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Real ID - Pass ID - No ID - sept-oct - 2009

  1. 1. Christmas Gift Ideas Inside! endtime magazine | SEPT/OCT 2009 | vol 19 | no 5 | $3.00 NO NATIONAL ID... PERIOD! pg.6
  2. 2. PARTNER WITH US IN YOUR ENDOFTHEYEAR GIVING Current Partners Thank you for your ongoing faithful support to help us spread the Word! New Partners We do the work to reach the world, you offer your support. Past Partners Consider renewing your support, we are closer than ever to Jesus’ return. End of the Year Giving tthew 9:37-3 Give to Endtime Ministries before January 1, 2010 Ma 8 for your tax write-offs! ________________________________________ Call 1-800-363-8463 or go to to become an ongoing partner or give a one-time end-of-the-year donation and learn about the benefits you’ll receive! ________________ endtime. endtime com 1.800. 2701 E. George Bush Turnpike | Suite 100 | Plano, TX 75074 |
  3. 3. Vol 19/No 5 f e at u r e S Contents 4 editorial Cover Story: 5 letters and Feedback 6 No NatioNal iD ...period! 14 cHristMas GiFt ideas do we stay with real id or is Pass id better? two bad choices! in this article irvin baxter shows why the only cHoice is to stay with the policy that has 20 World revieW safeguarded america’s freedom for 230 years—no national id. by irvin baxter 27 ProPHecy conFerences 10 WHat tHE BiBlE 32 radio broadcast actually says about…the Mark of the beast certain critics like to mock any reference to the prophesied mark of the beast. However, over fifty percent of americans believe in the bible and its prophecies. learn in easy-to-understand terms what cover story the bible actually says about the mark of the beast. by irvin baxter 12 lutHEraNS approvE hoMosexual pastors the session for the critical vote concerning approval of pastors living in open homosexual relationships 6 was scheduled to begin at 2 PM. at exactly 2 PM, a totally unexpected tornado swooped down on the convention center where the meeting was being held and upon the sponsoring central lutheran church across the street. the judgments of God? you decide. by irvin baxter 16 a SurvEillaNCE SoCiEty or a free society? should government control people, or should the people control the government? that’s the 10 question that Mark lerner addresses. lerner is one of america’s leading authorities on privacy and surveillance. by Mark Lerner 6 18 EuropEaN uNioN CoNStitutioN iS NoW pErmaNENt laW Just before press time, news broke that the lisbon treaty, which is nothing less than a european Union constitution, received final ratification. this signals nothing less than the prophesied rebirth of the Holy roman empire. by CraiG treaDWeLL 12 16 24 DoES paSS iD fix real id? Pass id makes some appealing changes from real id. However, the core problem of real id remains. new endtime writer rick brinegar explains. by riCk brineGar 28 NatioNal iD it’s all about authorization after refusing a national id for 230 years, americans 18 24 28 are suddenly being told we absolutely must have one. What is really behind the national id drive? this article will open your eyes! by DUnCan FriSSeLL Sept ~ Oct 09 | endtime magazine 3
  4. 4. Editorial m a g a z i n e eXeCutIVe eDItOr Irvin Baxter managing editor Craig Treadwell eXeCutIVe aSSIStant Kara McPeak COntrIButInG eDItOrS Ginger Boerkircher / Deb Bowman / Julie Cunningham Dana Grohman / Julie Kidwell / Candace Mendoza Gail Simmons/ Melissa Treadwell / Karina Mason IrvinBaxter PrOMOtIOnS Jaimé Agee art DIreCtOr/LayOut Robert Agee GLOBAL ID irvin baxter WE MUST HAVE IT! “…deliver them who through fear…were all their lifetime subject to bondage” - hebrews 2:15 statement of faith this edition of endtime focuses on the determined efforts of the world government crowd to impose a global id system upon us, whether we want it or not. after fighting tenaciously We believe that the bible is the inspired against the real id for four years, it appears to be on life support and losing ground. How- Word of God, that Jesus christ is the ever, congress has turned right around and introduced the Pass id act. Pass id is still savior of the world, and that He will a national id even though it has made a few modifications designed to convince us to let come again to establish a kingdom that down our guard and accept an id system. as one senator said as the phones were ringing off shall never be destroyed (daniel 2:44). the hook in opposition to the real id provisions of the immigration bill: “What part of ‘no’ those who are born again (John 3:3–5) don’t you understand?” will have eternal life and rule as kings the all-knowing, all-seeing global planners seem incredulous that we don’t want to be and priests with christ forever. numbered, registered, tracked and controlled. it’s the 21st century! don’t we know that it’s the only way to control the world in this modern age of technology? don’t we realize that all what is endtime? nations are now interdependent? in 1968, irvin baxter Jr. discovered the but that’s just the point! We don’t want to be controlled! We don’t want to be United states and other modern nations tracked! We simply want to be Free! Freedom still works! Freedom is good! Furthermore, in the bible. He also found the berlin we don’t want to be “interdependent”. We want to be indePendent! believe it or not, we actually have a document called the “declaration of independence”. Wall in the bible and that one day it was “but we live in a different world now! it’s a dangerous world,” they say. to be torn down, re-uniting Germany, our reply is simply, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” even the Holy scrip- and that event would be the catalyst to tures tell us that Jesus came to “…deliver them who through fear…were all their lifetime spark an international movement called subject to bondage” (Hebrews 2:15). this explains why those who want to move us from the “new World order.” these things freedom to socialism continually play the fear card. they understand that human beings, have now come to pass. irvin baxter Jr., when filled with fear, will surrender liberties they would not normally surrender. a Pentecostal minister, began endtime Ministries in 1986 when he wrote a We Have rePlaced FaitH WitH Fear Message For the President, a book the freedom that america has enjoyed up until now is a result of the faith that we embrace. explaining the major prophecies of the that explains why those that would enslave us want to banish faith in God from the public sphere and replace it with faith in man. this political philosophy is called humanism and is bible which he had been teaching since also known as socialism. that’s why barack obama stated so loudly that america is not a 1968. after the fall of the berlin Wall, christian nation. the socialistic form of government that he hopes to impose upon us will prophetic