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While I don't agree with all of Irvin Baxter's views concerning Biblical Prophecy, I find his Endtime Magazine an excellent source of insight regarding End Time Bible Prophecy and how it relates to the things happening in our world today.

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Un Sets Sail For Armageddon - Endtime Magazine - Sept-Oct 2011

  1. 1. FEATURES 10 UN Sets Sail for Armageddon By Irvin Baxter The World Community set a goal to conclude a final peace agreement between Palestinians and Israelis by December 2012. If this goal would be achieved, the final seven years to Armageddon would begin in December 2012. 14 Sovereign Israel or Occupied Territories? Israels Right to Exist By Linda Sargent The most explosive conflict in the world is the dispute over the Holy Land. Who does the land really belong to? Youll learn the fascinating history of the Promised Land. 23 21st Century Miracles Completely Delivered from Alcohol, Drugs and Cigarettes In One Day! By Jimmy Dorsey Drugs, alcohol, cocaine and tobacco. My wife and I were delivered instan- taneously while bowing at the church altar. Now she sings in the choir, and I teach Bible studies and am going into the ministry! 4 Editorial 6 Letters to the Editor 19 Prophecy Conferences 20 World Review 30 Whetstone 32 Radio BroadcastJOIN US ONIlACEBOOKAND TWITTER SEPT/OCT 2011 www. end ti me.com 3
  2. 2. EDITORIAL EXECUTIVE EDITOR IRVIN BAXTER by Irvin Baxter EDITOR DAVE ROBBINSRevolution Sweeps the Middle East ART DI RECTORThe November 8,2011 report on Iran DOUG WHITEfrom the International Atomic Energy This magazine was accomplishedAgency (IAEA) has added fuel to the by the Endtime Ministries teamfire in an already volatile region. For and dedicated to our Lord andyears, the nations of the world have God, Jesus Christ.accused Iran of seeking nucleartechnology in order to obtain nuclear To advertise please contact:weapons . However, the IAEA inspec- KMCPEAK@ENDTIME.COMtions have always been somewhat statement of faithambiguous and inconclusive. Israel and We believe that the Bible is the in spi redthe United States never fully trusted Word of God, that J esus Christ is the Savior of the world, and that He willIAEA Director Mohamed EIBaradei come again to establish a kingdom thatfrom Egypt. sha ll never be destroyed (Daniel 2:44). However, the latest IAEA report, In the meantime, The US Air Force Those who are horn again (John 3:3- 5)released by new !AEA Director General took delivery of a new 1S-ton bunker- will have eternal1ife an d rule as kingsYukiya Amana, stated that evidence buster bomb. This new bomb can reach and priests with Christ forever.foun d during the last inspection targets 200 feet underground before what is endtime?indicated Iran was pursuing nuclear exploding. One day later, the Pentagon In 1968, Irvin Baxter J r. discoveredweapon capabilities. Some news held a successful test of a Hying the United States and other modernreports stated that Iran would have hypersonic bomb that will give nations in the Bible. He also found thefi ve nuclear weapons by April 2012. military planners the ability to strike Berlin Wall in the Bible and that one day it was to be torn down, re-uniting Israel has stated repeatedly that targets anywhere in the world in less Germany, and t hat event would beIran with a nuclear weapon would be than an hour. the catalyst to s park an inter nationalan existential threat to the nation of Talk about wars and rumors of movement called the "New WorldIsrael, and that Israel would never wars! All of this becomes especially Order.~ These things have now comeallow the possession of nukes by Iran. alarming when we know the Bible pre- to pass. Irvin Baxter Jr., a Pentecostal minister, began Endtime Ministries inIsraeli media recently reported that dicts a huge war that will begin in the 1986 when he wrote A Message ForPrime Minister Netanyahu and Middle East very soon. The President, a book explaining theDefense Minister Ehud Barak both The world will not end in 2012, major prophecies of the Bible whichfavor a military strike to stop Iran as many people fear. However, if the he had been teaching since 1968. Afterfrom obtaining nuclear weapons. It war prophesied in Revelation 9:13-15 the fall of the Berlin Wall, prophetic fulfillment accelerated rapidly. Thewas published in Great Britain that would occur this coming year, which decision was made to launch Endtimesenior ministers had been told by the certainly could happen, then 2012 magazine. The purpose of the m a gazinegovernment to prepare for a strike would be the most cataclysmic year in is to explain the prophecies of the Bibleagainst Iran by Israel around Christ- the entire history of mankind. e- and to s how that they are now beingmas, or by the first part of 2012. fulfilled in intricate detail. Articles focus on t he soon return of J esus Christ, the truth of the Bible, and the need for salvation . Endtime does not deal with doctrinal con t roversies, as valid as they may be. This will be left to othe r publications. Endf;m t is published bi-munthly by Endtime, Inc .. 2701 E George Bush Turnpike Suite 100, Planu, TX, 75074. Subscription price is 29 for 12 issues. Copyright © 2011 Endtime, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. POSTMASTER: Send addres. changes to Endtime. PO Box 940729. Piano, TX 75094-0729. For subscriptions caU 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week 1-800-Endtime. Other inqui ri ..... call 1-972-422- 08579:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST. ENDTIME MINISTRIES4 www.endtime.com SEPT/OCT 2011
  3. 3. ,...as Ch riser . ~." ""," 5 7 0 .~ .~I .. C f c£.5 Il 1 I l C,A CLA : ; . ._CHRISTMAS WISH LIST:Perfullle $84Socks ~8Purse ~ 149Et1dthMe Magazit1e $29 •
  4. 4. LETTERS to the editorMr. Baxter, To obtain your copy of the "New World Order Is I just wanted to let you know what a blessing your tele- World Government" DVD, go to www.endtime.com or callvision program, "End of The Age," has been to my husband 1-800-ENDTIME (363-8463).Dean and L It has resulted in a great source of encourage-ment to hear another minister confirm things that the Lord D ear Mr. Baxter,has shown Dean over the years. Since Us tumbling" onto I want you to know why I support your ministry finan-your program several months ago, we have tried not to miss cially. Hosea 4:6 says, "My people are destroyed for lack ofbecause the revelations that you have received from God knowledge ... " I simply believe that by giving to this minis-simply blow us away! try, it will aid in spreading th e gospel of Jesus Christ, which Tears filled my eyes this morning as I reflected back on in turn will help more people make it to heaven .your vision to mail a warning to the Jews in Judea . I praise I truly appreciate the way you teach the prophecies ofGod for your dedication to the Lord and to the sharing of the Bible in an interesting and easy to u nderstand format.His gospeL I am praying for you and the prophecy confer- The art work is exceptional and has kept my attention forence that you are planning in Jerusalem. J know that God over ten years.will lead you in that endeavor as you show them the truth. God bless and keep you all. - Evelyn We are living in exciting times and looking forwardto our first prophecy meetin g, in Auburn, Alabama, on D ear Irvin Baxter,November 11-12. We hope to draw many college students, Endtim e Ministries represents a vision parallel to anas well as locals to the meeting and are expecting a great earlier time in Bible history when John the Baptist wasmove of God. - Nancy speaking of the Lords first coming in Matthew 3:3, "... The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way ofQ. For years, I have thought that the head wound, which the Lord ." The difference is that now is the end time, and wegets healed in Revelation 13:3, was referring to the Anti- are looking for the second comin g of Jesus Christ when Hechrist. Is this what you teach? - Sharee will return for His saints . We could certainly inject more than a few accolades ofA. Its impossible to understand this passage unless you our personal feelings of how great God is using Irvin Baxterunderstand what the seven heads on the Revelation 13 Jr. and the End tim e staff to reach and instruct souls to em-beast symbolize. brace the gospel of Jesus Christ, but that would be less than There are a total of seven heads on the four beasts a definitive statement of your mission.in the prophecy of Daniel chapter 7: one head of the lion I recall a time long ago when I received the baptism of(Great Britain), one head of the bear (Russia), four heads the Holy Ghost and how that experience so impacted myfor the leopard (Germany), and one head fo r the ten-horned senses that I did not know quite what to do with myself forbeast (yet to be established). The beast of Revelation 13 is several days! I was thirty-three years old then and now I amsimply all of the beasts of Daniel 7 merged into one beast seventy, but still at times I have a h ard time figuring outwith all seven heads retained. what to do with myself. Our attitude is of immense grati- Revelation 13 says that one of those seven heads was tude that our names are written in the Lambs Book of Life,wounded to death. Which one? A beast in Bible prophecy and I firmly believe that, if people intend to go to heaven,always represents a nation or kingdom. Multiple heads on a we need to be active participants in the process .beast symbolize the number of times that kin gdom will rise And so, we gladly contribute a small portion of ourand fall . The four heads on the leopard represent Germanys income to that end. God Bless! - ThomasFirst Reich, the Second Reich, Hitler s famous Third Reich,and the Fourth Reich, which is n ow rising. Q. We know from the book of Genesis that Satan was in After the conclusion of World War II, the allies wanted the beginning with Adam and Eve. Then, he went beforeto deal with "the German problem." Germany had plunged God with the sons of God in the book of Job. An d then inthe world into war three times in the last 80 years . They Revelation, John saw a vision of a war in Heaven wheredecided Germany had to be weakened by d ividing her into Michael and his angels defeat Satan and confine him to theEast Germany and West Germany. When this action was earth. What is his present status concerning all of thesetaken, the headlines actually screamed, "Germany is dead!" scriptures? - RichardWhen the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 and Germany wasfinally reunited in 1990, the media called it the healing of A. Satan still has access to the throne of God in Heaven.the wound through the heart of European civilization. And he does appear before God as an accuser of the saints. Remember, the prophecy does not say a man was The Bible calls h im the "accuser of the brethren." However,wounded to death. It says on e of the seven heads of the the Bible tells us that a time is coming soon when he will trybeast was woun ded to death. to overcome God one last time. This will happen 3% years The full, one hour lesson on the fall of the Berlin Wall, before Armageddon. At that time, he will be confined to thethe healing of th e deadly wound and how it all fits together earth and will no longer be allowed access to heaven .is found in the second lesson of our "End of The Age"teaching series . cont. on pg. 96 www.endtime.com SEPT/OCT 2011
  5. 5. Letters - Wilt. {rom pg. 6 Q. Does everyone depart from this world by way ofQ. How can you give an end time timeline when the Bible the grave? - Lynnsays no man knows the day or the hour? - Stacy A. No.1 Thessalonians 4:16 -17 states, "For the Lord him-A. We may not know the exact day or hour, but will we self shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voiceknow the times and the seasons? Yes. In I Thessalonians of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead5:2-5, the Apostle Paul wrote to the Thessalonicans and in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remainsaid, "For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meetso cometh as a thief in the night... But ye, brethren, are not the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord."in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief. At the rapture, those Christians still alive on earth wUi beYe are all the children of light, and the children of the day: instantly changed from mortal to immortality and will bewe are not of the night." Notice that Paul said the Lord only caught up to meet Jesus in the air.comes as a thief in the night to t hose that are living in dark-ness. But for those that are living in the light, th e day of the Q. When did the white horse era begin? - EliLord will not overtake them as a thief. A. The four horses mentioned in Revelation 6:1-8 andR everend Baxter, Zechariah 6:1-8, represent the four major belief systems in I have been hooked on Endtime Ministries since I our world today. Their official colors are: white, red, blacklistened to the Politics & Religion radio program about ten and green. The white hors e era you are referring to is theyears ago. Of course, now it is on the internet and televi- era of Catholicism, which began around 300-325 AD whension, which covers the entire world. Wow, have you grown! Constantine merged paganism with Christianity.I know that God has truly blessed you with knowledge and Note: Endtime has produced a DVD: "Isla m in Bibleunderstanding of Bible prophecy. So, after listening for sev- Prophecy," which further explains the four horse man of theeral years, I jumped on board and became a partner. Why? book of Revelation. To order, go to www.endt ime.com or callBecause I felt that I was helping spread the gospel right 1-S00-EN DTIME (363-8463) .along with you. Furthermore, the entire Endtime staff is such a nice Q. My question is about the Antichrist and the temple.group of Christians and always a joy to speak with. I always I was taught that he would defile the temple by eatinglook forward to my Endtime magazine and share it with unclean food in it. Is that true? - Larryall of my friends. Let me just say that I would encourageanyone to become a partner with this ministry so that this A. No. One explanation of the Antichrist defiling thewonderful work of God can continue until He comes! Jewish temple is found in 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4, which-Glenda states that he will stand in the re-built Jewish temple and proclaim that he is God. This event is called the Abomina-Q. Im trying to learn more about the Holy Spirit and what tion of Desolation.it is . How do we know when its communicating with us ortrying to get our attention? - Mark Q. Where does the Bible say t hat we will have a body like Jesus, after the rapture and can walk through walls? - KellyA. I would recommend that you read a brochure I wrotecalled, uTongues- Devilish or Divine?~, which deals exten - A. Philippians 3:20-21 says, "For our conversation is insively with the fun ction of the Holy Ghost and speaking in heaven; from whence also we look for the Savior, the Lordtongues. Jesus Christ: Who shall change our vile body, that it may Call our office to receive your free copy of the brochure , be fashioned like unto his glorious body, according to the"Tongues, Devilish or Divine?" Or you may order the DVD working whereby he is able even to subdue all things untoby calling 1-800-ENDTIM E (363-8463) or fro m our website himself." The Bible tells us that, at the rapture , we will beat www.endtime.com. changed from mortal to immortality and that our body will become like His. We also know that Jesus, after HisQ. I recently had a person tell me t hat the Battle of Arma- resurrection , actually walked through walls according togeddon occurred in 70 AD. Is this true? If not, can you give John 20:26.m e a scripture to prove it? - Jim Q. Do you believe in the doctrine of imminency, whichA. The destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD was not the states that Jesus could come back at any time? - ChristineBattle of Armageddon. Heres how we know. Revelation16:12-16 says that, when the sixth vial was poured out, A. No. The Apostle Paul knew that certain eventsthe Euphrates River was dried up to make way for the kings would have to happen before the Lord would return.of the east to come down against Jerusalem for the Battle He actually taught against the doctrine of imminency inof Armageddon. So, the kings of the east are to cross the 2 Thessalonians 2:1-3, "Now we beseech you, brethren, byEuphrates River and invade Israel at the t ime of the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gatheringArmageddon. together unto him, That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or Who destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD? It was the be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter asRomans. Where is Rome located? Due west of Israel. So the from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand (imminent).Romans were not the kings of the east , and 70 AD was not Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall notArmageddon. come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition." (7 SEPT/OCT 2011 www.end time.com 9
  6. 6. Palatinlan PrniMntlIa11moud All"......mnitting tit.Palatinlanapplication forfuBm_ipt.the United Nation.to UNSecetarp-G~SanlCi-moon
  7. 7. The Bible prophesies that a peace extend the building freeze. Fayyad said Palestinians would beagreement between Israelis and Pales - September 23, 2010 ready for statehood by August 2011, astinians will be signed. The agreement In his annual UN speech, Obama ex- promised in his two-year action plan.will place the Temple Mount under a pressed hope for a Palestinian state by December 9, 2010sharing arrangement between Israelis September 2011. "When we come back Abbas said he would bypass negotia-and Palestinians with international here next year, we can have an agree- tions, instead asking the UN Securitysupervision, will allow for the build- ment that can lead to a new member of Council for recognition of a Palestinianing of Israels temple on the Temple the United Nations, an independent, state and full membership in the UN.Mount, and will give the West Bank sovereign state of Palestine living December 21, 2010(biblical Judea) to the Palestinians for in peace with Israel," Obama said in The UN General Assembly adopted atheir homeland. The Jews presently urging Palestinians and Israelis to con- non-binding resolution defending andliving in Judea will be given the choice clude a permanent peace agreement. respecting the preservation of "unity,to either move to pre-1967 Israel with September 26, 2010 territorial integrity and contiguity ofreparations paid to them for their Israels building freeze expired . Ne- all the occupied Palestinian territory,properties or stay in their hom es in tanyahu could not renew the freeze including East Jerusalem" and reaf-Judea while living under the new without causing his government firming the right of all states in thePalestinian government. coalition to disintegrate. Abbas used region to live in peace within secure the resumption of building in Judea- and recognized international borders.Ready, set . .. December 2012? Samaria as an excuse to abandon the The document was adopted by 177On September 23, 2011, the Interna- peace talks. Netanyahu rejected this countries in favor, and opposed byt ional Quartet (US, EU, as merely another excuse, stating Washington and Tel Aviv, along withRussia and the UN) set the the small Pacific states ofgoal of a complete resolu- Nauru, Micronesia, Marshalltion to the Israeli-Palestinian Islands and Palau. There wereconflict by December 2012. On September 23, 2011, the also four abstentions: Canada,If this goal set by the World International Quartet (US, EO, Russia Cameroon, DR Congo andCommunity is achieved, all Tonga. The US and Israel op-the above conditions will be and the UN) set the goal of a complete posed the resolution becausemet, and the final seven years it declared East Jerusalem toto Armageddon will begin. resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian be Palestinian territory, con- At this present time, we conflict by December 2012. If this goal trary to UN Resolution 242are moving steadily toward which called for Jerusalemsthe achievement of this agree- set by the World Community status to be determined byment. The fo llowing timeline is achieved, all the above conditions negotiations.of events from September May 19, 20112009 until the present time will be met, and the final seven years President Obama made awill help us to understand major speech on the Middlewhat has happened so far and to Armageddon will begin. East calling for negotiationswhat will likely unfold in the on the basis of 1967 bordersmonths just ahead. with land swaps. This speech that Israel had frozen building for was speCifically deSigned to pre-emptSeptember 2009 ten months and still Palestinians Netanyahus speech before the jointPalestinians set September 2011 as the had refused to participate in peace session of Congress scheduled to oc-target date for the birth of a Palestin- negotiations. cur five days later. Netanyahu reactedian state. They projected they would be October 30, 2010 furiously, pointing out that using 1967able to govern their own state by that Palestinian Authority Prime Minister borders as a base for negotiations hadtime. Salam Fayyad announced his intention never been the US position since theNovember 2009 to continue moving forward with the conclusion of the 1967 War. Fur ther-The Palestinians had stated they would second year of a two-year program of more, Netanyahu stated that thisnot return to peace negotiations as institutional capacity-building to lay precondition contradicted UN Resolu-long as Israel was allowing building in the groundwork for a future Pales tin - tion 242, which called for final bordersJudea (the West Bank). Consequently, ian state. A document released by to be determined by negotiationsNetanyahu declared a ten-month Fayyads office forecasted that the PA between Israelis and Palestinians.building freeze to allow President would complete all the major reforms May 20, 2011Obama to get peace talks restarted. and initiatives necessary for the Netanyahu and Obama met at theHowever, Palestinian President Mah- creation of an independent state White House for critical discussionsmoud Abbas continued to avoid re- within the coming year. of Obamas call for negotiations to beengaging in peace negotiations in spite November 10, 2010 based on 1967 borders.of pressure from the United States. Palestinian Authority Chairman May 22, 2011September 2, 2010 Mahmoud Abbas told his aides to ask In one of the most pro-Israeli ad-Abbas finally agreed to return to peace the United Nations Security Council dresses ever delivered by an Americantalks just three weeks before Israels to recognize the FA as a new Arab president, Obama corrected the harshbuilding freeze expired. This was a country, to be called "Palestine." impression Israel gained from his Maycalculated move by Abbas. He thought November 30, 2010 19 Middle East speech. He explainedObama would pressure Netanyahu to Palestinian Prime Minister Salam to the 11,000 delegates at the AIPAC12 www.endtime.com SEPT/OCT 2011
  8. 8. (American Israeli Public Affairs United Nations-if it were that easy, recent demand that Israel be recog-Committee) conference that the final it would have been accomplished by nized as a Jewish state." He describedIsraeli-Palestinian borders would differ now .. .Israelis must know that any this demand as " ... New conditions notfrom the 1967 lines because of the agreement provides assurances for previously raised, conditions that will"mutually agreed swaps" he had also their securi ty. Palestinians deserve transform the raging conflict in our in-advocated. to know the territorial basis of their flamed region into a religiOUS conflictMay 24, 2011 state ... Each side has legitimate aspira- and a threat to the future of a millionNetanyahu spoke before a joint ses- tions - and thats part of what makes and a half Christian and Muslim Pales-sion of Congress explaining why 1967 peace so hard.~ tinians who are citizens of Israel."borders were indefensible. He received September 23, 2011 September 23, 2011thirty standing ovations. Many believe Abbas presented the Palestinian appli- Israeli Prime Minister Benjaminthis was one of the most important cation for full membership in the Netanyahu spoke at the Unitedspeeches ever given by an Israeli prime United Nations to UN Secretary Nations. Following are excerpts fromminister. General Ban Ki-Moon. The application that speech.June 26, 2011 asked for UN membership for the Pal- ~As Israels prime minister, I didntPalestinians officially decided to re- estinian state with pre-1967 borders come here to win applause. I came herequest UN recognition of a Palestinian and with East J erusalem as its capital. to speak the truth. The truth is thatstate based on pre-196? borders. This September 23, 2011 Israel wants peace with a Pa lestinianmove would bypass negotiations and Palestinian Chairman Mahmoud state, but the Palestinians want a statecircumvent the Oslo Peace Accords, Abbas spoke at the United Nations. without peace. And the truth is youwhich called for final borders between He placed the blame for the break- shouldnt let that happen.Palestinians and Israelis to be I believe that militantdetermined by negotiations Islam armed with nuclearbetween the two parties. weapons is the greatest dan-August 2011 "As Israels prime minister, ger facing our world today.The Quartet, which includes didnt come here to win applause. I And this is precisely whatthe US, tried feverishly to Iran is trying to achieve. Canachieve a peace agreement I came here to speak the truth. you imagine that man whobefore the September UN ranted here yesterday (IranianGen eral Assembly meeting. The truth is that Israel wants peace President Ahmadinejad)-- canSeptember 8 , 2011 with a Palestinian state, you imagine him armed withThe United States said it nuclear weapons? The Inter-would veto the Palestinian but the Palestinians want a state national Community mustmembership application to without peace. And the truth is you stop Iran before its too late.the UN . Now, some argue thatSeptember 17, 2011 shouldnt let that happen. the spread of militant Islam,Palestinian Authority Presi- especially in these turbulentdent Mahmoud Abbas said he Benjamin Netanyahu times--if you want to slow itwould demand full member- down, they a rgue, Israel mustship of the world body for a hurry to make concessions,Palestinian state at the UN General down in peace negotiations squarely to make territorial compromises. AndAssembly, setting up a diplomatic clash on Israels bUilding in the settlements. this theory sounds simple. BaSically itwith Israel and the United States. He claimed Israels policy constituted a goes like this: Leave the territory, andSeptember 19, 2011 breach of international humanitarian peace will be adva nced. The moderatesA last-ditch international push began law and United Nations resolutions. will be strengthened; the radicals willto re-Iaunch Israeli-Palestinian peace He stated that settlements were the be kept at bay. And dont worry abouttalks and avert a crisis over Palestin- primary cause for the failure of the the pesky details of how Israel willian statehood at the United Nations peace process. He repeatedly accused actually defend itself; internationalas members of the Quartet of Middle Israel of occupying Palestinian lands troops will do the job.East m ediators met in New York. while never mentioning that these These people say to me constantly:September 22, 2011 lands have never been con trolled by Just make a sweeping offer, and every-President Obama spoke at the United Palestine. Jordan occupied these thing will work out . You know, there sNations. His remarks included con- territories prior to the 1967 War. only one problem with that theory.siderable referen ce to the Palestinian- Abbas hurt the Palestinian cause Weve tried it, and it hasnt worked.Israeli peace efforts. terribly when he accused Israel of In 2000, Israel made a sweeping peace "One year ago, I stood at this undertaking excavations that threaten offer that met virtually all of thepodium and I called for an indepen- Muslim holy places. Everyone with any Palestinian demands. Arafat rejecteddent Palestine. I believed then, and I knowledge of the situation at all knew it. The Palestinians then launched abelieve now, that the Palestinian Israel had never conducted any excava- terror attack that claimed a thousandpeople deserve a state of their own ... tions within 500 feet of the Dome Israeli lives.But what I also said is that a genuine of the Rock or the al-Aqsa Mosque. In 2008, Prime Minister Olmertpeace can only be realized between the These charges were blatant lies that made an even more sweeping offer.Israeli s and the Palestinians them- destroyed Abbas credibility. President Abbas didnt even respondselves. Peace will not come through Abbas made one interesting to it.statements and resolutions at the argument concerning Netanyahus cant. on pg. 25 SEPT/OCT 2011 www.end time.com 13
  9. 9. •• • • ..... ._.... ... .... . ..... .... ... ...... • . ....... .. • ... .. 4 • :~.--;;;l O- .. . . ~ ... •y • • •
  10. 10. n September 23, 2011, Palestinian President Mah- waiting ten years for children, Sarai offered her handmaid, moudAbbas spoke to the United Nations General Hagar, to Abram "that [may obtain children by her." (Genesis Assembly on behalf of the Palestinian Authority 16:2) Hagar bore Abram a son named Ishmael.(formerly known as The Palestinian Liberation Organiza- Present day Palestinians trace their roots as descen-tion--PLO) and the Palestinian people. Minutes before his dants of Abram through Ishmael and claim that Gods ever-speech, Abbas submitted to UN Secretary General Ban Ki- las ting covenant with Abram and "his seed" was referring toMoon Palestines application for full membership in the UN. Ishmael, thus the land belongs to them. It would be difficult Even though the United States had warned repeatedly for anyone to dispute that Ishmael was Abrams descendant.that it would veto the Palestinian statehood bid, Abbas However, the rightful heir to the land is resolved by furtherurged the Assembly to recognize Palestine as a state with reading.J une 1967 borders and Jerusalem as its capital. Abbas When Abram was ninety-nine , God appeared andclaimed that Israels presence in the region breached inter- confirmed to him his covenant with him and his seed again,national law and prior UN resolutions. changed his name to Abraham, changed Sarais name to Throughout his speech Abbas referred to Israel as ~the Sarah, and promised her a son at age ninety. (Genesis 17:occupying power," and "the occupation army." He lamented 1-15) When Abraham heard this, he questioned God andthe udisplaced Palestinian owners" and "occupied East even tried to persuade Him to choose Ishmael as the prom-Jerusalem."! Abbas affirmed, "the goal of the Palestinian ised seed. He still was trying to help God accomplish thepeople is the realization of their inalienable national rights promise, as though God needed assistance. (Genes is 17:18)in their independent state of Palestin e, with East Jerusalem Nonetheless, God made it very clear to Abraham that Heas its capital, on all the land of the West Bank including East was still in control.Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip, which Israel occupied in theJune 1967 war ....") This inflammatory rhetoric has caused "And God said, Sarah thy wife shall bear thee a son indeed; andan impasse to a peace agreement between Israel and the thou shalt call his name Isaac; and [will establish my covenantPalestinians for decades . with him for an everlasting covenant, and with his seed after Even so, many world leaders are sympathetic with the him. And as for Ishmael, [have heard thee: Behold [ have blessedPalestinians and agree that some Jewish settlements in him and will make him fruitful, and will multiply him exceed-Israel are illegal. On June 4, 2009, when President Obama ingly: twelve princes shall he begat, and I will make him a greatgave his controversial speech in Cairo, he called on Israel to nation. But my covenant will I establish with Isaac, whichend any further construction in the ~occupied territories."] Sarah shall bear unto thee at this set time in the nenPrevious administrations have been more supportive of year." (Genesis 17: 19-21)Israels claim to the a rea. So, who is right? Does Israel have a stronger conn ection ABRAHAMS DESCENDANTS TEMPORARILY LOSEto the land than the Palestinians? Or, is Israel ~occu pyin g" POSSESSION OF THEIR LANDthe region without just cause? Generally, in the law when A quick spin through history shows Isaacs son, Jacob,there is a land dispute, a title search or land grant provides had twelve sons that became the twelve tribes of IsraeLthe answer. In this case, the rightful owner is clear if the A famin e in Canaan drove Jacob and his twelve sons andBible is t aken seriously. their families to settle in Egyp t where their descendants were forced into slavery for four hundred years.THE ORIGINAL LAND GRANT Around 1446 BC God chose Moses to lead AbrahamsThe Jewish link to Israel dates back over 4,000 years when descendants out of Egyptian slavery. This exodus took fortyGod told Abram to take his wife, Sarai, their family mem- years, and in 1406 BC after Moses d ied, Joshua led thebers, and all of their possessions and go "unto a land that I Israelites back into Canaan. There they re-possessed thewill show thee." (Genesis 12:1) God sent them to a region at Promised Land and established the sovereign nationthat t ime known as the land Canaan. (Genesis 12:5) of Israel for the first time. 4 Once Abram passed into Canaan , God appeared with a Over the next several centuries the Israelites enjoyedpromise to him and his seed saying, periods of peace along with times of war. A Jewish monar- chy was es tablished with Israels first king, Saul, (c. 1020"Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt BC) followed by King David (c. 1004-965 Be) who estab-unto the great river, the river Euphrates." (Genesis 15:18) lished Israel as a major power in the region. 5 Israel was conquered by the Babylon ians, Persians,"[ will establish my covenant as an everlasting covenant between Greeks, and the Romans. The Jewish temple in Jerusalemme and you and your descendants after you for the generations was destroyed twice . In 60 BC when the Romans conqueredto come, to be your God and the God of your descendants after the land of Israel they banished the Jews, and Romanyou. The whole land of Canaan, where you are now an alien, [ Emperor Hadrian re-named the region Palestine afterwill give as an everlasting possession to you and your descen- Israels long-standing enemy, the Philistines.s Repeatedly,dants after you; and I will be their God." (Genesis 17: 7-8) the Jews were granted the administration of Jerusalem, only to be expelled from Israel completely for centuries. The land grant from God to Abram and his descendantssounds clear enough and unmistakable. So, why all of the ABRAHAMS DESCENDANTS REGAIN POSSESSION OFwars and boundary disputes? The age old question is, to THEIR LAND: ISRAEL IS RE-BORNwhich descendants was God referring-the Jews or the In 1917, the British ended 400 years of Turkeys OttomanArab Palestinians? rule of the region , and Allied Forces divided the territory into countries. British Foreign Min ister Lord BalfourWHO ARE ABRAMS DESCENDANTS? recognized the Jews historical link to th eir homeland. InAs Bible scholars know, Abrams wife Sarai was barren , The Balfour Declaration of 1917, he pledged support forand the promises of God seemed impossible to her. After wnt. on pg. 18 SEPT/OCT 2011 www. endti me.com 15
