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Consumer protection act
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Consumer protection act


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mishika bhatnagar …

mishika bhatnagar
MIT Management college

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  • 2. CONSUMERISM Consumerism is an organized movement that seeks to protect the interest and rights of consumers both against irresponsibile, unethical or unfair practices of business firm both in the public and private sectors.Common ways of consumer exploitation1 Fixation of prices at levels which are not justified by production and marketing cost.2 Offering false discount proceeded by a rise in prices.3 Undisclosed reduction in quality.4 Giving less quality by using inappropriate weights and measures.5 False misleading claims through advertisement. And many others
  • 3. C P Act Consumer Protection Act 1986,which provides for a system for protection of consumer right and the redressal of consumer disputes .This Act extends to the whole of India except the state of Jammu &Kashmir.Objectives1 Provide for the better protection of the interests of consumer.2 Provision for the establishment of consumer councils.3 Authorities for the settlement of consumer disputes
  • 4. Objectives of Councils The objectives of the central council are to promote and protect the right of the consumers such as………..1 The right to protected against marketing of goods and services which are hazardous to life and property.2 The right to be informed about the quality , purity , standard and prices of good and services so as to protect consumer against unfair trade practices.3 The right to be assured ,wherever possible ,access to a variety of goods at competitive prices.4 The right to be heard and assured that consumer interests will receive due consideration at appropriate forums.5 The right to seek redressal against unfair trade practices or unscrupulous exploitation of consumer.
  • 5. 6 The right to consumer education. The objectives of every state council are to protect with inthe state .
  • 6. Remedial Action1 To remove the defect pointed.2 To replace the goods with the new goods of the same description.3 To return to the complainant the price.4 To remove the defect or deficiencies in the services in question.5 To discontinue the unfair/ restrictive trade practice.6 Not to offer the hazardous goods for sale .7 To provide for adequate costs to parties.8 To pay compensation to the consumer for any loss or injury suffered by the consumer due to the negligence of the opposite party.
  • 7. Consumer Disputes RedressedAgenciesThere are two level of consumer disputes redressed agencies in the state and agency at the national level.1 A district forum-in each district of every state. If the state govt. deems it fit, more than one district forum may be established in a district.2 A state commission in each state.3 A national commission.
  • 8. National commission was establishment by the central govt. in Aug 1988.A district forum shall consist ……1-Aperson who is qualified to be a district judge nominated by state govt.2-A person who has adequate knowledge of trade or commerce.3-A lady social worker.Each state commission shall consist1-A person who is the judge of a high court, appointed by the state govt.2-Two experience person, have capacity in dealing with economic, law,accountancy,public affairs one shall be women.
  • 9. The National commission1-Aperson who is the judge of supreme court, appointed by central govt.2-Two person(same as in state commission)PenaltiesIf a trade or a person against whom a complaint is made he shall be punishable withImprisonment for any term not exceeding 3 years or with fine not exceeding 10 thousand Rs or with both.
  • 10. Consumer Dispute Redressed Agencies Under Consumer Protection Act State National commission commission District Forum For dealing case For dealing case For dealing cases involving Rs involving Rs involving upto more than 5 and more than 20 lakh Rs 5 lakh less than 20 lakh and appeals and appeals against order of against order of state commission district fora