The new american north american union edition - oct. 15th 2007


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The new american north american union edition - oct. 15th 2007

  2. 2. FROM THE EDITOR , Dear reader g- ne’s cover su this magazi g of the flag on a result of tic renderin me about as As the artis ion would co North A merican Un s. gests, a new United State ico, and the e freedoms of Canada, Mex stitution, th the merger coun try, our Con sible by mericans w ho love our ity made pos A , and the prosper al in- guarantees ng its nation onstitution ion ever losi our C agine our nat loved Amer - freedom ofte n cannot im erging our be meric an Union. M g th e bor- to a North A only openin dependence include not America, bu t and C anada would of North ica with Mexico itical entity ith the newly cr eated pol vernment w ders within system of go g our laws and e need quire blendin e in mind, w would also re iffere nt countries. A merica hav is markably d ts in North Union (EU) two other re siness elitis e European ad emic, and bu at ions under th political, ac merger of n To see what r-advanced Europe — where the fa ns were told only look at ting Europea th at unsuspec regional much more obvious. mon Market a myriad of U in cluded a Com ss has imposed nk, a Eu- led to the E e.” The proce n central ba he steps that ugh “free trad g a Europea T sperity thro tries, includ in reaucracy, by jobs and pro ber EU coun e. The EU bu would create ons on the mem tly re gulated trad l it has beco me and regulati ro, and tigh control unti institutions urt sy stem, the eu an d economic ament, a co ore political ropean parli more and m lly usurped is side of incrementa day. llowed on th design, has er that it is to ce ss is being fo rocess t central pow the same pro r case, the p the dominan azin e shows that exper ienced. In ou e were e of our mag peans have TA, which, w This special issu eption Euro ent, or NAF t e type of dec Trade Agre em arrangemen with the sam erican Free at the trade the Atlantic 199 3 North Am e now know th posite est with the free trade. W actly the op began in earn ity through r economy, ex ger pro- te jobs and prosper jobs an d damaged ou d if the mer told , would crea ed well-paying arra ngement, an y but A has destroy than a trade rant econom led by NAFT much more ro bust and vib instal ut NAFTA is not only our lost. promised. B to continue, untry will be of what was NAFT A is allowed is unique co e ed through eedoms in th d through th cess launch d even our fr ing advance ional indep endence an n with NAF TA is now be M exican also our nat ss that bega ush and his President B merican merger proce , launch ed in 2005 by d this N orth Americ an The North A Partnership neers behin . As urity and Pro sperity ects and en gi erican Union so-called Sec ly, the archit nal North Am rpar ts. Put simp s into a supra-natio plete the NA FTA- and Can adian counte a series of step ey hope to com to build NAF TA through in Europe, th eir envision ed goal. -EU process merger hope mon Market at tention to th case with th e Com wing much mpiled. As- has been the n without dra ence we’ve co they have set in motio nsi der the evid form others NAU process d carefully co help us to in ing pages an rage you to you read the follow en we encou We ask that k you will, th s, and we thin agree with u suming you the planned merger. ut a stop to Sincerely, and to p Gary Benoit To order additional copies of this issue of THE NEW AMERICAN visit or see the card between pages 38-39.
  3. 3. Publisher John F. McManus Editor Gary Benoit Senior Editor William F. Jasper Associate Editor Kurt Williamsen Contributors Dennis J. Behreandt Christopher S. Bentley Steven J. DuBord Jodie Gilmore Gregory A. Hession, J.D. Ed Hiserodt William P. Hoar R. Cort Kirkwood Warren Mass Michael E. Telzrow Joe Wolverton II, J.D. Editorial Assistant Ann Shibler Your anytime, one-stop source for Art Director Americanist literature, Joseph W. Kelly presentations, and products Desktop Publishing Specialist Steven J. DuBord American Opinion Book Services Research Online Store of The John Birch Society. Mary Benoit Brian T. Farmer Bonnie M. Gillis Marketing Larry Greenley Public Relations Bill Hahn Web Manager Brian Witt Advertising/Circulation Julie DuFrane Printed in the U.S.A. • ISSN 0885-6540 P.O. Box 8040 • Appleton, WI 54912 920-749-3784 • 920-749-3785 (fax) Rates are $39 per year (Hawaii and Canada, add $9; foreign, add $27) or $22 for six months (Hawaii and Canada, add $4.50; foreign, add $13.50). Copyright ©2007 by American Opin- ion Publishing, Inc. Periodicals postage paid at Appleton, WI and additional mailing offices. Post- master: Send any address changes to THE NEW AMERICAN, P.O. Box 8040, Appleton, WI 54912. THE NEW AMERICAN is pub- lished biweekly by Ameri- New content, new look ... can Opinion Publishing Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of The John Birch Society. THE NEW AMERICAN • OCTOBER 15, 2007
  4. 4. Vol. 23, No. 21 October 15, 2007 Design by Tom Preimesberg and Cathy Spoehr WHAT’S WRONG 4 Understanding America Today by John F. McManus — Why the American dream is endangered. NORTH AMERICAN UNION 9 Continental Merger by William F. Jasper — A hard look at the merger-in-the-making. RULE OF LAW 15 Running Roughshod Over U.S. Laws by William F. Jasper — Our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights are being eroded. 4 9 IMMIGRATION 19 The North American Union Invasion by Sam Antonio — What’s behind the border insecurity. Newscom DEBUNKING MYTHS 22 Myth vs. Fact by Larry Greenley — Is a merger of nations really taking place? 15 NAFTA 25 It’s Not Just About Trade! by Gary Benoit — NAFTA is the foundational framework for a future North American Union. FREE TRADE 29 Is It “Free Trade” or Something Else? by John F. McManus — “Free trade” agreements, a means to an end. AP Images NAFTA SUPERHIGHWAY 31 Express Route to Poverty by Kelly Taylor — Trade corridors under creation. USA v. NAU 19 35 35 Global Risks, National Solutions by Dennis Behreandt — Global risks are best managed by independent nations. AP Images AP Images AMERO 39 An Amero for Your Thoughts by Brian Farmer — If America adopted a North American currency, we would no longer control our own monetary policy. 40 43 WHO BENEFITS? 40 It’s Good at the Top by Charles Scaliger — In all three NAFTA countries, most are hurt while the rich get richer. AP Images Newscom ON THE FRONT LINES 43 Signs of Hope by Larry Greenley — Signs that the planned merger can be stopped. COVER Design by Tom Preimesberg and Cathy Spoehr
