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    Road map to armageddon   may-jun 2003 Road map to armageddon may-jun 2003 Document Transcript

    • Vol. 13/No. 3 May/June 2003 $3.00 WORLD EVENTS FROM A BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE The Road Map for Peace Is The Road Map to Armageddon
    • Many have stated that it is impossible to know whether or not we are living in the last days before the second coming of Jesus Christ. However, below you will find dramatic proof that these are the endtimes. The proofs below defy coincidence. Euphrates River to Be Dried Up In Revelation 16:12, the Bible predicts that the Euphrates River will be dried up to prepare the way for the kings of the east to invade Israel. This will happen at the time of the battle of Armageddon according to verse 16 of the same chapter. The battle of Armageddon will be the final battle at which time Jesus will return and fight on the side of the nation of Israel. Immediately thereafter He will establish His kingdom and usher in His one thousand-year reign of peace. On January 13, 1990, the Indianapolis Star carried the headline “Turkey Will Cut Off Flow of Euphrates for One Month.” The article stated that a huge reservoir had been built by Turkey. While filling up the reservoir, the flow of the Euphrates would be stopped for one month and a concrete plug for a diversion channel built. These things have now been done. With this newly built dam, Turkey has the ability to stop the Euphrates River at will. The conditions for fulfilling this 1,900 year-old prophecy are now in place. China Goes to War In Revelation 9:15-16, the Bible prophesies that an army of 200 million soldiers will launch a war which would kill “the third part of men.” Never in the history of the world until our present generation has there been a power on earth that could field 200 million soldiers. However, the late ruler of China, Mao Tse Tung boasted in his diary that he could field an army of 200 million. The CIA World Factbook reports that in the year 2001, it is estimated that China has 200,886,946 men of military age, and this number is growing by 10 million per year. Worldwide Numbering System Predicted In Revelation 13, the Bible prophesies that a world dictator will soon rule over a world government. He will cause all people in the earth to receive a number without which they will be unable to buy or sell. We are seeing this prophecy fulfilled before our eyes in a most astonishing way. Nearly every human being in the world now has been assigned a number. In America it is our Social Security number. In the past few years, we have seen this number extended to newborns. A child without a Social Security number cannot be declared as a dependent on an income tax return. We have seen the emergence of electronic money, shopping with credit cards, and many people urging the abolishment of cash. All of these things could not possibly have been fulfilled until this present time. Only after the invention of the computer could such a worldwide numbering system be administered. The Emergence of a New World Order Revelation 13:7 and Daniel 7:23 prophesy the establishment of a world government. The term “New World Order” has become a prevalent phrase in the world’s political culture. Mikhail Gorbachev made the term famous, and Pope John Paul II has referred to it repeatedly. In the September 12, 1990 issue of the Chicago Tribune, our former president George Bush said, “Iraq is the first test for the New World Order.” He emphatically stated that the Iraq War is Saddam Hussein against the world. The United Nations’ troops are continually referred to as the multi-national forces. The decision has been made to establish an interdependent community of nations that will rule the world under United Nations authority. The Bible says that this will lead us into a great world government. The formation of this government is at hand. or Divine Providence? Is it coincidental that all of these major prophecies pertaining to the last times are being fulfilled simultaneously? Hardly. Source: Endtime Magazine, P.O. Box 2066, Richmond, IN 47375 1-800-Endtime,, This page may be copied and distributed freely
    • Prophecy Tour 2003 Israel • Jordan • Tiberias Now that the political situation in the Middle East has stabilized, I am very excited to announce our next tour to the Holy Land. As always, this is a trip of a lifetime. I anticipate that this one, however, will be extra special. There are two reasons. First, by the time we arrive, the Road Map for Peace will be in full swing. We will feel the political climate—for most, euphoria, for some, dread— as we tour the land where God Almighty chose to place His name. And second, by combining our Israel Tour with a 3-day swing through Jordan, this will be one of the LEAST EXPENSIVE tours we will ever be able to offer—only $2,095 for 11 days! I want to personally invite you to join us for Prophecy Tour 2003. You won’t want to miss it! In Israel We will stand on the Mount of Olives where Jesus will stand when He returns—Visit the Temple Mount itself where the Third Temple will soon be built—See the cornerstone intend- ed for the rebuilding of the Third Temple—At the Temple Institute we will see the vessels and the garments already prepared for resumption of temple worship— Visit the Garden Tomb and the Garden of Gethsemane—See the site of the coming Battle of Armageddon—We will visit Judean settlements where Jesus prophesied great tribulation will come in the near future (Matthew 24:15-21)—Sail across the Sea of Galilee where Jesus walked on the water—and much, much more! In Jordan Jordan is the only nation that the Bible specifically says will not be invaded by the Antichrist. Daniel 11:41 speaks of the Antichrist: “He shall enter also into the glorious land, and many countries shall be overthrown: but these shall escape out of his hand, even Edom, and Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon.” Edom is Petra in southern Jordan, the Moab Mountains are in Jordan, and Amman is the capital city of the nation of Jordan. While there we will visit Petra, the incredible ruins of the ancient Roman city, Jerash, and stand on the top of Mount Nebo—the place from which God showed Moses the Promised Land just before he died. Mount Nebo overlooks Jericho, and if it’s a clear day, we may catch a glimpse of Jerusalem in the distance. How You Can Join Us The cost for the entire Israel-Jordan trip will be $2,095 plus tips and taxes. We leave from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. You can ensure your place on the tour by sending a deposit of $250 Irvin Baxter Jr. — Tour Host as soon as possible. Total payment must be made 60 days before our departure date of November 3rd. If you have further questions, please call us at 1-800-Endtime. Ask for Debbie. November 3-13, 2003 Call 1-800-ENDTIME for more information.
    • Perspective Editorial By Irvin Baxter Jr. Editor-in-Chief Magazine Staff Amazing Editor-in-Chief Irvin Baxter Jr. Prophetic Times! Assistant Editor Eddie Sax Editorial Assistants Ginger Boerkircher Liz Freeman F or two major prophetic fulfillments the destroyer (Saddam), birth of a permanent to be in progress at the same time is world court and the formation of the United Research unprecedented in my lifetime. Yet Religions Organization. Yet, I confess—some- Kathy McKinney that is what we are experiencing times it seems like the things God has proph- right now. esied are coming to pass so very slowly. Ministry Allow me to caution you. The modern atten- We find ourselves now in the era of a war Fulfillment Services tion span has become so short that, if total ful- that scripture says will kill one-third of men. Sheri Woodring fillment of a prophecy does not happen in six We are also on the brink of events in the months, we think it’s not going to happen. Middle East that will begin the final seven Radio Remember, from the time of Jesus’ birth years to Armageddon. If these things don’t Outreach Director until His resurrection was nearly a lifetime. happen exactly when we think they should, Kara McPeak Yet that didn’t make His birth any less super- that doesn’t mean they are not going to hap- natural or His resurrection any less miraculous! pen. They will happen! And they will happen Radio Operations It simply means that God has a time for every- exactly when God intends for them to occur. Jim Stigleman thing in His plan to come to pass. When it’s So just because a year or two passes without Donor Relations time, it will happen. the entire prophetic calendar coming to Tracey Kidwell During my lifetime, I’ve witnessed the birth fruition, we should not begin to doubt God’s of the world government structure called the Word. Everything that God has said will come Webmaster, Layout United Nations, the rebirth of the nation of to pass. Nothing will be left unfulfilled. Dan Barkley Israel, the world’s worst nuclear accident at Chernobyl (Ukrainian for wormwood), the fall of the Berlin Wall, the reign of a man called Irvin Baxter Jr. Editor Endtime Ministries Statement of Faith We believe that the Bible is the inspired What is Endtime Magazine? Word of God, that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, and that He will come again to establish a kingdom that In 1968, Irvin Baxter Jr. discovered the United States Bible which he had been teaching since 1968. shall never be destroyed (Daniel 2:44). and other modern nations in the Bible. He also found the After the fall of the Berlin Wall, prophetic fulfillment Those who are born again (John 3:3-5) Berlin Wall in the Bible and that one day it was to be torn accelerated rapidly. The decision was made to launch will have eternal life and rule as kings down, reuniting Germany, and that event would be the Endtime. The purpose of the magazine is to explain the and priests with Christ forever. catalyst to spark an international movement called the prophecies of the Bible and to show that they are now “New World Order.” These things have now come to being fulfilled in intricate detail. pass. Articles focus on the soon return of Jesus Christ, the Irvin Baxter Jr., a Pentecostal minister, began Endtime truth of the Bible, and the need for salvation. Endtime does Ministries in 1986 when he wrote A Message For The not deal with doctrinal controversies, as valid as they may President, a book explaining the major prophecies of the be. This will be left to other publications.
    • World Events from a Biblical Perspective CONTENTS Cover Story 9 Road Map for Peace Is the Road Map to Armageddon Open your Bible to Daniel 9:27 and place it on a table. Next to it, lay a copy of the Road Map for Peace that has just been pre- sented to the Israelis and Palestinians. The similarities you will find are amazing. Have we just witnessed the unveiling of the document that will give birth to the final seven years to Armageddon? Pictured left are members of the “Quartet.” AP WideWorld Photos/John McConnico Departments Feature Articles 4 Editorial 14 Interview on Interfaith Amazing Prophetic Times! Is Jesus the only pathway to heaven? Must we respect the religion of the 9/11 hijackers? Are Muslims in 6 Letters & Feedback heaven? Are the hijackers in heaven? The questions are discussed in this amazing Endtime interview with Maureen Fiedler, a Catholic nun and host of NPR’s 11 Whetstone “Interfaith Voices.” She speaks for the mainstream, but is her Jesus the Jesus of the Bible? Photo Credit: Evan Eile 23 Whetstone Answers 19 Did WW III Begin on 9/11? 24 World Review In 1992, a document was written by Paul Wolfowitz India-Pakistan “Truly called “Blueprint for America.” In it he advocated the Frightening” dangerous doctrine of preemptive military action Is GPS Warranted? against certain nations including Iraq and North CIA-Military Domestic Invasion Korea. Today Wolfowitz is Deputy Defense Secretary Concerned About the Mark? and the administration he serves has used 9/11 as the The Korea Kronicles justification it needs to execute his 1992 plan. The Morality Under Fire Iraq phase is now complete. What’s next? How might Photo by The Weekly Standard it all play into the fulfillment of endtime Bible prophecy? Don’t forget to check out our website. 30 Remember the Plagues! A comparison between the plagues of Egypt and the Vials of Revelation reveals an interesting one-to-one Over correspondence. This should not be unexpected con- 1 ,5 0 0 ,0 0 0 sidering that the prophet Micah stated that this would be the case! hits per month! AP WideWorld Photo/Xinhua, Gong Yidong Endtime is published bi-monthly by Endtime, Inc., 1301 South 8th Street, Richmond, IN 47374. Subscription price is $29 for 12 issues. Periodical postage paid #009267, ISSN# 1066- 6885, Richmond, IN, and additional mailing offices. © 2003 Endtime, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. POSTMAS- TER: Send address changes to Endtime, PO Box 2066, Richmond, IN 47375-2066. For subscriptions call 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week 1-800-ENDTIME. Other inquiries call 1-765-962-6344 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Central).
