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Looking Ahead-Obama - The New American Magazine - 12-8-08.pdf


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  • 1. Making Renewable Energy Practical • Intelligent Design and Evolution • Free-market Thinkers December 8, 2008 $2.95 Looking Ahead
  • 2. First Ten Amendments to the Constitution Article I. Congress shall make no law respect-ing an property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or taken for public use, without just compensation. abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a Article VI. In all criminal prosecutions the accused shall redress of grievances. enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, Article II. A well-regulated militia being necessary to the which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be shall not be infringed. confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtain-ing witnesses in his favor, and to have the assis- Article III. No soldier shall, in time of peace, be quartered tance of counsel for his defense. in any house, without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law. Article VII. In suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury Article IV. The right of the people to be secure in their shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury shall be otherwise persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches re-examined in any court of the United States, than according to the and seizures shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, rules of the common law. but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirma-tion, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or Article VIII. Excessive bail shall not be required, nor things to be seized. excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted. Article V. No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or Article IX. The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the people. the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put Article X. The powers not delegated to the United States by in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or the states respec-tively, or to the people. We at Dean Sellers Ford believe freedom of mobility is as fundamental as our Bill of Rights. See Dean Sellers Ford for your new freedom machine. 2600 Maple Rd., Troy, Michigan • (248) 643-7500•
  • 3. as C hristm The 5000 Year Leap (2008ed, 337pp, pb, $19.95) BKFTYL The 5000 Year Leap CD (2007, 8hrs 41min, $9.95) CdFTYL The New AmericAN Binder ($8.95) TnABIndeR 50th Lapel Pin ($6.95) JPIn50 JBS Mug ($11.95) MUgJBS50 Historical Art Prints (Set of 5) ($34.95) HISPRInTS TNA Mug ($11.95) MUgTnA TNA Pen ($2.99) PenTnA Pocket Declaration of Independence and the Constitution (2007ed, 48pp, pb, 1/$2.00ea, 10+/$1.75ea, 50+/$1.50ea) dOIAC JBS Pen ($2.99) PenJBS ✁ QuAnTITy TITlE PrICE ToTAl PrICE Name ______________________________________________________________ Address ____________________________________________________________ City _____________________________ State __________ Zip ________________ Phone ____________________________ E-mail ______________________________ ❑ Check ❑ ViSA ❑ Discover 000 0000 000 000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 ❑ Money Order ❑ MasterCard ❑ American Express VISA/MC/Discover Three Digit V-Code American Express Four Digit V-Code SUBTOTAL WI ReSIdenTS Add 5% SALeS TAx SHIPPIng/HAndLIng (See CHART BeLOW) TOTAL Make checks payable to: ShopJBS ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ # _________________________________________ Exp. Date ________________ For shipments outside the U.S., please call for rates. Signature ___________________________________________________________ Order Subtotal Standard Shipping Rush Shipping $0-10.99 $4.95 $9.95 Standard: 4-14 Mail completed form to: $11.00-19.99 $7.75 $12.75 business days. ShopJBS • P.O. BOX 8040 $20.00-49.99 $9.95 $14.95 Rush: 3-7 business APPLETON, WI 54912 $50.00-99.99 $13.75 $18.75 days, no P.O. Boxes, HI/AK add $10.00 Order Online: 1-800-342-6491 $100.00-149.99 $15.95 $20.95 $150.00+ call call Credit-card orders call toll-free now! 081208
  • 4. 10 Vol. 24, No. 25 December 8, 2008 Photo: AP Images; design by Joseph W. Kelly Cover Story PresiDeNcy 10 Looking Ahead by John F. McManus — Barack Obama’s and Joe Biden’s own records and agendas show the direction they have in mind for the nation. 13 Behind the Obama Agenda by John F. McManus — The team Barack Obama has begun assembling suggests that, in terms of substance, the incoming administration may not be that different from the outgoing. 13 FeatureS AP Images eNergy 19 Making renewable energy Practical by Ed Hiserodt — Can we reliably, efficiently, and economically store energy to make solar and wind power viable options to replace 19 fossil-fuel or nuclear plants? FAith AND scieNce 24 intelligent Design and evolution by Selwyn Duke — Believers in Intelligent Design have often been scorned as being opposed to science, but science itself is showing that it is the evolutionists who are opposed to rational inquiry. histOry — PAst AND PersPectiVe AP Images 32 Free-market thinkers by Charles Scaliger — With bailouts and other unabashed socialist projects being embraced by both political parties to “save our economy,” has free-market economics been proved faulty? 24 the LAst WOrD 44 Fed Loaned Nearly $2 trillion by William F. Jasper 32 DepartmentS 5 Letters to the editor 31 the goodness of America 7 inside track 38 exercising the right 9 QuickQuotes 41 correction, Please! cOVer Photo: AP Images; design by Joseph W. Kelly
  • 6. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Publisher John F. McManus Editor Then and Now Barney Frank still have any power, commit- Gary Benoit I am writing in regard to the history article tee chairs or not. Senior Editor “From ‘Henny Penny’ Morgenthau to Henry Toby ElsTEr William F. Jasper Paulson” by William F. Jasper in the Novem- The Constitutional Foundation ber 10, 2008 issue. In the article Jasper stat- Wichita, Kansas Associate Editor Kurt Williamsen ed, “FDR’s New Deal is chilling to all who are even remotely familiar with the tyranni- Contributors cal powers and policies that accomplished Slow and Sure Dennis J. Behreandt Christopher S. Bentley the Roosevelt revolution.” For one who These predictions for the United States were Steven J. DuBord remembers those times, it was worse than delivered, verbatim, in 1958: Selwyn Duke that. In fact, living through the Depression 1. “Greatly expanded government spending: Jodie Gilmore became a way of life. Debt was more com- for missiles for so-called defense generally, Gregory A. Hession, J.D. Ed Hiserodt mon than currency, but my father kept his for foreign aid, for every conceivable means William P. Hoar farm because he never lost his credit. Trade of getting rid of ever larger sums of American R. Cort Kirkwood became common because FDR milked the money — as wastefully as possible.” Warren Mass Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. currency out of circulation, and there wasn’t 2. “Higher and then much higher taxes.” Alan Scholl enough to keep the economy going. 3. “An increasing unbalanced budget, de- Ann Shibler Author Jasper failed to mention FDR was spite the higher taxes.” Liana Stanley already a full-blossomed Fabian Socialist in 4. “Wild inflation of our currency, leading Michael E. Telzrow Joe Wolverton II, J.D. 1932 when he was first elected president. His rapidly towards its ultimate repudiation.” New Deal was the Fabians’ plan to socialize 5. “Government controls of prices, Editorial Assistant America — which FDR tried to implement, wages, and materials, supposedly to combat Denise L. Behreandt but all three of the major projects failed. inflation.” Art Director (FDR’s policies at least tripled the time that Points one, two, and three are now well- Joseph W. Kelly the Depression lasted.) I don’t hesitate to say established facts. Points four and five are in Desktop Publishing Specialist that all of Roosevelt’s cabinet members were the process of being brought about. Steven J. DuBord also socialists. (See The Fabian Freeway and The author? Research The Forgotten Man.) It is the founder and former President of Brian T. Farmer Because Bush-Paulson took an opposite the John Birch Society, Robert Welch. (ThE Bonnie M. Gillis path than FDR did, there cannot be much NEw AmEricAN is a wholly owned subsidiary Wayne Olson of the John Birch Society.) Welch wrote this resemblance between the two as far as the Marketing aftermath will be. Bush-Paulson pumped gloomy forecast in 1958 in The Blue Book — Larry Greenley money into the problem; FDR taxed it out. not to be found on the shelves of most public Public Relations FDR deepened and extended the length schools or libraries in our nation. Bill Hahn of the Great Depression. Which way the Felix Frankfurter, U.S. Supreme Court bailout goes from here depends on our justice, said in 1952, “The real rulers in Advertising/Circulation Julie DuFrane socialized Congress (“Progressives” they Washington are invisible, [and] exercise call themselves). A depression of the New power from behind the scenes.” With the Deal magnitude can’t happen today. People same people fixing the economy that got today don’t realize how the people did be- us into this mess, it is going to get worse as lieve in FDR then! Like the savior Obama planned. wants to be today. Possibly there will be GlENN J. schmiTz Printed in the U.S.A. • ISSN 0885-6540 no depression if common sense can prevail Springfield, Minnesota P.O. Box 8040 • Appleton, WI 54912 920-749-3784 • 920-749-3785 (fax) over the socialists in Congress. Just look into how things progress under a new ad- Send your letters to: ThE NEw AmEricAN, P.O. ministration. See if men who helped cause Box 8040, Appleton, WI 54912. Or e-mail: Rates are $39 per year (Hawaii and Canada, the economic problems through govern- Due to vol- add $9; foreign, add $27) or $22 for six months (Hawaii and Canada, add $4.50; foreign, add ment misintervention such as Congressmen ume received, not all letters can be answered. $13.50). Copyright ©2008 by American Opin- Christopher Dodd and Letters may be edited for space and clarity. ion Publishing, Inc. Periodicals postage paid at Appleton, WI and additional mailing offices. Post- master: Send any address changes to The New AmericAN, P.O. Box 8040, Appleton, WI 54912. EXTRA COPIES AVAILABLE The New AmericAN is pub- lished biweekly by Ameri- ➧ Additional copies of this issue of ThE NEw AmEricAN are can Opinion Publishing available at quantity-discount prices. To place your order, visit Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of The John Birch Society. or see the card between pages 38-39. 5
  • 7. Professional Engineering And Consulting At Its Best Ronald A. Britton P.E., DABFE, President Rohill Operating Company 3100 North A. Street Suite E-200 Rohill Building Midland, Texas USA 79705-5367 432-686-0022 “ONE MAN WITH COURAGE MAKES A MAJORITY”