  5. 5. SPECIAL REPORT WHAT’S WRONG Understanding America Today Immigrants have long come to America to live “the American dream.” Now, that dream is becoming more difficult to attain. To reinvigorate America, we must understand the problem. by John F. McManus But in America today, that dream is that their children won’t be forced into a being eroded. For the first time in our lower standard of living and a lower qual- A merica has long been known as nation’s history, many young Americans ity of life.” a land of opportunity — not just realize that they will not be able to match Serious problems can be seen in sever- for a powerful few but for all citi- or exceed the economic levels achieved al areas: jobs are disappearing; the value zens. Here in America, an impoverished by their parents. According to a report re- of money is shrinking; families need individual willing to work hard could pur- leased by the Pew Charitable Trust, “Men two incomes just to keep pace; govern- sue what became known as the American in their 30s today earn less than men in ment power continues to grow; and the dream. And that dream, enjoyed by a large their fathers’ generation, and family in- nation’s praiseworthy cultural base has and growing middle class, included home come growth has slowed.” been eroded. There is a need for Ameri- ownership and a standard of living enjoyed Weighing in on this same development, cans to reverse the course our nation is only by a privileged few in other countries. CNN anchor Lou Dobbs lamented: “For on. Can it be done? Yes. But only after It also included upward mobility, with each the first time in our history, Americans recognizing what made the American new generation enjoying a higher standard aren’t dreaming of a better life for their dream possible and taking corrective ac- of living than their parents. children; they are desperately hoping tion to reclaim it. 4 THE NEW AMERICAN • OCTOBER 15, 2007
  6. 6. America’s Basics CNN anchor Lou Dobbs lamented: “For the first time in our history, Our nation’s hard-fought independence Americans aren’t dreaming of a better life for their children; they are was not firmly secured with the defeat of the British in 1783. According to some desperately hoping that their children won’t be forced into a lower competent historians, the War of 1812 standard of living and a lower quality of life.” was actually an attempt by the British to undo America’s remarkable breakaway. That unusual war resulted in another vic- scribe America today, and you will still into goods. As Henry Hazlitt wrote in his tory for “our side,” and, because it did, the be told that it is the wealthiest and the 1946 classic Economics in One Lesson: path for U.S. citizens to reap the enormous freest nation in the world. After all, isn’t “Real wealth, of course, consists in what benefits inherent in the remarkable new America a cornucopia overflowing with is produced and consumed: the food we government system stayed open and even material goods unimaginable elsewhere? eat, the clothes we wear, the house we live became more easily traversed. But ask many Americans this same ques- in. It is railway and roads and motor cars; That system, the political portion of tion and you will be told that the Ameri- ships and planes and factories; schools and which can be found in the Constitution of can dream is dying. This is particularly the churches and theaters; pianos, paintings the United States, established restraints case with young Americans who have not and books.” on government rarely seen in history. yet accumulated the assets their parents A certain way of measuring a nation’s Here, government was bound to the lim- did and who wonder if they can become wealth, therefore, is to assess its ability to ited function of the protection of the life, financially comfortable in our deteriorat- make things, in other words its manufac- liberty, and property of the people. And ing economy. And it is the case with any- turing capability. According to the U.S. the people, free from the stifling presence one who understands that a nation, even Department of Labor, our nation suffered of excessive government, were expected a nation as powerful as the United States, the loss of 4.6 million manufacturing jobs to limit their own actions with firm ad- will see its wealth shrink if it loses its abil- during the past 20 years. During the same herence to moral codes such as the Ten ity to produce. period, a mere 200,000 manufacturing Commandments. It is this combination jobs were gained. Factories have closed; — limited government and personal mo- What Is Wealth? once thriving communities have become rality — that has always characterized Very simply, wealth is productivity. It is virtual ghost towns; and laid-off workers America. not a folder full of stock certificates and have been forced to take lower-skilled and Even before our nation celebrated its bank deposits which are only a reflection lower-paying positions in hopes of keep- centennial, America had become the refuge of wealth. A nation is a wealthy nation ing the wolf from the door. of the world’s tired, hungry, and poor who when its people successfully take the raw Textile companies in the Southeast have left everything in the Old World to walk materials of the Earth and fashion them ceased operations as the flood of imports upon U.S. soil. Mostly penniless, they came here legally, found employment, happily worked toward assimilation, and pitched in to convert our mostly backward wilderness into a marvel of pro- ductivity. Starting out as labor- ers and bottom-rung employees, they prospered sufficiently to see their sons benefit from America’s upward mobility, where the next generation moved into the middle class, the backbone of every pro- ductive society. Then, more sons and grandsons became the profes- sionals — doctors, lawyers, edu- cators, entrepreneurs, and white- collar executives — who carved out their own careers in the unique atmosphere of freedom found within our shores. While build- AP Images ing for themselves, they helped to build the nation that became the envy of the world. Ask a foreign observer to de- Blue times: In 2004, Levi Strauss closed its last two major U.S. plants, offshoring all production. Just over two decades ago, the company had 63 U.S. plants. Now the company only produces high-end, eco-friendly jeans in the United States. TNA • OCTOBER 15, 2007 5
