How You Can Add 500 LinkedIn Connections in 30 days


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Chapter 2 from "Not for Dummies! Advanced B2B lead generation strategies for LinkedIn". Learn how to add 500 LinkedIn connections in 30 days or less

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  • That means you have access to 100K+ alumni base that you alma mater produced.That also means that you have every legitimate right to connect with them directly on LinkedIn.Just do it.
  • That means you have access to 100K+ alumni base that you alma mater produced.That also means that you have every legitimate right to connect with them directly on LinkedIn.Just do it.
  • How You Can Add 500 LinkedIn Connections in 30 days

    1. 1. How to Add 500 NewConnections in 30 Days With These 10 Steps:
    2. 2. This is a Get Yourchapter from: FREE Full Copy:
    3. 3. Are you connected to 500+ people onLinkedIn?No?Why not?I can tell you why…Because you are LAZY!That’s right.Don’t worry – I will show you how to fixit…
    4. 4. If you wanted, you could have 1,000+connections in one year.The best part, you don’t really need to dothat much work.Here are the 10 steps how you canabsolutely positively sky rocket the numberof your prospective customers, referrers,endorsers, connectors and champions inyour LinkedIn network:
    5. 5. Step 1. Leverage Your InboxAre you on Outlook? Gmail? Yahoo?AOL (just kidding)?…Before you do anything else, go to everysingle email platform you are using andexport your contact book into LinkedIn.This one little tactic will get you easily200-300 contacts in your LinkedIn youdidn’t have before.
    6. 6. Step 1. Leverage Your InboxHere is why it is super important for you.1/3 of your contact list moves jobs everyyear, on average.So if you don’t touch your contactdatabase on Outlook, in three years youcan toss it.However, if you are connected onLinkedIn – this is forever.
    7. 7. Step 1. Leverage Your InboxBecause you can always see their currentjob, or access their personal email.So go ahead, dump all your email contactbooks into LinkedIn…And make a note to do this syncing onceevery 3 months.
    8. 8. Step 2. Do you know what business cards are for?So let’s say you go to a businessconference… you shake hands, youexchange cards.Now tell me and be truthful – what areyou doing with those business cardswhen the conference is over?No, seriously?
    9. 9. Step 2. Do you know what business cards are for?I will tell you – best case scenario – youwill give a bunch of 100+ cards to anintern to load it up to some CRM and youwill send them 1 generic email blast 3months after the conference.And you didn’t believe me when I said Icould read your mind.
    10. 10. Step 2. Do you know what business cards are for?Here is what I do with them: the day afterthe conference (or the same day if thiswas a multi-day event) I find them onLinkedIn and invite them to connect witha personal note:“Hey it was great to meet you at theconference the other day…”There you have it. Make this a habit.
    11. 11. Step 3. So you think you are smart?I think you are smart.How I know?Well, something tells me you have acollege degree (at least) so you arecertifiably smart.
    12. 12. Step 3. So you think you are smart?That means you have access to 100K+alumni base that you alma materproduced.That also means that you have everylegitimate right to connect with themdirectly on LinkedIn.Just do it.
    13. 13. Step 4. That Little Circle of Trust of Yours…Family, friends, friends of friends, ex’esand their friends – if you really scratchyour head I am sure you can easily puttogether a list of 100 names or more.Now go and invite them to connect.
    14. 14. Step 4. That Little Circle of Trust of Yours…You may not see them as potentialclients, employers, referrals, suppliers orcollaborators.May be not now. Or tomorrow…However, one day one of these seeminglyuseless connections will be worth itsweight in gold.I promise.
    15. 15. Step 5. Randomness…You met someone during a cross-Atlanticflight?A cute couple while on family vacation?Someone you didn’t know at on officeparty?Your sister-in-law’s significant other at aThanksgiving dinner?
    16. 16. Step 5. Randomness…Charity event?Movie screening?Other parent at your kids’ activities?Connect with them.Find something that you have incommon, put this in the invitationrequest and it won’t look weird.Trust me on this one.
    17. 17. Step 6. Previous lifePeople move a lot.I am more an exception… I moved evenmore… tumble-weed, they say.Every place comes with its own set ofneighbors, co-workers, friends andacquaintances.
    18. 18. Step 6. Previous lifeI don’t ever expect to keep in touch withall of them.But there is a tremendous benefit ofconnecting with people you used toknow.So go ahead… make a list and invite themto connect.
    19. 19. Step 7. You as an OrganizerIf other items didn’t get you to 500+ hereis what you do…Organize a conference or a webinar – gowild about inviting people in your CRMsystem.Ask people to forward the invitationaround.Then invite all attendees to connect onLinkedIn.
    20. 20. Step 8. Pinch a listAre attending, sponsoring, or speaking atan industry event?You are probably doing some or all ofthese activities multiple times a year.So as a result you actually have moreleverage with the organizers than yourealize.
    21. 21. Step 8. Pinch a listAnd it is time to use this leverage:So go ahead and ask for the updated listof all attendees, preferably with emails.After or even during the event connectwith relevant (or all) attendees onLinkedin.
    22. 22. 9. SyndicateAdd “Connect with me on LinkedIn” iconand link to your:- website-blog-email signature- ebooks, pdf, whitepapers – everythingdistributed electronically
    23. 23. 9. Syndicate…- flyers, programs, brochures – use bit.lylink shortening service if necessary-other social media properties onTwitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Quora, and others.- business card
    24. 24. 10. The art of a fiery hot cold connectYou can this two ways:a) InMail – this is a feature of LinkedInwhere you can send a certain number ofemails to total strangers… but there is atight limit of how many you can send andit also doesn’t come free.
    25. 25. 10. The art of a fiery hot cold connectOr…b) Cold email – if you know or guessedyour recipients email, you can invitethem to connect and in the messagemake it relevant and personal enough forthem to accept or respond.There is an art to it… don’t try tosell, don’t pitch, don’t talk about whatyou want. If you say something like:
    26. 26. 10. The art of a fiery hot cold connect“Hi John,I noticed in your profile that you recentlypublished a book on _____.This a topic of interest for me and I’d be happyto share with some of the material I collectedover the years that could be helpful with yournext book. I hope to connect with you directly.Best,-Misha”
    27. 27. 10. The art of a fiery hot cold connectMake it personal, relevant, about them and provide value without asking foranything more than just to accept your invitation.
    28. 28. If you follow all 10 steps exactly like prescribed for 30 days you will get 500 additional connections on LinkedIn. Guaranteed!
    29. 29. This was a Get Yourchapter from: FREE Copy: