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Time to Embrace homosexuality?   sept-oct 2003 Time to Embrace homosexuality? sept-oct 2003 Document Transcript

  • VOL. 13 / NO. 5 www.endtime.com SEP/ OCT 2003 $3.00
  • Many have stated that it is impossible to know whether or not we are living in the last days before the second coming of Jesus Christ. However, below you will find dramatic proof that these are the endtimes. The proofs below defy coincidence. Euphrates River to Be Dried Up In Revelation 16:12, the Bible predicts that the Euphrates River will be dried up to prepare the way for the kings of the east to invade Israel. This will happen at the time of the bat- tle of Armageddon according to verse 16 of the same chapter. The battle of Armageddon will be the final battle at which time Jesus will return and fight on the side of the nation of Israel. Immediately thereafter He will establish His kingdom and usher in His one thousand-year reign of peace. On January 13, 1990, the Indianapolis Star carried the headline “Turkey Will Cut Off Flow of Euphrates for One Month.” The article stated that a huge reservoir had been built by Turkey. While filling up the reservoir, the flow of the Euphrates would be stopped for one month and a concrete plug for a diver- sion channel built. These things have now been done. With this newly built dam, Turkey has the ability to stop the Euphrates River at will. The conditions for fulfilling this 1,900 year-old prophecy are now in place. China Goes to War In Revelation 9:15-16, the Bible prophesies that an army of 200 million soldiers will launch a war which would kill “the third part of men.” Never in the history of the world until our present generation has there been a power on earth that could field 200 million sol- diers. However, the late ruler of China, Mao Tse Tung boasted in his diary that he could field an army of 200 million. The CIA World Factbook reports that in the year 2001, it is estimated that China has 200,886,946 men of military age, and this number is growing by 10 million per year. Worldwide Numbering System Predicted In Revelation 13, the Bible prophesies that a world dictator will soon rule over a world government. He will cause all people in the earth to receive a number without which they will be unable to buy or sell. We are seeing this prophecy fulfilled before our eyes in a most astonishing way. Nearly every human being in the world now has been assigned a number. In America it is our Social Security number. In the past few years, we have seen this number extended to newborns. A child without a Social Security number cannot be declared as a dependent on an income tax return. We have seen the emergence of electronic money, shopping with credit cards, and many people urging the abolishment of cash. All of these things could not possibly have been fulfilled until this present time. Only after the invention of the computer could such a worldwide numbering system be administered. The Emergence of a New World Order Revelation 13:7 and Daniel 7:23 prophesy the establishment of a world government. The term “New World Order” has become a prevalent phrase in the world’s political culture. Mikhail Gorbachev made the term famous, and Pope John Paul II has referred to it repeatedly. In the September 12, 1990 issue of the Chicago Tribune, our former president George Bush said, “Iraq is the first test for the New World Order.” He emphatically stated that the Iraq War is Saddam Hussein against the world. The United Nations’ troops are continually referred to as the multi-national forces. The decision has been made to establish an inter- dependent community of nations that will rule the world under United Nations authority. The Bible says that this will lead us into a great world government. The formation of this government is at hand. or Divine Providence? Is it coincidental that all of these major prophecies pertaining to the last times are being fulfilled simultaneously? Hardly. Source: Endtime Magazine, P.O. Box 2066, Richmond, IN 47375 1-800-Endtime, www.endtime.com, endtime@endtime.com This page may be copied and distributed freely
  • Endtime Magazine Understanding The Endtime Level I, II & III Videos: Gift Subscription: $29.00 $350.00 A Savings of: $35.00 Level I Manual: $19.00 Level II Manual: $19.00 Level I Level II Level III Understanding The Endtime Level II: Any Video for $20.00 or 3 for $50.00 or 5 for $80.00 or All 10 for $155.00 BABYLON THE GREAT: WHO IS IT? Please see pages 20-21 for Your Bible – A Whole New World descriptions on all items. 11 Workbook Set: $17.00
  • P E R S P E C T I V E EDITORIAL Irvin Baxter Jr. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF WORLD EVENTS FROM A BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE MAGAZINE STAFF Editor-in-Chief: Irvin Baxter Jr. Assistant Editor: Eddie Sax Editorial Assistants: Ginger Boerkircher, Liz Freeman Research: Kathy McKinney Refocus Ministry Fulfillment Services: Sheri Woodring Radio Outreach Director: Kara McPeak Radio Operations: Jim Stigleman Donor Relations: Tracey Kidwell Webmaster: Dan Barkley I t is natural for prophecy Not to be ignored are events still brew- Layout/Design: Andy Van Engen students, such as ourselves, to ing in Iran, North Korea, China and Tai- vanengenarts.com hang onto every word of every wan. Consider that within the last month it report coming out of the Middle has come to light that Iran may have been ENDTIME MINISTRIES East these days. After all, there is a enriching plutonium for the manufacture STATEMENT OF FAITH significant chance that the of nuclear weapons; that they now have a WE BELIEVE that the Bible is the inspired Word Roadmap for Peace may result in the Con- missile that can reach Tel Aviv; and a colos- of God, that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, firmation of the Covenant, which begins sal untapped oil reserve (38 billion bar- and that He will come again to establish a kingdom the final seven years to Armageddon. rels) has been discovered in its territory. that shall never be destroyed (Daniel 2:44). Those who Because the last few issues of ENDTIME This all makes Iran a ripe target for (what are born again (John 3:3-5) will have eternal life and have focused very heavily on the the world community would call) U.S. rule as kings and priests with Christ forever. Roadmap, several other issues of major aggression. In North Korea everyone is prophetic importance have unfortunately talking war. And China? Taiwan is consid- WHAT IS ENDTIME MAGAZINE? In 1968, Irvin Baxter Jr. discovered the United taken a back seat. This edition will focus ering an independence referendum! This States and other modern nations in the Bible. He also on some of those 'neglected' areas. and more is covered in World Review. found the Berlin Wall in the Bible and that one day After considering titles such as “The Regarding events in Israel, you will get it was to be torn down, reuniting Germany, and that Dark Day of the Gay Bishop” and “The Fall to focus on a different aspect of the event would be the catalyst to spark an international of the Episcopal Church,” we finally set- Roadmap. There is a prophecy that the movement called the “New World Order.” These tled on “Time to Embrace Homosexuali- Antichrist will set up his headquarters in things have now come to pass. ty?” as this issue's cover story. How far the city where God chose to place His Irvin Baxter Jr., a Pentecostal minister, began removed from God does a person have to name—Jerusalem. It has now been pro- ENDTIME MINISTRIES in 1986 when he wrote A be in order to remain complacent while posed that the leader of the United Message For The President, a book explaining the his church elects a homosexual to the level Nations, the organization designed to be a major prophecies of the Bible which he had been of bishop? It’s a question that screams to world government, should become mayor teaching since 1968. be answered because that day has arrived. of Jerusalem! After the fall of the Berlin Wall, prophetic fulfillment accelerated rapidly. The decision was Is the mark of the beast far off? A better Incidentally, by the time you read this, made to launch ENDTIME. The purpose of the question might be, how far away are we ENDTIME will have four new videos on our magazine is to explain the prophecies of the Bible from a time when every financial aspect of shelves—“Irvin Baxter Refutes Preterism, and to show that they are now being fulfilled in our lives will be so controlled that a person Parts I & II” and two lessons from Kather- intricate detail. will not be able to buy or sell unless he sub- ine Albrecht— “RFID: Tracking Every- Articles focus on the soon return of Jesus Christ, mits to the global economic rules. Privacy thing, Everywhere” and “On the Brink of the truth of the Bible, and the need for salvation. expert Richard Hunter explains about this the Mark”. ENDTIME does not deal with doctrinal controversies, emerging system in the article entitled I trust you will enjoy this issue very as valid as they may be. This will be left to other “World Without Secrets”. much. Be sure to pass it around! e publications. 4 E N DT I M E M A G A Z I N E S E P / O C T 2 0 0 3
  • www.endtime.com endtime@endtime.com CONTENTS C O V E R SEP/ OCT 2003 VOL. 13 / NO. 5 S T O R Y New Episcopal bishop Gene Robinson, center, with his homosexual partner, Mark Andrew and daughter Ella. COVER 9 9 TIME TO EMBRACE HOMOSEXUALITY? Same-Sex Unions, Sex Before Marriage, & The Gay Bishop Is God doing a “new thing” in His church? As the Episcopal Church approves an openly homosexual minister, Gene Robinson, as bishop over its New Hamp- shire diocese, they have focused world attention on the Bible’s relevance in the church. The prophetic implica- tions are stunning. 12 INTERFAITHISM Religion of the False Prophet “Interfaith unity must be embraced at all costs,” they say. Tolerance, dialogue, respecting others’ belief systems. Such is the movement to establish the global religious system of the Antichrist. 14 THE GRAND CHESSBOARD 14 18 Top: AP Wide World Photo/Jim Mone | Bottom Left: Courtesy of Jamie Brendan | Bottom Right: Courtesy of Gartner, Inc. The European Union, oil, & the search for world leadership It’s a global chess match that’s in play, but unlike other chess games, this one is being carried out on a wide range of playing fields—and the stakes are unbelievably high. Cover photo: An unidentified member of his diocese kisses the Rev. V. Gene Robinson after he won the House of Deputies vote to be confirmed as bishop of New Hampshire on August 3 at the Episcopal General Convention in Minneapolis. (AP Wide World Photo/Jim Mone) 18 WORLD WITHOUT SECRETS Exclusive Interview with Richard Hunter D E P A R T M E N T S “We’ll be in an environment where a tremendous amount of information is being recorded by very small, 4 EDITORIAL powerful devices that are everywhere. “ Refocus 6 LETTERS & FEEDBACK 23‘HIS HONOR KOFI’ MAYOR OF JERUSALEM 11 WHETSTONE 31 WHETSTONE ANSWERS 24TRANSFER U.N. H.Q. TO JERUSALEM 26 WORLD REVIEW 25CONFIRMATION OF THE COVENANT: • China Breaks Promise to Hong Kong HOW WILL WE RECOGNIZE IT? • Brace for Taiwan’s Coming Declaration of Independence • China Wins Spy vs. Spy 30HE’S COMING IN THE CLOUDS • Identity Theft If it’s a sunny day in Jerusalem, it is highly likely that the • Temple Mount Opened to Non-Muslims Lord won’t be coming... • Iran Claims Nuke Program Peaceful Endtime is published bi-monthly by Endtime, Inc., 1301 South 8th Street, Richmond, IN 47374. Subscription price is $29 for 12 issues. Periodical postage paid #009267, ISSN# 1066-6885, Rich- mond, IN, and additional mailing offices. © 2003 Endtime, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Endtime, PO Box 2066, Richmond, IN 47375-2066. For subscriptions call 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week 1-800-ENDTIME. Other inquiries call 1-765-962-6344 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Central).
  • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR LETTERS &FEEDBACK W H AT ’ S O N YO U R M I N D ? E N DTI M E WANTS TO KN OW. Confirming the Biblical Borders given. For example, the just-elected Bishop within the Epis- You mentioned that you believe the confirmation of the copalian church, Gene Robinson, spoke so eloquently about covenant refers to God's promise to Abraham concerning the the 'sacred' nature of the love he had for his 'partner'. land of Israel, and that the current peace plan could turn out I guess God has been showing me that these people are to be that confirmation. But the Roadmap is not designed to able to so beautifully and eloquently defend themselves confirm all of the land that God promised to Abraham, only because, in their own minds, they have created beautiful part of it. Part will be going to the Palestinians. rationalizations for the way they feel and act. A lot of them Jay M. know the scriptures, but lacking conviction, they rationalize them away as 'misinterpretations'. REPLY You are right that the Roadmap for Peace does not Once we depart from biblical standards of morality, we're assign all of the biblical Promise Land to Israel. However, it dependent on the self-justification of the human mind. Now does confirm Israel’s right to exist on Promise Land territory. I know why the Bible says “there is a way that seems right to a Even this is of some comfort to the Israelis, when those all man but the end thereof is the way of death.” That individ- around them want to drive them into the sea. uals would eloquently justify their choices shows me that the I don’t think that we can expect the Antichrist to confirm human mind is capable of rationalizing untold depths of evil Israel’s right to all the land when his ultimate goal will be the and sin. As the church opens the door to one form of sexu- destruction of Israel as a nation. al sin through human rationalization, other rational-lies will follow. D. Tope Lottery vs. Stock Market Most Christians are against the lottery. I voted against it. But you never hear anyone say anything about the stock mar- Apostasia: The Falling Away ket. Is this not just as much of a gamble as the lottery? If we In II Thessalonians 2 it refers to a falling away. “Let no man are honest with ourselves, it is probably more of a gamble. We deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except know that eventually it is going to crash. there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be Mike revealed, the son of perdition.” What is this? David REPLY An investment in the stock market, properly researched, is like any other business investment. You are REPLY The word that was translated “falling away” is the buying part of a company. Is this investment without risk? No. Greek word apostasia, which is apostasy; backsliding. This was There is no business investment that is without risk. Jesus written in the first century. After the death of the Apostle taught the virtue of risk in the parable of the talents. The Paul, the world entered into a 1,000-year period known in man who was given one talent was afraid and took no risk. history books as the Dark Ages. During this time, the church, The Lord said to him, “Bind this wicked and slothful servant in general, went into spiritual darkness. The established and cast him into outer darkness.” church at Rome made it illegal to even own a Bible. I believe Playing the lottery, on the other hand, is strictly a game of the period called the Dark Ages was the falling away. chance. Michael Restrains Robinson’s Eloquent Defense I have been listening to “Politics & Religion” for 2 1/2 What amazes me is how intelligently gay people can years now, and I have your entire video series, Understanding express themselves. They issue reasonable sounding expla- the Endtime. I have never heard you fully expound on who you nations as to why their behavior is perfectly natural and God- think the restrainer is. After reading Revelation 12 today, I 6 E N DT I M E M A G A Z I N E S E P / O C T 2 0 0 3
  • Understanding the Endtime Level 1 The Original 10-Lesson Prophecy Home Bible Study Irvin Baxter Jr. helps you to understand Bible prophecy as never before with these 10 easy-to-follow lessons. The straightforward approach used in this teaching series will make you an instant expert on Bible prophecy – and – it’s a proven effective witness- ing tool. VHS $130 ● DVD $130 ● Cassettes $60 ● Study Manual $19 Understanding the Endtime Level 2 10 Lessons Proving the Endtime is Now Ten high-impact 1-hour “sledgehammers.” Each les- son is designed to serve a wake-up call to the times in which we are living. See page 20, top row, for lesson titles and special discounts. VHS $155 ● Cassettes $60 ● Study Manual coming soon! Understanding the Endtime Level 3 The Sequence of Endtime Events—What Happens When Six-lesson series—uses charts and timelines to walk you through the key scriptures in Revelation which offer indisputable proof for the order in which endtime events will unfold. VHS $100 ● Cassettes $40 ● Study Manual $19 suddenly realized that possibly it is Michael the archangel. (restraineth) will let (restrain), until he be taken out of the way. After all, he is the one that wars with Satan and his angels, pre- And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall vails, and casts him out of heaven to the earth. What are your consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the thoughts on this? brightness of his coming:” I love your program and have been tremendously blessed by The word withholdeth in verse six and the word letteth in it. My 10-year-old son Josh also loves it. God bless your ministry verse seven were both translated from the exact same Greek and staff. word—katecho. The word means “restrains.” Verses seven and B. Richardson, Arkansas eight are saying that there is a force that restrains the revealing of the Antichrist. Verse six tells us what that force is. It states: REPLY The restrainer that you are referring to is described “And now ye know what withholdeth (restraineth) that he in II Thessalonians 2:6-8; “And now ye know what withholdeth might be revealed in his time.” The only reason the Antichrist (restraineth) that he might be revealed in his time. For the has not yet been revealed is because it hasn’t been time yet. mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth Everything in God’s plan is done in the proper time. Gala- E N DT I M E M A G A Z I N E S E P / O C T 2 0 0 3 7
  • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR tians 4:4 teaches us that Jesus was not born until it was time. “But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth F E E D B A C K his Son, made of a woman, made under the law,” The same Papua New Guinea is to be true of the revealing of the Antichrist. “Ye know what God has used your ENDTIME prophecy lessons here in Papua witholdeth (restrains) that he might be revealed in his time.” New Guinea, which is the 10-lesson flip chart. Through the It is the time clock of God that restrains. hand of God, 21 churches have come into existence through the ENDTIME chart. We are one in the same. The seed you have planted here in PNG, we are watering and it is growing. You will Elect in Heaven or Earth receive your reward in heaven. We believers are praying for In Matthew 24:31, Jesus said that God would send His you. May the hand of God Almighty be upon you and the angels to gather the elect from one end of heaven to the ENDTIME staff. other. If this is the rapture, then why are the elect in heaven —Pastor Peter Dege before they are gathered? How can we be in heaven and be on earth at the same time? Turnaround – DLS Since I started listening to your ministry about two years ago, I have turned my life around. I had not been a faithful Christ- REPLY The Apostle Paul taught that to be absent from the ian for years. I now attend a Bible-based church weekly, attend body is to be present with the Lord. He said that he was in a Bible study, and have started my own ministry in our church. great dilemma because he wanted to die to be with Christ, And that’s not all—my husband has turned his heart to the but he knew the church needed him to stay on earth to teach Lord and was recently baptized. We now walk together. I am them. hoping that I might be able to support your ministry soon. This plainly teaches that a saved person goes immediately —Teresa, Chicago into the presence of the Lord when he dies. Yet we know that the body designed for eternity is not resurrected until the Thanks to you H time of the rapture. The Apostle Paul is in the presence of A heartfelt thanks to all of those wonderful donors who sup- the Lord right now, but he has not yet received his immortal port ENDTIME magazine, allowing it to be sent to me here in body designed for eternity. That happens at the rapture. prison. I share each one with all of the other brethren at the work camp. —Donald, Florida Finished fencing with God THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your min- Video baptism istry. It pushes me closer to God, tying the Bible in with Your Understanding the Endtime—Level 1 video series has today’s current events. Keep your heads up and forget about changed my life. This past Sunday I was baptized. Thank you so those coming against you. You handle this material very sen- much for the work you are doing. sitively, trying to open our eyes to the truth of the Bible. I —Larry have been fencing with God, but with all the news you share, I can’t help but acknowledge my heavy heart. This is the Beyond expectation place I turn to help me understand the endtime, as I turn I read your fiction book, China War & The Third Temple this closer to Jesus. past week. I could not believe how good it was. It held very true – ES to scripture with a little bit of imagination in between. Overall it was far beyond anything I expected. I am going to let some friends at work borrow it. —Jason WHAT DOES IT COST TO For Josh TEACH ALL NATIONS? My 13 year-old son Josh was given some money and wanted to donate $200 to your ministry. He loves your radio program and Endtime Ministries is fascinated with Bible prophecy. Josh missed the last 10 weeks Needs Your Support of school because of illness. He is getting better, but please Endtime relies on the financial support remember him in prayer. Thank you for your dedication to of our listeners and readers. Christ. Be a Ministry Partner. Call us at 1-800-Endtime. —Patricia, Texas Endtime thanks you for your letters. The letters we use in Endtime do not necessarily reflect the views of Endtime and/or its staff. Endtime reserves the right to edit letters according to space and editorial style. 8 E N DT I M E M A G A Z I N E S E P / O C T 2 0 0 3
  • C O V E R S T O R Y New Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, center, with his homosexual partner, Mark Andrew and daughter Ella. (AP Photo/Jim Mone) TIME TO EMBRACE HOMOSEXUALITY? Same-Sex Unions, Sex Before Marriage, & The Gay Bishop By Irvin Baxter Jr. J ohn wrote in Revelation the Episcopals, forbids active homosex- For certain a new thing is happening 18:4: “Come out of her, my ual activity. Not surprisingly though, in the church. But be not deceived. It is people, that ye be not par- whether or not the Bible is the Word of not God’s doing. takers of her sins, and that God and whether or not it should be Will the Episcopal Church split? It ye receive not of her followed became their debate. And should. But the more salient question plagues….” At no time in their conclusions are obvious. might be when did the church really history could this advice be The Episcopal Church Publishing fall? Was it the day Robinson was elect- more appropriate and more apparent Co., the organization that publishes The ed? Or was that simply the day when for every member of the Episcopal Witness issued the following statement: their unrepentant compromises of Church than it is today. The church has “We also rejoice that a barrier of sexual many years hit new heights? A few inci- approved Gene Robinson, an openly orientation has been crossed in our dents over the last few years have come homosexual minister, to be bishop over church: the election to the episcopacy to light. First they ordained homosexu- its New Hampshire diocese. of an openly gay person living in a com- al pastors. Then they began paying The controversial voting process mitted relationship.” spousal benefits to the live-in lovers of received international attention. Inter- those ministers. Next, a male minister estingly, even in this day of inter- took a leave of absence to undergo a faithism which says that there are many “I feel like God is sex change operation and resumed his valid pathways to God, the issue was so doing a new thing in ministry as a female. Why should a gay black and white that even the most lib- the world,” said Robinson. bishop overseeing an entire region be eral news-oriented programs entered “I believe something is an issue? into the moral debate. No one can happening in the Following Robinson’s election, the argue whether or not the Bible—the church.” Episcopal Church adopted a measure Bible used by all Christians including that allows for recognition of rights for E N DT I M E M A G A Z I N E S E P / O C T 2 0 0 3 9
