Generic Maximo Business Processes


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Generic Business Processes

Generic Maximo Business Processes

  1. 1. Maximo Business Process Course Misha Jain
  2. 2. Learning Agenda for 3 days• Service Request, Introduction to Work Orders• Work Orders, Failure Hierarchy, Material Requisition• Overview of Purchase Procedure• Inventory Overview• Projects Process Overview
  3. 3. Service Request• When to use SR+WO and only SR??• Discuss the SR workflow.• Creating a SR and create a WO from it.
  4. 4. Simplified Service Request Workflow WORK ORDER TO BE CREATED BY WORK SUPERVISOR NEW ENDORSED INPRG Originator Work Supervisor Work Supervisor RESOLVED CLOSED Originator Originator
  5. 5. Simplified Work Order Workflow Steps Originator (asset/loc, Work Group (To assign WO Supervisor (for work type, WO a WO Supervisor) planning) WAPPR supervisor) WAPPR WAPPR WO Supervisor (after Lead/Supervisor of WO execution; put FAILURE WO Supervisor (for Supervisor (for Review) HIERARCHY, ACTUAL execution) APPR APPR LABOR HRS) INPRG Lead/Supervisor of WO Lead/Supervisor of WO Supervisor (for Review) Supervisor (for WORKDONE completion) COMP
  6. 6. Failure Hierarchy
  7. 7. Work Order Tracking• WAPPR: Create a WO• WAPPR: Plan tasks, labor, materials – Work Order Hierarchy• APPR: Get Material from inventory• INPRG: You can still get additional material thro Self Service > Desktop Requisition > Create Requisition – Failure Reporting > Failure class, Cause, Remedy – Labor > Labor Reporting – Materials > Issues from Storerooms
  8. 8. Simplified MR Workflow Originator/WO Supervisor / Lead (ForSupervisor (Charge approval)Details, Line item) DRAFT DRAFT CLOSE APPR After Material is Material can be withdrawn withdrawn
  9. 9. Overview of Purchase ProcedureMaterial Request Purchase Requisition Request for Quotation Purchase Order Receiving • QC Inspection Request • OSDD
  10. 10. Purchase Requisition WorkflowProcurement Officer Procurement Officer (related to that commodity grp) RFQ is generated WAPPR APPR
  11. 11. Request for Quotation WorkflowProcurement Officer (related to that Procurement Officer Procurement Officer commodity grp) APPR SENT WAPPR Procurement OfficerProcurement Officer Procurement Officer PO Created CLOSE TECHAPPR AWARD
  12. 12. Purchase Order WorkflowProcurement Officer Procurement Officer (related to that commodity grp) PO is approved WAPPR APPR
  13. 13. QC/GRN WorkflowStorekeeper Snr QC inspector ENTERED WAPPRStorekeeper QC inspector COMP WAPPR
  14. 14. OSDD Workflow ProcurementStorekeeper Officer PENDING PENDINGStorekeeper Storekeeper COMP ACTIONED
  15. 15. Item Creation and Modification Request User (ICMR type, Snr Procurement Your Supervisor (forreason, commodity Officer (related to approval) grp, classification) that commodity grp) ENTERED ENTERED ENTERED User User Procurement Officer Item ID is generated COMP ENDORSE APPR
  16. 16. Item Creation and Modification Request User (ICMR type, Material Controllerreason, commodity grp, classification) Item ID is generated ENTERED APPR
  17. 17. Inventory Overview ICMR Item Master Old CAT id’s From (For managing items) Transfer Request Transfer In Return Request Transfer Out Material Issue Receipts Storerooms From Contracts > SO From WO, or PO DTRInventoryCounting Inventory (For Managing count of item in a storeroom)
  18. 18. Purchase CycleUser Request (CR/PR) RFP/RFQ Generation Contracts/PO Placement
  19. 19. Contract Requisition Originator(Desc, Classify, Category of Originator Team Lead Group ManagerWork, Price Attach, CR Lines, Bidders) WAPPR CTENDORSE WAPPR Contract Engr (To generate Contracts Team Lead (Assign RFP and route it) Contracts Engr) APPR APPR
  20. 20. RFP 1 WorkflowContracts Engineer(Tender Type, Dates, Contracts Team Lead Controlling TL circulation List ) DRAFT ENDORSED DRAFT Contract Engr Contracts Team Lead Contract Services TL APPR APPR ENDORSEDContracts Team Lead Contract Engr READY ISSUED
