A wonderful dell xps laptop review


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Dell is a wonderful electronics company that makes amazing laptops.
They’re known for providing laptops with striking designs, as well as familiar looking models.
They also own the Alienware brand, famously known for gaming laptops.

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A wonderful dell xps laptop review

  1. 1. A Wonderful Dell XPS Laptop ReviewDell is a wonderful electronics company that makes amazing laptops. They’re known forproviding laptops with striking designs, as well as familiar looking models. They also own theAlienware brand, famously known for gaming laptops.Since they already have a subsidiary focusing on gamers, they turn their attention to laptopsthat are elegant, useful and affordable.Recently, they unveiled the XPS 15, a wonderful laptop that takes cues from Apple’s MacBookPro. While many will say that the laptop is an Apple clone, it isn’t. This laptop has plenty ofdifferences and can be seen as a simple, wonderful laptop that will meet the demands of many.LooksSince it’s been mentioned that the laptop looks like a cousin of the MacBook Pro, you’ll findthat the XPS 15 is a smooth – looking laptop. The magnesium body is a bit darker, leaningtowards a grayish color, instead of the silvery look of the MacBook Pro. This helps set thelaptop apart from the others.Magnesium is a very good material. It’s different than the others, but also durable and verycomfortable to the skin.The dimensions of this laptop lean towards the mainstream category. It measures 14.6 x 9.8inches. It’s also 0.91 inches thick. It also weighs 6 pounds, which is okay considering that thislaptop isn’t really ultraportable.ScreenThe XPS 15 features a 15 – inch screen that is definitely one of the best screens out there.You get a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080p that simply looks great thanks to its edge – to –edge design. It’s also coated with Gorilla Glass, giving it a very durable construction.Watching movies on this screen is very good. You’ll find that color is vibrant and full of life,similar to those fancy screens of high – end smartphones. Viewing angles are also impressive.From: http://laptopsdiary.blogspot.com/2012/08/a-wonderful-dell-xps-laptop-review.html 1
  2. 2. HardwareThis laptop has some serious firepower to back up its astonishingly good looks.First, you get a third generation Intel Core i7 processor, giving you some impressive speeds.You also get a roomy 8 GB of RAM, perfect for a lot of multitasking. There’s also a 750 GB harddrive, which is more than enough for everyone’s needs.Helping things along is the NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M. It’s not the best NVIDIA GPU, but it cancertainly help those who want to play games. You won’t be able to play the most demandinggames in the highest resolution, but at least you can play them in lower settings. Games likeWorld of Warcraft can be cranked to high settings so you can enjoy them nicely.PortsThe XPS 15 has a handy selection of ports. You get a Blu – Ray drive, 3 – in – 1 card reader andthree USB 3.0 ports. You also get a mini – DisplayPort, HDMI and a microphone/headphonejack. There’s even a lock slot for protection.ConclusionWith a spacious keyboard, impressive glass touchpad, elegant styling and serious firepower,the XPS 15 is a wonderful mainstream laptop from a company that knows how to make greatproducts.Overall, this laptop is for people looking to stand out, while managing to be familiar at thesame time. So, if you want to own this wonderful laptop, you can trade in laptop andexperience the fantastic features of this laptop.From: http://laptopsdiary.blogspot.com/2012/08/a-wonderful-dell-xps-laptop-review.html 2
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