen you sell over £600 from any one Catalogue – you willqualify for an extra 5% discount, giving you a huge 35% The Business Casediscount on ALL your sales! When you join as a Consultant you can purchase the Business Case (code 77).Every Catalogue you will receive a ‘Product News’ The case contains a variety of samples,containing information on new products, exclusive products and business aids for you to tryadvance offers and much more. and to show your customers.
  6. 6. THE BENEFITS FOR CONSULTANTS• Discount 23 to 35% - Cummulative over £125• Free Products – no limit!• Free Delivery - 1st web order - 2nd order over £75 - Any order over £250• Credit Period• Personal Home Page – Free! - Oriflame Email Address - Customer Messenger• Personal product messages• Company offer messages
  7. 7. CONSULTANT WELCOME PROGRAMMEStep 1:First catalogueRetail sales of £75 /€103+ and you will get £5/€6.90 creditto spend in the next catalogueStep 2:Second catalogueRetail sales of £125/€172+ and you will get £10/€13.80credit to spend in the next catalogueStep 3:Third catalogueRetail sales £125/€172+ and you will get theOriflame Green Beauty Box for only £5/€6.90and you will be awarded a certificate and pin1. Must qualify in each catalogue to continue2. Miss 2nd step – cannot get 3rd3. Catalogue sales are cumulative4. Must be 3 consecutive Catalogues
  8. 8. MANAGER’S LEADERSHIP ROLERecruit and activate:• 1-to-1 Group Success formula for• Getting started - Interview/contact sheet Oriflame Leaders• Drive Activity each catalogue Personally recruit fiveTrain and develop Leaders: Consultants per Catalogue• Recognising, Inspiring and Coaching and continuously stay in• Learn by doing personal contact with new and established Consultants.• Training meetings Make sure your teamSet Goals and follow-up: Recuiters duplicate your• Planning with Potential Leaders efforts and grow into Leaders. - following the Academy Training!• Working with Consultants in Personal Group
  9. 9. MAKE MONEYWhat are you earning?• RETAIL – the price the customer pays in the Catalogue• ORDER VALUE (OV) – for calculating levels always 77% of Retail i.e £100 retail = 77 OV• COMMISSION VALUE (CV) – the amount you are paid commission on. » Orders with no discount (under £50) = 77% of retail » Orders with 23% discount (£50 to 124.99) = 77 CV » Orders with 30% discount (£125+) = 70 CV
  10. 10. SENIOR CONSULTANTRecruit your first 4 direct (personal) Consultantsand achieve £600 Catalogue sales (462 OV) andyou are promoted to Senior Consultant. YOUAt this level you receive: 30% discount 5% commission• 30% personal sales discount (£3 in every £10 retail) Direct Consultant 5%• 5% commission on all your own sales 5% and anyone in your personal team• One FREE delivery each catalogue 5% 5%• For all Management Levels commission is payable on Commission Value (CV)• PAID AS* See Summary of Commission slide Indirect Consultant 5%
  11. 11. GROUP MANAGER (GM) YOUGrow to a team of 10 (minimum of 5 direct) and £1250 30% discount(952.5 OV) and you qualify to become a Group Manager. 5% commissionAt this level you receive:• 30% Discount on all personal sales – no minimum order value Direct Consultant Group Manager 9% 6%• 9% Commission on all Direct Consultants• 5% Commission on your Personal Sales and Indirect Consultants in your team Direct Consultant Direct Consultant 9% 9%• Group Manager Bonus – 10 Business Cases – making you £150!• 6% on Direct Promoted Group Managers Direct Consultant Direct Consultant 9% 9%• PAID AS* See Summary of Commission slidePLUS Direct Consultant10 Business Cases when you achieve Group 9%Manager AND 10 Business Cases OR £100Credit every time you promote out a GroupManager (paid as credit after 2 qualifying Indirect Consultant Indirect Consultant Indirect ConsultantCatalogues) £150 EVERY TIME 5% 5% 5%
  12. 12. SENIOR GROUP MANAGER (SGM)When you promote a Direct Group Manager and havetotal down line (all groups) sales of £2500 (1925 ov).At this level you receive:• 30% Personal Discount YOU 30% discount• 9% Commission on all Direct Consultants 5% commission• 5% Commission on your Personal Sales and Indirect Consultants in your team• 6% on Direct Promoted Group Managers• When you promote a direct GM you will get All Direct Group Manager Consultants 2 Catalogues GRACE (full commission) to 9% 6% regain your central team• PAID AS* See Summary of Commission slide All Indirect Consultants 5%PLUSPROMOTE OUT CASES OR CASHSGM ALLOWANCE
  13. 13. MANAGER RECRUITING SUPPORTSenior Group ManagerEvery Catalogue you qualify as a Senior Group Manageryou will be entitled to receive FREE of charge;• 5 x Business Cases (Value £75)• 100 x mixed Window Cards (Value £2.50)• 120 x Catalogues (Value £25)These will be added to your account at the startof the Catalogue to pick up on your next order.The Catalogues will always be for the followingperiod (for example Qualify at the end of C5,you will receive 120 Catalogue 7’s along withyour Catalogue 6 delivery).