  • C O V E R S T O R Y Ryan Bolin, 25, was 17 when he met the Rev. Gene Robinson in 1995. He said that Robinson helped him reconcile being young, gay and Christian. Robinson was working as assistant to Bishop Douglas Theuner when he helped launch the support group fo gay teens. Bolin said Robinson was very caring and respectful and he is delighted that Robinson was confirmed bishop of the New Hampshire diocese. (AP Wide World Photo/Dawn Villella) Malachi 3:6 says, you, which ye have of God, and ye are not “For I am the your own?” LORD, I change This is echoed in Ephesians 5:3: “But not…” fornication, and all uncleanness, or cov- The fall of a etousness, let it not be once named church does not among you, as becometh saints.” The necessarily start Apostle Paul, wrote to the church in when it openly Corinth: “Nevertheless, to avoid fornica- condones homo- tion, let every man have his own wife, and sexuality. Some- let every woman have her own husband. times it starts with Let the husband render unto the wife due pastors turning benevolence: and likewise also the wife their heads when unto the husband.” (I Corinthians 7:2-3) church members Paul is saying that if you engage in sex commit fornica- outside of marriage, the result will be same-sex unions by the handful of dioce- tion; when board members carry on adul- eternal damnation. Paul is speaking of ses that perform them. According to Rev. terous affairs. If you can overlook forni- unrepentant sin. There are those who Susan Russell, spokesperson for Integri- cation and adultery, then it doesn’t take have had sex outside of marriage, and ty, an advocacy group for gay and lesbian much inner fortitude to wink at homosex- once they understood that it was wrong, Episcopalians, “This puts us one step uality. The fall has already taken place. vowed never to do it again. It caused closer to being the church we were called them to repent and turn to God. Once a to be.” In an attempt to pacify both sides Premarital sex ok? person understands what God expects of the issue, the practice of performing Yet another headline regarding the and feels that conviction in their heart, same-sex unions has been left to the dis- Episcopal Church — “Church Gives the desire to please God will be stronger, cretion of individual parishes. Thumbs Up to Sex Before Marriage.” and the person will act accordingly. How- The Bible is crystal clear in its stance You’d think it could never happen. After ever, the Church of England, called Epis- against homosexuality. All one has to do all, Paul specifically instructed the copal in the U.S., is talking about putting is go straight to Leviticus 18:22. “Thou unmarried in I Corinthians 7:9, “But if a blanket of justification over this sin. shalt not lie with mankind, as with wom- they cannot con- ankind: it is abomination.” In the Old tain, let them Testament, the punishment was death. marry: for it is bet- The New Testament also condemned it. I ter to marry than N E W V I D E O S Corinthians 6:9 says, “Know ye not that to burn.” the unrighteous shall not inherit the king- “Flee fornica- dom of God? Be not deceived: neither tion,” Paul wrote IRVIN BAXTER REFUTES fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of them- in I Corinthians 6:18-19. “Every sin PRETERISM selves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor that a man doeth is PARTS I & II covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, without the body; nor extortioners, shall inherit the king- but he that com- dom of God.” mitteth fornication PRETERISM, the belief that all prophecies have been fulfilled, is not If God is doing a new thing in His sinneth against his church, He is doing something that vio- own body. What? Biblical. Unfortunately, most Christians, including most ministers, don’t lates every principle of His own scrip- know ye not that know how to refute its claims. Finally, here is the scriptural ammuni- ture. The Bible says in Hebrews 13:8: your body is the “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to- temple of the Holy tion you need to combat this teaching! VHS day, and for ever.” In the Old Testament, Ghost which is in 10 E N DT I M E M A G A Z I N E S E P / O C T 2 0 0 3
  • C O V E R S T O R Y “Spiritual” marriage Another popular teaching says that Whetstone Christians believing themselves to be spiritually married to each other are able to enjoy a physical relationship outside of marriage. The term “being BY J O H N L. BRYANT spiritually married to each other” is being used over and over again. In truth, these people are simply over- 1. “The Lion from the tribe of Judah is whom? come by lust, mutually agreeing A. Hezekiah B. Jesus C. Jethro D. Peter together and praying for the Lord to 2. By interpretation: “The glory is departed from Israel.” recognize their marriage before hop- ping into bed. It is nothing more than A. Ichabod B. Mizpah C. Raca D. None of these a lack of total commitment to the 3. Which son did Isaac send for venison? other person. Unless they obey the A. Jacob B. Esau C. Abimelech D. Ruben laws of the land and are officially mar- 4. One way that Moses got water from the rock. He … ried, God will not recognize such a “spiritual” marriage. A. Drilled a hole B. Blasted the rock C. He smote it D. Carved it Remember I Corinthians 7:9. The 5. His friends were Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zohar Bible tells us that marriage is sacred, A. Job B. Daniel C. Shem D. Ezekiel and that we should abstain from sexu- 6. How many devils went out from Mary Magdalene? al intimacy until the time of marriage. A. 3 B. 5 C. 7 D. 9 If two people are living together out- side of marriage, and are not ready to 7. This martyr was “full of faith and the Holy Ghost.” make a total commitment, they are not A. James B. Thomas C. Andrew D. Stephen ready for a sexual commitment. 8. Abstaining from physical nourishment is _____ Ultimately, this tests your commit- A. Gluttony B. Fasting C. Surfeit D. none of these ment to God and to the person with whom you are involved. If sex is not a 9. Inside the carcase of the lion Samson found these insects. factor in the relationship, you can A. Bees B. Ants C. Flies D. Cockroaches truly determine if this is the person 10. From which queen did Elijah flee? with whom you want to spend the rest A. Athaliah B. Queen of Sheeba C. Bath-Sheba D. Jezebel of your life. It is important in a practi- 11. Leeks, Lentils, and Pulse were _____ of Bible times. cal sense when trying to avoid the emotional entanglements that come A. Animals B. Clothing C. Housing D. Foods with a physical relationship. The 12. Jesus girded a towel and washed the disciples’ _____ approach may seem a bit unrealistic A. Hands B. Heads C. Feet D. All of these until you realize that not only can it be 13. When bitten, the Israelites were healed by looking at this. done, but it’s a better way to do it. God did not give us these guidelines A. Brass serpent B. Looking glass C. Inside of a teacup D. The River Jordan to deprive us but to protect us. The 14. Mary used this liquid in anointing Jesus. same fence that keeps us within cer- A. Water B. Olive Oil C. Myrrh D. Spikenard tain guidelines also keeps danger out. 15. This object was full of vinegar and offered to Jesus That’s what marriage is about. God A. Bowl B. Sponge C. Cloth D. None of these understood that if we involve our- selves in intimacy outside of marriage 16. This part of a ram was used as a musical instrument. we will be hurt by sexually transmitted A. Leg B. Horn C. Bladder D. Foot diseases, produce illegitimate children 17. This attribute is required of church leaders. who will grow up without one or both A. Hospitality B. A striker C. Covetous D. Gossiper parents, and create unsanctioned situations. 18. Abana, Pharpar, and Sihor (Nile) are _____. The damage caused by our present A. Mounts B. Valleys C. Rivers D. Streams immorality knows no end. But there’s 19. Michael, the archangel, disputed not with Satan about the something marvelous about seeing a body of whom? man and a woman walking down the A. Peter B. Philip C. Moses D. Jesus street with their children. They are shouldering their responsibilities. The 20. This book predicts Pentecost of Acts two. children live in safety. By observing A. Zechariah B. Ruth C. Nahum D. Joel God’s laws and His ways, we can be spared much pain. Answers on page 31 E N DT I M E M A G A Z I N E S E P / O C T 2 0 0 3 11
  • C O V E R S T O R Y Will God tolerate this? selves teachers, having itching ears.” Babylon be thrown down, and shall be There are two types of wars that are We are there! found no more at all.” being fought in our world each day: Revelation 17-18 speaks of the false Using the popular thinking that the physical and spiritual. The spiritual bat- religion of the endtime—the great church will become irrelevant if it does- tles are the more important of the two whore, the mother of harlots. It also n’t conform to the times, we are wit- because they deal with matters that are describes who her daughters are. Reve- nessing a classic example of the church eternal. Today, a war is being waged lation 18:20-21 expresses Gods attitude being conformed to the world rather against biblical truth. toward these false religions. It says, than transforming the world to con- Many churches have ended up loving “Rejoice over her, thou heaven, and ye form to the will of God. what God hates and hating what God holy apostles and prophets; for God loves. The Bible says in II Timothy 4:3, hath avenged you on her. And a mighty Hope for an Immoral World “For the time will come when they will angel took up a stone like a great mill- Primarily, this magazine focuses on not endure sound doctrine; but after stone, and cast it into the sea, saying, endtime Bible prophecy. As such, cov- their own lusts shall they heap to them- Thus with violence shall that great city ering the fall of the Episcopal Church IN TE R FA ITHIS M: Religion of the False Prophet By Irvin Baxter Jr. T he Bible prophesies con- had been baptized using the Mother National Convention, America’s largest cerning a global religious church’s formula, could become mem- Protestant denomination, voted over- system that all will be bers of the Catholic Church without whelmingly to endorse a declaration of forced to conform to dur- rebaptism. Ecumenical services soon unity with Catholics “despite theological ing the endtime. This glob- became commonplace. Lutherans, differences.” The report in the June 17, al religion will be led by the Catholics and even Jews began to share 1994 edition of the Indianapolis Star religious partner of the Antichrist—the pulpits. said, “In a major step toward ecu- man the Bible calls the False Prophet. The oil that greased this new ecu- menism, the Southern Baptist Conven- Fifty years ago, the possibility of a menical movement was compromise. tion said born-again believers may be global religious system that all people Long cherished beliefs were suddenly found in all Christian denominations, could agree on seemed totally impossi- cast aside as unneeded baggage. Teach- and endorsed Baptist-Catholic dia- ble. We had Baptists, Catholics, Luther- ings that previous generations had died logue.” ans, Pentecostals, Nazarenes and on and for were now roadblocks to unity. Step By the mid-1990’s, most of Christen- on. Add to that Muslims, Jews, Chris- by step, truth was discarded in the name dom was considered pretty much united. tians, Buddhists, Zoroastrians and thou- of Christian unity. sands of other religions…well it would By the 1990’s, compromise was so Time for Phase II just never happen. How could it hap- rampant that most Christians had boiled The theory goes that religious conflict pen? their belief system down to one simple is the number one cause of war on earth. Then Pope John XXIII burst upon the creed: Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ In this era of weapons of mass destruc- world scene. He surprised everyone by and thou shalt be saved…plus nothing, tion, mankind can no longer afford to calling Vatican Council II. The stated minus nothing. Doctrines of baptism, tolerate the religious intolerance that purpose was to let some fresh air into holiness, prayer to Mary, and statues has plunged the human race into war the Roman Catholic Church. Many were all considered unimportant. Unity time and time again. Somehow mankind Protestant leaders were invited to attend must be embraced at all costs. must discover commonly held spiritual this ecumenical council. This was done In March of 1994, a document of values that can unite us rather than in hopes of wooing Protestants “back Evangelical-Catholic Unity was signed. focus on our differences. home to Mother.” The Ecumenical Major personalities signing the docu- In 1993, a most unusual conference movement was off to the races. ment included Pat Robertson, Bill took place. It was called the Parliament Soon the Catholic Church made the Bright, and Chuck Colson. In June of of the World’s Religions. Muslims, Jews, announcement that Protestants, who the same year, the Southern Baptist Buddhists, Bahai’s, Zorastrians, and 12 E N DT I M E M A G A Z I N E S E P / O C T 2 0 0 3
