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Round One -  The Jerusalem Connection Magazine -  May June 2009
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Round One - The Jerusalem Connection Magazine - May June 2009


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  • 1. Benjamin Netanyahu Israel's Prime Minister Unitl.J States - sening for twO years as DepUly Chief of Mission From Jewish Virtual Library under then-ambassador Moshe Arens. H e W:lS also a member of the first delegation to the talks on strategic cooperation between Benjamin Nct:lnyahu - soldier, diplomat and the ninth Prime Israel and the United States. In 1984, Netanyahu was appointed Minister of the State of Ismel - was oom in Tel Aviv on Ottober Israel's ambassador to the United Nlitions and held this position 21, 1949 and grew up in Jerusalem. H e spent his adoIts(.:ent years for four years. A~ U.N. ambassador, Netanyahu led the effort that in the United Starcs, where his father - a noted historian - taught opened the U.N. Nazi War C rimes Archives in 1987. An articu- Jewish history. late speaker, forceful debater, and media-oriented diplomat, he Reruming to Ist""acl in 1967 to fulfill his military oblig3rions, played a key role in effortS to enhance Tsrnel's image and impro'c Netnny.lhu volunteered lor an elite commando unit of the T srnel understanding of the COWltry's security needs among the "movers Defense Forces and participated in a number of daring operations. and shakers" in American public life. These included the Beirut Airport Operation during the Var of Soon after returning to Israel in 1988, Benjamin Netanyahu Attrition and the release of hostages from a hijacked Sabena Air- entered the political arena and was elected a Member of Knesset lin<."S aircraft at Ben-Gurion Airport, an operation in which he was by the L ikud party and was appointed Deputy Nlinister of Foreign wounded. H e was discharged from the IDF after six years with the Aif.lirs. H e sen'ed in this position for fOu r years, marked by the rank of t'aptain follo~ng the ){>lll Kippur ~'ar. Nct:lnyahu then intifada; the 199 1 Gulf War; and thc Madrid Peace Con ference, smdied at MIT in Boston ~llld received a B.Sc. in architecrure and which initiated the first direct negotiations between Israel and an M.Sc. in Management Srudies. !-I e also studied political sci- Syria, Lebanon, and 3 jointJ ordanian delegation. ence at M:lT and HalVard University. in 1976 he W:lS employed On March 25,1993, Netanyahu W~IS elected Chaiml.lI of the by the Boston Consulting Group, an international business con- Likud Party and its candidate for P rime Minister. H e led the po- sulting finn, and later joinccl the management of Rim Indusmcs litical opposition in the period prior to and following the assassi- in Jerusalem. nation of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin - a time eharncteri7.ed by Much affected by the death o f his eldest brother Yoni - who volati le public debate on basic is~'Ues, sparked by controversy over had fullen while commanding the 1976 Entebbe rescue operation ramifications of the Oslo agreements and escalating Palestinian to free the passengers of an Air France airliner held hostage in terrorism. Uganda - Benjamin Netan}'llhu initiated and organized two inter- In 1996, in the first direct elections of an Israeli P rime Nlinister, national conferences on ways to combat international telTOrism, Benjamin Netanyahu defeated the im.Ulllocm Labor candidate ' in 1979 in Jenlsalem and in 1984 in v~1.shington. These forums Shimon Peres, and became:": the ninth Prime Minister of the State attracted key political figures and opinion-makers in the interna- of Israel, sening until 1999. tional community. After the completion of his tem]:lS Prime Minister, Net:.myahu In 1982 Netan}'llhu joined T srncl's diplomatic mission in the senred as a business consultant to L~I"Jcli high-tech companies and was a popular speaker on the global lecrure circuit. In 2002 he re- turned to politics, first 3S j>Unister of Foreign Affuirs (No"ember 2002 until February 2003) and then as Minister of Finance, until August 1005. During the 17th Government of Isracl, he sen'ed ;Is the Head of the Opposition in the Knesset. L F ebnlary 2009, following the elections to the 18th Knesset, n • Benjamin Netanyahu was charged with fanning the next govern- ment when his party won the second most seats in the election but he was believed to have the hcst chance of building a coalition to foml the go'emment. Benjamin Neranyahu has written a number of books that ap- peared in H ebrew and English, ith some also translated into Russian, French, Arabic, Japanese and o ther languages, among them Self Portrait of a Hero: From the Letters of J o nathan Ne- t.1.nyahu 1963-1976 (edited 1978), Intem;Itional Terrorism: Chal- lenb>e and Response (edited 1979), lcrrorism: How the -Vest Can Volin (edited 1987); A Durable Peace: Israel and Its Place Among the Nations (1991); and Fighting Terrorism: I-low Democrades Can Defeat Domestic and Lnternational Terrorism (1996). Benjamin Netan}'llhu is married to Sara, a psychologist, and is a futher of three, Noa, Y.1ir, and Avner. lOe Page 2 z) Tbr ]m/sa/t'III C()I/I/trti()/1 May - JW1C 2009 • !VtU-Silld1/-7;mmlllz 5769
  • 2. The Jerusalem Connection, Int' l. Beware our American friend p.o. Sox 20295. W<lshington, DC 20041 T 70]-707-(1014 f<lX: 70]-707-9514 eL Saying 'no' to Obama won't necessarily undermine E-m.1il: inloOtjci.Ofg our friendship with US On the web: Rev. James M. Hut(hen5. Ph.D" Editor & Publisher M eanwhile, Obamas r ivals referred Chilplilin (Brigitdier Generill) u.s. Army (R et.) By Elyakim Haetzni to him as " Hussein," his mjddle name, in Shelley Neese o rdcr to slam him. Yet in his rece nt visit Milnaging Ed itor l3arnk Obama has a lovely personal- to the Turkish parliament, his hosts hap- Or. Rkhilrd Booker, Dr. Daniel McCabe. SUln Goodenough ity, :md moreover, the holiday of freedom pened to emphasize his "Hussein-ness," Contributing Edit()f'; brings together the blacks and the Jews, and such things are coordinated with the who were among the greatcst fighters for guest. OIY.una, who has urged uS to put Advisory Board African-American equality. Still, we were Senator William L Armstrong ourselves in the shoes of th e Palestinians, MKhMI L Brown Ph.D. - President ICN Ministries hun by Condoleezza Rice, who identified not only backs them; he also identifies Senator Jim Bunning us with the white people who persecuted with them. P<lul G. Cerjan - W eoten<lnt Gener<l!. USA (Ret) her during childhood, while ~cwin g lhe Vle shall fee the difference soon. Barack R<lbbi J<lmie Cowen • President, Union of Messi<lnK Palestinians as the persecuted party. H ussein O bama's jXlli<.y cornerstone is the Jewish Congregations Richilrd D. Che~W - Major General. USA (Ret) est;lblishment of " Palestine," on the as- C09, The PlIttGn Museum FoundMion sumption this will extract the Americans Table of Contents from the mess in Iraq :lId Afghanisr.lIl, MK Rabbi Benny Elan . Member The Knesset of Israel General Shimon Erem (Ret.)· Pres. The Israel -Christian 2 Benjamin Netanyahu destroy the Taliban in P,lkisrall, :l.I1d ap- Nexus pease Iran. Arnbauado r YOfam Etti nger · President, US-lYael 3 Beware our American friend OppOrtunities, LTD 4 For t he Record Often when referring to cancer, peo- Dr. Arthur F. Glaner - Deiln ErneritllS, Fuller TheoIogi· 6 America ' Moves Toward Aban- ple prefer to talk about "this disease, you cal Seminary SChoof of Intercultural St udies donment of Israel .' know. " Around here we talk about "the Jane A. Hansen · P!-esidentICEO Aglow International price, you know," in order not to !,U imo ' Morton A. Klein _ National P'resiMnt, Zionist Organiz.a· 7 The Proposed Palestinian State: A tiorI of Amedca (lOA) Deal-Maker or a Deal-Breaker? demil about what shall be left here after Bill Koenig · President. Koenig Intemiltional News Palestinc is established. They speak cau- 8 The Protocals of the Drinkers tiously, as one would address a patient he- Rabbi Daniel lApin • President of Toward Tradition of Coffee Esther Levens - President 8i (fa. The National Unity fan: am pumtion. Coalition for Israel 9 Independent Norwegia n poll : Y in the fitce of the rn zor~s harp ul- et Mkhael D. Linle · President-COO. The Chri!!ian Broitd· Palest inian majority opposes (itSling Network Inc. timatum we can e.-.:pect from Obama, two states Jan Markell - President Olive Tree Mini!!ries enough with the hints: lmagine a border Nina May · Chairman, The Renaissance Foundation 10 Elected U.S. presidents are :It Jerusalem !; Jaffu gate, with anned Pal- presidents of the U.S., not of Rabbi Dr. Gerald M. Meister · f ormer Adlli~ at the estinians standing on the Old Citys wall. f ore ign Ministry of Israel for hr.ael-Christian Affairs Israel lllla ~,'i n e a Dead Sea that is half in J ordan, Major General Sir Laurence New· President. As~a· 12 The Two-State Solut ion - w e've and 50% of the remaining half helonging tion of Mifitary Christian Fellowship been there befo re ThomM Neumann - Exewtive Director. to Palestine. Jtwis/1lnstitlJte 101' Nat. S«urities Affairs 14 The Orig ins of the Dead Sea Imagine a N egev divided into t,o near Janet Parshall - Syndicated radio talk show hostess Scrolls Rosem.1ry Sdlindier · President · Schindler's M 16 Choosing life in the Land where God Breathed Life See Beware, pag' 19 Robe rt Sterns · President. Eagles Wings John W . Swail~ III. Ph.D. _ Professor of History and 17 It 's not (re ally) up to Bibi Dirl'('(or of the Center for ISlael o'IInd Middle east 18 The Voice of Ch ristian Zionism On The Cover: Studies. Oral Roberts University Herbert ZwIbon . Chairman. A.rnericiIrl'I For A Sitle br.oef __-_.._ 19 Words must mean something Israel Prime Min ister Benjamin Ankles: 20 Speaking of the End Times Netanyahu and President Barack ""'.-ond __ . . . . . ;"n.._Comt<I""'_.... _01 _"'_..-..._ond....,.... ""'-..._ .... 1..._ _ _ _Obama. .... _ ... _"' .... 21 Moving away from our long - _ _"''''''_t:onnonIon,lnI'I.'''''~oI st anding relationship with ... f'l'I'n z r!!t!!M'i",!!! ..... ...... _"' ..... /!!ylf!!p~doft - ........" ..".,- Israel .................... ...... 22 Faith Lessons from Israel ""'_~.., •• ~~_50'IdUl"'" .. Incornt w.tiillliftw._- 23 Myth & Fact .. iI1ICo'NI_~tnd~_m_ ~"' _~Tho_~..,_"""""'_"' ...... ""lI'll '!M ... _ _....",,~_ ... 24 Where is America in Bible ...,.",.,..~ _ _ .......... _"' ;" .... Pro p hecy? Vlrgih'a Dt¢ 01 ~"'" Me' ConIiJmtf s..Mcfl. fIId'Imond. VA. 26 Replacement Theology C 2009 The Jerusalem Connection, International 28 Hebrew for the Goyim EVANGELICAL PRESS ASSOCIATION May - J une 2009 • Ivnt·Sh:nll-Tammllz 5769 Tbt' JmlS(II~1I CIlI11Un;Oll I) Page 3
  • 3. For The Record May. - June 2009 The Coming Collision Vhen an irresistible force meets an equivocAl oommitrm:nt to a two-state-solu- unmovable objeCt a collision results. That tion. This has been re-enforced by a rapid appears to be the forthcom ing scenario be~ succession of visits to WashinbrtOn by King lwccn President Obama and Prime Min- AbdulJah 11 ofJordan, President of the Pal- ister Netanyahu . But this is only "Round estinian Authority, M·ahmoud Abbas and One." even P rimeM.inister Netanyahu. President From day one of his presidem::y Mr. Obama's visit to the Mideast in J une could Ohama has put on a full"{:oun press to seal the d(.'al for the immediate filrure, cs- J im Hutchens establish the J>olitkally correct mantra of pe<..ially if he "makes an offer they can't a "m'Q-statc solution with Israel and Pal- refusc." Pro~r1y understood, the Ohama estine living side by side in peace." Never administrations increased coercion of Is- Min ister Nctanyahu has already indicated mind the filet that all attempts at this since rael to confornl is nothing less than yet an- that if the United States does nothing 1948 have been abysmal failures. The pri- other attempt to appease the Arab/,'Iuslim about the Iranian nuclear threat, Israel will mary reason for these failures is the Pales- world. L <;rael's security and national interest h:lVe to do so preempti,·el),. ·l11e prophet tini:IIlS are not partners in S/..'Cking peace are of little concern Zechariah seems [Q have this possibility in with Israel. Rather, they continue [0 insist For Bible beliC·ers this on-broing dip- mind when he says, 'VII that diry / ;;:iU "ulMe on the esmblishmcnt of a Palestinian SCIre lomatic dance must be viewed within the the lenden ofJudl1b like 11 }irtpot ill n WO(J(J- on the ashes and tornl removal of the Stne come.'1: of the prophctic Scriprurcs. Fo r pile, like a jlnming tJJrrb (nllqllg shl'IIVG. They of Ismcl. Check it out itS in their charter example, Zechariah 11:1 fr. speaks of a u:ill ro11!1I1J1l' rigbt mId Iq; nil fbI' nlfTOlI1ldil1g documents. time when God says, "/ (1111 going to make peoples, b/ltJrrllSll/f!fIl ";ill m llllil1 inflict ill hIT Blithely ignoring this reality, both the JmlSllkm 0 ClIp ,hll' smds nil thl' S111"TOlI1l1lillg piner. "(Zechariah 11:6). Special Envoy to the Nlidcast, George people ruling.... 011 thot My whm ail IIntio1/.S Sadly, the trump card Israel has con- Nlitchell and 5ccrerary of State I-lillary of the f'tn1b lIre gar/}f'1wl "gniM 1m; I will sistently refused to play since its re-birth Clinton continue to pressure their un- makr JrrllSltfem (m IIlmllW(lbI, rock. All wbo III 1948, is the Biblical filet that God h:ls fly to ""(fIJ1' it will i1ljure tbl'1JIsl'lves. " If when God says "all nations," He really means ".i!ll," then this must include the United States as well. It is indeed, a sobering and regrettable thought to think that our own beloved America would be one of those nations gathered againsr Israel. Trngically, seems to be the trajectory the Ohama administration is on. The God-ordained result is that we and not Israel are "in- jured." Furthennore, the stance President Ohama has taken regarding Iran is trOu- bling, certainly for the United States, but existentially for Israel. E,;dentiy, he sees diplom:ltic talks "~th Iran as the primary means of curtailing Iran's dash for nucle- ar capability. H owever, notions are now afloat suggesting that since we can't curtail their thirst for nuclear power, we must ac- cept it and keep it closely monitored. Fo r the U.S., fur removed from the region, :l nuclear lr.m is tolemble. Fo r Isr:lcl it is in- tolerable. It is a matter of SUflival. Prime Page 4 0 Tb, Jrrtlsalrlll COlli/miD" May - June 1009 • iVot-SivOII- TaIllII/fIZ 5769