  14. 14. DISTRICT MANAGER (DM) YOUTo achieve District Manager level, you need to have 2 30% discount PLUS 4.5% on yourGroup Managers direct to you and achieve sales of at 5% commission entire central Districtleast £5000 retail in one Catalogue. As a District Manager, + 4.5%you will receive the same commission as a GroupManager, PLUS 4.5% on your entire central District. Direct Consultant Group ManagerIf you promote out any Direct Districts in your team, 9% 6%you will receive 6% on these. + 4.5% + 4.5%PAID AS* See Summary of Commission slide Direct Consultant Group Manager 9% 6% + 4.5% + 4.5% COMMISSION STRUCTURE Direct Consultant Direct Consultant GROUP MANAGER 9% 9% Personal Sales 5% + 4.5% + 4.5% Direct Recruits 9% Indirect Recruits 5% Direct Consultant PLUS 9% Direct Groups 6% + 4.5% PLUS DISTRICT MANAGER Indirect Consultant Indirect Consultant Indirect Consultant Central District (down to next District) 4.5% 5% 5% 5% + 4.5% + 4.5% + 4.5%
  15. 15. SENIOR DISTRICT MANAGER (SDM) YOUTo achieve Senior District Manager level, you need to 30% discountrecruit 1 District Managers direct to you outside of your 5% commissioncentral District and achieve sales of at least £10000 + 4.5%retail (complete down line) in one Catalogue.As a SDM, you will receive the same commissionas a DM, including 4.5% on your Own District an if District Manager Central Groupyou promote out any Direct Districts in your team, Direct Consultant 6%you will receive 6% on these. 13.5% + 6% = 12%PAID AS* See Summary of Commission slide COMMISSION STRUCTURE Group Manager Group Manager 10.5% 10.5% DISTRICT MANAGER Personal Sales 9.5% Direct Recruits 13.5% Indirect Recruits 9.5% PLUS Direct Groups 10.5% PLUS DISTRICT MANAGER Own District (down to next District) 4.5% Indirect Group Indirect Consultant Group Manager Manager Direct Districts 6% 9.5% + 4.5% + 6%
  16. 16. MANAGER RECRUITING SUPPORTDistrict & Senior District ManagerEvery Catalogue you qualify as a District andSenior District Manager you will be entitled to receive;• 5 x Business Cases• 100 x mixed Window Cards Total Value £100• 120 x Catalogues• £50 cash allowance for recruitment activitiesThese will be added to your account at the startof the Catalogue to pick up on your next order.The Catalogues will always be for the followingperiod (for example Qualify at the end of C5,you will receive 120 Catalogue 7’s along withyour Catalogue 6 delivery).Cash allowance must be claimed usingforms provided with receipts or with invoicesfor Oriflame Business Aids.
  17. 17. REGIONAL MANAGER (RM) YOU 30% discount 5% commission + 4.5% District Manager District Manager Regional Central Group Central Group Manager Direct Consultant Group Manager 6% 6% Central Group 13.5 10.5% + 6% +6% 12% + 2.5% = 12% = 12% = 14.5% Indirect Group Indirect Consultant Group Manager Group Manager Manager 9.5% + 6% + 6% + 4.5% Group Manager Regional 6% + 2.5% Manager 2nd line = 8.5% 1% District ManagerA new Regional Manager will receive a Car Allowance, (2nd line to YOU) 2.5%£3000 (per annum 2010) and a New Laptop oncequalified and accepted for promotion.