  • 8. Inside Track Looking Beyond the Global Economic Summit According to news reports, the tivity. His presentation at the CFR much-ballyhooed November 15 left little doubt what Brown (and, international economic summit in presumably, a very sympathetic Washington accomplished little globalist elite at the CFR and else- aside from agreement on various where) truly intends to accomplish vague goals by the delegations from with the negotiations that kicked 21 nations and four international or- off at the Washington summit. ganizations. There were no flashy Brown spoke of the “birth pangs resolutions and no dramatic make- of the new global order,” and called over of the global financial system for “cross border supervision” of — yet. One item of universal agree- financial activity “wherever it is AP Images ment was the need for additional necessary,” as well as for “better summits, the next to be held in late surveillance of the world econ- March or early April, to continue omy.” Although Brown’s speech negotiations on a new blueprint for international finance. was light on specifics, he did offer a few tantalizing tidbits. For The Washington summit, with its heads of state and other na- instance, he proclaimed: “I have no doubt we’ll have an Interna- tional and international dignitaries, may have attracted all the tional Monetary Fund that looks more like an independent central media attention, but the real action, for anyone who was paying bank.” He also expressed optimism that future negotiations would close attention, was at the New York-based Council on Foreign lead to a new world trade deal. Relations on November 14, when British Prime Minister Gordon The call to transform the IMF into a central bank (presumably Brown addressed a special session chaired by former Treasury as the issuer of a truly global currency to replace the faltering dol- Secretary Robert Rubin on the topic of the financial crisis. Brown lar) is ominous, if one considers that such a step would give the has been shuttling back and forth across the Atlantic and among UN system a means of printing its own money and financing its the countries of continental Europe over the past few weeks, own expansion (much as central banks like the Federal Reserve lobbying for an ambitious new plan to globalize financial ac- do for the governments they represent). Obama with his economic advisory team Obama’s Coming Executive Orders The media is anxiously speculating about what it hopes will be a rash of Obama executive orders overturning those issued during the past eight years by President George W. Bush. Obama’s staff began as early as August assembling a list of executive orders to be reviewed and possibly reversed. According to a report in the New York Times, the assessment is underway, “but a full list of policies to be overturned will not be announced by Mr. Obama until he confers with new members of his cabinet.” It is expected that the new president will take action through executive orders in several areas, notably on issues related to abortion and stem cells, as well as energy and the environment. AP Images It is thought that he will likely reverse the so-called “gag” order forbidding taxpayer funding of international abortion counsel- ing and clinics that was reinstated by George W. Bush after the Clintons left the White House. It is also expected that he will act try to do right as they [are] walking out the door. I think that’s a through executive order to restrict drilling and exploration for oil mistake.” on public lands. Particularly after both the Clinton and Bush administrations, the When John Podesta, Obama’s transition team co-chair, was president’s use of executive orders has come under fire. President pressed by Fox News anchor Chris Wallace to provide details Bush, especially, came under fire for stepping over the constitu- about some of the executive orders on Obama’s list, he stated: tional boundary separating the legislative and executive branches. “I think across the board, on stem-cell research, on a number of In a possible foreshadowing of whether or not the Obama admin- areas, you see the Bush administration even today moving ag- istration would follow in Bush’s footsteps in the use of executive gressively to do things that I think are probably not in the interest orders, Podesta stated: “There’s a lot that the president can do of the country. They want to have oil and gas drilling in some using his executive authority without waiting for congressional of the most sensitive, fragile lands in Utah that they’re going to action, and I think we’ll see the president do that.” 7
  • 9. Inside Track Terrorist Bill Ayers Misrepresents His Past During the 2008 presidential campaign, former Weather Under- was murdered and other officers were injured by a bomb planted ground terrorist Bill Ayers kept a low profile and attempted to at the police station on February 16, 1970. According to Larry play down any connections between himself and candidate Ba- Grathwohl, an FBI informant who operated inside the Weather rack Obama. On election day, however, Ayers began a series of Underground, Ayers had told him he had planned the bomb- media events aimed at recasting himself as an elder statesman of ing and Bernadine Dohrn (Ayers’ wife) had actually planted the “progressive” community and the victim of a right-wing “de- the bomb. The bomb was packed with nails, staples, and other monizing” campaign. He is capitalizing shrapnel, with the intention of killing on the recent interest in his radical past and wounding people. to promote the current re-release of his The same month, Grathwohl testi- 2001 memoir, Fugitive Days. fies, Ayers gave instructions for similar On November 14, Ayers scored his bombings in Detroit at the Detroit Po- biggest media coup so far, an appear- lice Officers’ Association (DPOA) build- ance on ABC’s Good Morning America. ing and the 13th Precinct station. When In a pleasant surprise, his interviewer, Grathwohl argued with Ayers that the Chris Cuomo, didn’t let him off scot- DPOA blast would also hit an African- free; Cuomo made him squirm a number American restaurant next door, Ayers of times about his continuing refusal to coldly replied: “Innocent people have to repudiate his earlier violence and sug- die in a revolution.” If Grathwohl hadn’t gested he was being “evasive” about his foiled the bombings by informing police ties to Obama. (During the campaign, of the plot, many police and civilians both the Obama and Ayers camps re- would have been killed and injured. peated the line that Ayers was just a “guy On March 6, 1970, a townhouse in in the neighborhood.” In his newly reis- New York City’s Greenwich Village sued book, Ayers refers to Obama as a exploded, killing three Weather Un- “neighbor and family friend.”) derground terrorists who were making However, Cuomo allowed Ayers to bombs they intended to place at a dance get away with the egregious lie that hall at the Ft. Dix U.S. Army base. They he and the Weather Underground had were anti-personnel bombs and fire “never hurt or killed anyone” and had bombs; if they had gone off as intended, only targeted property for their bomb- they could have killed hundreds of sol- ings. A San Francisco police sergeant Bill diers and their dates. Newscom Ayers Showdown Looms Over Auto Bailout Plan The pleading for a financial bailout of the U.S. auto industry is just as the airlines have done, GM could carry on with minimal becoming more widespread and insistent, with supporters of the disruption. Michael Levine, a former airline executive who has bailout claiming that Detroit’s Big Three (General Motors, Ford, worked as a consultant for bankrupt airlines, says, “It is quite and Chrysler) are too big to fail. possible the auto industry is not thinking in truly contemporary Supporters of GM, such as the Center for Automotive Re- terms. A couple of generations ago, the word bankruptcy meant search, claim that bankruptcy could eliminate 2.5 million jobs liquidation. Now it very often means reorganization.” and $125 billion in personal income in just the first year. Over A bailout for the auto industry could only be accomplished three years, the government’s tax take could fall by more than by a transfer of wealth from the American people to the auto $108 billion. That is far more than the $25 billion bridge loan industry, since the government is nonproductive and whatever that GM is requesting. It’s that kind of arithmetic that has per- it spends for the bailout would have to be siphoned out of the suaded House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi to con- economy. The bailout would also further expand the reach of the sider just such a loan during the post-election, lame-duck session federal government into the private sector and could touch off ef- of Congress. forts in other industries to claim a piece of the $700 billion rescue Pointing to the airline industry, others argue that bankruptcy package. As Senator Jim DeMint put it, “This is what happens would not be nearly as traumatic as GM insists. Under bankruptcy when you bail out one industry: five more get in line. Some auto protection, GM could renegotiate labor contracts, trim the health manufacturers are struggling because of a bad business structure and pension benefits costs that undermine its competitiveness with high unionized labor costs and burdensome federal regula- against foreign automakers, and override state laws that make tions. Taxpayers did not create these problems and they should it difficult to close unprofitable dealerships. Analysts claim that, not be forced to pay for them.” n 8 THE NEW AMERICAN • DECEMbER 8, 2008
  • 10. QuickQuotes Spending the Social Security Taxes Has a Consequence “If we don’t cut entitlement spending, the entitlements are going to be worthless.” In his Internet newsletter, Phil deCarolis points to the obvious result of currently spending the money supposedly saved by the government for people who will retire. Poland’s Nobel Prize Winner Slams Venezuela’s Tilt to Communism AP Images Lech Walesa “I am the best proof that communism fell because it was a bad system. And introducing it there [in Venezuela] is the biggest mistake of the region.” Still basking in adulation over being named as the reason for the fall of Soviet communism, Lech Walesa wants Hugo Chavez to learn from Poland’s experience that communism is the wrong road to take. Wind-driven Turbines Causing Problems for Neighbors “I don’t think anyone should have to put up with this.” Headaches, nausea, and insomnia are some of the effects of the noise felt by Gerry Meyer and his fam- ily. They once welcomed the installation of five wind turbines near the Wisconsin home where they have lived for 37 years. Now retired, he travels all over the state to warn others to be wary. They Traveled 9,300 Miles to Cast Their Ballots “We had a long talk about it. We could go on a holiday to a beach somewhere. Or we could come back here and vote.” After waiting a month for requested absentee ballots to ar- rive at their temporary home in India, new U.S. citizens (as of 2007) Susan Scott-Ker and her husband flew to New York City when their write-in ballots didn’t arrive. They voted for the Obama-Biden ticket. AP Images Homosexual Leader Targets Utah “At this point, honestly, we’re going to destroy the Utah brand. It is a hate state.” After the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was credited for California’s successful ban on homosexual marriage, influential blogger John Aravosis urged skiers to avoid Utah, and Hollywood actors and directors to boycott the annual Utah-based Sundance Festival. The Bailout Gets Labeled a Power Grab “This wasn’t an economic plan; it was a heist. It will go down as the Great Bank Robbery of 2008. The economics behind it were nonsense. This was a money and power grab pure and simple.” Mises Institute adjunct scholar Robert P. Murphy insists that $700 billion has been transferred from taxpayers to a few big financial institutions. A Professor Scorches the Economics Profession “There are thousands of economists. Most of them teach. And most of them teach a theoretical frame- work that has been shown to be fundamentally useless.” Also claiming that the Bush administration replaced free markets with a “predator state,” University of Texas professor James K. Galbraith, the son of liberal John Kenneth Galbraith and a liberal himself, teaches at the LBJ School of Public Affairs. Being for Both Is Impossible “An affirmative action/equal opportunity employer.” The want ad placed by Columbia University for a position in its medical school claimed that it favored some yet didn’t favor some — an impossibility that has frequently appeared in similar want ads. n — compilEd by JohN F. mcmANus 9