  11. 11. Israel - cont, from pg. 15 land was taken from them, the Jewish leaders accepted the"the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the plan. 10 On May 14, 1948, the Palestinian Jews declared theirJewish people ...." The British divided the area into two dis- new State of Israel with its citizens known as ~Israelis."tricts. The Arab Palestinian area, called Trans-Jordan, was Israels celebration was short-lived. The next day seventerritory east of the Jordan River and was three times as surrounding Arab nations (Egypt, Trans-Jordan, Syria,large as the territory granted to Jewish Palestine, the area Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Yemen) invaded Israelwest of the Jordan River." claiming the Jews were inter- From 1919-1946, the lopers that Europe forced onJewish population in their "... 1 wish to declare that the the Arab nations after Worldhomeland rose from 85,000 Government of Israel will not ask War II. Secretary General ofto 678,000 due to their immi- the Arab League Azzam Pashagration from Russia, Poland, any nation, be it near or far, declared, ~This will be a war ofHungary, and Germany.9 As mighty or small, to recognize extermination and a momen-for the Arabs, sharing the tous massacre ...." ll To theland with the Jews was not an our right to exist. contrary and in what seemedoption. They launched never It would not enter the mind of any the impossible, when the warending attacks on the Jewish ended 19 months later, IsraelPalestinians in an effort to Briton or Frenchman, Belgian or survived. Egypt occupied thedrive them out. The British Dutchman, Hungarian or Bulgarian, Gaza Strip, and Trans-Jordantried to maintain peace but occupied Judea-Samaria (thefinally had enough and turned Russian or American, to request West Bank).over the Jewish! Arab matter for his people recognition of its right In 1950, Trans-Jordanto the newly formed UN in formally merged the West1947. to exist. Their existence per se is Bank, granted the Palestinian UN Resolution 181 called their right to exist. The same Arabs full citizenship, and re-for the Jews to give up even named itself Jordan. As a re-more of their land in order to holds true for Israel." sult, the Arabs received nearlyestablish an Arab Palestinian Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin 85% of original Palestine.state next to a Jewish Pales- From 1949-1967 all of Judea-tinian state with Jerusalem to Samaria, Jerusalem, and Gazabe under international administration. Arab leaders rejected were 100% under Arab control through the Egyptians andthe plan because they wanted ALL of Palestine- both east Jordanians- ample land on which to create a Palestinianand west of the Jordan River. Even though more of their state. 12 They made no effort to establish a separate state for
  12. 12. the Palestinian Arabs. In stead, in 1967, presenting his newly-elected govern-Egypt, Jordan , and Syria launched yet men t to t he Knesset in Jun e 1977.another war to eliminate the state of " .. .1 wish to declare that the Gov-Israel. After six days of fighting and ernmen t of Israel will not ask any na-a stunning military victory over her tion , be it near or far, mighty or small,aggressors, Israel captured territory to recognize our right to exist. It wouldseveral times larger than the 1948 bor- not enter the mind of any Briton orders- the Sinai Desert from Egypt, the Frenchman , Belgia n or Dutchman,West Bank and all of Je rusalem from Hungarian or Bulgarian, Russian orJordan, and Syrias Golan Heights.!] American, to request for his peopleAfterward, in an effort to restore peace recognition of its right to exist. Theirto the region , Israel agreed to allow existence per se is their right to exist.the Arabs to remain in the West Bank, The same holds true for IsraeL"Gaza, and inside par ts of IsraeL No Gods promise for Ishmael wasdoubt, Israel has regretted this gesture only for a nation. Gods covenant withof peace ever since. Abraham and his descendants through Isaac was for the land. Israel cannot il-ISRAELS RIGHT TO EXIST? legally occupy land that legally belongsFor centuries Israel has fought to pre- to Is rael. eserve her God-given borders. She has tried to negotiate land , b~"III" ;I"Iwww~"b.".".n",o=m "Full Transcript of Abbas Spee<h .. UNGA." S~plembe. 23, 201 1for peace with her enemies, has withdrawn from the borders 2 ld.God promised to Abraham and his rightful descendants, hasbeen attacked repeatedly by surrounding Arab nations, hasparticipated in Middle East "peace" conferences, and hassigned agreements to work toward a two-state solution with , , .1917."the Palestinians. Yet, the world still debates Israels right to , W ·I......I.nd PaI.,tin.: A Bti~fH it"y" Put I."exist in her own land. This is preposterous. H , Israels right to exist does not come from the Palestin- ;;.,~~""""", ·History of l..ad . nd Pak, tin • ."ian Authority, t h e Un ited Nations, or an American Presi- " ndent. Israel does exist-- because God Alm ighty says so . Prime Minister Menachem Begin said it best when SEPT/OCT 2011 www.endtime.com 19
  13. 13. WORLD REVIEW by Ginger Boerkircher6TH TRUMPET WATCH HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE WATCH marketed as a way to fight illegal im- migration and ~open up millions ofWill America Accept a Nuclear Sovereignty Cannot Stop jobs fo r unemployed Americans." ButIran? Intervention this proposed federal law is really littleThe world learned to its horror the At the annual general debate of the UN more than a Trojan horse, a backdoorprice of appeasement when, fearing General Assembly, Italy and Belgium attempt by the powers-that-be towar, it allowed Adolf Hitler to ignore said that sovereignty can no longer be inflict a de facto National ID card ont he Treaty of Versailles. More than 50 used as an excuse by states to oppress the American people, says John Wmillion people paid the price. Now the their own people or prevent the inter- Whitehead of the Rutherford Insti-world is fa cing another mad dictator- national community from intervening tute. Anyone who values civil libertiesship in Iran . America and its NATO al- to stop gross abuses of human rights. should be alarmed.lies, weary from years of figh ting, fear Belgiums Deputy Prime Minister andanother war. Irans supreme leader, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Insti- Still At Risk Ten Years After 9/11Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, recently pub- tutional Reforms, Steven Vanackere, The President of the Coalition for alished an analysis that said America said the UN should lead efforts to fi nd Secure Drivers License said that, "Ahas no choice but to accept a nuclear- a solution for humanitys common decade after the 9/11 attacks, for-armed Iran. The Iranian leaders have problems, a stand echoed by Italys eign terrorists can still easily get IDsconcluded that America is weak Foreign Minister, Franco Frattini. through fraud in this country." Hebecause of its economic problems and said, "Although twenty states havet hat it doesnt have t h e stomach for met eighteen or more of the REALanother war. The dictators in Iran have 10 benchmarks, the drivers licensesbeen calling for the removal of Israel issued in most states remain vulner-and have openly stated that a Palestin- able to fraud and the same loopholesian state is just the beginning. Will we exploited by the 9/11 ter rorists.see history repeat itself? Americans Divided OverIs China Planning Surprise Missile Sacrificing Civil LibertiesAttack? According to a new poll, people inAccording to author and columnist America are deeply divided overGordon Chang, Chinese flag officers whether their civil liber ties should be German Chancellor Angela Merk elmay be in the process of planning sacrifi ced to fight terrorism. The sur-to destroy the American homeland Rise of the Fourth Reich vey showed that 71 percent supportedwith a preemptive barrage of nuclear- Eurozone countri es are being coerced the use of surveillance cameras in pub-tipped missiles. He pointed to last into balancing their budgets a nd lic places, but fewer than half favoredyears WikiLeaks revelations and the reducing their debt, but has the first the use of a national ID card. 58 per-rece nt public comment on them by step been taken towards a fi scal union cent were in favor of ra ndom full-bodyXu Guangyu. Xu said that "if China that wiUleave Germany dictating the scans at airports, while 35 percentcould no longer keep secret its mis- financial terms for the rest of Europe? were in favor of ethnic or racial profil-sile launches, it would not be able to German Chancellor Angela Merkel has ing to determine who gets screened.launch a surprise attack on the US." called for a stronger coordination of The poll also revealed that nearly halfChang says that since the