  18. 18. REGIONAL MANAGER (RM)To achieve this level, you and your downline must reach Regional Salesof at least £15,000 retail and have a minimum of 2 District Managers.The commission structure is identical to that of a District Manager, but at this prestigious level,you will receive the added benefit of the Oriflame car allowance. A Regional Manager receives2.5% on any Direct Regions, and 1% on 2nd Level Regions.At this level and above you will also receive 2.5% on 2nd level Districts withinyour own Region.PAID AS* See Summary of Commission slideCOMMISSION STRUCTUREGROUP MANAGERPersonal Sales 5%Direct Consultants 9%Indirect Consultants 5%PLUSDirect Groups 6%PLUSDISTRICT MANAGEROwn District (down to next District) 4.5%Direct Districts 6%2nd level Districts (in own Region) 2.5%PLUSREGIONAL MANAGER + Car AllowanceDirect Regions 2.5%
  19. 19. SENIOR REGIONAL MANAGER YOU 30% discount 5% commission + 4.5% District Manager Regional Regional Central Group Manager Manager Direct Consultant Group Manager 6% Central Group Central Group 13.5 10.5% + 6% 12% + 2.5% 12% + 2.5% = 12% = 14.5% = 14.5% Indirect Group Group Manager Regional Indirect Consultant Group Manager Manager Manager 6% + 2.5% 9.5% + 6% 2nd line + 4.5% = 8.5% 1% District Manager Regional (2nd line to YOU) Manager 2.5% 3rd line 0.5%PAID AS* See Summary of Commission slideQualification£40,000 Team Sales per Catalogue / 2 Direct Regional ManagersRewardCar Allowance / £4,000 pa / New Projector / Paid on 3rd line RM - Once qualified and accepted for promotion
  20. 20. REGIONAL DIRECTOR YOU 30% discount 5% commission + 4.5% Regional Manager Regional Manager Regional Manager Central Group Central Group Central Group 12% + 2.5% 12% + 2.5% 12% + 2.5% = 14.5% = 14.5% = 14.5% Group Manager Regional Manager 6% + 2.5% 2nd line Region = 8.5% 1% District Manager Regional Manager (2nd line to YOU) 3rd line Region 2.5% 0.5% Regional Manager 4th line Region 0.25%PAID AS* See Summary of Commission slideQualification£80,000 Team Sales per Catalogue / 3 Direct Regional ManagersRewardCar Allowance / £5,000 pa / ALL UK INCENTIVE TRIPS / Paid on 4th line RM - Once qualified and accepted for promotion
  21. 21. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Executive Director 1st Level Regional Regional Manager 2.5% 2.5% Director 2.5% Senior Regional Manager 3rd Level Regional Regional Manager Manager 0.5%REGIONS PAIDRM – 2 Regional levels paid down lineSRM – 2 RMs wide pays 3 levels down line 4th Level Regional Regional Manger ManagerRD – 3 RMs wide pays 4 levels down line 0.25%Executive Director – 4 RMs wide pays 5 levels down line 5th Level RegionalMAXIMUM EVER NUMBER OF LEVELS PAID OUT IS 5 Regional Manager Manager 0.125%
  22. 22. SUMMARY OF COMMISSION - UK Senior Group Senior District Senior Dist. Regional Senior Regional Executive Consultant Manager Group Mgr. Manager Manager Manager Reg. Mgr. Director DirectorDiscount on Personal 30% 30% 30% 30% 30% 30% 30% 30% 30%Commission on Direct Consultants 5% 9% 9% 9% 9% 9% 9% 9% 9%Indirect Recruits 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5%Personal Total Orders 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5%Direct Groups 0% 6% 6% 6% 6% 6% 6% 6% 6%Own District 4.5% 4.5% 4.5% 4.5% 4.5% 4.5%Direct District 6% 6% 6% 6% 6% 4.5%2nd level Districts (own Region) 2.5% 2.5% 2.5% 2.5%Car Allowance per year £3000 £4000 £5000 £5000Direct Regions 2.5% 2.5% 2.5% 2.5%2nd Level Regions 1% 1% 1% 1%3rd Level Regions 0.5% 0.5% 0.5%4th Level Regions 0.25% 0.25%5th Level Regions 0.125%Grace Period 2 Cats 2 Cats 2 Cats 3 Cats 3 Cats 6 Cats N/A N/A N/AQualification Level 600 1,250 2,500 5,000 10,000 15,000 40,000 80,000 120,000 Team of 10 + 1 GM + 2 GM + 1 DM + 2 DM + 2 RM + 3 RM + 4 RMTitle Maintenance 2 2 2 3 3 6 1 Year 1 Year 1 YearAll figures refer to Retail Commission is paid on commission value (after discount)*PAID AS – should you achieve results less than the level of your title, you will be paid as per the results achieved in that Catalogue.TITLE MAINTENANCEThe total period you can keep title while not achieving the qualification level. You will then revert to the title below. If you are not qualifying as per your title at each level you will bepaid at the level below title unless you are within a Grace period.1. It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme2. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved. The benefits of participating in this scheme are directly related to the effort put into it by the Consultant.