  • C O V E R S T O R Y might seem off topic. It’s not. congregations, people will slide into Christendom has traveled far away The book of Revelation speaks exten- feeling comfortable in their sin. Worse from the Bible. Many of our practices sively about spiritual whoredom. Here yet, many congregations today teach are no longer biblical. Major teachings spiritual whoredom has manifested that unrepentant sin is covered by of the Bible have been ignored. The itself in the physical. Someone who is grace—grace that has been turned into only hope for Christianity is a return to having sex outside of marriage is not in lasciviousness. No! Congregations need Bible-based religion. The time has a saved condition. They need to repent to be told that they are transgressing the come for preachers to be powerful and get married. If not, they need to law of God! The truth of the Bible is at enough in the pulpit to help people separate. It’s that serious. As for ordain- stake here. If we embrace a position become conformed to Jesus Christ. ing gay bishops, men must totally that is contrary to scripture, we are say- Matthew 24:24 warns us that in the denounce God’s Word in order to justi- ing the Bible is irrelevant! latter days there shall arise false fy this depravity and perversion. Many worry about the church becom- prophets. If it were possible, they shall If the preachers and the ministers of ing irrelevant to an immoral world. deceive the very elect. Today this scrip- the world do not tell this truth to their However, through the years, most of ture is fulfilled in your ears. e Wiccans, just to mention a few, came chism in 400 years was published in Trade Center on 9/11, globalists were in together in an attempt to discover com- 1994. It reflected this new Interfaith a panic to preserve the religious solidar- monly held spiritual values. A document thinking. Concerning Muslims it said, ity they had so meticulously fostered was produced out of the Parliament of “The plan of salvation also includes over the last fifty years. Soon the talk the World’s Religions called “The Glob- those who acknowledge the Creator, in shows were flooded with apologists for al Ethic.” the first place amongst whom are the the Muslim religion, explaining why it The essence of the Global Ethic can Muslims; these profess to hold the faith was a religion of peace. President Bush be captured in the following three of Abraham, and together with us they said that Islam was a “great faith” that quotes in the document: adore the one, merciful God, mankind’s should be respected. Muslims were even “We affirm that a common set of core judge on the last day.” invited to the Whitehouse for dinner values is found in the teachings of the You heard right. The plan of salvation with President Bush to celebrate religions, and that these form the basis includes the Muslims. Do they believe Ramadan. of a global ethic.” Jesus was the Messiah? No! Do they The message came through loud and “There already exist ancient guide- believe He died on the cross for our clear. Since there is no such thing as lines for human behavior which are sins? No! Whatever happened to “Nei- absolute truth, all people should give found in the teachings of the religions ther is there salvation in any other; for respect to all belief systems. The world of the world and which are the condition there is none other name under heaven is simply too dangerous of a place for us for a sustainable world order.” given among men whereby we must be to tolerate the religious bigots with radi- “We must sink our narrow differences saved?” cal creeds such as: “You shall know the for the cause of the world community, Other Christian denominations began truth, and the truth shall make you practicing a culture of solidarity and to fall right in line. Soon it became free.” Or, “…though we, or an angel relatedness.” apparent that the art of compromise had from heaven, preach any other gospel The effort to forge an all-embracing been so perfected during the Ecumeni- unto you than that we have preached global spirituality was born. This new cal movement of the late 20th Century unto you, let him be accursed.” There is movement became known as Inter- that the Christian movement as a whole simply no room for such narrow minded faithism. had no trouble believing that people fundamentalists in the house of our Soon the creeds of Interfaithism took might be saved without belief in Jesus as New World Order. shape. Most religions claim to believe in Lord and Savior. Well there you have it! Interfaithism one god. We are all really worshipping On June 26, 2000, religious leaders in all of its glory! I’m okay, you’re okay. the same god, no matter what we call gathered at Carnegie Melon University Your truth may not be my truth. But I him,... the theory goes. Some call him in Pittsburgh to sign the charter of the expect you to respect my belief system, Jehovah, some Allah, some Brahma, United Religions Organization. This and I will respect yours as long as it does- some Jesus and some Baal. But we are date was chosen because exactly 55 n’t say mine is wrong. all still worshipping the same God. years before the constitution of the Behind all of this is Satan’s plan to To contend that one religion was true United Nations Organization was bring the human race under his control and all others were false was now the signed. The religious leaders envisioned via a one-world government. height of religious pride and bigotry. the United Religions bringing the Out of all the global confusion of After all, who could possibly claim to world’s religions together like the Unit- Mystery Babylon, I still hear a voice have an exclusive on truth? And to quote ed Nations had unified the governments from the darkness saying, “Except a one famous biblical personage, “What is of the world into the International man be born of water and of the Spirit, truth—anyway?” Community. he cannot enter into the kingdom The first new Roman Catholic Cate- When terrorists attacked the World of God.” e E N DT I M E M A G A Z I N E S E P / O C T 2 0 0 3 13
  • THEGRAND CHESSBOARD The European Union, Oil and the Search for World Leadership By Jamie Brendan A global chess match is some as the players themselves; nation- linkage, Zbigniew Brzezinski, President in play, but unlike al pawns are sacrificed for international Carter’s National Security Advisor and other chess games, security, knights check and coun- co-chairman of Bush Sr.’s National this one is being car- tercheck each other over control of the Security Advisory Task Force, wrote, ried out on a wide world’s resources, rooks vie for political range of playing influence, and bishops scrap doctrine The United States has always fields – and the stakes for global unity. The powerhouses of professed its fidelity to the cause are unbelievably high. the world – the Kings and Queens who of a united Europe. Ever since the The players in this match are as really pull the strings – continually shuf- days of the Kennedy administra- diverse as the game itself; rising region- fle and reshuffle the board, looking to tion, the standard invocation has al groups such as the European Union, leverage their supremacy in this global- been that of “equal partnership.” national governments with large ization game. Official Washington has consis- economies and reputations at stake, It’s a perplexing contest; many of the tently proclaimed its desire to see international organizations such as the players and issues are interconnected Europe emerge as a single entity, United Nations and NATO, worldwide through treaties and alliances. At the powerful enough to share with financial agencies and banking inter- same time, however, these players America both the responsibilies ests, global governance lobby groups, viciously compete with one another, and burdens of global leadership. plus many other organizations and cat- often using and abusing the very (Brzezinski, The Grand Chess- egories too numerous to mention. alliances that enabled them to cooper- board, p.48) The moves in this game are as awe- ate. Take, for instance, the quiet but steady collision now occurring between U.S. interests and the development of a European mega-state; a “friendly clash of titans” that has domestic and global ramifications, including the re-shaping of the entire international system. Playing Both Sides For decades, the United States has been deeply involved in what has been termed the “Atlantic Partnership” – an alliance between European and North American nations most often thought of in terms of NATO. But it goes much further. In the early days of the Cold War, the United States backed the concept of a politically and economically unified Europe. In explaining this historical Europe (open source: British government) The Euro, Europe’s new currency (open source: European Union) 14 E N DT I M E M A G A Z I N E S E P / O C T 2 0 0 3
  • But not all is what it seems. Speaking either existing or future.” many Western analysts scoffed. Nobody on the tensions between U.S. power Without question, an American-Euro was laughing, however, when the value brokers and the planned amalgamation struggle is emerging, and nowhere is of the Euro surpassed the U.S. dollar of Europe, Brzezinski elaborated, this struggle more potentially impact- during the last quarter of 2002. And the ing than in the arena of global eco- trend doesn’t appear to be reversing. [Support for European unifica- nomics. Now, global markets and major central tion] has been the established banks are accepting the Euro as an rhetoric on the subject. But in Oil, Money and Power international alternative to the green- practice, the United States has In 1997, the European Central Bank back, so much so that OPEC – the been less clear and less consis- was created as a legally chartered inter- Organization of the Petroleum Export- tent. Does Washington truly national institution. Shortly thereafter, ing Countries, the principle body that desire a Europe that is a genuine- the Euro dollar was introduced as an shapes global oil flows – have been qui- ly equal partners in etly eyeing the euro as world affiars, or a potential long-term does it prefer an replacement for the unequal alliance? U.S. dollar. For example, is the This is significant. United States pre- When OPEC was pared to share formed, it agreed to leadership with use the U.S. dollar as Europe in the Mid- the foundational cur- dle East, a region rency for its interna- not only much tional oil exports, closer geographi- essentially creating a cally to Europe monopolized foreign- than to America based oil standard for but also one in the dollar. Without which several going into technical European states detail, the easiest way have long-standing A U.S. Air Force F-18 flying over oil fields (open source: USAF) to understand this is to interests? The issue realize that the use of the of Israel instantly comes to mind. “accounting currency.” And by January American dollar as OPEC’s sole curren- U.S-Euopean differences over 1, 2002, the Euro replaced twelve cy for oil trading has massively subsi- Iran and Iraq have also been national denominations, linking dized the U.S. economy. If OPEC was to treated by the United States not together the largest market in the world switch from the dollar to the euro, the as an issue between equals but through a single currency. domestic and international monetary as a matter of insubordination. When monetary unification was first repercussions would be enormous. [p.48] tabled by the European community, But is this currency switch a realistic Insubordination?! This suggests that American powers have viewed Europe as subservient to U.S. interests. Europe, however, is currently re-wiring itself to emerge as a new global player. Giscard FREE PROPHECY NEWS UPDATE! d’Estaing, the chairman of the Conven- tion on the Future of Europe, recently SENT D I RECTLY TO YO U R E-MAI L AD D RESS explained that the EU of the future will To add your name to our distribution list, go to be viewed both as an economically dominant force and as “a political www.endtime.com - click on “Free Electronic Newsletter” on left hand side power which will talk on equal terms to the greatest powers on our planet, E N DT I M E M A G A Z I N E S E P / O C T 2 0 0 3 15
  • scenario? In a speech to the Spanish With all this in mind, what counter- fies, hegemons [dominant mili- government on April 14, 2002, Javad moves can the U.S. make? And what role tary/political powers] will likely Yarjani, head of OPEC’s Market Analy- can the international community play? develop where the intersection of sis Department, clearly expressed an sociopolitical zones collide. Since interest in this possibility. Furthermore, Looking For Checkmate these regional fault lines contain Yarjani noted that the new Euro-zone The U.S. has a couple of options to abundant natural resources, par- now imports more oil than the U.S., counter Europe’s growing power. The ticularly petroleum, these eco- making this transition more alluring yet. first is to physically wrestle control of nomic attributes will continue to Granted, there are many complex fac- major Middle East oil supplies, not capture the interest of the United tors that need to be overcome before because of America’s need for petrole- States and other advanced coun- any switch occurs, but the fact that it’s um per se, but because Europe is tries. Between now and 2025, it is being contemplated is unnerving to U.S. dependent on the region to fuel its reasonable to assume that if an interests. energy needs. Hence, whoever controls aspiring regional hegemon Ironically, the first and only OPEC the region’s oil wields an incredible emerges to threaten either our nation to successfully adopt the Euro leveraging tool. interests or the interests of our over the dollar was Iraq. In November Contrary to what many may think, friends and allies, conflict will like- 2000, the Iraqi government managed to this is not a far-off scenario. During the ly occur. have the United Nations oil-for-food Iran-Iraq war of the 1980’s, the Reagan program converted from U.S. dollars to administration had circulated a memo- This shouldn’t be a surprise. Military Euros. And while the Saddam regime randum stating that U.S. military forces are often used as a political and had practically no real clout within involvement was legitimate if the economic tool. In 1997, the U.S. Gen- OPEC, this turn-over demonstrated a region’s oil sources and shipping points eral Accounting Office reported that vulnerable chink within the American were threatened. Furthermore, a 1998 military special forces are trained in armor. U.S. Army War College strategy paper achieving “political, economic, or psy- Since then, Iran – which is a strong explained, chological objectives by unconvention- OPEC leader – has shown a real interest al means.” Even Canada’s small but pro- in the Euro. In fact, the European As the competition for resources fessional JTF-2 unit, a quasi-secretive Union has been economically courting and regional dominance intensi- military special forces group, is geared Iran, and is now its largest trading part- ner. Venezuela, the current head of OPEC, has likewise recognized Europe as a new U.S. counterbalance. And the Gulf Cooperation Council, a grouping of OPEC and non-OPEC Arab nations – including Saudi Arabia – has agreed to strengthen economic and petroleum ties to the European Union. Unauthorized pictures of Canada's Special Forces on a training exercise near the American border. (Photos courtesy of Jamie Brendan) 16 E N DT I M E M A G A Z I N E S E P / O C T 2 0 0 3
