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    The NAFTA Super Highway - The New American Magazine - 8-7-06.pdf The NAFTA Super Highway - The New American Magazine - 8-7-06.pdf Document Transcript

    • Border Town Violence Spreads • UN Gun Grab Goes Bust • Batting a Thousand at Being a Man August 7, 2006 $2.95
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    • Vol. 22, No. 16 August 7, 2006 COVER STORY BREAKING OUR BORDERS 12 Coming Through! The NAFTA Super Highway ▲ by Kelly Taylor — The planned NAFTA Super Highway would radically reconfigure not only the physical landscape of these United States, but our political and economic landscapes as well. FEATURES Illustration by Mario Noche IMMIGRATION 18 “The Race” to Win America by Sam Antonio — La Raza (“The Race”) presented a moderate image at their recent Los Angeles conference, but the group’s ultimate goal is a radical reconquest of the southwestern U.S. for Mexico. 21 A First-generation American Speaks Out! Interview of Sam Antonio by William F. Jasper — As the son of legal immigrants, the John Birch Society’s immigration spokesman Sam Antonio offers a unique perspective on the dangers of illegal immigration. DEPARTMENTS 25 Border Town Violence 5 Letters to the Editor by R. Cort Kirkwood — As illegal immigrants flood the United States, a wave of crimes committed by illegals is crashing into border towns and 7 Insider Report threatening to engulf our entire nation. • Who’s Looking out for the United States? • La Raza Conference SECOND AMENDMENT Smears Immigration Patriots • The Specter Surrender on Wiretapping 29 UN Gun Grab Goes Bust • Massachusetts Betrayal on Marriage by Kurt Williamsen — Despite abundant anti-gun sentiment at the UN’s • Mired in Iraq’s Inter-communal War recent Small Arms conference, anti-gunners ran into a serious — if temporary — setback. 11 QuickQuotes DVD REVIEW 31 America Under Attack 33 The Goodness of America by Dennis Behreandt — In Immigration Invasion, John Birch Society • Valedictorian’s Faith President John F. McManus warns that the illegal immigration invasion • Pilot’s Last Act must be ended if the nation is to survive. 41 Exercising the Right HISTORY — AMERICAN SPIRIT • House Call • Through the Wringer 34 Batting a Thousand at Being a Man ▲ by Cort Kirkwood — Lou Gehrig always stepped up to the plate to meet whatever life pitched his way — 43 Correction, Please! even his own impending death — with the integrity, • For a Change, Enforce humility, and equanimity of a real man. the Immigration Laws AP THE LAST WORD 44 21st-century Feudalism COVER Illustration by Mario Noche by William Norman Grigg
    • ...Serving the Chicagoland area for over 90 years 38 2 E a s t 1 1 6 t h S t . • C hic ago, IL 60628 • (773) 785-3055
    • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Publisher John F. McManus Editor Oil Companies Are Gouging 4x4, Show ’em the Door! Gary Benoit In regard to your June 26 article by Brian Article Four, Section Four, of the U.S. Con- Farmer, “Behind the High Price of Gas,” in stitution reads: “The United States shall Senior Editors which he defends the record profits of the oil guarantee to every State in this Union a re- William Norman Grigg companies, please consider: publican form of government, and shall pro- William F. Jasper • Consumers, not just stockholders, do tect each of them against invasion.” Copy Editor have a right to be outraged when it is we who Congressmen, senators, and presidents Kurt Williamsen are paying for Mr. Executive’s $400 million have all raised their hands and sworn an oath golden parachute and when companies’ to man and God to uphold and defend the Contributors yearly net profits outdo even Wal-Mart. Of Constitution. Dennis J. Behreandt course, it is we who contribute to these prof- Yet we are now, and have been for many Christopher S. Bentley Steven J. DuBord its — when we have to buy their gasoline to years, under an invasion through our south- Thomas R. Eddlem live our lives. We have no choice, unless we ern border, which is now threatening our Jodie Gilmore want to ride a bicycle or walk. national sovereignty. This has not only been William P. Hoar • Gas prices go up — oil company profits tolerated by our federal government, but Warren Mass go up. Excessively high gas prices — exces- even encouraged. Those in power in our fed- Michael E. Telzrow Joe Wolverton II, J.D. sively high oil company profits. One plus eral government have been seduced by a glo- one equals two, Mr. Farmer. What’s hard to balist agenda, designed to create a regional Editorial Assistant figure out about that? government of the Americas, following the Ann Shibler • The oil companies are not concerned pattern established by the European Union about poor public relations and retribution (“United States of North America,” May 1 Art Director Joseph W. Kelly by the government. Bush, the attorney gen- issue). The blurring of our southern border eral, and the secretary of energy have already and influx of illegal immigrants facilitate Desktop Publishing Specialist given the wink and nod that there’s nothing this planned merging. Steven J. DuBord the government can/will do! The motivation The poor Hispanics flooding into our is greed — not public relations. Strip-mine country are really not the problem; they are Research Mary Benoit the American pocketbook while you can! but pawns in this much larger agenda. The Brian T. Farmer USA Today reported that Exxon earned $946 problem is in Washington, D.C., and with the Bonnie M. Gillis million in interest alone in 2005 on their net voters who blindly reelect individuals whose profits. allegiance is to this globalist agenda. Marketing • Isn’t the Cato Institute you quote one This is an election year. Our current Larry Greenley George R. Kotalik of these “free trade,” “conservative” think group of incumbents, regardless of party, John H. Nelson tanks that have helped grease the skids for needs to be removed from office. Now, how shipping millions of U.S. jobs to third-world to remember Article Four, Section Four? Web Manager impoverished nations so that these good old Whenever you see a truck or SUV with a Brian Witt American corporations can exploit slave- 4x4 insignia, think of Article Four, Section Advertising/Circulation like and child labor in China and Central Four, and remember what it says — that the Julie DuFrane America? Constitution commits the federal govern- • Finally, I am highly disappointed in THE ment to protecting each state from invasion. NEW AMERICAN. I drive for a living and am Four-by-four. Then think, “4x4, show ’em forced to pay these high gas prices. the door!” Maybe you would do well to ask indepen- CHIP HIGGINS dent long-haul drivers how much it takes to Sandy, Utah Printed in the U.S.A. • ISSN 0885-6540 P.O. Box 8040 • Appleton, WI 54912 fill up those 300-gallon tanks with diesel. 920-749-3784 • 920-749-3785 (fax) High gas prices = higher hauling costs = Send your letters to: THE NEW AMERICAN, P.O. higher priced goods = depletion of middle Box 8040, Appleton, WI 54912. Or e-mail: Rates are $39 per year (Hawaii and Canada, class/family budgets! Due to volume add $9; foreign, add $27) or $22 for six months (Hawaii and Canada, add $4.50; foreign, add ROBERT L. SIMPSON received, not all letters can be answered. Letters $13.50). Copyright ©2006 by American Opin- Burlington, N.C. may be edited for space and clarity. ion Publishing, Inc. Periodicals postage paid at Appleton, WI and additional mailing offices. Post- master: Send any address changes to THE NEW AMERICAN, P.O. Box 8040, Appleton, WI 54912. EXTRA COPIES AVAILABLE THE NEW AMERICAN is pub- lished biweekly by Ameri- ➧ Additional copies of this issue of THE NEW AMERICAN are can Opinion Publishing available at quantity-discount prices. To order, visit www.thenew Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of The John Birch Society. or see the card between pages 38-39. THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006 5
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    • INSIDER REPORT Who’s Looking Out for the United States? Acting in retaliation for the capture of two of its soldiers by the thousands of innocent foreign civilians in Lebanon, among them Iranian and Syrian-backed Hezbollah terrorist group, the Israeli an estimated 25,000 Americans. While the U.S. government dith- government unleashed its military against Lebanon. One of the ered, military and chartered civilian transportation provided by first targets was the Beirut international airport, which was de- France and Italy conveyed hundreds of Americans to safety in molished by Israeli air strikes. At the beginning of the assault, Cyprus. Hundreds of others sought refuge in Syria, taking ad- Israeli Chief of Staff Gen. Dan Halutz declared that “nothing vantage of a safe-haven offer from the Syrian dictator. Incredible is safe” in Lebanon — including, presumably, any of the areas as it may seem, U.S. allies — and even one prospective enemy, where foreign noncombatants would seek refuge. Syria — displayed greater concern for the safety of U.S. citizens Left trapped by the Israeli air and sea blockade were tens of caught in the crossfire than did the Bush administration. Even more incredible is the fact that while countries like France and Syria were extending merciful aid to U.S. citizens caught in the conflict, the State Department was forcing American citizens to sign promissory notes agreeing to repay the cost of evacuation. “The Department of State reminds American citizens that the U.S. government does not provide no-cost transportation but does have the authority to provide repatriation loans to those in finan- cial need,” stated a July 15 official State Department bulletin. “For the portion of your trip directly handled by the U.S. Govern- ment we will ask you to sign a promissory note and we will bill you at a later date.” Public outcry forced the State Department to rescind that policy. But the incident powerfully illustrates the perverted pri- orities behind Washington’s interventionist foreign policy: the AP Lebanon aflame: Fires rage through a neighborhood in Kfarshima, taxpayers are hit up for hundreds of billions to pay for unconstitu- a suburb of Beirut, following an Israeli airstrike. More than 100,000 tional foreign wars and foreign aid, but the money just isn’t there foreign nationals were caught in the crossfire between Israel and to rescue Americans facing violent death abroad — meaning the Hezbollah, including 25,000 U.S. citizens. refugees get stuck with the bill. La Raza Conference Smears Immigration Patriots How’s this for sordid hypocrisy? An organization that identifies work to secure our borders, certainly not the racist ogre the ADL itself by race and that promotes militant racism denounces as “rac- and NCLR try to make her out to be.” When informed by THE ist” and “xenophobic” American citizens who merely insist that NEW AMERICAN that she had been singled out at the NCLR con- our government enforce our borders. Translated into English, the ference, Mrs. Coe replied that although she deeply resents false National Council of La Raza (NCLR) means National Council of characterizations of her as a racist, “I guess it could be considered The Race. “The Race” in this instance refers to people of Mexican an honor of sorts to be singled out for attack by the real racists, descent. The recent NCLR national conference in Los Angeles the leaders of La Raza.” (see page 18) featured a presentation by Joanna Mendelson — in- vestigative reporter with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of Barbara Southern California entitled “Keeping Our Institutions Safe.” Coe Sam Antonio, national immigration spokesman for the John Birch Society, attended the conference as a correspondent for THE NEW AMERICAN. He described the ADL program as a vicious example of the sandwich smear: “Responsible, patriotic organi- zations such as the Minutemen and the California Coalition for Immigration Reform [CCIR] were repeatedly cited as ‘virulent’ and ‘anti-Hispanic,’ and grouped together with the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazi groups like Stormfront.” David Moore Sam Antonio The ADL slide show particularly focused on CCIR leader Barbara Coe. “Mrs. Coe was mentioned by name several times as though she were some dangerous Public Enemy No. 1,” said Who’s “racist” — the Ford Foundation-funded radical group calling Antonio. “I know Barbara very well and have worked with her itself “The Race” (La Raza), or the law-abiding, principled defenders of for many years. She’s a wonderful lady who has done tremendous our border such as Barbara Coe (right)? THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006 7
    • INSIDER REPORT The Specter Surrender on Wiretapping On July 13, Senate lowing FISA — the wrong court — to issue that ruling, Specter’s Judiciary Committee proposed bill would strip all other federal courts of appellate ju- Chairman Arlen Spec- risdiction on matters of electronic surveillance and wiretapping. ter (R-Pa.) announced a “This bill is not a compromise but a full-fledged capitulation “compromise” agreement on the part of the legislative branch to executive claims of power,” with the White House correctly observed the Washington Post in a July 15 editorial. regarding the controver- Replying to criticism of his proposal, Specter explained: “The sial NSA wiretapping bill does not mandate the president to submit the program to the program (which Specter court [system] because the president did not want to institution- had volubly criticized as ally bind presidents in the future.” Arlen unconstitutional). Of course, presidents are “institutionally” bound by the chains Specter The president would of the Constitution, which established the judiciary and the legis- AP “voluntarily” agree to lature as co-equal branches of the federal government. Specter’s have the court established by the Foreign Intelligence Surveil- supposed compromise destroys vital links in those necessary lance Act (FISA) assess the constitutionality of the wiretapping chains, further emancipating the dictatorial impulses President program. The FISA court, however, was established in 1978 to Bush has done little to disguise — and setting the stage for fu- review specific warrant requests, rather than to hand down broad ture presidents, both Republican and Democrat, to build on Mr. constitutional rulings. In exchange for the “concession” of al- Bush’s record. War Presidency as Limited-term Dictatorship According to Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post columnist mit the president a five-year period during which he is essentially Charles Krauthammer, “Our big wars — and the war on terror- an elected dictator. ism ranks with the big ones — have a way of starting in the first To justify this assumption, Krauthammer invoked the familiar year of a decade. Supreme Courts, which historically have been precedents of Lincoln suspending habeas corpus and “trashing the loath to intervene against presidential war powers in the midst Bill of Rights,” and FDR’s summary imprisonment of Japanese of conflict, have tended to give the president until mid-decade to Americans during WWII. Both of those wars were ended during do what he wishes to the Constitution in order to win the war.” what Krauthammer considers the customary five-year limit for (Emphasis added.) wartime dictatorship. But the “war on terror” will continue indefi- By this reasoning, once a “state of war” exists — whether or nitely, he adds, meaning that the only rational course, as he sees not Congress has actually declared war — it is customary to per- it, is to promote unrestrained presidential power in perpetuity. Massachusetts Betrayal on Marriage The Massachusetts state legislature on July 12 betrayed voters be voted upon in the form in supporting traditional marriage by voting to postpone putting a which it was introduced … marriage initiative on the ballot until (at least) after the Novem- [and] Final legislative action ber election. And nobody is banking on the legislature voting in the joint session upon any to put the marriage initiative on a future ballot, when the state amendment shall be taken legislature’s joint session (called a “constitutional convention”) only by call of the yeas and reconvenes. This despite the fact that the required number of sig- nays.” (Emphasis added.) natures was collected from voters to place the initiative on the The initiative would have ballot. Adoption of such an amendment by the voters would make defined marriage as a man it part of the state constitution. and a woman under state law, This is the second time the Massachusetts legislature has but would “grandfather in” AP thumbed its nose at voters supporting traditional marriage; the — as it were — those same- first occurred in 2002, when the legislature refused to put a sex ceremonies already performed under the state Supreme Ju- similar (though superior) initiative on the ballot. The legisla- dicial Court’s 2003 Goodridge v. Department of Public Health ture voted to adjourn even though the 48th amendment to the decision. The grandfathering clause was necessarily flawed be- state constitution requires that “a proposal for an amendment cause the state constitution bans initiatives directed at reversing to the state constitution introduced by initiative petition shall judicial decisions. 8 THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006
    • Mired in Iraq’s Inter-communal War Baghdad’s Adhamiya neighborhood, a Sunni Muslim enclave in the northern part of the city, has been the site of intense and bloody fighting between Sunni insurgents and U.S. troops. Its Abu Hanifa Mosque was the scene of Saddam Hussein’s last public appearance prior to the fall of Baghdad in 2003. By any measure, the community would seem to be a hotbed of anti-U.S. sentiment. Yet, as the July 17 New York Times points out, “when an Ameri- can convoy rolled in recently, a remarkable message rang out” from the loudspeakers of the mosque, a place of worship that had been used to rally resistance to the U.S. forces. AP “The American Army is coming with the Iraqi Army — do Where’s the front? U.S. soldiers in Iraq face an escalating sectarian civil not shoot,” urged the message. “They are here to help you.” With war in which last week’s enemy is this week’s ally. Iranian-backed Shi’ite militias now prowling the neighborhood and killing people with impunity, Sunni leaders now welcome American diplomat said.” U.S. troops as protection. Accordingly, the same Sunni radicals who wanted to evict U.S. Throughout Iraq, “many Sunni Arab political and religious troops now want them to stay until the threat from Iranian-backed leaders once staunchly opposed to the American presence … are militias is abated. now saying they need American troops to protect them from the Apart from demonstrating the folly of creating a power vac- rampages of Shiite militias and Shiite-run government forces,” uum in Iraq that Tehran was able to exploit, this development reports a Times dispatch from Baghdad. “The Sunnis also view illustrates how U.S. forces are being sucked into the morass of an the Americans as a ‘bulwark against Iranian actions here,’ a senior ethnic conflict that may last for decades or longer. Falsifying Legislative History Last December, President Bush signed into law a measure called word document purported to set forth the “legislative history” the Detainee Treatment Act, which was intended to prohibit the and intent behind the Detainee Treatment Act. use of torture in interrogating terrorist suspects. At the time he The only problem, Dean points out, is that the colloquy never signed the act, Mr. Bush attached a “signing statement,” effec- happened. It was confected by staffers working for Graham and tively nullifying the act by claiming that he could suspend its Kyl and inserted in the record after the fact. This act of Orwellian application in the interests of national security. “rectification” served as the basis for an amicus brief filed by the But even before the bill reached his desk, Mr. Bush’s con- mendacious Republican senators in the case of Hamdan v. Rums- gressional allies had feld, in which they in- used a similarly dis- sisted that the Detainee honest gambit in an Treatment Act’s “legis- attempt to preserve the lative history confirms extra-constitutional that Congress intended powers claimed by the all pending claims” to president. be extinguished by the As Nixon-era White measure. House Counsel John “I want our col- Dean recounted in an leagues to know ex- op-ed column, when actly what they are the conference report agreeing to,” Graham on the Detainee Treat- supposedly said, as ment Act was sent back recorded in the bogus to the Senate last De- colloquy. Graham and cember 21, it contained his comrades in decep- a “lengthy colloquy” in- tion were willing to volving Senators Lind- Lindsey Jon Sam falsify legislative his- sey Graham (R-S.C.), Graham Kyl Brownback tory and perjure them- AP Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.), and Deceptive triumvirate: Republican senators Lindsey Graham, Jon Kyl, and Sam selves in the service of Sam Brownback (R- Brownback conspired (no other word is adequate) to falsify the legislative history of the absolute presidential Kan.). This 12,000- “Detainee Treatment Act.” powers. ■ THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006 9
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    • QUICKQUOTES Sudan Leader Wants No UN Forces in His Country ▲ “I swear that there will not be any international military inter- vention in Darfur as long as I am in power. Sudan, which was the first country south of the Sahara to gain independence, cannot now be the first country to be recolonized.” Responding to a UN intention to send peacekeepers to Darfur, Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir showed his disdain for the world organization and the record of its peacekeepers. AP UN-related Campaign Launched Against Home-schoolers “One of the conditions [for homeschooling] is that the homeschoolers must sign a document in which they promise to rear their children along the lines of the UN Convention on Children’s Rights. These parents have not done this. This is why the ministry has started an inquiry.” Criminal charges will be issued to parents who refuse to sign an agreement to follow the UN’s Conven- tion, according to Belgium’s Ministry of Education spokesman Frank Vandenbrouke. Vatican Official Urges Excommunication ▲ for Destroying Human Embryos “Destroying an embryo is equivalent to abortion. Excommuni- cation is valid for the women, the doctors and the researchers who destroy [human] embryos.” As the powerful head of the Catholic Church’s Pontifical Council for the Family, Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo left no doubt about his stand on this controversial issue. He Says Helmets for Motorcyclists Should Remain Voluntary “Our Founding Fathers didn’t write into the Constitution the AP authority for government to protect us from ourselves. That’s why it’s not illegal to eat too much, sky-dive, ski, be obese, or not brush your teeth.” In his letter to the editor published in USA Today, Joseph D. Schwenz, Sr. made an excellent point. Billboard Aimed at “Sanctuary City” “Attention: Illegal Aliens, Cambridge, Mass. is a sanctuary city. For help getting there, contact transit.” The anti-illegal immigration group Project USA is raising money to pay for a billboard in northern New Jersey to protest illegal immigration and mock liberal Cambridge, which has labeled itself a sanctuary city. Claims About Global Warming Targeted “Lastly, there is a clear attempt to establish truth not by scientific methods but by perpetual repetition.” Claiming that there is “no consensus” on global warming, M.I.T. Atmospheric Science professor Richard S. Lindzen strongly discounts the opinions of those who claim the world is headed for “a planetary emergency.” Honor Roll of History’s Quotable Quotes ▲ “Our destruction, should it come at all, will be from another quarter. From the inattention of the people to the concerns of their government, from their carelessness and negligence, I must confess that I do apprehend some danger. I fear that they may place too implicit a confidence in their public servants, and fail properly to scrutinize their conduct; that in this way they may be made the dupes of designing men, and become the instruments of their own undoing.” Daniel Webster, June 1, 1837 ■ — COMPILED BY JOHN F. MCMANUS AP THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006 11
    • BREAKING OUR BORDERS Illustration by Mario Noche The planned NAFTA Super Highway would radically reconfigure not only the physical landscape of these United States, but our political and economic landscapes as well. by Kelly Taylor derail it, you may soon be run over by it — both figuratively and literally. A ll across America, mammoth construction projects are The NAFTA Super Highway is a venture unlike any previous preparing to launch. The NAFTA Super Highway is on highway construction project. It is actually a daisy chain of dozens a fast track and it’s headed your way. If you don’t help of corridors and coordinated projects that are expected to stretch out for several decades, cost hundreds of billions of dollars, and end Kelly Taylor is an Austin-based writer and filmmaker, and the producer of a up radically reconfiguring not only the physical landscape of these politically based TV talk show. United States, but our political and economic landscapes as well. 12 THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006
    • In Texas, the NAFTA Super Highway is Mexico’s President Vicente Fox, being sold as the Trans Texas Corridor. In and Canada’s Prime Minister Mar- simplest terms, the TTC is a superhighway tin launched what they call the Se- All across America, mammoth system including tollways for passenger curity and Prosperity Partnership of construction projects are preparing vehicles and trucks; lanes for commercial North America (SPP). Any serious to launch. The NAFTA Super Highway and freight trucks; tracks for commuter study of the SPP will clearly reveal rail and high-speed freight rail; depots that its ultimate aim is the disso- is on a fast track and it’s headed your for all rail lines; pipelines for oil, water, lution of the United States into a way. If you don’t help derail it, you and natural gas; and electrical towers North American Union patterned and cabling for communication and tele- after the increasingly dictatorial may soon be run over by it — both phone lines. One of the proposed corridor regional government now running figuratively and literally. routes, TTC-35, is parallel to the present the European Union. Henceforth, Interstate Highway 35 (I-35), slightly to under this plan, the borders be- the east, running north from Mexico to tween our nations will be incrementally supposedly secure FAST lanes, checked Canada. Its present scope is 4,000 miles erased in favor of a joint “perimeter” only electronically until the first Customs long, 1,200 feet wide, with an estimated around all three countries. stop in Kansas City! cost of $183 billion of taxpayer funds. It One part of this plan calls for streamlin- What about all the repeated promises runs through Kansas City. ing the flow of traffic from Mexico, includ- by the White House and Congress to make ing a massive increase in containers from border security America’s “top priority”? Integration vs. Independence China and the Far East offloading at Mexi- Moving Customs inspections hundreds of How would all of this affect you, your can seaports and then being transported by miles inland obviously contradicts those family, and your community? Let us count truck and rail into the United States via the promises and incalculably increases the the ways. One of the most striking features new NAFTA Super Highway. These new opportunities for smugglers (of drugs, il- of the proposed Super Highway is the cargo streams would cross the border in legal aliens, terrorists, weapons of mass plan to do away with our borders, as evidenced by the joint U.S.- Vision of the future? The web page for NASCO (North America’s Super Corridor Coalition, Inc.) provides Mexico Customs facility already a graphic map presentation of one of the corridors planned for the so-called under construction in Kansas City, NAFTA Super Highway. Missouri. A U.S. Customs check- point in Kansas City? But that’s a thousand miles inside America’s heartland; isn’t the purpose of U.S. Customs to check people and cargo at our borders? Ah, but the mere asking of that question shows that you’re still operating under the old paradigm that sees the United States as an independent, sovereign nation. However, that paradigm began to change following passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994. NAFTA, which was sold to the American public as a simple trade agreement, was actually far more than that, setting in motion a process for the grad- ual social, economic, and po- litical “integration,” or merger, of the three NAFTA countries — Canada, the United States, and Mexico — into a North American Union. In 2005, this merger process became more explicit and ag- gressive when President Bush, THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006 13
    • BREAKING OUR BORDERS Texas Governor Rick Perry at a January 28, 2002 presentation of the proposed “Trans Texas Corridor,” accompanied by an artist’s rendering of the project. destruction, and other contraband) to enter the country. Our borders are already in- credibly porous and undermanned; secur- ing the entire route from the Mexico-Texas border to Kansas City would require thou- sands more Border Patrol and Customs officers. Would these agents be provided? Could this route be made any more secure than our southern border? Does it make sense to effectively extend the border via this route when we are now doing such a poor job securing our existing border? Under the Radar Moreover, we can expect that similar in- land joint Customs facilities, like the one in Kansas City, will be included in the AP On the Road to EU-style Governance by William F. Jasper development of high-speed rail corridors.” Pastor cited a World Bank study that had concluded that “Mexico P erhaps you’re shaking your head in disbelief, wondering how needs $20 billion a year for ten years, just for infrastructure.” That’s anything as massive and costly as the NAFTA Super Highway $200 billion, for starters. Where will such sizable sums come from? could have progressed so far without your notice? Well, it may Pastor proposed the creation of a “North American Development Fund, be that you don’t belong to the right clubs — such as the Council on whose priority would be to connect the U.S.-Mexico border region to Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission (TC). central and southern Mexico.” This new multi-billion dollar fund, Pas- As reported in previous articles in these pages, one of the principal tor suggested, could be administered by the World Bank and the Inter- authors of the Security and Prosperity Partnership merger is Dr. Rob- American Development Bank. That would be very convenient, since ert Pastor, a vice-chairman of the CFR’s Task Force on the Future of both of these institutions are run by Pastor’s fellow CFR members. North America and author of Toward a North American Community. In 2004, Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), a leading proponent of open Pastor’s writings and speeches provided the blueprint for the Bush- borders and amnesty for illegal aliens, introduced S. 2941, the North Fox-Martin SPP merger plan. American Investment Fund Act. The legislation’s official title says it In November 2002, Professor Pastor addressed a meeting of David is “a bill to authorize the President to negotiate the creation of a North Rockefeller’s super-elite Trilateral Commission in Toronto, Canada. American Investment Fund to promote economic and infrastructure He opened his speech, entitled “A North American Community,” with integration among Canada, Mexico, and the United States.” Section the following sentence: “The entry into force of the North American four says: “The Fund shall make grants for projects … to construct Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994 represented a breath-taking roads in Mexico to facilitate trade between Mexico and Canada, and continental opportunity.” Mexico and the United States.” Cornyn’s bill was introduced on June Among the many things Pastor proposed was “establishing a 29 of this year as S. 2622. single ‘North American Customs and Immigration Service,’” to be Pastor and other NAFTA/SPP architects have repeatedly cited composed of “officials from the three governments, trained togeth- the European Union (EU) as the model for us to follow. The EU er.” He also called on the NAFTA governments (Mexico, Canada, countries have given up control over their borders for a common and the United States) to create a North American Commission of perimeter; we are expected to follow suit. “Are North Americans “distinguished individuals” (like himself) whose “task would be prepared to give up their sovereignty?” Pastor asked rhetorically, to help the leaders think continentally.” One of the new commis- in his Trilateral speech. “The term ‘sovereignty’ is one of the most sion’s duties would be to “develop an integrated continental plan widely used, abused, and least understood in the diplomatic lexi- for transportation and infrastructure.” This should include, he said, con.... Sovereignty, in brief, is not the issue.” Leaders must throw off “new highway corridors on the Pacific Coast and into Mexico,” “aging conceptions of sovereignty,” he avers, in favor of continental as well as “a plan that would permit mergers of the railroads and “integration” and “convergence.” ■ 14 THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006