  23. 23. CUSTOMER BENEFITSFurthermore, Oriflame Consultants offer their RETAILING DIRECT SELLINGcustomers the following benefits: Manufacturer• Customers will receive free personal advice on skin care in their own homes, in a one to one or one to group environment. Advertising PR Manufacturer• Customers are offered on-going personal after sales service. Warehouse• Customers can try products knowing that, if for any reasons they are not satisfied, Oriflame will exchange or refund up Wholesaler Consultant to 3 months after the purchase. Shop Storage• Customers are not subjected to “pressure selling”, Shelf nor are they obliged to make any purchase.• Customers have the convenience of hassle-free shopping. CUSTOMER CUSTOMERThe promoter of the trading scheme described in this manual is Oriflame UK Limited of Tilers Road, Kiln Farm, Milton Keynes MK11 3EHunder which the products described in the current Oriflame Brochures are supplied to Oriflame Consultants.
  24. 24. INVEST IN YOUR BUSINESSIt is a truism that any successful business is helped by some early investment, but itneed not be financial. The most important and worthwhile investment you shouldmake is your time, talking to people and showing them your products costs nothingand will give you the highest yield.We recommend that you discuss any larger expenditure – advertising, entertaining,meetings and such with the person who recruited you or our Customer Care team.Remember, the grass is not necessarily greener elsewhere. In your own home townthere are more contacts than you need to start. Your most precious assets are yourcustomer and potential recruit lists. These are free, they cost you nothing. If youcontinue to add to your lists, always asking for referrals and finding new customersand recruits, you will never need to spend money on advertising.Make use of the free support tools you have – your Oriflame home page,customer messenger and a personal Oriflame.biz email address.Full details are available on the web site under online instructions.• As a self-employed person, you should register as such with your Tax Office also the Department of Social Security.• Never Be Afraid To Ask for Advice• Your recruiter and many other people are here to help and advise you. Please take advantage of their experience.• Your Commission• Please note that in order to pay commission we require bank details.• If we have no bank details your commission will be held until we have.• Useful Web Sites: UK: www.hmrc.gov.uk ROI: www.revenue.ie
  25. 25. Oriflame Guarantee Product LiabilityThe Oriflame Guarantee of Excellence is your assurance of quality and value for Oriflame product liability insurance applies to all products to protect bothmoney, with every purchase of Oriflame products. If you are not satisfied, for any the Company and its Consultants.reason within 3 months of purchase, Oriflame will exchange the products or provide a No Oriflame accept liability on behalf of the Company. All claims should be dealt withfull refund on presentation of proof of purchase. Statutory rights not affected. by Oriflame UK LimitedWhen you receive your GoodsAs soon as your order arrives, it is vital to check immediately that the order is correct Paying for your Ordersand in good condition. •New Consultants will be granted credit on their orders up to £175, subject to status. •The due date for payment is printed on each sales invoice, and if payment has notShortages/Incorrect Delivery Goods been received by Oriflame on this date, then all future orders will be held until suchIn the event of any shortage or incorrect delivery, please telephone Customer Care date as payment is received. Please allow at least 5 working days for the moneywithin 5 days of receipt of your order. In the case of incorrect delivery goods your to clear.missing product will be sent out to you with a Reply Paid Label for which to return youritem. •You can pay for your order by any of the following methods.Damaged goods must be claimed in writing using the Returns Form (Code 28). Direct DebitOriflame will only refund or replace if: This is by far the easiest and most convenient1. Products are returned in saleable condition way to pay your invoices. Simply complete and sign the Direct Debit Mandate2. Products returned due to Customer dissatisfaction (as stipulated in the Oriflame enclosed in your Business Case return to Head Office. This will allow us to debit your guarantee) and supported with a correctly completed Customer guarantee slip account on the due date of payment as stated on the invoice.3. Products which are damaged when you receive them from the Company. Bank GiroClaims for goods received in a damaged condition must be made in writing, accompanied by the product using the Oriflame Returns Form, and received at Pay in at a High Street bank, please note that some banks may charge for this. Customer Care within 10 days of the product being dispatched. Credit / Debit CardOriflame will not:Refund or replace demo products or goods which have been used for demonstration Onlinepurposes Refund or replace any goods which do not clearly stipulate the reason forreturn on the Returns FormProcess claims unless the products and Returns Forms are returned together:We reserve the right to refuse to refund or replace a product which is outside of theguarantee terms.All products returned for refund or replacement must be sent direct to the addressbelow using normal post or parcel post, with the Consultant requesting a refund orreplacement.Oriflame UK Ltd, Returns Dept., Tilers Road, Kiln Farm, Milton Keynes MK11 3EHReturn postage refund is at the Consultant’s own expense, with the exception ofreturns categories R2, R3, C2 and C3 (refer to the front of the Returns Form)Maximum postage refund is £3.50, as large boxes should be returned through ourcarrier instead of using postal services. If you have a large box to return, call OriflameCustomer Care and we will instruct our carrier to collect at a fixed cost of £6.50.If you are returning a whole order, complete the invoice number and write “whole orderreturned” in the comments section of the Returns Form.