  • 11. Presidency Looking Ahead Barack Obama’s and Joe Biden’s own records and agendas show the direction they have in mind for the nation. Photo: AP Images; design by Joseph W. Kelly by John F. McManus back for almost two years, the Illinois sena- the direction of more and bigger govern- tor regularly employed the word “change,” ment for decades, regardless of whether a W ithout doubt, the election of Ba- and the word even morphed into “change Republican or Democrat has been in the rack Obama is historic because we can believe in.” The posters, oratory, White House. Obama hopes to move us he is the first Black American television ads, and pronouncements of even further in the big-government direc- selected by voters for the highest office in several Obama staffers repeatedly issued tion. What kind of change is that? the land. Indeed, the election of an Afri- unspecified pledges that this new and dif- Even many Americans who recognize can-American to the presidency by a na- ferent candidate would alter the course that Obama will push for more govern- tion with a majority white population may America was following. ment at home believe that he will end our be unprecedented, and the fact that this is interventionist foreign policy because of possible should be a source of pride for all “Blueprint for Change” the opposition he has expressed to the Iraq of us, regardless of whether Obama him- But how would America’s course be al- War. But this conclusion flies in the face of self was a good or bad choice. tered? Even though the American people his proposal to transfer troops to Afghani- An articulate and confident young man, could have read online what an Obama- stan (in essence transferring the Iraq War Obama’s presence in the White House will Biden administration promised, most failed to a different theater) and his support for be welcomed by many. Along with his to do so. Much of the agenda, albeit without international arrangements, including ex- oratorical skills and appealing vitality, his a lot of detail, is contained in Blueprint for pansion of NATO. family will remind older Americans of the Change, the 83-page document subtitled Please consider the following positions John F. Kennedy era when a telegenic and “Plan for America” issued by the Obama- as they appear in the pages of the reveal- appealing wife and two charming young- Biden team. As we shall see, the “change” ing “blueprint” document and judge for sters accompanied the newly elected presi- envisioned by the Blueprint includes more yourself how much change there will be dent into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. government at home and a continuation of and whether the recommended “change” What will the Obama presidency be our interventionist foreign policy abroad. would be a good thing. (Comments fol- like? Throughout a campaign stretching Of course, America has been moving in lowing each quoted item are ours.) THE NEW AMERICAN • DECEMbER 8, 2008 10
  • 12. • “Emergency Economic Plan to Inject • “Give the Federal Re- Immediate Relief into the Economy.” Both serve Greater Supervisory Obama and Biden voted for the $700 bil- Authority.” The Federal Re- America has been moving in the lion bailout (along with John McCain). serve, which already wields direction of more and bigger government More bailouts will likely follow. enormous, unconstitutional • “Provide a $1,000 Emergency Energy powers, is a destructive en- for decades, regardless of whether a Rebate to American Families.” Govern- gine of inflation and should Republican or Democrat is in the White ment giving money to everyone, as was hardly be given greater done with the 2008 rebate, doesn’t solve authority. As Nobel Prize- House. Obama hopes to move us even any problems. These funds either have to winning economist Milton further in the big-government direction. be printed (the root cause of inflation) or Friedman has recommended, borrowed, likely from China, which puts it should be abolished, not our nation’s neck in a noose. The interest enhanced. tion. A national healthcare system would that is compounding on our already enor- • “Pressure the World Trade Organiza- swell the cost while making healthcare mous debt is a toxic time bomb. The gov- tion to Enforce Trade Agreements.” Grant- hard to obtain, as such plans have done ernment will eventually resort to massive ing the UN’s WTO even more authority everywhere they have been instituted. inflation to pay the debt or collateralize the is another step toward global governance. • “Barack Obama has fought for com- debt with American assets; in which case, The WTO is already exercising judicial prehensive immigration reform.” Ultimate- those now holding our bonds will end up jurisdiction over sovereign nations, over- ly, what this means is amnesty for as many owning America. ruling national laws and legislatures, in- as 20 million illegal aliens in our nation. • “Invest in the Manufacturing Sector.” cluding the laws and the Congress of the • “High Quality Zero-to-Five Educa- America’s manufacturers need relief from United States. Congress and President tion.” The Obama plan actually calls for the stifling array of taxes and regulations, Bush have weakly protested these usurpa- “early care and education for infants in and from the steady erosion of the dol- tions — and then meekly accepted them. a Zero to 5 Plan,” more government for lar brought on by debilitating inflation, • “Guarantee Affordable, Accessible K-12, federal support for afterschool pro- not government handouts that are always Health Care for Every American.” Health- grams, and more grants for those who followed by government control. A 2006 care costs have risen dramatically because move on to college. study by the Competitive Enterprise Insti- of already existing government interven- • “Double our annual investment in for- tute entitled “Ten Thousand Command- ments” found that the federal regulatory Throttling our energy: Mandating hybrid vehicles such as the Ford plug-in Edge (left) will not burden on U.S. businesses amounted to solve America’s energy needs. The federal government needs to remove harmful restrictions that $1.13 trillion. This burden is kill- are driving the costs of energy — natural gas, gasoline, coal, nuclear — through the roof. ing American businesses, produc- tivity, innovation, and jobs. • “Create 5 Million New Green Jobs.” This will be done, says the Blueprint, by investing “$150 bil- lion over 10 years to advance the next generation of biofuels and fuel infrastructure, accelerate the commercialization of plug-in hy- brids, promote development of commercial scale renewable en- ergy,” etc. In other words, politi- cians and bureaucrats would cre- ate government jobs and subsidize private-sector jobs that should be financed by the private sector (and would be if they were economi- cally viable). Government should get out of the way and let free Americans create jobs. • “Create a National Infra- structure Reinvestment Bank.” AP Images AP Images This promise includes an infu- sion of $60 billion more in fed- eral spending. 11
  • 13. Presidency eign assistance … to $50 billion.... Invest Marxist bent applies also to many Re- • “No country has a greater stake in a at least $50 billion [annually] by 2013 for publicans. In fact, in October, President strong United Nations than the United the global fight against HIV/AIDS.” With Bush and many Republican members States.” record deficits and a soaring National of Congress rolled out the Socialist Ex- • “I have pledged to create a [UN-pro- Debt, America is, in effect, giving away press to push through the bailout pack- moted] cap on carbon emissions in the borrowed money. age. Take it from Venezuela’s President United States.” The above constitute only a sampling Hugo Chavez, a self-proclaimed socialist, • “I fully support the [UN] Millennium of the pledges for more programs, more who congratulated Bush for joining the Development Goals.” spending, and more government powers socialist club, and then chided him and In the year 2000, the 189 member na- contained in the 83 pages of the Blueprint his allies for applying a double standard. tions of the UN adopted the Millennium for Change. And the official Obama-Biden “How many times have they criticized me Development Goals, a program of eight Internet website provides several hundred for nationalizing the phone company?” goals to aid developing countries. Our share more pages of details, all pointing toward he asked. “They say, ‘The state shouldn’t of funding these goals could total hundreds plans for a vast expansion of the federal get involved in that.’ But now they don’t of billions of dollars in just a few years. government. Less than a week after the criticize Bush for having nationalize[d] Senator Barack Obama introduced S. 2433 election, Georgia Congressman Paul … the biggest banks in the world. Com- in 2007. Labeled the “Global Poverty Act,” Broun (R) told an audience in his district rade Bush, how are you?” this proposal seeks to require our nation the president-elect shows “signs of being to “achieve the Millennium Development a Marxist.” Perhaps Broun had read the Expanding the UN Goal of reducing by one-half the proportion Obama-Biden Blueprint, a rather obvious The United Nations Association of the of the people worldwide, between 1990 and call for socialism in the United States. And United States is the most determined pro- 2015, who live on less than one dollar per perhaps Broun knows that, in addition to moter of the UN within our nation. Early day.” Five months later, Senator Biden of- Marx’s well-publicized association with in 2008, its leaders sent a questionnaire to fered minor amendments to the bill as he communism, Karl Marx is also the god- all presidential candidates. Barack Obama co-signed it. Obviously, these two sena- father of socialism. displayed his strong commitment to the tors — and the handful of others they have Although he didn’t mention his own world body and to its various sovereignty- enlisted to back their proposal — believe party, we should point out that Rep. compromising programs in his responses, the American people should pony up enor- Broun’s criticism of Obama’s apparent some of which follow: mous sums of money sought by the UN in another program that would empower the Costly “solutions”: People wait in Tijuana, Mexico (right), to cross into the United States. world body and further enrich corrupt for- Legalizing 12-20 million illegal aliens will spur even greater influxes of illegal immigrants. More eign dictators while doing little to improve government involvement in healthcare (left) will drive up costs and drive down service. the plight of the world’s poor. Based on their stated positions and track records, it is reasonable to expect that Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and the team they will se- lect to staff the new administration won’t even consider less govern- ment and a mind-your-own-busi- ness foreign policy to be options. Their agenda, if implemented, would speed the growth of the fed- eral government, accelerate the sur- render of America’s independence, and hasten our nation down the path toward submergence in what AP Images internationalists euphemistically refer to as “global governance” by various supranational institutions, of which the UN, the WTO, and the IMF are among the most note- worthy. In the article that begins on the opposite page, we examine the power brokers who have helped AP Images formulate Obama’s agenda and who will be running the Obama- Biden administration. n THE NEW AMERICAN • DECEMbER 8, 2008 12
  • 14. Presidency Behind the Obama Agenda The team Barack Obama has begun assembling suggests that, in terms of substance, AP Images the incoming administration may not be that different from the outgoing. by John F. McManus world order.” Nor did the senator explain Hand-off prelude: President Bush and his assumption that there is a “proper role” President-elect Obama meet in the Oval Office I n April 1992, Senator Joe Biden in this “new world order” for an America of the White House on November 10, 2008. — now our vice president-elect — that would still be recognizable as a sov- penned an op-ed for the Wall Street ereign, independent republic and still be Kuwait conflict] … we could see beyond Journal entitled “How I Learned to Love operating under our system of limited, the present shadows of war in the Middle the New World Order.” Senator Biden was constitutional government. East to a new world order” — that is, to miffed that the Journal had cast him as a It’s important to remind ourselves of the reining in of rogue states and global “neo-isolationist” because he had object- the context of those 1992 remarks. Biden, policing of nations. ed to the foreign-policy strategy of then- a Democrat, was responding to the pro- On July 14, 1993, a little over a year President George Bush (Senior), a strategy nouncements and policies of President after writing the Journal op-ed cited which Biden characterized as “America as George Bush, a Republican, about this above, Senator Biden introduced Senate ‘Globocop.’” Sen. Biden wanted to make “new world order,” a phrase with which Joint Resolution 112 urging the new presi- clear that far from being an “isolationist,” most Americans were totally unfamiliar dent, Bill Clinton, to initiate discussions to he is a solid internationalist who sub- prior to September 11, 1990. establish a standing United Nations army. scribes to the doctrine of “collective se- On that day, President George Bush de- Under his proposal, United States bases curity” under the United Nations Charter. livered his televised “New World Order” and facilities would be made available to He argued that “the Bush administration speech on the Iraq situation to a joint ses- train UN forces, and the president would should be reallocating Pentagon funds to sion of Congress, several months before not “be deemed to require the authorization meet more urgent security needs: sustain- launching the U.S.-led attack on Saddam of Congress” to make American troops, ing democracy in the former Soviet em- Hussein in the First Gulf War. “Out of these facilities, or other assistance “available to pire; supporting U.N. peacekeepers in Yu- troubled times,” said the president, “our the Security Council on its call.” goslavia, Cambodia and El Salvador.” fifth objective — a new world order — can Even though Barack Obama has avoid- Biden called for “an honest debate over emerge.” Immediately following President ed using the term, his plans for our country America’s proper role in the new world Bush’s address to Congress and the na- fit nicely into what has long been known order.” Unfortunately, there never has been tion, Congressman Richard Gephardt, the as the new world order, a phrase employed any honest debate over just what Ameri- House Majority Leader, gave the Demo- in recent decades by Richard Nixon, Nel- ca’s political elites mean (Senator Biden crats’ official response on the Gulf crisis: son Rockefeller, Fidel Castro, Mikhail included) when they use the term “new “From the summit at Helsinki [on the Iraq- Gorbachev, George H.W. Bush, and many 13
  • 15. Presidency others. None of the proponents of such an “order” have ever fully explained its meaning or noted its origin. However, a few have come fairly close to doing so. Perhaps the one who has come closest is Zbigniew Brzezinski, arguably President- elect Obama’s most important adviser. In an address to Mikhail Gorbachev’s 1995 AP Images State of the World Forum in San Fran- cisco, Brzezinski lamented that with only five years to the start of the new millen- nium, “We do not have a new world order.” I’m lovin’ it: Vice President-elect Joseph Biden wrote a 1992 Wall Street Journal op-ed, “How I “We cannot leap into world government Learned to Love the New World Order.” in one quick step,” Brzezinski noted. At- taining that objective, he explained, would represented a major advance in man’s abil- only grudging mention during the 2008 require a gradual process of “globaliza- ity to conceptualize his relationship to his campaign. Furthermore, it will receive tion,” building the new world order “step world” and that “Marxism supplied the virtually no adherence once the oath of by step, stone by stone” through “progres- best available insight into contemporary office is taken. sive regionalization.” The supranational reality.” How did America arrive at such a state? EU in Europe is an example of that re- Don’t expect Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Knowing the answer is essential if what gional approach, as is NAFTA on our own Zbigniew Brzezinski, or the individu- is happening to our country is to be re- continent. als they choose to help them run the new versed. The answer begins with the real- Brzezinski, of course, was President administration to explain honestly where ization that we are not being taken into an Jimmy Carter’s National Security Adviser. their plans will take our country. They anti-American new world order by chance, Less well known is the fact that he also won’t attach the word socialism to their stupidity, or unstoppable historical forces. was Jimmy Carter’s tutor on world affairs economic plans. Yet, this is precisely what The suicidal policies of past and present long before Carter came onto the national is presented in Obama and Biden’s Blue- decades are the work of deceptively bril- stage, while he was still a little-known print for Change. Nor will they admit their liant but determinedly driven individu- governor of Georgia. Brzezinski was ap- willingness to submerge our nation and the als. They and their plans can be found by pointed tutor by David Rockefeller, who rest of mankind into a UN-led world gov- studying the Council on Foreign Relations, had tapped Carter for membership in his ernment. For them, the United Nations is the Trilateral Commission, several related newly formed Trilateral Commission, one an untouchable, even sacrosanct constant. organizations, and their membership ros- of a number of elite groups pushing for America’s deep entanglement in the world ters. Barack Obama and Joe Biden may world government. The inspiration for body — not only financing it but relying not hold membership in either of these Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission had on its resolutions to supplant congressio- new-world-order groups, but a heavy pre- been Brzezinski’s 1970 book, Between nal declarations to authorize war — was ponderance of those being chosen for their Two Ages, in which the Polish immigrant a non-issue during the recent campaign. administration does. Both Obama and argued that “national sovereignty is no So, advancement toward the twin deadly Biden have been closely associated with longer a viable concept.” According to features of new world order — socialism the CFR, writing for its journal, Foreign Brzezinski, U.S. sovereignty should be and world government — can be expected. Affairs, and speaking at its programs. In jettisoned for “the goal of world govern- Meanwhile, the U.S. Constitution, written 2006, Biden and CFR President Emeritus ment.” He also contended, in the same to limit government power and to prevent Leslie Gelb teamed up to produce a CFR- book, that “Marxism, disseminated on the any semblance of the New World Order promoted plan for partitioning Iraq into popular level in the form of Communism, taking root within our shores, received three ethnic states. THE NEW AMERICAN • DECEMbER 8, 2008 14
  • 16. Obama’s Team presidents; 17 secretaries of Speculation about who will fill the many state; 20 secretaries of war/ posts in the new administration appears ev- defense; 18 secretaries of The Obama Cabinet will be no different erywhere. During the run-up to the election, the Treasury; 15 directors of than previous administrations. Candidates the list of Obama advisers included CFR the CIA. And on it has gone members George Soros, Zbigniew Brzez- throughout the Cabinets, in for secretary of state include CFR inski, James A. Johnson, Orin Kramer, seriatim — through Demo- members John Kerry, Chuck Hagel, and Penny Pritzker, and Tom Daschle. Among crat and Republican adminis- Obama’s Senior Working Group on Nation- trations — with hundreds of Bill Richardson, plus the ambitious wife of al Security were CFR members Madeleine deputy secretaries, assistant prominent CFR member Bill Clinton. Albright, David Boren, Warren Christopher, secretaries, etc. Lee Hamilton, William Perry, Susan Rice, The Obama Cabinet will and James Steinberg. Within his economic be no different. Candidates for secre- Peña, Bill Daley, Lawrence Summers, and brain trust could be found CFR members tary of state include CFR members John Colin Powell. Add to these the names of Daniel Tarullo and Michael Froman. Kerry, Chuck Hagel, and Bill Richardson, Jane Harman, Thomas Kean, Jack Reed, We can be quite sure that somewhere plus the ambitious wife of prominent CFR Janet Napolitano, and John Spratt. between 400 to 500 high-level members of member Bill Clinton. The final choice will There will be some surprises to be sure. the Obama administration will be members be arrived at with the help of a transition Some high posts will be given to men and of the CFR. How can we say that? Because team that includes Thomas Donilon and women who aren’t CFR members. But that’s about how many CFR members oc- Wendy Sherman, both CFR members. The the chance that the goals envisioned by cupy the current Bush administration (be- transition team appointed to recommend the new world order partisans at the CFR ginning with Vice President Dick Cheney, who will serve as secretary of defense is will be replaced by anything resembling an in-again, out-again member of the CFR being led by John P. White and Michele true Americanism appears to be nil. In the board of directors). And about the same Flournoy, both CFR members. nearly 90 years of the CFR’s existence, no number occupied posts in the Clinton ad- Other names being mentioned by the one has altered its drive to achieve U.S. ministration. And so it has gone since the media for federal posts starting January socialism and world government. And, we New Deal reign of Franklin D. Roosevelt. 20 read like a membership list of the CFR. have no hesitation in predicting that no Wall Street banker John J. McCloy, chair- (All the individuals whose names follow one in the soon-to-be-staffed Obama ad- man of the CFR from 1953 to 1970 and hold CFR membership.) Will octogenarian ministration will try to do so. adviser to nine Presidents of the United former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker actually States, was once quoted by the New York be tapped? Will he be assisted by New York Piecemeal Socialism Times on how the system works. Accord- Fed official Timothy Geithner? Educated and Global Governance ing to the Times: guesses for jobs in the new administration The new world order can never be imposed include former Cabinet officials Federico on a thriving America whose unmatched When Henry Stimson — the group’s quintessential member — went to Washington in 1940 as Secretary of Establishment powerhouse: War, he took with him John McCloy, Zbigniew Brzezinski, tutor who was to become Assistant Secre- and national security adviser tary in charge of personnel. McCloy to President Jimmy Carter, has recalled: “Whenever we needed founding director of the a man [in Washington], we just Trilateral Commission, and thumbed through the roll of Council advocate of world government, members and put through a call to is a top Obama adviser. New York” [to the CFR’s headquar- ters office]. And over the years, the men Mc- Cloy called in turn called other Coun- cil members. Through many such “calls to New York,” the council has gained a virtual lock-hold on the U.S. government, regardless of which party is in office. No other orga- nization comes close to boasting the kind Newscom of clout that the CFR members have held: eight presidents of the U.S.; seven vice 15