    • other Mexico-to-Canada superhighway way has begun to be a very corridors. Of course, these corridors will hot topic. Using Missouri’s not be secured, and the result — as in- Sunshine Law, Mrs. Muc- Although the Super Highway corridors tended — would be the de facto merger ci’s group has pried loose a are being sold locally as projects to ease of immigration and Customs enforcement number of documents that congestion and facilitate U.S. economic and the obliteration of the current national are causing the public and borders within the planned North Ameri- private champions of the competitiveness, their main purpose is to can Union. That is precisely what one of NAFTA Super Highway to create an arterial network for speeding the the main architects of the SPP plan, Pro- squirm and stonewall. “They fessor Robert Pastor of American Univer- were going along great guns delivery of manufactured products into the sity and the Council on Foreign Relations, with this whole plan, with United States through Canada and Mexico. has repeatedly advocated in his writings, all of their high-powered speeches, and congressional testimony. politicians, law firms, PR (See sidebar on page 14) firms, and corporate contractors — and ly impact Americans in many other ways. How is it possible that something this virtually no opposition, until now,” Mrs. The ones who will be most immediately radical has gone so far virtually unnoticed Mucci told THE NEW AMERICAN. “We’re affected are those whose homes, farms, when illegal immigration and border secu- just volunteers, so we don’t have the ranches, businesses, and communities lay rity are among the hottest political topics money and influence they have, but we are in the paths of any of the planned routes. of the day? The politicians and the private digging out the truth.” And she is hopeful Millions of acres are scheduled to be contractors who have been pushing this that if enough taxpayers, voters, and prop- paved over and that means using eminent merger scheme intended it that way, know- erty owners learn about all the horrendous domain to condemn lots of private prop- ing full well that adoption and successful ramifications of the Super Highway plan, erty for the Super Highway corridors and implementation of the plan would depend they will shut it down before it can do the rights-of-way. on keeping it under the public radar. damage envisioned. But every American, ultimately, would Thanks largely to the investigative work be dramatically impacted by this onrush- of Joyce Mucci, who heads the Kansas Super Highway Robbery ing scheme. How? First of all, in the pock- City-based Mid-America Immigration Aside from erasing our borders — which etbook — with increased taxes and tolls. Reform Coalition, and author/economist is no small matter in and of itself — the With an aggregate price tag of hundreds Jerome Corsi, the NAFTA Super High- NAFTA Super Highway would profound- of billions of dollars — for projects in the Mexican trucks head north into the United States on route 905 in San Diego. Planned Super Highway projects would drastically increase this flow. AP THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006 15
    • BREAKING OUR BORDERS States, the NAFTA Super of the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Effi- Highway will accelerate the cient Transportation Equity Act of 2005 When viewed in the aggregate, these 80 job exodus. Although the — A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU) super corridors can only be seen as a Super Highway corridors (whew!), U.S. funds apportioned to a bor- are being sold locally as der state may be used to construct a high- means to so thoroughly restructure and projects to ease congestion way project in Canada or Mexico, if that integrate the three countries so as to and facilitate U.S. economic project directly facilitates cross-border permanently blur the distinctions, and competitiveness, their main vehicle and cargo movement! Just think purpose, very clearly, is to — your tax dollars may now be sent to to make their merger into a regional create an arterial network Canada or Mexico to aid the entry of il- government seamless and even appealing. for speeding the delivery of legal aliens into the United States, like it manufactured products into or not. the United States through Additionally, SAFETEA-LU allows U.S. and Mexico — enormous increases Canada and Mexico. U.S. states to use tolling on a pilot basis to in federal, state, and local taxes are a cer- Thus, U.S. taxpayers would have to pay finance Interstate construction and recon- tainty. To assist in financing the mammoth for reduced transportation costs for foreign struction, and to establish tolls for existing Super Highway, plans call for converting producers. In addition, the “continental” Interstate highways to fund the new Super many current roads, which taxpayers have plan calls for U.S. taxpayers to pay hun- Highway corridors. Austin, Texas, is al- already paid for, to tollways for all motor dreds of billions of dollars to extend this ready experiencing fierce struggles over vehicles. “infrastructure development” (highways, converting its already-paid-for Interstate If the NAFTA Super Highway goes railways, bridges, power plants, telecom- and state highways to toll roads, but few through as planned, millions of Americans munications, seaports) through Mexico Texans understand that this new tolling is can expect to pay with their jobs as well. and Central America. to be the mechanism for funding the levi- Just as the NAFTA trade policies have How will it do that? Under the Coor- athan Trans Texas Corridor. Since Austin driven millions of jobs out of the United dinated Border Infrastructure Program has been identified as the pilot city in the NAFTA Super Highway’s I-69 corridor, proposes to link Canada to Mexico, running through Houston, Memphis, and Port Huron, Michigan. AP 16 THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006
    • nation for testing the new toll policies, you can assume that what passes here is coming your way. This planned wedding of Mexico’s cheap labor force with brand new infrastruc- ture would make Mexico an irresistible magnet for all manufacturers now remain- ing in the United States. Even those companies who wanted to keep their operations here would likely be forced by cheaper competitors to join the exodus. The United States, until very recently the manu- facturing capital of the world, will continue its downward spiral into increasingly dan- gerous dependence on foreign AP manufacturers for almost ev- Mexican Customs site: Kansas City Councilwoman Bonnie Sue Cooper stands at site of a proposed Mexican erything, even as burgeoning Customs facility in Kansas City — 1,000 miles from the Mexican border, in this November 2005 photo. inflation makes everything more expensive, devastating much of our TTC was part of any bigger scheme of na- development of all participating com- middle class. tionwide corridor building, and claimed munities. When viewed in the aggregate, that notion was simply misinformation. they can only be seen as a means to so Scores of Corridors Yet in a June 30, 2001 article in the Austin thoroughly restructure and integrate the An additional Super Highway route American Statesman, the same spokesper- three countries so as to permanently blur known as the Interstate 69 corridor (TTC- son claimed the aforementioned Ports-to- the distinctions, and to make their merger 69) would enter Texas from Mexico as Plains Corridor would be linked to exist- into a regional government seamless and three spur lines at Laredo, McAllen, and ing Interstate highways in Denver as part even appealing. Brownsville, which then will join together of a NAFTA super corridor. The NAFTA Super Highway is such an to head north through Houston, to Mem- And that’s not all. There’s also CANA- integral part of the continental merger plan phis, Tennessee, to Port Huron, Michigan, MEX, another super corridor like the TTC, that the entire scheme could be at least to Toronto, Canada. which spans the West from Mexico to temporarily road-blocked if it does not Wait, there’s more. To the west of the Canada going through Arizona, Nevada, proceed. If it does proceed, American gov- proposed TTC lies the proposed route of Utah, Idaho, and Montana. And we learn ernment will no longer provide its time- the Ports-to-Plains Corridor, running north from the CANAMEX Corridor Coalition tested protections against tyranny and so- from Laredo through West Texas, the website that the number of congressionally cialism, as huge chunks of American law Oklahoma Panhandle, to Denver and ulti- designated high priority corridors in the will be rendered void, and replaced by an mately Canada. What? Another one? Yes, United States has been expanded from 43 incomprehensible mess of “trade” law. All and plans are very advanced. Its website to 80! Yes, 80 corridor routes have been rowers are needed at the oars, and imme- identifies this corridor as a NAFTA cor- designated across the United States in an ef- diately. If you’ve asked yourself why you ridor alternative to TTC-35, the one paral- fort to speed the construction of infrastruc- did not know about a project of this mag- leling I-35. ture necessary for what the SPP calls “the nitude, or where Congress got the author- What does the Texas Department of streamlined movement of legitimate travel- ity to designate High Priority Corridors in Transportation (TxDOT) have to say about ers and cargo across our shared borders.” the first place, your first job is to contact this? Once again, stonewalling rules. Research on any High Priority Cor- your representative and howl. Wake the In telephone interviews with congenial ridor will lead the reader into a hairball town and tell the people, or the town will TxDOT employees, the expected mantra of studies, alliances, pricing programs, be paved over. ■ repeated to this writer is how necessary transportation acts, administration agen- the corridor is to accommodate projected cies, reports, committees, partnerships, Tell your representative and senators to “Stop the population and trade growth, and how and on and on, all designed, we believe, NAFTA Super Highway Steppingstone to a North beneficial it would be to the economies to obscure the real agenda. The idea for American Union” by phone, fax, or e-mail. Go to of Texas, the U.S., and Mexico. TxDOT’s these 80 super corridors was not conceived for contact information Public Information officer denied that the to promote trade and better the economic and a sample letter. THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006 17
    • IMMIGRATION “The Race” to Win America Karl Bill Rove Clinton AP AP La Raza (“The Race”) presented a moderate image at their recent Los Angeles conference, but the group’s ultimate goal is a radical reconquest of the southwestern U.S. for Mexico. by Sam Antonio conference on July 8-11, 2006 in Los An- The 2006 annual NCLR conference in geles, California. Los Angeles brought together a biparti- A ‘‘ nti-immigration forces are A quick click of your computer mouse san lineup of such high-profile speakers afraid.... They are fighting a button will provide a description, from the as former President Bill Clinton, Repub- losing battle and the strategy NCLR’s website, that they are “the largest lican presidential political strategist Karl of fear will fail,” remarked an energized national Hispanic civil rights and advo- Rove, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villa- Janet Murguia, president and CEO of the cacy organization in the United States.... raigosa, and Senator Sam Brownback (R- National Council of La Raza (NCLR). Founded in 1968, NCLR is a private, non- Kan.). With the sponsorship of Bank of “Anti-immigration demagogues are on profit, nonpartisan, tax-exempt organiza- America and the backing of corporations the wrong side of history and America,” tion headquartered in Washington, D.C.” such as Wal-Mart, The Walt Disney Com- concluded Mrs. Murguia during a lunch- What is not seen in this official description pany, Ford Motor Company, etc., NCLR time talk at the NCLR four-day annual is the powerful underpinnings that make has kept up the illusion of a mainstream this organization such a brute political civil rights organization. But the NCLR is Sam Antonio is the John Birch Society’s national force, as it works side by side with both anything but mainstream: it has been very spokesman on immigration. An interview of him ap- major political parties and America’s rich- vocal on their support for driver’s licenses pears on page 21. est corporations. for illegal aliens, guest-worker programs 18 THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006
    • Photos by Sam Antonio Janet Murguia “Yo Soy El Army” (“I Am The Army”), a U.S. Army recruitment table, one of several U.S. government exhibits at the NCLR conference; La Raza and other radical immigration groups aggressively register legal and illegal immigrants to vote; NCLR President Janet Murguia addresses the La Raza conference; CIA representative greets an NCLR conferee. (amnesty), and opposition to increased that the current administration supports a the high-profile rotation of a few thousand border security. guest-worker program and earned legal- National Guard troops to the border and Top Republicans and Democrats, cor- ization for undocumented immigrants. the sudden flurry of Customs and Border porate America, and La Raza are locked Throughout his 18-minute talk, there Patrol raids are simply election-year tac- together in unison and marching with were scattered boos and hisses from the tics aimed at winning back the Republican crossed arms toward the starting line as audience, but mainly in regard to the Bush Party’s “loyal core” that have abandoned they prepare for an electoral foot race to administration’s stance on the war in Iraq, President Bush because of his refusal to determine not just the fate of the U.S. Con- not in regard to the White House’s immi- protect the border and enforce the law. gress but of our American culture. gration policy. Following Mr. Rove to the NCLR po- The only problem is that middle class Will the White House get away with dium was New Mexico governor and for- America has been disqualified and is sit- giving this tacit endorsement to a radi- mer Clinton administration official Bill ting silently on the sidelines. cal immigration group that calls itself Richardson. He apologetically explained “The Race”? This action certainly flies he was forced to declare a state of emer- On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! in the face of the Bush campaign slogan gency in regard to illegal immigration in “La Raza” is Spanish for “The Race,” and in 2000 (that surely Mr. Rove crafted) in his state due to the federal government’s as separatist as that sounds, that did not which then-Governor Bush promised to inability to enforce federal law. deter President Bush’s closest confidant be a “uniter, not a divider.” White House “America is not a nation of walls,” ex- and chief political strategist, Karl Rove, pandering to the La Raza revolutionaries claimed the governor in reference to H.R. from being one of the keynote speakers on also belies the administration’s current ef- 4437, which would beef up border secu- the last day of the NCLR conference. Mr. forts to shore up its conservative base by rity and not grant amnesty to illegals. He Rove scattered his talk with the political proclaiming border security to be a top- closed his impassioned talk with the cry, buzzwords “comprehensive immigration priority issue. “My roots are with La Raza!” reform,” which means in both Spanish and The NCLR has been one of the most The final keynote speaker was NCLR English translation: amnesty. militant advocates of open borders and President and CEO Janet Murguia, and she Mr. Rove made the temporary migra- full political rights for illegal aliens. The gave a mandate to the La Raza faithful. tion from the nation’s capitol to the City of administration’s support for the La Raza She outlined her plan in which she named Angels to remind the La Raza participants agenda should be a dead giveaway that “The Four Cycles of Citizenship”: THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006 19
    • Presenting Raza conference was the Latino Expo USA a False Face in which corporate America was proudly At this conference, La on display. Exhibitors included Wal-Mart, Raza’s top officials obvi- Ford Motor Company, UPS, The Walt Dis- ously went to great effort ney Company, State Farm Insurance, Nord- to present a respectable, strom, J.C. Penney, Citibank, Lowes, etc. “mainstream” image. Furthermore, government entities such as They successfully sup- the U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Army, the pressed their most vo- Central Intelligence Agency, and even cally militant elements, the National Security Agency had exhibit recognizing full well booths. that the openly radical The conference ended on Tuesday af- face that had appeared ternoon with Latino, Black, and Asian- during many of the na- American leaders gathered in a town hall tional marches this past meeting to discuss a more viable solution spring had been coun- for a better working relationship amongst terproductive, sending each other. an alarm through Mid- In keeping with the conference’s rac- dle America and caus- ist base, the sound bite phenom known ing skittish politicians as the Reverend Jesse Jackson dipped his in both parties to run for finger in the political carafe once again to cover. stir up the race debate by claiming that However, La Raza not enough people of color are present on is anything but main- cable news programs such as MSNBC, stream. Its leaders, since FOX, CNN, etc. its founding, have in- “All shows, all night, all white,” was the New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, a former U.S. cluded some of the most reverend’s response to the lack of minori- ambassador to the United Nations and energy secretary in the extreme advocates of ties on television news. Clinton administration, told the NCLR conferees: “My roots Sam Antonio “Aztlan” (reclaiming Moderator Tavis Smiley, a Black Amer- are with La Raza!” the southwestern U.S. ican, kindly reminded Reverend Jackson for Mexico) as well as of a news show he hosts on PBS. vocal allies of Cuba’s Cesar Perales, president and general 1. Mobilize the youth Fidel Castro, the Sandinista (FSLN) ter- counsel of the Puerto Rican Legal De- 2. Naturalize immigrants rorists of Nicaragua, the Farabundo Marti fense and Education Fund (PRLDEF), 3. Massive voter registration (FMLN) terrorists of El Salvador, and contributed to the forum by condemning 4. Get out the vote Venezuela’s current Marxist dictator, recently passed local laws, such as the one Hugo Chavez. enacted by the city of Hazleton, Pennsyl- Recent events have clearly shown these Also very troubling is the NCLR’s vania, that fines landlords who rent to il- four NCLR cycles in action — from chaos very cozy alliance with (and official ties legal immigrants, suspends the licenses in the streets (mobilize the youth) to calls with) two institutions of the Mexican of business owners who hire them, and for amnesty in the halls of Congress (natu- government that are aimed at drastically declares English the official language of ralize immigrants). In addition, according changing U.S. immigration and citizen- the city. These laws, said Perales, are the to Representative Charlie Norwood of ship laws: the Foundation for Mexican- desperate, futile efforts of a “threatened Georgia, the NCLR took in $15.2 million American Solidarity and the Institute for white majority.” in federal grants last year alone and undis- Mexicans Abroad. The government of With the support of the Republican closed amounts were for get-out-the-vote Vicente Fox has been operating through and Democrat Parties, corporate America efforts supporting La Raza political posi- these institutions to politicize and mobi- and federal funding, it seems La Raza is tions (voter registration). Thus, through lize Mexican nationals and Hispanic U.S. poised to have a huge impact on the com- these federal grants and the millions of citizens to carry forward his open-borders ing elections. dollars more that “The Race” radicals re- policies. The NCLR’s open working re- As I was preparing to leave the con- ceive from tax-exempt foundations (such lationship with these fronts for the Mexi- ference I stopped a young, vibrant in- as Ford and Rockefeller), the U.S. taxpay- can government (and alleged funding tern staffer to inquire about the panel ers are subsidizing NCLR’s aggressive ef- from the Fox government) should spark of speakers. I asked her what La Raza forts to recruit and register to vote millions a congressional inquiry into whether the meant to her and she cheerfully replied, of the demonstrators who recently filled NCLR should be classified as an “agent” “Victory!” America’s streets, chanting anti-American of a foreign power. America, it’s time to lace up your slogans and carrying Mexican flags. Held in conjunction with the annual La sneakers. ■ 20 THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006
    • IMMIGRATION A First-generation American Speaks Out! Sam Antonio As the son of legal immigrants, the John Birch Society’s immigration spokesman Sam Antonio offers a unique perspective on the dangers of illegal immigration. Interview of Sam Antonio gration tidal wave and the near total lack life experiences. As a result, they are not by William F. Jasper of security on our borders are twin crises merely a statistic to be used in a debate. that have concerned you for many years, S am Antonio, a native of San Diego, I know. Why are these issues so “up close TNA: San Diego is a beautiful city. What California, was recently named by and personal” for you? was it like growing up there and how has the John Birch Society to be the Sam Antonio: Having been born and it changed? organization’s national spokesman on im- raised in a border city like San Diego, Antonio: It’s been called “America’s Fin- migration. Over the past six years, Mr. An- California, and being the son of immigrant est City,” and I’m not going to disagree. tonio has been a full-time JBS field staff parents, I am accustomed to being in an San Diego is also known as “Navy Town, member in Southern California. He is a environment of immigrants, albeit legal USA” since the U.S. Navy facilities there graduate of San Diego State University and illegal. People forget that San Diego comprise the largest military base in the with a degree in political science and eco- is home to San Ysidro, the world’s busiest world. As such, combined with the fact that nomics. He is also an avid photographer land border crossing. Here are some fig- San Diego shares a border with Mexico, it and has traveled widely throughout the ures to put this into perspective. For exam- has always had an international presence United States and Europe. ple, each year over 14 million vehicles and to it. It was a wonderful place to spend Mr. Antonio recently attended the an- 40 million people enter the United States my childhood because of its diversity, and nual convention of the National Council at the San Ysidro port of entry which is of course having a temperate year-round of La Raza, a radical Hispanic group that open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. climate didn’t hurt! promotes Mexican control of the United This issue really hits home for me, not Over the years San Diego has changed States’ Southwest, in Los Angeles (July 8- only since I was raised in an immigrant dramatically and, I think, for the worse. 11) as a correspondent/photographer for household, but also because I have at- Tijuana, Mexico, now has a population of THE NEW AMERICAN. His report on that tended school with, worked with, and be- over 1 million people (similar to the pop- event appears on page 18 of this issue. friended immigrants who have come into ulation of San Diego) and is only grow- this country illegally. I know them person- ing larger. More Mexicans and others are THE NEW AMERICAN: The illegal immi- ally and have become familiar with their crossing the border illegally and at higher THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006 21
    • IMMIGRATION ders for the simple fact that they and more illegals enter our country. Also, can only assimilate so many im- a blatant disregard and disrespect for our “America stands strong because migrants at any one time. Second, Constitution, language, and culture is be- legal immigrants recognize that you can’t have free markets with- coming more widespread. All this points to out morality. While Adam Smith is the fact that America’s moral compass has national identity and loyalty are famous for authoring The Wealth been turned upside down by extreme ele- essential to our nation’s well-being.” of Nations, he also penned an ear- ments of the pro-amnesty side, who want to — Sam Antonio lier and important book called The divide Americans rather than unify them. Theory of Moral Sentiments, which I look at the example of my parents im- gave the ethical and philosophical migrating to America, and in particular my rates. Furthermore, they are not coming foundation for free markets. The free mar- father. He emigrated from the Philippines here to pursue the “American Dream,” ket in itself is not an amoral construct. But during the 1950s as a result of a new U.S. but rather to present an “American Night- rather it must be based on good morals in law that allowed Filipino Nationals to join mare” to the American taxpayers as they order for it to function properly. Also, na- the U.S. Navy and earn U.S. citizenship. He demand social services. tionhood (i.e., language, culture, laws, and was part of the three waves of Filipino im- borders) must be respected and honored. migration to America. The first wave of Fil- TNA: You have a degree in economics ipino immigrants came here as farm work- and are a strong advocate of free-mar- TNA: Speaking from your own personal ers. The second wave were young men who ket principles. Some self-described “free and family experiences, why is assimila- joined the U.S. Navy. The third and current marketers” — Republican and Libertarian tion so important? wave consists of working professionals. — claim to see a contradiction between Antonio: This immigration debate is about Assimilation into American culture was those principles and immigration control, more than deploying additional federal of- important to my parents. English was the arguing that we must have a completely ficers at the border, building bigger walls, only language spoken in our household, free movement of people across borders. and guest-worker programs. The debate re- although my parents spoke their native What’s your response to these critics? ally comes down to the matter of morality. tongue between themselves. They knew if Antonio: What they fail to address is the For instance, a sense of privilege and honor their children were to succeed in America issue of sovereignty and morality. First, used to accompany being an American we had to adopt the culture. We learned sovereign nations must protect their bor- citizen, but that fact is being lost as more to respect the laws, the language, and the Sam Antonio Sam Antonio is a lifelong resident of San Diego, the world’s busiest land border crossing. He is shown here at San Diego’s famous Balboa Park and Cultural Center.
    • flag, and to take pride in being American. Growing up, I was puzzled as to why my parents stressed mas- tering the English language over their native language, but looking back now I have a broader appreciation of why they did so. In the Philippines there are over 170 native lan- guages, of which 12 are spoken by over 90 percent of the population (Tagalog being the most predomi- nant). Many different na- tive languages combined Sam Antonio with regional/geographical differences have left the Philippines Balkanized. As Filipino immigrants came Border jumpers caught: During a special tour by THE NEW AMERICAN of the U.S. border facility at San Ysidro, to America, their children California, in February, Customs officers pulled over an SUV with seven illegal aliens jammed inside, just one of quickly assimilated and many illegal entry attempts made each day. identified themselves first as Americans and second as Filipinos, migration. Do those charges have any and Balkanize America. America is unique knowing that they didn’t want to duplicate validity? because it draws its strength from diver- the fragmentation of their former country. Antonio: None whatsoever! Name-calling sity through unity. We are a nation com- America stands strong because legal is nothing more than a poor substitute for a prised of individuals who speak different immigrants recognize that national iden- lack of substance and the hard realization languages, practice different religions, and tity and loyalty are essential to our nation’s to face the facts. The facts are amnesty and come from different cultures, but who are well-being. open borders disrespect the immigrants unified through our common language who waited and abided by the legal chan- and common experience in our free so- TNA: Are we in danger of losing that sense nels to come to this country. In the end, ad ciety, able to be entrepreneurs, raise our of national identity and loyalty, or do you hominem attacks have no place in this dia- families, express ourselves without fear of think we may have even lost the battle of logue as they stir up emotions and offer no retribution, etc. assimilation already in some areas of the thoughtful solutions to a serious problem. Regardless of what happens in the up- country? coming election — because the Democrats Antonio: We have not lost it yet, but we TNA: Both the Republican and the Demo- will support illegal immigration, and the are in critical danger of losing our sense crat Party leaders have been courting the Republicans will exploit it to their advan- of national identity if we continue down militant Hispanic vote. However, with tage — Americans need to get involved the current path. 9/11 has renewed a sense congressional elections approaching, the and force our government to address the of loyalty and patriotism in America, but Republicans now are trying simultane- problem in manner that is in harmony with that has quickly eroded due to a lack of ously to appeal to their conservative base our Constitution and limited government. responsibility and understanding of what by posing as tough on immigration. Why There are three steps that every Ameri- it means to be an American citizen. Most are these elections so important and what can should take. First, educate yourself: Americans have lost the deeper apprecia- should voters be doing to help bring about subscribe to and read THE NEW AMERICAN tion of the wisdom of our Founding Fa- the needed immigration reform and border (TNA) to become better informed, and thers, the concept of federalism, and just security? visit our website, www.thenewamerican. overall American civics. Remember, we Antonio: These elections are important com. Second, educate others. Pass out ad- are citizens of this great nation and not because of what hasn’t been said in the ditional copies of TNA to opinion molders subjects. We have a duty to keep this great immigration debate, rather than what has in your community. Third, join the John constitutional republic. been said — everything from charges of Birch Society ( to be part of racism to reclaiming the Southwest United a concerted action program. We will be TNA: Many of the leading advocates of States in the name of “Aztlan,” violence in linking arms with groups who share our amnesty and open borders are quick to use the streets, and the blatant disregard of our concern about this issue. Education with the racism or xenophobia labels against laws and culture. These radical elements action will win this fight, but only if more all who propose any restrictions on im- are trying to steamroll the political system Americans get involved. ■ THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006 23
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    • IMMIGRATION Border Town Violence As illegal immigrants flood the United States, a wave of crimes committed by illegals is crashing into border towns and threatening to engulf our entire nation. AP The drug fight in Mexico: Outgoing Mexican President Vicente Fox compared drug crime in Mexico to Al Capone-era crime in America. Perhaps a more apt comparison could be made to insurgents in Iraq: the locals support the violent drug lords, who are idolized, in return for personal safety. by R. Cort Kirkwood Her house [near Douglas, Arizona] is United States grows, so does the number surrounded by chain-link fence on the of their crimes. To date, Americans have O ctogenarian Theresa Murray was top of which are masses of razor wire. merely glimpsed an incomplete picture forced to move. Drug smugglers Every door and window has bars on of what life will be like in 20 years if il- fired 30 rounds from an AK-47 at it. She sleeps with a gun on her bed legal immigration isn’t stopped. But an Richard Kozak’s ranch house. Other ranch- table because she has been burglar- ugly, fuller, and largely unseen painting ers live in virtual prisons. Their problem? ized 30 times. Her two pet guard dogs has emerged on the border with Mexico, Illegal immigrants and drug gangs raiding are dead, their stomachs torn open by where small towns on the Mexican side their ranches along the U.S.-Mexican bor- shards of glass in packets of meat that are ruled by brutal smugglers who profit der in Arizona. were thrown over the fence. from pumping not only drugs but also il- Murray’s story was particularly poi- legal aliens into the United States. Their gnant when presidential contender Pat In interviews with reporters, Murray diabolical crimes and connections across Buchanan told it to a wide audience. Bu- pleaded for help: “It used to be fun to live the globe are so extensive they are nearly chanan, who visited her ranch during his here,” she told one writer. “Now, it’s hell. impossible to catalogue. presidential campaign in 2000, described It’s plain old hell.” Reports from three of these towns, Murray’s travails this way: “Something has to be done,” she said on Nuevo Laredo, Tijuana, and Ciudad Juarez, another occasion, “and soon.” as well those from American ranchers and R. Cort Kirkwood is the author of the soon-to-be- Yes, something needs to be done, and the Border Patrol, and even more from published book Real Men: Ten Courageous Ameri- soon, if not because we love our country random victims in the heartland, should be cans to Know and Admire (see the excerpt from the and kin, then because we want to survive. a clear warning to the Texan in the White book on page 34). As the number of illegal immigrants in the House: America is under siege. THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006 25