  26. 26. Rules Of Conduct For Oriflame Consultants 10. Retail Sales a) Oriflame products should not be displayed in a retail outlet, but may be displayed whereAll Oriflame Consultants are subject to the following Rules of Conduct. an associated service is offered and there is an Oriflame Consultant who may take orders (i.e. Beauticians, Hairdressers, etc).1. Independent Status b) Oriflame products may not be sold at Car Boot Sales, Fetes, Market stalls or at any other The Consultant has independent self-employed status and is neither an Employee nor an Agent inappropriate venue. of Oriflame. The Consultant is responsible for paying their own Income Tax and National c) in any given month Consultants must abide by the spirit of the reward plan and not hold Insurance Contributions. The Consultant shall not state or imply that she/he is an Employee or excessive stocks of Oriflame products. Agent of Oriflame and has not authority to act for; or commit Oriflame. 11. Repackaging2. Compliance with Rules All Oriflame products should be sold by the consultants in the original containers. At no time The Consultant agrees to comply, in spirit as well as by the letter, with the Oriflame Rules of should they be repackaged or re-labelled. Conduct and with Rules and Policies provided in official Oriflame literature, such as the 12. Business Ethics Registration Form, and individual incentives and promotions. All Consultants agree to adhere to and abide by the Direct Selling Association Code of Conduct. 13. Status3. Consultant Contract a) The status of Oriflame Consultants may be granted to individuals or partnerships of no more All new Consultants must have completed an Oriflame Registration Form and forwarded this to than two persons. All members must sign the Consultant Registration Form, and are subject to Oriflame. All new Consultants must be at least 18 years of age and capable of entering into a approval by Oriflame. Contract. Because of legal requirements, a Consultant may not spend or agree to spend more b) A Consultant can only be involved in one Consultant business direct or indirect. than £200 in the first seven days of their appointment. c) Oriflame reserves the right to refuse any Registration of a prospective Consultant4. Promotion of Product Plan 14. Corporations In promoting the products sold under the “Oriflame” trademarks (the “PRODUCTS”) and the A Consultancy may be transferred to a limited Company, provided the current owners of the Oriflame Success Plan, as explained in official Oriflame literature to its Customers, potential Consultancy are the only shareholders of such company and that the Company will be involved in Customers or prospective Consultants, the Consultant shall not make any inaccurate, no activities other than operating the Consultant. If shares in such a company are transferred by unsubstantiated or misleading statements concerning the PRODUCTS or unfair comparisons the current shareholders, or are issued by the corporation to a third party, such third parties must with other Companies or their products or marketing plans. A Consultant is not permitted to be approved by Oriflame and sign a Registration Form. offer the PRODUCTS for sale to members in another Consultant’s line of recruitment. 15. Third Party Management All third party management which includes transfer out is subject to the written approval of the5. Presentations Company. The Consultant will only use material prepared by Oriflame, or authorised by Oriflame in writing, 16. Failure to comply in presenting and promoting the Success Plan or the PRODUCTS. In presentations to with any of the Oriflame Rules of Conduct or Code of Ethics or any other rules that may be issued prospective Consultants, the Consultants should emphasise that the Success Plan constitutes a from time to time, will constitute a cause for termination of the Consultant contract or of a refusal business opportunity for an independent contractor, and is not an offer or employment. by Oriflame to renew any contract.6. Trade Marks and Names 17. Deduction of outstanding monies. The Oriflame name and trade marks can only be used by Oriflame Consultants, and only to Oriflame reserves the right to deduct at any time, any or all monies owed to the Company by the promote the Oriflame Products and Plan and then only: Consultant contract or of a refusal by Oriflame to renew any contract. a) on official material produced and supplied for the purpose by Oriflame 18. Revisions or Additions b) on material that has been specifically approved by Oriflame. Oriflame reserves the right to expand or revise the Oriflame rules, effective on thirty (30) days prior written notice, which may be provided through any newsletter or other printed material7. Media Contracts & Advertising distributed to Oriflame’s Consultants. All media communication (i.e. radio, newspapers, TV, etc) can only take place with the official 19. Do not recruit any Consultant approval of Oriflame Head Office. Advertisements for the products and recruiting can be used, who was approached by another Consultant within the preceding seven days. with the approval of Oriflame Head Office. 