  • towards maintaining national econom- suggest that the only way to control ditch authority on Earth. He must ic interests. regional and national rivalries is to cre- win confidence of each man and Of course, using the military in this ate a global management authority, each nation. People must be stark manner is fraught with complications. either through the United Nations, the sure that this coordinator would It’s a chess-move that carries a tremen- World Trade Organization, the World solve any problem in a just and dous amount of risk, danger and death. Bank, or the International Monetary humane way. And one should be The second U.S. option in counter- Fund – or possibly through some type sure that in him he would find ing Europe is to create the Free Trade of shared arrangement. Incidentally, understanding and sympathy, Area of the Americas. The FTAA, if car- the IMF held a forum on November 8, that he would treat nations as his ried through, would economically inte- 2000 entitled “One World, One Cur- own son…can the world commu- grate North and South America into rency.” nity do without a coordinator? one colossal trading block. President Taking this third option a step further, Definitely cannot. George Bush, while speaking at the a document was circulated during the Quebec Summit of the Americas, open- year 2000 State of the World Forum by Clearly, the world waits for an ulti- ly suggested that we “combine in a com- one of the invited participants. Entitled mate human chess-master to mon market so we can compete in the Transformation of the World, this report bring the game into check. e long-term with the Far East and examines current world problems and Europe.” makes a startling suggestion, At this point, the FTAA common Jamie Brendan is a freelance writer and market is scheduled to come into play Small doubt, that the world does globalist insider who attends high level by December 2005. Ironically, this is need a civilized coordinator in UN meetings. His 4-part video series exactly what Europe did as a first step international relations and in set- “Secrets of the UN” with Gary Kah, avail- towards political integration. tling global problems. More than able through Endtime, goes beyond the Elements within the international that, this coordinator must be a borders of traditional media outlining the community see a different option; some stabilizing factor, actually, the last globalists’ plan for world domination. The Bible prophesies WORLD GOVERNMENT... NEW ! THE UNITED NATIONS is that world government. “Jamie Brendan” attends high level UN meetings. Not as a journalist, but as an accepted participant. In this sensational new 4-part video series, Jamie Brendan and Gary Kah document the Globalists plan for world domination. This unique informational series takes you beyond the borders of traditional media. FOUR SPELLBINDING VIDEOS: Endtime’s Eddie Sax hosts. 1. CREATING THE WORLD ARMY 2. FORMING THE WORLD PARLIAMENT SECRETS OF THE UN: $60 VHS, $75 DVD. 3. IMPOSING THE GLOBAL TAX Order by calling 1-800-ENDTIME or by logging onto www.endtime.com. 4. EXECUTING THE WORLD COURT
  • E XC LU S IVE I NTE RVI EW WORLD WITHOUT SECRETS ENDTIME recently interviewed Richard Hunter, Vice President of Security Research for the strategic business growth division of Gartner, Inc., the world’s largest technology research firm. He is internationally renowned for his expertise on security, criminology and technology, cyber-terrorism, and privacy, and has written the book World Without Secrets. The following are excerpts from that interview. Photo Courtesy of Gartner, Inc. A t Gartner, we cover technology and try to focus on where we think technolo- gy is going, rather than where we would like to go. A couple of years ago, I became aware that with the confluence of very power- ful computers and wireless technolo- gies, we were entering a world where everything and anything that is record- ed is available to anyone who wants it badly enough. We have global position- ing systems in cars, nanny cameras at home, and email monitoring at work. We create enormous streams of transac- tions with our debit and credit cards to other devices using high bandwidth wireless communications. The last piece of this, which we prob- ably won’t see until the end of the decade, is natural language and seman- tic analysis. This will allow a computer not just to record speech, but to under- stand what’s being said in ways similar to how a human being understands it. So, by the end of this decade, we’ll be in an environment where a tremendous amount of information is being record- ed by very small, powerful devices that are everywhere. That’s a world without secrets, and I’m not comfortable with certain aspects of this. Orwell’s world are already here in force. They will only get stronger over the next few years, because every few years, technology gets much faster, smaller and smarter. It’s the pattern. In political terms, we’re not in a police state yet, and the Senate has just voted unanimously to terminate fund- ing for the TIA Program. But it will take a lot of vigilance on the part of every- one to make sure that we don’t get there. Global tracking There is a law being proposed to require global positioning ability in all cell phones. This is a good example of trading off privacy for convenience and that tell a great deal about us to anyone This is not the totalitarian nightmare supposed safety. Although we’re likely with access to that information. that George Orwell described in his to see this regulation being passed, it There are a few major technologies book 1984, because in Orwell’s world, has not been implemented yet. In fact, that are bringing us into this world with- governments had all the technology. in many parts of the country, including out secrets. The first of these is data But in the world that we’re heading New York City, the supporting infra- mining, which is massive statistical into, you, me, corporations, govern- structure isn’t in place. Even if you had analysis of information. An example is ments—everybody has the same tech- a cell phone with those capabilities, at John Poindexter’s Total Information nology. It is different than Orwell’s the moment the police would not be Awareness Program (TIA). world, but no less dangerous. able to track your location. The second major technology is high Beyond that, I am concerned about bandwidth wireless communications in the ability of individuals, governments National vs. the half-to-two gigabyte per second and corporations to monitor each International I.D. range. We’ll be seeing that within the other closely. When you’re in a place We ran a survey last year in which we next few years. where everyone is under surveillance analyzed a statistically valid sample of The third technology is embedded you end up in a world that’s a lot safer. the American public, asking them computers and smart machines. These However, by definition, you’re in a about their attitudes towards National are very small, powerful machines that police state. The technologies that I.D.’s. The results were very interesting. record audio and video, and transmit it would be required to create such a state Sixty-six percent of the public was 18 E N DT I M E M A G A Z I N E S E P / O C T 2 0 0 3
  • strongly in favor of a National I.D. with That’s an example of a malignant trol technology, such as an implanted very limited uses, such as gaining entry Network Army. But there are other chip, I think the first place you have to to U.S. borders, or allowing the holder armies that most people would think look for it to be deployed is on people to get on an airplane without a hassle. were good. One example is the army who don’t have a choice. Prisoners, peo- The reality is, however, that anyone that began as an Internet mailing list ple who are under medical treatment who has a credit or debit card in their aimed at bringing democracy to the for severe conditions and immigrants. pocket already has an International I.D. dictatorship in Burma. Another is an We already have ankle bracelets for pris- The card is international in nature, and army of lay people springing up within oners to identify their locations elec- identifies you and your purchases any- the Catholic Church who call them- tronically. It wouldn’t take much more where in the world. Information is pil- selves, “The Voice of the Faithful”. They than that to use a chip to do the same ing up about you every time you use are working internationally to bring thing, an implanted chip. Right now, the that card, and it can be used to tell reform to the Catholic Church and to scan is sufficient for their purposes. someone nearly everything else they end the abuses want to know about you. Most Ameri- that have become cans already have one as do people in all too familiar. other countries. More Network Armies security, I coined a term, “Network Army”. It is more a collection of individuals or communi- surveillance ties (from different walks of life), but The need for who align on a common agenda. In the more security and U.S., the movement to protect privacy is more surveillance an example of that kind of Network is being driven by Army. From the political spectrum, the demand for there are people from all over who are security against focusing on this issue. Such groups may terrorists. Terror- wield a lot of power. ists are everywhere Network Armies are linked by ideas and nowhere, and and values. They are not confined by difficult to distin- geography, they are often explicitly guish from ordi- international, and they deal with inter- nary citizens. They national issues. They use the Internet can strike any- Internet activists turned the tables on an ominous government project and its and other public communications where at anytime. leader, John Poindexter, by posting to the internet webpages containing mechanisms to communicate. They’ve We’re likely to see Poindexter’s home phone number, home address, birthday, information about his been helped by the rise of English as an more public sur- family, ways to find his Social Security number, and a satellite photo of his international language in the last veillance using neighborhood. (AP Wide World Photo / Alex Brandon) decade. video monitoring The most interesting thing about and facial recognition scanning of every- Network Armies is that they don’t have one who is in a particular geographic formal leadership the way a corpora- tion or a government does. They have zone such as Logan Airport in Boston and in Ybor City in Tampa, Florida. NEW KATHERINE moral or intellectual influencers, but nobody is giving or taking orders, per Beyond facial scans ALBRECHT VIDEOS se. They look like a bunch of rabble There are many biometric identifiers, Privacy advocate Katherine Albrecht leads without a leader, but, in fact, if you like fingerprints, voice recognition, the grassroots consumer resistance to oppose a Network Army you’ve got a facial geometry recognition, or DNA supermarket loyalty cards and RFID chip real fight on your hands. recognition, which wouldn’t require a implantation. In these two new exciting For example, we’re up against Al chip to be present on a person. They presentations, Katherine will give us the Qaeda which is a Network Army. They simply require some mechanism to take have a core group with formal leader- the biometric reading, and compare information and tools we need to be aware ship, but many people in that organiza- that to a database such as the one in of and combat the system that will soon tion operate under their own authority Ybor City that contains facial scans for become the Mark of the Beast. to carry out the shared goals of that 10,000 wanted felons, sexual predators organization. The bombings in Bali and runaway minors. If there is a “RFID: Tracking Everything, Everywhere” – were carried out by a collection of folks match, a policeman has what’s known $20 • “On the Brink of the Mark” — $20, who are not formally associated with Al as reasonable suspicion, which is Qaeda, but share Al Qaeda’s values and enough justification to ask you for Preview Special — order both videos beliefs and want to act alongside them more identification. for only $35 in carrying out their agenda. Whenever you’re talking about con- E N DT I M E M A G A Z I N E S E P / O C T 2 0 0 3 19