  21. 21. RFP 2 Workflow Bids Opening Committee Contracts Engineer (Enter Pin, enter bids, Contracts Team Lead Contract Engr ISSUED Bids bond guarantees) OPENED OPENED OPENED Controlling TL Controlling TL(For Review of Technical Contracts Team Lead (For Technical & Contracts Team Lead& commercial evaluation) OPENED commercial evaluation) OPENED OPENED OPENEDControlling Team GM (For Contract Engr (Cretes the recommendation & Contracts Team Lead Contract Services TL contract) approval) EVALED EVALED AWARD EVALED Contract Engr (Route the contract) CLOSE
  22. 22. Contracts WorkflowContracts Contracts Team ContractEngineer Lead Services TLENDORSED ENDORSED ENDORSED Contract Engr DMD APPR ENDORSED
  23. 23. Service Order Conditions• SO can be created only from a valid and APPR contract.• SO can be created from Select Action menu of WO or Contracts application. Charge details will come from WO or GL account.• SO should have Future dates i.e. it has to be created before the job starts.• Once the job is done, quantities have to be received against the SO in the RECEIVING application by the user.• Finance Dept has to create invoice against the received quantities of SO.• APPR invoice can be viewed by user from the PAYMENT HISTORY tab of SO.• Once the payment is made, the status of invoice changes from APPR to PAID
  24. 24. Service Order / Receiving Workflow User (Controlling Team Member) (Charge to Controlling TL Group, Start & Comp Date) WAPPR WAPPRUser opens the RECEIVING User (to inform theapplication to receive the contractor to start the job) quantities against the SO APPR
  25. 25. Contractor Invoice Workflow Finance Dept (SO, InvoiceDate & Invoice Recvd Date, AP Contracts Approver SO Lines) (Check if hard copy is matching lines) MATCHED ENTEREDUser (can view status of payment in SO after After checking invoicepayment is actually done budget from Oracle) APPR PAID
  26. 26. Project Process OverviewMaster Action Plan (Company wide strategy) Action Plan Action Plan (North site) (South site) Capital Project Proposal (CPP) Budget Proposal (BP) Project WO AFE WO1 AFE WO2Asset WO1 Asset WO2
  27. 27. Simplified Master Action Plan Workflow Asset Owner Asset Owner Originator Group TL Group TL DRAFT DRAFT ENDORSEDCreate Child Co-ordinator Co-ordinatorAction Plans INPRG APPR
  28. 28. Simplified Action Plan WorkflowCo-ordinator of Asset Owner Asset Owner TL AP/Creator GM WAPPR WAPPR ENDORSED Co-ordinator Co-ordinator Co-ordinator Creates CPP INPRG APPR
  29. 29. Simplified CPP Workflow Requesting Team GM APT TL/GPC (Provide Co-ordinator Reporting Team TL Requesting Team TL (Provide APT/GPC) controlling team) DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT VALIDOperational Planning Operational Planning Controlling Team TL DMD APT TL/GPC TL TL (Provide Est. cost) VALID VALID APPR VALID VALIDBudget & Cost Team Controlling Team TL Requesting Team(Provide GL acc, Proj Controlling Team TL (Provide Eng. Ref No, APT TL/GPC (Asset Owner) TL Num, Task Num) APPR CPP Ref No) WORKDONE WORKDONE APPR INPRG Co-ordinator Co-ordinator Create BP COMP WORKDONE
  30. 30. Simplified BP Workflow Co-ordinator Controlling Team (Provide BP Type, (Provide Start Date, Controlling Team GM Requesting Team) End Date, BP Value) DRAFT DRAFT DRAFTOperational Planning APT/GPC Requesting Team TL DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT Create a project inBudget Control Team Budget & Cost Team Oracle VALID APPR CLOSE
  31. 31. Simplified PWO+AFE WorkflowControlling Team TL (Will AFE WO’s routed to receive PWO with AFE Supervisor (provide Budget & Cost Team child Wos) location and Asset WO’s) AUTHORISED PWO:APPR, AFE: AUTHORISED AUTHORISED AFE Supervisor will execute AFE Supervisor & close all Asset WOs which will close AFE WO APPR
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