    • IMMIGRATION control and drug gangs in open, replace them on June 11. The federales ar- bloody warfare. rested 41 corrupt cops. Drug and alien smugglers, and the Last summer, the United States Quoting the Mexican paper Reforma, aliens themselves, don’t merely attack issued a travel warning to tourists the website reported that by and closed its consulate in Nuevo June 12, someone had been murdered average Americans. They target the Laredo on August 1 because every 60 hours, a rate that increased to authorities as well. In fiscal 2005, the the violence was uncontrolled. one victim every 28 hours, most of them New York Times reported, the number According to the Associated connected to the drug wars. Appropriately, Press, desperados had “attacked the site said, Nuevo Laredo is called “The of attacks on Border Patrol agents two Nuevo Laredo homes with City of Lead.” doubled from 2004, from 374 to 778. weapons including assault rifles, In August 2005, Fox News reported that grenades and a rocket launcher.” 400 people, including dozens of Ameri- So brazen have the drug lords cans, had been kidnapped over the past “City of Lead” become that they openly murder police. year. One-hundred-seventy people were Perhaps the most notorious of the border One of them, Alejandro Dominguez, the killed in 2004, ABC news reported. towns is Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Just a police chief, was slaughtered on June 1, As expected, the violence spilled over few weeks ago, 11 criminals escaped from just seven hours after he took office. Drug the border. In Laredo, Texas, directly the Cereso II prison. Three inmates were lords traveling in SUVs riddled him with across the border from Nuevo Laredo, killed in the attempt, along with a woman 50 bullets. Enrique Cardenas, another po- insurance companies were quietly selling they used as a human shield. lice officer, was also murdered. policies covering kidnapping and ransom, But that incident pales next to the According to Reuters, the American the Chicago Tribune reported. city’s seemingly unstoppable crime wave. ambassador said 18 policemen in Nuevo “We’re seeing home invasions, kidnap- Ineffective local and national authorities Laredo had been killed that year, eight pings, ransom demands,” Webb County can’t stop the war between two drug of them in July. As well, 70 people were Sheriff Rick Flores told the Tribune. “It’s gangs trying to establish control of the killed between January and June, “many getting to the point now where it’s really city, a major locale for smuggling dope of them bound and shot in the head.” affecting our side.” The sheriff painted an and illegal aliens into the United States. Many of the town’s police are employed even more distressing picture for ABC A 53-page, detailed report from the Li- by drug lords. Town police attacked Mexi- News: “It’s a war zone. We’ve got level brary of Congress depicts a border out of can federal agents sent from the capital to three body armor. They’ve got level four. We’ve got cell phones. They’ve got satellite cell phones that we can’t tap into.” “We’re being outgunned,” Flores added. “And that’s the reason why we’re concerned on this side.” Mayor Elizabeth Flores des- perately asked the governor for help. Tijuana Tunnels and Rapist Cops Things aren’t much better in Tijuana, but for sheer ingenuity, the criminals merit an award. Il- legal immigrants build tunnels under the border that surface in San Diego. In January, authorities uncov- ered a 2,400-foot tunnel, con- taining 2 tons of marijuana, run- ning from about 100-yards south of the border into a warehouse in San Diego. Apparently, the AP AP Fate of an honest man: Alejandro Dominguez, the police chief of the city of Nuevo Laredo, on the border reported, the 5-foot-wide tunnel with the United States, was gunned down hours after being sworn in. Drug cartel-driven violence is public, branched off from one found in horrendous, meant to intimidate, and spilling into the United States. 2003. It was “high enough for 26 THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006
    • an adult to stand inside, had a cement floor, and lights mounted on one of the hard soil walls. It was equipped with a pulley system on the Mexican side.” This and other tun- nels, likely a project of the Mexican govern- ment, are so numerous that the Immigration and Customs Enforce- ment bureau has created a “Tunnel Task Force.” Federal authorities have discovered nearly two- dozen of the subter- AP ranean passageways, typically insulated and “666” was for a brief time Tijuana’s very appropriate area code, as it’s a home to drugs, alcohol, live porn, and drug powered with electricity, cartels. Over 40 officials in Tijuana, including Police Chief Carlos Otal Namur (shown), were arrested in April 2002 since the terrorist attacks for conspiring with drug dealers. Namur was later freed, but resigned under pressure. on September 11, 2001. More disturbingly, Tijuana police have the border and use high technology such as released because of shortages of beds.” abducted and raped American women, cellphones, document forgers, and digital Frighteningly, “18,207 illegal immigrants one of whom required 16 stitches in her equipment. One rents rooms in the United from countries other than Mexico, nearly rectum, news reports say. Tijuana’s crime States to shelter the smuggled aliens. 60 percent of the total apprehended, were problem, Mexican officials complain with Documents created by one organization released on their own recognizance in the a straight face, is exacerbated by Mexi- alone were found in 55 American cities first three months of this fiscal year.” can criminals deported from the United and 32 states; in 1998, federal authorities How long before Americans witness States. In 2004, the San Diego Union-Tri- seized 2 million of its forged documents. “9/11: The Sequel”? bune reported, the United States deported Yet another organization moves illegals 26 criminals per day to Mexico, and about from the Middle East via Brazil and over The Crime Coming Here 200 gang members from Los Angeles had the border from Mexico, an even graver Unsurprisingly, American citizens and set up shop in seven neighborhoods. concern, given the war on terror, that news officials are under attack. Sheriff Flores reports bears out. says the drug cartels evict families from Alien Smugglers In March, the Denver Post reported their homes on the Texas side of the Rio Again, the crime along the border is so “that Border Patrol agents over the past Grande so they can conduct their nefarious ferocious, coordinated, and wide-ranging five months caught 46,058 non-Mexican business. And consider the stories told on it is inconceivable. Over the last decade migrants along the 2,000-mile U.S.-Mex- The Ranch Rescue website. One woman or so, for instance, more than 400 women ico border, up 12 percent from the 40,953 recounts the morning she found an ille- have been brutally murdered in Ciudad caught during the same period last year.” gal alien standing over her bed, about to Juarez. Apprehensions, the paper reported, have grab her throat. She pulled a gun, yet he But more threatening to Americans increased five-fold since 2002. Between refused to leave and demanded that she long-term are the illegal aliens who commit 2002 and 2004, authorities nabbed 113 cook a meal for him. He fled, but not be- crime here. Their crimes begin with cross- Pakistanis, 22 Iraqis, 15 Yemenis and 13 fore laughing that the Border Patrol would ing the border, and they often receive help Saudis at the border with Mexico. never catch him. from a menacing global network of smug- T.J. Bonner, president of the National Roger Barnett, owner of the 22,000-acre glers. As many as 100 smuggling rings, the Border Patrol Council, put the figure into Cross Rail spread, has apprehended 2,000 report from the Library of Congress says, perspective for a congressional subcom- “criminal trespassers,” the website reports. are operating; they are planetary in scope mittee. Last year, his agency collared He always carries a weapon, and sees doz- and even work with the Russian mob and 155,000 illegal aliens who were not from ens of trespassers every day. Then there’s Chinese counterparts. The $300 million-a- Mexico. Richard Kozak, who lives a few miles year business is second only to drugs for But the story gets even worse. Quot- away from Douglas, Arizona. Two years money earned in illegal enterprises. ing Homeland Security Secretary Michael ago, yet another truck hauling drugs was These mobs, the report says, smuggle Chertoff, the New York Times reported in crossing his property, he told the Arizona aliens from anywhere in the world across February that illegals “have typically been Daily Star, so he put three rifle rounds in THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006 27
    • IMMIGRATION tack average Americans. quickly. By May of fiscal 2005, MSNBC They impudently target the reported, the number of attacks, many Even away from the border states, illegals authorities as well. Last July, of which are “rockings,” the throwing of have spattered the country with blood. for instance, two agents were grapefruit-sized rocks at Border Patrol shot near Nogales as they pa- vehicles, had surpassed the total for fis- The recently executed “Railroad Killer,” trolled a smugglers’ trail. At- cal 2004. The number of shootings alone Angel Maturino Resendiz, was an illegal tacks on Border Patrol agents more than doubled from 9 to 20. In 2005, immigrant. Between 1986 and 1999, he have increased dramatically. agents recorded 45 shootings in the Tucson In fiscal 2005, the New York and Yuma sectors of the border, the paper butchered at least 15 people across six Times reported, the num- reported, triple the figure in 2004. states, including Kentucky and Georgia. ber of attacks doubled from Violence is increasing, the Arizona 2004, from 374 to 778. Republic reported, because of the highly In fiscal 2005, the Arizona competitive smuggling gangs, which the hood. The bandits retaliated with a Republic reported, an agent was attacked charge as much as $2,000 a trip. full-scale AK-47 assault on his house, and every day in the Tucson and Yuma border burned a trailer to the ground. sectors, which doubled the number of at- In the Heartland A more unusual case is that of Casey tacks in 2004. “From Oct. 1, 2004, to Sept. As we could have expected, even away from Nethercott. A judge gave his ranch to two 30,” the paper reported, “the Border Patrol the border states and major cities where illegal immigrants, represented in a lawsuit registered 687 assaults on its agents, up they teem like termites in a colony, illegals by the leftist Southern Poverty Law Cen- from 349 during the same period along the have spattered the country with blood. And ter, because he supposedly pistol-whipped Southwest and Canadian borders. All but many of the crimes don’t receive the media one of them. one of the attacks occurred on the South- attention they richly deserve. Yet the drug and alien smugglers, and west border, officials said.” The recently executed “Railroad Killer,” the aliens themselves, don’t merely at- The attacks against agents are mounting Angel Maturino Resendiz, was an illegal immigrant. Between 1986 and 1999, he butchered at least 15 people across six states, eight in Texas and others in Ken- tucky and Georgia. He murdered a pas- tor and his wife with a sledgehammer in 1999, pulverizing the woman’s face before he raped her. Last year in New York, an illegal Gua- temalan handyman raped and murdered Mary Nagle, a 42-year-old wife and moth- er of two children, in the bedroom of her home in New City, New York. He bit the poor woman on her back, beat her to a pulp with a lamp, and slashed her with a razor, nearly amputating one of her fingers in the attack. Investigators found a piece of her ear lobe and clumps of hair on the floor. After he finished raping, sodomizing, and mutilating Mrs. Nagle, he used her cell- phone to call her sisters and friends and describe his unspeakable deed in porno- graphic detail. Other unfathomable crimes committed by illegal aliens abound, and now, the drug gangs have arrived in small town America. In 2003, at Woodstock, Virginia, in the heart of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, police found the body of Brenda La Paz. Fellow members of the notorious MS-13, AP “Railroad killer” Angel Maturino Resendiz, a Mexican illegal immigrant who was executed in an El Salvadoran gang, killed her. Texas on June 27, admitted to slaying 15 Americans and is suspected of many more killings. Maybe Theresa Murray and Casey CourtTV reported that FBI special agent Don Clark indicated that Resendiz traveled unhindered Nethercott were lucky. Illegal aliens mere- “throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada.” ly took their homes. ■ 28 THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006
    • SECOND AMENDMENT UN Gun Grab Goes Bust Despite abundant anti-gun sentiment at the UN’s recent Small Arms conference, Tom Eddlem anti-gunners ran into a serious — if temporary — setback. by Kurt Williamsen ally, the National Rifle Association, which we wish to deny law-abiding citizens their has been urging its millions of members right to bear arms in accordance with their T he gun grabbers were crying in to write their U.S. representatives and the national laws. Our energy, our emphasis, their lattes over how the United Na- UN to protest the conference. But the apple and our anger is directed against illegal tions Review Conference on Small going to the apparently victorious champi- weapons, not legal ones.” Gun banners Arms had “failed” because the conference ons of the Second Amendment will not be must have been in shock because Annan’s had not only not led to finalized plans to very tasty once it is bitten into. words were a complete reversal from the end civilian ownership of guns, but U.S. lead-up to the original 2001 Small Arms government officials stood strongly on Pleasing at First Glance conference, where Annan enthusiastically the side of gun owners, and Kofi Annan, The tone of the conference was evident endorsed a report of the UN “Group of the head of the UN, seemed to cave in to from the outset. UN Secretary-General Governmental Experts on Small Arms” public pressure and cancel the UN’s con- Kofi Annan stressed in his remarks at the which suggested that “States should work fiscation plans. Rebecca Peters, director opening of the two-week long conference: toward … the prohibition of unrestricted of International Action Network on Small “Let me … note that this Review Confer- trade and private ownership of small arms Arms, called U.S. government demands ence is not negotiating a ‘global [gun] and light weapons.” “crap” when she heard the news that the ban,’ nor do we wish to deny law-abiding On the second day of the conference, United States had effectively put a stop citizens their right to bear arms in accor- U.S. Undersecretary of State for Arms to even a follow-up conference on small dance with their national laws.” Control and International Security Robert arms, saying the conference had been “hi- And just to stress the point, Annan G. Joseph laid down the Bush administra- jacked by a small number of states, nota- added: “I would want to repeat, because tion line: “The U.S. Constitution guaran- bly the U.S.” there are people around who either have tees the rights of our citizens to keep and If all were as it seems, this would be a not heard this or do not want to hear: we bear arms, and there will be no infringe- huge victory for gun owners and their main are not negotiating a global ban, nor do ment of those rights. The United States THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006 29