    • Letters to the Editor Letters & Feedback What’s On Your Mind? Endtime Wants to Know. U.S. Proposing to Take Promised Land from Israel being done. At the same time, President Bush’s stance that a Palestinian state should be established on land promised to How closely is the U.S. spiritually and physically connected Israel by God certainly places him in a precarious position. (See to the modern nation of Israel? Are our actions in the Middle the article “The Road Map for Peace is the Road Map to East somehow setting the stage for the confirmation of the Armageddon” in this issue.) covenant? Consider Genesis 15:18 “... the Lord made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the Confusing 6th Trumpet with Armageddon Is river of Egypt unto the great river, the Euphrates.” The U.S., Dangerous Israel’s friend, has just militarily conquered part of that Promised Land, Iraq. Other potential American targets, Syria, The 6th Trumpet war is going to happen at least 3 1/2 years Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, also encompass the land in God’s before Armageddon. I have noticed that you skip over this fact covenant with Abraham. Yet, the “Road Map for Peace” pro- a lot, especially when saying that we are “on the road to poses taking land from Israel. Armageddon.” I think this is dangerous. Let me explain why. Does it make sense to look at how the current proposed Everyone knows that Jesus will reign after Armageddon. The actions of the U.S. is connected with confirming what the Lord Bible says that the Antichrist will reign after the 6th Trumpet. promised Abraham in Genesis? I am not saying that the U.S. By not differentiating clearly enough between the 6th Trumpet will complete the work that God promised, only that somehow and Armageddon, many people will conclude that the 6th our actions may later be used to confirm God’s covenant, lead- Trumpet is Armageddon and therefore mistake the Antichrist ing to the 6th Trumpet war and later to Armageddon where for the real Christ. Russia and her allies try to stop us and Jesus completes His covenant. David J. Fincher, Aurora, Illinois Reply: You make an excellent point. I had never thought of it exactly that way before. The 6th Trumpet war will be so horri- Reply: It appears, from the different biblical descriptions of ble, many may mistake it for Armageddon and then accept the the Promised Land borders, that very little of Iraq, if any, is part Antichrist as the real messiah. I do want to point out that we of the Promised Land. Iraq is on the east side of the country of have stated repeatedly that the 6th Trumpet war cannot be the Jordan. Most of the land of Jordan was not included in the Battle of Armageddon. Promised Land. Only two tribes settled east of the Jordan River in part of the area that is now the nation of Jordan. It is true that the borders extended all the way to the Euphrates in the north Questions from a Christian Arab part of Israel. Most Bibles have maps in the back depicting the kingdom of I am a Christian Arab who lives in Louisiana. The situation in Israel during the time of David and Solomon. It was only in this Israel-Palestine really depresses me. Many nights I pray and can- era that Israel possessed the entirety of the Promised Land. not sleep, because of how my family is living there under occu- All this being said, it is still interesting, as you point out, pation. They are given a few hours in a day to get their medi- what the U.S. is presently doing in the Middle East. It does cine, food, etc. And yes, the Jewish people believe this is their make us wonder if some preparatory work for the millennium is promise land, but God did not say you have the right to kill 6 ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2003
    • Understanding the Endtime Level 1 The Original 10-Lesson Prophecy Home Bible Study Irvin Baxter Jr. helps you to understand Bible prophecy as never before with these 10 easy-to-follow lessons. The straightforward approach used in this teaching series will make you an instant expert on Bible prophecy – and – it’s a proven effective witnessing tool. VHS $130 ● DVD $130 ● Cassette $60 ● Study Manual $19 Understanding the Endtime Level 2 10 Lessons Proving the Endtime is Now Ten high-impact 1-hour “sledgehammers.” Each lesson is designed to serve a wake-up call to the times in which we are living. See page 18, top row, for lesson titles and special discounts. VHS ● Cassette Understanding the Endtime Level 3 The Sequence of Endtime Events—What Happens When Six-lesson series—uses charts and timelines to walk you through the key scriptures in Revelation which offer indisputable proof for the order in which endtime events will unfold. VHS ● Cassette ● Study Manual The Ultimate Prophecy Teaching Series people for it. How can Israel defend herself by military force and You are spreading the word of God and truth. This is why I keep building settlements on other people’s lands (also believe there is truth to be told on the other side. I listen to your Christians’ lands)? We have many lands there, and they are tak- program, because it has touched this Christian Arabic woman’s ing them as they please without any questions asked. heart through the Word of God. My family and friends teach our How can we solve a suicide bomber problem by keeping them kids to live in peace. This is how we can make a change. My kids under occupation and seeing family and friends being killed? I and I listen to your show every day. God bless. feel the problem is only getting worse. Your views matter to me. Maybe there is something you can say that might help. Diana, Louisiana It’s very hard to explain or give a Christian view on this issue. I understand one must defend themselves from the extremist Reply: There is no doubt that you are in a difficult position. brutal acts. But I do not understand the suffering and the heavy I don’t know how much you have studied the Israeli position in force against helpless civilians. Maybe we can see Arafat out and the matter. It’s quite a different story than the position put forth can have a better leader there. When I was in Bethlehem, we by the Muslim-led Palestinian Authority. For the past 55 years, went out with our Jewish friends and we understood one anoth- Israel has been dealing with an entity that has one goal in er. We just wanted to have peace and live together. mind—Israel’s total annihilation. The refugee problem exists ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2003 7
    • because Israel’s neighbors, all Muslim-led nations, would not that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.” take the refugees, choosing instead to leave them to suffer for (Galatians 1:8) future use as political pawns. Israel’s neighbors have initiated, The Apostle John was even stronger: “Whosoever transgres- thus far, four wars against Israel and lost them all. As a result, seth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. they have lost territory as well. In the past, Israel has offered to He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the give back every inch of the territory in exchange for peace, the Father and the Son. If there come any unto you, and bring not territory to which you refer. The offer of land for peace was this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him rejected. God speed.” (II John 1:9-10) These are very hard realities for a Christian Arab to see. From When the Bible teaches us not to be judgmental, it is not say- a biblical point of view, you are obligated to recognize that God ing we cannot know truth from error. gave Israel the land (see Ezekiel 37). But as an Arab, you can see with your own eyes that your people have been on the receiving end of some fairly hard shots delivered by the Israelis. While SARS in Prophecy these military reprisals have been directed at the Muslim extremists, many unfortunate Christian Arabs living in the same Does SARS relate to endtime Bible prophecy? Is it what Jesus proximity have had to deal with the blows. And, lest we not for- spoke of in Matthew 24:7-8 when He mentioned pestilence? get, the Israelis have not acted like Mother Teresa through these Could this be what kills 1/3 of mankind instead of a war? last 2 1/2 years. Arafat’s regime has targeted Israeli civilians, while Israel, in response, targets those responsible. There are Multitudes of listeners and readers civilian casualties. Sometimes this has been because the terror- ists hide amongst their own innocent woman and children using Reply: SARS would be included in the prophecy of Jesus them as human shields. And there may also have been Israeli about pestilences. However, it cannot be what kills 1/3 of abuses. mankind as prophesied in Revelation 9:13-16. An army of 200 According to the Jewish Talmud, the term “Chosen People” million is described as participating in the death of 1/3 of men. does not mean saved. It means that God chose the Jewish nation This will obviously occur during a war. to bring the light of a monotheistic message to a dark, pagan world. It further states that any Jewish person who lives in dis- obedience loses his chosen status. Feedback If both Palestinians and Jews would convert to true Christianity, they would immediately be able to live in peace ● What’s Heard. A statement you made in the commentary, together. Sad to say, until then there is going to be trouble “Opinion, Not Prediction” in your last magazine was right on according to the prophecies. The best thing your family can do target. The comment has to do with what folks are actually is to try to live their lives and stay out of the conflict. hearing and how that can be so different from what is actual- ly said. What an insightful observation. You stated, however, that what people hear is “often more important than what is Passing Judgment said.” On this point I must disagree. There will always be a majority who don’t get it. I experience this at the state uni- I suggest that before you pass judgment on any religion, that versity where I am completing my masters. There is a spirit of you understand exactly what it is you’re passing judgment on. the majority who have a disgust of Truth. I am amazed how I Have you ever taken the time to educate yourselves on other reli- will very simply explain the truth of God’s provision of salva- gions? Somehow I doubt that you have. You might be surprised. tion through grace, and what is heard is that God has a huge “VW” bat of judgment hanging over people’s heads. —T. A. Masdon First of all, I really liked the letter from Paul Harvey on your website. I found it very truthful and informative. If anyone says ● Seed Sprouted. A friend of mine used the “Understanding the they have an “exclusive” interpretation of the Bible, as your site Endtime” material to “plant the seed in me.” From there I purports to do, then you can be considered, quite correctly, a started to study the Gospels and have since been saved. Your Cult. Since when are Christians supposed to judge? materials and revelations of prophecy are excellent and well “An Interfaith Minister” informed, not just opinions and twisting of scripture to fit Note: These two letters are representative of many we have received theories you have. God bless you all at Endtime Ministries since our interview with Maureen Fiedler, a Catholic nun who hosts the and I pray that you continue to spread the Good News! — National Public Radio program, Interfaith Voices. The interview is Mike F. printed in this magazine. ● Addicted. I want you to know why I am addicted to your Reply: If you define a cult as anyone who believes we can show: It’s because it really is energized with the obvious con- know truth from error, then both Jesus and the Apostle Paul clusion found in the scriptures. Like it or not, we will not be were cult leaders. Jesus said in John 8:24, “I said therefore unto able to stop Bible prophecy. —W. Cooper you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins.” Endtime thanks you for your letters. The letters we use in Endtime do not nec- Paul said concerning the gospel of Christ: “But though we, or essarily reflect the views of Endtime and/or its staff. Endtime reserves the right to an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than edit letters according to space and editorial style. 8 ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2003