  7. 7. SPECIAL WHAT’S WRONG REPORT Former Federal Reserve board member Alan Blinder recently predicted the potential loss of as many as 40 million American jobs to outsourcing. How can this be? One need look no further than government action, especially the drag of taxation and regulation that is not borne by America’s foreign competitors. from the Far East fills our stores. The auto Suicidal Policies Manufacturers (NAM) issued a study en- industry is reeling as some of its plants The situation we have described is not titled The Escalating Cost Crisis. Plac- have closed and others, where certain jobs getting better; it grows worse each year. ing the regulatory burden facing domestic always could be found, have been trans- Former Federal Reserve board mem- manufacturers at $162 billion per year, its ferred to Mexico and elsewhere. A Utah ber Alan Blinder recently predicted the authors noted that this cost to U.S. pro- steel mill that formerly employed 8,000 potential loss of as many as 40 million ducers had risen 10 percent since 2000. workers closed its doors because of foreign American jobs to outsourcing “within About taxation alone, the report noted competition. Companies that regularly pro- a decade or two.” By “outsourcing,” he that “the corporate tax burden” was re- duced the tools and hardware for Ameri- means jobs being transferred to another sponsible in large measure for the “de- ca’s builders have likewise been forced country. How can this be? What is caus- terioration” in U.S. manufacturing. The out of business as Asian imports seize ing such a dramatic trend? One need look NAM study concluded that while Amer- their markets. National appliance compa- no further than government action, espe- ica’s tax rates remained high, “several nies in Illinois, Michigan, and elsewhere cially the enormous drag of taxation and other trading partners continued to lower have closed plants and transferred produc- regulation that isn’t borne by America’s their rates.” tion to Mexico. Most of the popular Levi foreign competitors. The taxation figures reported by the Strauss jeans are now being made outside In 2006, the National Association of NAM were then dwarfed by a paral- the United States. lel report issued by the Some displaced work- Competitive Enterprise ers find jobs in the ser- Institute. Its 2006 study vice industry where they Building boom: China has been exporting so much in the way of finished entitled Ten Thousand try to eke out a less-pros- products and importing so much in raw material that its shipyards build Commandments claimed perous living as retail enough ships to make it the world’s third-largest shipbuilder. that the total tax and reg- clerks or hotel employ- ulatory burden facing the ees. But those jobs pay American economy had less than manufacturing reached $1.16 trillion an- jobs. nually. According to the When a single manu- CEI, when income and facturing job evaporates, corporate taxes are added the effect is felt by many to the regulatory costs, others. Consider what “the federal government’s happens to a restaurant share of the economy is owner in a community now 29 percent.” None where the main employ- of this enormous govern- er closes its doors. The ment presence produces same drop in business any goods. All of it in- will be felt at the local hibits the productivity of automobile dealership, the American worker and insurance agency, dry producer. cleaning establishment, Many foreign pro- or any one of the many ducers don’t face such retail outlets built to taxation and regulatory serve the manufacturing burdens. In addition, the public. Each of these is wage scales they provide a service provider and their workers, especially is dependent on those in China, amount to a whose labor produces fraction of the wage the goods. If the nearby scales paid in America. factory that generates U.S. laws against dealing wealth ceases to operate with firms and countries and the jobs it supplied employing slave labor, AP Images disappear, many others China for instance, are are also victimized. regularly winked at. OCTOBER 15, 2007 7
  8. 8. SPECIAL REPORT WHAT’S WRONG Falling dollar: The euro soared to 85 million cars for 35 years.” new highs against the U.S. dollar That estimate does not include in 2007, largely as a result of U.S. Alaska’s vast energy resources policies that encourage printing that lie untapped because of currency to pay debts — which causes inflationary effects government interference. Nor including weakening the dollar. does it include the tremendous energy boost our country could receive by expanding our use of Subsidizing Our Competitors nuclear power. And then there are the U.S. No survey of our nation’s handouts. Early in 2000, Rep- government-caused ills can ig- resentative Ron Paul (R-Texas) nore inflation. Persistent federal delivered a speech to Congress deficit spending covered by the in which he pointed out that sup- government/Federal Reserve plying aid to other nations was combination that creates huge destructive to American produc- additional quantities of money tivity. He stated: and credit has watered down the value of everyone’s hold- If our American companies ings (cash, retirement funds, and our American workers insurance policies, etc.). The have to compete, the last thing American dollar, once the most they should ever be required respected currency on Earth, has to do is pay some of their tax seen its value shrink by approxi- money to send subsidies to mately 90 percent over the past their competitors, and that 50 years. is what is happening. They Now, instead of undoing the are forced to subsidize their damaging policies, elitists in AP Images competitors with foreign aid. government and business are at- They support their competi- tempting to expand upon them, tors overseas via the World using the North American Free Bank. They subsidize their Trade Agreement to merge the competitors via the Export/Import even chop away at our nation’s hard-won countries of North America. Bank and the Overseas Private In- independence. The problems plaguing America are not vestment Corporation. We literally insurmountable. In fact, there is realistic encourage the exportation of jobs by Government Fosters America’s Ills hope that America’s retreat from greatness providing overseas protection in in- As the cost of energy skyrockets, Amer- can be reversed and that we can restore surance that cannot be bought in the ica’s productive arm takes another hit. and retain freedom and prosperity for private sector. Yet, if the government would