    • SECOND AMENDMENT will not agree to any ing to act in what it sees provisions restricting as its national interest civilian possession, use — the fact that the U.S. or legal trade of firearms government is backing inconsistent with our international regulation laws and practices.” Not of small arms transfers an auspicious start for abroad means that even- the gun grabbers at this tually the United States conference, the five-year will not be exempt from follow-up to the initial the global controls it 2001 conference that en- seeks to impose on oth- visioned eventual aboli- ers. Joseph engaged tion of the right to keep in hypocrisy that will and bear arms. come back to bite the If this were the sum United States and its total of actions at the Bill of Rights. conference, this would The unusually strong indeed have been mo- statement from the mentous — but it Bush administration wasn’t. on the Second Amend- ment was visibly geared More Than toward the November Meets the Eye elections domestically, The gun grabbers, true where gun owners pro- to form, had a trick up vide a key base of sup- their sleeve. The rabbit port for Bush’s Repub- they had hidden, wait- lican Party. After laying AP ing to be pulled out, NRA’s political push: The National Rifle Association, headed by CEO Wayne LaPierre, down the administra- was contained in the has been taking the threat of a UN-initiated worldwide gun ban seriously as of late. tion’s line in the sand, initial draft “outcome” LaPierre recently published a book about past and present UN anti-gun maneuverings. Joseph added: “As an document, which had a officer of the Executive “Plan of Action” of 14 pages of deliber- tion, told THE NEW AMERICAN that we can Branch of my government, I took an oath ately crafted vagueness, which pledged to expect the gun-grabbing nongovernmen- to protect the Constitution — a duty that meet every two years until 2012 for “ac- tal organizations to try again anyway: is an honor to uphold.” Given the Bush tion implementation meeting[s].” In other “They’ll keep pushing at the United Na- administration’s low popularity among the words, the gun grabbers revised their goal tions like the Fabians.” Republican faithful for its failure to hew to for this conference and planned to walk an agenda of old-fashioned conservatism away with guarantees for another three The Rotten Core and the administration’s heretofore weak swings at their agenda. The U.S. government, as represented by stands on the behalf of gun owners (as ex- Based upon an internal strategy meeting the Bush administration’s undersecretary emplified by Bush’s professed willingness of the British-based International Action of state, seemed good as gold, but almost to reenact the so-called Assault Weapons Network on Small Arms that TNA reporter unnoticed, Joseph took an action that virtu- Ban that outlawed certain guns simply be- Tom Eddlem attended unnoticed, hope for ally guaranteed that U.S. citizens would be cause they “looked” menacing), it’s hard gun banners hinged upon a future confer- subject to a future global gun ban. While to see the turn of events as anything else. ence with a more compliant — perhaps on one hand opposing U.S. inclusion in an The Small Arms conference proved the even sympathetic — U.S. administration. international scheme to regulate ammuni- irrelevance of the United Nations when it But in the end, the Bush administration tion and ban firearms transfers to insur- comes to imposing itself over the United took even that hope away, demanding gents (so the United States can continue States. The UN is at present a tool of U.S. no follow-up meetings and dooming any arming insurgent groups), he lauded plans policymakers, rather than the reverse. For “Programme of Action” proposed by the for worldwide controls on gun sales. the Bush administration, the goal was to conference. Saying that “the United States believes rally a key part of Bush’s base for his party But no one who has experience with it is critical to our collective interests that in the mid-term elections and prevent in- the UN or any of its gun-ban advocates we act to stem the illicit trade in small ternational controls on its plans to provide believes that this is the last word on the arms and light weapons,” Joseph backed freedom fighters/insurgents in Somalia subject. Former U.S. Congressman Bob limitations on other nations. While Ameri- (and possibly Iran) with arms covertly. Barr, who was monitoring the conference cans can perhaps be thankful for small fa- While the gun grabbers lost, the Bush ad- on behalf of the National Rifle Associa- vors — that the United States is still will- ministration won outright. ■ 30 THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006
    • DVD REVIEW America Under Attack In Immigration Invasion, John Birch Society President John F. McManus warns that the illegal immigration invasion must be ended if the nation is to survive. by Dennis Behreandt This is undeniably an invasion, as Mc- Manus makes clear, in part by citing the J ohn F. McManus, president work of journalist Carlos Loret de Mola. of the John Birch Society, has Writing in Excelsior magazine, Loret de long been at the forefront of Mola made it clear as early as 1982 that those bravely opposing the many the goal was to return a part of the South- threats to the United States. Over west U.S. to Mexico. “A peaceful mass of the past several years, the accel- people … carries out slowly and patiently erating problem of illegal immi- an unstoppable invasion, the most impor- gration has become one of the tant in human history.” He continues: “It biggest threats currently fac- seems to be slowly returning the south- ing the nation. It is a welcome western United States to the jurisdiction sight, then, to see that the John of Mexico without the firing of a single Birch Society has released a shot by means of a steady, spontaneous, new DVD, entitled Immigra- and uninterrupted occupation.” tion Invasion, featuring a pre- The U.S. Constitution states that the sentation by the incomparable United States “shall protect each [of the Mr. McManus warning of the states] against invasion.” Far from oppos- imminent dangers presented ing this invasion, U.S. policy has actually by the immigration crisis. encouraged it. In 2004 the Bush admin- Even more welcome is the istration proposed a “guest worker” pro- fact that McManus doesn’t gram that would have allowed millions of just explore the problem, but illegal migrants to remain in the United also provides badly needed States for years. The plan is, essentially, solutions. an amnesty program that exempts illegal The problem facing the migrants from obeying immigration laws. nation along the southern It has been a lure for additional millions border with Mexico is not to cross the border and, instead of being a so much immigration as cure for the problem as the president and invasion. It is important his supporters have claimed, has made the to clarify the distinction problem worse. between the two. Immi- In light of history, this is no surprise. gration occurs when indi- “History shows that amnesty for illegal viduals from other nations entrants only encourages more to illegally immigrate to a new nation cross the border,” McManus warns, noting and become citizens of that the Pew Hispanic Center published a that new nation, all while survey showing that 40 percent of Mexico’s obeying the immigra- citizens, almost 50 million people, would tion laws of the recipi- like to move to the United States. That’s a ent state. This certainly stunning number, and, in fact, the scale of does not describe what this invasion is almost unprecedented. is happening on the In addition, the Bush plan — and il- Mexican border. There, legal immigration generally — makes a migrants stream across mockery of those who immigrated here the border encouraged legally, as McManus points out. “Almost by the policies of the all politicians, reporters, radio and tele- Mexican government. vision commentators, professors, and 31
    • DVD REVIEW roots activists, McManus and military personnel should be stationed at the John Birch Society pro- the border. Our military’s presence alone The most important point McManus makes pose in this DVD a sensible would deter invasion.” is in emphasizing that the invasion across plan to save America. The most important point McManus The plan, as outlined by makes during the presentation, though, is the Mexican border is not an accident. It McManus, is comprised of in emphasizing that the invasion across the is a premeditated action meant to be part 12 steps. They include such Mexican border is not an accident. It is a reasonable measures as premeditated action meant to be part of a of a larger plan to submerge the United building a fence on the bor- larger plan to submerge the United States States in a regional bloc of nations. der, rejecting calls for am- in a regional bloc of nations including nesty, and increasing the size Canada and Mexico. “If these internation- of the Border Patrol. alist plans are implemented,” McManus others customarily refer to the millions But even in the course of describing this warns, “we can kiss the U.S. Constitution of invaders as ‘undocumented workers,’ sensible action plan, McManus provides goodbye, tear up the Declaration of Inde- or ‘guest workers,’ or job-seeking immi- details that will outrage. These include, pendence, and see America converted into grants,” McManus says. “But the reality most notably, a comparison of the size a carbon copy of the many previous des- is that the millions who have come here of the New York City Police Department potic regimes across the world.” uninvited have thumbed their noses at our with the number of Border Patrol agents Of course, this dangerous plan must laws and entered the United States ille- available at the Mexican border. McMa- be stopped. But that can only happen if gally. Their invasion has produced many nus observes that the New York City Po- concerned Americans both understand the serious consequences. The illegal immi- lice Department has two and one-half threat and take concerted, coordinated ac- grants have created enormous financial times more officers than the Border Patrol tion to end it. The best way to get a start at drains on states and communities where has agents, and yet NYPD officers patrol this vital task is to get a copy of Immigra- they have migrated; forced many hospitals a much smaller area. Moreover, the poor tion Invasion and to show it to as many out of business because of having to care security at the border that results from this people as possible. ■ for immigrants who have no funds … in- dearth of manpower has emboldened the undated the schools … and demanded that Mexican paramilitary, and possibly regular To order the video Immigration Invasion, see the ad they receive instruction in their native lan- Mexican military units, to make armed in- on the inside front cover. guage.... They have also filled the prisons cursions across the border, leading to dan- with their criminal element.” gerous encounters with American citizens Reporting on the migration debacle at and law enforcement in the region. This is the southern border is important, but re- nothing short of invasion. The U.S. Con- porting alone will do nothing to solve the stitution specifically assigns to the federal problem. To save the country, something government the duty to protect the states has to be done to shut off the flow of illegal from invasion. It is time for federal authori- migration. In keeping with its history of ties to fulfill this vital Constitutional duty. providing tools and action plans to grass- “If needed,” McManus argues, “American THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006
    • THE GOODNESS OF AMERICA Valedictorian’s Faith censored. And the ACLU and the school ing water out of their boat and a third man, Attendees at this year’s graduation cer- district here is absolutely wrong.” outside the boat, who was struggling to emonies at Football High School in Las Brittany told the Las Vegas Review- keep his head above water. Vegas expressed support for class valedic- Journal: “God’s the biggest part of my “I noticed he was much bigger than I torian Brittany McComb’s biblical refer- life. Just like other valedictorians thank thought he was,” the heroic student told ences, even if the school administration their parents, I wanted to thank my Lord reporters. “He was yelling, ‘I’m not going did not. The committed graduate has also and Savior.” to make it, hurry.’ ” received praise and encouragement from Amazingly, Alana was able to pull the the head of a leading conservative legal 250-pound man into her boat. She then activist group. Pilot’s Last Act paddled toward the other two men who The controversy began when Brittany Jack Francis, a 61-year-old private pilot were by that time also in the water and was selected to give a speech at her class’s from Brigham City, Utah, was flying home helped them get back into their own boat. commencement program on June 15. In from Jackpot, Nevada, with his wife and Finally, she swam back to shore with the keeping with school rules, the graduate another couple on June 4, when he expe- two boats, pulling one boat and pushing submitted a draft of her speech to school rienced the symptoms of a heart attack. the other. administrators, who edited out six refer- Recognizing that he might not have much Alana’s father, Len Schutt, told report- ences to God or Christ, two biblical refer- time to land, he looked for a safe place ers: “The sheriff, the fire department, they ences, and a reference to the crucifixion to set the single-engine Cessna 185 down, were all glowing. They said. ‘You can’t of Jesus. School officials told Brittany that and spotted Utah Highway 30 below. believe what your daughter just did.’ [The her original speech might offend some Mr. Francis touched down on the high- sheriff and firefighters] weren’t even wet. people. way, just west of Park Valley, after which Yeah, they were impressed.” The Christian Post and Atlanta’s WSB- the plane ran off the roadway and hit a Alana was less impressed with her reported that Miss McComb, who fence before coming to a stop. Though the own role in the rescue than on the need quite rightly was offended that her dearly plane suffered some damage, Francis and for water safety: “Life jackets would have held beliefs were being censored, had an- his passengers survived the crash without made a big difference in the whole situa- other plan. She memorized the deleted injury. However, the quick-thinking pilot’s tion. One guy, if I hadn’t been there, would parts of the speech and began interject- symptoms were worsening. He was taken have drowned probably.” ing them as she went along! In response, to Bear River Hospital in Tremonton, Alana is now a two-time hero on Mar- school officials cut off Brittany’s micro- where he died of cardiac arrest. tha Lake. A few years ago, she and her phone so she could not finish her speech, Utah Highway Patrol spokesman Derek father rescued a man who almost drowned whereupon people in the audience “angrily Jensen told the Deseret Morning News: when his legs became entangled in fish- booed” the school’s censorship! “[Francis’] actions saved the lives of the ing line. “I was hoping they were going to turn other people in the plane because the out- [the microphone] back on,” Miss Mc- come could have been a lot worse if he Comb told Jay Sekulow, chief counsel of hadn’t landed in time and had more prob- Delivering Just Deserts the American Center for Law and Justice, lems while in the air. He definitely did pre- On May 31, Celiviano De Jesus was mak- on the June 20 “Jay Sekulow Live!” radio vent injuries and loss of life on the part of ing a delivery from Daniello’s Pizzeria on show. “But God had bigger plans. It was the other three passengers, no doubt about West 95th Street in Manhattan to a nearby kind of exciting, because everybody was it.” apartment when a man attacked him, hit- upset.” ting him in the face with a metal bar in an “It was just nice to see people standing attempt to rob him. up for God, number one, and then free- Coed Rescues Boaters De Jesus fought off his attacker, then dom of speech, number two,” said Brit- Alana Schutt is a college student who lives chased the robber into nearby Central tany. “There was an atheist that called in on Martha Lake in Snohomish County, Park, where the two became involved in to one of the news stations saying that I Washington. On May 31, Alana was a struggle. Police officers arrived on the should have been able to talk and that they watching three boaters out on the lake, scene and arrested the attacker, Charles shouldn’t have turned off my microphone. when she decided that something didn’t Jones, who was also questioned about a And he doesn’t even believe in God.” seem quite right. series of three similar robberies in Man- During the radio program, Dr. Sekulow “I could just see their boat was very hattan in May. defended Brittany, telling her: “You had full of water,” Alana told Seattle’s KOMO “He’s a hero,” Daniello’s manager, who the right to make that speech. You had the news. gave his name only as Alberto, told the right to include a reference to your faith. Alana jumped into her paddle boat, and New York Daily News. “The cops couldn’t You had the right to include a reference headed toward the struggling boaters. As catch that robber, but Celiviano did.” ■ to Jesus. And you should not have been she got closer, she noticed two men bail- — WARREN MASS THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006 33