    • Cover Story AP WideWorld Photos/John McConnico Three of the four-member “Quartet” speak to the media on April 30th after the presentation of the “Road Map for Peace” at newly sworn in Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas’ office in the West Bank town of Ramallah. Shown, from left, Middle East envoys from the EU, Miguel Angel Moratinos; Russia, Andre Vdovin; UN, Terje Roed-Larsen; and newly appointed Palestinian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nabil Shaath. The Road Map for Peace Is The Road Map to Armageddon BY IRVIN BAXTER JR. Arab-Israeli conflict. the entire world community presented its But the big question is, “Will it plan for solving the “Holy Land” prob- O n April 30, 2003, the work?” Is it possible for the Quartet, con- lem. long-awaited Road Map sisting of the U.S., the EU, the Russian for Peace was presented to Federation and the United Nations, to Background Israel and the Palestinians succeed where all others have repeatedly In the May/June 2002 issue of Foreign by the international enti- failed over the last 3,000 years? Affairs magazine, an article appeared ty called the Quartet. This much vaunted It is true that the face of the Middle espousing a radical new approach to peace peace plan for the Middle East is intend- East has been changed dramatically by in the Middle East. The article was enti- ed to forever put to bed the demon of U.S. control of Iraq. And never before has tled, “The Last Negotiation—How to ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2003 9
    • Cover Story AP WideWorld Photo/Mark Elias End the Middle East Peace Process.” It contended that Palestinians and Israelis simply do not have the ability to make peace together. The article stated that the time had come for the world community to formulate a U.S.-led plan for the per- manent end to the conflict, presenting it to the two parties. Foreign Affairs is published by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The CFR has supplied 50% of all cabinet members to the U.S. government in the last fifty years, regardless of whether the party in power was Republican or Democrat. This has led many people to believe that the CFR is in reality an invis- ible government within the government. Within a couple of weeks of the appear- ance of this article, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell (a CFR member) announced that he would convene a meeting of the world’s four major powers for the purpose of formulating a Middle East peace plan. Invited were the European Union, the CFR member Colin Powell, then-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, speaks before the Russian Federation, the United Nations Chicago Council on Foreign Relations in 1992. and, of course, the United States. This new four-power alliance for peace in the side in peace and security by 2005. This Sharing of Temple Mount Middle East was given the name, “the peace plan appears to lead directly to the Bible: Revelation 11:1-2 teaches that Quartet.” fulfillment of the Bible’s prophecies for the temple area of the Temple Mount will The Quartet met often during the last the endtime. be under Jewish control, while the outer half of 2002. By December, a peace plan court area of the Temple Mount will be was completed. The Quartet intended to under Gentile control. present the plan to Israelis and What does the Road map: The Road Map concerning Palestinians on December 20, 2002. the Temple Mount calls for: “…a negoti- However, Israel’s government fell and the Bible prophesy? ated resolution on the status of Jerusalem presenting was postponed until a new that takes into account the political and government could be elected. The war The confirmation of covenant religious concerns of both sides, and pro- with Iraq then began, causing further Bible: The prophecy of Daniel 9:27 tects the religious interests of Jews, postponement. teaches that the Antichrist, who will be Christians and Muslims worldwide.” One other problem arose. Since Israel the leader of the international communi- The holiest place on earth for the and the U.S. were no longer willing to ty, will confirm a covenant (an agreement) Jewish religion is the Temple Mount— deal with Arafat, they insisted that a concerning the Holy Land and the status the site of their First and Second Palestinian prime minister be appointed. of Jerusalem. The confirming of this Temples. Muslims revere the Temple President Bush promised that the Road covenant marks the beginning of the final Mount as their third holiest shrine on Map would be presented as soon as the seven years to Armageddon. earth, after Mecca and Medina. In order Palestinians had a prime minister con- Roadmap: The Road Map for Peace was to take into account the interest of both firmed by the Palestinian Legislative prepared by the international community sides, the Temple Mount will have to be Council. Mahmoud Abbas was appointed specifically to solve the conflict concern- shared. This is the solution to the Temple by Arafat (what’s wrong with this pic- ing the Holy Land and the status of Mount dispute that was proposed by ture?!) as the new prime minister and was Jerusalem. President Clinton at Camp David in July confirmed by the Palestinian Parliament The Road Map document says: “Parties of 2000. on April 29, 2003. The Quartet’s Road reach final and comprehensive permanent Map for Peace was presented to Israelis status agreement that ends the Israel- Building of the Third Temple and Palestinians on April 30, 2003. Palestinian conflict in 2005…that ends Bible: Both Revelation 11:1-2 & II the occupation that began in 1967, and Thessalonians 2:3-4 clearly prophesy that Where does the Road Map lead? includes an agreed, just, fair and realistic a temple will stand on the Temple Mount The stated goal of the Quartet’s Road solution to the refugee issue, and a nego- during the time of the Antichrist. For the Map for Peace is a democratic Palestinian tiated resolution on the status of last 2,000 years, Jews around the world state and an Israeli state living side by Jerusalem.” have prayed toward the site of their First 10 ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2003
    • and Second Temples. They have said to each other longingly, “Next year in Jerusalem.” Road map: The proposed agreement Whetstone calls for “…a negotiated resolution on the by John L. Bryant status of Jerusalem that takes into account the political and religious con- cerns of both sides, and protects the reli- 1. The people of this city worshiped the goddess, Diana. gious interests of Jews…” A. Jerusalem B. Samaria C. Ephesus D. Corinth 2. Name the Caesar who decreed that all the world would be taxed. The Antichrist will claim A. Agugustus B. Julius C. Tiberius D. none of these authority over the Temple Mount 3. “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall _____.” Bible: The passage in II Thessalonians A. Triumph B. See God C. Have rest D. Not mourn 2:3-4 clearly states that the Man of Sin 4. Name the river in which Naaman washed seven times. (the Antichrist) will sit in the temple of A. Jordan B. Euphrates C. Nile D. Pison God, claiming to be God. Road map: In its document, the 5. What scripture gives God’s first promise of a savior? Quartet assigns to itself the authority to A. John 3:16 B. Deuteronomy 9:6 C. Isaiah 19:20 D. Genesis 3:15 oversee the resolution of the dispute over 6. The wicked king & queen of Israel during the time of Elijah. Israel and Jerusalem. It intends to con- A. Ahasuerus-Esther B. Ahab-Jezebel C. David-Michal vene an international conference that will D. none of these “…launch a process with the active, sus- 7. What is the longest verse in the Bible? tained, and operational support of the A. John 11:35 B. Psalms 117:1 C. Esther 8:9 D. Revelation 20:5 Quartet, leading to a final, permanent 8. On what day of the week should one make his gifts? status resolution in 2005, including on A. Seventh B. Fifth C. Third D. First borders, Jerusalem, refugees, settle- 9. What was the first plague that God placed on Egypt? ments…” A. Frogs B. Turned water to blood C. Lice D. Darkness When President Clinton suggested the 10. God directed David to choose _____ to be king after his death. sharing of the Temple Mount in 2000, it A. Solomon B. Absalom C. Adonijah D. Saul was asked who would keep the peace if 11. What is the longest word in the Bible? Jews and Arabs shared the Temple A. Nebuchadnezzar B. Transfiguration C. Unprofitableness Mount. Israel’s prime minister at the D. Mahershalalhashbaz time, Ehud Barak, suggested that the UN 12. Through faith we understand that the worlds were formed by what? could be placed in charge there. If the A. A big bang B. The Word of God C. An accident in the heavens international community were given authority over the Temple Mount, then it D. Evolution is easy to see how the leader of the inter- 13. Who said “The Lord is my strength and song, and is become my salvation?” national community, the Antichrist, A. Lot B. Joshua C. Samuel D. David could claim to be the sovereign over the 14. Who said speak; for thy servant heareth?” Temple Mount. A. Eli B. Jonathan C. Samuel D. Moses 15. What is it to “hallow” anything? Great tribulation will break out A. To treat it as holy B. Make it holey C. To break up clods in the West Bank area D. Lack in truth Bible: According to Matthew 24:15- 16. He wrote out the words of God and the king burned them up. 21, when the Antichrist stands in the A. Obadiah B. Nahum C. Jeremiah D. Habakkuk temple claiming sovereignty over the 17. What reigned from Adam to Moses? Temple Mount, it will trigger the final A. Turmoil B. Death C. Peace D. Joy three and one-half years called the Great 18. These three bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word and the _____ Tribulation. This tribulation will focus, _____: and these three are one. in particular, on those Jews living in A. Holy Ghost B. The Angels C. The planets D. The stars Judea. Judea is the area often called the 19. These three bear witness in earth, the spirit, the water and the _____: and West Bank or “the occupied territories.” these three agree in one. Road map: The Quartet’s document A. Foliage B. Blood C. Grass D. Soil calls for the dismantling of Israeli settle- ments in the area of Judea and the estab- 20. How many children of Adam and Eve are recorded? lishment of a Palestinian state there. A. 3 B. 5 C. 7 D. 9 Dispute over this issue is obviously going to erupt in open conflict during the final Answers on page 23 three and one-half years. ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2003 11
    • Cover Story The world community will AP WideWorld Photos/ Meir Azoulay invade Israel Bible: “For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle…Then shall the LORD go forth, and fight against those nations, as when he fought in the day of battle. And his feet shall stand in that day upon the mount of Olives, which is before Jerusalem on the east…” This passage in Zechariah 14:2-4 prophesies concerning the invasion of Israel by “all nations,” signifying the world communi- ty. Road map: The Road map calls for the ending of the occupation and the conflict by 2005. This will not be achieved. There may appear to be progress toward peace, but it will break down. At some point, the international com- munity will demand something of Israel that she is unwilling to obey. It could be a withdrawal from occupied territories or it could be the surrender of weapons of mass destruction. Israel has at least 200 nuclear warheads, even though she has These defensive Patriot missiles are deployed near Israel’s nuclear research reactor in never officially admitted it. Arab nations Dimona. The unspoken fact that Israel possesses nuclear weapons may be one of the rea- have continually insisted that Israel must sons the International Community finally decides to take military action against her. sign the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty and surrender her nuclear land which I do give to them, even the confirmation of the covenant that the weapons. to the children of Israel. Every Antichrist is prophesied to confirm seven President Bush used the premise of place that the sole of your foot shall years prior to Armageddon. weapons of mass destruction to invade tread upon, that have I given unto Iraq. The United Nations may use this you, as I said unto Moses. From the Jerusalem same premise for the prophesied invasion wilderness and this Lebanon even The Road Map calls for negotiations of Israel. unto the great river, the river concerning the status of Jerusalem. The Euphrates, all the land of the Palestinians contend that Jerusalem must As you can see, the major prophetic Hittites, and unto the great sea be the capital of a Palestinian state. Why? events of the final seven years are all toward the going down of the sun, It has never, in all of history, been the cap- embodied in the just-presented Road shall be your coast.” ital of a Palestinian state. Jerusalem has Map for Peace. For prophecies given over only been the capital of the people of 2,000 years ago to be directly impacted The Road Map for Peace blatantly Israel for the last 3,000 years, beginning by this peace proposal sponsored by the demands that part of this Promised Land during the reign of King David. international community has to be more be given to the Palestinians—the descen- Almighty God said that He would than coincidence! dants of the ancient Philistines. place His name in Jerusalem. Satan (Palestinian is another form of the word always seeks to displace God. The The Road Map is an antichrist Philistine.) President Bush has come out Palestinians want the name of Allah in agreement clearly in favor of a Palestinian state side Jerusalem. Muslims do not believe that Almighty God specifically promised by side with Israel in the Holy Land. The Jesus is the Messiah. Israel that the Holy Land would be her Road Map calls for Israel to withdraw I John 2:22 declares, “Who is a liar but homeland forever. In Genesis 15:18, God from some of the Holy Land (It calls it he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? defined the land as being from the river of occupied territories) so that it can be a He is antichrist…” Egypt in the south to the Euphrates River Philistine state. The effort by the Muslims to displace in the north. God promised this land to the people Israel from her God-given Promised Land In Joshua 1:2-4, the borders of the of Israel; yet President Bush and the is an Antichrist plot. The Road Map for Promised Land are more specific: Quartet are saying that it should belong Peace is an anti-God, antichrist docu- to the Philistines. ment, and the international community “Moses my servant is dead; now This Road Map for Peace is pure and that is attempting to foist this peace doc- therefore arise, go over this Jordan, simple an anti-God, antichrist agree- ument upon Israel will soon be ruled by thou, and all this people, unto the ment. It appears very likely that it will be the Antichrist himself! 12 ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2003