get out of tomorrow. the way and allow willing producers to That hope is based on the fact that The Texas congressman pointed out that produce, our nation would be dependent there is still plenty right with America: China “has now received $13 billion from on no one else for energy. American our priceless Constitution still stands; the the World Bank,” a United Nations cre- Chemistry Council President Jack Gerard vast majority of our fellow citizens remain ation. A sizable portion of World Bank insists that the “natural gas crisis is self-in- God-fearing and patriotic; and the family funds comes from U.S. taxpayers. Ad- flicted, caused by 25-year-old policies that is still overwhelmingly recognized as the ditional huge grants have been made to drive up demand while restricting access bedrock of a healthy society. China by the UN’s International Monetary to American energy supplies.” A report But these problems will not be solved Fund and our own nation’s Export-Import from the Consumer Alliance for Energy by wishful thinking. America must now Bank. And the congressman focused justi- Security points to the Outer Continental be rebuilt by the kind of people who don’t fiable wrath on rulings from the UN-relat- Shelf surrounding our nation where there take freedom and prosperity for granted. ed World Trade Organization that not only is “enough natural gas to heat 100 million We hope you will want to join the growing negatively impact American producers but homes for 60 years, and enough oil to drive number of rebuilders. ■ There is hope that America’s retreat from greatness can be reversed. It is based on the fact that our priceless Constitution still stands, most of our fellow citizens remain God-fearing and patriotic, and the family is still overwhelmingly recognized as the bedrock of a healthy society. 8 THE NEW AMERICAN • OCTOBER 15, 2007
  9. 9. SPECIAL NORTH AMERICAN UNION REPORT Continental Canadian riot police provide a security cordon around the secretive North Merger American summit at Montebello, Newscom Quebec, August 20-21, 2007. ities that our government and our peoples carry on (and have engaged in since our nation’s founding) not only with our next- door neighbors to the north and south, but with virtually every country on Earth. A coalition of groups warns that President Bush’s Security “I’m amused by some of the specula- and Prosperity Partnership will lead to a merger of the tion, some of the old — you can call them political scare tactics,” President Bush United States, Mexico, and Canada, but Bush claims that continued. “If you’ve been in politics as the pact is not threatening. Who is being truthful? long as I have, you get used to that kind of technique where you lay out a conspiracy and then force people to try to prove it doesn’t exist.” by William F. Jasper you say today that this is not a prelude Prime Minister Harper also chose to re- to a North American Union, similar to a spond with ridicule, joking that opponents T he U.S. media paid scant atten- European Union? Are there plans to build of the SPP process were getting all worked tion this past August when Presi- some kind of superhighway connecting all up over something that was no more seri- dent George W. Bush headed for three countries? And do you believe all of ous than candy regulations. “Is the sover- a meeting of the Security and Prosperity these theories about a possible erosion of eignty of Canada going to fall apart if we Partnership of North America (more com- national identity stem from a lack of trans- standardize the jellybeans?... I don’t think monly referred to as the SPP) in Canada. parency from this partnership?” so,” Mr. Harper chortled. The two-day summit (August 20-21) with President Bush evaded the questions and Opponents of the SPP, however, are Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon and punched at straw men of his own making. worked up about far more than trade, dia- Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper, “You know, there are some who would like logue, and jellybeans. As Bush, Harper, as well as top government ministers and to frighten our fellow citizens into believ- Calderon, and their aides met away from business leaders, was conducted behind a ing that relations between us are harmful public scrutiny, leaders representing a co- cordon of security and secrecy at a luxury for our respective peoples,” he said. “I just alition of more than 50 conservative orga- resort in Montebello, Quebec, down the believe they’re wrong. I believe it’s in our nizations in the United States and Canada Ottawa River from the Canadian capital. interest to trade; I believe it’s in our interest held a press conference at the Ottawa At the summit’s concluding press con- to dialogue.” None of the summit critics, of Marriott to deliver very serious warnings ference on August 21, the three heads of course, had even remotely implied that the about the developing “partnership,” which state were confronted with charges leveled United States cease relations, trade, or dia- they claim is an unconstitutional scheme by critics of the SPP’s goals and process. logue with Canada and Mexico; those are for economic and political merger of the A Fox News reporter asked the trio: “Can legitimate, constitutionally permitted activ- three countries. THE NEW AMERICAN • OCTOBER 15, 2007 9
  10. 10. SPECIAL REPORT NORTH AMERICAN UNION Leading SPP advocates publicly deny that their integration plans will bring about a centralized EU-style government that will override national, state, and local governance. Privately, however, in their speeches and writings, they acknowledge that this is precisely what they are constructing. “Our message,” said Howard Phillips, that their new SPP initiative was an effort The Bush administration has resisted chairman of the Coalition to Block the to build upon and expand NAFTA, the providing answers to these questions — to North American Union, “is ‘President 1993 North American Free Trade Agree- Congress, the media, or the American pub- Bush, President Calderon, Prime Minister ment. Their expressed goal for the SPP lic. Much of what has come to light thus far Harper, tear down the wall of silence and was the creation of “a safer, more pros- about the SPP working groups has been as let the people see what you are scheming to perous North America.” the result of U.S. government documents do.’” Mr. Phillips, who is also founder and Conceived completely as an executive- pried loose through Freedom Of Informa- chairman of the Conservative Caucus, stat- branch initiative, without any participation tion Act (FOIA) filings by Judicial Watch, ed at the coalition’s Ottawa news confer- or authorization from Congress, the SPP a Washington, D.C.