  • 4. decreed to the J ews forever, by covenant the world. To deny Providential input The Jer r.:::dlmJ C01111t'ct101l prontise, the land they now live in. j![ost into any peace plan involving Israel is Illternotionfli of Israels leaders have been secular with to invite rejection and failure at the liule commiunent to the proclamations of outsct." (See the fullJe17l. rtllcm COl/nectioll the Bible. Unless and until an Israeli lead- Peace Pilm at Our Mission er emerges who advocates T sraels standing Expectations that the Obama adminis- based on the eternal covenants of God, tration will bring God's covenants to the 1. To inform. educate, and any political effortS will be futi le. The land negotiating table are futile . It's not going activate support for Israel and of Israel is the God-given inheritance of to happen. But is there an Israeli leader theJewisll people. the descendants of Abraham . who will claim his Biblit'al inheritance and 2. To serve as advocates of The covenants God has made with Is- make the covenant promises of the God Christian Zionism rael sho uld be at the top of the list of :my of Israel an unconditional requirement for Peace Plan Israel agrees to. As ~1 matter of any peace plan? Time will tell. It may hap- Christian ZiQllism is the SIIpport fact the first ilem on the agenda of our k pen only when another of God's promises oj the mooem State of lsrtlel as a msalelll CoIJnectiolJ f eaIT finn is, "The are fu lfilled. Again through ule prophet pm1:ial fulfiJiment ofGod's CQvellont Covel/oms of God. The modem Stott of Isratl Zechariah, God says, "1 will POIWOllt 01/ fbe pnnllise to provide a 11IrtioJJoi b01lJe- is (I pnl1ial fu/fzlhllent ofGod~ il1n1mtoble all(/ bOllse of Dnvid and tbe inhabit01lts 0fJerllSlf- umd for the Jewish people, in m,tici- evedastillg Cf)Vf1WIlf promises to {»V1.Jide 1111t1- Inll n spitit ofgrace and supplication. They 71,ill patiol1 oftheir11ltimate redemption. fio1101 h011lelolld for tbe Je-..vish people ill Rn- look to me, tbr olle tbt] bnve pien:ed, and fbey ticipation of tbeir ultimate redemptiol1 whel1 will mourn for !Jim lIS one mOll/7ll for (111 only "For Zion's sake I will not Messiab C(l1lIt:;. (Genesis 15: 18; 17:7-8). child, and K'ieve bitterly for bim lIS olle K"ieves Thus these promises must be consid- jurffjirsrb&17Isrm."(Zechariah 12:10). Un- keep sile'llt" - Isaiah 62:1 ered valid and relevant for today and til thcn, it appears a collision is inevitable. In this time of growing interna- foundational to any further peace plan Still this is only " Round One." tional anti-Israel, anti-Zionist, and discussions. God has a vested interest anti-Selnitic action in churc hes, in lsrdel and theJewish people d13t has govemmentsl and academia, we not been denied since the founding of stand in solidarity with Israel and the Jcwish people by: Anti-Semitism and the Economic Crisis • Confirming the present valid- ity of God 's covenants to Isr'J.el. (Gen.17,7-8) lapsed, the finger was pointed at the J ews By Ira Stoll and the Nazis ascended to power. The fa- • Championing A1iyall: the re- mous Dreyfus Affai r, in which a Jew was gathering of the Jews to Israel. '~la l ki n g down tile street in my solidly fa lsely accused of treason in France, fol- (Is,.4n2). upper-middle-class New York C ity neigh- lowed o n the heels of economic runnoil." oorhood the other day was a neatly dressed At this juncrure, the trepidation may yet • Confronting Anti-Semitism. man angri ly cursing into his cell phone seem like paranoia, o r special pleading akin (p..Jm 83 ,1-4, 18). aoout "J ew >'all Street bankers." to the old joke about the newspaper head- I was headed in the opposite direction line, ""'orld Ends in Nuclear Attack: Poor, • Countering Replacement and didn' l stop to interview him :lOOut his Minorities Hardest H it." Everyone is feel- Theology/Supersessionism. particular !,rrievances, but the brief encoun- ing the bnmt of the recession; why worry (Rom. 9,4; I U-2). ter crystallized for me a foreboding that the about the J ews in particu lar? After all, J ews financial crisis may trigger a new outbreak today have two refuges: Israel and America, • Contending for God's heart fOT of anti-Semitism. a land where J ews have attained remarbble Israel and the Jewish people. It is a fear that is being articulated ever power and prosperity and have a constiru- Oer. 32~40-41). more widely. Presidem Bill Clinton's SC<.Te- tionaHy protected right to e...ercise their re- taryoflabor, Robert Reich, frets on his blog, ligion freely. 10 that case, why worry about • Comforting the Jewish people "History shows how effective demagogic potential danger to the J ews at all? and Israel thru ministries of ravings can be when a public is stressed One answer is that me historical prec- me"'l" (Is<o. 40,1-2). econortUcally.n H e warns that Jews, along edents are exceedingly grim. TIle causes of with gays and blacks, could become victims me First Crusade, in which thousands o r • Connecting with the Hebraic of populist rage. J ews were murdered, are still being debat- roots of ChristiatUty. Tn the New York J ewish vVeek news- ed, but some fU storians link it to famine and (JohnH2). paper, a column by Rabbi Ronald P rice of a poor harvest in 1095. As for me expuJ- the Union for Traditional J udaism begins, "In the 1930s, as G ennany's economy col- See Crisis, page 15 May - J une 1009 • I Vlll-Sivoll- TOllf1l11lZ 5769 Thf ]fTUS(l/fm COIIl/fefilm Q Page 5
  • 5. America 'Moves Towards Abandonment of Israel' abandorunem of Israel by America, Hag- lation as a narion:' By Israel National N ews Staff mann told YOllah, "TIle Obama adminis- l laggman told Yonah that m is offiL;al t:Tarion is no friend to Israel, is no frie nd broke silence bec.lUSC he had alre-ddy rc- to mc J ews in Amcrit'a and is no friend to tired from his highJy placed position, and A1 unnamed fonner highly-placed U.S.intelligence offiLial has broken democrnLY or freedom in America ....J USt because of his knowledge of the NIN's ilenee and says th at America may by his very appointments, we can see rum (Northeast lntelligence Network) position soon be abandoning Israel in fuvor of the filling positions of power wim people who as pro-lsrdel and the way it valued dlC re- Arabs. "This is just the beginning", he s.'1 id, are anri-Semitic, who want to see Israel es- lationship between Israel and America. An- "Israel could be about to lose the support sentially dissolved as a nation, if not by di- other reason, he said, was his own percep- of the United St:ltes." plomacy, men certlinly by war." rion of the Biblical aspect of this scenario The source Tll~lde these remarks in :111 In his report, the unnamed intelligence developing. exclusive interview ~ th Douglas J. Hag- source told Hagmann, "I have every reason T he intelligence officer explained that mann, the director of the Northeast Intelli- to believe, based on what I've seen at my the turnover of American policy towards gence Network (NlN), which is comprised level of [security] clearance especially over Israel could occur through a manner that of veteran licensed professional investiga- me last several years, that Isracl will soon he dubbed 'malicious intelligence,' wh ich tors, analysts, militl1)' affairs specialists and be c.:ompletcly on their own... or worse." Haggman defined as infonnation that is researchers. T he group has combined their He explained this would happen "when taken from its raw fOnll. It then is morphed resources to provide accurme and well- our administration provides lTlore sup- into something else to promote different sourced infonnation via their website. port to Arab countries [with] fin ancial and interests, "where intel1igence and polirics Hagmann appeared on Isracll~atiOl1al milimry aid, undercutting Israel's defense meet and often collide," he said. A method Rad io's Vcekend Edition with host Tamar efforts all while pushing Israel to succumb "that has been mo lded and massaged to Yallah. to the pressure of unreasonable demands advance the agendas of a select few," he 'Wh en questioned about the IX'Ssible designed to end with their political annihi- elaborated. In the case o f th e relationship between America and lsrael, he noted, malicious intelligence is beillg used to tum over the U.S. to a more anti- lsrael policy and forge ahead with a more pro-PA or pro-lslamist one. Hagmann told Yonah in the radio in- terview, "A perfect example of this is when there was a shooting in Seattle a couple of ycars ago at a J ewish center. The police were ordered by the city officials and by the Federal Govenunent, basically, to not protect the synagogues and other J ewish centers in Seattle, bur to have protection details [instead] at the mosques in Searrlc." U.S. administr"dtions have ap parently been following a policy of abandoning isra- el forseve ral ycars,accordingto Hagmann's report. His inre l"~ew ~th the intelligence official cited "the 2005 surrender of Gush Katif to the Palestinian Authority as one critical enmplc of the slow dismanclemcnt of israel as a viable nation. Despite criti- cal imeUigence outlining in every possible Shimon Peres with t hen Senat or Barack Obama (July 2008.) S ee Abandonment. _n P3g~ 6 (J Th~ Jrmmkm COlllleCTioll May - June 2009 · /vnr-SiV(III-1il1ll1llllz 5769
  • 6. The Proposed Palestinian State: A Deal-Maker or a Deal-Breaker? the Isl'.lcl-Palestinian path, and irrespective of ''''estern and By Yoram Ettinger Israeli good intentions, the Oslo Accord and its off-springs have played into the hands of Mideast rogue regimes and ter- 1. TIle Palestinian issue was a deal-breaker rorists. during Israel-Egypt peace negotiation. In 6. The "Palestine Fi rst" approach has produced d07..ens of ini- defiance of Caner and Brzezinski - the tiatives, conference';, summit<;, ;lgrcemenrs and cease fire epi- " Palestine Firsters" - and in spite of Pal- sodes, which have )~elded a series of short-lived illusions of estinian terroriSt threatS - Begin and Sadat peace and false sense of security. Tt has been promptly and introduced a Palestinian -bypass, thus con- !tystematically violated and cr.lshcd - since Oslo 1993 - by an cluding a peace accord. Their dctcnnina- unprecedented wave of Palestinian hare-education, the manu- rion to ovt:rcome Vlhite House and Foggy f.lcturing line of generic terrorism and homicide oombing. Yoram Ettinger Bottom preoccupation with the Palestinian issue as, supposedly, the root core of the 7. The lwo States solution is based on a series of erroneous as- Arab-Israeli confli ct and Mideast violence, sumptions, ignonng documented precedents, and therefore produced a pe:lce ttcaty. It has lowered the prospect of an constituting an erroneous policy. "Israel and Palestine living Arab-lsraeli war, has decreased rcbrionaJ tension and has ad- side-b}'-side in peace," while the PLO and Hamas have been V"J.nced US intereslS. engJged in a horrific civil 'ar, while there has not been inter- Arab peace during the l:lst 1,400 years, while there has not 2. The Israel-Egypt pr<x:cdcm documents that the road to peace been inter-Arab compliance ~th mOSt inter-Arab agreements goes through Arab C1pirals and not through Ramallah or during the last 1,400 rears, while there has not been a sin- Gaza, that the Palestinian issue does not constitute the crown- gle Arab democracy during the kist 1,400 rears??? T he Two jewel of Arab politics, that the Palestinians do not possess veto States solution has exacerbated regional rurbulence, has fueled power over Amb policy-making, that the Palestinian issue has terrorism, has promoted war and has reduced the prospects not been the cause to the Arab-Israeli conflict and that the for peace, thus undennining the national securilY of both the Palestinian issue has been employed by Mideast radicals as a US and Israel. fuei- and not as water - to the Mideast fire. 8. Drafting demography to the cause of the 1'0 States solution 3. During the October 1998 Israel-Jordan peace ceremony, Jor- constirutes either a dramatic mistake or an outrJgeous act of dan's top milital)' conunand impressed upon their Israeli col- misleading (please see leagues (Q oppose the establishment of a Palestinian state west FrontfNewsnetlreports.asp?reportld=266030). of the Jordan Rivcr, since "it would constitute a death-scn- rence to the Hashemite regime." They e..'pressed their disil- lusionment ~th Palestinian collunimlcnrs, "which are signed Ambassador (ret.) Yoram Etti nger served as Minister for in the morning and violated in the evening." Congressional Affairs at Israel's Embassy in Washington (with a 4. Israel-Jordan, as well as Israei-Eb,)1)t, peace treaties have with- rank of an ambassador). He is the editor of Straight From The Jerusalem Cloakroom and Boardroom newsletters on issues of stood Palestinian opposition and have prevailed despite an national security and overseas investments in Israel's high-tech. on-going Israeli war against Palestinian PLO and H amas rer- Contact him at yora or http://yoramet- ronslTl. tinger 5. A dramatic departure from the Road Map of the l srael-Egypt and Israel-Jordan peace treaties has been conunitted by the 1993 Oslo Aecord and its derivatives: H ebron and Wye Ac- cords, 2nd Camp David and Sharem A-Sheikh conferences, the "Disengagement," Zinni and Mitchell Plans and the Road l1ap toward a 1'0 States solution. Never has " peace process" yielded so much failure, hate-education, terrorism and blood- shed and no success. Oslo and its by-products have subordi- nated the Road Map to an Israel-Arab Peace, Israels national security and US ~tal interesrs to the resolution of the Pal- estinian issue. Switching focus from the Israel-Arab path to May - June 2009 • IVllt-Sroan-7imll1l/1z, )769 Tb( Jff/lSnlem CrJnlllxr;on (J Page 7
  • 7. The Protocols of the Drinkers of Coffee ... Many basic products, which may be found in many By Melanie P hillips Muslim households, like the Ariel, Tide, and Persil la un- dry detergents, arc made uy Zionist (."Ompanics. The Coca lat we are up against wi~in the [slamic wor~d is quire W simply a wholesale neganon of reason; nothing less. From Egypt, furthe r evidence that the Islamist hatred of the Jews is not caused by Israel's beh3~our or even its Cola and Pepsi companies and all their products - Seven Up, Miranda, Fania, and all these proouc:ts, all dle carbon- ated beverages, with very few exceptions that don't bear mention ... Almost all the caroonated beverages arc Zion~ existence. It's caused by... hatred of me ist-American products. J ews. Egwtian cleric Muhammad Hussein [ ... 1 Some restaurantS, I'm sad to Ya'qoub ravcs: If the Jews left Palestine to us, would The girl you see is say, are teeming with Muslim youth, and their s.1fcs arc full of the money of we start tOying them? Of course not. Esther, the queen of Muslims ... McDonalds isJewish-Zion- We will never love them. Absolutely nOt. 'rhe J ews arc infidels - not because the Jews in Persia ... iSt, Kentucky Fried Chicken is J ew- ish-Zionist. Little C.1esar, Pi7za Hut, I say so, and not becausc they are killing Domino's Pizza, Burbrcr King ... By the Muslims, but because Allah said: 'The way, all these products, which 1 have mentioned ... In ad~ J ews say that Uzair is the son of Allah, and the Christians dition, there is a new type of coffee these da}'s... All these say that Christ is the son of Al lah. These are the words from are pure Zionist products, espedally what is known :lS S rar~ thei r mouths. T hey imirnre the sayings of the disbelievers bucks, the well-known coffee. It is Zionist. before. May Allah fight them. H ow deludt."fl they are.' It is Ah yes, Smrbucks: home of the Zionist genocidal apartheid bean. Allah who said that they arc infidcls. In J anuary, Egyptian Cleric Sa fwat Higazi brought viewers of al Your belief regarding the Jews should be, first, that they Nas 1V urgent news about the StIrbuc:ks logo: are infidels, and second, that they arc enemies. Thcy are l ias any of you ever wondered who this woman with a enem ies not because they occupied Pac,,,tine. TIley would crown on her head is? Why do we boy- have been enemies even jf they did not (."Olt Smrbucks? ... T he b <irl o n the Star- occupy :l thing. Allah s:lid: 'You shall bucks logo is Queen Esther. Do you find th e strongest men in enmity to the know who Queen Esther was and what disbelievers Isic] to be the Jews and the the crown on her head means? This is polytheists.' Third, you mllSt believe the crown of th e Persian Kingdom. T his th:lt the J ews will never StOp fighting queen is the queen o f the Jews. She is and killing us. Tncy lfight] nO[ for the mentioned in me Torah, in the Book of sake of land and seeurilY, as they claim, Esther. TIle gi rl you see is Esther, the bur for the sake of their religion: 'And queen of the Jev.-s in Persia ... they will not ce:lse fighting you until Can you believe that in Mecca, AI- they rum you back you're your religion, Madina, C1iro, Damascus, Kuwait, and all over the Islamic if they can.' world, hangs the picture ofbc.1utiful Queen Esth er, with a This is it. "'e m ust helieve that our fighting ~th theJ ews crown o n her head, and we buy her productS.! ... wam is eternal, and it will not end unti l the fin:ll battle - and this Sr-.trbucks to be shut down throughout the Arab and Isl:lInic is the fourth poin t. You must bdieve that we will fight, de- world. Ne want it to be shut down in Metta and in AI-Ma- feat, and annihilate them, until nOt :l single J ew remains on d ina. I implore J(jng Abdallah bin Abd AI-'Aziz., the Cus- the face of the Earth. [odi:m of the Two Holy Mosques: It is inconceivaule that Egypt, let us not forget, is a 'moderate' Arab state that has a pc;lce in Nlecca and Al-Maclina, there will be a picture of Queen agreemem with lsrael. It is nevertheless a major sauro: of har~­ Esther, the queen of the J ews. ing-mad Je~sh demonization in the Arab world. Egyptl:ln Clenc As anyone ean see, however, the fema le figure in the Starbucks Salama AIxI Al-Qa~ warns llluslims against the Protocols of the logo has two fish tIils. This is a due that ~hc ~ not .Esther, q ueen Elders of Zion - the notorious Czarist forged claim that the Jews of the J ews in Persia. She is instead a tWill-tIlled Slren of Greek covertly rule the world - and m:my US companies: mytholob'Y. This is because the company is apparentl y named in Thcv [the J ews] began conspiring to annihilate the Is- pan after StIrbuck, Captain Ahab:S fi rst mate in tlle book Moby lamic ;nd Arab nation, to plunder its resources, and to de- Dick. stroy its youth. Regretfully, the plolS they hatched arc be- Vhat we are up against within the Lslamic world is quite simply a ing implemented today in detail. One of their conspiracies, wholesale negation o f reason; nothing less. IOc which stemmed from their black harred, was to gain control over the entire global economy, uringing the world under Melanie Phillips is a British journal ist and author of. most their thumb. So they founded huge companies, which, like recentty, Londonistan. She is best known for her controver- spiders, send their webs all over the world. The main goal sial column about polit ical and social issues which currently of these companies was to erase Islamic identity. appears in the Daily Mail. She was aw arded the Orw ell Prize for journalism in 1996. Page 8 0 The Jemsn/nll Cl)lmeff;rJII May - June 2009 · /vnl-Sivnn-7immlllz 5769