    • from areas occupied since September PHASE III: PERMANENT 28, 2000, and the two sides restore the STATUS AGREEMENT AND END Road Map for Peace status quo that existed prior to that time. OF THE ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN Palestinian security forces redeploy to CONFLICT Below is a summary of the Road Map areas vacated by I.D.F. (2004-2005) for Peace as presented to Israel and the Palestinians by the United States, the An international conference will be Progress into Phase III, based on con- European Union, Russia and the convened by the Quartet immediately sensus judgment of Quartet, and taking United Nations. after the successful conclusion of into account actions of both parties and Palestinian elections. Quartet monitoring. The Road Map provides three phases to its plan. Creation of an independent Palestinian SECOND INTERNATIONAL CON- state with provisional borders through a FERENCE Convened by Quartet, in con- PHASE I: ENDING TERROR process of Israeli-Palestinian engage- sultation with the parties, at beginning of AND VIOLENCE, NORMALIZING ment, launched by the international con- 2004 to endorse agreement reached on an PALESTINIAN LIFE AND BUILD- ference. independent Palestinian state with provi- ING PALESTINIAN INSTITUTION sional borders and formally to launch a (Present through May 2003) Enhanced international role in moni- process with the active, sustained, and Phase 1 calls for the Palestinians to end toring transition, with the active, sus- operational support of the Quartet, all terror, violence and incitement. tained, and operational support of the leading to a final, permanent status reso- During this phase, Palestinian institu- Quartet. lution in 2005, including on borders, tions required for Palestinian statehood Jerusalem, refugees, settlements; and, are to be built. This would include draft- Quartet members promote interna- to support progress toward a comprehen- ing a Palestinian constitution and the tional recognition of Palestinian state, sive Middle East settlement between holding of free, fair and open elections. including possible U.N. membership. Israel and Lebanon and Israel and Syria, to be achieved as soon as pos- • Israeli leadership is sible. called upon to issue unequivocal ments affirming its state- Road Map for Peace Parties reach final and comprehensive perma- commitments to the nent status agreement two-state vision of an independent, viable, & The Final 7 Years that ends the Israel- Palestinian conflict in sovereign Palestinian VHS or DVD 2005, through a settle- state living in peace ment negotiated between and security alongside Will the Road Map for Peace lead to the event that the parties based on U.N. Israel, as expressed by the Bible says will trigger the final 7 years to Security Council President Bush, and call- Armageddon? Daniel 9:27 says that an interna- Resolution 242, 338, and ing for an immediate end tional peace plan is what will spark the beginning 1397, that ends the to violence against of the end. The World Community has just pre- occupation that began Palestinians everywhere. sented such a plan to Israel. in 1967, and includes an All official Israeli institu- agreed, just, fair and real- tions end incitement You are presently witnessing what could be one of istic solution to the against Palestinians. the most important fulfilled prophecies of all time. refugee issue, and a nego- Israel immediately A new one-hour video by Irvin Baxter Jr. tiated resolution on the should dismantle set- status of Jerusalem that tlement outposts erect- $20 for VHS. $20 for DVD. To order quickly 24/7, takes into account the ed since March 2001. use your credit card, 1-800-Endtime or www.end- political and religious Or use Order Form between pgs. 16-17 concerns of both sides, PHASE II: of this magazine. and protects the religious TRANSITION interests of Jews, (June 2003-December The Confirmation of the Covenant begins the final 7 Christians and Muslims 2003) years. worldwide, and fulfills As comprehensive secu- This looks very much like the Confirmation of the the vision of two states, rity performance of the Covenant. Israel and sovereign, inde- Palestinian Authority pendent, democratic and moves forward, Israeli viable Palestine, living Defense Forces will side-by-side in peace and withdraw progressively security. ❏ ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2003 13
    • Exclusive Interview Interview on Interfaith Endtime Speaks with NPR’s Maureen Fiedler, a Catholic nun and host of the program “Interfaith Voices” M any people contend that religious conflict is the number one cause of war on earth. Some even believe that President Bush’s War on Terrorism is really a conflict between the Muslim world and the West. The proponents of this belief have given birth to a new mode of religious thinking called Interfaithism. They believe, if respect can be fostered between the different religions of the world, that a new era of peace will result. The following interview was recently conducted by Endtime on “Politics & Religion” with Maureen Fiedler, the host of the NPR program “Interfaith Voices,” Defining Interfaith Baxter: Maureen, would you define “the interfaith movement”? Fiedler: The United States is now the most religiously diverse country on the face of the earth. We know that globaliza- tion includes the intermingling of various faith traditions. Many believe that, in the effort to understand and get along with one another, a dialog is needed to help us understand and appreciate the beauty that is in the different faith traditions of the world. Baxter: How did you become involved? Fiedler: I’m a Roman Catholic. In fact, I’m a nun. I have been concerned with interfaith work, and have been a part of several social justice coalitions on various issues. I have become very aware of the teachings of Judaism, Buddhism, etc., and of a need to understand Islam, which is looming very large in the struggles in the Middle East. I also wanted to promote an understanding, particularly in the media, of not just Islam, but of all faith traditions. This poster comes from Notre Dame, the famed Catholic university. This gay and lesbian Kill the infidels committee is officially sanctioned and acts in an advisory role to Notre Dame’s V.P. Sax: Just after 9/11, everybody pulled 14 ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2003
    • out their Korans and asked, “What could Fiedler: Well, let me preface this with Fiedler: Tradition includes the rituals; have motivated these guys to do that?” a couple of things. I’m not convinced that it is the way in which a religion is actual- Many different views were presented. religion is at the root of wars. I think wars ly carried out, such as having a clergy and Some people cited verses such as “Kill the are mostly fought over raw power, over a hierarchy, how decisions are made, etc. infidels. If you do that there’s a special who controls territory, people, economics It is more than doctrine. It includes a lot reward in heaven”, and concluded, or resources. I think religion is used as a of the ambiance of religion. “There’s no doubt as to why they did theological cover for that and can often these things.” At the same time, others intensify conflict because it raises pas- The Muslim Jesus said, “This is not what Islam represents at sions that are not raised by some of the Baxter: I have been hearing the term all. Yes, the Koran may say that, but it is other root causes. Regarding religious “global spirituality” more frequently. Do out of context.” What’s the deal? exclusiveness, I think there is a very dan- the people that you interview on NPR see gerous tendency in today’s world to say the emergence of a “global spirituality”? Fiedler: It’s interesting that you that we have the truth and nobody else should choose the phrase “Kill the infi- has even a part of it. Therefore, in order to Fiedler: Yes and no. I certainly have dels” because that first became famous, be saved, you must be converted to my talked to many people, at least not from the mouths of Muslims, but way of looking at things or the faith tra- Americans, who will characterize them- from the mouths of Christians in the dition into which I was born. I think it is selves as spiritual but not religious, which Middle Ages who led the Crusades the height of arrogance. Whether the per- means different things for different peo- against the Muslims. They were the first son saying it is a Christian, Hindu, ple. They believe in a spiritual life. They ones to use that word. I think it’s neces- Muslim or Jew, people in all those tradi- have a sense of an eternal or Supreme sary to look in the Bible where there are tions have said that. Being and of a hereafter, but they don’t plenty of war-like references, particularly want to be tied to a particular religious in the Hebrew Scriptures of the Old Sax: Not to mention Cardinal denomination. Testament such as the book of Judges and Ratzinger? so forth. These can easily be interpreted as Baxter: You said that the present a justification for violence. In all of our Fiedler: Yes, he was the Prefect of Vatican would probably lean toward traditions, there are things, which, if Congregation for Doctrine of the Faith in exclusiveness. I found that interesting in taken out of the context of the larger faith the Vatican. Catholicism is very famous light of the new Roman Catholic and the larger teaching, can justify some for that. I think we narrow and limit God Catechism’s teaching toward Muslims. It horrible things. and His ability to speak to human beings states that “the plan of salvation includes It’s certainly been done with Islam in in different ways, cultures and faith tradi- those who embrace the one God, in the which people have pulled out phrases tions. first place among whom are the from the Koran and used them to justify Muslims.” I’m assuming that this was Jihad. It’s been done with Christianity Sax: Officially, is the Catholic Church approved by the present Pope and the and Judaism as well. I’ve known Hindus exclusive or inclusive? Vatican. Does that accurately reflect who can do it from the Veda. I think that where they stand today? in all of those faith traditions, the larger Fiedler: It’s mixed. Today, it would be message is one of love and compassion closer to a more exclusive view although Fiedler: Yes. I think that that would and understanding one another. The core they would certainly recognize that accurately reflect where practically all of teaching is not to kill or hate one anoth- Protestantism would be included in the mainstream Christianity would stand. er. Unfortunately, there are people who world of salvation. However, the Vatican Muslims, Jews and Christians are often will misuse a tradition in all of those is very interested in good interfaith rela- called “the Abrahamic traditions” because faiths. tions. Many theologians today have they all trace their roots back to argued the matter. Karl Rahner was try- Abraham. Muslims recognize, not only Religious exclusiveness ing to deal with the question of how to Abraham, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and most of Baxter: In Mikhail Gorbachev’s book expect somebody to accept Christ if they the Hebrew prophets, but they also rec- Perestroika, he talked about the danger of had never heard of Him. He said there are ognize Jesus. In fact, a devout Muslim religious exclusiveness, which he sees as places in the world where people were will use the phrase “Peace be upon him” the root cause for most wars. It is the result accepting Christ without realizing it as a after the word Jesus, as they do when they of a religion saying, “You must believe this part of other faith traditions. He said talk about Mohammad. There are defi- or you will be eternally damned to hell.” If there are many other people who, while nitely linkages between those three faith the belief is strong enough, the compul- embracing other faith traditions, are traditions. sion is to convert all people who do not embracing many of the values of hold that faith. He asserted that this cre- Christianity. He used the phrase, Sax: But Muslims do not believe that ates religious strife, which ultimately “Anonymous Christians.” Jesus was the Messiah. degenerates into war. What about reli- gious exclusiveness from a Christian view- Sax: What’s main the difference Fiedler: No, they would recognize point? Are we to say that people can be between faith tradition and religious doc- Jesus as a prophet, and would talk about saved without faith in Jesus Christ? trine? Him that way. ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2003 15
    • Exclusive Interview Sax: So that would not be the Jesus of Photo Credit: Evan Eile the New Testament. Fiedler: That depends on how you look at the New Testament. Christians would describe Jesus in many more terms and have a much broader understanding of His role than Muslims would. Not taking the scriptures literally Baxter: As a Roman Catholic nun, how do you approach scriptures such as I John 2:22 that says, “...he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist.” And Acts 4:12, “Neither is there salva- tion in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Can we say that the Muslims are included in salva- tion when the Bible seems to teach that to not accept Jesus as the Messiah would throw you into an antichrist position? Fiedler: First of all, Catholics do not In the studio at WAMU in Washington is Sister Maureen Fiedler, host of National Public take the scriptures literally. Catholics Radio’s “Interfaith Voices,” a program that promotes “religious tolerance and interfaith look at any piece of scripture in terms of understanding.” the overall message of the Gospel and the teaching of Jesus. No single passage is the religions of our world? gion was. It’s probably an earth-based looked at in and of itself. Let me give you spirituality of some kind. an example. If you read the passage that Fiedler: I hope it’s going to lead us to Paul wrote about women that says, “wives understand one another and lead us to a Sax: That would be a good example. be subject to your husbands”, and where more peaceful world. There is a group Let’s take a look at people who worship Peter says, “Servants, be subject to your based in Chicago called the Parliament of nature and the pagan movement. Nature masters with all fear; not only to the good World Religions. They have periodic con- is their god, Gaia. and gentle, but also to the forward”, we ferences in which people from various would see that they are reflecting the cul- religious traditions meet. It’s an attempt Fiedler: The Wiccans’ tradition is an ture of their time. However, today we to understand one another’s teachings, earth-based spirituality as well. I think would see them as being in conflict with cultural context and rituals. there are genuine spiritualities that have the Gospel’s larger message of love and You used the phrase, “global spirituali- to be respected. I’ve interviewed these equality. So, we don’t read them literally. ty”. I don’t think that it means leaving people, and very often I’ve found them to At least, most mainstream Christians and aside a specifically Christian, Muslim or be deeply spiritual. I can’t sit in judg- I would not. It would be the same with Jewish spirituality. I could be a deeply ment, nor do I pretend to. I think I would these passages. Christian person, and I can acknowledge be terribly arrogant. In addition, in the Furthermore, in Catholic teaching, that Christ is at the center of my life and last fifteen to twenty years of Christian there is very strong belief in conscience, spirituality. Yet, I can still love and spirituality and theology, there is a new and that a person is not just permitted, respect the person who holds at the center teaching called creation spirituality and but required to follow his or her con- of his life Allah, Mohammad, Moses, theology. It tries to incorporate our science. We should have an informed con- David, Buddha or Krishna, and try to understandings of creation and the physi- science as well, but even if we are misin- understand them better. cal earth into our theology and spirituali- formed, we should follow it. I think that ty in the church. people of another faith tradition who gen- Baxter: Would a person who wor- uinely and devoutly believe in Islam, for shipped Baal be included under this big Sax: I’m going to paint a picture of example, would also be bound to follow umbrella? In the Old Testament, there somebody. He’s an Islamic fundamental- their conscience, and that God would love were many false religions and false gods. ist. He believes that everything in which them for doing so. What would the difference be in today’s the 9-11 hijackers believe. Do I have to world? respect him? Accepting Baal worshippers Baxter: Where is interfaithism leading Fiedler: I have no idea what that reli- Fiedler: I have to respect him as a per- 16 ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2003
    • son. I don’t have to respect his beliefs in Fiedler: Sure. It’s possible to love Fiedler: In some sense I agree with the sense that they lead to violence. I somebody without agreeing with them that, yes. would look at this the way I would the and disagree with their interpretation of, version of Christianity that lead to the for example, the death of Jesus. However, Sax: In what sense would you disagree? Crusades, for example. to them it is a valid belief system. I would say that the vast majority of Muslims in Fiedler: Let me say why I agree first. Sax: In what sense are you using the the world probably have never heard any For many people it is an honest and con- word respect? Do you believe that the interpretation of the death of Jesus other science-led belief that they have, and it is 9/11 hijackers are in heaven? then what they learned as a Muslim. They their pathway to God. would probably find it hard to believe a Fiedler: I have no way of knowing. Christian interpretation. Sax: What if it’s a wrong belief? They obviously thought they were going there. From my perspective and from Thumbs down on Fiedler: Well, who am I to judge that? what I think about any world tradition I proselytizing I think that’s arrogant to be honest with would highly doubt it. Sax: I have heard that the definition of you. I can’t say that one belief system is Interfaithism is simply the belief that all wrong or right. I don’t even like those Sax: They believe in the God of religions are valid pathways to God. Is words when it comes to religion and Abraham, the Creator. According to the that legitimate? faith. Catholic Church, the plan of salvation includes the Sax: But we both agree that Muslims. the 9/11 hijackers were wrong. I don’t believe that their belief Fiedler: Do you believe was a valid pathway to God. that the Crusaders went to How do we proselytize people heaven? They thought that who desperately need to know they would if they killed the that Jesus died for their sins? Muslim infidels. In both cases, I see that as a misuse of Fiedler: I’m not a fan of pros- a faith tradition. elytizing. I think people become attracted to a faith tra- Sax: Based on my under- dition, not because somebody standing of what the cru- preaches at them, but because saders’ Bible taught, I do not somebody lives that faith in believe they would have gone such a distinctive, loving and to heaven. compassionate way that it is overwhelmingly attractive to Fiedler: Right. I don’t them. think any of us can dare to For example, when I read the make the judgments of God Acts of the Apostles in the New in terms of what happens to Testament, I think that’s how somebody in the afterlife. Christianity spread so rapidly. It was so obvious that these Baxter: Does it then follow Christians loved one another. that to respect a person is to You do it by living Christianity validate their belief system? to its fullest and providing that For example, the Muslim reli- witness to somebody else. Then gion teaches that Jesus Christ they will come to you with did not die on the cross, and questions like, “Why is it that that the crucifixion story was you live more simply than other made up by distortions of the people, that material goods Bible. However, the death of don’t seem to the be all and end Christ on the cross is very all of your life?” That gives you central to the Christian faith. the opening to talk about Jesus. Another poster found around the Notre Dame campus invited the Can’t I believe that a religion students of this Catholic institution to “experience an evening of is wrong and yet not be hateful Baxter: Jesus said, “… if ye Hindu prayer and meditation as the first in a series exploring the towards those people? Isn’t it believe not that I am he beliefs and practices of the world’s great faith traditions.” The event possible to love someone even was sponsored by Campus Ministry and the Department of [Messiah], ye shall die in your though you don’t agree and Theology among others. sins.” He also said, “He that can’t validate him or her? entereth not by the door into ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2003 17
    • Exclusive Interview the sheepfold, but climbeth up some think ye have eternal life: and they are other way, the same is a thief and a rob- they which testify of me.” ber.” How do you reconcile those state- “I can’t say that This interview gives a pretty accurate ments with some of the tenets of depiction of the interfaith movement Interfaithism? one belief system is embraced by the vast majority of today’s globalists. There is a world government, Fiedler: Interfaithism is really an wrong or right. I and a world religious dynamic taking effort to try to come together and under- place here, and it all centers around stand other faith traditions. I don’t look don’t even like Interfaithism. ❏ at those as absolutist statements. I look at them in terms of the larger message of those words when it who Jesus was and what He did. He did- n’t turn anybody away. He dealt with comes to religion centurions and Samaritans. He dealt with all people that came into His world and faith. FREE WEEKLY no matter how different their beliefs PROPHECY were from His. He loved and respected religious convergence is to adopt an inter- them. I think that that’s the larger mes- faith concept. NEWS UPDATE! sage or the larger characterization with- The critical issue is, if you’re going to in which I would look at that particular embrace the interfaith belief system, you To add your name to our statement. cannot take the Bible literally. However, such a position is opposed to scripture. distribution list, Sax: He did have problems with some The Bible says in II Timothy 3:16, “All e-mail your request to religions – religion the way the Pharisees scripture is given by inspiration of God, and the Sadducees were practicing it. and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof,! for correction, for instruction in right- Fiedler: That was His own religion of eousness.” Jesus said in John 5:39, Judaism. He had a problem with people “Search the scriptures; for in them ye whom He felt were misusing Judaism, much as the 9/11 hijackers misused Islam. He was condemning the corrup- tion of religion. Jesus didn’t found a reli- gion. Jesus was leading a movement, probably a reform movement within Judaism that, only after His death, later Interfaithism: Global Religion of the Endtime split off and emerged as Christianity. It’s the belief that all religions are valid pathways to God, and it has swept its way into the mainstream. From the Understanding the Endtime Level Two series. VHS $20 Baxter: But He did come to bring a Babylon the Great—Who Is It? new covenant—the covenant of New Is it Rome? New York City? Baghdad? Jerusalem? Irvin Baxter Jr. sorts it out in Testament salvation. I think all of us powerful fashion. From the Understanding the Endtime Level Two series. VHS $20 agree on that. The Forbidden Book The dark history of the established church of Rome. VHS $20 Fiedler: What did a new covenant mean? It meant an agreement to follow The Secret Power of Lawlessness the kinds of principles and teachings that Gary Kah looks at the connection between Mikhail Gorbachev, Pope John Paul II, and He put forward, which, at their core, have the United Nations. VHS $20 to do with people loving and sharing and Toward a New Age/Interfaith Religion doing justice, etc. Gary Kah explains New Age belief; fascinating, extremely important. VHS $20 Harry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged Post-interview comments Caryl Matriciana from Jeremiah Films details the hidden dangers of the Harry Potter If there is to be a global religious sys- series—making evil look innocent. VHS $20 tem, Interfaithism is the only possible path. According to the prophecies of the Secrets of the UN Bible, the global religious system is Taking you beyond the borders of traditional media—a high level UN participant going to lead to perdition. The Bible reveals the true and hidden UN agenda. Finally... Access Has Been Granted. 4 hours on 4 VHS-videos for $60 or 2 DVD’s for $75. teaches that there will be a world govern- mental system and a false prophet who Are all religions really valid pathways to God? will work in partnership with that sys- 1-800-Endtime, or see order form tem. The only chance there is of such a 18 ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2003
    • 6th Trumpet Watch Did WW III Begin on 9/11? AP WideWorld Photo/Burhan Ozbilici BY IRVIN BAXTER JR. Thomas Friedman and James D o you remember where Woolsey are right, we are you were when you saw already in World War III those airplanes knifing now. The Bible states that into the Trade Towers? this war will end up killing Next came pictures of “the third part of men” the Pentagon and that sense of forebod- (Revelation 9:13-16). ing. What does this mean? Where will it So the question is, are we in lead us as a nation? I don’t think any of us it now? Did it, in fact, begin sensed at the time exactly what was going on 9/11? on. We’ve now had a while to appraise these events. The burning and critical After the first Gulf War question we’re asking is this: Did 9/11 Back in 1991, there was a start World War III? group of men who were upset Thomas Friedman, foreign affairs by the outcome of the Gulf columnist for the New York Times recently War. They did not want expressed the belief that 9/11 was the Saddam Hussein remaining in beginning of World War III. Former CIA power, nor the terrorists left director, James Woolsey, who considers undisturbed. Consequently, the Cold War to have been World War they began to think and talk III, said that he thought the United about the way things should States was now engaged in World War be. IV. Both of these men expressed that the In 1992, a document was The blueprint being followed by the Bush administration attacks of 9/11 marked the beginning of written, a Blueprint for was actually penned in 1992 by Paul Wolfowitz, now U.S WW III just as Pearl Harbor was the America. The principle author Deputy Defense Secretary. beginning of WW II. Why would these of this document was Paul two insiders along with many others Wolfowitz. In it, Wolfowitz advocated power, and, as a result, the proposed for- express the opinion that we have now preemptive action, and said that Iraq and eign policy was never implemented. It entered the next World War? North Korea would have to be dealt with has been estimated that, during the President Bush made a speech two days someday. Clinton years, defense spending in real after 9/11. In that speech he said, “Today That sounded drastic in 1992 because terms was decreased by 40%. The mili- we are declaring war on terrorism. This the accepted thinking of the time was tary faced neglect and an almost complete will be a long war, perhaps as long as ten that any war, except one launched for stop to new weaponry development. years.” How could he know this? At the defensive reasons, was a war crime. This In 1997, Paul Wolfowitz put together time, we still didn’t know who was was especially true for a war that was not another paper entitled “Rebuilding responsible for the attack. previously approved by the United America’s Defenses.” In this document, For a while, I wondered if there wasn’t Nations Security Council. Yet, Wolfowitz he brought back the concept that he had more that we were not being told about was advocating preemptive action against originally penned in 1992, but this time this particular story. While I am not terrorists in 1992 during President Bush, the words were not softened. In particu- implying at all that President Bush had Sr.’s administration. Because it was lar, on page fourteen of this document it foreknowledge of the attack on the Trade believed that this document would states, “Indeed the United States has for Towers, I have now learned that the war frighten the public if it became known, decades sought to play a more permanent on terrorism had been planned at least Dick Cheney, then Defense Secretary, was role in Gulf regional security. While the nine years before 9/11. asked to rewrite the document making it unresolved conflict with Iraq provides the We are nearly two years into the more acceptable to the world. It was immediate justification, the need for a President’s ten-year war. If President finally published in 1993 under the title substantial American force presence in Bush’s estimate is accurate, we have eight “Defense Strategy for the 1990’s.” the Gulf transcends the issue of the more years to go. All of this is especially That strategy was never implemented regime of Saddam Hussein.” interesting because there are prophecies because Bush was defeated in the 1992 Wolfowitz was saying the situation in in the Bible about World War III. If elections. President Clinton came to Iraq provides us with a justification for ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2003 19
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    • 6th Trumpet Watch establishing a presence in the Middle AP WideWorld Photo/Luke Frazza, Pool East. However, his idea is much bigger than that. America is now the only super- power in the world. We are the preemi- nent military and economic power. Therefore, Wolfowitz contends that we should use that dominant position to stamp our image upon this world. Part of this plan says that terrorists thrive under tyranny and dictatorships. Consequently, America’s official policy should be to bring down every dictator, end tyranny, and install democracy in every nation on earth. Still, the “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” had very little impact because the right peo- ple were not yet in power. In 1998, Wolfowitz wrote an open let- ter to Clinton urging the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. It was signed by Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, our cur- rent Secretary of Defense, and others. No action was taken. Then came the 2000 presidential elec- President Bush’s “Axis of Evil” reference during his State of the Union address on January tion. George W. Bush, Jr. was elected. 29, 2002, bore eerie similarities to the Wolfowitz plan written ten years prior. Donald Rumsfeld became Secretary of Defense, and Paul Wolfowitz became sent our military into Iraq to end the the terrorist nations, but also anyone who Deputy Secretary of Defense, the number regime of Saddam Hussein. Suddenly, the helps terrorists, harbors them or assists two man at the Pentagon. message was clear that the United States them in any way. There will be no sanc- has a president who means what he says. tuary. On September 17, 2002, President On 9/11/2001, Muslim terrorists Iraq is now under U.S. control. Saddam Bush presented his National Security attacked the World Trade Center. Just Hussein is gone, and the United States’ Strategy for the United States. The docu- two days later, President Bush declared military presence is firmly entrenched in ment was hailed as a bold and compre- war on terrorism. The same day Paul Iraq. hensive reformulation of U.S. foreign pol- Wolfowitz said that nations should be This is significant because the icy. However, some analysts noted that it ended that supported terrorism. The plan Wolfowitz document says very clearly, bore a strong resemblance to recommen- that was begun in 1992 by Paul that if America is to put its stamp on this dations presented in the controversial Wolfowitz and prepared for publication world, and create a New World Order of Defense Department document authored by Dick Cheney, was finally being put freedom and democracy, it must control by Paul Wolfowitz back in 1992. into action. It was now the policy of the the Middle East. Until we do, we are sub- William Kristol, editor of the Weekly George W. Bush presidency. ject to oil blackmail. Standard and a chief contributor to the Furthermore, we must also control 1997 “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” The “Axis of Evil” and Southeast Southeast Asia. The number one threat to document, made the following statement Asia American supremacy in the 21st Century on the war on terrorism, “It’s bigger than Once you understand what’s been is China. Those who espouse U.S. Iraq, and it’s bigger than the Middle going on behind the scenes, it is much supremacy contend that we must never East… it’s very much to Bush’s credit easier to see what is happening now. On allow China to become strong enough to that he’s gotten serious about dealing October 7, 2001, the US invaded challenge our power militarily or eco- with it. But Iraq’s not going to be the end Afghanistan. Then, on January 29, 2002, nomically. It is projected that China’s of it.” President Bush made his “Axis of Evil” GNP will pass the United States’ some- An article entitled “White Man’s speech during the annual State of the where between 2015 and 2020. Also, Burden”, written by Jewish columnist, Union message. That speech rocked the China is in a very dramatic military Ari Shavit, appeared on April 4, 2003 in world. Not only did he coin the term buildup right now and has been for a long Israel’s Ha’aretz newspaper. It begins like “Axis of Evil”, but he also named three of time. The U.S. is determined to prevent this: the leading nations in that axis: Iraq, China from becoming a viable rival for “The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 Iran, and North Korea. world leadership. neo-conservative intellectuals, most of In spite of everything the United them Jewish, who are pushing President Nations, France, Germany and Russia Taking down the terrorists Bush to change the course of history. Two could do to stop it, in March 2003, Bush Bush says we will not only take down of them, journalists William Kristol and 22 ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2003
    • Charles Krauthammer say it’s possible. Photo by The Weekly Standard “In the course of the past year, a new belief has emerged in Washington D.C.—the belief in war against Iraq. That ardent faith was disseminated by a small group of 25 or 30 neo-conserva- tives… People who are mutual friends and cultivate one another and are con- vinced that political ideas are a major driving force of history.” A partial list of these friends includes: Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, William Kristol, Elliot Abrams and Charles Krauthammer. Most of them are the same men who pounded out the strategy back in 1992 that is now being carried out by the most powerful nation on earth. In the first week or two of war in Iraq, one of them confided to a reporter, “This is no longer an academic exercise. We are responsible for what is happening. The ideas we put forward are now affecting the lives of millions of peo- ple. So, there are moments when you are scared. You say we came to help. But maybe we made a mistake.” Meet William Kristol Shavit believes that Kristol exercises considerable influence on the President, Vice President Richard Cheney, and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and William Kristol, publisher of the Weekly Standard and an very influential voice in Bush admin- is seen as being instrumental in getting istration policy. Washington to launch the campaign against Baghdad. the question certainly deserves to be However, now that we are the world’s sole When asked what the war in Iraq was answered. Kristol says he is “…at odds superpower, our leaders have come to about, Kristol was quoted as saying, “At with the administration on the question believe that we must be prepared to use one level it is… a war against a brutal of Saudi Arabia.” He feels it is impossible force to create this New World Order. regime that has in its possession, weapons to allow Saudi Arabia to continue its cur- Many people thought we were not justi- of mass destruction. But at a deeper level rent behavior. “It is impossible to accept fied in going after Saddam Hussein, but it is a greater war for the shaping of a new the anti-Americanism it is disseminating, Iraq became the justification for us doing Middle East… It is a war that is intended the fanatic Wahhabism [extreme Muslim what William Kristol and others believe to change the political culture of the theology] that Saudi Arabia engenders we should do. entire region.” undermining the stability of the entire Shavit goes on to talk about a new region. It’s the same with Egypt.” Charles Krauthammer Middle East. He says, That’s a departure from where we have Charles Krauthammer is a well-known “The neo-conservative doctrine main- been up until now. We entered World columnist for the Washington Post, Time tains that the problem with the Middle Wars I and II when we were forced to. Magazine, and also writes for the Weekly East is the absence of democracy and of freedom… And the way to fight the chaos Whetstone Answers is to create a New World Order that will 1. C., Ephesus, Acts 19:35 11. D., Mahershalalhashbaz, Isaiah 8:1 2. A., Augustus, Luke 2:1 12. B., The Word of God, Hebrews 11:3 be based on freedom and human rights 3. B., See God, Matthew 5:8 13. D., David, Psalms 118:14 and Isaiah 12:2 and to be ready to use force in order to 4. A., Jordan, II Kings 5:14 14. C., Samuel, I Samuel 3:10 consolidate this new world… Does this 5. D., Genesis 3:15 15. A., To treat it as holy, Check dictionary moral vision mean that after Iraq will 6. B., Ahab-Jezebel, I Kings 21:4-5 16. C., Jeremiah, Jeremiah 36:1-23 7. C., Esther 8:9 17. B., Death, Romans 5:14 come the turn of Saudi Arabia and 8. D., First, I Corinthians 16:2 18. A., Holy Ghost, I John 5:7 Egypt?” 9. B., Turned water to blood, Exodus 7:17 19. B., Blood, I John 5:8 Considering that fifteen of the nineteen 10. A., Solomon, I Kings 1:32-35 20. A., 3, Genesis 4: 1-2, 25 hijackers on 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia, ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2003 23