  • 17. Presidency the adoption of internationalism and big government as central features of their programs, regardless of their rhetoric to the contrary. He urged continuation of the practice of insuring that the two major political parties in America would remain virtually indistinguishable and continue to work toward full achievement of CFR goals. He expressly urged the two major political parties to be almost identical “so that the American people can ‘throw the rascals out’ at any election without lead- ing to any profound or extensive shifts in policy.” That, of course, is what has happened, with predictable, cyclical regularity. The Republicans and Democrats at the na- tional level have become the flip sides of the same CFR coin; they both promote the AP Images steady growth of big government and in- ternationalism, while placating their core constituencies. The Republicans are al- Same old crowd: Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama at a press lowed to cater to the right on a few issues conference, flanked by advisers Lee Hamilton (left) and Sam Nunn, who, along with dozens of other Obama advisers, are members of the Council on Foreign Relations. (pro-life, pro-gun, pro-military, pro-busi- ness) while the Democrats cater to the left (pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, anti-gun, productivity and power has stood in such ring by chance. Nor do they believe that it anti-war, pro-union). stark contrast to so much of the rest of the results from the unfolding of irreversible With either John McCain, a veteran world. Merging the United States with historical forces. America is being taken CFR member, or Barack Obama happily other nations becomes possible only if off track deliberately. Should Americans surrounded by CFR members, the network our country’s uniqueness is significantly become aware that some crisis has en- identified by Quigley could proceed with watered down to where it no longer stands gulfed our nation, CFR members in the nary a worry toward its new world order apart from the rest of the world. So, our media can be counted on to ramp up a goal. And with continued dominance of CFR-influenced leaders commenced campaign to persuade a worried populace the major political parties guaranteed by building socialism here at home (the so- that some new governmental system, a CFR members, the network’s plan for cial-welfare state), giving away our wealth world system perhaps, is the solution to America and the world faced little threat (foreign aid), and entangling the United the crisis. As Rahm Emanuel, newly ap- of exposure during our nation’s most re- States in an assortment of sovereignty- pointed to become the next White House cent election. compromising pacts and agreements (the Chief of Staff has stated, “You don’t ever UN, WTO, NATO, NAFTA, etc.). want a crisis to go to waste.” Counteraction Needed The National Debt has passed the $10 In 1966, Georgetown Professor Carroll Those who want the new world order are trillion level, but foreign aid to almost Quigley’s monumental Tragedy and Hope very few. Most Americans certainly don’t every nation on Earth continues. Obama became available. In his 1,350 pages, this want socialistic domination and the loss wants another stimulus package to be fi- influential academic, who mentored Bill of our nation’s independence. Why are so nanced either by printing more dollars or Clinton, bared details about a “secret soci- many silent? Why don’t they rise as one by borrowing. Like the United Nations, ety” (Quigley’s phrase) formed to rule the and really “throw the rascals out”? the Federal Reserve and its power to create world. He was one of the rare scholars who Can it be done? Yes! Will it be done? money out of nothing is an untouchable. had been allowed access to the network’s That remains to be seen. All who love this While steps to wrest our country from the secret records, and he was sympathetic country, love their children, love truth, Fed’s grip and return to commodity-based to its goals, though he disagreed with its and love freedom had better get busy and currency are essential, the Obama admin- intent to remain unknown. The network’s start using our freedoms to save our free- istration has no intention of even consid- front group in the United States, he said, is doms. If a mere minority of the American ering them. His Blueprint and the already the Council on Foreign Relations. Toward population can be enlisted, educated, and known Obama-Biden record in the Senate the end of his remarkable tome, Quigley let loose throughout America with honest make that very clear. noted that the Democrat and Republican facts and perspective, the new world order All truly serious students of America’s parties had converged on many of the most will crash and be relegated to history’s decline don’t believe any of this is occur- important issues, particularly concerning dust bin. n THE NEW AMERICAN • DECEMbER 8, 2008 16
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  • 20. energy Making Renewable Energy Practical Tennessee Valley Authority can we reliably, efficiently, and economically store energy to make solar and wind power viable options to replace fossil-fuel or nuclear plants? by Ed Hiserodt scale use of wind or solar power, which Completed in 1978, Raccoon Mountain don’t generate energy when the wind is not Pumped Storage Plant near Chattanooga is F ew things get our attention more blowing or the sun is not shining? one of the largest in the world, with a 528- quickly than a loss of electric acre upper reservoir holding nearly 12 billion gallons of water. power. Many of our activities cease Batteries the instant energy from a generator many A power plant generates alternating cur- miles away stops supplying the electricity rent (AC) where the plus and minus poles hour — would be incredible. A typical to light our homes or businesses, run our change 60 times per second — the reason 12-volt automotive battery is rated at 70 computers, lift our elevators, operate the behind the 60 Hz you see on all appliances. amp-hours, which means it should deliver industrial machinery on which our food Batteries are direct current (DC) devices 70 amps at 12 volts for an hour. Watt-wise, supply depends, and countless other labor- that produce energy continuously between this is equal to 840 Wh or 0.84 kWh. A saving tasks. While just a slap in the face the positive and negative poles with no al- simple calculation shows it would take at first, after a few hours, as food begins ternation. Providing DC to an AC motor 1,200,000 automotive batteries to store the to spoil, sewage begins to accumulate, and — everything from your air conditioner to power required to replace an hour of elec- night closes in, the inconvenience moves an electric razor — would provide lots of trical production by the 1,000 MW plant. toward the potentially dangerous. Why smoke, but no rotation. To store AC energy Of course, to have a reasonable lead-acid can’t our utility companies do something in batteries, it must first be “rectified” to battery life, the batteries should never be to prevent outages? DC. Then when AC is required, the DC is discharged over 50 percent. Then there Unlike our water supply, which is often converted to AC using an “inverter” that are the conversion losses from rectifying stored in elevated tanks that can supply us chops up the electric current, polarizes it, AC power to DC power and back again. for hours or days, or our food supply in the and reconstructs it into the semblance of Taking this into account, storing an hour’s pantry, electricity is used at the moment it is an AC sine waveform. production from a 1,000 MW plant would generated. But why can’t large amounts of Second, the number of batteries needed require about 3,750,000 batteries, contain- electricity be stored in batteries or through to provide storage for the output of a typi- ing 75,000,000 pounds of lead. On three- other means? And why couldn’t this stored cal 1,000 megawatt (MW) power plant — foot centers, this would require a field of energy be used to make practical the large- one million kilowatt hours (kWh) each batteries covering more than a square mile 19
  • 21. energy Pumped storage: While there are energy — about 774 acres. And remem- losses during both pumping and electric Visitors Center Switchyard ber, this is for one hour’s worth generation, pumped storage is the only of electrical energy from a typical effective way to store large amounts of 1,000 MW nuclear or coal-fired energy economically. Intake Reservoir power plant. But why talk about storing power from conventional power Elevator plants to alleviate once-in-a- blue-moon power outages? Of more practical interest would be to determine the requirements to Main Access Tunnel Tennessee Valley Authority store energy from a wind or solar Discharge farm so that we could elimi- nate a conventional power plant altogether. Because wind and Powerhouse solar always need to be backed Reversible Pump-Turbine up against outages — owing to windless days of high pressure or clouds and precipitation — we assume that we need at least a two-day NiCd (nickel cadmium), NiMH (nickel a conventional generator, just as we now storage period. To use batteries to store metal hydride), and the lithium ion batter- burn natural gas to drive a steam turbine enough wind power to generate something ies used in your laptop. You can be sure generator. But this isn’t so good either. approaching reliable wind power equiva- that these are so expensive that they will Basic thermodynamics show a loss of lent to a 1,000 MW power plant would never be even considered for major energy 65 percent of our energy to waste heat in require 180,000,000 batteries covering storage. the process. When considered from the about 58 square miles. This is in addition A second chemical possibility is the use standpoint of wind farms, which struggle to approximately 2,000 well-sited wind of electrolysis to separate or dis-associate to obtain a 30-percent capacity factor, the turbines situated on something over 490 the hydrogen and oxygen atoms found loss of some 75 to 80 percent of precious square miles. Keep in mind that these are in water — a process that always takes electric output to storage waste might be not the windmills used by Farmer Jones more energy than can be reclaimed from discouraging. to pump water for his cattle, but 1.5 MW the process’ end product, hydrogen fuel. behemoths with blades reaching up over A fuel cell could then be used to convert Electrical 30 stories. The capacity factors are gener- the chemical energy of hydrogen to cre- The super or ultra capacitor is making a ously assumed to be 30-35 percent. The ate electricity directly. While having the move and is an up-and-comer. A capaci- combined space for windmills and batter- desirable property of only producing water tor (of which there are likely thousands ies would be just over half the land area as an exhaust product, the conversion to in electronic devices within a few feet of of Rhode Island. Sometimes really good electric power is only about 50-percent you) consists of “plates” that have oppo- ideas have insurmountable troubles when efficient, with the remaining 50 percent site electrical charges and are separated real-world numbers are applied. lost as heat. When the energy lost in pro- by a dielectric or insulator. Energy is Lead-acid batteries obviously won’t cut duction is considered, an overall efficiency stored by the voltage potential between it, but would something else? There are, of about 25 percent is possible when the the plates. The advantages of the super after all, many ways to store energy. (My hydrogen is stored as a pressurized gas, capacitor are much faster charging times, least favorite is in fatty tissue.) They in- and about 20 percent when stored as a a claimed weight reduction of 90 percent clude chemical, electrical, thermal, kinet- cryogenic liquid. Though no large-scale over lead-acid batteries, and no degrada- ic, and potential energy storage methods. fuel cells exist, the Department of Energy tion for millions of recharge cycles. While Since the prize for a workable method for gives a cost of $4,500 per kilowatt, which possibly a boon for electric vehicles, we’re large-scale electric storage (upon which translates into $4.5 billion for fuel cells still talking about 18,000 400-pound super any future, realistic wind and solar tech- large enough to generate the electricity capacitors to store one hour’s energy from nology are totally dependent) is so great, equivalent to a 1,000 MW power plant. a 1,000 MW power plant. Multiply that by this has been a major area of research by (This price does not include transformers, 48 for a wind farm’s backup. scientists for decades. buildings, hydrogen generation and stor- Another interesting concept in energy age, and the other apparatus required for a storage is the use of a superconducting Chemical large power plant.) magnet. At very low temperatures, the As shown by the above analysis, batteries Instead of recombining the dis-asso- electrical resistance of certain elements are not going to do the trick, not even bat- ciated hydrogen and oxygen atoms, the and alloys is so low that it is immeasurable tery technologies with somewhat higher hydrogen created by our electrochemical with current technology. An alloy of thalli- energy densities than lead-acid, such as generator could also be burned to drive um, barium, and copper oxide is supercon- 20 THE NEW AMERICAN • DECEMbER 8, 2008
  • 22. ductive up to -234°F, far above the temper- 1050°F by banks of mirrors fo- ature of liquid nitrogen (-320°F.) So why cused on a “receiver,” converting don’t we put the entire generated ampere the solar energy into thermal en- Unlike our water supply, which is of a power plant into an electromagnetic ergy. The molten salt then is used often stored in elevated tanks that can coil at a temperature below -234°F? Oops, to generate steam that drives an supply us for hours or days, or our I forgot to mention there is a critical mag- electrical generator. The salt then netic field above which superconductivity flows to a “cold storage” tank food supply in the pantry, electricity is ceases. It is estimated that any supercon- where it is held at 550°F. This used at the moment it is generated. ducting magnetic energy storage capable provides for a ride-through period of storing an hour’s output of a 1,000 MW when the sun isn’t shining. plant would require a cryogenic loop of The design of the system is said to allow Sandia engineers calculated that storing about 100 miles. We can extrapolate the 200 MW of back-up generation for four the heat to produce 800 Megawatt-hours of cost of such a device to be about $20 bil- hours — certainly an engineering feat of electricity would require two molten salt lion in 2008 dollars, based on the similar note. But because solar and wind genera- tanks, 30 feet high by 80 feet in diameter, Superconducting Super Collider program tion operate at roughly 15 to 30 percent using one for cold and the other for hot salt (cancelled in 1993 because of its price tag) capacity factors and thus are forever strug- storage. For solar thermal storage needed with its 54-mile loop. Remember, that’s gling to be reliable sources of power, they for two days of backup to allow the possi- for an hour’s energy storage. just don’t have spare capacity that needs bility of eliminating a nuclear or coal-fired to be stored except for momentary ride- plant, 60 times this thermal storage capac- Thermal throughs. If, as has been suggested in Sci- ity would be required — with provisions Fireplaces continue to radiate heat long entific American, solar plants were vastly to ensure that this molten salt is never al- after the flames have died down because overbuilt to provide excess power gen- lowed to cool too much, whereby 210,000 of the energy stored in the firebricks and eration, there would still be the problem tons of molten salt would turn into some other heated objects. Such thermal stor- of having the only reasonable solar sites very large bricks. age has been suggested by solar-energy in the United States located some 2,000 advocates in order to maintain a constant miles from the highly populated northeast Kinetic kilowatt output by driving turbines from section of the country. In reality, thermal- The energy in a linearly moving object is heat stored in molten salt. storage techniques would be better em- proportional to its mass times the square Engineers at Sandia National Labora- ployed to level out the loads on nuclear of its velocity. Though no one has suggest- tory have designed just such a system. A and coal-fired “base load” power plants ed using the energy of a speeding freight mixture of sodium nitrate and potassium that often have excess capacity at nights train to store electrical energy, the kinetic nitrate is melted (430°F) and heated to or weekends. energy flywheel has interesting possibili- ties — at least for small-scale storage. The flywheel energy is a function of its mass, the square of the rotational veloc- ity, and a constant known as the “moment of inertia.” This constant takes into con- sideration the shape of the flywheel, e.g., a bicycle wheel, a solid cylinder like the Flintstones’ stone tires, or many other pos- sibilities. Let’s look at the Flintstone-type cylinder, only made of steel. If its mass were 1,320 pounds in an 18-inch cylinder and it was spinning at 30,000 rpm, the flywheel would store about 26 kWh of energy. At that rate of rotation, the speed of the Flintstone mobile would be 1,875 miles per hour; consequently such high rotational speeds would need to be done in a vacuum with magnetic bearings. Storage capacity can be increased by increasing the mass or the rotational velocity, but in either case you run into the limiting prob- Storing kinetic energy in flywheels, such as this 19th-century device, has been done for lem of increased centrifugal forces that centuries. Modern flywheels of exotic materials are suspended on magnetic bearings eventually lead to mechanical failure and and operate in a vacuum in order to spin upwards of 30,000 rpm. destruction. To store just one hour’s out- put from a 1,000 MW power plant would 21
  • 23. energy Plant near Chattanooga, Ten- power and pumped storage, called nessee. Here water is pumped a “wind and water”-model, might The super or ultra capacitor is an up- into a 528-acre reservoir 990 look. It turns out that such an energy and-comer. A capacitor (there are likely feet above the turbine genera- scheme, while feasible in principle, tors. The 36,340 acre-feet of would require an immense storage thousands in electronic devices near you) water in the upper reservoir capacity which would be impossible consists of “plates” that have opposite is equal to 1.8 million 550- to realize. Thermal generation con- electrical charges and are separated by a pound blocks and can sustain tinues to be needed. generating 1,600 MW for 22 dielectric or insulator. Energy is stored by hours! The problem with pumped storage? Look the voltage potential between the plates. Always looking for a way around. How many places do you see to compensate for the inter- where there are two large reservoirs of mittent nature of wind power, water separated by 900 vertical feet? necessitate 38,500 flywheels of the type European soft-energy advocates have pro- Water or pumped storage won’t work described above. posed using pumped storage to make wind if only because of unfortunate world to- more reliable, yet the summary of a June pography, but what about compressed air Potential Energy 2004 Power Engineering Society report energy storage (CAES)? Pumping air into A horsepower is defined as 550 foot- entitled Sustainable Electrical Energy a tank obviously is a way to store energy. pounds per second, i.e., the energy re- Supply With Wind and Pumped Storage — So why not pump air into a cavern (created quired to raise 550 pounds one foot in one A Realistic Long-term Strategy or Utopia? by “hydro-mining” a salt formation) up second. Except for inevitable losses, this states: to a pressure of 1,100 pounds per square process is reversible. In other words, the inch and then release it to spin a turbine? energy stored in a 550-pound weight hang- With recent data from one of the That’s what the first U.S. CAES plant in ing one foot above its resting position has four control areas in Germany it is McIntosh, Alabama, has been doing for the “potential” to provide one horsepower discussed how a sustainable energy 11 years. Well almost. As with so many for a period of one second. supply based on off-shore wind great ideas, there are devils in those de- In theory we could store en- ergy by raising large weights up and converting the potential energy back into kinetic energy when they are allowed to “fall” Without some method of energy storage, the back to Earth. Assume we built intermittent nature of solar and wind power does not allow them to replace any fossil-fueled or a device that would lift 100 of nuclear-powered plants. these 550-pound weights and raise them to the height of a 10- story building. How much po- tential energy would we have? About 21 kWh. For a single hour’s output of a 1,000 MW plant we would need 48,000 of these contraptions. But wait, all is not lost. We could use water as our weight in something called “pumped storage.” A reversible turbine-pump could raise water from one reservoir to another when a generating plant has extra capacity, and then release the water back through the tur- bine to generate electricity dur- ing peak demands. Pumping a liquid has vast advantages over AP Images raising 550-pound blocks. For a real-life example, we need only turn to the TVA’s Raccoon Mountain Pumped Storage 22 THE NEW AMERICAN • DECEMbER 8, 2008