beginning policy and a new quality of coopera- of Americans believe the governmentof last year, there have been a series tion within the Eurozone. According should be allowed to read emails sen tof belligerent comments from Chinas to an article by Simon Heffer, the outside the US without a warrant, butgenerals , admirals , and colonels, some fi rst step has been taken toward fiscal that drops to under a third fo r emailstalking about wa r with the US in the union, which means Germany, as the sent inside the country.near future. EUs most powerful economy and prin- cipal paymaster, makes the rules and MIDDLE EAST WATCHWill Syria Follow Libya? makes them unbreakable. Where Hit-Syrian leaders have avoided the inflam- ler failed by military means, modern Arab Spring Heralds Emergence ofmatory rhetoric that inspired inter- Germans are succeeding at conquering Muslim Middle Eastnational condemnation of Libya and Europe through trade and financial Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Salehi toldthe collapse of Moammar Gadhafis discipline. As says Heffer, welcome to a conference in Tehran that the Arabgovernment. But a UN special adviser the Fourth Reich. Spring is heralding the emergence offor carrying out the "Responsibility to an Islamic Middle East. The IranianProtecC doctrine believes that pres- MARK OF THE BEAST WATCH foreign minister attributed the de-sure is mounting on Syria. Countries velopments in the Arab world to "thein the region are hardening their at- E-Verify: De Facto National ID unhealthy and oppressive relationstitude toward the Syrian government. The ~ Legal Workforce Act," is being between certain governments and20 www.endt ime.co m SEPT/OCT 2011
  14. 14. to a regional war. "The likelihood of an Embassy to Jerusalem. The bill is all-out war is increasingly growing," gaining traction and bipartisan sup- said IDF Home Front Command Chief, port amid a grounds well of Christian Major General Eyal Eisenberg. There support. Presidents Clinton, Bush and DVD $20 is the possibility of weapons of mass destruction being used, and 25% of lo- Obama have repeatedly used the presi- dential waiver to delay moving the US cal authorities in Israel are ill prepared Embassy. CD $ 7 to face emergency situations, says Eisenberg. Libya War is NATO Conquest of Oil According to Russias ambassador to WORLD GOVERNMENT NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, the war in Libya, led by the western coalition, Jordans King Calls for Major Push was an entirely new event. The wartheir nations" in recent decades. wArab Towards Peace was the end-stage of NATOs easternuprisings," he added, are a Wnatural Voicing support for Palestines efforts expansion. From now on, NATO willreaction" of Muslims when faced with to seek full United Nations member- expand toward its southern bordersoppressive policies of ruling regimes. ship, King Abdullah II of Jordan called toward traditional Islamic societies. for a vigorous international push with "In my own opinion it was an oil war,"Palestinians Seek UN Membership concrete steps to end the Middle East he added. "The West failed to put forthAfter the Palestinians bid to seek fu ll crisis based on the two-state solution. any economic response to the financialmembership at the United Nations, "Not words, not process, but a decisive crisis. Now they are trying to providethe Quartet of Mideast mediators - the end to conflict and a new beginning in their economies with cheap hydrocar-United States, the UN, the European peace, the peace that comes from real bons. What makes all of them so keenUnion and Russia - called for the statehood and recognized rights for to spend so much money on a newresumption of talks and a deal within Palestinians," he stressed in a speech military campaign? If you say it was toa year. The US said it would veto the to the General Assembly. help the Libyan people you will makerequest should the Palestinians muster me laugh," says Rogozin.the required nine votes. US : Bill to Move Embassy to Jerusalem WORLD RELIGIONLikelihood of Regional War A bill Circulating in the US HouseGrowing of Representatives would strip the Dead Sea Scrolls Go OnlineA senior IDP officer is warning of a president of his power to waive a law The Dead Sea Scrolls are now availableradical Islamic winter that may lead requiring him to move the US cont. on pg. 24
  15. 15. started drinking and smoked a some time, my self-e steem and self- walked in the church, 1 immediately little marijuana when I was 13 worth was gone. Emily and I eventu- felt the presence of God that I never years old and continued to do ally separated, and I lost my kids for a knew existed. It was just unbelievable. so, periodically, throughout high short time. At that point, I was forced I couldnt keep from crying, just fromschool. It never really got out of hand to go in for drug testing just to get listening to the music. I rememberor anything. r just did it because thats them back. I started drinking really thinking, "Man, r wish they wouldwhat my friends were doing. Then I heavy again. I mean, I drank every day just hurry up so I could kneel at thesuffered an inj ury. When sports were and because of this, was not able to a l ta r.~ I was just so ready because Godno longe r an option; I began to find hold a job. I would stay up until 3 or 4 was dealing with m e, right there inother things to fill my time. Thats in the morning drinking, so I wouldnt my seat. It was so strong and power-when I began to drink, smoke weed get up until 10 or 11. I attempted some ful. I thought, "This is what Ive beenand cigarettes on a consistent basis . construction work to pay the bills, but looking for.~ Its kind of funny becauseWhat started out as pee r pressure, r was never able to maintain too much. Jesus was whispering in one ear whileturned into a way of suppressing any It was constant. Then I got to where I Satan was discouraging me in thebad feelings that I had. Unfortunately, was doing cocaine again trying to hide other. He asked me, "Well, how areit became a habit that lasted into my from all of the problems. And it was at you going to be able to quit smokingm id-twenties, while experimenting t his low point in my life, when r was at cigarettes?" But, after just a little bit Iwith cocaine, ecstasy and acid along the very bottom, that God came to my thought, "I dont care about anything;the way. However, up to this point in rescue. It was miracle! I just wanted more of this." As soon asmy life, the addictions were still some- In September of 200S, Emily the altar call came, Emily and I wentwhat controllable. called me from Bryan, Texas, asking forward and we felt a love that I cant Then, I met my wife Emily. We me to bring her and the kids home to explain. They prayed for us and wewere married on September 3,2000 Garland. Realizing that she was going both sobbed, while praying togetherand at the time, r was not aware of her through a lot of the same things that (a miracle in itself) . 1 remember think-existing drug issues . But, all of that r was, I said, "Yes ! ~ I went and picked ing, "Oh my goodness. Ive never feltchanged while we were on our honey- her up and brought them home. Upon anything like this before. No drugs,moon in Jamaica. As soon as we got arrival, my father, who had been no alcohol, nothing could fill this void.off the plane, a gentleman approached attending North Cities Church in Gar- I am finally at peace!" When I walkedme selling cocaine. Thinking we could land Texas, asked us to attend service back to my seat, I knew something in-handle it, I purchased some and did it the next Sunday morning. But, in my side me had changed and that God hadwhile we were down there. However, present condition, this was the last touched us in a miraculous way.when we arrived home, I discovered thing on my mind. Since that day, neither Emily northat Emily was struggling with a meth As fate would have it, Emily I have had any urge to smoke, drinkproblem . Needless to say, we started wanted to go, and because I loved her, alcohol or do drugs . We got baptizeddoing meth here and there, and in r agreed to attend . The night before we in October 08 and attend that samea couple of years, I had to have it in went I said, "Lord, this is it. This is my church to this day. Emily sings in theorder to function. During this time, last chance. Im going to go tomor- choir, r now teach Bible studies for theit was normal for me to stay up three row and youve got to show up and church , and God has called me into thedays at a time and then sleep for a day. do something or Im done, because I ministry!But, at one point I rem ember staying dont know what else to do.~ When we I cant help but look back at my lifeawake for fourteen straight days. At and see the wonderful miracles thatthe end of that, I had los t my mind. I God has done for my family. I nevergot to a point where I was selling drugs dreamed that it was even possible tojust to support my habit, because I get our lives turned around. I thoughtcouldnt affo rd to buy it anymore. In that I would smoke cigarettes until Iaddition to what we got to keep, we died. But, 1 went from being addictedthen were probably paying out $700- to cigarettes , alcohol and drugs to a$SOO per week on drugs. clean life, overnight! More importan t- The drugs destroyed our mar- ly, God has totally healed my marriageriage. Our faithfulness was gone. We and brought my family together again .didnt trust each other. Thats on e Anyone who says its not possible isthing about meth; it makes you not wrong. With God, all things are pos-trust anybody. Finally, we lost our car, sible, and Im living proof!house, jobs and everything else. When Thank you Jesus for my awesomeI was finally able to come down for miracle of healing and deliverance! e SEPT/OCT 2011 www. end time.com 23