  • 8. - • T Independent Norwegian poll: Palestinian • • maJonty opposes two states republic on all parts of the country; <lnd 20 part of the Ohama administration to abm· U E UKA fi le Special Repo rt percent, which favors a un.ited IsI'Jeli-Pal- don this goal bel<lUse it is the only poucy estinj~1l St'dtc, to be eventuaUy Cllb'llfcd by objc(.uve it has developed and is being Amid the ping-pong between Washing- lhe latter population. used, funhennore, as a key to open the ton and J erusalem over the validity of a Pal- When Hamas members arc poU sep· cd administration's diplomatic door to the estinian state established alongside lsrael as arately, support for twO st.nes drops to 21 Muslim world, eSJX-"Cially in the Afghani. the end-product of peace negotiations, the percent. stan-Pakistan arena (now lumped together Nornocgian Fafo institute which sponsored Publication of these findings by the Fafo as the "Afpak" front). the 1993 Oslo Framework accords decided Institute for Applied Imenlational Studies, The US president's advisers are urging to find out how the Palestinians felt about which is supported by Norwegian for· him to speed up lsmel·Palestinian peace- this solution. Its main discovery vas that a eign ministry and rcspc(.ted by European making for these ends - even if it means majority, 53 percent, of Palestinians (like NUddle East polity-makers, indit-atcs that fo isting the t'o-state objective on the Is· hiraelis), is :lbrainst two states. its researchers have given up on the Oslo metis. Proof that the Palestinians too will This figure breaks down into 33 percent, Accords and the n..-o-state goal pursued by have to be whipped into line brings the who opt for the annihilation of the state of Nashington. venture close to a mission impossible. Israel, whether by political means or force However, DEBKAfile's Washington of anns - to be replaced by a single Islamic sources expect extreme reluctance on the .by - June 1009 • luat-Sh'flll- TamTllflZ 5769 Thr ]erwninll COlllltctioll ¢: PJge 9
  • 9. · . ************************************ -: Elected u.s. presidents are presidents of the U.S., not of Israel maintain its independence and sovereign- ognized Isrdell,; independence only de-fiU:f.Q By Michael Anbar Each has irs distinct national inrcrcsts, I)'. on May 15th 1948, assuming it would be though almost half of the Jewish nation defeated in less than a month. Expecting its demise, Truman imposed on Israel :m T his mvial statement seems to elude many Americans, especial- arms embargo while it was struggling for ly many Amen<-":]n Je ....'S. ... almost half of the suI'~v31. On the other hand, because of its own Having grown up in prc- 19481sracl as a member of the narionalunderground and Jewish nation live national intercsts, the USSR recognized having experienced the 1947 .Arab siege in the US as its citi- Jsmcl de:illre on May 16'" and started to provide it with weapons vital for its con ~ of Jerusalem, before joining the fledgling JAF in 1948. Then living for half of my zens. tinued existence. Israel would not have life as a naturalized US citizen, gives me a survived in 1948 if nOt for the shipments unique historical per..l>ectivc. of anns from the Soviet Bloc, not because lsrnel is the ancient homeland of the Stal in lovedJews but because Russia hoped 3300 ycar-old Jewish nation, over which live in the US as its citizens. that Israel would become a base for Soviet it lost sovereignty several times during its Unless it meets it own national i nter~ expansion in the Middle East. long history. The US is the homeland of ests, the US has no reason to maintain President Truman did not hate J e....'S, the 222 year-old sovereign American n:l- the survival of L mci as a J ewish sovereign .. like President Frankl in Roosevelt before tion. Each of these two nations tries to state. This is wh}' President T ruman rec~ him (remember FO R's inhumane treat~ Page 101) Tbe JerllSllkm Comlf(tiQII May ~ J une 2009 • Ivar·SivlIlI~'Jif/!mIllZ 5769
  • 10. ment of the S.S. Saint Louis refugees, which Still, T do not fault President Bush. Like he condemned to death by returning them President Truman before him, GVVB real- from Miami to Hamburg, or his refusal to ized that there are so many more Muslims Abandoment. ,...... ransom live J ews for trucks, and to stop the who hate Israel because of thei r misojudaic manner imaginable that this would Nazi death machine in Auschwitz, knowing religion (religion is notup for negotiation or be a disastrous move leading to the of it in since 1941). Truman simply knew compromise) than dlere are J ews. Moreover, events we are seeing today [rocket that there were many more M uslim Arabs Islamic political power has tripled since 1948 and missile fire on T srael], it was in the world than Jews. He did what he con- and the Muslims have taken full control of done anyway," he stated. sidered was in the best national interest of the UN. Consequen tly, like other US presi· In the report that Hagmann the US. dents before him, GWB acted in the best posted on tile NIN (Northeast In· President Eisenhower saved Egypt from national interest of the US as he perceived relligence Network) he cited one a catastrophic defeat by his allies • G B, these to be. of his sources explaining, "Now France and Israel, so as to gain favor with This brings us to President Obama who you can see where intelligence and the Arabs. If not for Eisenhower, the Near is now trying his best to deal with the Islamic politics meet and often collide, ... " East would never have developed its current world not from a position of strength but of the Obama administration is being hostile anti-Western behavior for fear of a humility. For him the elimination of Israel, purposeJy filled with people who united West. Moreover, Eisenhower's inter· which is so despised by Muslims, is a small are truly anti-Israel, either because vention did dot prevent Egypt from joining price to pay to gain Islamic sympatlties. of their own financial interests or the Soviets, until its defeat by Israel in 1967. H ere I strongly disagree with President a larger globalist agenda that does In other words, Eisenhower's pro· Arab Obama's approach since the US will tlevr:r not include Israel, or for that mat- policy backfired. Eisenhower did not do tltis gain tile sympathy or even tolerance of the ter, the United States as a sover· because he loved Arabs more than Jews, but Muslims, who are bound by their religion to eign nation. because he thought that this was in the best impose it, including its ethics and lifestyle, 'Whatever the reason, the interest of the US. on all humanity. President Ohama, who anti-Israel, pro-Islamist policy President Nixon did not love Jews, as must be familiar witll Islam more than the makers will be appointed or have documented in his diaries, but he did sup· average American, because ofltis upbringing already infIltrated nearly alllevcls port Israel as an American strategic ally in in Indonesia, seems to overlook the intrinsic of the U.S. govemment. TIlese tile Cold war. President Reagan had certain- conBiet between the politicaVideological 3Sw are the people who place anti· ly wanner feelings toward Jews than Presi- pirations of Islam and those of the US. Selniric references in school text· dent Caner, his predecessor, but he did not However, President Obama, was elected books, promote revisionist history need to weigh the national interests of the by a substantial majority of Americans, in· regarding Islam, 9/11, and are the US against those of Israel. eluding 78% of American Jews, and has a same people who allow or even We must remember that the religious· mandate to conduct American economy and promote the Islamic agendas in political goal of all Muslims, not just Iran, social structure according to his ideology. aU aspects of Westem society, es· is to wipe Israel off the map, one way or the T he same is true of his foreign policy, which pecially the restrictions all speech other. In view of this we must understand may lead to tile demise of the State of Israel. against Islam. the policies of President George Bush the I-Ie does this not because he hates Jews, who 'WltI) regard to the latter, note elder, who showed Israel a cold shoulder so seem to love him, but because this is what he tllat the United Nations is quite in- as to maintain his good relationships with feels is best for the US. He was elected presi- volved in forcing the restriction of dle Saudi rulers. This he believed was in the dent of dus country and nor of Israel. 'hate speech' and the implementa- best interest of the US. President Obama seems to overlook that tion of global standards, some that President Clinton may have cared about the religjon.driven illunitigated political have already been adapted by Eu- the entire Arab world, so he made Yas- goal of Islam is world supremacy. The fall ropean nations," noted the source. ser Arafat, the nOtorious arch·terrorist, the of Israel, especially of Jerusalem, into Is· H agmann reports that "the Middle most welcome guest in the "Vhite T -Iouse. lamic hands will give a tremendous boost to East will be the site of 'the coming Clinton probably despised Arafat but pur- radical Islam, and embolden it to attempt to war,' and Israel will be at its epi- sued a policy that he perceived to be in the subjugate the US "T he Great Satan." The center. ]f we swvive as a nation, best national interest of the US. Muslims will interpret the conquest ofJ eru· the U.S. will not be on the side of President GW Bush may have admired salem as a divine proof of the superiority of righteousness in this war, instead the achievements of the J ewish state, which Islam over J udaism and Christiartity. TItis is turning our back to . or our guns by the end of the Cold War in 1991 lost pan the eminent danger for ""'estern civilization against - our only true friend in of its strategic value to the US; therefore, inherent in Obama's current Middle East tile Middle East - Israel," he said. he succumbed to Arab pressure to create a policies. new Judenrein Arab state west of the River They say that the road to hell is paved J ordan. GWB must have known, especially with noble intentions. This may be true. after tile Gaza experience, that creation of tltis non-viable Arab "state" is just a stage " in the eventual liquidation of Israel by the Mlcm.I ....,,""'. PhD, h. ","of....,. fn tho of Mod;.;""., ,n" Un;..,.;,y ~ of ,uti . ... Muslims. May - June 2009 · /vnt-Sivall-Tnmmllz 5769 The JmlSl1lem Omnection ¢ Page 11
  • 11. The Two-State Solution - we've been there before. when the British and French colonial pow- sinker, into the trap, ruling that the PLO By Victor Sharpe ers decided that the Golan H eights, an- had met all three conditions. cient biblical Bashan, should be tom away Almost at the same time the State De- In considering the present hate-fest from the Palestine Mandate and given to partment was certifying PLO compliance, against Israel and the growing chorus of the F rench occupiers of Syria. Arafat, speaking in Arabic to his Arab sup- demands for a "Two-State Solution" to the Israel has been reconstituted, in pan:, porters, reassured them tllat the PLOs Israel-Palestinian canllier, it is instructive within its ancestral and biblical lands since diplomatic maneuvers were merely part to go back to the year 1922. 