  • 24. tails. When air is compressed, it must be cooled or the efficiency of compression drops off rapidly. And when it is expanded it is very cold and doesn’t provide an ad- equate medium for driving a turbine-gen- 7877 Raytheon Road • San Diego, CA 92111 erator directly. So instead of running the PROPERTY MANAGEMENT RENTALS turbine from the compressed air alone, the compressed air is blended with natural gas and the resultant high-pressure mixture is (858) 278-1030 used as fuel. Such a plant requires about 50 percent of the natural gas that would be needed by a natural gas-fired power plant. JC HONDA AMERICAN MUFFLER Rather surprisingly, this plant was not in- Independent Service SAN DIEGO tended to “store energy” as compressed air (858) 292-8042 (858) 277-0276 at all, but rather to boost the efficiency of a natural-gas turbine generating plant. A second plant based on these same principles is being designed in Iowa. The CHASSIS QUALITY AUTO present plan for this plant is to use it par- MASTERS MACHINE tially as a dumping ground for up to 150 (858) 278-9675 (858) 565-7467 MW of wind energy. But wind turbines provide power far below stated capacity factors (less than 30 percent), and they are Sound Check Toyota/Lexus not intended to “power” the plant, only to replace some of the natural gas that would (858) 560-5455 Care be used to cool and compress the air. This PGR (858) 424-0997 (858) 541-0852 means the wind turbines are likely close to useless because the grid already has enough base load during periods of low electric use (such as at night) to be able to Pence WalnutHensler Nursery, Inc. Plantation reject wind generation. By itself, this plant would likely be a highly efficient gas-tur- bine generating plant for peak electric- ity usage periods. Excess capacity from conventional “base load” plants would be used to run the compressors during peri- and ods of low electric usage. However, with the wind-power faithful and the Energy Department involved with subsidies and credits, it may be difficult to determine the Now offering for sale actual value of this technology. And so … “Pence Select” While there are many clever and interest- Black Walnut ing ways to store energy, most of these Seedlings are what the late Petr Beckmann termed as “piddle power” — not sufficiently ro- bust and reliable to sustain an industrial economy. A noteworthy exception to this To order is “pumped storage” that is limited mainly or for more information contact: to locations with large reservoirs vertically Hugh B. Pence separated by hundreds of feet. Looking way out, the super capacitor is peeking up 1420 Adams St. over the horizon and may be the device Lafayette, IN 47905 that changes the way energy is stored by our utility companies and in future electric Ph: (765) 742-4269 vehicles. n Fax: (765) 742-6667 E-mail: One of many 19-year-old Superb trees
  • 25. FaiTh and science Intelligent Design and Evolution Believers in Intelligent Design have often been scorned as being opposed to science, but science itself is showing that it is the evolutionists who are opposed to rational inquiry. Though ThE NEw AmEricAN has no by Selwyn Duke entertain ID are religious. As an example, official position on evolution, we consider New York University law and W have published a number of articles hile the debate over evolution philosophy professor Thomas Nagel, an over the years pointing to flaws in in schools has been develop- avowed atheist who wrote an essay entitled the theory and arguing for academic ing for many years in a pri- “Public Education and Intelligent Design.” freedom on the subject. We did this mordial soup of passion, generally speak- In it he makes the case for including ID in most recently in “Allow Intelligence” ing, it hasn’t reached a very high level of school curricula, writing: (May 12, 2008 issue), our very favor- complexity. The opponents of Intelligent able review of Ben Stein’s documen- Design Theory (ID) tend to dismiss its The political urge to defend sci- tary Expelled. In the following ar- advocates as serpent-handling dogmatists ence education against the threats ticle, Selwyn Duke suggests that it’s who make a sport of spitting on Galileo’s of religious orthodoxy, understand- possible to believe in both an evolu- grave, while some at the opposite end of able though it is, has resulted in a tion of sorts (though not Darwinism) the spectrum may portray anyone enter- counterorthodoxy, supported by bad and Intelligent Design, though he taining evolution in any context as the ser- arguments, and a tendency to over- does not stake out a position in favor pent in Eden. state the legitimate scientific claims of evolution. We publish it here as But what is often overlooked in this de- of evolutionary theory.... It would food for thought. bate — so much so that it may surprise be unfortunate if the Establishment — Ed. some people — is that not all those who Clause made it unconstitutional to 24 THE NEW AMERICAN • DECEMbER 8, 2008
  • 26. allude to these questions [concerning “The intention of the problems with evolution] in a public Holy Spirit is to teach school biology class, for that would us how to go to heaven, As a man of faith, I firmly believe God mean that evolutionary theory cannot not how the heavens go.” created life. Yet believing He worked a be taught in an intellectually respon- (quoted in Galileo 186) sible way. Baronius had the con- certain miracle is not synonymous with flict over the Copernican knowing how He worked it. In fact, if The professor points out a truth, that re- theory in mind. He was ligious people don’t have a monopoly on challenging the argument you read the Bible, there is little if any dogmatism. Yet he understates the matter. that this theory must be explanation of the “how,” only the “what.” In point of fact, today it is the case that wrong because the Bible evolutionists are the most stubborn of teaches that the sun dogmatists. I say this because while there moves, not the earth (e.g., Josh 10:13, do not state the following definitively, but are many religionists who will consider Ps. 19:6; 96:10). Baronius’ statement merely as food for thought. that evolution may be the vehicle through is fully in accord with the perspective Genesis 2:7 tells us, “Then the Lord which God created life, very few evolu- of those who developed the classic God formed the man of dust from the tionists will consider that God might have Christian theology of creation (essay ground and breathed into his nostrils the created evolution. The reason for this has II). Augustine of Hippo, Thomas breath of life, and the man became a liv- great bearing on the matter of evolution Aquinas, and John Calvin were one ing creature.” As for evolutionists, they in schools and will be discussed later. in their conviction that Christ is the say that life first arose in the primordial First, however, I would like to delve into center of Scripture, and that what the soup, which refers to the hot oceans of bil- the perspective that allows a Christian to Holy Spirit through Scripture means lions of years past. There doesn’t seem to entertain evolution. That is, evolution in a to teach is the message of salvation be much common ground between these certain sense. through Christ. The Bible’s teachings two visions, but is that really true? As a man of faith, I firmly believe God about God and the Christian life may We have all seen that accelerated video created life. Yet believing He worked a cer- be confidently accepted as complete- footage of a flower blooming before our tain miracle is not synonymous with know- ly true and trustworthy. eyes or clouds racing across the sky. Ah, ing how He worked it. In fact, if you read how modern technology can make the the Bible, there is little if any explanation I would echo Baronius and also say, the ordinary appear just a tad miraculous. of the “how,” only the “what.” For instance, Bible is there to teach us how to live life, Or, is it that our modernistic perception the New Testament tells us that Jesus turned not how life came to live. Having said this, has made the miraculous seem ordinary? water into wine, not how he did it. And for I would nevertheless like to make a case Regardless, let us assume for argument’s good reason. As evangelist Pat Robertson that a belief in evolution (depending on sake that life evolved, that beasts ascended once said when referring to the origin-of- how “evolution” is defined) does not rule from the muck and man from beasts. If you life debate, “Genesis was never intended out faith or Intelligent Design. Note that I then took all the Earth’s history from the as a science textbook.” (This, of course, applies to the whole of Scripture.) Now, while Robertson is a contemporary fig- ure, this view is nothing of the sort; it is in fact the traditional Christian position. In his piece “Does the Bible Teach Science?” medieval studies scholar and creator of an award-winning “Science and faith” course Dr. Robert J. Schneider explains: From the early years of the Christian church until the beginning of the sev- enteenth century, the most respected theologians who thought about and wrote on the nature of biblical inspi- ration and authority and also about the doctrine of creation held a com- mon position about the relationship between the Bible and science. In the early seventeenth century, Cardinal Baronius expressed this principle Differing views: Some people look at the wonders of nature and see the most spectacular and complicated conceivable jigsaw puzzle, succinctly: which happened by chance to assemble itself. Others see wondrous poetry and as-yet-undecipherable engineering complexity that could only be the product of an intelligent being. 25
  • 27. FaiTh and science time. Yet this is without founda- swine with a stroke of the wand. But tion, because the best of both to see a naval gentleman of our ac- For one who does not believe in a theologians and scientists agree quaintance looking a little more like a miracle, a slow miracle would be on a relevant point: time is an pig every day, till he ended with four invention of man. The early trotters and a curly tail, would not be just as incredible as a swift one. But, Christian fathers realized long any more soothing.... The medieval likewise, for those of us who do believe ago that God is outside of time, wizard may have flown through the and Albert Einstein called time air from the top of a tower; but to see in miracles, a slow miracle should be “a handy illusion.” (This is why an old gentleman walking through no less amazing than a swift one. time seems to pass faster as we the air, in a leisurely and lounging age; it is relative and all a matter manner, would still seem to call for of perception.) Thus, it is irrel- some explanation. Yet there runs time it was a lifeless orb to now (some 4.5 evant if something happened “slowly” or through all the rationalistic treatment billion years according to expert opinion), “fast,” as the ultimate reality is that every- of history this curious and confused and accelerated it so that the “evolution” thing is “now.” idea that difficulty is avoided, or even would have occurred in the blink of an eye, It is because of this reality about our a mystery eliminated, by dwelling on what would you see? Among other things, handy illusion that the pace of a miracle is mere delay or on something dilatory would you not behold man rising from inconsequential; it is because of the real- in the process of things.... The ulti- the muck and instantly coming to flower? ity that we are nonetheless trapped in the mate question is why [things] go at For the human eye would not perceive the handy illusion that such a truth eludes us. all; and anybody who really under- stages, only the end result. Now, isn’t this The great philosopher G.K. Chesterton stands that question will know that it at least vaguely reminiscent of Genesis’ once addressed this, writing: always has been and always will be a description? Could it not be said that the religious question; or at any a rate a main difference is that the creation story An event is not any more intrinsically philosophical or metaphysical ques- provides fewer details about the process intelligible or unintelligible because tion. And most certainly he will not but the answer as to what — or who — of the pace at which it moves. For a think the question answered by some initiated it? man who does not believe in a mira- substitution of gradual for abrupt The obvious objection to this thesis is cle, a slow miracle would be just as change. that, whatever the impetus behind it, the incredible as a swift one. The Greek development of life took a very, very long witch may have turned sailors to Yes, for one who does not believe in a miracle, a slow miracle would be just as incredible as a swift one. But, likewise, for those of us who do believe in miracles, a What happened to water? If water, which is the only non-metallic substance in which the solid form slow miracle should be no less amazing floats on the liquid form, did not have its unique than a swift one. characteristic, life as we know it could not exist. Is Having said this, I must reiterate that this property of water mere chance? my little musing regarding Genesis isn’t doctrine, either a church’s or my own. It’s just an idea (and one that could be base- less) illustrating how evolution and faith could be compatible. As a Christian, I believe that God created man in His own image and likeness. That is doctrine. As to how He did it, I don’t profess to know. But this doesn’t bother me because I accept that simple fact of which all Christians need be mindful: the Bible is not a scien- tific treatise. If God had meant to bestow a science textbook upon us, He would have used scientists to write it, not prophets and apostles. Yet, if there is much the Bible doesn’t explain, the same can be said of evolution. (In fact, a belief in evolution requires faith, since the theory is far from proven.) For instance, the process by which life began in the primordial soup would have to be 26 TNA • DECEMbER 8, 2008