fulfillment accelerated rapidly. not work in a truly christian nation. christianity teaches faith, not fear. it teaches the fear the decision was made to launch of God, not the fear of man. endtime magazine. the purpose of the this explains why america’s only hope for recovering our greatness is to recover our magazine is to explain the prophecies christian faith. We don’t need to simply recover ‘faith’. We must recover our christian faith. of the bible and to show that they are it is the truth that sets us free. Faith in a falsehood will not set us free. Faith in islam has not now being fulfilled in intricate detail. brought freedom to those who embrace it. it has always produced governments that control articles focus on the soon return of how people must believe, dress and worship. Jesus christ, the truth of the bible, and tHe cHoice is clear the need for salvation. endtime does Will we rediscover the faith in God that our forefathers founded this great nation upon and not deal with doctrinal controversies, as which endowed us with our unalienable rights? or will we be deceived into placing our faith valid as they may be. this will be left to in human government and the ‘privileges’ that it bestows upon us or withholds from us? other publications. tHere is one HoPe For aMerica can we recover the beliefs that have made this the greatest nation on earth? yes we can! Endtime is published bi-monthly by Endtime, but how? it seems like such a hopeless cause when we are so inundated with godlessness, Inc., 2701 E George Bush Turnpike Suite 100, immorality and unbelief. We will recover the truths upon which this nation was found- Plano, TX, 75074. Subscription price is $29 for ed just like we lost them—one at a time! is it a long hill to climb? yes. can we do it? 12 issues. Copyright © 2009 Endtime, Inc. All yes. endtime Ministries has launched the “reclaiming america—one Mind at a time” cam- rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in paign. We want to send an Endtime magazine to every lawmaker in america (both federal part without written permission is prohibited. and state) for the next two years. We need your help and support in this campaign. (see PoSTMASTER: Send address changes to Endtime, Po Box 940729, Plano, TX 75094- details on page 31). We also want to send a magazine to each religious leader in america 0729. For subscriptions call 24 hrs/day, 7 days/ because that’s really where our belief system will be won or lost. We will rediscover our week 1-800-Endtime. other inquiries call 1-972- Judeo-christian beliefs…one mind at a time. Will you stand with us? are you afraid or are 422-0857 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Central). you full of faith? are you tired or are you filled with courage? come on america! We can do Scripture taken from the New King James it! yes we can! Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved. 4 endtime magazine | Sept ~ Oct 09 SubscribeNow| call 1.800.endtime|
  5. 5. s e p t e m b e r / o c t o b e r Letters & Feedback Question: CoPenHAGen - What do you Question: CAnADA in tHe BiBLe? population has hit 1.57 billion, which think about lord Monckton’s video claim- are you aware of any prophecies that spe- means that nearly 1 in 4 people in the ing that obama is poised to cede sovereign- cifically mention canada or which say that world practice islam? ty in copenhagen? canada will be part of the north american – thanks, david – thanks, Pastor Phil Union? – thanks, doris | repLy Yes…we posted this article to the repLy | There is some validity to Lord news page of our website the day it was Christopher Monckton’s claim, and we | repLy To our knowledge, there is no specif- released. This further confirms what the have actually been communicating with ic mention of Canada in scripture. However, Bible says about the green horse, which is him. However, Obama is not going to Canada is closely aligned with the United symbolic for the spirit of Islam in the last make a major announcement that the US States and is usually heavily influenced by days, controlling one fourth of the world’s is no longer sovereign. He is not that na- what we do. Of course, the US is specifically population. ïve and the process is much more subtle mentioned in the Bible (See July-August ‘09 than that. What most people don’t realize edition of Endtime magazine). note: Endtime has recently produced is that the gradual erosion of sovereignty a DVD: “Islam in Bible Prophecy”. To has already been in motion for 64 years, On the other hand, Canada has always order go to or call since the founding of the United Nations been a strong participant in the United 1-800-ENDTIME (800-363-8463). in 1945. Nations, and she has always had stron- ger socialistic tendencies than the US. Question: ConFiRMAtion oF To understand what is really taking place, Consequently, Canada would very likely tHe CoVenAnt FuLFiLLeD? we have to see the big, long-term picture. blend into the coming world governmen- did daniel’s 70th week (the final 7 years) The UN climate conference coming up De- tal system. begin in 2008? Here is a brief mathematical cember 7-18 in Copenhagen, Denmark is a equation. i would like to know if it is cor- major world government thrust by the UN Question: tHe GReen HoRse rect: the new king James version says that to spread global socialism. The UN chief, i was wondering if you saw the recent israel entered canaan in 1406 bc. if you Ban Ki Moon, wants to sign a new global news piece that claims the global Muslim multiply 70 Jubilee cycles x 7 sabbath cycles climate change treaty because the current x 7 years = 3430 years. subtract the year Kyoto Treaty will be expiring in 2012. This that God’s people entered canaan – 1406 treaty will affect every phase of national bc, and you come up with the year 2024 for life in one way or another. Once a treaty is the time of christ’s 2nd coming! signed and ratified, it becomes the supreme – thanks, ricky law of the land. | repLy No, Daniel’s 70th week, also One part of this plan will force wealthy known as the final 7 years, which will countries, such as the United States and be launched by the Confirmation of the England, with higher levels of carbon emis- Covenant, did not take place in 2008. It sions, to purchase carbon credits from third previously looked like there was a strong world countries that don’t use all of theirs. chance for this to happen due to Bush’s These will be very expensive and will result Annapolis Middle East Peace Conference, in massive wealth redistribution. November 27, 2007. He wanted an Israe- li-Palestinian peace contract to be signed The more extensive this web of interna- in 2008 before he left the White House. e tional law becomes, the more the nations However, his dream did not come true. of the world lose their sovereignty. Therefore, the final 7 years have not yet begun. Sept ~ Oct 09 | endtime magazine 5
