Unethical Mobile VAS implications & solutions


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some of the wrong practices in VAS in developing nations and India and what will be the implications and possible solutions to protect the consumer interest.

  • Thanks Dev... True this is going to be a reality soon..
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  • Totally agree with this. The VAS industry lacks innovation today and its purely because of rev shares skewed towards the carriers. As a result, we are still busy selling ABCD in which consumers are no more interested. With Android/others bringing the appstores concept, carriers will shortly become a dumb pipe, with no one consuming content offered by them.
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Unethical Mobile VAS implications & solutions

  1. 1. Unethical VASWrong practices ,Implications & right measures
  2. 2. VAS Companies are Stealing money from consumer Pocket stealing money from consumer pocket The consumers is helpless Customer services of Telecom Operators &TRAI inefficient to plug these GAPS. Instead of Protecting consumers and interests the Managers are Protecting Revenues
  3. 3. Back end Manipulation of What are these Wrong practices ??? Numbers and balance deduction from consumer recharge amount. Micro charging, Step pricing and Charging, Low Exit options,Enabling services from back end Indian consumers are forced totake subscription based services ( Almost all of such services)
  4. 4. Multiple reasons Why this is happening ??? Low Revenue shares to VAS companies by Operators. Virtually no promotionalbudgets with VAS companies to establish brands and services. Plenty of services and limited promotional Channels Promotions Controlled by Telecom operatorsIgnoring the wrong practices by VAS companies
  5. 5. Who is getting Affected ??? End Consumers
  6. 6. Do not eat their hard earned bread
  7. 7. Consumers will stop using the services due to these unethical practices. Wrongful deduction of Wallpapers download will force them to exit of out the GPRS /3G services on phone. Others will stop keeping balance on Phone. They will recharge only when necessary. ImplicationConsumers are Forced to EXIT out of VAS
  8. 8. High Churn You can’t keep theEXIT Door Closed for Consumers. They will churn andchurn faster from theservice and later the network
  9. 9. Everyone’s revenues will Jump down Drastically But that shouldn’t be the immediate concernThe concern is to protect the consumer interest
  10. 10. Revenues will Rise as well, but will take time You will have to Take The Right Steps
  11. 11. Revenues will fall andthen Rise steeply once the faith of theconsumers is restored.
  12. 12. Build Faith and TrustBuild Faith
  13. 13. Value VAS Companies as Partners, Telecom Operators need to take care of partner as wellRight Revenue Shares to the partner will solve 80% of the problemsWill help VAS companies to establish their brand andservices independently of Operators
  14. 14. VAS Companies leverage Telecom Operator reach to consumers VAS Companies Pay for thereach but don’t get paid forInnovation, value additions, Marketing, Brand buildingand other important tools of success. Distribution/Reach for anyservice cannot be treated so costly.
  15. 15. VAS Companies should alsoget more ethical and stop putting load on revenue giving consumers. Stop Wrong practicesWin consumer back with Innovation and Service measures.
  16. 16. Together everyone can create a happy customer experience
  17. 17. All this will attract consumerback on VAS services
  18. 18. https://www.facebook.com/groups/VASContent/Chandan Mishra Wireless Telecom professional New Delhi - Indiahttp://in.linkedin.com/in/chandanmishra mishrachandank@hotmail.com Let’s connect Your thoughts are welcome
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