20. Ensure that all Consultants8. Administration/Service pay for their orders on the due date. Any returns or invoices which have not been paid for by six A Consultant provides a service to their Customers which includes: weeks after due date will be treated as a negative sale and will affect your commission a) timely delivery of products accordingly. It is in all our interests that all Consultants pay for their orders promptly. b)courteous and prompt handling of complaints and returns 21. It is important c) only recommending the use of products as labelled or published by Oriflame. to note that the line of recruitment is permanent and Consultants can not be transferred from one line or recruitment to another without written permission from Oriflame and the recruiting9. Third Party Products Consultant and Manager in the original line of recruitment. When a Consultant’s Contract is a) Into any other team/line of recruitment terminated for any reason then the Consultants under that terminated Consultant will automatically b) if the third party products are not seen as suitable to be associated with an Oriflame transfer up to the next Consultant in the terminating Consultant’s line of recruitment. If a Consultant or Oriflame product Consultant after discontinuing chooses to reinstate under their previous Consultant number, this is c) from the level of District Manager and above. Doing so could result in the loss of title and subject to their credit status upon discontinuation. If a downline is involved they must assume all privilege, and possible termination. responsibilities of an upline. The Company’s decision is final on these matters.
  27. 27. RESPONSIBILITIES OF ANORIFLAME SENIOR MANAGERIn addition to the general rules for all Consultants, the following rules apply to Regional Managers and above.Violation of any of these special rules will result in immediate loss of Regional Manager status and privileges- including Commission and Bonuses - and may even result in termination of membership.1. As a Regional Manager and above you must service your personal group Consultants monthly by:a) Recruiting and continuously developing your personal group.b) Assisting, guiding and motivating.c) Conducting periodic meetings to train and motivate.d) Training your down line Consultants in the Oriflame Training Programme.e) Maintaining frequent communication, informing about meeting dates, venues, product news, training sessions etc.f) Participating in all seminars and meetings.g) Enforce the Code of Conduct and the Rules and lead by example.h) Attending business meetings with Oriflame that you are called upon to attend by your Upline Manager.2. A Regional Manager and above may not represent any other direct selling company without Oriflame’s written consent.3. If a Regional Manager and above spouse is a representative of any other direct selling company, the spouse is not allowed to participate in Oriflame activities and the spouse’s activities must be kept separate from Oriflame. A Regional Manager and above must inform Oriflame if the spouse is a representative of any other direct selling company.4. A Regional Manager and above must follow any additional rules or instructions communicated in writing by Oriflame.
  28. 28. The DSA has a clear Code of Practice that all member companies and their direct sellers are required to adhere to.This Code, drawn up in close consultation with the Office of Fair Trading, gives the highest level of consumer protection,in the products sold and the method of sale. The Consumer’s Guide to Shopping at Home produced by the DSA give aclear guide to the consumer the standards required of a Direct Sales company. Oriflame UK Limited are proud that theygive a clear example to the industry of the standard required of Direct Selling companiesThe growth of Direct Selling mirrors that of franchising in the 70’s and 80’s providing people with the opportunity to buildtheir own business to the level they wish, but without the significant cost attached. That’s why Direct Selling is alsoknown as the people’s franchise.The success and size of a Direct Selling business is clearly dependent on the amount of time and commitment anindividual puts in. However, the following elements are very important in assessing a business opportunity.• Are the products to be sold: - Affordable? - Consumable? - Repeatable?• Does the market already exist and how large is it?• How reputable is the company involved and what is the quality of its products?• Does the company have staying power and financial stability?Oriflame’s history, operating in over 50 countries world-wide, meets these requirementsand with products of outstanding quality, Oriflame truly represents one of the bestopportunities in Direct Selling todayOriflame is a member of the DSA in both the UK and Ireland.The DSA code of practice and The DSA consumer code are both availableon the DSA’s own Web site www.dsa.org.uk site and at www.oriflame.co.uk