  • TO PROVE THE ENDTIME IS NOW — Level 2, Lesson #11 Level 2, Lesson #12 Level 2, Lesson #13 Level 2, Lesson #14 Level 2, Lesson #15 11:59 P.M. The 7 Trumpets Babylon the Great Will the UN Invade Is the Antichrist by Irvin Baxter Jr. by Irvin Baxter Jr. Who It is? Israel Next Among Us Nine infallible proofs that we Learn how Chernobyl ful- by Irvin Baxter Jr. by Irvin Baxter Jr. by Irvin Baxter Jr. are living in the endtime right filled the 3rd Trumpet and Is Babylon Rome? America? Learn what the Bible says Can we identify the now. Most people who have how Saddam’s name is New York City? Jerusalem? about Armageddon, then find Antichrist? Irvin Baxter Jr. watched this exciting video specifically mentioned in the Was Rev. 18 fulfilled when out how the United Nations is teaches the key scriptures feel that it, along with “The 7 Bible. Discover why we are the World Trade Center fell? on the brink of fulfilling these and looks at 5 of today’s Trumpets,” is the most pow- on the brink of the 6th Trum- In this hard-hitting video scriptures! Live conference prominent world leaders to erful one-hour witnessing pet — a war with China! presentation Baxter explains video. (#944, $20) see how they might fit the tool in the Endtime catalog. (#942, $20) all. Sensitive material. (#995, bill. (#945, $20) (#941, $20) $20) L AT E S T, G R E AT E S T ! N ew N ew ! N ew ! N ew ! Secrets of the UN 1. RFID: Tracking Everything, Everywhere Did 9/11 Road Map for Peace & Gary Kah, Jamie Brendan 2. On the Brink of the Mark Start WW III? the Final 7 Years Explosive 4-part video series. New—from privacy advocate Katherine Albrecht! New Video from Endtime by Irvin Baxter Jr. Behind-the-scenes look at Katherine Albrecht leads the grassroots consumer resist- President Bush does have a Will the Road Map trigger the inner workings of globalism ance to supermarket loyalty cards and RFID chip implanta- plan. This video discloses final 7 years to Armageddon? from a perspective never tion. In these two new exciting presentations she gives us that plan! Who’s next? North The World Community has before seen. Brendan attends the information and tools we need to be aware of and com- Korea? Iran? Will it all go “as just presented an internation- world gov’t meetings as “one bat the system that will soon to become the Mark of the smoothly” as Iraq? Did the al peace plan to Israel! This of them.” Actual documents Beast. “RFID: Tracking Everything, Everywhere” #1493, 6th Trumpet era begin on looks very much like the not intended for public con- $20. “On the Brink of the Mark” #1494, $20. 9/11? Iraq was only “Phase Confirmation of the Cove- sumption shared onscreen. 2”. (#1490, $20, VHS. nant! 1-hour video. (#1488, (#1480 $60) #1491, $20, DVD) $20, VHS. #1489, $20, DVD) Understanding the Understanding the China War & The Third Cassette Series Your Bible—A Whole Endtime Level 1 Endtime Level 3 Temple Specials! New World New Video Series! “The Sequence of End- A prophecy fiction book by by Irvin Baxter Jr. 11-Workbook Set New Study Manual! time Events” Irvin Baxter Jr. Explore Jesus’ parables on Irvin Baxter Jr. leaves the Irvin Baxter Jr. & Eddie Sax Six-lesson Video Series A devastating U.S-China war the coming kingdom (pic- realm of prophecy in this have just re-filmed the video #950, $100. Bonus video sparks a whirling series of tured above, 12 tapes, very important Christian series and updated the study included: “Questions & events. From the halls of the #2505, $70); Christianity Development Course. Go manual for this landmark Answers”-$20 Value-Free. UN, to the Vatican and the 101: 11 lessons for the new from Genesis to Revelation in prophecy teaching series! Cassette Series #953, $40 Temple Mount. This is a Christian (#2507, $70); Keys 11 easy-to-understand work- Videos #930, $130; cassettes Study Manual #954, $19. MUST-READ for everyone! to Spiritual Growth: 9 les- books. Frequent quizzes rein- #910, $60; Manual—now Transparencies for teaching (#1100, $13) sons on II Peter 1:1-10 force concepts. (#1001, 264 pages! #901, $19. (45) #955, $100. (#2503, $50) $17)
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  • instantly. The they do with the information they col- game’s not over. lect about their customers than govern- First, we are ments have. Contact the companies already moving with whom you do business, and ask into a world with- about their privacy policy. out secrets, where We are beginning to see movement everything is towards law that would punish com- recorded and any- mercial and governmental enterprises thing that’s been for careless handling of people’s infor- recorded is avail- mation. For example, in July of this able to anyone year in the state of California, the Data- who wants it badly base Breach Security Notification Act enough. Good will take effect. That requires business- guys and bad guys es to notify their customers whenever have a lot of infor- someone gains unauthorized access to mation, but we all an unencrypted database. have this technol- You can go to EPIC’s (Electronic Pri- ogy. We need to vacy Information Center) website, start thinking www.epic.org. They will help you raise about information your voice concerning privacy. You can as if it were go to the EFF (Electronic Frontier Photo Courtesy of Gartner, Inc. money, and about Foundation), www.eff.org, and you can I would say that we’re likely to see how we can exert influence through subscribe to Internet mailing lists that more biometric identifiers of that sort. others who share our ideas and values will keep you apprised of what’s going We’re as likely to see them from com- across international boundaries on regarding privacy. In other words, mercial entities as from governments. through mechanisms like Network you can get involved and make your Everybody has this technology. However, Armies. voice known. e there’s a certain danger involved in a We could start with the simple things, government having that kind of infor- like showing up at the polls on Election mation because they have the authority Day and letting our elected representa- World Without Secrets is available in many major to do things with people’s lives that you tives know how we feel about these bookstores and through amazon.com. ENDTIME has just or I don’t have. On the other hand, the issues. The second thing people can do filmed two videos with privacy advocate Katherine government is just as exposed as you or I. is to raise their voice in as many forms Albrecht—”RFID: Tracking Everything, Everywhere” as they can think of in local govern- and “On the Brink of the Mark.” They are available for What is privacy? ment, and in dealings with commercial $20 each or both for $35 by calling 1-800-Endtime I do not think we should get over enterprises. Commercial enterprises visiting www.endtime.com, or using the order form in having “zero privacy” as Scott McNealy, often have fewer restrictions on what this magazine. CEO of Sun Microsystems, suggests. However, I do think that the idea of what privacy is, is changing pretty dras- tically. In 1898, Louis Brandeis and Samuel Warren defined privacy as “the E N DTI M E N O W A C C E P TI N G right to be left alone.” I very much doubt that privacy in that sense will exist in many places within the next few O UTS I D E A DV E RTI S E R S years. No subscription rate increase! • Same amount of high quality editorial copy! I think that the clearest sign so far is First opportunity for outside advertisers in Endtime in 11 years! the definition of privacy that’s been adopted by the European Union in In order to maintain the highest quality magazine possible, and... avoid an increase their Data Protection Directives. Basi- to the subscription price, Endtime will soon be adding 8 pages of outside advertising cally, these directives say that the indi- vidual who is described by a set of infor- to its current 32 pages to make a total of 40 pages! mation has the right to specify who can The good news is that the amount of editorial copy will not be reduced. You will still use that information, under what cir- cumstances it can be used, and what it enjoy the same amount of high quality analysis of “world events seen through the can be used for. eyes of Bible prophecy” as you have before. What can stop it? If the organization you are with is interested in advertising in Endtime, please con- This is exactly the wrong time in his- tact Kara McPeak at 1-800-Endtime (1-800-363-8463). tory for everybody to think that they Paid circulation 40,000 can’t do anything about it. We can do a Average 4.9 readers per magazine lot. Look at how much we found out Approx. 200,000 readers per issue about Poin- dexter’s program and the opposition that it raised – almost 22 E N DT I M E M A G A Z I N E S E P / O C T 2 0 0 3
  • ‘His Honor Kofi’ Mayor of Jerusalem by Irvin Baxter Jr. utside of prophecy cir- al in order to get a homeland, the Arabs 3-4: “Let no man deceive you by any O cles, it is outlandish to rejected it and started a war. Since that means: for that day shall not come, think it would ever seri- time, Jerusalem’s boundaries have been except there come a falling away first, and ously be suggested that determined by war. that man of sin be revealed, the son of the United Nations be perdition; Who opposeth and exalteth given sovereignty over Israel’s capital, himself above all that is called God, or Jerusalem. But this is exactly what former Biblically speaking that is worshipped; so that he as God sit- Israeli Prime Minister, Shimon Peres, pro- In the Old Testament, Almighty God teth in the temple of God, shewing him- posed in the July 23rd meeting with Russ- decided that He would place His name in self that he is God.” ian officials. Jerusalem. This is stated over 35 times in In II Chronicles 33:7, God was pro- Inside prophecy circles, however, it the Old Testament. For example, II voked to assert His sovereignty and pre- comes as no surprise. It’s in the Bible. Chronicles 33:7 tells of what happened eminence in Jerusalem. The Bible teach- Peres, who heads Israel’s liberal Labor during the days of Manasseh, an evil es that when the Antichrist comes, he will Party, believes that if the Jerusalem prob- Israeli king. It says, “And he set a carved place the abomination of desolation; he lem is going to be solved in the context of image, the idol which he had made, in will stand in the temple of God saying, “I the ‘Roadmap for am God.” Peace’, then the only way to succeed is to How is this declare Jerusalem as possible? the capital of the world It was always hard to and the UN Secretary envision how some- General its mayor. He thing this preposterous suggests that the Secre- could ever come to tary General, a post cur- pass. We can now see it. rently held by Kofi Shimon Peres is cur- Annan, should have rently Israel’s opposi- two deputy mayors tion leader. What hap- under his authority: pens when the liberals one Jewish and one regain the prime minis- Arab who would deal tership? There is even with their respective talk today about the issues. possibility of Labor This would appear to entering into coalition be a logical solution to with the conservative the problem since factions who are now in negotiations always power, so that when seem to break down Israeli elder statesman Shimon Peres meets with UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan in 2001 at Israel goes to the peace over who ultimately will Annan's residence in New York. (AP Photo/Suzanne Plunkett) table to finalize a com- rule Jerusalem— and, even more specifi- the house of God, of which God had said prehensive settlement in the context of cally, who will ultimately rule the Temple to David and to Solomon his son, In this the ‘Roadmap’, it can be done with the Mount area. house, and in Jerusalem, which I have unanimous consent of all of Israel’s major Peres spokesman Yoram Dori suggest- chosen before all the tribes of Israel, will I parties. ed putting Jerusalem’s religious shrines put my name for ever.” There will be a one-world government under UN supervision and declaring the Despite the Arab claim of sovereignty in the endtime. Its leader will be the holy site inside Jerusalem’s Old City a over Jerusalem, this passage specifically Antichrist. If Peres’ proposal is ever ‘world capital.’ states that God made a decision to put His implemented giving the UN authority In actuality, Peres’ idea is not new. It name in Jerusalem and that Jerusalem over the city where God chose to place was first proposed under a 1947 UN Gen- was to be the capital of the tribes of Israel. His name, then how we get from Point A eral Assembly resolution dividing British- It is important to periodically remind to Point B becomes evident. controlled Palestine into Jewish and Arab ourselves that Satan wants to displace Daniel 11:45 says that the last day world states. The resolution called for Jerusalem God. For example, in II Thessalonians political leader will “plant the tabernacles to become internationalized, thus belong- chapter 2 we find the apostle Paul being of his palace between the seas in the glo- ing to neither side. Although the Jewish questioned about the timing of the Sec- rious holy mountain.” Shimon Peres is people were willing to accept this propos- ond Coming. Here is Paul’s reply, verses inviting him in. e E N DT I M E M A G A Z I N E S E P / O C T 2 0 0 3 23