1948 but is still faced with the existential of a phased approach to the liquidation of What the world conveniently forgets, threat of genocide at the hands of the Mus- Israel. or is ignorant of, is that the reborn Jewish Lim and Arab world. Israel is administering Arafat was speaking to Muslims in a homeland had previously been dismem- the so-called West Bank, which it liberated mosque in South Africa wherein he indi- bered while still in the womb by Great from Jordanian Arab occupation during its cated that they should not worry. H e had Britain in 1922. defensive J Wle, 1967 Six Day War. no intention ofhonocing any peace agree- Britain had conquered the territory TheJewish state, reduced to a tiny sliver ment with me J ews and mentioned cile known as Palestine in 1917118 and had of land smaller than New Jersey, and ever T reaty of H udabiyya. liberated Jerusalem in 1917 from a four obliged through international pressure to That treaty, which Mohammed, the hundred year old Turkish Ottoman oc- take risks by agreeing to "land for peace" fmUlde r of [slam, made in the 7th cen- cupation. At the San Rema Conference in but never, ever receiving peace, is faced tury with a non-Muslim tribe was violated 1920, the League of Nations gave Britain with the relentless continuation of the plan by him as soon as he fel t forces strong the Mandate of the geographical territory to divide up again what remains of Eretz enough to defeat the other party to the known as Palestine. Yisrael, the Land of Israel, by now tearing agreement. Arafat's Muslim audience im- But in 1922, the British Colonial Of- away its biblical and ancestral heartland. mediately understood that Mohanuned's fice headed by Wmston Churchill bad J udea and Samaria, known throughout precedent applies to all and every agree- arbitrarily abrogated the promises made the world by its J ordanian Arab name, the ment signed by Muslims with non-Mus- by Britain under the Balfour Declaration "Vest Bank, is the precious territol)' the lims; those whom they call "infidels." of November 2, 1917. Lord Balfour, the world wants to give to a fraudulent people Arafat was the worlds arch terrorist and British Foreign Secretary, had pledged that who call themselves Palestinians in order leading exponent of the PLO's two-phase Britain would create in MandatoI)' Pales- to create a fraudulent state to be called strategy to first grab whatever territory it tine a Jewish National Home. Palestine. No such independent, sovereign could from a naive Israel, thus reducing is- At that time, the territory of the Pales- state has ever existed throughout history - rael to indefensible borders, and then from tine Mandate extended far beyond dIe Riv- certainly not as an Arab state. its new base, continue its assault on what er J ordan - as far as the western boundary Land for peace and the Two-State solu- little remained of the J ewish st,1te. of another new entity carved out in Meso- tion are combined in a deathly embrace to The creation firs t of a Palestinian state potamia by Britain from the old Ottoman force Israel into agreeing to pennit within in the West Bank and Gaza was Arafat's Empire --. lraq. its very borders the creation of such an old strategy, now fully employed by the 50- The British government however broke Arab terror state; the 23rd Arab state. called moderate leader of the Palestinian its promise by tearing away all of the Man- In 1989, the U.S. State D epartment set Authority; Holocaust denier and terrorist date territory east of the River J ordan and three conditions for dealing with Yasser in a suit, Mahmoud Abbas. giving it to the Arab Hashemite tribe. This Arafat and his Palestine Liberation Orga- Fast forward twenty years from 1989 area constituted four fifths of the original nization: recognition of Israel, acceptance to now and the same State Department is Palestine Mandate, some 35,000 square of U.N. Resolution 242 and renunciation pressing Israel to make catastrophic con- nilles. of terrorism. cessions to the same PLO wlder its present J ews were immediately forbidden to live Predictably, the PLO did none of these incarnation, the Palestinian Authority. within dIe new Arab territory. It became in three. Instead it used the lexicon of the But the latest Secretary of State, Hill- effect, judenrein (the Nazi German word Arab bazaar into bamboozling a procession ary Clinton, has made it an article of faith for the elimination of J ews from a lerri- of U.S officials into believing it was ago- to relentlessly push for a Palestinian state tory) Arab style. nizing over surrender to American diktats. that will inevitably be hostile to Israel, built Then, in 1923, an additional dismem- Of course it was doing no such clling, but upon the very ancestral and biblical heart- berment of the J ewish homeland occurred the State Department fell, hook, line and land of ancient Israel: Judea and Samaria Page 12 * ThtJt17lsaltmComm:tioll May - June 2009 • lvat-Sivan-Tnm1l11lz 5769
  • 12. (the West Bank). Nothing has changed since 1989. Mah- moud Abbas, the current leader of Fatah and the C hainnan of the Palestinian Au- 1 Till"'( TH~ oNtI' thority, may have altered the harsh rheto- l,P.S1iNG solOlio", IS ric of hostility towards Israel but the PLO A1INO SfATE rEACf ol>lE SlATE ON charter still declares, "Palestine stretches from the Mediterranean to the Jordan w..1-I ... ~ARS AliI:> T~f oTlifR River" and it vows "elimination of Zionism 5TA1E ON PLuTo. in Palestine." This means the total destruc- tion of the embattled Jewish state. In an article titled "Peace as a Strategic Option," in the April, 2008 edition of the New English Review, Hugh Fitzgerald stated that; "Abbas for his pan, has always been a weak leader, and he and his other Fatah warlords are seen, cor- rectly, as willing to mouth certain • phrases for the Americans - we choose peace. But Abbas never fails to add another phrase, which signals clearly to Arab audiences that Hud- abiyya is the model; Hudabiyya the aim as a strategic option. "The Americans never under- stand what that phrase means. It is a little puzzling or troubling, SO better for them, and for the peace-process, not to think about it, much less dis- cuss it." Arafat always reaffirmed the goal of the gard for Israeli suffering and an increasing- seeS douds in the sky. H e waits until he is [vo phase strategy whereby whatever land ly tranSparent favoring of tile Palestituans. drenched and catches pneumonia." Israel gave away would form a Palestinian P resident Obama and his advisors also ap- Jabotittsky was later to have his heart state from which to launch the next phase: pear to be pushing the Saudi peace plan, broken as European Jewry rejected his im- the destruction of Israel. We all see what which is inimical to Israel's security. passioned warnings of their inuninent ex- has happened in Gaza - a horror that will In return for Israel's physical and tan- termination at the hands of Nazi Germany. Wldoubtedly be repeated within J udea and gible concessions it is now understood, by T he Nazi leaders euphelnistically called Samaria. all who have eyes to see, that the Jewish their planned and systematic genocide tile A few months later the head of the state never receives anything at all in return Final Solution. Tbat is what the Two-State PLO's political department said tllat, from the Arabs. Solution euphemism also ponends. " .. we shall pitch our tent in those places "Land for Peace," whereby Israel gives As Fitzgerald states, " ... one can try now which our bullets can reach ... tIus tent away its biblical lands to the Arabs yet this, and now that. One can fly about, con- shall tIlen form the base from which we never receives peace, is as ruinous for the ducting shuttle diplomacy. One can force shall later pursue tile next phase." J ewish state as for the thirsty soul lost in this tangible concession out of the Israelis, The question must be asked, what are the desert who is led to ultimate doom by and now that one, in exchange, as always, Israel's options as Seeretary Clinton pur- an illnsory mirage. Concessions lead down for pronuses, only promises, and the state- sues her determined assault upon Israel's a one way street, which only the Israeli car ment - deeply disturbing - that 'we have security and President Ohama courts Iran drives upon. It is a roadmap to national sui- chosen peace as a strategic option.' and the Arab states whjle growing ever cide; the proof gained painfully from previ- "Or one can do sometlling else. One cooler to Israel? ous concessions. can look steadily and whole at those texts Apart from the J ewish state's spiritual, 1 am reminded of the words spoken by and tenets of Islam, and read what tile physical, and historic patrimony in the Max Nordau, aJ ewish philosopher and Zi- scholars say about treaty-making belWeen land, the security risks that Clinton impos- crust leader. H e was speaking to perhaps Muslims and non-Muslims. es by demanding that Israel maintain fewer the greatest Zionist of aU time, Vladimir "The indispensable understanding of and fewer checkpoints to protect Israeli ci- "Ze'ev" JabotinsJ...y the relevant doctrines can be found in Ma- vilians from Palestinian terror attacks are Nordau said, " ... the Jew learns not by jid Khadduri's War and Peace in Islam,' unbearable. way of reason but from catastrophes. H e It also patencly exhibits her total disre- won't buy an umbrella merely because he See Two-State. _" May - JWle 2009 · 1vat-SiVlln-TI11117JlltZ 5769 Tbe ]erurakm COllnectioll (:I Page 13
  • 13. The Origins of the Dead ~a Scrolls claims to have spent time with the Essenes Vaux had died before he completed a fi- By Shelley Neese personally. In his writings, Josephus goes nal report from his Qumran excavations. into great detail about the Essenes' initia- Scholars, tasked with cataloguing and pub- T he discov- tion processes, purity rituals, finances, and lishing de Vaux's material, rerumed to the ery of the even toilet habits. The communal prac- archeological record 011 Qwnran to take first Dead tices Josephus describes, like the pooling a second look at the findings. What they Se:I Scrolls in 1947 of personal property, seem to match the determined, rightly or wrongly, is that marked the begin- requirements laid out in the Crml'l1J,7mity the original excavations failed to establish ning of a new era Rule, one of the most popular manuscripts a concrete link between Qumran and the in Biblical scholar- in the Dead Sea collection. The Dfl71111SC11S scrolls. For example, no scrolls or pieces of ship. The scrolls DOC1lment, another common manuscript at scrolls were fOWld at Qumran. Out of 900 predated the oldest Qumran, depicts a strict interpretation of ··scrolls and scroll fragments, nowhere men- Shelley Neese known copies of the religious law that matches what we !mow tioned is the term ~Essene" or the name of _ _'---_ _ _ _ Hebrew Bible by to be true of the Essenes, as opposed to the any other known Jewish sect. A5 for Jose- a thousand years. Pharisees or Sadducees. phus, he says the Essenes lived in towns all They outlined the messianic hopes, pro- Pliny the Elder, an ancient Roman ge- over Israel but never specifically mentions phetic interpretations, apocalyptic beliefs, ographer, mentions the location of the Es- Qunmm as an &sene center. Further, ex- and strict conununal practices of a Jewish senes in his book NaturalHistory (77 A.D.). cavations revealed an insufficient number community unlike either the Pharisees or He describes the Essenes living at a nec- of private dwellings at Qwman for a place Sadducees, the twO most well-known sects essary distance "to the west of the D ead assumed to house a religious community. of the Second Temple period. After a half Sea," above the town of Ein Gedi. Pliny's Professor Norman Golb of the Uni- century more of archeological excavation description seems to correspond with versity of Chicago is the mOSt ardent dis- and scroll study one glaring question re- Qumran's location. senter from the wene theory. Golb thinks mains unanswered: oVho wrote the Dead Aspects of Qumran's architecture also too many J ewish viewpoints and textual Sea ScroUs? seemed to fit what an ascetic group focused traditions are represented in the Dead Sea Ahnost inmlcdiately, the scrolls were on community and cleanliness would need. Scrolls to say this is the work of just one associated widl Qumran, an area of ruins In the ruins, there are at least eight stepped group. He also notes dlat a small sectarian Dcar the Dead Sea. Out of 11 caves, six are pools, identified as 11Iikvnhs, a necessity for community would not have possessed such within a quarter mile of Qumran. The cave the E.ssenes' ritual purity laws. In the ex- a large library. The community would have which stored the largest cache of scrolls is cavations, a pantry was discovered with tall unlikely contained the number of scribes just 500 yards from the ruins. In addition, stacks of plates and bowls, pointing to the sufficient to produce so many manuscripts. Jodi Magness, a University of North Caro- existence of communal meals, an impor- Golb thinks many different groups wrote lina professor, identifies another connec- tant observance for Essenes according to the scrolls, which he supposes were re- tion between Ql1ITlnln and the scroUs; the Josephus. 'TIveive hundred ancient graves moved from Jerusalem libraries during the same peculiar type of pottery jars that con- lie near Qumran; a small portion of these Roman war. Jews fleeing the Roman forces tained the scrolls was excavated at Qwn- were Wlearthed in the 1950s. All the corps- between 66 and 73 AD. went to Qumran ran. Excavations also revealed several ink es received a strict religious burial, and - a days walk - and hid the scrolls in caves wells-a rare find at comparable sites from most were male, aligning with the thought for safekeeping. The problem with Golb's this period and potential evidence that at that the Esscnes of Qumran were a celibate theory lies in the opinions of the sectarian least some occupants were scribes. Ac- aU-male cotnlnWlity. scrolls' authors, who write about a deep cording to this logic, the Dead Sea Scrolls For three decades, the question of who hostility toward the groups controlling the must have made up a permanent library for wrote the scrolls seemed to be settled. Bib- Temple and who do not express the views the inhabitants of Qumran. But who were lical scholars widely accepted that Essenes of mainstream J udaism at the time. Qumran's residents? occupied Qumran, and that these occu- Two established Israeli archaeologists, From the outset, academics believed pants owned the scrolls. This theory fell in Yuvai Peleg and Yitzhak Magen - the most Qumran was a branch of the Essene move- line with the conclusions ofPere Roland de recent to excavate Qumran - propose the ment, a sect of Jews who separated them- Vaux, a French archeologist who in 1951- site was just a pottery factory that had selves from the leadership of the Second 1956 was the &Stto excavate Qumran pro- nothing to do with the Essenes. They say Temple and practiced a snicter form ofJu- fessionally. the scrolls came from the sectarian librar- daism than their religious contemporaries. By the late 1980s, however, cracks in ies ofJewish refugees under Roman threat. The first-century J ewish historian Josephus the Essene theory began to emerge. De Peleg and Magen recognize the pottery Page 14 (I TheJerusalem Cmmenion May - June 2009· [val-Sivan- Ttmrmll~ 5769
  • 14. link between Qumran and the caves but ibility of his father's theories. According to Crisis from page 5 theorize that the refugees hastily took jars the Manhattan District Attorney, Raphael sion of the J ews from Spain in 1492, the from Qumran - which by that time might was "creating multiple aliases to engage in a foremost historian of its causes, Benzion have been vacated - to hide their scroll de- campaign of impersonation and harassment Netanyahu (the father of Israel's new posits before fleeing the region. relating to the Dead Sea Scrolls and schol- prime minister), writes of the desire of Anew book recently added to the debate ars of opposing viewpoints." In at least one the persecutors "to get rid of their debts stirs up even more controversy. Professor case Raphael opened an e-mail aCCOWIt by getting rid of their creditOrs." More Rachel Elior of Hebrew University claims WIder the name of New York University generally, he writes, "it is an iron-clad in Memury and Ohliviun that the scrolls professor Lawrence H. Schiffman, who rule in the history of group relations: came from Jerusalem and were written by opposed Golb:S opinions. Sending e-mails the majority's toleration of every mi- the Saddncecs--ousted Temple priests. EI- in Schiffinan:S name, Raphael fabricated a nority lessens with the worsening of the ior goes one step further, claimingJosephus confession from the NYU professor that he majority's condition." invented the Essenes and they never really had plagiarized parts of Golb's work. Lest this seem overly crude economic existed. Despite the best effons of Raphael and detenninism, consider that the J ews have " 0 'l"he argument over the origins of the the depth of emotion surrounding the de- been victims not only of unrest prompted Dead Sea Scrolls brings normally collected bate on the origins of the scrolls, no new by economic distress but of attempts to scholars close to physical blows. N ot ay consensus has yet replaced the Essene hy- remedy such economic distress with so- theories mentioned here were presente~ pothesis or categorically disproved it. In cialism. Take it from Friedrich H ayek, passively by academics looking to £os-' the intriguing world of scroll scholarship, Ille late Nobel Prize winning Austrian ter constructive debate. Among the scroll academics who think the Essenes wrOte economist. In "The Road to Serfdom," scholars exists an Essene camp and an anti- the manuscripts are still in the clear ma- Hayek wrote, "In Germany and Austria Essene camp. Golb has claimed for years jority. In the last 25 years, the landscape of the Jew had come to be regarded as the that the pro-Essene scholars have tried to scroll scholarship has changed as a growing representative of Capitalism." Thus, the silence him, frequently calling them' fanat- group of dissenters has succeeded in adding response in those countries, National So- ics. Magen, called the proponents of the a degree of doubt to a theory once accept- cialism, was an attack on both capitalism Qumran Sect theory "a guild with money ed unanimously. TIle case is never closed. and the Jews. and conferences." 