Content and VAS organizations participation in India


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According to Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations, for every 10 per cent increase in Internet and broadband connections, India could contribute up to USD 17 billion to the GDP.
But how will design the services for Rural India when all the internet and data services is going to be through mobile operators or service companies. VAS organizations may be the answer for that and how they can evolve themselves and connect to the progress of India. This Presentation is all about that only.
There is huge potential, numerous possibilities of growing an organization and yet of some real value add to the people and their lives, you will find that in coming slides. Your thoughts are welcome.

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Content and VAS organizations participation in India

  1. 1. Mobility VAS Organizations The next Participation ?? Will Mobility in India will provide solutions to people like her?Will VAS companies will Step forward and participate in progress as well?Well Its seems difficult but thenext wave which will sweep all is about people and their needs
  2. 2. How will you make that happen
  3. 3. VAS companies will either be Development, Content or Technology providers or a Mix.Mobility companies will have to move on from Telco to direct to consumer.VAS companies should treatTelcos/OEM /Enterprise as just another medium of delivery or a vehicle to connect to people.You can connect directly too, however choose your business model wisely.
  4. 4. Breaking the Telco barrier !! Transform More than ABCD of VAS there is Stoo which is Social, there is a P too which is people. As per popular definition a VAS company is one which acts as service provider to Telco or uses telecomcompanies for distribution of its service.Well the time has come to redefine the Vision and companies. Companies should break this barrier and choose independent distribution models.
  5. 5. OEM is now a Distribution channelWill you integrate with leading device sellers foran App on healthcare/banking/insurance/SOSservices.89% of Smartphone users use it all day long & 84% ofusers use their Smartphone for browsing the internet.In India Smartphone penetration is less than 10%.However imagine what you can do when it reaches therural segment.Idea behind all Stats, Plan Big; Target People andSolutions along with your distribution medium.
  6. 6. Enterprise/NGO/Govt. Will be your next Distribution channelEnterprise should be your DNAThink Enterprise and Enterprise SolutionsEver thought of connecting a bicycle buyer withthe company with an App for free service,upkeep tips, usage needs, cycling events andfeedback.ORConnecting a tractor company to customers oncustomised tips of use on row crops, high cropsand other farm activities.OREver thought of micro insurance in healthcarealong with Govt./Private hospitals in rural sector.
  7. 7. App store are the next Distribution Medium It’s an App world300,000 Apps in the world are downloaded 10.6 Billiontimes. Enough Games and Entertainment Apps, theywill only be used for a while till you get tired.There are around 50 physicians per 100,000 IndiansEver tried building an App which will helpsome one in need to locate a Doctor andmedicine available in the local market.OrAn App which will help in giving FIRST AID.
  8. 8. Participate The Global counterparts are doing so, How ? Continue readingIt is the people who you directly connect to, it is people who use your services.According to Indian Council for Research onInternational Economic Relations, for every 10 per cent increase in Internet and broadband connections, India couldcontribute up to USD 17 billion to the GDP. There is huge potential and you will find that in coming slides Companies at the global level are designing utility services with Govt. Will VAS Mobility in India will launchservices which will help people in India gain and push the country forward.
  9. 9. Think People Not Revenue The organization will still be able to pull huge profits Design products for people and not for Telecom operators/OEM/Organizations. All the above are your distribution mechanismsToday most of Product conceptualization is how much revenue it will make viaTelecom/other channel and not how much value it will add to people.The Organization has to think now on adding value. Adding social value
  10. 10. Connect with people Directly Become a Brand VAS Companies are increasingly becoming brand. In this new world order,VAS Company will have to reach consumer directly.
  11. 11. Do we Really understand Rural India Are we ready to Deep Dive ? 70% of India is Rural The new set of evolved Service Companies can value add to life and Question for them: Is VAS mobility solution/Medium for Rural India progress? Do we give rain forecasts/ updates on water tables going up or down & for a farmer which crop to invest in? There is so much of data which is captured through satellites, ever thought of bringing the Data to the actual user. The Solutions are Indeed unlimited.
  12. 12. It is the Question of the next Meal ?Will Mobility Solutions help people getting thenext meal ?India contains 40% of it’s people living belowthe World Banks international poverty line ofUS$1.25 per day, More than 250 MillionIndians don’t get enough to eat everyday.Ever designed a service for poor, onlyinformation and no balance deduction frombackend. Govt. of India does. Tie up with Govt.
  13. 13. A Medium to connect at largeIs VAS Mobility a Solution tobecome a better medium toconnect to people and drive relevant messages? 21% of the countrys population is addicted tosmokeless tobacco, what will you do to stop them? Or will you choose to address social issues.
  14. 14. Pure Drinking WaterAround 37.7 millionIndians are affected by waterbornediseases annually, 1.5 million childrenare estimated to die ofdiarrhoea alone.73 million working days are lost due towaterborne disease each year. Theresulting economic burden is estimatedat staggering $600 million a year.Will VAS Mobility help people avoidthese diseases. Will you help sendthem messages and alerts on Safedrinking water?
  15. 15. A Solution for local BusinessWill Mobility help peasants reach thelocal market or may be the nearesttown or will they be connected to thelogistics chain of the big companies? VAS Mobility can help Cottageindustries in India to promote the products, will you make an Application so that they can showcase the product, may be own a website? Will you connect them to consumers directly?
  16. 16. Natural calamities India ranks second in theworld for natural disasters. Will VAS Mobility willprovide answers to people trapped in flood for theshelter and food. Will you update people to wait ormove to safer locations in case of flood.
  17. 17. Stand with Woman64% of woman in India are employed inAgriculture sector. A Woman receives Rs. 33.4/day for the same work a man gets Rs. 48.1/dayHowever In the rural areas, 30 lakhwomen have lost jobs in agriculture andlivestock. Women have lost 1,45,000jobs in the textiles sector during 1994-2000. Mobility can provideanswers to the woman inRural? Will you connect themwith localFactories/warehouses/carecentres for a Job? Or will youhelp her find a domesticemployment.
  18. 18. Back to school There are around 50 physicians per 100,000 Indians. Will you help someone become a Doctor. 25% of its population is still illiterate; only 15% of Indian students reach high school, and just 7%, of the 15% who make it to high school. Will VAS mobility help them solve problem in maths, can your solution help them read books which they can’t afford?
  19. 19. Social Solutions Will you help find someone a right match for the woman without Dowry.Will VAS mobility help connect people from various casts to move forward. It is not amarriage portal, it is more than that. Will you create a VAS productwhich will link up those as wellwho are from poor families and rural Background.
  20. 20. Tremendous opportunities There are huge possibilities for gettingthe right product in front of people and yet be remain profitable. All we need to do is begin, and move on from regular crowded market ofentertainment, astrology, cricket ,music and other similar VAS services. We need to change the product, the approach to marketing. At the same time Think people, Think value for them.
  21. 21. Mishra Wireless Telecom professional New Delhi - India
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