  6. 6. No National ID... PERIOD! Repeal • Can a nation adopt a national ID and remain a free nation? • Does a national ID assume citizens are guilty until proven innocent? • Did Hitler’s national ID system bring security? Real ID! • Why have Americans steadfastly resisted a national ID system for 230 years? • Is a national ID the road to socialism? Don’t • Would a national ID have prevented the hijackings of 9/11? • Is the national ID a precursor to the Biblical “mark of the beast”? Replace It! • Congress forbade Homeland Security to develop a national ID. 6 endtime magazine | Sept ~ Oct 09 09 SubscribeNow| call 1.800.endtime|
  7. 7. NOT NOW! NOT EVER! CAn A nAtIOn ADOpt A nAtIOnAL ID AnD remAIn free? The entire purpose of a national ID is control. Control and free- dom are opposite terms. A national ID is specifically designed Once a person is assigned a num- for surveillance, tracking and control. ber and placed in a database, any Once a person is assigned a number and placed in a database, aspect of that person’s life can be any aspect of that person’s life can be placed under governmen- placed under governmental control. tal control. Travel, banking, accessing governmental services, and employment have already been proposed as activities that should be controlled by America’s proposed national ID system. DOes A nAtIOnAL ID Assume we Are GuILty untIL How wonderful it has been for Americans to breathe the rarified prOven InnOCent? air of freedom! We have been the envy of the world. I love living One of the most cherished freedoms in America is the right to in a country where police cannot stop me without cause…where be presumed innocent until proven guilty. If a citizen can be re- they cannot enter my home without a warrant, which can only quired to produce papers or an ID card in order to prove that he be obtained after providing a judge with probable cause. Are we or she is innocent, then the individual is considered guilty until willing to sacrifice freedom on the altar of the promise proven innocent. of security? Sept ~ Oct 09 | endtime magazine 7
  8. 8. But what about the risks? Freedom always involves risks. About They understood the tendency of government to, over time, the only place on earth where total security can be obtained is in become bigger and more intrusive. So they gave us the Fourth a padded cell, but who would want to live there? We should not Amendment to protect us against unlawful searches and seizures. demand total security from our government unless we are willing to surrender total control to our government. And that’s called The framers of our Constitution knew that a federal government totalitarianism! would attempt to expand its powers and to intrude upon cher- ished liberties. Consequently, they gave us the Tenth Amend- There is a reason our national anthem concludes with the inspir- ment to reserve all powers to the states except those that were ing stanza: “O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.” specifically granted to the federal government by the states. A people cannot be free if they are not brave. Who among us has not been inspired by the speech of the great patriot, Patrick Finally, our predecessors understood how dangerous a system Henry, who boldly declared, “Give me liberty or give me death!” of numbering the population could be. When Social Security was implemented in 1936, it frightened the people so much that the government was forced to print on the social security card, “Not “Give me liberty or give me death!” to be used for identification.” That precaution has now “conve- niently” gone by the wayside. DID HItLer’s nAtIOnAL ID system BrInG seCurIty? Hitler controlled the German citizenry by mandating national ID cards without which no one could obtain work, food or travel. By means of the information on these cards, those who were socially unfit for the new German state were easily identified and eliminated. Within two weeks of the World Trade Center and Pentagon at- tacks, ORACLE Chairman and CEO Larry Ellison called for the United States to create a national identification system to thwart terrorists and offered to donate the software for this massive These understandings have caused Americans through the enterprise. Under Ellison’s proposal, Americans would be photo- years to resist attempt after attempt to implement a national ID graphed and fingerprinted, and the information would be placed card. The latest effort to impose a national ID is not being done in a database used by airport security officials to verify identities because of 9/11. That is only the crisis that is being used as the of travelers at airplane gates. excuse to once again attempt the imposition of the most insidi- ous form of government control—the national ID. “We need a national ID card with our photograph and thumbprint digitized and embedded in the ID card,” Ellison said in an inter- Is A nAtIOnAL ID tHe rOAD tO sOCIALIsm? view. “We need a database behind that, so when you’re walking Socialism is defined as: Any of various theories or systems of into an airport and you say that you are Larry Ellison, you take social organization in which the means of producing and dis- that card and put it in a reader and you put your thumb down tributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized govern- and that system confirms that this is Larry Ellison,” he said. ment that often plans and controls the economy. The key word here is control. Socialism must have control of the Hitler’s national ID didn’t bring means of production including control of the workers who are security and an American national often referred to as human resources (HR). ID won’t either. Once a national ID is fully implemented and every person in America is entered into the proposed national database, the government will be empowered to control where you work, if you Hitler’s national ID didn’t bring security and an American national are permitted to work, and how much you can make. If you think ID won’t either. Hitler’s control scheme only brought tyranny. this is overstated, you are not paying attention. We are watching Likewise, a national ID here in America will only bring totalitari- already the government mandating wages in the industries over anism with all of its attendant evils! which they have recently taken control. wHy HAve AmerICAns steADfAstLy resIsteD A Much more could be said about socialism’s need for a national nAtIOnAL ID CArD fOr 230 yeArs? ID, but I think the point has been made. Our forefathers understood freedom so well because they had tasted the bitter fruit of servitude under the kings of Britain. wOuLD A nAtIOnAL ID HAve preventeD tHe Therefore, they built into our Constitution certain rights that have HIjACkInGs Of 9/11? safeguarded America’s freedom for over 230 years. Any trained terrorist intending to hijack an airplane would know he has to have identification documents in order to board an They understood that you couldn’t always depend on the state airplane. The 9/11 Commission reported, “The hijackers opened to protect you; therefore they gave us the Second Amendment— accounts in their own names, using passports and other identi- the right to keep and bear arms. fication documents.” In addition a Commission staffer told UPI: 8 endtime magazine | Sept ~ Oct 09 SubscribeNow| call 1.800.endtime|
  9. 9. “They did not need fake passports. The plotters all used their dardized by April of 2010. At least 186 nations have committed own passports to get into the country and once here, used US- to comply with this goal under the standards set by the UN issued ID documents whenever possible.” organization. The US has complied by implementing the global standards in all new passports issued since August of 2007. The truth is that IDs are mostly useless in preventing plane hi- jackings. Furthermore, a person getting ready to commit suicide But could standardized ID be used to control buying and selling can use his own ID, as most of the hijackers did. the way the Bible says it will be? (Revelation 13:15-18). The amazing answer is that the United States Congress has already attempted to pass such a law. the truth is that IDs are mostly use- The Immigration Bill that came very close to passage in 2007 less in preventing plane hijackings. contained a requirement that every person applying for em- ployment in America would be required to have a national ID card. The employer would be required to scan this card, which Checking luggage and requiring passengers to pass through would electronically check the national database maintained by security machines is just as effective with identification or with- Homeland Security. If the applicant was not listed in the national out. If the 9/11 hijackers had been screened with x-rays, the box database as a certified citizen, it was to be illegal to hire the indi- cutter knives would have been detected and the attacks would vidual. (See Immigration Bill, Sec. 707. Report on social security have been prevented. card-based employment eligibility verification). A national ID system would not have prevented 9/11. So possession of the national ID card would be absolutely required to hold a job in America. Of course, without a job a Is tHe nAtIOnAL ID tHe preCursOr tO tHe BIBLICAL person would have no means of buying and selling—just like the mArk Of tHe BeAst? prophecy says! Nearly 2,000 years ago, a prophecy was recorded in the Holy Scriptures. It simply said a time would come on earth when peo- Once the power to control a person’s ability to make a liv- ple would be required to have a number in order to buy or sell. ing rests in the hands of the government, then any condition deemed necessary for “homeland security” could be required in Number every human being on earth in order to track and order for the individual’s ID number to be listed as valid. control everyone? The idea seemed absolutely preposterous! Fortunately, after opponents bombarded the Congress with How could anyone assign billions of people with a personal ID phone calls, literature and testimonies, the bill went down to number…let alone track them on an ongoing basis? Humanly defeat. But never doubt it—the advocates of total governmental impossible! control will try again. COnGress fOrBADe HOmeLAnD seCurIty tO number every human being on earth in DeveLOp A nAtIOnAL ID. When Congress created the Department of Homeland Secu- order to track and control everyone? rity by the Homeland Security Act 2002, it specifically warned against a national ID. In Sec. 1514. NATIONAL IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM NOT However, in recent times we have witnessed the invention of the AUTHORIZED the following was stated: “Nothing in this Act computer and then the birth of the Internet. Now all of us realize shall be construed to authorize the development of a national all too well that the system described in the 2,000-year-old proph- identification system or card.” 6 USC 554. ecy is not only possible, but is actually being set up right now! In September 2004, then-DHS Secretary Tom Ridge reiterated, “The legislation that created the Department of Homeland Secu- the ICAO set a goal to have all rity was very specific on the question of a national ID card. They travel ID documents on earth said there would be no national ID card.” standardized by April of 2010. So Congress, please keep your word. e no real ID–no pAss ID–no national ID…perIOD! The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is the arm I Am nOt A numBer! I Am A free mAn! of the UN that has been assigned to oversee global travel. The ICAO set a goal to have all travel ID documents on earth stan- Many people have claimed that the United States is not mentioned in the Bible. This lesson not only gives absolute proof that the US is in the Bible, but shows how it was foretold 2,600 years ago. Incredibly, the prophecies also foretell that the US would come out of Great Britain, which of course is the mother country of the US. This lesson also includes specific prophecies about Russia, Germany, the European Union, and Great Britain. Modern nations are so clearly depicted in scripture that it will shock you! UNDERSTANDING THE ENDTIME LEVEL ONE LESSON ONE 1.800.ENDTIME | ENDTIME.COM
  10. 10. What the Bible Actually Says In Revelation 13:15-18, the Bible foretells a time when every person on earth will be required by the government to have a number. The prophecy also says this ID number will be required in order to partici- pate in the economy. The Bible further states that this economic control will be used to weed out political and religious dissent and to require a statement of allegiance to some kind of broad global belief system. If an individual refuses to give this statement of allegiance, the person’s personal identification number will not be validated, and he or she will not be eligible for employment and consequently will be unable to “buy or sell.” Scrip- tures tell us that some people will even be killed for their refusal to bow the knee to this prophesied system of global governance (Revelation 20:4). On the other hand, the Holy Bible says that, if any person takes this number or mark and pledges allegiance to the required belief system, it will result in eternal damnation for that individual (Revelation 14:9-11). 10 endtime magazine | Sept ~ Oct 09 SubscribeNow| call 1.800.endtime|