  • Transfer United Nations HQ to Jerusalem Rachid Nekkaz is with Millenarium (www.Millenarium.org), a non-profit, non-governmental by Rachid Nekkaz organization established to promote peace in the world. This article can be found on the internet at www.vudunet.com/millenarium/Anglais/aproposgb.htm. T he main barrier to finding a This idea has been supported by the belong to the international community definitive solution to the Vatican and recently the mayor of and in no exclusive way to one or anoth- [Israeli-Arab] conflict [is] Jerusalem himself, who has expressed his er country or culture; the question of Jerusalem. wish for a divine sovereignty to reign over 2. The fragile states of the region, such For Israel, Jerusalem should the city. as Israel, Palestine and the Gulf coun- be under Israeli sovereignty. The religious dimension of Jerusalem, tries, would feel reinforced and protect- For the Palestinians, it should be the a center of Judaism, Christianity and ed against possible threats from aggres- future capital of the Palestinian state. Islam, brings complications to the possi- sive neighboring countries, such as Iraq These two antagonistic visions regard- bility of finding a political solution to the and Iran; ing the future of Jerusalem obviously do crisis. 3. The UN would gain in symbolic not allow for an early solution to the con- Given these complexities, we suggest power and would be ideally positioned to flict that the problems of Jerusalem and the take a true measure of the conflicts that However, in the last 50 years there has wider Arab-Israeli conflict can best be are troubling today's world. Increasingly, never been so much good will on the addressed if the headquarters of the conflicts in the world are no longer pure- part of the key parties: the Arabs, Israel United Nations is transferred from New ly political. Most are loaded with power- and the United States. President Bill York City to Jerusalem so that Jerusalem ful spiritual factors (e.g. Catholic-Protes- Clinton made it a personal goal to find becomes a true city of Nations. tant rivalry in Northern Ireland, Muslim- an amicable solution to the conflict. The following would be achieved by Hindu rivalry in Kashmir, Christian-Mus- The internationalization of the city of this move: lim rivalry in Chechnya and Kosovo). If Jerusalem is the only way to establish a 1. Differences between Israelis and the UN wants to acquire the means to just and durable peace between the Palestinians would be overridden by the bring true solutions to all these conflicts, Israelis and Palestinians. UN presence as the holy city would it must take these spiritual factors into serious consideration during its policy- formation and decision-making. Headquartered in Jerusalem, the UN ROADMAP FOR PEACE would acquire the necessary legitimacy and authority to renew its image. It could & THE FINAL 7 YEARS again become the indispensable interna- tional organization without which world VHS or DVD conflicts could not be resolved. Given the importance of every square Will the Road Map for Peace lead to the event that the Bible says will trigger foot in Jerusalem, the location and secu- the final 7 years to Armageddon? Daniel 9:27 says that an international peace plan rity of the UN headquarters would have is what will spark the beginning of the end. The World Community has just presented such to be studied, as would the accommoda- a plan to Israel. tion and security of its 10,000 employees. You are presently witnessing what could be one of the most important fulfilled prophecies And given the urgency of the situation of all time. A new one-hour video by Irvin Baxter Jr. this proposal would have to be strongly and swiftly supported by all persons and $20 for VHS. $20 for DVD. To order quickly 24/7, use your credit card, 1-800-Endtime or organizations who want a just and rapid www.endtime.com. Or use Order Form between pgs. 16-17 of this magazine. solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict, in particular Israel, Palestine, all Arab and The Confirmation of the Covenant begins the final 7 years. Muslim countries, the Vatican, the Euro- This looks very much like the Confirmation of the Covenant. pean Union and the United Nations. Making Jerusalem home to the UN headquarters means turning the holy city It’s in your newspaper. It’s in your Bible. into an international political and spiri- This new video by Irvin Baxter Jr. is your connection. tual center from which peace will shine across the entire world. e 24 E N DT I M E M A G A Z I N E S E P / O C T 2 0 0 3
  • Confirmation of the Covenant How Will We Recognize It? by Irvin Baxter Jr. T he confirmation of the stop the sacrifices and commit the abomi- Egypt unto the great river, the river covenant marks the begin- nation of desolation. Euphrates.” ning of the final seven years The confirmation of the covenant is to Armageddon. But what What is the abomination of when the Antichrist and his world govern- will this event called the “con- desolation? ment system confirm Israel’s right to a firmation of the covenant” In Matthew 24:15, Jesus said that the homeland in the Middle East. It will be be? How will it be recognized? abomination of desolation spoken of by very similar to what is happening rightnow The prophecy of Daniel 9:27 states that Daniel would “stand in the holy place.” with the presentation of the Roadmap for “he” will confirm the covenant with many The holy place is located in the temple. II Peace to Israelis and Palestinians by the for a week of years (seven years). It also Thessalonians 2:3-4 gives the most international community. e states that, in the middle of the seven detailed description of the abomination years, “he” will cause the sacrifice to cease, of desolation. It states that the man of sin and “he” will place the abomination of (the Antichrist) will exalt himself above all desolation. that is called God, and will sit in the tem- If we can know who “he” is, and what ple, claiming to actually be God. causing the sacrifice to cease means, and It should be noted that the abomina- understand what the “abomination of des- tion of desolation marks the beginning of olation” will be, then we can understand the final three and one-half year period the “confirmation of the covenant.” called the great tribulation (Matthew 24:15-21). Who is “he”? There’s one more important insight It is very clear in Daniel 9:27 that the that we gain from the discourse of Jesus in same “he” that confirms the covenant, Matthew 24. In verse 16, we are told that A FENCE OF CONTENTION. Israel is constructing a also causes the sacrifice to cease and the area of Judea will be the location of 200+ mile fence to separate Israeli controlled areas, places the abomination that makes deso- horrible slaughter immediately following left, from Palestinian areas, right, in the northern set- late. If we can discover who causes the sac- the abomination of desolation. This is tlements, July 29. Israel says it will help prevent suicide bombers from infiltrating its territory. Palestinians rifice to cease, and who places the abomi- important because the area of Judea is the accuse Israel of using the fence to control the wealthi- nation of desolation, we can know for cer- area in Israel called the West Bank or the est agricultural Palestinian land and water resources tain who confirms the covenant. occupied territories. Other than the Tem- while increasing the area for growth of illegal Jewish In Daniel 11:30-32, the Antichrist is ple Mount itself, the area of Judea is the settlements built on what it sees as occupied land, all described as having indignation against most hotly contested territory in the Mid- of this in the absence of a final peace agreement. In the holy covenant. In verse 31, it tells us dle East conflict. spite of the wall, Palestinian gunmen on June 17 from that the Antichrist and his followers, Qalqilya entered Israel through a water drain and killed an Israeli girl while wounding her sister, this just min- “…shall take away the daily sacrifice, and What will the confirmation utes after the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas fin- they shall place the abomination that of the covenant be? ished a meeting with leaders of militant groups, failing maketh desolate.” So what is this event called the confir- to persuade them to stop attacks. The “he” that confirms the covenant is mation of the covenant? (AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis) the Antichrist. It apparently will affect the status of the Temple Mount since a temple will be com- Stopping the sacrifices pleted and in use within three and one- The Jewish people have not offered sac- half years after the confirmation. It also rifices since the destruction of the Second pertains to the status of the land of Israel. Temple in 70 AD. They believe they must We know this because the area of Judea have a temple in order to sacrifice. Reve- will be the center of great conflict during lation 11:1-2 teaches that a temple will the final seven years. stand on the Temple Mount at least 42 Is there a covenant in the Bible that months before Armageddon. Once the deals with the status of the Holy Land and Third Temple is completed, sacrifices will the status of Jerusalem? Absolutely! be resumed. This will trigger worldwide In Genesis 15:18, God made a covenant opposition to this daily slaughter of ani- with Abraham, saying, “Unto thy seed mals. Consequently, the Antichrist will have I given this land, from the river of E N DT I M E M A G A Z I N E S E P / O C T 2 0 0 3 25
  • WORLD CHINA BREAKS PROMISE mainland; only the U.S. promise to allegations and indictments are true, then TO HONG KONG defend Taiwan in the event of such an essentially the Feds have lost everything invasion has kept Beijing at bay to this they had on Chinese counterintelligence When China took control of Hong point. over the last twenty years. They lost it all.” Kong in 1997, it promised the former “As the president, I must safeguard Tai- Triplett further explained, “Many of the British colony a high degree of autonomy. wan's sovereignty, dignity and security and decisions you make are based on intelli- Promises made, promises broken. An esti- must assert that Taiwan is a sovereign gence. We now believe that a lot of the mated 500,000 people participated in state, not a part, province or state of some- intelligence that she provided—intelli- protesting against a proposed national one else,” said Chen, in a June 24 Taipei gence that went right to the president of security law in Hong Kong that would Times interview. the United States, was probably what we criminalize the disclosure of protected Any claim of sovereignty was another of call disinformation, a very clever mix of information and state secrets, allow the Beijing’s stipulations as cause to invade. true information and red herrings to government to ban local branches of Chen seems to respect no boundaries. make us believe the whole package.” groups labeled subversive by the main- After being inaugurated into office in What we thought we knew about land and give police the right to search May 2000, Chen announced a policy of China—its nuclear weapons, military people's homes without a warrant. “five no's,” which included a promise that capabilities, its intentions, and much Hong Kong leader Tung Chee-hwa he would not declare independence from more, is now in question. withdrew the proposal, a victory for now. China. But that came on the condition But Taiwan has taken notice. “We have that China would not use force against never harbored any illusions about 'one Taiwan, a promise China has yet to make. IDENTITY THEFT country, two systems',” commented cabi- In the meantime, the latest Pentagon net spokesman, Lin Chia-lung. “The report on Chinese military power cites Research by the information technolo- recent development in Hong Kong shows that China is modifying short-range gy consulting firm Gartner, Inc. indicates the entire world 'one country, two systems' mobile missiles to target U.S. forces in that identity theft, the use of someone doesn't work in Hong Kong and won't Okinawa and is sharply increasing the else's personal details for financial gain, work in Taiwan. It's a total failure.” number of missiles aimed at Taiwan. increased 79% in the last 12 months with China has tried to woo Taiwan into 3.4% of Americans having fallen victim. reunifying under the “one country, two More than 50% of the crimes were perpe- systems” formula, but the island's leaders CHINA WINS SPY VS. SPY trated by friends, colleagues and relatives. have rejected such an offer from the An extremely significant security beginning. Her name is Katrina Leung. The U.S. breach occurred during the first week of hired her to spy on Beijing, paying her August, when, according to SecurityNews- about two million dollars over the last Portal, an attacker gained access to one of BRACE FOR TAIWAN’S COMING twenty years for her services. In actuality, the world's largest consumer databases at DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE she was working for Beijing for most, if Acxiom Corp. in Little Rock and was able not the entire time. to download customer information that In late June, Taiwan President Chen Leung was arrested in early April, and could have included clients of Microsoft Shui-bian hinted that there may be a ref- since then, the CIA has been doing dam- Corp, IBM, Sears Roebuck, AT&T, Gener- erendum on independence to coincide age assessment. It is massive. As reported al Electric and Bank of America. with the country's presidential elections by the Washington Post on April 16, “Every next year. “Only Taiwan's 23 million peo- major Chinese counterintelligence case ple have the right to decide Taiwan's over the past twenty years is potentially TEMPLE MOUNT OPENED future,” said Chen. “Any change to Tai- compromised, including those involving TO NON-MUSLIMS wan's status quo must be approved by Tai- espionage, technology theft, and alleged wan's people.” efforts by the Chinese Government to After 34 months of being closed to all Chen knows full well that mainland influence the 1996 presidential elections.” non-Muslims, the Temple Mount was China has promised to invade the island According to Bill Triplett, long-time finally reopened to Jewish and Christian militarily should Taiwan hold such a ref- advisor to the U.S. Senate on Chinese visitors in June, but only for what turned erendum. Beijing considers Taiwan a affairs, in a recent interview with Endtime, out to be a short time. It was closed again breakaway province that belongs to the “The bottom line of all of this is, if their in late July amidst concerns of renewed 26 E N DT I M E M A G A Z I N E S E P / O C T 2 0 0 3