    • HISTORY— AMERICAN SPIRIT Batting a Thousand at Being a Man Lou Gehrig always stepped up to the plate to meet whatever life pitched his way — even his own impending death — with the integrity, humility, and equanimity of a real man. by R. Cort Kirkwood I would not have traded two minutes of the joy and the grief with that man for two decades of anything with another. — Eleanor Gehrig N o man is a hero to his wife. The AP aphorism is rooted in the seven- teenth-century proverb, “No man Iron Horse, sterling character: Lou Gehrig poses with his wife Eleanor shortly before the 1936 is a hero to his valet,” from Mademoiselle World Series against the New York Giants. Lou — unlike many sports stars of his era and ours A. M. Bigot de Cornuel, an observation — was a faithful and loving husband. that, on meeting our heroes, we find they have feet of clay. Like us, they put their fortified multimillionaire. “He was beau- before they reached the age of two. Lou’s pants on one leg at a time. tiful,” Eleanor Gehrig wrote. “Six feet tall, mother believed baseball was a “waste But maybe that wasn’t the case with 205 pounds, sturdy as a rock and innocent of time” that would “never get you any- Lou Gehrig, the man they called “Gibraltar as a waif.” where,” a “game for bummers.” If you in Cleats,” mythic giant of the New York The innocent waif was born June 19, believe the film Pride of the Yankees, she Yankees in the era of Ruth and Pipp and 1903, Heinrich Ludwig Gehrig, into a wanted him to follow in the steps of his McCarthy and Lazzeri. If any twentieth- rapidly changing world. Skyscrapers rose Uncle Otto, an engineer. Lou attended Co- century athlete qualifies as a man among to the heavens in New York City. Henry lumbia University on a football scholar- men, it’s Gehrig, the polar opposite of the Ford began the Ford Motor Company. ship to study engineering, but he made his modern athlete, represented in either the Marie Curie won the Nobel Prize. Edwin mark on the baseball diamond. It wasn’t criminal, the crybaby, or the steroidally S. Porter produced The Great Train Rob- long before the Yankees came knocking, bery. Thomas Hunt Morgan discovered and in 1925, after a few years in the mi- R. Cort Kirkwood is managing editor of the Daily chromosomes on genes, and the Wright nors, Gehrig donned number 4. “Larrupin’ News-Record in Harrisonburg, Virginia. He is the Brothers flew. Other famous Ameri- Lou” batted fourth to Babe Ruth’s third. author of Real Men: Ten Courageous Americans to cans born that year? Clare Boothe Luce, His statistics are legendary. He posted a Know and Admire, to be published by Cumberland Bing Crosby, and Bob Hope. In England, lifetime .340 batting average and blasted House on September 1. The text of this article, print- George Orwell. 493 home runs. His batting average in ed here with permission, is chapter six in the book. Gehrig’s two sisters and a brother died the World Series was .361, with his best 34 THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006
    • against Chicago in 1932, .529. Most im- In the ultimate affront to a hitter pressive of all, he played 2,130 consecu- of Gehrig’s clout, a batter whose tive games, a record that stood until Cal average hadn’t dropped below Gehrig played ball for nearly fourteen Ripken of the Baltimore Orioles broke .300 since 1925, Lefty Grove of years without a break, but in the it on September 6, 1995. Gehrig played the Boston Red Sox walked Joe season of 1938, his muscles began to through broken fingers, sprained ankles, DiMaggio so he could face the bruises, contusions, and just about every ailing first baseman. Gehrig was fail. In Pride of the Yankees, it begins other imaginable ache and pain. X-rays an easy out. with a crick in his shoulder. Of course, showed seventeen broken or fractured At home, Eleanor watched bones in his hands, particularly the glove the decay, wondering what was he just shook it off. Just another day at hand, many of which healed without the happening to her Luke. Just a the ballpark. But it was more than that. intervention of a doctor. He was one tough slump at the plate, they said. He German. just needs a little rest, everyone All these facts about Gehrig add to his agreed. He dropped kitchen china inex- known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. He was luster; they burnish his image as the kind plicably. He fell frequently when he and thirty-six. of hero men can only dream of emulat- Eleanor went ice-skating, a favorite pas- The disease is a death sentence, al- ing. But it wasn’t Gehrig’s extraordinary time. This, she asked herself, is a slump? though Lou didn’t know right away. He athleticism that accounts for his inclusion Finally, on May 2, 1939, he took himself died on June 2, 1941, sixteen years to the here, nor is it why Gehrig is held in mythic out of the lineup. A few weeks later, Elea- day he replaced Wally Pipp at first base. regard. Rather, it was Gehrig’s determined nor scheduled an appointment at the Mayo face while handling the adversity of a ter- Clinic. Dr. Harold Habein knew what was A Modern Ballplayer minal disease. wrong as soon as Gehrig inched into his But before describing how Gehrig handled Gehrig played ball for nearly fourteen office. “When [he] entered my office,” the his tragic destiny, listen to another story years without a break, but in the season of doctor said, “and I saw the shuffling gait, about a modern ballplayer and how he han- 1938, his muscles began to fail. In Pride and his overall expression, then shook his dled what anyone would consider a disap- of the Yankees, it begins with a crick in hand, I knew.” The Iron Man had amyo- pointment, although certainly no colossal his shoulder. Of course, he just shook trophic lateral sclerosis, after that, forever tragedy worthy of the rebarbative display it off. Just another day at the ballpark. But it was more than that. The Iron Horse deteriorated rapidly. His teammates didn’t know why, but they saw what was happening to this incred- ible specimen of manhood. His batting average plummet- ed 56 points to .295. A mys- tified Joe DiMaggio watched Gehrig miss nineteen straight cuts in batting practice. One afternoon he fell while try- ing to put on his pants in the clubhouse. Another time, he fell off a bench in the club- house when he got up to look out the window. Attending a pro-golf tournament in Florida, friends noticed he didn’t wear cleats to walk in the grass as he usually would, but tennis shoes. He had good reason: he couldn’t pick up his feet, which slowed his base running. Nor could he move his hands fast enough AP to catch balls fired across the The big stick: Lou is presented with a giant bat by the New York Baseball Federation following his 1934 “Triple diamond to him at first base. Crown” — leading the American League in batting average (.363), home runs (49), and runs batted in (165). THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006 35
    • HISTORY— AMERICAN SPIRIT That caused [him] to cry, too. There were reporters [there] poised to witness a cel- ebratory scene as he was finally honored as one of baseball’s elite players. But it did not occur and tears flowed.” “He admitted to being devastated,” the Times continued, “because he felt the ex- pectation of being elected more than ever this year. He spoke about how it would torment him if his [aging father] did not live to see him enshrined.” In complaining about the snub from baseball’s pantheon of heroes, the player said, “I’d like to ask any of the sportswriters did any of them ever get behind the plate and catch for nine innings?” Sitting behind a plate for nine innings? How about a death sentence before age forty? “Devastated?” You’re “devastated” when your nine-year-old boy gets cancer. You’re “devastated” when a drunk driver kills your daughter. But not when the Hall of Fame says it isn’t your turn. What would Gehrig have said? Probably some- thing like this: “Well, boys, you can’t win ’em all. Let’s toast the guys who made it. They were better men than me.” Since inducted at Cooperstown, the player is an example of modern American manhood, particularly the modern athlete, and we can thank the news media for de- picting the specimen in all its glory. He is a perfect example of what we don’t want our sons to be: conceited, arrogant, and spiteful, believing himself more deserving than someone else. Jesus Christ said the first will be last, and the last will be first. This fellow did not agree. One can only imagine how he would have handled the news Gehrig received in the flower of his AP manhood. Embraced by the Babe: On “Lou Gehrig Appreciation Day,” July 4, 1939, Babe Ruth was on hand to pay tribute to his former teammate and close friend. This ended several years of hostility A Good Guy, a Great Man between them, which arose from a misunderstanding involving Lou’s mother and Babe’s daughter. Now, consider a few things about Gehrig, and you’ll know he handled what most to which the public was subjected. he expected, and he was not among the would say is a cosmic injustice and, in The player’s name is unimportant; it chosen few. Understandably, he was disap- an unguarded moment, perhaps a divine serves no purpose to ridicule the man. pointed, as any good ball player would be. injustice. Let’s just say he was, in his own mind, a But he wasn’t just disappointed. He was As with modern athletes, in the old player of Gehrig’s caliber. He expected in- angry, feeling unjustly deprived of some- days, an athlete’s talents and popularity duction into the Baseball Hall of Fame. thing he so richly deserved. What followed were measured in commercial endorse- Such was his conceit that he invited re- was a display of puerile histrionics: a foot- ments. Lou endorsed a breakfast cereal porters to his home the day he knew the stomping, childish tantrum. called Huskies, and appearing on Robert telephone call would come. They gathered The New York Times reported: “[He] Ripley’s Believe or Not radio program, he in his kitchen, expecting, as did he, word described how his wife … planned a sur- was supposed to plug the product. “Well, of his elevation to baseball’s Valhalla. But prise party for him and instead wept when Lou, what helps you hit all those home the news from Cooperstown wasn’t what they discovered he had not been elected. runs?” Ripley asked. 36 THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006
    • “A heaping bowlful of Wheaties!” Lou replied. Huh? Wheaties? Lou returned the thousand dollars he was paid to pitch Huskies, then he returned to the show and plugged the cereal correctly. “Lou,” biographer Richard Bak wrote, “believed in doing the right thing.” He in- vested all of his life savings for his parents after he married Eleanor and handed them the deed to a new house and new car. And we know he was tough. He played through those seventeen broken bones for more than a decade, including a thumb and toe, as well as back spasms, that would have dropped a less resilient man. He once played a game the day after a pitcher beaned him unconscious. Next day, he wore an oversized cap to accommodate the grapefruit on his noggin. He smashed three triples. It wasn’t easy for Gehrig to pull himself out of the lineup, but when he did, no one had to ask. He told manager Joe McCarthy: AP “For the good of the team, Joe. Nobody has This is a man: His phenomenal athleticism was stolen by the disease now bearing his name, to tell me how bad I’ve been and how much and his stoicism slipped during the July 4, 1939 tribute at Yankee Stadium. His record for of a drawback I’ve been to the club.... [T]he playing 2,130 consecutive games was eclipsed by Cal Ripken. But Lou Gehrig’s character, time has come for me to quit.” humility, decency, and work ethic made him immortal. By all accounts, Gehrig was resolute A Farewell to His Fans and valiant. When his batting average dropped, he took a three-thousand-dol- lar pay cut without complaint. He sim- ply worked all the harder to recover his prowess at the plate. He struggled might- ily against the unknown. One account has Following is the text of Lou Gehrig’s July 4, 1939, farewell speech at Yankee Stadium. Gehrig eating grass to conquer the creep- ing paralysis. Eleanor dutifully pulled it from the ground to make some sort of soup. He thought the vitamins would cure F ans, for the past two weeks you have been reading about a bad break I got. Yet today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth. I have been in ballparks for seventeen years and have never received anything but kindness and encouragement his disease. They didn’t. from you fans. Look at these grand men. Which of you wouldn’t consider it the highlight of his career Gehrig Faces Death to associate with them for even one day? On July 4, 1939, Gehrig delivered the Sure, I’m lucky. Who wouldn’t consider it an honor to have known Jacob Ruppert most famous oration ever by an American — also the builder of baseball’s greatest empire, Ed Barrow — to have spent the next athlete. Such was its emotive puissance nine years with that wonderful little fellow Miller Huggins — then to have spent the it is known as baseball’s Gettysburg Ad- next nine years with that outstanding leader, that smart student of psychology — the dress. It was Lou Gehrig Day at Yankee best manager in baseball today, Joe McCarthy! Stadium, and all his teammates, current Sure, I’m lucky. When the New York Giants, a team you would give your right arm and former, were there to honor him. That to beat, and vice versa, sends you a gift, that’s something! When everybody down to included the Babe, with whom he hadn’t the groundskeepers and those boys in white coats remember you with trophies, that’s spoken in years because Gehrig’s mother something. (or wife, in some accounts) made an un- When you have a wonderful mother-in-law who takes sides with you in squabbles flattering remark about the accouterments against her own daughter, that’s something. When you have a father and mother who of Ruth’s daughter. Sid Mercer, a veteran work all their lives so that you can have an education and build your body, it’s a bless- sportswriter who served as master of cer- ing! When you have a wife who has been a tower of strength and shown more courage emonies, told the sixty thousand adoring than you dreamed existed, that’s the finest I know. fans that Gehrig was too moved to speak. So I close in saying that I might have had a tough break — but I have an awful lot The crowd wanted none of it. “We want to live for! ■ THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006 37
    • HISTORY— AMERICAN SPIRIT spoke about his teammates and it was only in the context of others: how pals and what they meant to him. lucky he was to have known them and for One of Gehrig’s teammates, shortstop And then he spoke about the men them to love him. Was he afraid? Undoubt- Sam Jones, paid the Iron Man the he played against, and how grate- edly. Eddie Rickenbacker said that cour- ful he was that they sent him a age is conquering fear, not the absence of highest compliment any man could gift. “That’s something,” he said. it. Gehrig picked up the hand he was dealt hope to receive: “Lou was the kind of “Sure, I’m lucky.” and played it like a man. That doesn’t sound anything Aside from showing us how a real man boy that if you had a son, he’s the kind like the catcher who assembled faces death, Gehrig was no criminal, as are of person you’d like your son to be.” sportswriters at his home to get so many of today’s athletes. He was never the news about his induction into convicted of a crime, nor ever accused of the Hall of Fame, but then hear- one. He never spit on an umpire or throt- Gehrig!” they roared. “We want Gehrig!” ing the bad news that he wasn’t ready for tled his coach. He was no multimillion- And Gehrig went to the microphone: Cooperstown, threw a tearful tantrum. dollar crybaby. Today, such “men” seem Gehrig’s humility is one of the hallmarks to be the rule, not the exception. Gehrig, a Fans, for the past two weeks you of genuine masculinity. Ever humble, even sportswriter once wrote, was “unspoiled, have been reading about a bad break in his final appearance on the baseball dia- without the remotest vestige of ego, vanity I got. Yet today, I consider myself the mond where he was a champion, he didn’t or conceit.” luckiest man on the face of the earth. speak of himself or his awful fate. Rather, Likening him to the public image of the I have been in ballparks for seventeen he told the assembled throng that he was man who played him in Pride of the Yan- years and I have never received any- lucky, then expressed his admiration for kees, Gary Cooper, another writer called thing but kindness and encourage- others, diverting the spotlight to them. He him “a figure of unimpeachable integrity, ment from you fans. praised his mom and dad. He praised his massive and incorruptible, a hero. Today, loving wife. He even praised his adoring both are seen as paradigms of manly vir- Gehrig continued talking, but not about fans. He spoke about everyone but him- tue. Decent and God-fearing, yet strongly himself and his stellar career. Rather, he self, and when he did speak of himself, charismatic and powerful.” The difference between the two, however, was that Gehrig genuinely embodied those traits. Gehrig would be out of place in modern sports. It seems as if newspapers carry a daily report of millionaire athletes — particularly the rotten, criminal timber of the NBA and the NFL — land- ing in jail. Few if any mod- ern athletes are “innocent” or “massive and incorruptible” or “unimpeachable” or “un- spoiled, without the remotest vestige of ego, vanity or con- ceit.” Gehrig was. One of Gehrig’s teammates, shortstop Sam Jones, paid the Iron Man the highest compli- ment any man could hope to receive: “Lou was the kind of boy that if you had a son, he’s the kind of person you’d like your son to be.” Any son’s father knows what kind of tribute that is, the kind of tribute few mod- ern athletes deserve. It says, AP Strength up the middle: The 1936 version of the Yankees’ fabled “Murderer’s Row” included: Catcher Bill in so many words, there goes Dickey, First Baseman Gehrig, Center Fielder Joe DiMaggio, and Second Baseman Tony “Poosh-’em Up” Lazzeri. a real man. ■ 38 THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006
