Quirk job application


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Quirk job application

  1. 1. Social Media Content Strategist
  2. 2. Communications Manager: Social Media Community ManagerWhere? Circle Hospitals / Front-end DeveloperWhen? March 2012 – January 2013 Where? Liquorice Design AgencyLondon, United Kingdom When? June 2009 – October 20Writing Press releases which Writing weekly conversation plansgenerated stories in local and and interesting content ideas toNational Newspapers, coordinated encourage engagement.a feature in the Sunday TimesMagazine. I was a part of the team that brainstormed the content for 2Engaged stakeholders through a successful viral campaignsvariety of platforms: social networks, (Facebook LIKE campaign at themagazines and television (coordinated Loeries in 2010 and the Liquifruitthe filming of a BBC documentary Iceberg campaign)on Hinchingbrooke hospital)Produced monthly Newsletter
  3. 3. Social Media Community Manager/ Front-end Web DeveloperDeveloped and implemented socialmedia strategy for Jc Le Roux andPongracz. Established their socialmedia presence and developed the What? Social Media Consultantfan base. Implemented best practice Where? Argo (Educational start up)as social media was in its infancy. Brands: SA study and Teacher.org When? Oct 2010 – Feb 2011 Brought on as a social media consultant to advise on establishing their social media presence and to develop an integrated social media strategy Set up Twitter and FacebookWhat? Social Media Consultant platforms for 2 brands: SA Study andWhere? Skoop (a group buying Teacher.org.zastart up)When? Nov 2010 – March 2011 Developed social media strategyEstablished Twitter and Facebookplatforms for Skoop, a local groupbuying siteDeveloped social media strategySupervised weekly conversationplans on Facebook
  4. 4. Social Media Community Manager / Front-end Developer Worked on integrated campaigns spread over multiple platforms: social Social Media Consultant media sites, mobi sites, email marketing campaigns Ensured that social media platforms (facebook and twitter) were aligned Brands included: Unilever: With overall marketing and tied into whatsfordinner, Liquifruit, JC email marketing (weekly newsletter) Le Roux, Pongracz and integrated into the overall Business plan for both SA study and teacher.org.zaSocial Media ConsultantAligned social media with otherplatforms to ensure maximum reachfor daily deals.
  5. 5. Social Media CommunityManager / Front-end WebDeveloperInvolved in conceptualising and Social Media Consultantimplementing a successfulFacebook ‘Like’ campaign on behalf Identifying beneficial Networkingof Liquorice during Loerie week in Relationships which could be2010 http://10and5.com/wp- used to benefit both brands.content/uploads/2008/09/LikeCampaign_PR.pdf Identifying products / partnerships that would appeal to the onlinePart of the team that communities which interactedconceptualised a successful with the brands.campaign for the Liquifruit icebergcampaignshttp://memeburn.com/2010/10/official-cape-town-iceberg-a-liqui-fruit-campaign/
  6. 6. Communications Manager: Social Media Consultant:KPI’s for Circle included Deliverables for Skoop includedexcellent media coverage. generating enough buzz on socialEnsured coverage in local and networks to drive traffic to thenational newspapers and website to ensure the daily dealtelevision stations. for Circle was secured.(and Hinchingbrooke Hospital)
  7. 7. Social Media Community Manager/ Front-end Developer Used data to determine whether the strategy we implemented was reaching the right target market. Produced weekly status reports for JC Le Roux and Pongracz using data provided by facebok.
  8. 8. Making a difference, encouraging brands I represent to do the same helps me get up in the morning…this is just a taster, I’dlove to chat a bit more about what I think:Consumers want to be engaged in more than mere entertainment, they want brands to stand up and make a difference for peopleand the planet, and they want to feel that they are supporting something good with their hard-won cash.The article in the Guardian names Sustainability “the biggest business challenge of the 21st century”http://www.guardian.co.uk/sustainable-business/brands-sustainability-advertising-coca-cola• I promised myself that the next thing I did needed to be something I was passionate about, interested in and something that made a difference.I want to come to work everyday and not just tick the boxes, I want to surpass my expectations of myself (and naturallythat means surpassing your expectations and the client’s as well!) the brands I work on don’t’ need to beinteresting, but what they do needs to be interesting. (cue sustainability)I want a place to learn, to grow, to work hard, play hard and make a difference. If you think you’re that place then let’stalk.
  9. 9. Cell: 079 344 5535Tel: 021 788 1913Twitter: @mishtaashFacebook.com/michal-belleEmail: michal.turner588@gmail.com