-based public-interest ence: “Behind closed doors, step by step, established 20 trilateral “working groups” organization. the leaders of Mexico, Canada, and the composed of current and former govern- Leading SPP advocates publicly deny United States are setting the stage for, first, ment officials, academics, and corporate that their integration plans will bring about a North American Community and, ulti- leaders. The groups are directed to bring a centralized EU-style government that will mately, a North American Union (NAU), in about continental “integration” on a wide override national, state, and local gover- which new transnational bodies would gain range of political, economic, and social nance. Privately, however, in their speech- authority over our economy, our judiciary, issues, such as manufacturing, transporta- es and writings, they acknowledge that and our lawmaking institutions.” tion, energy, environment, e-commerce, fi- this is precisely what they are construct- John F. McManus, president of the John nancial services, food and agriculture, law ing. Former U.S. Ambassador to Canada Birch Society and a founding member of enforcement, immigration, infrastructure, Paul Cellucci, for instance, in an October the Coalition to Block the North Ameri- and health. 30, 2006 address to the Canadian Defense can Union, charged that the political elites Who are the members of these working and Foreign Affairs Institute, said: are planning a duplicate of the European groups? Where and when are they meet- Union for our own hemisphere. ing? What policies, programs, projects, Now, I don’t believe that we will ever and proposals are they hatching? How will have a, in name anyways, a common Who’s Telling the Truth? these things affect our lives? union like the Europeans have … but I So, is the SPP a harmless (or even beneficial) trilateral ef- fort aimed at improving re- lations, trade, and dialogue with Canada and Mexico, which has been wildly mis- represented by “conspiracy nuts,” as President Bush claims? Or is the SPP actual- ly a scheme to create an EU- style North American Union that will gradually submerge U.S. sovereignty into re- gional institutions, erase our borders, and terminate our constitutional republic, as its critics claim? The Security and Pros- perity Partnership for North America was formally launched in Waco, Texas, on March 23, 2005 by President Bush, along with Mexico’s then-President Vicente Fox President Bush at the Montebello summit with Mexican and Canada’s then-Prime President Calderon (left) and Canadian Prime Minister Harper AP Images Minister Paul Martin. The (opposite page). three leaders let it be known 10 THE NEW AMERICAN • OCTOBER 15, 2007
  11. 11. believe that, incremental- ly, we will continue to in- tegrate our economies.... I think … 10 years from now, or maybe 15 years from now we’re gonna look back and we’re gonna have a union in everything but name. [Emphasis added.] Critics, of course, are not quibbling over what the SPP architects might eventually name their creation; they are Canadian Prime Minister concerned with the creation Stephen Harper (right) says the itself and what it actually Montebello summit was only will do — and is already about “harmonizing jellybeans,” doing. For instance, one of while President Bush says critics AP Images the major objectives of the are using “scare tactics.” SPP’s chief architect Rob- ert Pastor is the transfer of $100-$200 billion from the United States to Mexico for infrastructure, case of the “comprehensive immigration the Hudson Institute, entitled Negotiating education, and economic development. He reform bill” (S. 1639) promoted by Presi- North America: The Security and Prosper- has been proposing this in speeches and dent Bush, Senator Edward Kennedy, and ity Partnership. This report makes some essays for the Council on Foreign Rela- a bipartisan cast. That bill, which was de- telling admissions, such as: “The SPP tions, the Trilateral Commission, and SPP feated, would have authorized funds for was designed to function within existing gatherings. Documents obtained through “the development of economic opportuni- administrative authority of the executive FOIA show that the U.S. Department of ties” and “job training for citizens and na- branch.” This is a “very technocratic pro- Health and Human Services (HHS), the tionals” in Mexico. Most of the SPP agen- cess,” they say, that is best carried out by Department of Transportation, and other da, however, has been proceeding without “technocrats.” federal agencies are already funding, or congressional scrutiny or consent, quietly But the technocrats have some very are planning to fund, these objectives. being implemented by the massive bureau- radical objectives, such as creating a HHS documents show that this de- cracy of the federal executive branch. The “continental perimeter” around our three partment, under the auspices of the SPP, administration and its defenders claim that countries to replace our current national intends to enhance “Mexico’s competi- the SPP agenda falls within the authority borders; creating a “North American tive position through the establishment already provided by NAFTA, which Con- passport”; merging our immigration, cus- of a grant fund for … development of gress approved. toms, and law enforcement; facilitating a infrastructure in Mexico.” Aside from This threadbare defense is wearing very free-flow migration of people among the the important fact that the U.S. Constitu- thin. Even SPP advocates are admitting to three nations; “harmonizing” our tax and tion provides no authority for the federal a “democracy deficit” and a “transparen- regulatory policies; and initiating educa- government to tax Americans to build cy deficit” in the secret SPP process. At a tion policies that foster a “North American “infrastructure in Mexico” (or any other pro-SPP seminar sponsored by the Hudson identity” rather than national identities. country), there is the additional grim fact Institute on August 13, 2007 — just prior Then there are policies aimed at “income that one government study after another to the Montebello SPP summit — Hudson gap” equalization, which of course will be has warned that our own infrastructure senior fellow Chris Sands acknowledged: achieved