10 the fickle field of archeology and scroll There are ample indicators of current This past March, the academic feud study, we are always one discovcry away a.n.ti~Semitic attitudes. A poll conducted reached a new low-lower than the Dead from changing the entire question. recently in Europe by the Anti-D efama- Sea itself. Golb's 49-year-old son, Raphael, tion League fOWId 74% of Spaniards was arrested for an Internet plot to pro- believe J ews "have too much power in mote his father:S theories. He used at least international financial markets," while Shelley Neese is managing editor of The 80 fuke online aliases to post inflammatory Jerusalem Connection 67% of Hungarians believe Jews "have corrunems on blogs defending the cred- too much power in the business world." Here in America, the Web site of Na- tional Joumal is hosting an "expert blog" by fornler CIA official .Michael Sclleuer, now a professor at Georgetown, com- plaining of a "fifth column of pro-Israel U.S. citizcns" who are "WIquestionably enemies of America's republican ex- periment." And over at Yahoo! Finance, the message board discussing Goldman Sachs is rife with comments about "Jew pigs" and the "Zionist Federal Reserve." So will the JeW5 come WIder attack? The existence of ti,e Jewish state guaran- tees renlge for Jews around the world, but it carries with it its own risks. Hezbollah's leader, Hassan Nasrallah, has said that if the J ews "all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them world- wide." T a comment all the more chill- t's ing as Nasrallah's Iranian sponsors are on Ille brink of making a nuclear bomb. As for the idea that Jewish profes- Caves in which some of the scrolls were found. See Crisis. page 23 May -June 2(}{)9 • !vot-Sivan-Ttrmmuz 5769 TheJerusalem Connection (z Page 15
  • 15. as a fornl of birth cont.rol and women's rights, would champion Is- By Am.y Rofuil rael's policy on the topic. Bul giving kudos to lsrael is not kosher. Most women the world over are so encouraged to "iew abor- tion as a reasonable and safe method of birth conrrol, they do not " ...Now choose life, so that you and your know that with each abortion a woman has, her chances of carry- children may live" Deut. 30:19 ing a bahy to ternl in the fuUlre an~ lessened-nol to mention a variety of medical and psychological scars that may and do persisL Christian Zionists and defenders of Israel recognize and cham- These consequences are largely unadvertised by ahonion advo- pion Isrnels value for human life and its effons for preservation. cates. Truth is a child is a soul, a human being from conception; Evidence is dear in how Israeli Defense Forces amy out mili- abortion is simply a quiet, clean, ar:d unseen fonn of murder. tary operations and the al.mndant social programs the government The Israeli Jewish population is 7 million and slowly growing. provides to inhabitants. "While this characteristic ofl<;rael is often Various agencies seek to encourage Jews from around the world ignored by the mainsrream press and academic culture, an often to make Aliyah and return to the Homeland. Yet a quiet, unspo- forgotten issue where Israel fulls short is the sanctity of me unhorn ken genocide of sorts lingers in the medical fJci lities of Israel. life. According to statistics published by Be'ad Chaim in Israel, morc A dear dichotomy exists when observing the State of Israel children's lives were euded by abortion in Israel than wcre ended from a worldly lens. While the press and realms of acadcmia by the Nazis in the last century. That is, 1.5 lnillion Jewish chil- world-wide spin Isr,l.ds "humau rights injustices," Israel reroams dren died in the I lolocaust. Yet since the birth of Israel, 2 million the only location in all of the lvliddle East, let alone the Islamic Jewish children have died by abortion in the IToly Land. lIas 28% word that extends around it, that has laws of protection for wom~ oflsracl's population been lost by virtue that their arrival was in- en's rights, for gay rights, and a variety of other social issues. It is convenient, borne of a bad decision or momentary lapse of reason the only democracy in the region and the only regime affording by a parent, or a bad cconomic circumstance? No woman should its citi7..cns a separate and distinct judicial !>fstem wherein anyone feel the future is so bleak that the only alternative is to eliminate can sue and be heard in a court. her child's existence. '¥hile much of the world ignores all these "humanitarian" ide~ Thc pro-life movemenL in Israel is small. Even among the als of Westem democracy (while neglecting to ask Islamic neigh- Christian presence, populated by people who, it is safe to assume, bors to address them) the Left also neglects to recognize one of nearly all agree tllat abortion is wrong and life begins at concep- their own biggest platforms: Abortion. Mudl of Vestern society tion, too easily shrug off this fight for life. It is tOO difficult and champions abortion rights for women and yet, the one place in sometime too personal to addres..... the Middle East that provides these rights still goes unrecognized. Agencies with alternatives CJcist, The Jerusalem CUTl71ecticm} Even when Israel is doing something "good" (in the world's opin- Operation Life for Israel seeks to offer anothet way. Advocates ion) they get no credit. for motilcrs to choose life, not abortion, are few. TIley need sup- Christians and rational thinkers of any or even no faith, how- pan of pro-life believers from around tllC world. The Je11l:ialtml ever, do note the humanitarian protections Israel affords its in- Cumm:tion's Operation Life helps mothers in crisis and provides habitants; nevertheless, with all the good that freedom brings, it avenues to restoration while prc.<>erving tife. Additional partners produces an obvious blemish on tlIe face of Israeli society (one include Tbe Be'ad Chaim Association working with mothers in the Western world shares): the neglc(.t of sanctity of human life crisis to provide employment, refuge, assistance in material goods from conception to birth. Human rights afforded to the unborn necessary to care for a baby. Each agency saves one life at time are institutionally denied by the secular Israeli govenunent and its providing prayer, sharing Gods love, and seeking to help mothers society. IDFwomen are allowed several free-oF-Charge abortions in tanbrible waj'li with all sorts of necessities for mother and baby. if they find themselves pregnant during service. Abortion is an al- Children are not disposable regardless of the circumstances of ternative that women of all ages choose due to economic circum- their origin. 1be sixth corrunandment is one of 10 simple rules stance, familial stalUS, age, eLC. A'omen chuose [0 end pregnancy God has beslowcd lo all f-fu duldren for blessings as well as pro~ for a variety of external and internal rcasons with little alternatives tcction. We must reach out to lsrael through Operation Life. presented to them and nearly no social movements to convince Theyare a people to be a blessing to this world. them otherwise. We ask that you consider joining The Jerusalem Connection in Since Israeli law provides for low~cosl "safe" abortions to its this wonderful ministry to save t he lives of Jewish children by citizens, and free abortions to women in military service, one designating a generous gift to Operation Life for Israel. For would think the international humanitarian agencies around the donations specifically for this pro-life ministry send in your gift world would laud this aspect of Tsraeli society. One would think with the donation form on pg. 31, noting it is designated for the pro~choicc movement, which champions abortion on demaud Operati o n Life for Israel. Page 16 (t The JenJ..<(I/em CUTmedi01l May - lime 2009 • Itlllt~Siwm- Tilmmuz 5769
  • 16. . up to Bibi It's not (really) " " .. his tenn, many can't forgive him for these grievous sins. By Stan Goodenough Bul, 13 years later, he's been chosen again. And he has again squeaked past the post. in voteS, Kadima Party leader Tzipi Livni had to see my MD yesterday after- beat him. Netanyahu is only prime minister because more people I noon. (It's nothing serious but, if you were wondering, thank you.) voted for the right overall than for the left. {Some sec God's hand in this, as well as in the fact that State President Peres - the man Netanyahu beat before - was now com- "So," I greeted him with a smile, "we pelled by his office to assign his nemesis the chair. It's the way 1sec have a new government." it too, if unsure of all it p<mends.} "Another jerk running the country," 2009 is not 1996. In the interim years, rivers of Jewish blood he smiled hack. have flowed and the nation has been lnnunatized in wars and Our family doctor since before we be- thousands of terror :ntacks. Other right-wing heroes with heels of Stan Goodenough gall keeping the 'be fruitful and multiply' clay have also corne crashing down. commandment (most folk today treat TIlis time there was no dancing, chanting cavalcade to bear it as a suggestion), I know him as always friendly and helpful, a Bibi to power. He is no longer young. past speaks - loudly and conscrv:l.uve proctitioncr who cares about the person behind the painfuUy - for it'ielf. Few people will bave been harboring those patient. A5 far as Tknow, he is a God-fearing Jew and a fully com- earlier illusions. mitted Zionist in the best sense of the word. "Another jerk to govern us." While I understood him to be serious despite the smile - as he Perhaps. We'll soon see. took a jab at his newly-inaugurated prime minister - there wasn't r would not be surprised if those who DO have their hopes a whiff of rancor in his voice. pinned on Netanyahu sec them dashed again. ¥here others may feel bitterness towards Benjamin Netan- It's a serious mistake to depend on him. rfhis voters think that, rahu, 1 don't believe he does. should he again "disappoint,n they can just punish him at the next His statement was matter of fact; simply the way he sees it. election, they arc doubly wrong. Still, the memory of his words woke me in the early hours of Democracy doesn't work this way. Not really. Too many people this moming. And I fowld myself responding: see voting as the full extent of their civic duty. But the ballot box is It isn't really up to Netanyahu, Doc. Irs up to you. It's up to the the starting, not the fin ishing, line. And I mean for the electorate Israeli people. - not only for t.he contender! Bibi was literally my next-door neighbor when, in June 1996, A strange tlting happened in America last year. he became prime minister for the first time. For months, as John McCain and Barack Obama battled it r recall the wildly hon king unofficial motorcade that swept into out on the campaign trail, increasingly anxious voices were heard Sokolov Street and circled cilC park where our toddler sons played from conservativc leaders and rightist media personalities about on that SWl1mer's day. The procession was led by uncontainable the danger the Democratic candidate posed to tile future of tile young men who chanted joyously to welcome the victorious Likud United States. leader: "Bibi melech yisrael!" (kingofTsrael) and "hineh, hineh ba, Some joumalists took hold, terrier-like, of Obama's associa- rosh hamemshalah" (here come.'i the prime minister). tions and friendships vitb America-hating clergy, terrorist-loving This man will be good for the J ews, they told us, and them- academics, and Israel-hating fonner presidents. Influential Chris- selves. tian leaders and economic experts sounded the alann louder and Politically right-leaning Israelis had gone to bed dispirited the louder until, as November 4 approached, a crescendo of coneem night before, believing Netanyahu to have lost to Labor Party was reverberating through the land. Chainnan Shimon Peres. And lOgically the veteran peaceniL: Obama would murder more babies both in the womb and out; - who ran for election in the aftermath of the Rabin assassination Obama would throw in the towel in iraq, making a mockery of - should have thrashed the upstart. the American lives sacrificed and massive effort spent to plant de- The moming news - that Bibi had pipped Peres and become mocracy there; Obama would appease Iran's H.itler, enabling him lsracl~ youngest-ever prime minister - electrified the nation. to get a nuclear bomb; Obama would tum America into a social- It brought life Aooding back into many demoralized lovers of ist state; Obama would betray American values, apologize to the the land - those almost despairing at the previous government's world for America~ behavior, and sell America's birthright to curry embrace of a process-that-brought-no-peace. favor around the globe. Bibi brought hope, but he did not deliver. As far as those who T he night before the dection the rumult had become a tOr- put their mist in him were concemed, he betrayed them. rent. And then, on the moming after: silence. Obama had won, Stunned, they watched him buekJe under American pressure, and except for a few dogged individuals, the race was quickJy on rescind his demand for reciprocity, shake the bloody hand of Yas- to backtrack rrom all the horror tales and dire predictions, and ser Arnfat, and sun'cnder the sacred city of Hebron to the PLO. Despite his successru l preventing of nearly all terrorism during See Bibi, _21 May - JUlle 2009 • /vlIt-Siv(IlI- 7iml1ll/lz 5769 The ]I':YUJ(liem Connection ¢: Page 17
  • 17. Historical Legitimacy of Zionism By Ryan J on es the land that God had chosen for them. this point in history we first oome across t:';;;-~;;l';;;i on a God given prom- This realization is evident in the words the term "Palestine" being used to denote ;~~~,~;ri~gh~tt~~O;;th:i;e,~Lan~d le- ~ of SO many of the Psalms and prophecies the Land of Israel. The Romans, after in the of all that will written during the time of the Babylonian Exile. bringing final defeat upon the Jews in 135 eE (AD), resurrected the name of ancient be God's Word, in our present The hopes and dreams of those first Zi- Israel's greatest nemesis, the Philistines, as case must be made for the onists were realized a mere 70 years later the new name for the Land of Israel. This to Zion if l srael is to gain when, under Persian rule, theJews were al- was done first to humiliate the defeated led supp'''tfrr,m various olltside lowed to return to Zion. The Jews in Israel Jews and second as an attempt to sever any experienced varying degrees of indepen- Jewish ties to the Land. 1000 BeE dence over the following centuries until The Jewish claim to the Land of Israel conquest 66 CE (AD) when, under increasing Ro- as a national homeland is given historical , man oppression, the Jews revolted against legitimacy by the fact that during the 2,000 a mountain named Rome. years of exile the Land was never again an independent, sov- entity nor Jerusalem ever capital city under people other the Jews and, a short time, the ... ' ) ., ="'. the Land ..... 'I ' ~, . !.(.. I P",vinc;;,1 center. Historically, only Jewish rule the Land of Is- cohesive, indepen- During tim; mt exile the The Great Jewish Revolt ended four years later in 70 CE (AD) when Jerusalem dent, and sovereign nation with Jerusalem of Zionism were first seen as it's capital. a rallying cry was razed to the ground and the Temple Therefore, only to the Jewish people to the Land. burned by the Roman general TIrus. An- and only as the Nation of Israel has the of Israel other revolt against Rome in 132 CE (AD) Land ofIstaei ever been a homeland to any for their land be- also ended in defeat three years later with group of people, besides cettain Canaanite not. Ever since the Roman Emperor Hadrian sending the tribes now long extinct. And so, historical wa~ given to Jews into exile and founding the pagan city legitimacy is given to the claim of the Jew- :ch"",,,, Nation of lsrael has of Aelia Capitolina on the ruins ofJerusa- ish people on the Land of Israel as their lem. '~:;'d:~d land. However, At this point in history begins the nearly historical, ancient homeland. pi tom from their on srael to first real- 2,000 year exile of the Jewish people from Ryan Jones is a Gentile believer from the their homeland out of which modem Zi- ;~:::~:~~ anddid love ~ they really second onism would eventually be born. Also at United States who lives and works in Israel as a journalist for Israel Today. May - June 2009 · Adnr-Nisnn-lynr 5769