  11. 11. About… The Mark of the Beast by irvin baxter when wIll thIs system be set up on earth? The prophecies teach that this global ID system will be set up by a global government that will be established just before the second coming of Jesus Christ. This global ID system, referred to in scripture as the “mark of the beast,” will be fully implemented during the final three and one-half years immediately preceding the second coming. Is thIs system beIng set up rIght now? Because Real ID has been such a failure, Congress is now push- Even though the prophecy is 2,000 years old, it could never have ing a replacement law for the Real ID—the Pass ID. However, been fulfilled until right now. Before the invention of the com- when everything is said and done, it is still a (papers please) puter and the birth of the Internet, numbering and monitoring national ID system. America has not had a national ID card every person on earth was simply impossible. However, with the since her founding in 1776, and Americans obviously don’t present reach of computer technology, we all know that such a want one now. The bottom-line purpose of a national ID system system is totally possible. is control, control, control. But Americans don’t like to be Before we write off the possibility of such a scheme as being under the tyranny of governmental control. We like freedom, ludicrous and the invention of individuals suffering from para- freedom, freedom. noia, we should note that such a system is under consideration in America right now and is already in force in many nations of so whIch natIonal ID system shoulD the world. amerIca aDopt? Which national ID system do you favor—Real ID or Pass ID? On May 11, 2005, President George W. Bush signed the Real ID Answer? Neither! I like the third choice—no ID! Act into law. The Real ID Act requires any person who wants to But wait, we have to have an ID! fly on an airplane, enter a federal building, open a bank account, or drive a car, to have a national ID card called the Real ID. For Sorry, you’ve come too late to tell us Americans that. We’ve gotten those who drive, their driver’s licenses were to become their by without one for 230 years, and we’ll do just fine without one for national IDs. The Real ID law requires those who don’t drive to another 230 years. We don’t want to be numbered. We don’t want go to the license branch to receive their national ID card. to be placed in a database so that we can be tracked and con- trolled. Long live the land of the free and the home of the brave! In order to qualify for the Real ID (drivers license or otherwise), the person is required to present a certified birth certificate, Question: his or her original social security card, proof of address, and Are we brave enough to be free, or have we become so cowardly provide biometric identification by submitting to a digitized that we are willing to give up liberty for the promise of security? photograph. Benjamin Franklin said, “Any society that would give up a little When the states realized that the real purpose of the national ID liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.” was to register, number, track and control every American, they America’s verdict is in! began to pass laws against the Real ID. To date, twenty-six states NO NATIONAL ID! NOT NOW! NOT EVER! have either passed laws or resolutions against implementation Note to Congress: Dear lawmakers, please repeal the Real ID e of the Real ID. The original deadline for conformity to Real ID requirements was May 11, 2008. However, not one state had com- Act and don’t replace it with another national ID scheme. plied to Real ID requirements by the deadline, and half of them These schemes are prophesied to end in tyranny and disaster! had let it be known that they didn’t ever intend to comply. In an attempt to cajole the states into compliance to the Real ID, Homeland Security extended the deadline to December 31, 2009. However, with the deadline just ahead, states have still not shown any inclination to obey. Compounding the problem is the fact that new Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, signed a law against the Real ID in Arizona while governor there. It has become obvious to all that Real ID is dead in the water. Sept ~ Oct 09 | endtime magazine 11
  12. 12. Lutherans When America’s largest Lutheran denomination gathered in Minneapolis, Minnesota on August 17, 2009, the number one issue on the convention agenda was a proposal to approve allowing gays and lesbians in committed relationships to be members in good standing and also to serve as pastors. 12 endtime magazine | Sept ~ Oct 09 SubscribeNow| call 1.800.endtime|
  13. 13. By IrVIn BaXter APPROVE Homosexual Past rs Convention hit by tornado The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) T has about 4.7 million members with about 10,000 congregations in the United States. Debate among the approximately 1,000 delegates continued throughout the week. By Wednesday afternoon, the convention moved toward a vote. According to the printed conven- tion schedule, the afternoon session in which the pivotal vote was to take place, was to begin at 2 pm. At exactly 2 pm, out of the blue, a tornado ripped into the convention center and into the Central Lutheran Church across the street where many of the convention activities were taking place. The convention center was damaged, the tents that had been erected in the yard of the church were ripped down, and the cross on top of the church’s steeple was ripped off and left dangling upside down. Photo: Joe Bjordal Continued on PG 30
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  16. 16. THE BIG QUESTION Should government control the people or should the people control government? Orwell’s prediction of a future big brother government came true. Whether acknowledged or not, Americans now live in a surveillance society. Most of the American public falls into one of the categories the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) calls “potential threats”: environmentalists, animal lovers, anti-war protestors, pro-lifers, evan- gelical Christians, observant Jews, Constitutionalists, returning veterans, and third party candidate supporters are all “potential domestic terrorists”. Just how far is the American public willing to let the government go in order to assure public safety? Do the people want the police on every block, all emails read by the government, phone calls over- heard, or every financial transaction monitored? Do the people want sensors placed in cities that detect how much an individual perspires, in order to assess and monitor supposed guilt? How about computer software programs that decide whether or not the way people walk or dress presents a threat to the government? In Britain, citizens are captured on surveillance cameras an average of 300 times a day; does the American public want to be subjected to this level of scrutiny? The Real ID Act 2005 mandated that facial recognition technology be used for all drivers license pho- tos; facial recognition, a biometric, measures distances between facial characteristics - specific parts of the mouth, eyes, nose and so on – and digitizes this information. Using this technology, each citizen would be enrolled into a single global biometric identification system. 16 endtime magazine | Sept ~ Oct 09 SubscribeNow| call 1.800.endtime|