  16. 16. World Review - cant. {rom pg. 21 self-censoring and to start making to search and read online in a project their political voices heard. In their launched by the Israel Museum and view, the IRS should have no right to Google Inc. The scrolls were hidden in censor what a pastor preaches about, caves along the shore of the Dead Sea, be it political or not. probably about the time the Romans destroyed the temple in Jerusalem in In God We Trust Banished from 70 AD. The manuscripts were discov- Classroom ered between 1947 and 1956. The A team of free -speech experts plans to Google tool on the Israel Museum challenge a decision by a panel of the Brad Johnsons, -In God We Trust" banner website makes entire scrolls accessible 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals that and allows browsers to zoom into the banished, "In God We Trust," from a ment Goals (MDGs). The publication, text as well as read its translation school teachers classroom, even while "Religiones y Objetivos del Milenio" - in English. allOWing the display of Tibetan prayer "Religion s and the Millennium Goals" flags and the sayings of the Dalai has been published in Spanish and will Pastors Unite Against Free Speech Lama. If the appeal is accepted, 11 soon be in English. The first section Restrictions judges would be selected to rehear the of the publication reviews the contri- A regulation added to the IRS code in case that erupted over school district butions which the various religious 1954 created limitations on partisan demands that math teacher Brad John- communities are making to achieve preaching, causing some leaders to son in San Diego take down banners the MDGs. The publication has been be fearful of federal co nsequences to including ~O ne Nation Under God" and warmly welcomed by both religious exercising their right to free speech "God Bless America." and other organizations. LIuis Cirera from the pulpit. As a result, it has Font, a Bahai who has served for sev- led to a decline in church education Religions Unite to Promote eral years on the Initial Group for on issues of great social and political Global Change Interfaith Dialogue, said, "Although importance. The Speak Up campaign In a significant interfaith initiative the external response to spiritual (launched by the Alliance Defense for Spain , Bahais, Buddhists, Hindus, concerns may be different - the result Fund) is working to "protect and pro- Jews, Muslims and Christians - Evan- of the historical and social conditions mote" the rights of American churches gelical, Orthodox, Roman Catholic of each period of time - baSically what by making faith leaders aware of their and Universal Unitarians - gathered drives such actions comes from one constitutional right to free speech. The together to explore their beliefs in rela- single source, from the same origin. movement encourages pastors to stop tion to the UNs Millennium Develop- Indeed it is one common faith." eESTATE PLANNINGleave a lasting legacy - consider remembering Endtime Ministries in your will.
  17. 17. UN - COIlt. from pg. 13 applauded. They applauded our with- be the first.But Israel did more than just make drawal as an act of great statesman- Ladies and gentlemen, last year insweeping offers. We actually left ship. It was a bold act of peace. Israel in Bar-Han University, this yearterritory. We withdrew from Leba- But ladies and gentlemen, we in the Knesset and in the US Congress,non in 2000 and from every square didnt get peace. We got war. We got I laid out my vision for peace in whichinch of Gaza in 2005. That didnt Iran, which through its proxy Hamas a demilitarized Palestinian state recog-calm the Islamic storm, the militant promptly kicked out the Palestinian nizes the Jewish state. Yes, the JewishIslamic storm that threatens us. It only Authority. The Palestinian Authority state. After all, this is the body thatbrought the storm closer and made it collapsed in a day- in one day. recognized the Jewish state 64 yearsstronger. Israel is prepared to have a Pal- ago. Now, dont you think its about We left Gaza hoping for peace. We estinian state in the West Bank, but time that Palestinians did the same?didnt freeze the settlements in Gaza . were not prepared to have another President Abbas just stood hereWe uprooted them. We did exactly Gaza there. And thats why we need and said that the core of the Israeli-what the theory says: Get out, go back to have real security arrangements, Palestinian conflict is the settlements.to the 1967 borders, dismantle the which the Palestinians simply refuse Well, thats odd. Our conflict wassettlements . And I dont think people to negotiate with us. Without Judea raging for nearly half a century beforeremember how far we went to achieve and Samaria (the West Bank), Israel is there was a single Israeli settlement inthis. We uprooted thousands of people all of 9 miles wide. Israel needs greater the West Bank. So if what Presidentfrom their homes. We pull ed children strategic depth, and thats exactly why Abbas is saying was true, then I guessout of their schools and their kinder- Security Council Resolution 242 didnt the settlements hes talking aboutgartens. We bulldozed synagogues. require Israel to leave all the territories are Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jaffa, Be er Sheva.We even moved loved ones from their it captured in the Six-Day War. Maybe thats what he m eant the othergraves. And then, having done all that, Concerning a Palestinian state, day when he said that Israel has beenwe gave the keys of Gaza to President the Palestinians should first make occupying Palestinian land for 63Abbas . peace with Israel and then get their years. He didnt say from 1967; he said Now the theory says it should all state. But I also want to tell you this: from 1948.work out, and President Abbas and after such a peace agreement is signed, The settlements are an issue thatthe Palestinian Authority now could Israel will not be the last country to has to be addressed and resolved in thebuild a peaceful state in Gaza . You can welcome a Palestinian state as a new course of negotiations. But the coreremember that the entire world member of the United Nations. We will of the conflict has always been and SEPT/OCT 2011 www. endti me.com 25
  18. 18. unfortunately remains the refusal of who establishes a peace agreement be- were not concerned with applyingthe Palestinians to recognize a Jew- tween two nation-states, one of which for membership in the rest of theish state in any border. I think its will be a demilitarized Palestinian state international organizations. He saidtime that the Palestinian leadership that recognizes a Jewish state." the official Palestinian position is torecognizes what every serious interna- October 26, 2011 concentrate only on the request for fulltionalleader has recognized, from Lord Tony Blair met with the Palestinian membership in the United Nations.Balfour and Lloyd George in 1917, to representative and the Israeli represen- November 8, 2011President Truman in 1948, to Presi- tative separately. They both agreed to The UN Security Council issued adent Obama just two days ago right submit a map of borders and details of report stating that the Council couldhere: Israel is the Jewish state. security arrangements between Is rael not reach consensus to approve the President Abbas, stop walking and the proposed Palestinian state that Palestinian application for mem-around this issue. Recognize the Jew- they would accept. This is to be done bership in the United Nations. Theish state, and make peace with us . In by January 23, 2012. If an agreement Palestinians were unable to obtain thesuch a genuine peace, Israel is prepared could be obtained on final borders, nine votes on the Council necessaryto make painful compromises. We then the settlement controversy would for approval. Palestinians had hoped tobelieve that the Palestinians should be eliminated. obtain the necessary votes to force thebe neither the citizens of Israel nor its October 31, 2011 United States to either accept Pales-subjects. UNESCO (United Nations Educational