by a continuous downward trend — especially roads, highways, bridges, “Congress was shut out from the very for U.S. citizens, as Mexican incomes and levies — is crumbling and in need of beginning of this [SPP] process. In the rise. This is what former Federal Reserve hundreds of billions of dollars for repair last couple of years, we’ve seen increas- Chairman Alan Greenspan was advocating and construction. Sending badly needed ing concern on Capitol Hill about what’s in his controversial March 2007 remarks infrastructure funds to Mexico will further going on in these negotiations, requests for in which he called for opening the “win- hasten our own infrastructure decline and information, discussion of having hear- dow” for skilled workers to enter the Unit- accelerate the flight of American compa- ings, bringing people forward just to know ed States in order to “suppress the skilled- nies and jobs to Mexico. more about what’s going on.” wage level and end the concentration of Sometimes the SPP programs are Mr. Sands is coauthor with Professor income.” As these policies come into the smuggled into actual legislation, as in the Greg Anderson of a pro-SPP report by open, the SPP advocates know there will THE NEW AMERICAN • OCTOBER 15, 2007 11
  12. 12. SPECIAL REPORT NORTH AMERICAN UNION be a public backlash that will Two of the most important books be felt in Congress. According to the Hudson published by advocates of the NAU Institute authors, “As criti- cism of the lack of transpar- ency and public accountabil- ity of the SPP negotiations has grown, congressional interest and concern about the SPP has also grown.” Hence, say Sands and An- derson, “Congressional hos- tility represents the biggest threat to the continuation of the SPP after Montebello, and after the end of the Bush administration.” Many patriots certainly intend to increase congres- sional hostility into a genuine threat to the continuation of the SPP. “We have no choice,” says the John Birch Society’s president, John F. McManus, “but to fight and defeat the e — e — community (k myooʹ n te) n. “A group of people residing in the SPP, and repeal NAFTA, the same locality and under the same government.” (Webster’s II, New foundation upon which the College Dictionary, Houghton Mifflin Co., 1995) SPP is being built.” By both word and deed, the SPP architects have re- vealed their plans to copy the EU model of War II. It was launched as the European groups. That historic vote came on July 24 rule by technocrats and executive decrees. Coal and Steel Community, and soon after on an amendment offered by Rep. Dun- Mexican President Vicente Fox openly expanded into the European Economic can Hunter (R-Calif.) to an appropriations stated, prior to the launch of the SPP, that Community (EEC), better known as the bill prohibiting the use of funds by SPP the “long-range objective is to establish an Common Market, to promote trade and working groups. The Hunter amendment ensemble of connections and institutions ease of travel. Gradually, as more political passed the House with a landslide 362-to- similar to those created by the European integration took place, the EEC became 63 vote. Union.” the European Community, or EC. Finally, How do we account for such stunning In their 2003 book The Great Deception, it changed names once again, from EC to bipartisan opposition to something as British authors Christopher Booker and EU. The NAFTA/SPP architects are copy- supposedly inconsequential as harmoniz- Richard North describe the decades-long ing the EU slow-motion coup d’etat blue- ing jellybean labels? The answer is that a process of creating the European Union as print — but on an accelerated schedule. rapidly growing grass-roots movement of “a slow-motion coup d’etat, the most spec- Congress has the constitutional author- American citizens is becoming aware of tacular coup d’etat in history.” Booker and ity — and duty — to stop this usurpation the SPP threat, and they are making their North show that the EU has become the of power and this planned transformation voices heard in Washington, D.C. But, as greatest concentration of political power of the United States. And the defeat last these recent battles have shown, members in the history of mankind. That is precisely summer of the dangerous immigration- of Congress are not likely to take appropri- what the EU’s architects intended it to be- amnesty legislation showed that Congress ate action on these urgent matters until a come; but they didn’t tell that to the people can be prodded to act. It further acted in a significant number of determined constitu- of Europe when they first began promoting surprise vote last summer to cut off federal ents become active and light fires under- what they called “the project” after World transportation funds to the SPP working neath them. ■ The technocrats have some very radical objectives, such as creating a “continental perimeter” around our three countries to replace our current national borders; merging our immigration, customs, and law enforcement; and facilitating free-flow migration among the three nations. 12 THE NEW AMERICAN • OCTOBER 15, 2007
  13. 13. QUICKQUOTES “The Security and Prosperity Partnership is setting the stage for uniting the three nations of North Amer- ica into a North American Union that will parallel for the West what the EU has done to Europe.” John Birch Society president John F. McManus, a founding member of the Coalition to Block the North American Union, issued this warning at the coalition’s August 20, 2007 news conference in Ottawa, Can- ada, not far from where President Bush and his counterparts from Mexico and Canada were meeting. “The NAC [a new ‘North American Commission’] should develop an integrated continental plan for transportation and infrastructure that includes new North American highways and high-speed rail corridors.” American University Professor Robert Pastor, a key architect of what critics have dubbed the “North American Union,” included this recommendation in his January/Feb- ruary 2004 Foreign Affairs article entitled, “North America’s Second Ron Paul Decade,” a reference to the second decade after NAFTA. “The ultimate goal is not simply a superhighway, but an integrated North American Union — complete with a currency, a cross-national bureau- cracy, and virtually borderless travel within the Union.... It sounds like a recipe for transnational socialism and the further destruction of the U.S. economy. Terrorists surely dream of a borderless North America, where they can move freely from country to country unmolested.... We must demand that American sovereignty be protected.” Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) offered this assessment of the planned AP Images NAFTA trade corridors via video to the Coalition to Block the North Amer- ican Union’s August 20, 2007 news conference in Ottawa, Canada. “I think the Bush administration has a master plan to erase all borders James Hoffa and to have a super-government in North America. There’s talk about mega-ports down in Mexico and superhighway toll roads built with for- eign money right into the heart of America.... I am convinced that the plan to create a North American Union is what is going on.... I believe the Mexican truck demonstration is part of it.” AP Images Teamsters president James P. Hoffa told WorldNetDaily that the push to give Mexican trucks access to our highways is part of a larger plan. “NAFTA has been a success.” President George W. Bush made this claim at the March 2005 Waco, Texas, summit meeting where he and his counterparts from Mexico and Canada launched the Security and Prosperity Partnership, as part of the step-by-step process for political and economic merger begun by NAFTA. “For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the po- litical spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” AP Images This incredible admission against self-interest was made by David David Rockefeller in his own book, Memoirs (2002). Rockefeller If you believe the United States is the most unique nation on Earth with a government designed to protect your natural liberties, an economic system unlike any other, and a judicial system unknown to any other nation, then a North American Union is a threat to all you hold dear.” American Policy Center president Tom DeWeese, a founding member of the Coalition to Block the North American Union, stated this in his April 2007 DeWeese Report. ■ THE NEW AMERICAN • OCTOBER 15, 2007 13
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  15. 15. SPECIAL RULE OF LAW REPORT Running Roughshod T he rule of law, the great principle un- derlying our consti- Over U.S. Laws tutional system of govern- ment, is under attack as never before. Two of the prominent threats to the rule of law in America are the 1993 North American Free Trade Agree- ment (NAFTA) and the 2005 Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP). President Bush is an ardent champion of the former and a coauthor of the latter. Nevertheless, the president regularly invokes the “rule of law” in his speeches and press conferences. As he did, for instance, at the January 2004 Summit of the Ameri- cas in Monterrey, Mexico. Standing next to his host, Mexico’s then-President Vi- cente Fox, Mr. Bush said of the illegal-immigration con- troversy: “We are a country of law. Rule of law is impor- tant in America.” This is perversely ironic, in that NAFTA and the SPP are daggers aimed at the very heart of the rule of law. AP Images However, before examining these threats, it might serve Rule of law? President Bush and Mexican President Vicente Fox at 2004 Summit of the Americas meeting in to examine briefly just what Monterrey, Mexico. Bush declares his devotion to “the rule of law.” that three-word phrase, “rule of law,” so reverenced in American heritage, actually means. Under NAFTA and the SPP, the rule of law — including our U.S. Our Founding Fathers Constitution and Bill of Rights — is being replaced with arbitrary believed that the primary rule by unaccountable elitists. function of government is to protect the inalienable, God- given rights of the individual. by William F. Jasper on how rulings by courts created under Thus they devised a constitutional republic NAFTA and the World Trade Organization in which the powers of the national gov- ITEM: “NAFTA court is law of the 3 are striking down state laws. ernment were “few and defined,” as well as lands.” So proclaimed the headline in the ITEM: “Mexican Trucks Begin Deliver- clearly separated into the three spheres of Sacramento Bee on April 18, 2004. The ies Beyond U.S. Border.” The September operation (legislative, executive, and judi- article, taken from the New York Times, 9, 2007 story reported cial) and loaded with checks and balances reports on a NAFTA tribunal overriding on the controversial move by the Bush to guard against arbitrariness, encroach- the Massachusetts Supreme Court and the administration to advance NAFTA ob- ment, and usurpation. Thomas Jefferson U.S. Supreme Court. jectives by opening the United States to warned his fellow citizens to keep tyranny ITEM: “State Laws Take Back Seat to long-haul Mexican trucking companies, in check by binding government officials Trade.” That was the headline of a Los An- in violation of state safety, labor, and en- down “by the chains of the Constitution.” geles Times story for December 5, 2004 vironmental laws. John Adams, in drafting the Constitution THE NEW AMERICAN • OCTOBER 15, 2007 15
  16. 16. SPECIAL REPORT RULE OF LAW The NAFTA judiciary has “been under the radar screen,” says Peter Spiro, a law professor at Hofstra University, “but it points to a fundamental reorientation of our constitutional system. You have an international tribunal essentially reviewing American court judgments.” for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, immigration, and customs, to transporta- ing exponent of “transgovernmentalism,” gave us the famous phrase, “a government tion, banking, and law enforcement. These the growing trend of regional and global of laws and not of men.” “official” SPP working groups collabo- governance by networks of private-public However, under the subversive pro- rate with privileged private organizations actors independent of the nation state. cesses established by NAFTA, the SPP, such as the Council on Foreign Relations Ms. Slaughter’s 1997 essay, “The Real and other so-called free-trade agreements, (CFR), the North American Forum, the New World Order,” for the CFR journal the limitations on government are rapidly North American Competitiveness Coun- Foreign Affairs, presents the case for gov- being destroyed. This became strikingly cil, and the Council of the Americas. ernance by network and outlines precisely obvious when a NAFTA tribunal struck The CFR’s main spokesman promoting what has been taking place under NAFTA down U.S. state laws and court rulings in the SPP, is Professor Robert Pastor, who and the SPP. Slaughter enthusiastically the case reported