  17. 17. No matter where a person is - Oklahoma City, Americans have the responsibility to pass on Oklahoma or Paris, France – that person can to their children and grandchildren the rights, be identified with the use of facial recognition liberty and freedom that so many sacrificed, technology. Closed circuit television cameras/ in order to live in a free society. Americans surveillance cameras (CCTV) and linked com- have the responsibility to resist a surveillance puter systems make possible remote surveil- society, which is contrary to those rights, that environmentalists, lance and global information sharing. liberty, and that freedom. The “standard” for the digital facial image/ The men and women in law enforcement, the photograph in the Real ID compliant drivers military, and in intelligence agencies com- animal lovers, license was contained in the Notice of Pro- mit to upholding the U.S. Constitution. They posed Rulemaking for the Real ID ACT 2005. share in the responsibility of protecting those This “standard” is from the International Civil rights, that liberty and that freedom. Aviation Organization (ICAO), an agency of the United Nations. It is time for the American public to put aside anti-war protestors, partisan differences and decide if they want The Real ID Act 2005 has not yet been imple- government to control the people or the mented, 26 states have rejected this federal people to control government. law and have said “No” to this act. pro-lifers, The Real ID Act is but one of the many laws, programs and initiatives that have one thing When did rights in common: track, surveil, and control. Gov- ernment tells the people these laws, pro- become privileges? evangelical Christians, grams and initiatives are needed “to protect” them, and that giving up privacy, freedom and mobility are small prices to pay for security. Media has a responsibility to facilitate such a When did rights become privileges? discussion. Just as the American public must observant Jews, put aside their partisan differences, so too A rare agreement: Both the American Civil must the media. Mr. Olbermann, Mr. Mat- Liberties Union (ACLU) and the American thews, Ms. Maddow, Mr. Hannity, Mr. Beck, Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), represent- Mr. O’Reilly, Mr. Dobbs, Mr.Sanchez, what say ing the left and the right, stand opposed to you? Each of you is an intelligent individual. constitutionalists, the federal Real ID Act of 2005. The public may not agree with each of you on every subject, but on the issue of protect- Who redefined privacy? It is one thing to ing our liberty, rights and freedom nearly all believe that people should have no expecta- citizens would agree it is time to have the tion of privacy when in public; it is another to discussion we propose. Which of the afore- returning veterans, say when in public, technology will be used mentioned hosts has the courage to have the to identify and profile people, without their discussion on their show? knowledge or consent. Healthcare, immigration, wars, the economy, and third party candidate Courts have gone too far when they rule that terrorism, corruption in government, un- supporters are all “potential a police officer does not need a warrant to employment and other issues are all very go onto private property, install a GPS device important. Which of these issues should take domestic terrorists.” on a vehicle, and track both car and driver precedent over a discussion concerning our wherever. civil liberties in the context of national secu- rity? If not now, when? Are Americans so afraid that they are not willing to accept some risk in order to pre- Let’s get down to brass tacks and stop serve freedom? Isn’t it time the discussion the name calling, insults and playing of the took place on the growing surveillance and “blame game” long enough to have a serious monitoring of the American public? discussion about where we are headed as a e country. What type of society do we want to What about the time-honored presumption of leave for the children of today and the innocence? children of the future? The prophecy about the endtime world government of the Antichrist is 2,000 years old. “And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.” –Revelation 13:7 There it is…power over all kindreds, tongues, and nations! The Antichrist will rule over a one-world government. “World Government…Forming Now!” proves beyond all doubt that the emergence of one world government is happening right now. It also explains what this will mean to each of us as individuals and what we should do about it. 1.800.ENDTIME | ENDTIME.COM
  18. 18. European Union Constitution IS NOW PERMANENT LAW! by craig treadwell While most of the world carried on with business as usual, one of the most profound prophetic fulfillments in all human history took place on November 3, 2009, at 3pm Central European Time. Czech President, Vaclav Klaus signed the Lisbon Treaty (European Union Constitution), making it permanent international law! Imagine that, with merely the stroke of a pen, one of the most anticipated Biblical prophecies was fulfilled! Arm twIstInG pAID Off The European Union is made up of 27 member nations. Lead- In Daniel 2, a dream was given to Nebuchadnezzar, king of Baby- ers from all 27 countries met on December 13, 2007, in Lisbon, lon. Neither he nor his wise men could possibly understand the Portugal to sign what became known as the Treaty of Lisbon. It meaning. They called on Daniel, who supernaturally interpreted is an international agreement designed to become the European Union Constitution. The only country out of 27 to hold a public Endtime magazine has been vote was Ireland. Initially, the citizens of Ireland voted “NO” to informing for years that we have been ratification back in June 2008. This set the major power brokers watching the development of the of Europe into a panic-stricken, arm-twisting mode towards Irish revived Holy Roman Empire in Europe. Prime Minister, Brian Cowen. After facing intense pressure, he finally caved in to holding a second Irish vote. The second vote the dream. Daniel actually prophesied the European Union thou- took place October 2, 2009. The results were the opposite this sands of years before it existed! Furthermore, this same dream time: Ireland voted YES! After the Irish hurdle was conquered, the foretold that the Antichrist would arise out of the last-day Holy very last holdout was Czech President, Vaclav Klaus. All of Europe Roman Empire! The last