    • 6th Trumpet Watch Standard. This is his opinion: “A sea AP WideWorld Photo/Xinhua, Gong Yidong change took place in the United States on September 11, 2001. Since that morning, Americans have understood that if they don’t act now, and if weapons of mass destruction reach extremist terrorist organizations, millions of Americans will die. Americans prefer to take to the field of battle and fight rather than to sit idly by and die at home. It appears that 9/11 cured us of the Vietnam syndrome.” Krauthammer never doubted the out- come of a war with Iraq. Within weeks after the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, he had singled out Baghdad as an essential target. What was the war about? What was the war with Iraq really all about? That’s what most of us still want to know. Krauthammer believes it was about three different issues. First, this was a war for disarming Iraq of its weapons of mass destruction. That’s the A crowd of 1 million people pack Pyongyang’s main plaza on January 11th to support North basis, the self-evident cause, and it is also Korea’s withdrawal from the global nuclear treaty. Portraits of the late leader Kim Il Sung is sufficient cause in itself. But beyond that, in center; his son and current leader, Kim Jong Il, at right. Part of Bush’s Axis of Evil, North the war in Iraq was fought to replace the Korea was singled out in the 1992 Wolfowitz document as a nation that needed a regime demonic deal he says that America cut change. with the Arab world decades ago. That deal said: you will send us oil and we will the world for the coming generation,” The status quo in the Middle not intervene in your internal affairs. Krauthammer observed. “Its outcome East is no longer acceptable Send us oil and we will not demand from will shape the world for the next 25 years. Friedman did not oppose the war with you what we are demanding of Chile, the If the United States wins quickly and Iraq. On the contrary, he says that he, too, Philippines, Korea and South Africa. without a bloodbath, it will be a colossus was severely shaken by September 11th. That deal effectively expired on that will dictate the world order.” He, too, wants to understand where these September 11, 2001, Krauthammer says. desperate fanatics are coming from who Since that day, the Americans have under- The President understands the hate America more than they love their stood that if they allow the Arab world to stakes own lives. And he, too, reached the con- proceed in its evil ways—suppression, At the beginning of the Iraqi War, clusion that the status quo in the Middle economic ruin, sowing despair—it will Krauthammer was asked, “What if we East is no longer acceptable. The status continue to produce more and more bin lose this war?” quo is terminal. And therefore it is urgent Ladens. America thus reached the conclu- His reply was adamant, “I am positive to foment a reform in the Arab world. sion that it has no choice: it has to take on we will not lose because the administra- itself the project of rebuilding the Arab tion understands the implications. The We’re not going to leave you world. Therefore, the Iraq war was really president understands that everything is alone any longer the beginning of a gigantic historical riding on this. So he will throw every- Some things are true even if George experiment whose purpose is to do in the thing we’ve got into this. He will do Bush believes them, Friedman says. And Arab world what was done in Germany everything that has to be done. George after September 11, it’s impossible to tell and Japan after World War II. W. Bush will not let America lose.” Bush to drop it and ignore it. There was a certain basic justice in the overall Arabs and democracy Thomas Friedman American feeling that told the Arab According to Krauthammer, the war New York Times columnist Thomas world: we left you alone for a long time, had further importance. The westerniza- Friedman, who is not part of the Bush you played with matches and in the end tion of Iraq would be of immense geopo- inner circle but understands it, is con- we were burned. So we’re not going to litical importance. An American presence vinced that we have entered World War leave you alone any longer. there would project power across the III. He says the Iraq War is “a war that is region, and accelerate the processes of at bottom of a war of choice… a war that Bush will never give in change needed in the Middle East. “This wants to utilize massive force in order to Ari Shavit notes that Friedman, who is war will enhance the place of America in establish a new order.” not a fan of Bush, offered this observa- 24 ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2003
    • tion: Anyone who thinks he can defeat River is a Muslim river. Viturally every Korea, and already has nuclear weapons. George Bush had better think again. inch of it is encompassed by Muslim She broke the 1993 Nuclear Non- Bush will never give in. That’s not what nations. Turkey, Syria and Iraq are all Proliferation Treaty, and was caught red- he’s made of. Believe me, you don’t want Muslim nations, and they are the nations handed with nuclear weapons. More to be next to this guy when he thinks he’s that house the Euphrates River. The bothersome than that is the fact that she being backed into a corner. I don’t sug- scripture tells us that the impetus for this has the ability to deliver them to the gest that anyone who holds his life dear war will come from the Euphrates. West Coast of the United States. William mess with Dick Cheney, Donald Perry, Secretary of Defense under Rumsfeld and President Bush. The end result President Clinton, recently said we have If 9/11 did start World War III, things months, not years, to resolve this prob- The neo-conservatives gave us will go wrong somewhere in the execu- lem. this war tion of President Bush’s plan. At some Next, we should consider India and Was the Iraq war the great neo-conser- point, two billion people are going to die. Pakistan. India is still itching to move vative war? It’s the war the neo-conserva- Will it happen when we decide to move against Pakistan over Kashmir. Both tives wanted, Friedman says. It’s the war against Syria? Syria was the chief weapons nations are nuclear powers. Pakistan has the neo-conservatives marketed. Those provider for Iraq. Syria provided two said that, if India does attack, she we will people had an idea to sell when thousand passports for volunteer suicide spare nothing. That battle would almost September 11 came, and they sold it. bombers wanting to fight in Iraq against certainly involve nuclear weaponry. According to Shavit, “Oh boy, did they the United States. Already the media Finally, there is China. China has sell it. So this is not a war that the mass- drums are beating for its invasion. threatened to take Taiwan by force, if nec- es demanded. This is a war of an elite.” Will it be Iran? Presently, Iran has the essary. If the United States continues to Friedman: “I could give you the names of capacity to generate material for nuclear prosecute its War on Terrorism, increas- 25 people (all of whom are at this weapons. The U.S. is determined that ing its dominance of the world, at what moment within a five-block radius of this they will not have these weapons, but point will China say, “It’s now or never for office) who, if you had exiled them to a there isn’t much time left to stop them. reuniting Taiwan with the Mainland”? desert island a year and a half ago, the North Korea has over one million men Confronting Iraq, Syria, Iran or even Iraq War would not have happened.” on the DMZ between North and South North Korea is one thing. But facing China with its 1.3 billion Where will this lead? population and its two hun- In light of all this, what is dred million-man army is going to happen? The only another. China understands thing we know for sure about that America is determined the future is what the Bible VHS orDVD to impose her image upon says. We can look at what the world, including we’ve learned from these Southeast Asia. Paul startling revelations, but Iraq was “Phase Two” of what President Bush said Wolfowitz has stated that we what do we know for sure could be up to a 10-year war on terrorism. This new must not only dominate the from the prophecies of the video by Irvin Baxter Jr. picks up where “The Iraqi Middle East, but we must Bible? War in Bible Prophecy” video leaves off. also dominate Southeast We know that a war will Asia. It certainly looks like take place that will kill one- What did President Bush have in mind when he confrontation with China third of mankind. Revelation said that 9/11 began the War on Terrorism? Why will eventually be inevitable. 9:15 says, “By these were did Thomas Friedman of the New York Times state The Chinese are beginning to one-third of mankind that “the 9/11 attack on America started World War believe it will be sooner killed.” This war is coming. III?” rather than later. The only question is when. The second thing we know Who’s next? North Korea? Iran? Syria? Will it all Did the 6th Trumpet is found in verse 14-15: go “as smoothly” as Afghanistan and Iraq? Did the sound on “Four angels, which were 6th Trumpet era begin on 9/11? 9/11? bound in the great river So did the 6th Trumpet Euphrates, will be loosed.” $20 for VHS. $20 for DVD. To order quickly 24/7, sound on 9/11 or not? At This precipitates the prophe- use your credit card, 1-800-Endtime or www.end- this time, we can’t be sied war. Angels are spirits, Or use Order Form between pgs. 16-17 absolutely sure. However, if and the spirits that are to of this magazine. this proves to be true, some- cause this war emanate from time within the next few the area of the Euphrates President Bush does have a plan. months or years, the War on River. This video discloses that plan. Terrorism will spin out of The third thing we know control, killing one-third of for sure is that the Euphrates mankind. ❏ ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2003 25
    • WorldR India-Pakistan “Truly Frightening” time, without any suspicion, or without Concerned that cash is becoming a probable cause? How close are we to Big thing of the past? Citing new post-9/11 In early May, Pakistan offered to scrap Brother?” Indeed. federal government regulations, Saks 5th its nuclear arsenal if India would do the Avenue department store is no longer same. India rejected the offer, stating that accepting cash payments on its store its nuclear program is not driven by CIA-Military Domestic Invasion accounts in any amount over $350 per Pakistan alone. (India has another neigh- month. The city of Arcata, California, bor, China.) But the two years of cold The Bush administration and leading however, is not taking new Patriot Act diplomatic silence between the two coun- Senate Republicans tried to sneak measures lying down. It recently passed tries may come to an end soon. In a land- through a bill that would give the CIA an ordinance that outlaws voluntary com- mark speech made in Kashmir, Indian and Pentagon new far-reaching invasive pliance with the Patriot Act. Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee domestic powers as part of foreign intelli- called for talks; Pakistan responded by gence and terrorism operations. A sur- inviting him to Islamabad for a summit prise element was found tucked into a The Korea Kronicles in late June. broader intelligence authorization bill As arrangements were being discussed now pending before Congress, which Disappearing act. U.S. intelligence for this, however, India test fired its first would allow for the demand of personal officials have concluded that the North ‘homemade’ air-to-air missile. The test and financial records from Americans Korean leader Kim Jong-il went into occurred just hours before U.S. Deputy without a warrant. seclusion during the final build-up to the Secretary of State Richard Armitage Administrative subpoenas, to be war in Iraq because he feared that he too arrived in New Delhi to help rejuvenate known as “national security letters,” might be the target of a preemptive peace talks in the region. Last year, would require Internet providers, credit attack. Kim vanished from public view Armitage made an emergency visit to the card companies, libraries and a host of for 50 days starting in mid-February, a region to avert what appeared certain to other organizations to hand over materials time when the Pentagon also moved be an all-out war. such as phone records, bank transactions bombers into the Korean theater. “Truly frightening” is the phrase he and e-mail logs. The subpoenas would Accord dead. North Korea declared a used to describe the nuclear stand-off. not require court approval. Democrats on decade-old agreement with South Korea The need of the hour, he said, is “to stop the Senate Intelligence Committee are to keep their peninsula nuclear-free a the weakening of international security fiercely opposed to the measure. “dead document.” The communist North architecture” and put an end to the spread blames the United States for the demise of nuclear weapons. of the accord. Concerned About the Mark? Fired laser. The Washington Times reported in early May that North Korea’s Is GPS Warranted? Concerned about living in a commu- military had fired a laser in March at two nist state? The Bush administration is U.S. Army helicopters patrolling the The murderer was concerned that his proposing to add to the FBI’s national demilitarized zone separating the two victim’s grave was too shallow. He DNA database the DNA profiles from Koreas in what U.S. officials call “a returned to the site not knowing that the juvenile offenders and from adults who provocative action.” Two Apache attack police had secretly attached a satellite have been arrested but not convicted. helicopters were illuminated by lasers by tracking device (GPS) to his truck. It was Currently, only DNA from convicted a weapon that had the characteristics of a a brilliant move that led to a conviction. adults can be placed in the national data- Chinese laser gun, an indication that But the Washington State Supreme Court base. North Korea has a new and potentially will now have to decide whether the Concerned about a National I.D. sys- lethal weapon which can cause eye dam- police can really use such a device without tem? Bush’s Homeland Security chief age at ranges up to three miles. The inci- a warrant. An American Civil Liberties Tom Ridge is now pushing for a national dent occurred at about the same time that Union attorney is asking, “Do we really identification system for all commercial four North Korean jets intercepted a U.S. want the ability to track everybody all the livestock. spy plane. 26 ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2003
    • Review Ready to nuke. North Korea has up to April 24th? Pyongyang warned that publicly rebuked him of violating church 300 nuclear warheads targeted on U.S. war could break out at any moment. law by marrying same-sex couples, says cities, this according to an unofficial Nothing else tangible happened. he expects more trouble because he spokesman for the communist regime in Pentagon plans. Sources in Australia intends to continue performing the cere- Pyongyang. Kim Myong-chol, who heads are reporting that the Pentagon has monies. The highest Presbyterian court the Centre for Korean-American Peace, detailed plans to bomb North Korea’s ruled in 2000 that ministers may bless said he was delivering the message on nuclear plant at Yongbyon if the commu- same-sex unions, but cannot marry such behalf of President Kim Jong-il’s govern- nist state goes ahead with the reprocess- couples. ment. “North Korea has a nuclear capa- ing of spent nuclear fuel rods yielding it The Rolling Hills (Calif.) City Council bility. It’s quite obvious. North Korea enough plutonium for half a dozen has voted to take a 46-year-old ordinance may have minimum 100 warheads, maxi- nuclear weapons within six months. The banning “immoral conduct” off the books. mum 300,” he said, and “will use those Pentagon plan also involves a U.S. strike The Bush administration appealed to nuclear weapons against the U.S. main- against North Korean targets just over the Supreme Court to preserve the phrase land if America imposes additional eco- the border with South Korea. This would “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. nomic sanctions on North Korea.” directly threaten the giant city of Seoul, Is spokesman Kim credible? There is S. Korea as well as about 17,000 U.S. no independent evidence to support his troops stationed just south of the demili- Etc. claim, but Kim is said to be close to Kim tarized zone. Jong-il’s inner circle. More than a year Hell on earth. The United States’ ● Russian president Vladimir Putin is ago, he predicted correctly that North demanding Jeane Kirkpatrick, the U.S. pressing ahead with the establishment Korea would withdraw from monitoring envoy to the UN Commission on Human of an internal market that will include of its nuclear sites by the International Rights, has branded North Korea a “hell the European Union as well as the for- Atomic Energy Agency and restart its on earth” for what she calls an abominable mer Soviet Republics. “We intend to nuclear program. The story was picked up rights record. “It is hard to imagine the work together on establishing a single by all major newspapers worldwide. possibility of a country whose citizens economic area within a ‘Greater Preparing the population. North endure a worse or more pervasive abuse of Europe’”, he said... Korea marked May Day, May 1, by urg- every human right,” she said in a speech ● An Israeli group is asking for an inves- ing its nation’s workers to prepare for war to the commission. tigation into Palestinian PM Mahmoud with the United States. Common enemies. India and Japan Abbas’ role in the “Black September” Sanctions = war. North Korea says have been holding extensive talks on terrorist attack that killed 11 Israeli that it would regard any U.S. move to threats posed by nuclear weapons in athletes at the 1972 Olympic Games in seek UN sanctions against them as “the North Korea and its secret weapons ties Munich, Germany. Bush has praised green light to a war.’’ with Pakistan. Abbas as “a man dedicated to peace,” Coming catastrophe. On April 23rd, and will most likely invite him to the an odd statement was issued by a Russia’s White House... Deputy Foreign Minister. Alexander Morality Under Fire ● The signatures of at least 75 Senators Losyukov said while in Tokyo that a “cat- and 250 members of the House of astrophic” development of events in the The British Columbia Court of Appeals Representatives are being sent to U.S.-North Korean nuclear standoff was in Canada, strongly endorsed the right of President Bush calling on him not to imminent and could occur within the gay and lesbian couples to marry. Same- make demands of Israel in the Road next day. He added that the standoff had sex marriages must be allowed by July Map for Peace... “reached an extreme stage” but did not 12, 2004 nationwide. ● The Temple Mount Faithful’s latest give a more detailed explanation about Nebraska’s one-of-a-kind ban on same- petition to be allowed to pray on the his warning. His comments came as U.S. sex marriages has been challenged in fed- Temple Mount was deferred by Israel’s envoy James Kelly was engaged in a series eral court by the ACLU. High Court of Justice... of fruitless talks with North Korea in Stephen Van Kuiken a Presbyterian ● Bush is endorsing Blair’s bid to become Beijing. minister, whose denomination (PCUSA) the EU’s first president... ❏ ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2003 27
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    • Prophecy Insight Remember the Plagues! BY EDDIE SAX ing similarities! thou shalt be cut off from the earth.” In the chart we find identical matches The seventh vial of Revelation is also S peaking of the endtime, Micah between the first plague of Egypt and the described in Ezekiel 38:18-22. In both 7:15-16 tells us, “According to second and third vials — waters turn to passages there is an earthquake and a the days of thy coming out of blood. The same applies to the ninth great hailstorm, mountains are thrown the land of Egypt will I shew plague and the fifth vial. In both cases, down, and it’s God’s Wrath (see the first unto him marvellous things. darkness fills Satan’s kingdom. lesson of Understanding the Endtime, The nations shall see and be confounded Under the sixth plague, “boils” and Level Three: The Sequence of Endtime at all their might.” “blains” broke forth upon men. Boils are Events). With this understanding we can However, these “marvelous things” inflammations. Blains are blisters. This is look at Ezekiel 38:22’s description of the will not be “good things.” It will be like exactly what will happen under the first Wrath of God and realize that it happens the days when Israel came out of the land vial, when “noisome and grievous sores” as described under the seventh vial. It of Egypt. In other words, the events of the break forth upon the men of “modern reads, “I will plead against him [Gog] endtimes will be like the plagues of Egypt,” that is, men who have taken the with pestilence and with blood... and Egypt as described in the Book of Exodus. Mark of the Beast. great hailstones, fire, and brimstone.” Immediately after the Great This same sixth plague also bears strik- The word “pestilence” found in both Tribulation, the time when Satan pours ing resemblance to the fourth vial. When Ezekiel 38:22 and Exodus 9:15 is the out his wrath upon the earth, God will a person is burned, they experience blis- Hebrew word “dehber,” and is described pour out His wrath upon the wicked. ters and inflammations. Such will be the as something that destroys. It is “a pesti- This is the time spoken of by Micah. case when the fourth vial is poured out lence, plague, or murrain, especially as in Revelation 16 provides us with an in- upon the sun and men are scorched with relating to animals.” This accurately depth description of this terrible time. It great heat. depicts the plagues of the frogs, lice, flies, is found in the description of the seven Hail, thunder and lightning were evi- locusts and cattle dying. vials, also known as the wrath of God. denced during the seventh plague of The plagues of Egypt have a physical To find out if the prophecy of Micah Egypt, and they will happen again when one-to-one correlation to the vials of comes to pass and whether or not the the seventh vial is poured out upon the Revelation. Furthermore, as God deliv- seven vials could be just like the plagues world’s armies that invade Israel. ered His people from Egyptian bondage, that occurred during days of Israel’s exo- The rest of the plagues of Egypt fall so shall He deliver them from all nations dus from Egypt, we have made a chart to under the category of “pestilence.” This is who will come against Jerusalem to bat- compare these two sets of events. The spoken of in Exodus 9:15: “For now I will tle. Interestingly, another definition of plagues of Egypt are lined up with their stretch out my hand, that I may smite pestilence is “a punishment from God corresponding vials. We find some amaz- thee and thy people with pestilence; and that results in death.” ❏ Plague Vial 2 Sea to blood (Revelation 16:3) 1 Waters became blood (Exodus 7:17) 3 Waters to blood (Revelation 16:4) 1 Sores on those with Mark (Revelation 16:2) 6 Boils (Exodus 9:9) 4 Men scorched by sun (Revelation 16:8) Hail, thunderings, lightnings (Revelation 7 Hail, thunder, fire with hail (Exodus 9:18) 7 16:17-21) Darkness fills Satan’s kingdom (Revelation 9 Darkness 3 days (Exodus 10:21) 5 16:10) 10 Firstborn dies (Exodus 11:4) All seven Great day of God’s wrath 2 Frogs (Exodus 8:2-3) 3 Lice (Exodus 8:16) “And I will plead against him [Gog] with 4 Flies (Exodus 8:21) 7 pestilence and with blood...” —Ezekiel 38:18- 5 Cattle die (Exodus 9:3) 22 8 Locusts (Exodus 10:4) 30 ENDTIME MAGAZINE MAY/JUNE 2003
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    • New Iraq was “Phase Two” of what President Bush said could be up to VHS or DVD! a 10-year war on terrorism. This new video by Irvin Baxter Jr. picks up where “The Iraqi War in Bible Prophecy” video leaves Will the Road Map for off. Peace lead to the event that the Bible says will What did President Bush have in mind when he said that trigger the final 7 years to 9/11 began the War on Terrorism? Why did Thomas Armageddon? Daniel 9:27 says Friedman of the New York Times state that “the 9/11 that an international peace plan attack on America started World War III?” is what will spark the beginning of the end. The World Community Who’s next? North Korea? Iran? Syria? Will it all has just presented such a plan to go “as smoothly” as Afghanistan and Iraq? Did Israel. A new one-hour video by the 6th Trumpet era begin on 9/11? Irvin Baxter Jr. President Bush does have a plan. President Bush does have a plan. This video discloses that plan. This video discloses that plan. The Confirmation of the Covenant begins the final 7 years. This looks very much like the Confirmation of the Covenant. VHS or DVD Either lesson—$20 for VHS. $20 for DVD. To order quickly 24/7, use your credit card, 1-800- Endtime or go to Or use Order Form between pgs. 16-17 of this magazine. WORLD EVENTS FROM A BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE P.O. Box 2066 Richmond, IN 47375-2066 *44 16-IADIHi:K;N 1-800-ENDTIME