  • 18. The Meaning of Words people of uleir faith, but on others who do not share it. By Cal T homas It is always instructive to listen to the words of converts who once were committed to the violent imposition of Islam o n others. 'Words must mean something," P resi~ They have a wlique perspective that. can serve as a useful warning dent Obama said in Prague last week in re- for UlOse who believe Ule fanatia; mean what they say and say what sponse to North Korea's missile launch. He they mean. One of them is Walid Shoebat, (wwwoshoebat,com), a was speaking about the numerous resolu- former PLO terroriSt who convened to Christianity. Shoebat, a tions and condenmations of North Korea's name he assumed fo r his own safety, says the president's approach actions over the years by the United Na- to fslam is dangerous: "Speaking in such absolute tenns has seem- tions and others. It is a standard the presi- mgly limited America's area of focus on al-Qaida. Tllis plays right dem should apply not only to North Korea, into the militants' hands." but also to the Middle East and the Muslim As a forme r terrorisr, Shoebar claims that" deception an d confu- Ca l Thomas world. sion are the reasons for so many different Islamic groups. "Islam In a speech to Turkey's Parliament, the is the banner under which different militant groups share a com - president said, "The U nited States is not, and never will be at war mon alliancc," he says. "When you single out only one of those with Islam." It was a noble sentiment. Such a unilateral declara- groups as the enemy, the others basically get a free pass, or at least rion may sooth many in the West, but much less attention." The president did this there is a central question that comcs from when singling out" al-Qaida, thus appearing .lV1r. Obama's declaration of conscientious to give a pass to nWllerous other groups that objection: What if Islamic extremism is at war with America, Europe and Israel and "Words march under the banner of Islam, including H amas, H ezbollah and The M uslim Broth- everyone who stands in the way of its at- tempt at supremacy in religion and poli~ tia;? must mean erhood. T heir charters, statements and ac- tions demand no compromise with Israel or anyone else in the pursuit of a Middle In some l'AUSlim media~ in some text~ books produced for Middle Eastern something" East free of the J ewish state. If they achieve their ultimate objective, the region would schoolchildren, at some Isbmic schools in be free of all Jews, who are referred to by America and in recruitment films that urge "jihad" and declare Sheikh FeizMohanuncd, and other IslaInic extremists, as pigs and martyrdom to be the highest goal of a Muslim person, one might apes and who, according to a Hamas TV skit, "drink the blood of conclude (if words mean something) that a significant portion of Muslims." D o these words have meaning? We ignore them at our Islam is at war with J udaism, Christianity, and strains of irs own peril. religion that do not embrace the extremist view o f hell on earth In his speech in Ankara, President O bama echoed his predeces~ for all who disagree. sor when he praised Islam as a religion that "has done so mueh In his soothing words to the Islamic world, it would have been over so many cenmries to shape the world." Mr. O bama's prepared useful to hear President Obama challenge Muslims to put their text included the phrase "for the better," but he did not speak those own house in order and evict extremists from it. The president words. I wonder why? Is it because words mean something and the might have asked for a reciprocal statement from Islamic schol ~ president didn't mean those three? ars, heads of Islamic states, and people in charge of spreading hate directed at the West that Islam is not at war with America, Israel and E urope. It would also be helpful to hear a pledge that Mus- Ca l Tho mas is Ame rica's # 1 synndicat ed colu mnist. He a lso lim extremists intend to assimilate i.n countries to which they have writes fo r USA Tod ay, is an a ut ho r and speaker a nd regu la rly immi grated, embracin g the history, language and culrure of those appears o n Fox News Channel as well a s nu mero us radio st a- nations and eschewing attempts to impose Sharia law, not only on tions with a syndicated comme ntary. Imagine Israel without the J ordan Rift tion arc not deterred by the warning issued Beware from p"go 3 Valley and without the Golan H eights. by the peace camp - that is: i~ we refuse Kiryat Gat by a P alestinian bridge, and a The independence of our "third Tem ~ to accommodate Obama, we shall lose his Gazan demographic flood pouring into pie" wou.ld rum out to he shorter than the friendship. Because what kind of a friend is J erusalem and the doorstep of our cities. independence of the H asmoneans, who the one who shoves a shovel into your hand lmagine Ben-Gurion covered by shoulder- ruled between the bouts of Greek and Ro- so you can dig your own grave? held missiles deployed in the ruins of the man control, and many would choose to O n the contrary: Golda, Rabin, and Be- Beir Aryeh settlement, thereby prompting live in modem-day Rome - that is, America gin were able to say "No!" to America, and us to move our international au-pon to the - instead of being occupied by it here. the friendship was preserved. Negev. The vast" majorilY of people in this na~ May - June 2009 • Ivat-Siv(m~Tfl"mmuz 5769 The ]ernra/em O;mllecti()71 ¢: Page 19
  • 19. Moving away from our longstanding relationship with Israel • When the head of the [D F, General Gabi Ashkenazi came By Thc Co nnccticutJewish Led ger to Washington recently to talk about the existential threat to Israel posed by a nascent lranian nuclear capability, all umenmcs hUlllor, even dark humo r, is the best way to the the doors in D.C. were dosed [() him except and unless he S ht-'art of a matter. There's the story that circulated during the klst administration about a middle of me night phone call to the "'hite H ouse and how it would have been answered in the two agreed to speak only on a prcdetemlined agenda of Israeli concessions. Bush presidencies. ln fonncd that Israel and her neighbors were • Israel's restraint was all but ignored in the fuce of seven at war again and Israel was in dire need of inuncdiatc fe-supply, years of rocket fire from Gaza iJl{O southern Israel and the Bush 43 would have unhesitatingl}, ordered the supplies into me incoming administration pres.~ured het to prematurely air to Israel . BtL~h pere, 41, on the other hand would probably have end hcr military action in Ga7.;l berore stopping the rock- asked his aide to convene a cabinet meeting in the !naming. ets falling Ollto her population centers. The DlxlIlla Ad- Even though Obama's been in office for a short time, we al- ministration the n helped raise $5 billion for reconstruc- ready have fin idea of his response to that middle of the night call. tion in Gam. T he rockets continue to full on lsrael. His carly moves in the region along ~th _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ his staffing decisions for his Middle East • Charles Freeman's appointment to foreign polit:y team, and his p reoccupation One just has to read head the N ational lntellih'ence Com- with American Muslim m pprochcmenr both at home and abroad tell us that he'd the signs along the minee, though withdrawn, should never have happened. It is hard to believe that be more than likely to tell Ius aide to cut a check for the victims of Israeli occupation road to know where Freeman's bias and prejudice against 15- rael weren't known in the Nhite I-louse. and brief lum later. .I(:wish voters who don't think this is a we're going. For those who doubt it, he continned it with his graceless withdrawal speech real possibility arc still focused o n the Pres- in wh ich his extrem e antipathy towards ident's impassioned rhetoric of the campaign when Jewish votes ISf";le was again made abundantly clear. were at issue. But, now that he's made that sale, he ~ pitching an- omer and aU signs arc that the Arab coun tries arc being offered All the bad policies and attitudes of previous ad ministrations Israel's land and sovereignty as part of that deal. Each and every are embodied in this one, and there is no offsetting opinio n in the Presidential appointee to the region sees Israel as the problem and ,",,'hite House or State Department to counter it. T his is Carter- is absolutely committed to a two-state-NOW solution. Baker policy ratcheted up and reinvigo ra ted. It is an Arab-Muslim Aside from impossi ble borders, this means a Syrian Golall, a world iew. It is the St.1te Department ascendant with Luga r, Ha- divided J erusalem, and a right-of-return to Israel of innwnerable gel, Bre7inski, $c.:owcroft, Blair et al in power positions. vVc almost claimants to bnd that is Israel's. With the two-state thing as an end yearn for a return of Powell and Condi Rice. Almost. in itsel f, all requirements fo r a durable peace and an end to ter- All of this serves neither Israel's interests nor those ofthc United rorism are secondary considemtions. The Saudi ROY3l fumily and States. Are we better off with a world IXlpulated by countries like their lap dog Tom Friedmann of T he New York Times should be L"rael, or are we that eager to live alongside an Iran, a Syria or a pleased by this adoption of the Saudi Plan. Saudi Arabia? Most of V.rashington knows that there is a revolving door between the State D eparnnem and the growing number of One just has to reid the signs along the road to know where Arab funded organizations, but i t~ now dear that there is another we're going. revolving door at the H'hite H ouse for that same purpose The hope for continued American support for the existence of a • Em'oy supreme, George Mitchell's first statement on the Jewish State ofIsracl resides in CongTess. That is the body which, Middle East was ahout 'illegal' Isrnd i settlements, Israeli in this instance, most accurately reAects the v.iU of the American 'occupation' ~md the re-siring of Israel behind borders people. Americans know something their State Department and that have already been proven to be indefensible. The bel- Adminisrrarion have ehosen to ignore: The bond between Israel ligerence oflran, Syria, I-lamas, H ezboU were ignored, ah and America is built on the values both countries sh are and their and Mitchell's inference is that the villain is the J ewish mutual herira!,"C is a body of laws rooted in the same J udea-Chris- family in Jerusalem that wants to add <lnotller bedroom tian culrure and beliefs that created and sustains both nations. for a growing fiu n ily and not the terrorist who wanlS to That is a true an d lasting bond and the American people, in blow them up. the absence of an administration that understands ir, will rum to Congress to im.Teasingly embrace it. II:Ic by - June 2009 • h'nt-Sit'flll- Tnm",,,:. 5769 _ Thf ]1'r'1I.WI'III CmmutiOIl (J Page 21
  • 20. Faith Lessons from Israel: Mt. Tabor Transfiguration of Jesus John 1:14, "And the Word became fl esh and dwelt among us, and we beheld I-lis glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth. " Siscra into his hands, and the voice of the T hen Petet spoke up, shattering the By D r. Daniel McCabe prophetess rang true, for the Canaanite glory-soaked mowltain air with a clumsy forces were soon routed . One millennium suggestion about something or other. From its peak later another voice would ring out on a Mark even points out in his gospel that in ancient days one mountaintop in Galilee. Peter spoke up "because he did not know could look out on Peter, James, J ohn and Jesus climbed what to say" (Mark 9:6). Peter had a bad the distinctive trib- a high mountain to pray (Matthew 17:1; habit of speaking before thinking, and he'd al flags of Naphtali L uke 9:28) when Jesus unexpectedly re- gone and done it again. But thankfully and and Zebulun wav- vealed his divinity to this trio of his most mercifully Peter's words evaporated into a ing proudly in the truSted disciples. Luke writes, "And as He descending cloud that overshadowed the plains and foothills prayed, the appearance of Hjs face was al- three disciples, the two prophets and the of Lower Gali- tered, and His robe became white and glis- divine Son of God. Out of the cloud came Daniel M cCabe lee like butterflies tening" (Luke 9:29). Mark adds with his a voice, saying. "This is My beloved Son in waltzing in a warm usual flair for detail, "His clothes became whom I am well pleased. H ear Him!" westerly breeze. There on the flat green shining, exceedingly white, !ike snow, such Today the Church of the Transfigu- summit of Mt. Tabor General Barak en- as no lawlderer on earth can whiten them" ration rises high above the slopes of Mt. camped with an Israelite anny of ten thou- (Mark 9:3). ""atching closely, the dis- Tabor, marking the traditional mountain sand, preparing to do battle with Sisera, ciples then spotted two great prophcts of location where the Son revealed a glimpse conunander of the Canannite forces that old, Moses and Elijah, speaking withJesus. of his divinity to the disciples and where approached in chariots from the southwest iVhat a heart-stopping moment! A chance the Father expressed pleasure in his Son. Oudges 4:3-22). The prophetess Deborah for the disciples to ,viOICSS the magnificent It serves to remind one that just as General had assured Barak that God would deliver hand of heaven doing wondrous things! Sisera swept down the slopes of Tabor to Not a time for words! defeat the Canaanite forces in the plains of Esdraelon, soJesus too would descend from the mountain following his transfiguration to defeat the forces of sin and death that awaited him on a hillside in Jerusalem. You may need a reminder of the divinity of Jesus. You may need a reminder of the powerof]esus oversin. Oryou may simply need a reminder to think before you speak to avoid a gaffe like Peters. But certainly we all need the reminder from heaven, "Hear H im!" Open again the Scriptures. You will find strength for the day. YOII will fmd grace and truth. Further Reading: Matthew 17:1-8; Mark 9:2-8; Luke 9:28-36 Dr. Daniel McCabe is the pastor of Faith Bible Church in Spring, Texas. He is a con- t ributi ng editor for The Jerusalem Con- nection. He can be reached via e-mail at Mount Tabor, Church of the Transfiguration. Page 22 (I The Jer1l.fIIlem Connemo71 May - June 2009 • /vflt-Sivnll-Tnmmllz 5769
  • 21. Crisis hom P'9.'5 Slana], political, and economic success In America is a guarantee of security, that, tOO, has its risks. As Yuri Sleskine recounted in his book "The Jewish Cenmry," in 1900 Vienna more than half of the lawyers, doctors and professional journalists were J C~sh, as were MYTH: 70% of the members of the stock exchange. "Palestinians no longer object to the creation of Israel!' Tn Gennany, after World War I but before the Nazis came to power, Jews served as fi- FACT: nance minister and as foreign minister. Such One of the primary Palestinian obligations under the road map ror peace is to af- achievements have a way of being fleeting. Tt may yet be that the J ews escape the cur- finn Israel's right to exist in peace and security. How then does one interpret Pales- rent economic crisis having only lost fortuncs. tinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's description of the decision to create But if not, there will have been no lack of aJewish state in 1948 as a crime? wamjng about the threat. '''-'hen Jews gather While Israelis will celebrate the 61 Sf anniversary of their independence, Abbas Wedn esday night for the Passover Seder, we and other Palestinians will mourn the establishment of Israel on what they call Na- will recite the words from the H agadah, the kba Day. I lad the Palestinians and the Arab states accepted the partition resolution book that relays the Israelite exodus from slavery in Egypt: "In every generation they in 1947, the State of Palestine would have also been celebrating its birthday, and rise up against us to destroy us." This year, Palestinians would not be lamenting AI Nakba ("The Catastrophe"). they will resonate all the more ominously. Palestinians are understandably bitter about their history over these last six de- '0, cades, but we are often told that what they object to today is the "OCOJpation" of the territories .Israel captured in 1967. If that is true, then why isn't their Nakl>a Day celebrated eachJune on the anniversaryoftbe Arab defeat in the Six-Day War? Speakers The reason is that the Palestinians consider the creation of Israel the original sin, and their focus on that event is indicative of a refusal, even today, to l"C<.'Oncile themselves with the Jewish State. Abbas's comments on the occasion of Israel's 57th Available birthday, along wim those by fonner PA Prime Minister ..<hmed Korei, who said "our wound is still bleeding 57 years later," hardly inspires confidence in their wi1l4 Jim Hutchens and Shelley ingness to end the conflict with Israel. Neese are available to speak at your church, "Terrorism will have no positive results, and there will be no chance to synagogue, or organization establish an independent PaJestinian state as long as violence and terrorism on Israel and Christ ian Zi- continue_" onist issues fro m a Biblical, - Gennan Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer spiritual and poli tical view And Hamas, which rontinues to grow in popularity, has never left any doubt point. about its refusal to accept Israel's existence. Since winning the election, officials and spokesmen have repeatedly expressed meir unwavering commionent to the Hamas Ca ll o r emai l us to req uest a Covenant's call for the destruction ofTsrael. speaker for your pro 1 srael even t. 4 Another disrurbing aspect of past obsen'3J1ccs of Nakba Day was that mffic stopped and people stood straight and silent as sirens of mourning sounded, inten- The Jerusalem tionaUy mimicking the Israeli practice on Holocaust Remembrance Day. This was an imidious way to make the odious comparison between the Holocaust and the Connection creation of Israel. It may be that the current leadership does not truly represent the feelings of International the Palestinian people. An April 2008 poll, for example, found that 61 percent of Phone: 703-70 7-0014 Palestinians support Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations. This is a hopeful sign, however, as long as the Palestinian Authority treats Israel's creation as a catastrophe on a par with the Holocaust, the prospects for coexistence will remain bleak. Email : info@l jci .org May June 2009 · /VIIl4SWtl1/4Tilm11Iuz 5769 4
  • 22. it seems, is the last great sovereign, superpower Gentile nation. By Dr. Richard Booker Those of us who live in America love our country and are grateful =======:------- ---------- to be Americans. But we must understand that as a Gentile nation, My Fellow Americans our days of glory and prominence will, in God's time, come to an end. America is the greatest nation in the There are nwnerous Scriptures that speak of the end of me na- history of nations. America is the only su- tions. vVhen me Bible says that God will destroy the nations, He perpower in the world . Our military, our doesn't mean that all the people will die but alar the empire will economy, our fonn of government, our die. But at the end of days, the fo rmer empires of the nations will wcalth and prosperity, with all its faults, worship the One True God and His kingdom will rule over the far exceeds all the other nations in our earth. "While J ews and Christians have theological d ifferences, we world today and is the envy of every na- both long for the day when the nations will acknowledge the One tion. If you don't appreciate your bless- True God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and J acob. Richard Booker ings here I suggest you go live somewhere 1ne prophet Isaiah gIVes the following words of assurance, Isa- else for awhile and then come back. While iah 2:1-4, "Now it shall come to pass in the latter days that the oppressive nations build walls to keep their citizens in - America mountai.n of the LORD'S house sha!! be established on the top of build walls to keep people out. Most of the people of the world the mountains, and shall be exalted above the and all nations would come to America if they could. Yet when we read the prophecies in the Bible about the end times, we don't find any mention of America. There is not even the vaguest reference to America in the Bible. As American people who love our country and enjoy "the good life" of living here, thinking that it will go on forever, we should ponder why America is not mentioned in all the great end-time events. What could rltis mean? The question that should coneem aU oris "¥here is Amer- ica in Bible Prophecy." It is a sobering question. General Prophecies So where is America in Bible prophecy? Why is it that our na- tion, me greatest of all nations in all of history, and, what 1 believe ro be the last Gentile superpower, is not mentioned specifically in Bible prophecy? There are two types of prophecies in the Bible regarding na- tions. One is general prophecies and the other is specific prophe- cies. America is included in the general prophecies about the na- tions. Whether we are Christians or J ews, we should take heed to the following words from J esus recorded in Luke 21 :24, "And J erusa- lem will be trampled by Gentiles w1ul the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled ." While America is home to about 6 million Jews, America is a Gentile nation. All Gentile nations, including America, have a life-cycle . They have a beginning, a time of development, and they have an end to their prominence. While only the Almighty knows the details, when Israellibe:ratedJerusalem in 1967, many believe this signaled the end of the times of the Gentiles. America, Page 24 * The Jlff/l.Joiem Cqmzectjqll May - June 2009 • /vnt-Sivnll-7immlllz 5769
  • 23. shall flow to it. Many people shall come and say, Come, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to rhc house of the Goo o f Jacob; H e will teach us His ways, and we shall walk in His paths. Preparing for and Embracing For out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the LORD the Future with Steadfast Faith from J erusalem. He shall judge between the nations, and rebuke many people; they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their and Trust in God spears into pruning hooks; nation shall nOt lift up sword against na- Glle of the most illspirillg books on tion, neither shall they learn war anymore" (Isaiah 2: 1-4). Bible prophecy you will ever read An Everlasting Nation • America in Prophecy Even though America as we know it today and the empires of • The Church in Prophecy all the Gentile nations will come to an end, there is one country that has a promise from God that it will last forever. Thatcvcrlast- • Israel & Jerusalem in Prophecy ing nation is Israel. Could it be that America is now reeling under • Preparing for the End Times the judgment of God because of its policy to divide and weaken • Much, much more Tsrael? Yes, the nations that seek to destroy Israel will themselves be destroyed but Israel lives forever- Am YlSr{U:/ Chai.' Nor just another Bible prophecy baok, Dr. Booker avoids the J eremiah 46:28 reads, "D o not fear, 0 J acob My servant, says sensational alld explaills CUI'I'ell1 and future events from a the LORD, for I am with you; for Twill make a complete end of biblical, Hebraic worldview rather than a traditional, Western all the nations to which T have driven you; but T will not make a wor/dview. This is a prophetic "watchman's call" with in- complete end of you. Twill rightly correct you, for Twill not leave structions on how 10 prepa re for "rhe end of all things." you wholly unpwushed." '*c Dr. Richard Booker has w ritte n a very readable book Dr. Richard Booker is a bestselling aut hor and speaker and th at w ill give you fa ith, pe ace a nd hop e in trou bled t he Founder of Sounds of the Trumpet and the Institut e for times. Hebraic-Ch rist ian Stud ies. He is a contri buting editor for the ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY! Jerusal em Connection . To invite him to speak at you r congre- gation or conference and to learn more about his w ork, see his To order: web site at: Or call: (936) 441 ·21 71 Two-State, I _ _ 'J neighborhood called the Middle East? Will that resolve extend to an undivided Netanyah u once said: "The real core of Jerusalem? Will there be a finn and un- and if one wishes, o ne can find dozens or the conflict is the wuortunate Arab refusal yielding rejection of yet another two-state hundreds of other authoritative texts that to accept the State of lsraeL For 20 years solution following the tragic ramifications will all say the same thing." the Arabs had boUI the West Bank and of that earlier and infamous 1922 Two- Fitzgerald's point is well taken wben one Ule Gaza Soip, and if self-determination, State Solution? sees how Israel has been led by a succession as they now say, is the core of the conflict, Finally, when will Israeli and Western of'desperate for peace' leaders down a slip- they could have easily established a Pales- leaders come to understand that giving pery slope to its present parlous siruation . tinian state, but they didn't... Vhat we're away any part of the Covenanted Land of The slide began at the Madrid confer- talking about here is not the attempt to Isrnel is a violation of Biblical command- ence in 1991 and proceeded with conccs- build the state but to destroy one." ments? sion after concession forced only from AImed with the knowledge that no 'Will they ever look at the ancient words, Israel, never the Arabs, and on to Oslo, amount of concessions can ever satisfy the so relevant today, enshrined in Jeremiah. Camp David and Annapolis. Arabs and Muslims, fo r their selective ac- S: 11 ,15? Israel now has Binyamin Netanyahu as ceptance of Koran.ic phrases makes a true "P eace, peace they say, when there is n o Prime Minister again. Ten years earlier he and lasting peace by them with the J ew- peace ... we hoped for peace but no good gave away H ebron (one of J udaism's four ish state in admissible, Israel can yet grow has come, for a time of healing, but ulere holy cities) to the Arabs wh o call them- stronger without living under the terms of was onJy terror." selves P alestinians. The question is, will he a fraudulent peace. And when will the leader in the White have learned from his earlier mistake and The threats are mounting against the House and all those in the European corri- now be able to withstand the enormous Jewish state to an extent not seen since dors of power finally accept and Wlderstand international pressures to give away all of 1947. My own published book, Politicide: the eternal words and warnings enshrined Judea and Samaria as well as the Golan? The attempted murder afthe JroJish stIIte, out- in Genesis12:.3? ~c Or will he thrill us by withstanding the lines the relenuess march of the enemies of pressures and the blandishmentS from both Eretz Yisracl. Victor Sharpe is a f reelance wri ter and Washington, DC as well as from the Arab Will the J ewish state no longer concede author of Politicide: The attempted mur- enemies in that forbidding and perilous one inch of biblically covenanted land? der of the Jewish state. ( He is currently working on a sequel. May - June 2009 • Ivat-Sivan-Ta7l11!1uz 5769 The Jer'IlSillem Clmnectilm ¢: Page 25
  • 24. Repentance for sin Against the Jewish People REPENTANCE FOR REPLACEMENT TEACHING By Peter D . Hocken, PH.D. The second level of repentance enters into the specifically Christian offences against theJews. How has Christian oppression In the second half of the twentieth centwy, a sea change took ofth eJews been different from general racism? The most obvious place in the attitudes toward the Jewish people within the Chris- answer to tlus question is that Christians have blamed the Jews for tian world. This change was triggered, above all, by the I-Iolo~ the death of J esus, accusing them of "deicide," and have believed caust, and the massive shock to the Christian psyche caused by that God annulled the covenant with Israel on account ofIsraels the fact that this organized attempt to eliminate the chosen people rejection ofjesus as Messiah and Savior. The second level of re- happened in officially "Christian Europe." Various reactions to pentance for sins against the Jewish people thus confesses the evil this realization occurred, ranging from a theological revisionism of replacement teaching. to a spiritual humbling. It is an essential element in Gods work As readers are well aware, the replacement teaching always of redemption and restoration that the whole church be led back takes some such form as this: through hisrory to an acknowledgment of all the sins committed a. God has rejected the Jewish people because they rejecled J e- against the Jewish people. sus as their Messiah. REPENTANCE FOR A NTI-SEMITISM b. God has therefore abolished the covenant with Israel. c. The church has taken Israel's place as the covenanted peo- The first level of repentance for sins against the J ewish people ple. is the recognition of the evil of anti-Semirism. The first thing that d. The promises once given to Israel no longer belong to the morally sensitive people can recognize as abhorrent is all halTed Jewish people but to the Christian and prejudice against the Jewish church. p eople. Such an acknowledgment The replacement teaching in- does not require a detailed knowl- dicates a distinctive motivation for edge of history or a fonnation in Christian lTCaonent of the J ewish Christian theology. Anti-Semitism people with contempt, suspicion is seen as a fonn of racism, which and halTed. It IX>ints to the reasons offends against human dignity and why Christians commim:d sins of the righlS of peoples. violence, oppression, in justice The evil of anti-Semitism can _~-...... and untruth against the Jews. But be recognized and confessed by it is unportlnt to recognize that any person or group of people, ir- the replacement teaching is sinful respective of race or religious faith. in itself. The sin of replacement It is at this level that most of the teaching is at rOOt the arrogance repudiations of anti-Semitism by of uS1.iIping God's role as judge. It the Christian churches have been is a violation of the teachingofJe- formulated. 'iVhiJst I sec this level as sus: "Judge not, that you be not judged" (Matthew 7:1). just the first step, it can be the first real step of repentance and can Such a usurpation of Gods role represents one of the worst be more than a mere preliminary to the real repentance. For this fonns of arrogance. A deeper repentan ce for our sins against the level grounds the sin of anti-Semitism in the human, at the level J ewish people involves a deeper grasp of the degree of arrogance of creation. REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY From the hwnan angle, the sins of contempt, suspicion, and involved in tlle hwnan decision that God had rejected the J ews. baITed of the Jewish people, together with all the violence to NO[ only is this judgment a usurpation of God's prerogatives, but which these lead, can be seen as expressions of anti-Senutism that the replacement teaching represents a rejection of the people that are morally repugnant, as are all forms of contempt, suspicion and God has chosen, a halTed for those whom God loves as "the apple halTed, and especially repugnant beatuse of their virulence over of his eye" (Deuteronomy 32: 10; see also Zechariah 2:8). We can many cenruries. also see this violation in relating to the inheritance rights of the Page 26 * The Jerusalem Connection May - June 2009 • /vnt-Sivall-Tammuz 5769