step to the formation of that empire took held their breath to see if he would sign. DONE! place on November 3! enter tHe HOLy rOmAn empIre eurOpe’s fIrst presIDent The prophetic implications are huge. Endtime magazine has been Europe has never, in all of her thousands of years of history, had informing for years that we have been watching the development a president over the entire continent! What Napoleon Bonaparte of the revived Holy Roman Empire in Europe. Charlemagne, the and Adolf Hitler both wanted, but could not achieve by military man crowned by Pope Leo III in 800 AD, declaring the birth of the force, will soon become a reality! One of the crowning achieve- Holy Roman Empire, would be so proud as the dream lives on! No ments of the new European Constitution is that it makes provision doubt Pope Benedict is also well pleased! for the first president of all Europe! We are talking about The entire world is focused on one small area of land with less than one tenth of one percent of the world’s population, Israel. How did such a small place become so important in today’s world? You will learn how it was foretold in the Bible that Israel would live again, and you will see its miraculous rebirth. Scripture clearly explains Israel’s destiny and why the Temple Mount is the most important place on earth! UNDERSTANDING THE ENDTIME LEVEL ONE LESSON FIVE 1.800.ENDTIME | ENDTIME.COM
  19. 19. one man serving as president over 27 major nations! We are not magazine explored the question in its May/June 2009 issue: merely talking about American “states”, like Maryland, Texas, and Tony Blair’s Rendezvous with Rome, Will Blair be the new Char- California, but rather power over formerly individual, sovereign lemagne of today’s Holy Roman Empire? He is the Quartet’s countries! That is an incredible amount of power for one man “man of peace” to the Middle East, and the founder of the to have! In fact, during his speech on November 3, just prior to “Tony Blair Faith Foundation,” which is helping solidify global in- giving the final signature, Czech President, Vaclav Klaus actually terfaithism. When considering that just before leaving London as stated that the Czech Republic would lose its sovereignty! His prime minister he personally met with Pope Benedict to convert statement will prove to be true for all 27 EU member nations. to the Catholic faith, one cannot help but ask, will Tony Blair be- come the first ever president over all of Europe? We don’t know. However, if so, will he become the man to fulfill Daniel 9:27, Europe has never, in all of her confirming the covenant with Israel? While there is no guarantee thousands of years of history, had a that Blair is the one, either way, the Antichrist is alive somewhere president over the entire continent! today, and the prophecy will be fulfilled. Let tHe CAmpAIGns BeGIn! He is the Quartet’s “man of peace” Several high-level EU leaders have already been unofficially cam- to the Middle East, and the founder paigning to become Europe’s first president. According to the of the “Tony Blair Faith Foundation” Wall Street Journal, “Swedish Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, whose country currently holds the rotating European Union presi- dency, will call “as soon as possible” a summit of EU top leaders AntICHrIst to discuss the way forward and the name of a possible president Does this mean that whoever becomes EU president will auto- for the EU.” matically be the Antichrist? Not necessarily. Does the possibility exist? Certainly! wHO wILL It Be? Several potential candidates include: Belgian Prime Minister, We have observed the developments leading to Herman Van Rompuy, Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Jean- the rebirth of the Holy Roman Empire with great Claude Juncker, Prime Minister of Sweden, Fredrik Reinfeldt; and anticipation. No longer! As of November 3, the former Irish President, Mary Robinson. Last, but not least, TIME prophesied rebirth of the Holy Roman Empire e Magazine has reported British Foreign Minister, David Miliband is complete. The Bible teaches that the as saying that someone who will “stop traffic” in world capitals is Antichrist and the False Prophet will come none other than former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair. Endtime from this re-born Holy Roman Empire. Gift Subscription! .................................................................................................................. the gift that keeps on giving B e c a u se t he e nd Ti m e i s n o w ! Subscribe to Endtime Magazine ... ... ..................................................... VISIT WWW.ENDTIME.COM OR CALL 1.800.ENDTIME (363.8463) P R I C E S F O R U . S . D E L I V E RY. F O R E I G N D E L I V E RY E X T R A .
  20. 20. S e P t e M B e r / O C t O B e r World Review —world events through the eyes of bible prophecy— By GInGer BOerkIrCher [ 6th trUMpet WatCh ] isRAeL PLAnninG AttACK on iRAn according to a report in a French maga- zine, israel is planning to carry out mili- tary attacks in iran after december. the report said Jerusalem has ordered high- quality combat rations from a French food manufacturer for soldiers serving in elite units. they asked reservists of these units staying abroad to return to israel. idF chief of General staff Gabi ashkenazi told his French counterpart that israel is not planning to bomb iran, but may send elite troops to conduct activities on the ground there. the operation may involve sabotage to nuclear facilities as well as assassina- tions of top iranian nuclear scientists. us sAYs PAKistAn, iRAn HeLPinG tALiBAn a Us military commander in afghanistan says he has evidence that factions of Paki- stani and iranian spy services are support- us to sCRAP euRoPe MissiLe sHieLD Us battle in afghanistan. ing insurgent groups. taliban fighters in PLAns afghanistan are being aided by “elements President obama has shelved a bush- [ hOLy rOMan eMpire WatCh ] of some intelligence agencies,” according era plan for an eastern european mis- to army Gen. stanley a. Mcchrystal. He sile defense plan that has been a major iRisH Vote unLeAsHeD FLuRRY oF eu singled out Pakistan’s inter-services intel- irritant in Us relations with russia. He ACtiVitY ligence agency as well as the Quds Force said a redesigned defensive system would ireland’s strong support for the eU of the iranian revolutionary Guard as be cheaper, quicker and more effective treaty in its second referendum sparked contributing to the external forces work- against the threat from iranian missiles. widespread relief in brussels as well ing to undermine Us interests. obama said the plan was scrapped in part as a flurry of activity among european because the Us has concluded that iran politicians who have now changed their is less focused on developing the kind of focus to the