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    • “... the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” EXERCISING THE RIGHT House Call wanted for at least one other robbery If the prosecutor knew Foxx was in- Two men come to your door at about 1 and that, in fact, he was at the gas station nocent, why force her to hire and pay for a.m.; at least one is wearing a shirt from that night because he had agreed to meet a lawyer, explain and relive the horror of the CenterPoint Energy company. They a detective there and turn himself in for the abuse visited on her by her husband, tell you that they’re from the gas com- robbing a restaurant. In the restaurant rob- make her visualize and relive the day of pany and that you must evacuate because bery, Toubell robbed the proprietor Pat the shooting, and cause her to live with the there’s a gas leak — but neither you nor Oberrath, beat her, tied her up, stole a gun, dread of a possible murder charge looming your neighbors have gas power. What do and threatened to kill her. over her head for months? This seems less you do? Starr needed to have a metal rod insert- a case of exercising due diligence than a If you’re Oscar Mitchell from Harris ed into his leg to help the break heal. case of judicial sadism. County, Texas, you grab a gun and pre- pare to defend yourself. After arming him- self, Mitchell went out the garage door to Through the Wringer No Cash and Carry investigate further, and he was rushed by When state’s attorney S. Ann Brobst of Mary Todd, of Beech Island, South Caro- the man wearing the CenterPoint shirt. Baltimore County, Maryland, brought be- lina, surprised four thugs at her food store Mitchell shot that man, but was then sub- fore a grand jury the case of Karen Foxx, on June 16. In the afternoon on that day, sequently shot himself by another attacker a woman who had shot and killed her es- she was in her office when three masked who came at him from another direction. tranged husband, to determine whether intruders entered while a fourth waited in The attackers then fled. The wounded at- she should go to trial for his death, Foxx’s a getaway car. tacker made it as far as the street before attorney did something unusual: she let The robbers threatened her customers succumbing to his wound. her client testify before the grand jury. at gunpoint, making them lie on the floor. The dead man’s partners escaped. The Baltimore Sun, which covered When one of them tried to kick down her Mitchell received a flesh wound in the Foxx’s story, said that it is unusual to have office door, she began shooting through arm. According to the Houston Chronicle, a client testify before a grand jury because her office window. the dead man was not likely a CenterPoint “defense attorneys are not permitted in the “In the end,” according to WLTX News worker: he had “a badge that identified room,... prosecutors and jurors can ask 19, “the only thing the men got was out himself as a restaurant employee.” Be- anything they want, hearsay and specula- without getting shot.” Police are still cause the man had handcuffs in his tool tive evidence are admissible and anything searching for the suspects. kit, police believe he was planning a home the suspect says can be used against him invasion. at trial if he is charged.” Yet Foxx’s de- Mitchell’s neighbors, interviewed fense attorney had her testify because she Just Saying No by KHOU 11 News, described him as a was a sympathetic suspect: her estranged A Fort Worth, Texas, man named Ken- “kind-hearted, generous” and “loving, husband, Herman Bullock, had beaten neth Tucker was attacked by an unnamed Christian guy.” her frequently and caused her to seek re- assailant for telling the man to leave the straining orders against him, file criminal area after the man offered beer to under- charges against him, and change her phone age kids “and began chasing the young Saving His Own Life number. girls around the parking lot,” reported After stopping to get gas and beef jerky On April 1 just before 4:30 p.m., Bull- after a softball game, Brian Starr began ock went to Foxx’s house and evidently The man had just walked into the area driving away from a Fuel Mart gas station threatened her with an axe handle that “she carrying a case of beer apparently without when he glanced in his rearview mirror and had been using in the tracks of a sliding being invited. On being told to leave, the saw a strange man in the rear seat of his glass door to secure it.” Foxx shot him unidentified man initially assaulted Tucker car, and the man was raising a gun. While with a gun that she had purchased specifi- physically. After a few moments, however, the car was still moving, Starr grabbed for cally to protect herself from him, killing the man left and got a pickup truck, re- the gun. As the two struggled, the stranger him. turned, and rammed Tucker’s house as managed to fire the gun, hitting Starr in the After the hearing, the prosecutor indi- Tucker got out of the way. thigh, breaking his femur in half. cated that she had recognized prior to the The assailant promptly left, but he re- The stranger’s advantage was short- hearing that Foxx’s self-defense claim was turned soon thereafter. At that point, Tuck- lived. Before the car traveled much over a reasonable: “Because there were genuine er retrieved a shotgun and shot at the man football field in distance, Starr had wrested issues and potential defenses and because twice, wounding him. The driver of the the gun from the assailant, later identified charging itself carries a punishment, we truck was arrested and hospitalized in se- as John Toubell, and shot him in the chest, were not seeking an indictment,” she told rious condition after he crashed the truck neck, and head, killing him. the Sun. “We were presenting the case for into a pole. ■ reported that Toubell was [the grand jury’s] consideration.” — KURT WILLIAMSEN THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006 41
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    • For a Change, Enforce the Immigration Laws ITEM: A July 5 Associated Press story reported: “The economy of the country’s largest city and the entire nation would collapse if illegal immigrants were de- ported en masse, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg told a Senate committee hear- ing Wednesday [in Philadelphia]. New York City is home to more than 3 million immigrants, and a half-million of them came to this country illegally.” CORRECTION: If Mayor Bloomberg is cor- rect that his city’s “economy would be a AP shell of itself” if half a million illegal aliens Define “needed”: Pro-immigration advocates claim illegal immigrants are needed in this had not made their home in New York City country, yet masses of illegals compete for each job opening. Many get no work. — and if he is also correct that “the same holds true for the nation” — then the rem- all of them. As noted in another AP ac- little risk in hiring illegals. If the job mag- edy for our struggling economy is obvi- count in April, President Bush “said that net were turned off, the attraction would ous: why not encourage additional mil- sending all the nation’s 11 million illegal diminish, and attrition would ensue. lions to come to here illegally so that the immigrants back to their home countries Mark Krikorian, executive director of economy can be improved? In fact, why is not the answer. ‘Massive deportation of the Center for Immigration Studies, put it not automatically make legal anyone who the people here is unrealistic — it’s just this way in National Review Online: comes here illegally, in the hope that the not going to work,’ Bush said. ‘You know, resulting flood of aliens would improve you can hear people out there hollering it’s The amount of investigative time de- the economy even more? going to work. It’s not going to work.’ ” voted to worksite enforcement of im- It is hard to imagine that Bloomberg Yet, there is no serious proposal being migration laws fell steadily from 1999 could have uttered this nonsense to a Sen- considered by lawmakers that would even to 2003, dropping by more than half, ate committee with a straight face. On the approach this solution. according to the GAO. The number whole, illegal immigrants harm our econ- Suppose it is unrealistic to deport all of worksite arrests fell by 84 percent. omy because they contribute relatively illegal aliens, as apologists for illegal im- And, from 1999 to 2004, the number little in taxes while greatly increasing the migration claim. Why not at least start re- of fines issued to employers fell by taxpayer burden for education, healthcare, ducing the number by deporting the ones 99 percent, plummeting to a laugh- and the criminal justice system. The Cen- we can? Why not begin discouraging il- able nationwide total of three.... ter for Immigration Studies estimates that legal immigration by enforcing the laws And it’s not just jobs. The govern- illegal immigration costs the federal gov- and making it difficult for aliens to be here ment at all levels has taken many ac- ernment $11 billion-$22 billion each year illegally? The real point is that at least 11 tions over the past few years to make in direct net costs. million aliens are breaking our laws with life easier for illegal aliens — the Mayor Bloomberg must have a clue impunity, and Congress and the president, Treasury Department signaling to as to how illegal immigration can run up to varying degrees, want to reward them banks that Mexico’s illegal-alien ID government social-welfare costs, consid- for doing so. card is an acceptable credential for ering the fact that his city has both a large Here’s a radical thought: what about en- opening bank accounts; legislatures number of illegal aliens and a large social- forcing the law? offering in-state tuition subsidies to welfare burden. Can’t he connect the dots The Border Patrol can’t do the job alone, illegals attending state universities; to conclude that New York City might be especially while being subverted by the and city councils barring local police better, not worse, off if the half-million il- lack of enforcement elsewhere. And scant from using immigration law in the legals in NYC were not there? Surely he enforcement is in large part why there are course of their duties. In other words, can, but he wants instead to create a false so many illegal aliens. There would also be we’ve told prospective illegal aliens impression so as to justify allowing the il- more robberies or rapes if authorities de- that they’ll have to risk their lives to legals to stay here. cided it was too much of a bother to enforce get in, but once they’re clear of the Others simply argue that there are now the laws against those acts. Businesses and border, they’re home free. ■ too many illegals in this country to deport border-jumpers alike have learned there is — WILLIAM P. HOAR THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006 43
    • THE LAST WORD 21st-century Feudalism by William Norman Grigg W hat might Nero have done if he had pos- and extravagant public spectacles. While the elites sessed a 757-200 jetliner? On July 1, in a bail out, they’re leaving to the rest of us an “insur- display intended to rally the GOP-aligned mountable debt that will be shackled to our children in “NASCAR dad” demographic, Dick Cheney buzzed perpetuity, and the carefully arranged levers of a mod- the Daytona International Speedway in Air Force ern police-surveillance state,” concludes Whitney. Two at an altitude of 1,000 feet prior to the Pepsi 400 The trends Whitney describes — ever-mounting stock-car race. After taking a leisurely lap around the debt, the impending collapse of the dollar, and the course in a black SUV, the vice president posed in unfolding garrison state — could lead to some ex- front of a giant American flag with the event’s 43 ceptionally unpleasant outcomes. For instance: it is drivers arrayed behind him as a backdrop. possible that someday in the not too distant future a Allowing for some creative anachronism, it’s easy foreign interest like China, Russia, or Saudi Arabia to imagine Nero conducting a similar flyover of the could be in charge of our prison system. Circus Maximus in Rome, then forcing the charioteers to pose Here’s how this could happen: with him in front of the Imperial Eagle as he harangued the Economic analysts Bill Bonner and Addison Wiggin point masses while distributing sparsiones (imperial gifts of grain and out that while the United States is an empire, we are “also the money) to the crowd. world’s largest debtor,” requiring $2.5 billion a day in foreign Extrapolating from current economic trends, I’d wager that loans, with much of that amount coming “from [our] former and a fair number of those who witnessed Cheney’s Bread and Cir- future enemies,” including China. cuses stunt are probably separated from economic disaster by a “China’s key advisers are urging the government to take its paycheck or two. Many have probably taken out adjustable rate dollars and buy oil and gold,” comment Bonner and Wiggin. mortgages and face the pros- “At some point, they might want to suggest changes in the trade pect of being turned “upside relationship, or changes in the décor of the White House … or Americans are down” as interest rates rise and changes in the U.S. Constitution itself. Who knows?” a contracting real estate bubble Foreign lenders are preparing to buy our country out from being enticed into undermines the value of their underneath us, taking advantage of the dollar’s decline and supporting policies homes. And most probably the desperation of cash-strapped state and local governments. find it increasingly difficult Notes a recent USA Today front page story: “States and local that undermine our to meet household expenses governments across the USA are preparing to cash in valuable independence and as wages remain static while public assets for one-time windfalls that could reap tens of bil- price inflation rages. lions of dollars. The deals would let governments collect bil- reduce us to serfdom. As an architect of the Iraq lions of extra dollars without raising taxes but would reduce War that has contributed to their future revenue.” vast and expanding deficits Highways, airports, state student-loan portfolios, sewer sys- and triggered a dramatic spike in the “risk premium” incorpo- tems, state-run lotteries — all of these are being put up for sale. rated into oil prices, Dick Cheney has done more than his share Could jails and prisons be put on the auction block, as well — as to pauperize our struggling middle class. According to the July post-9/11 America takes an ominous turn in the direction of a 2 issue of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine, Cheney is police state? With more than two million residing behind bars positioned to profit from the economic ruin that will most likely in the United States, and states and municipalities increasingly result from the official profligacy he has abetted. turning to private, for-profit entities to run these facilities, the Examining the vice president’s recently released financial dis- possibility really can’t be dismissed outright. Beijing, Moscow, closure statement, Kiplinger’s concludes that Cheney and his fi- and Riyadh all have large dollar reserves and a lot of experience nancial advisers “are apparently betting on a rise in inflation and in the field of incarceration. interest rates and on a decline in the value of the dollar against This scenario is just one of several ugly possibilities arising foreign currencies.” Cheney has salted away between $10 million from our present circumstances. and $25 million in American Century International Bond, which “On Independence Day,” intoned Cheney at Daytona, “we’re “buys mainly high-quality foreign bonds,” primarily in Europe. reminded how fortunate we are to live in freedom and call this Reacting to the Kiplinger’s report, economic commentator nation home.” His hope in attending the Pepsi 400 was to entice Mike Whitney exaggerates little if at all in concluding that “we’re blue-collar Americans into continuing to support policies that sinking fast and Cheney and his pals are manning the lifeboats are stealthily undermining our independence, and quietly reduc- while the public is diverted” with peripheral political squabbles ing us to serfdom. ■ 44 THE NEW AMERICAN • AUGUST 7, 2006
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