  • 25. first-born son, since the Lord said, "Israel is my firstborn son." (Exo- dus 4:22). Since from this angle the Gentiles are the yOlmger son, Bibi, __ 11 the sin of usurpation is the rejection of the firstborn and elder by the l>wear allegiance to the man who was, after aU, to be "our younger son and the seizure of his inheritance. president." It is important to recognize the difference between definitive Nothing had changed, mind you. Ohama still threatened judgment and punishment for sin. It is clear from the New Testa- to make a1l those nighnnares rea1ity for the US, and in fact ment that the general j ewish rejection of Jesus had serious conse- is now well on the way to doing so. But the Republicans had quences for the fururc of the j ewish people. There are several words fought him, and now they could retire to lick their wounds of Jesus speaking of the dire consequences for the Jewish people, and regroup in order to 6ght the next elections when they and particularly for Jerusalem, in not recognizing "the time of your arrive. visitation" (Luke 19:44). Jesus recognizes the sin involved in his re- Fools and blind! H it was right to fight the man before jection when he tells the scribes and Pharisees to "Fill ye up then he moved into the White House, surely it is even more im- the measure of your fathers" (jrfatthew 23:32). Bur. this sin and its portant to fight him now that he L'i there. Or are most those, tragic consequences do not remove theJewish people and the city of until recently "desperately worried," Americans resigned Jerusalem from the heart of Jesus, nor from the lmfolding purpose now to allowing Obama four years of freedom to ruin their of the Father. The sin of the disbelieving j ews in no way justifies the country? subsequent judgment by the Gentiles. In America, citizens on the right should be fighting the The replacement teaching is not JUSt a minor mistake in the by- ungodly policies of their president - doing everything in ways of Cluistian rheology, but a major sin against divine election, their power to hinder and delay him in his efforts to remake a conviction that is at the center of God's plan, the mystery hidden that counuy in his own image. from all ages and now revealed to the saints. It is this theological Back here in Israel, citi"1.ens on the right should be gath- reason and this sin against divine election that explain both the viru- ering around the prime minister they helped - direal.y or lence and the longevity of Cluistian anti-Semitism. indireccly to place in power. By their encouragement and through their activism, they can strengthen him IX> withstand THE RESPONSES OF THE CHURCHES the ung<>dJy pressures and threats that are already rearing If we survey the modem statements of the Christian churches against their land. and denominations relating to the J ewish people, twO points stand In 1997, one of Netanyahu's senior advisors complained out. The first is that there have been far more statements deploring alxmt how the left wing members of that coalition were ty- anti-Semitism in general than there have been statements deploring ing Ribi; hands - blocking every attempt the prime minister replacement teaching. Noneclleless, more and more churcb state- made to slow down the "peace" process; threatening to cause ments are recognizing that the covenant with the Jewish people still the collapse ofhis government ifhe moved ahead. stands. But there has been hardly any church or denomination that Tnstead of empowering him to withstand the increasing has really addressed the challenge of the Messianic j ews, and the American pressure and dislike, those who could have helped -Tongness of the suppression or rejection of an explicitly j ewish ex- pulled back and disowned him -leaving him to stand alone. pression of the church. He couldn't. He was not strong enough then- He is not 'Ne can have a confidence that tllere will be progress in both these strong enough now. No single man could be. areas, theological and spiritual, because it is the will of God and the I believe it is less up to Netanyahu. ff you are an Israeli, a thrust of the I-loly Spirit. T is an indispensable part in the prepara- t Zionist, a loyallovet of your land, it's more up to you. tion for the (:oming of clle Lord. As the new Catechism oftbe Catholic Now that he is in the Prime Mi.n..isten Office, resist the Church (1994) states: "The gloriOUS Messiah's coming is suspended temptJ.tion to sit back and criticize. Rather, come forward at every moment of history wltil his recognition by 'alllsracl,' for 'a and in droves give him the message he can clearly convey to hardening has come upon part of Israel' in their 'unbelief toward Obama himseIf, when the president comes calling in May. jesus." (para. 674). The Cluistian repentance for the sillS committed "My countrymen - citizens and goverrunent - insist that against the Jewish people is an essential condition for the church to I withstand every effort to surrender more of our histone come to "mature manhood, to the measure of the stature of the ful- homeland fOr empty promises of Jl""". As the loader of the ness of Christ" (Ephesians 4: 13). 81 eatest democracy in his world, you will agree WIth me, Mr. President, that my first responsibility is to them, and not to America." Hyou, reader, are an American Christian orJew, it is past Dr. Peter Hocken has served as an ordained priest for forty years, time to begin your assault on the of power in your first in Northampton, England. In 2001, he served as chaplain to land wherein wicked men are plotting the delivery of Isrnel Pope John Paul II. He has lectured on Moral Theology at uni- versities in Europe and has written many books, especially on IX> the Arabs. the renewal movement, including his most recent, God's Master As we all know: All it takes for evil to succeed is for good Plan. men to do nothing. C 2007 Hebraic Christian Global Community. This article is repro- duced with publisher's permission from the "Supersessionism~ Stan Goodenough is an experienced Christian j ournalist imJe of Restore!, the official journa l of Hebraic Christian Global w ho has lived and worked in Israel for almost 20 years. Community. for more information see www.HebraicCommunity. He 15 a contributing editor t o The j erusalem Connection. "'9· .~. - June 2009 • IVQt-Sivlm -TlI1mnuz 5769 The ]r17lslIltm CWlIlrcflfJII (:I Page 27
  • 26. Hcbr~20f~!er!!:!' ~D GOl1im Saa:iJice Sacrifice is a test. Prehistory speaks. In Genesis 22, we read that "God tested Abraham and called to Thousands of years ago, some of mankind's earliest marks him, 'Abraham!'" were prints of human hands, either pn:ssed into soft day in "Here J am," he answered. cavenlS, or made as positive impressions by and covered in red "Take now your son, your only Isaac, whom you love, and go or black color and pressed on a rotk surface, or by negative im- to the land of Moriah and offer him there as a burnt offering pressions'made when the hand was placed on a rock wali and (!T" Y) on one of the mountains that I will tell you." (As Abraham coloring was blown a1"Ound it to make an outline. had done when he left his father' country, he had no idea where it Although the meaning of these hand prints is not kn07JJ7l., au- would lead - just to a "land that r will show you.") thor S. Giedion suggests they express some son. ofsupplication Long Story short, Abraham rose up early, split the wood, saddled to invisible powers, perhaps even prayers. In some caves, 'many up his donkey, took Isaac as well as two yOWlg men, and staned off of the hands wen~ deformed, with missing fingers or thumbs. in the direction of the mountains. He suggertr these may represent se!f-mutilntion, perhaps part ofsume samficial system, rtanding there, "like a tragic chorus, Sacrifice is t rust. C7ying out for help and mercy." Perhaps they were On the way to the mountain, Isaac noticed onc thing was miss- lifting up hands to the 2 mg. In other words, they cut off a finger or two, hoping to save "Abba," Isaac spoke up. the rest, hoping to get God to help, to heal the baby, hold back ''Yes, my son." a storm, ward off trouble. Humans innately know there is a God "Where is the lamb for the sacrifice?" and cry out in need. Sacrifice gets His attention. Who hasn't whis- "God Himself will see to it, son - God will provide the lamb," pered a prayer, "God, if you will do ABC, I p rom ise I will do XYZ. Abraham promised. Get me out of this and I prom ise I'll be good _ forever.n Right! Sacrifice is terminal. innate tendency to offer something up to God devolved into sacrificing human beings. History is full of mass slaughter of After binding the wood on little Isaac and laying him on the enemies captured in war, but most savage is the practice of child altar, Abraham stretched out his knurly old hand with a knife in sacrifice to relieve sieges in times of war. Diodorus of Sicily writes it, prepared to do the unthinkable. For Abraham, it would be the that the Carthaginians "stleeted two hundT?d af the nohlest children end of the line. All hopes and dreams would end. Gods so-called and sacrifued them publicly."l Second Kings indicates, "King Mesha promise would have been just some fantasy he dreamed up. H e took hisfirst born son, offered him up un the walls as a burnt offering. A would have judged the idols in Ur of the Chaldeans to be just as grellt wrath come upon Israel so they withdmofrom him and went hack good as anybody's religion - that serving and believing Yahweh to their rtum land.» H uman sacrifice was prevalent in history. Israel didn't make a hill of beans of difference in a mans life. fell into this practice (2 Kings 21 :6), but was severely condemned through the prophet Jeremiah (31). God not only indicated He Dictionary Defines Sacrifice, Th, Engli'h rucrion- did not command such a thing, but that it didn't even enter H is ary lists sacrifue as: heart to do so. • The act of offering something to a deity in propitiation or homage; especially the ritual slaughter of an animal or person for Biblical e xamples of Sacrifice. rltis purpose. • The first sacrifi ce in the Bible occurred when God killed an • The forfeiture of something highly valued .. .in exchange for animal to clothe Adam and Eve, "Therefore, Yahweh EJohim made someone or something... l (ya-as IJJ).") coats (coatnote 1111 11l~) of skin (or 11Y) and he clothed • The core of "sacrifice" is "sacred," or holy. So sacrifice is an them." (3 :21). They had first tried fig leaves, but after they sinned, offering. A sacred Y/lrnmder. the death and blood of an animal was required to cover (coat) • The Hebrews had many words for offering and sacrifice: ze- them. Which means, by the way, that God is not opposed to fur bach cn:n that which is slain), ola ~y - burnt off"ering- that which coats. 'goes up' in the fire), asam (OfOK guilt-offering), hauat (l1K~n sin- • Cain and Abel offered sacrifices to God. Abel offered from offering), karban OJ1p that which is brought near), minha G1n.l7:> the first born (nnJJ ) of his sheep and goats (choice animals cereal-offering), reshit (l1' IJJK"1 first fruits) and hikkurim ('"OJ the killed - with all the potential lambs to be born if they had lived). first born), esh (Wilt fire offerings), shornf !!l"1fO burnt offering), H ebrews 11:4 indicates Abels offering was accepted because of and shaio11lrm (0'7:>' 10 peace offering), praise offerings, votive of- Abel's faith . However, Cain offered "fruit of the ground" (pri- ferings, thanksgiving (.1'111) and free will offerings. Sacrifices were ,, ~ ha-adamah ;'7:>'K), which could have been anything that offered up for expiation of sin, to bring about peace, to make peace grows out of the soil- perhaps a few apples off a tree, a bundle with God, as propitiation for wrath and for making atonement. Page 28 (I: The J~(llem Crmnection May - June 2009 • /vflt-Sivrm-Tammuz 5769
  • 27. of wheat or some shucks of corn, which any good farmer knows for sin; Jesus is "able ro save completely those who come to God is no great sacrifice. In fact, it's no sacrifice at all. through Him" (I-leb. 7:25). However, the believer is encournged, "prrSeJlt YOf/r lnH/ies, II /ivhlg sacrijUe, /Jaly, IIcceptllbie to God - which Why does this matter today? isyour1'e1lS01IlIbie st:77)ice" (Romans 12). Every day, we are challenged The Passover (no!) lamb (;"127) {Ex. 12:3-6) delivered the Jews to freely sacrifice to God - our lxxIies, our habits, every hateful or from Egypt. Mosaic law dictated the substitution of an unblem- unclean thought, every purpose nor in keeping with God's King- ished lamb in sacrifice for sin. Isaiah 53 spcak~ of the Suffering dom. Sometimes we arc called upon to sacrifice personal dreams Servant who as a lamb would die in the place of sinners. It was and hopes, loved ones, ambitions, favorite sins, selfish attitudes, standard religious pral.:t:ice to offer everything from meal to doves even all other hopes not based on God. What arc you willing to to sheep to oxen for atonement for sin. John, the Jewish prophet give up to your Lord? ..vhat am I willing to give up to my Lord? who "prepared the way for Jesus," called Jcsus the Lamb of God As another great hynm says, "I gave my Life for you, my precious (John 1:29,36). Those who believe inJesus t}1Z7' Yeshua, Salvation) blood I shed, That you might ransomed be, and quickened from understand He is the "Lamb of God," the perfect and final sac- the dead. I glnJe, I gave 11Iy Lifefor YOlt, what hlnJe YOll given for rifice for sin. Or as the fumous hymn tells it, "There is a foulltoill Me?" filled with blood, Drown from hmmll/ueJ's veins, And sinners pluuged benemh thar flood, Lt;se a/l their guilty 11ll;l1S. The dyil1g thief 7tj~aiced to AmeriC(l" Herit(lge Dictionary. Houghton Mimin, Boston, p. ll40 see, Thor foll1ltllin il1 his day, And there may I, tbaugb vile (IS he, WtJsb 2 Pat Men.:er Hutchens. Heb'r",jor the Goyim. Xulon. p. 83 111I1IIY sillS trwlly. " 3 8ibfiOlI'~m historic!I. Book XX. I 3.4ff. 14.1ff: tnlnsl.R.M.Greer. Ll dosing, there is...l!Q:Y! 110 mQl'e need of sacrifice to be made Copyright 2009 - Pm Men.:er Hmchens.PhD Sacrifice of Isaac - Dover Illustration 022 • ~" June 2009 · /vIlT-Sivnn-TrmmI{lZ 5769 Tht ]trllSlf/I!'f1I CQ/lf/minf/ (:I Page 19
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