practicalities of implementing long-range missiles for which the system the lisbon treaty. Poland’s president was originally developed, making the completed his country’s ratification, and building of an expensive new shield un- the signature of the czech republic’s ENTRANCE RAMP FOR THE ANTICHRIST necessary. president is all that is still needed. it now appears that the lisbon treaty will be What single cataclys- ‘no RusH’ on us-AFGHAnistAn PLAn entering into force on January 1, 2010. mic event could drive the peoples of the world President obama says he will not rush into the arms of the a decision on whether to send tens of WiLL tonY BLAiR BeCoMe tHe FiRst man of sin and his one thousands more troops to afghanistan. PResiDent oF euRoPe? world government? obama is considering whether to agree tony blair, who scaled unheard of heights to a reported request by the senior com- in popularity and unpopularity as britain’s World War III. mander of Us and nato forces in af- Prime Minister, is now a front-runner The stage is being ghanistan to have 40,000 more Us troops to become the President of europe. set right now! sent to the country to crack down on Government ministers attending brussels resurgent fighters linked to the taliban meetings or G20 negotiations have been and al-Qaeda. critics have accused the mobilizing an impressive campaign to president of taking too long to consider harness enthusiasm across the continent which direction he wants to take in the for Mr. blair as britain’s candidate. 20 endtime magazine | Sept ~ Oct 09 SubscribeNow| call 1.800.endtime|
  21. 21. occasions in what is seen by some as an attempt to push the issue down the road until someone kills it. [ MiDDLe eaSt WatCh ] isRAeLis sAY DeAL neAR WitH us on MiDeAst tALKs President barack obama’s Middle east envoy is close to a deal with israel on terms for resuming peace talks with the Palestinians. an israeli official said, “there [ Mark OF the beaSt WatCh ] appears to be a meeting of the minds and hopefully the israeli-Palestinian dialogue un WAnts neW GLoBAL CuRRenCY to will be able to re-start in the near future.” RePLACe DoLLAR Under the prospective deal the negotiations according to the United nations, the dollar could be held on the basis of two decades- should be replaced with a global currency. it old Un security council resolutions, 242 would be the biggest overhaul of the world’s and 338, another official said. monetary system since the second World War. the Un conference on trade and development (Unctad) said the system of currencies and capital rules which binds the world economy is not working properly, and was largely responsible for the recent It has been said, "Nobody's financial and economic crisis. perfect." But it appears that Hebrews 10:14 says that if we FeDeRAL ReseRVe AuDit stiLL are sanctified, we are perfect. ADVAnCinG rep. ron Paul, r-texas, has long op- posed the power held by the Federal re- DVD $20/CD $7 serve and its ability to manipulate the nation’s economy. over the years he has Call 1.800.ENDTIME or go to launched proposals to get rid of the quasi- PRePARinG FoR seRViCe in tHe to get your copy governmental agency without significant ReBuiLt teMPLe support. His current plan, H.r. 1207, is Jews in the town of Mitzpe yericho are quickly gaining steam. so far, the pro- taking practical steps to prepare for the posal has collected a bipartisan coalition rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem. of 287 co-sponsors in the House and 24 temple priest hopefuls are learning exactly members in the senate who have signed how to conduct the daily temple service on as co-sponsors. and offer the required sacrifices. organizer levi chazan said, “it is the beginning of ReAL iD PRoGRAM on LiFe suPPoRt the work for the third temple.” the Us senate approved a $43 billion budget for the department of Homeland oBAMA PRAises isLAM At RAMADAn security (dHs) for fiscal year 2010. the MeAL measure included substantial increases President barak obama praised american in dHs spending in several key technol- Muslims for enriching the nation’s ogy areas, but slashed real id funding by culture at a dinner that celebrated the 40%. according to Jim Harper, director islamic holy month of ramadan. “the of information policy studies at the cato contributions of Muslims to the United institute, that reduction all but ensures states are too long to catalog because that real id is going nowhere. However, Muslims are so interwoven into the fabric many lawmakers are reluctant to openly of our communities and our country,” reject real id for fear of being seen as obama said. the president joined cabinet being too soft on national security issues, secretaries, members of the diplomatic Harper says. the real id act was ap- corps and lawmakers to pay tribute to proved by congress and signed into law what he called “a great religion and its by President bush in 2005 as part of the commitment to justice and progress.” government’s effort to combat terrorism. What is the National ID? the law required states to follow a single [ WOrLD GOvernMent ] The Real ID Act? Is the National ID good for America? national standard for identifying and au- Is it good for you & and your family? thenticating people who apply for a driv- PM WARns oF CLiMAte ‘CAtAstRoPHe’ er’s license. the law evoked widespread according to a warning by british Prime criticism, and the dHs pushed back Minister Gordon brown, the Uk faces a DVD $20/CD $7 implementation schedules on numerous “catastrophe” of floods, droughts and Sept ~ Oct 09 | endtime magazine 21
  22. 22. l al t eg EYC ve y ks k ro c nt lle S e n ee i c g ce ar f me W er r o er Ta H r y n eg -e e Vi dir to l in Y Ci o D ra ec t ys g s Dy on ho c he co s op E d Ja pr t cs ra ys @ 4:3 0 pm To s da da y’s ue Op T en Is meet the eyc radio staff! Di su sc es Trying to introd Ou us uce r si prophecy to on r Vo ou ic tell y your young peop ed to ms e! le? Ne proble ne? meo Looking for a friend? to so Endtime Youth Co | Jesus r ps... l | Friendly can be all that for t | Casua | God ly | C onnec you! ing C ar Reaching Myspace Radio show Website Blogging Youtube out with | | 1.800.ENDTIME endtime prophecy StateS without an Bible fyi Endtime Bible study. Studies endtime currently has over 200 Prophecy bible studies in progress throughout the united states, Canada, and the world. Attend an Endtime Bible study in your area and meet others who are interested in Endtime Bible Prophecy. StUDy abOUt: • The United States in the Bible • The New World Order • The Four Horsemen of Revelation Visit • The Antichrist and False Prophet or call 1.800.endtime • The Mark of the Beast • Much, much, more to find a specific Bible study in your area. Many areaS all over the country still need Endtime Bible studies. Call 1.800.ENDTIME to find out how to start one in your area.