tinian membership in the UN or risk I often hear them accuse Israel Scien tific Cultural Organization) ac- isolation by exercising its veto power.of Judaizing Jerusalem. Thats like cepted Palestinians as a full member. November 9, 2011accusing America of Americanizing Palestinians said they would apply The Palestinian Authority admit -Washington, or the British of Angliciz- for membership in fifteen or sixteen ted it had failed in its bid for full UNing London . You know why were called other UN agencies. The United States, membership. They said they were now"Jews", because we come from unlikely to call for a vote onJudea? the matter in the Security President Abbas, weve Council. The PA is expectedboth just flown thousands instead to turn to the Generalof miles to New York. Now Assembly, where it has anwere in the same city. Were automatic majority, and askin the same building. So lets that its status be upgraded tomeet here today in the United that of an observer nation.Nations. Whos there to stop This would give the Palestin-us? What is there to stop us? ians de fa cto internationalIf we genuinely want peace, recognition as a state, evenwhat is there to stop us from if it does not bestow uponmeeting today a nd beginning them full-state rights in thepeace negotiations? Ill tell international arena.you my needs and concerns. "Our plan now is to takeYoull tell me yours. And with the battle to the UN GeneralGods help, well find the common Canada and Israel responded by with- Assembly, where we are certain toground of peace. draWing their funding from UNESCO. score victory. This will allow us access President Abbas, I extend my This action reduced the agencys to many important UN agencies andhand- the hand of Israel- in peace. I income by almost thirty percent. US organizations, including the Interna-hope that you will grasp that hand." State Department spokeswoman tional Criminal Court," a PA officialSeptember 23, 2011 Victoria Nuland said that, as a result of said.The international Quartet issued an the vote, the US would not make a $64invitation to Israelis and Palestinians million payment to UNESCO sched- The road aheadto renew peace negotiations without uled for later in the year. The question is not "Will there be apre-conditions. Palestinians have com- November 3, 2011 Middle East peace agreement?" It isplained that negotiations have gone In a surprising reversal, UN Secretary going to happen. It is prophesied inon and on with no results or deadlines. General Ban Ki-moon said that the Pal- the Bible, and the prophecies alwaysThe Quartet in response stated that estinian Authority should not pursue come to pass. The only question istalks should begin in one month from its plan to be recognized as a member "When?" More specifically: "Will thereSeptember 23, 2011. They said the state of the United Nations. Now that be a comprehensive peace agreementfinal borders and security measures the PA has been accepted into UNES - concluded by the Quartets set goal ofshould be agreed upon by January CO, the Authoritys leadership should December 2012?"23,2012, and that a total agreement be satisfied with that achievement. With the Palestinians refusing toshould be achieved by December of Ban, speaking before a meeting of the even sit down at the peace table with2012. G20 industrialized nations in Paris, Israel. its hard to envision events Israel has accepted the Quartets specified the reason for his change of moving rapidly enough to settle allinvitation, but the Palestinians have heart; the financial hit the UN took outstanding issues by December ofrefused, demanding that all building in when UNESCO approved the PAs 2012. Talks have actually dragged onthe settlements and in East Jerusalem membership. since September 13, 1993. Why shouldbe stopped first. November 4, 2011 we expect an unprecedented break-September 24, 2011 Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister through to happen within the nextNetanyahu stated, "I will be the one Riyad al-Malki said the Palestinians twelve months?26 www.e ndt ime.com SEPT/OCT 2011
  19. 19. ...-Could a major crisis create the Euphrates begins in Turkey, flowsright conditions? through Syria, and then travels all ...:.. ,.-,." .....- ,.. )~-~Some observers believe it will take a the way through the nation of Iraq. It , ,... •.. .l..-major global crisis to finally generatethe political will to achieve the long-sought Middle East peace agreement. finally empties into the Persian Gulf just along the border of Iran. At this present time, there are ..,..." . •Is such a worldwide crisis on the disputes simmering up and down t hehorizon? Euphrates River Basin. Syria is in tur- There is another major prophecy moil; Iraq is in transition as the Unitedin the Bible that runs parallel with the States prepares to leave. Iran is theprophecy about the Middle East peace target of international sanctions be-agreement. Revelation 9:13-15 proph- cause it continues to pursue its nuclearesies a war that will kill one-third of development. Both Israel and the USmankind. This prophecy will most have said they will not allow Iran tolikely come to pass just before the con- obtain nuclear weapons and will resortclusion of the Middle East peace agree- to all necessary means to prevent Ma p of the Euphrates Riverment. Imagine one person out of three it. The British government recently We cannot at this time answer theseannihilated off the face of the earth in informed its senior ministers that questions with absolute certainty.a horrible nuclear holocaust! Would an Israel is expected to attack Iran around However, whenever the peaceapocalyptic war of this magnitude be Christmas 2011 or in the beginning of agreement between Israel and theenough to motivate the nations of the 2012. Iran has said repeatedly that, if Palestinians is finally achieved, theworld to finally demand that Israelis Israel or the US does attack her, it will next road sign you will see will read,and Palestinians agree to terms of trigger World War III. ~Armageddon-seven years ahead.~ epeace? We know from the prophecy However, when World War IIIthat this war is coming. It seems very begins, the result will be the killing oflikely that this catastrophe will be the one-third of mankind. This war couldcrisis that finally drives the parties certainly create the conditions for theof the Middle East to the prophesied World Community to demand a peacepeace agreement. agreement between Palestinians and Israelis.Are conditions right for the So will the Middle East peace beRevelation 9 war? achieved by December of 2012? WillThe prophesied war will begin from World War III happen before the peacethe area of the Euphrates River. The agreement is concluded or afterwards?
  20. 20. WHETSTONE Sharpen Your Bible Knowledge by Anthony Vandagriff1. Which of these did God create on the fourth day? A. Birds B. Man C. Stars D. Cattle2. In Revelation, under what seal is the red horse mentioned? A. The 1st seal B. The 2nd seal C. The 3rd seal D. The 4th seal3. Under which of the Ten Commandments are we instructed to honor our father and mother? A. The 5th 8. The 3rd C. The 6th D. The 8th4. Which Old Testament character is not named in the New Testament? A. Moses B. Ezekiel C. Joel O. DanielS. Who was also known as Didymus? A. Nathanael B. David C. Thomas D. Bartholomew6. Which of these is named as one of the heroes of fa ith in Hebrews 11? A. Samson B. Daniel C. Ruth D. Elijah7. What is the only verse to contain the word Armageddon? A. Revelation 19:14 B. Daniel 11:38 C. Ezekiel 38:24 D. Revelation 16:16 8:S uqar 1 Ja~-eM a4.L 0 OZ8. From where did the wise men come? A. South B. North C. West D. East9. Who protected the spies that Joshua sent to Jericho? A. Leah B. Rahab C. Rebekah D. Naomi10. Who was the Centurion of the band called the Italian band? A. Malchus B. Felix C. Cornelius D. Mahlon11. Who was Marthas sister? A. Mary B. Joanna C. Salome D. Dorcas12. Who shall dream dreams? 7-£:9 -enqsa[ £1 1 n A. Young men B. Old men C. Sons and daughters D. Pastors L r1.: sPY 81.::1.: I,wf uaw PIG S Zl13. How many times total was Joshua instructed to walk around Jericho? A . 13 B. 7 C. 49 D. 814. Whose heart was perfect with the Lord all of his days? A. David B. John C. Elisha D. Asa15. What animal will dwell and feed with the lambs? A. Wolves B. Lions C. Bears D. Leopards16. Who was Ishmaels mother? A. Sarah B. Rahab C. Eve D. Hagar17. What causes the ointment of the apothecary to send forth a stinking savor? A. Water B. The touch of man C. Dead flies D. Spit 9rn uqaf s-eW04l.·J S18. Who did Amnon love? A. Absalom B. Tamar C. Jonadab D. Ruth19. Where were the disciples instructed to stay and wait for the promise of the Father? A. Bethlehem B. Rome C. Jerusalem D. Galilee20. The three that agree in one are the Spirit, the blood, and __ , A. The earth B. The word C. The fire D. The water S1I3MSNIf30 www.endt ime.com SEPT/OCT 2011
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