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Project flow document and relationship with groups   mishra
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Project flow document and relationship with groups mishra


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It is A basic Flow about How the Project flow going happen and what are documents, who create and what is purpose of Document.

It is A basic Flow about How the Project flow going happen and what are documents, who create and what is purpose of Document.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Project Flow of IT Industry Mishra Page 1 Copyright©Suntiara Soft- Mishra Project flow Of IT Industry Mishra Business Analyst Suntiara Soft +91-9912923179 +91- 9581271790 INDIA
  • 2. Project Flow of IT Industry Mishra Page 2 Copyright©Suntiara Soft- Mishra Project Document and its Purpose: Project: The combination of technologies and management is project. Application: It is a type of system which performs basic functionality about any particular work. Project Group: There are various groups in a company to complete a particular task according to client / customer need. Different company/organization there is variation in work flow like in manufacture unit work flow is in different way. Here we explain the project flow in terms of IT/Software sector. The Groups/Stakeholders Groups is as below: • BDT(Business Development Team) • B.A.(Business Analyst) • P.M.(Project Manager) • S.A.(System Analyst) • Developers • Testers • Release • Implementation • Support
  • 3. Project Flow of IT Industry Mishra Page 3 Copyright©Suntiara Soft- Mishra Table 1: Documents, its Creation and its purpose S. No. Document Created by Purpose 1. Request for Proposal /Request for Information BDT with the help of B.A., P.M., S.A. Give Information about the company about manpower, technologies projects done and whatever the data in the RFI 2. BRD Client side B. A. or SME Raw data for B.A. to Design BRS 3. Service Level Agreement Legal Adviser Term and Conditions for Project completions 4. Business Requirements Specifications B.A. With the help of BRS every one complete their task according to project requirements 5. System Requirements Specifications S.A., P.M, Developers, B.A. This is written document between client and developers. Whatever is in SRS the Developers may design and do coding, and apart from this they didn’t do anything unit up to they not receive the change request document by the change board, 6. Functional Requirements Specifications B.A. Whatever the requirements which is direct impact on the functionality of an application that must need to complete during the application development 7. Non-Functional Requirements Specifications Business Analyst These are the requirements that impact the functionality of an application indirect 8. Non-Disclosure Agreements Legal Adviser/senior people No confidential matter may disclose by any means any 3rd person or unauthorized person. 9. Business Requirements B.A. The requirements is define on the level of organizations 10. Transitions Requirements B.A. The Requirements that need only once for example: update data on new system so after uploading data on new system we didn’t need again. 11. SRS S.A., B.A., P.M Written document between
  • 4. Project Flow of IT Industry Mishra Page 4 Copyright©Suntiara Soft- Mishra client and developer that developer groups may do design and convert into code. 12. FRS B.A. Provide the Information about business rule and regulations to fill the data during application development 13. USE Case B.A. Show the interaction with user and application. 14. Mockup Screen/GUI S.A. Give frontend process 15. Test Strategy P.M. Define entry and exit criteria for testing phase as well define severity conditions and priority conditions 16. Test Plan Test Manger, Test Lead, Sr. Tester Describe when, how , what Describes the 17. Master Test Plan Test Manger, Test Lead, Sr. Tester Describes all over types of testing process. 18. Post Test Plan Test Manger, Test Lead Show after installation any modification is going to happen how it handle 19. QA Plan QA team Describe the QA test plan to provide a good quality of project. 20. Test Objective Test Manger Provide the information about testes goal to complete the testing process 21. Test Scenario Sr. Tester Combination of Test case 22. Test Case Format Test Manager Describe step by step process of testing 23. Defect Reports and Format Test Manger/Test Lead After executions describes the status of test case and generate reports 24. Data Base Test Plan S.A./ Database Expert Describe about the database of application how it works 25. Requirements Test Matrix Sr. Tester Mapping of Requirements with Test case vice versa 26. Tester Responsibility Matrix Test Manger/Test Lead Tester role and responsibility 27. Test Approach Company level document provide by client/ Regulators of company Define the Testing Approach for various functionality of application/software 28. User Acceptances Business Analyst Define Acceptance criteria of
  • 5. Project Flow of IT Industry Mishra Page 5 Copyright©Suntiara Soft- Mishra Test Plan Applications 29. Software Development Life Cycle-SDLC Company / Regulators Define flow of Project 30. Software Testing Life Cycle-STLC Test Manager Define the flow of Testing Process 31. Verification & Validation Process P.M., B.A. Test Manager, The flow of Project verifications and its validation process 32. Weekly Status Report Company level Provide update reports to their seniors 33. Definition Client/Company Explain terminologies related to project 34. System Test Plan S.A. End to End Testing 35. Test Summary Reports Test Manger/Test Lead Information about status of test executions 36. Open Issue All groups if they have Inform that after some time or in next versions we complete 37. Build Acceptance Testing Release Manger Verify Applications is stable for testing 38. Check List Document All the groups/ higher authority of the groups. Verify all the task complete 39. MOM Company level and data filed by Recorder’s Interactions with client/customer 40. UAT Check list B.A. Verify all the task cover 41. Test Case Preparations Check list Testers format given by Authority Before writing test case ensure all document is ready to for designing purpose of test case 42. Automation Frame work Test Manger Keep track of Automation Test work 43. Automation Test Plan Test Lead How the automation test work proceed 44. Functional Check list B.A. Verify all the requirements cover 45. Stakeholders Requirements B.A. Define the role and responsibility of end user 46. Change Request Change Board If any modification is need
  • 6. Project Flow of IT Industry Mishra Page 6 Copyright©Suntiara Soft- Mishra Document 47. Delivery Reports All groups Ensure the work is complete Note: Apart these Document there each and every Document has Checklist. Checklist depends upon the Subject/Domains/Project/Workflow. Table2: Groups of Project and Document use by them: S.No. Groups Document Use Remark 1 Client (CEO) SLA 2 Vendor(CEO) SLA 3 BDT RFI/RFP 4 B.A. BRD, BRS, SRS, Use Case, UAT, Usability Test Plan 5 P.M. Project Schedule, Test strategy Document 6 S.A. Design GUI, Backend 7 Developers Coding Document, Stander Document, Use Case, FRS, BRS, SRS, Unit Plan Weekly Status Reports 8 Tester Test Approach, Test Plan, Test Strategy 9 Release Open Issue, All document in signoff 10 Implementation User Manual, Installations Document, 11 Support If any issue give support on the basis of experience Note: This group is of Suntiara Soft if you feel some more groups is there you may go with your organization.
  • 7. Project Flow of IT Industry Mishra Page 7 Copyright©Suntiara Soft- Mishra BDT – Business Development Team B. A. – Business Analyst S. A. – System Analyst P. M. – Project Manager Q. A. – Quality Analyst/ Assurance RFI/RFP - Request for Information/ Request for Proposal BRS – Business Requirements Specifications SRS - System/Software Requirements Specifications BRD - Business Requirements Document FRS - Functional Requirements Specifications MOM - Minutes of Meeting UAT - User Acceptance Test SLA - Service Level Document