in the New York Times/ favors merging the United States, Canada, notes that informal networks of judges, Sacramento Bee article cited at the top and Mexico into a North American Com- diplomats, technocrats, and business ex- of this story. John D. Echeverria, a law munity with a common border European ecutives are circumventing national sov- professor at Georgetown University, said Union-style. He also supports deep “inte- ereignty and creating “a form of global that the NAFTA judiciary represents “the gration” that would subject to tri-national governance” by performing “many of the biggest threat to United States judicial in- jurisdiction many matters that our Con- functions of a world government — legis- dependence.” Peter Spiro, a law professor stitution says can only be decided by the lation, administration, and adjudication … at Hofstra University, likewise noted: “It’s United States government, state and local without the form.” She praises transgov- basically been under the radar screen. But governments, or the American people. ernmentalism for being “fast, flexible, and it points to a fundamental reorientation of Dr. Pastor has been a key participant at effective.” No need for those slow, messy, our constitutional system. You have an in- SPP meetings that have been closed to the constitutional checks and balances! ternational tribunal essentially reviewing American people and their constitutionally It is precisely individuals like Pastor American court judgments.” elected representatives. One of Pastor’s in- and Slaughter — and their fellow global- However, adverse court rulings are fluential SPP allies in this transformation ists inside of and outside of government not the only (or even principal) means by of America from the rule of law to the rule — whom Jefferson admonished that we which NAFTA and the SPP threaten our of men is Princeton University law profes- should bind down “from mischief by the constitutional rule of law. sor Anne-Marie Slaughter, the CFR’s lead- chains of the Constitution.” ■ A fundamental principle of consti- tutional law is that a law passed by Congress, or a treaty ratified by the Senate, that violates the Constitution Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice with David Rockefeller, founder and honorary chairman of the is null and void. Though approved Council of the Americas, one of the principal private by Congress in 1993, many features groups promoting a North American Union. of NAFTA, including the jurisdic- tion of NAFTA tribunals, should be declared unconstitutional. NAFTA also established dozens of secret tri-national working groups that de- velop “norms” and “rules” to govern all activities under NAFTA’s alleged jurisdiction. This unconstitutional legislative process has been carried over into the SPP, which, unlike NAFTA, was never even put before Congress. President Bush simply launched it in 2005 as an executive measure. The SPP working groups are a developing legion of public officials and private citizens who are secretly AP Images crafting policies and rules on mat- ters ranging from education, taxes, 16 THE NEW AMERICAN • OCTOBER 15, 2007
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  19. 19. SPECIAL IMMIGRATION REPORT The North American Union Invasion Despite the great harm Mexican President Felipe Calderon, in that Americans face from his 2007 State of the Union address, rampant illegal immigration denounces U.S. border security and declares, “Mexico does not end at the — crime, terrorism, border,... wherever there is a Mexican, economic devastation — our Mexico is there.” political and business elitists push for more amnesties. by Sam Antonio C NN’s Lou Dobbs touched a nerve with the American public when he declared, “The Bush administra- tion’s open-borders policy and its decision to ignore the enforcement of this country’s immigration laws is part of a broader AP Images agenda. President Bush signed a formal agreement that will end the United States as we know it, and he took the step without approval from either the U.S. Congress or the people of the United States.” The agreement to which Mr. Dobbs re- ferred, the Security and Prosperity Partner- and other measures aimed at continuing tion, every national value.” ship (SPP), was launched in 2005 by Presi- political and economic integration of our These global elitists are trying to bring dent Bush, then-Mexican President Vicente three countries, they say, will enhance our about a major shift, to convince us to begin Fox, and then-Canadian Prime Minister security and prosperity. considering ourselves not as Americans Paul Martin. But what is this “broader The godfather of the SPP, Professor but as North Americans. To this end, they agenda” to which Lou Dobbs refers? Robert Pastor, gave testimony before the have backed and promoted the Bush-Ken- In short, the SPP agenda would merge Senate Foreign Relations Committee in nedy-McCain efforts to grant amnesty to the three countries inside a common “se- 2005 in which he asserted, “The best way millions of illegal aliens already here, and curity perimeter,” essentially erasing our to secure the United States is not at our to open the borders even wider to millions current national borders. The SPP’s de- borders with Mexico and Canada but at more “guest workers.” At the same time, signers commend the European Union’s the borders of North America as a whole.” they have supported President Bush’s open migration policy and advise that we This goal, he said, “we hope to accomplish thwarting of congressional mandates to likewise merge our customs, immigration, by 2010.” build a border fence and dramatically in- and border enforcement agencies with Lou Dobbs expressed the shock of many crease Border Patrol manpower. those of Canada and Mexico to facilitate when he said, “But this is — I mean, this The Bush administration’s reaction to the flow of peoples and goods. They also is beyond belief!” And, he said, he hopes Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s Sep- propose a North American passport. These the American people have “the stomach tember 2, 2007 State of the Union address to stand up and stop this nonsense, this di- is very telling. In his speech, President Sam Antonio is the John Birch Society’s national rection from a group of elites, an absolute Calderon railed against recent U.S. depor- spokesman on immigration. contravention of our law, of our Constitu- tations of illegal aliens, denouncing these THE NEW AMERICAN • OCTOBER 15, 2007 19