  • REPORT Palestinian violence. On August 11, Inter- “I think the issue of the Temple Mount profound desire to unite the Orthodox nal Security Minister, Tzhai Hanegbi is very sensitive, said Mofaz, “especially and Roman Catholic churches... announced that the site would be now that we are involved in a diplomatic President Bush says that the creation of reopened to all visitors with or without the process with the Palestinians... We just a Palestinian state by 2005 as envi- agreement of the Wakf, the Islamic have to enforce our sovereignty in a prop- sioned in the Roadmap for Peace is still agency that administers the Temple er, measured way. The way to do this is by realistic... Mount. He hoped that the Wakf would acting in a non-provocative way. But I The EU military force in the Congo is agree, but if not, Israel would unilaterally believe that the issue of the Temple making history by deploying for the open it restoring the status quo that had Mount is felt very deeply in the hearts of first time far beyond the continent. At been in place since the 1967 Six-Day War. the citizens of Israel.” the UN's request, the EU is seeking to The Temple Mount had been closed Mofaz also noted that Abbas, like his prove itself a global player and operate since the outbreak of violence on Sep- predecessor Arafat, has been quoted as without NATO... tember 28, 2000. After being reopened in denying that the Jewish temples have ever Anglican Bishop Simon Oketch from June, it was closed again in the wake of a existed. Kenya was attacked on a London street flurry of criticism led by Yasser Arafat, who by two Church of England colleagues warned of “grave consequences” if Israel for opposing the appointment of continues to allow Jews to visit the Temple IRAN CLAIMS NUKE homosexual bishop Gene Robinson... Mount. Palestinian Prime Minister Mah- PROGRAM PEACEFUL NATO took command of internation- moud Abbas called the partial reopening al peacekeepers in charge of enforcing of the site “provocative.” Jerusalem Mayor Iran is denying that nuclear scientists security in Afghanistan’s capital. It is Uri Lupolianski said that he disagreed from Russia, China, Pakistan and North NATO’s first mission outside Europe in with letting Jews onto the Temple Mount Korea were helping it develop an atomic its 54-year history... for fear of accidentally stepping on the weapons program. It maintains that its Facing increasing resistance and con- site of the Holy of Holies from the Jewish aims are for peaceful and civilian purpos- cerns about privacy, the United States' Temple that stood there until the Romans es only. largest food companies and retailers destroyed it in 70 AD. The Los Angelos Times reported that Iran will try to win consumer approval for A group of Israeli Knesset members was on the verge of being able to produce radio identification devices by portray- attempted to ascend the Mount on nuclear weapons. ing the technology as an essential tool August 4, Tisha Be’av, the Jewish holy day Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid for keeping the nation's food supply that commemorates the destruction of Reza Asefi said, “This paper's claim about safe from terrorists... the two ancient Jewish temples. The legis- Iran's cooperation with other countries Major companies are banding together lators were removed from the site for obtaining nuclear technology is a to lobby the Department of Homeland because, according to Jerusalem police sheer lie. This report is irresponsible and Security to designate RFID as an chief Mickey Levy, “There was an almost is an obvious misuse of professional jour- antiterrorism technology... certain danger” that violence would break nalism.” The White House has decided to pro- out. vide $20 million in direct funding to In a Tisha Be’av interview with the the Palestinian Authority for social serv- Jerusalem Post, Israeli Defense Minister ETC. ice projects. The sum is being described Shaul Mofaz noted that “Jews haven't as small, initial and symbolic... been allowed to pray” on the Temple Immigration statistics show that the After Jewish Democratic Congressman Mount for almost three years except for a nation with the fastest-growing Jewish Tom Lantos criticized Mahmoud couple of weeks this past month. community in the world is Germany... Abbas for denying that the Holocaust The suggestion of allowing Jewish peo- Prominent Argentinean litigator Luis had taken place, he invited Abbas to ple the right to pray on these 35 most dis- Moreno Ocampo has been sworn in as Washington's Holocaust Museum dur- puted acres on the planet, along with the chief prosecutor of the International ing his Washington visit. Invitation unilateral decision to open the Mount Criminal Court... declined... back up to all religions, are signs that the Pope John Paul II again reached out to In New Mexico, Route 666, a.k.a. the construction of a Jewish house of prayer the Orthodox Church, saying that his “Highway to Hell” or “Satan's High- on the Temple Mount may not be too efforts at reconciliation weren't just way,” was formally re-christened Route far off. “ecclesiastic courtesy,” but a sign of his 491 on July 30... e E N DT I M E M A G A Z I N E S E P / O C T 2 0 0 3 27
  • PROPHECY REACHING OUT WITH… CONFERENCE Endtime Bible Studies Schedule for Irvin Baxter Jr. Join any of our weekly study groups. For details... call 1-800-Endtime or go to the Bible Studies page at South Bend,IN — Oct. 16 www.endtime.com UPC of South Bend International Terre Haute Pennsylvania 4609 S. Ironwood, where Ironwood Warsaw Canada Greensburg hits the bypass Harrow Kansas Etna Mississauga Arkansas City South Carolina 7:30pm; 574-291-3060 Toronto Kentucky Charleston Windsor Crittenden Tennessee New Zealand Louisville Indianapolis, IN — Oct. 17 Hamilton Versailles Chattanooga Memphis (Bartlett) Alabama Louisiana 7:30pm; Adams Mark Airport Citronelle Texas Alexandria Town Creek Abilene Kenner Wheeler Breckenridge Mexico, Missouri — Oct.24 Alaska Metairie New Orleans Buna Center Presser Hall, 900 S. Jefferson St. Fairbanks Shreveport College Station Arkansas Zachary 7:30pm; 573-581-2575 Corpus Christi El Dorado Maine The Colony Host: Pastor Larry Baitinger California Palmero Dallas (North) Bellflower Michigan De Soto Euless Riverside Battle Creek Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX — Sylmar Bay City Frisco Ft. Worth NE Nov. 21 Colorado Bridgman Charlotte Ft W’th Riv Oaks Colorado Sprgs Greenville 7:30pm; Arlington Convention Center Lansing Florida Garland Westland Grand Prairie North Port Minnesota Grapevine Pensacola Columbia Hts. Gun Barrel City Viera Mississippi Haltom City SUBSCRIBE. Georgia Athens Clarkston Brandon Crystal Springs Harker Heights Hurst Lake Worth Madison Lithia Springs Lewisville Richland Marietta Little Elm Nicholson Missouri Lufkin Snellville Bridgeton Mesquite Stone Mountain Centralia Midlothian Illinois Independence Odessa Mexico Port Arthur Aurora St Charles River Oak Bartlett Bunker Hill North Carolina Rosebud Sherman Dupo Raleigh South Houston Harrisburg Nebraska Tyler Highland ENDTIME MAGAZINE Indiana Bellevue Hastings White Settlement Virgina specializes where no other magazine does Bremen Omaha by explaining Bible prophecies and how Abington Columbus North Dakota Chesapeake they are coming to pass in our lifetime. Elkhart Minot Fort Wayne Washington HERE’S HOW TO GET ENDTIME Granger Ohio Arlington Greenwood Chester Everett For only $29.00 you can recieve 12 exciting Huntington Loveland Harrington issues of Endtime delivered to your home. Send check or money order to: La Porte Oklahoma Spokane Endtime • PO Box 2066 • Richmond, IN 47375 Lawrence Stroud Wisconsin Lebanon Nappanee Oregon Beaver Dam Credit Card users call 1.800.ENDTIME Elkhorn Plymouth Beaverton www.endtime.com • endtime@endtime.com Hartford Richmond Hermiston Watertown South Bend
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  • P R O P H E C Y I N S I G H T HE’S COMING IN THE IN THE CLOUDS “Today’s weather for Jerusalem. Mostly “Today’s weather for Jerusalem. Mostly sunny and dry, temperature reaching 25° C.” sunny and dry, temperature reaching 25° C.” By Eddie Sax S ounds lovely. No clouds behold, two men stood by them in white them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in in the sky. And no wor- apparel; Which also said, Ye men of the air: and so shall we ever be with the ries, because if the Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into Lord.” weatherman is accurate, heaven? this same Jesus, which is taken the Lord won’t be up from you into heaven, shall so come It happens in the clouds. returning today. That’s in like manner as ye have seen him go because the Bible says into heaven.” Notice something else. How Jesus was that when He comes, He’ll be coming in Jesus ascended into the clouds, and taken up. He was dead, the Spirit of God the clouds. That’s right—no clouds, no He’s coming back the same way. In other entered into Him, and then He was res- coming. words, He will descend from heaven urrected. As described in Acts, He float- It’s not that we’re basing our under- coming out of the clouds. As the church ed up into the air and a cloud received standing of Bible prophecy on the is “raptured” (caught up), we will ascend Him out of their sight. Compare this to weather reports... Let me explain. as Jesus did, and He will meet us in the the ascension of the Two Witnesses, Here’s how the book of Acts records clouds. I Thessalonians 4:16-17 says it recorded in Revelation 11:11-12: the catching up of Jesus into heaven; this way: “And after three days and an half the Chapter 1, verses 9-11: “For the Lord himself shall descend Spirit of life from God entered into “And when he had spoken these from heaven with a shout, with the voice them, and they stood upon their feet; things, while they beheld, he was taken of the archangel, and with the trump of and great fear fell upon them which saw up; and a cloud received him out of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise them. And they heard a great voice from their sight. And while they looked sted- first: Then we which are alive and heaven saying unto them, Come up hith- fastly toward heaven as he went up, remain shall be caught up together with er. And they ascended up to heaven in a GOING UP COMING DOWN Acts 1:9-11 I Thess. 4:15-18 Rev. 11:11-12 Matt. 24:29-31 Rev. 14:14-20 Dan. 7:13 He was taken up; and Immediately after the a cloud received him... Then we which are They ascended up to Behold a white cloud, Behold, one like the tribulation... shall they shall so come in like alive and remain shall heaven in a cloud; and and upon the cloud one shall see the Son of Son of man came with manner as ye have be caught up together their enemies beheld sat like unto the Son of man coming in the the clouds of heaven seen him go into with them in the clouds them man... clouds of heaven heaven 30 E N DT I M E M A G A Z I N E S E P / O C T 2 0 0 3
  • P R O P H E C Y I N S I G H T cloud; and their enemies beheld them.” that immediately after the Great Tribula- news... It’s been three days since the two See the similarities? First, the Two tion, “they shall see the Son of man com- so-called prophets of God were killed by Witnesses were dead, and the Spirit of ing in the clouds of heaven.” Revelation World Community forces in Jerusalem. God entered into them. They raised up, 14:14 tells us that “upon the cloud one Their bodies are still laying in the ascended to heaven, and a cloud sat like unto the Son of man, having on streets. The weather today calls for over- received them out of sight. his head a golden crown, and in his hand cast skies.” e Furthermore, when this happened to a sharp sickle.” Jesus in Acts, the disciples “beheld” Daniel 7:13: “One Him. With the Two Witnesses, “their like the Son of man enemies beheld them.” came with the The more I dwell on it, the more it clouds of heaven.” DVD & VHS DVD & VHS looks like the description of “the rap- It turns out that ture” in I Thessalonians 4 in which the the two men in Iraq was “Phase Two” of what President Bush said Iraq was “Phase Two” of what President Bush said dead rise and are caught up to meet the white apparel were could be up to aa 10-year war on terrorism. This new video by could be up to 10-year war on terrorism. This new video by Lord in the air. The Two Witnesses float- correct. Just as Irvin Baxter Jr. picks up where “The Iraqi War in Bible Irvin Baxter Jr. picks up where “The Iraqi War in Bible ed up in plain sight; there was no van- Jesus ascended into Prophecy” video leaves off. Prophecy” video leaves off. ishing, no neatly folded clothes left the clouds, He’ll behind. come back in the What did President Bush have in mind when he said that What did President Bush have in mind when he said that 9/11 began the War on Terrorism? Why did Thomas Fried- 9/11 began the War on Terrorism? Why did Thomas Fried- So, will the Lord come in the clouds? clouds. man of the New York Times state that “the 9/11 attack on The Bible says... yes. Matthew 24:30 states “With today’s man of the New York Times state that “the 9/11 attack on America started World War III?” America started World War III?” WHETSTONE ANSWERS Who’s next? North Korea? Iran? Syria? Will it all go “as Who’s next? North Korea? Iran? Syria? Will it all go “as 1. B Jesus, Revelation 5:5 12. C. Feet, John 13:5 smoothly” as Afghanistan and Iraq? Did the 6th Trumpet era smoothly” as Afghanistan and Iraq? Did the 6th Trumpet era 2. A. Ichabod, I Samuel 4:21 13. A. Brass serpent, begin on 9/11? begin on 9/11? 3. B. Esau, Genesis 27:1 Numbers 21:6-9 4. C. He smote it, Exodus 17:6 14. D. Spikenard, Mark 14:3, 5. A. Job, Job 2:11 John 12:3 $20 for VHS. $20 for DVD. To order quickly 24/7, use your $20 for VHS. $20 for DVD. To order quickly 24/7, use your 6. C. 7, Luke 8:2 15. B. Sponge, Matthew27: 48 credit card, 1-800-Endtime or www.endtime.com. Or use credit card, 1-800-Endtime or www.endtime.com. Or use 7. D. Stephen, Acts 6:5 16. B. Horn, Joshua 6: 4, 13 Order Form between pgs. 16-17 of this magazine. 8. B. Fasting, Jonah 3:5-8 17. A. Hospitality, I Timothy 3: 2 Order Form between pgs. 16-17 of this magazine. 9. A. Bees, Judges 14:8 18. C. Rivers, II Kings 5: 12 10. D. Jezebel, I Kings 19:1-3 19. C. Moses, Jude 9 President Bush does have a plan. 11. D. Foods, Numbers 11:5, II 20. D. Joel, Joel 2:28-32 President Bush does have a plan. Samuel 17:28, Genesis 25:39 This video discloses that plan. This video discloses that plan. t Fo r B ob Lau ndroyma Doct Mine! le cop officors Mine! U nc e Mine! 10 GOOD REASONS... ...to order a bulk subscription to Endtime magazine! Sund y Sunday m Schooal S chool Ran do ay copy copy Only $1.50 per copy (50% off cover price!) Give aw Begin your own personal ministry! Call 1-800-Endtime to sign up! F ch M egor Ch urpy Chu copy rch & an co #2 m & Momad oD ad MD
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