  • 28. Less than a miracle? Does the human ability to explain in scientific terms how a flower grows make its growth less than miraculous? If yes, does a human inability to explain or replicate photosynthesis make it miraculous? called “abiogenesis,” which, as Thomas Ironically, though, while an explanation of ID disqualify it from schools. That is, it Henry Huxley said, is the “doctrine that of the process (the steps) is meant to il- is a theological message that violates the living matter may be produced by not liv- luminate, the case may be that it actually “separation of church and state” principle. ing matter.” The idea is that amino acids blinds. Man can often very easily believe Yet if this is so, evolution is disqualified formed chains and became the first pro- in a miracle precisely until the point at on the same basis, for it involves an atheo- teins which, after many more evolutionary which it is explained, but how does this logical message. Dr. Nagel spoke of this as twists and turns, became the first simple make sense? We are made in God’s image well, writing: organisms. And from there life continued and like Him possess intellect — albeit a developing and increasing in complexity. limited one — so why should it surprise The campaign of the scientific estab- Yet this poses a question: how is it that anyone that to some degree we might lishment to rule out intelligent design chemicals can suddenly “decide” to be- be able to explain how He worked His as beyond discussion because it is not come alive? miracles? After all, as a child matures, science results in the avoidance of Moreover, even if they somehow did, can he not begin to understand more and significant questions about the rela- why would they have a will to continue more about his father’s ways? A scientific tion between evolutionary theory and living and become more complex? The explanation isn’t sufficient cause to de- religious belief.... answer to this question is always the same mote a thing from the miraculous to the From the beginning it has been and is often delivered dismissively. “It’s mundane. commonplace to present the theory not that simple,” we hear. “There were Then there is that very compelling argu- of evolution by random mutation and many, many steps and the process took a ment in favor of ID, that a design implies natural selection as an alternative very, very long time.” But this is not an an- a designer. For instance, for a long time to intentional design as an explana- swer, merely a response. To accept it is to no one could provide any firm ideas about tion of the functional organization fall victim to the fallacy of which Chester- who built the monument of Stonehenge of living organisms. The evidence ton spoke, to believe that an event is “more in England. Yet did anyone propose that for the theory is supposed to be evi- intrinsically intelligible or unintelligible those ancient rocks were assembled ac- dence for the absence of purpose in because of the pace at which it moves.” cidentally by the forces of nature? Why, the causation of the development of In addition, it is also to believe that an such an idea is so preposterous that it was life-forms on this planet. It is not just exposition of the “steps” of what went never even considered. In fact, of all the the theory that life evolved over bil- on somehow explains the ultimate ques- things known to man that have a design, lions of years, and that all species are tion of why things go at all. But harking there is only one case where anyone would descended from a common ancestor. back to Chesterton’s example from Greek entertain the notion that there was no de- Its defining element is the claim that mythology, it’s as if we were told that a signer, the instance of the most amazing all this happened as the result of the man was transformed into a pig quite by design of all: life. appearance of random and purpose- accident, without the workings of a witch. So the question still remains, does ID be- less mutations in the genetic material It all supposedly makes sense, though, be- long in schools? Well, my answer is that if followed by natural selection due to cause, well, it took pretty dang long and it does not, evolution certainly doesn’t. To the resulting heritable variations in we can explain the steps of the process. understand why, you only need to ponder reproductive fitness. It displaces de- Would that satisfy your curiosity? one of the bases on which the opponents sign by proposing an alternative. 27
  • 29. FaiTh and science territory. On the contrary, I What I’m pointing out is that even inso- suspect that a desire to pros- far as evolution may be valid, people have One very compelling argument in favor elytize, to spread this atheo- been snookered, conditioned to accept that of ID is that a design implies a designer. logical message, is precisely it enjoys status as an academic basic. But what fuels much of the zeal do you remember those exercises on tests For instance, for a long time no one could of the evolutionist move- in which we had to choose which element provide any firm ideas about who built ment. For we have to ask of a group was out of place? Let us try one Stonehenge in England. Yet did anyone whence zeal comes. It isn’t here: math, history, English, evolution — the result of cold, detached which doesn’t belong? Here some may say propose that those rocks were assembled scientific curiosity but of that it is part of science, but, again, even accidentally by the forces of nature? something more reminiscent insofar as it may be valid, it is a specialty. of religious fervor. And if It’s about as relevant to the scientific stud- it truly isn’t quasi-religious ies of average schoolchildren as the origin And this is the point. Evolution treats not devotion, why not just agree that schools of English is to their study of grammar, just the “what” of life’s genesis and devel- should remain neutral on the matter, that punctuation, and spelling. So, given that it opment, but also the “why”; that is to say, both ID and evolution should be stricken has no practical application in their lives, its explanation is that there is no why, that from them? This is, after all, what we have why is there this obsession with having life is merely a cosmic accident. This is to done with other controversial issues of the it in school? Because it’s very practical go beyond science and to tread in — and day, such as abortion. if your goal is the promotion of a certain on — the theological realm. This is where evolutionists will protest world view. Pursuing the “why” is a central part of that the scope of school curricula should Then there is the sanctimony. Those humanity’s eternal religious and philo- not be limited by dogma, but this is an who protest that a school curriculum’s sophic strivings. Thus has the question intellectually dishonest argument. First, scope must not be limited by religious about the origin of man and his world students can be taught only a minuscule dogma will simultaneously limit it to the been pondered since time immemorial, percentage of man’s knowledge, so we “secular” in the name of secular dogma. and every civilization had its creation must necessarily exclude most of it when They will say that you must not place lim- stories. And this explains why evolution- devising curricula. And why should evolu- its on where science will take you, until it ists are those most stubborn dogmatists, tion be part of this extremely limited pro- takes you to the possibility that God exists. people who will never, ever consider that gram? Have you ever been asked about Off limits is any honest treatment of the God might have initiated and guided evo- fossil records during a job interview? We question of what sparked life in the first lution, if indeed that’s what happened. By should realize that people who will actu- place. Off limits is the interpretation of an definition, classical evolution excludes the ally pursue a career in which such study is anomaly of the natural world that a biol- possibility of God. relevant are about as rare as those who will ogy teacher of mine once said, with the And, really, I don’t sell evolutionists so become nuclear physicists. So if nuclear requisite schoolhouse subtlety, pointed to short that I believe all of them are oblivi- physics isn’t a staple of curricula, why is the existence of a god. He was speaking ous to their intrusion upon theological evolution? of the phenomenon whereby water is the Life’s quandaries: Living creatures supposedly evolved from non-living entities in the water and then mutated to become more and more complex. But of the millions of fossils found, none show evolutionary stages. All appear fully formed. 28 THE NEW AMERICAN • DECEMbER 8, 2008
  • 30. only non-metallic substance in which the bate over ID versus evolution. That de- or “secular” represents is man-made, the solid form floats in the liquid. It impressed bate is, in fact, just a front in a war. The labels themselves — which so many attach him so because, he averred, life could not real battle concerns truth versus agendas. such importance to — most certainly are. exist were it not for the peculiarity. And We are blinded by terminology, such as Of course, the above perspective may be even Plato would have to run afoul of the “religious” and “secular” (which wasn’t lost on “constitutional scholars” who wax secular thought police, since he theorized first recorded till 1846), and ascribe sig- Hugo Black about the First Amendment. that a rational god created the Universe. nificance to it. Then we say that depending So, while this piece hasn’t directly treated All these things and many other fruits of on how we label a thing, it may or may the legal issues, I will make a brief state- intellectual inquiry are forbidden because not enter the public sphere. But we don’t ment about them. If presenting a theory the line has quite tendentiously been ask the only relevant question: is it true? indicating that life had some kind of de- traced around evolution and its atheologi- Moreover, if ideas in question really do signer — without reference to identity or cal implications. come from God, the Creator of the Uni- sect — is “the establishment of religion,” Some may say that what I’ve mentioned verse, if they are absolutely true, don’t we then presenting one indicating there was is a bit too far afield, not at all the stuff of have an obligation to instill them in chil- no designer is “prohibiting the free exer- basic school curriculum. But, as I’ve dem- dren in school? Of course, this is where cise thereof.” Both claims are equally logi- onstrated, it’s no less basic than evolution secularists will respond, “Well, you may cal — and equally ridiculous. itself. And if evolutionists claim that integ- be convinced they were born in Heaven, In the final analysis, modern man’s rity demands we follow intellectual inquiry but not everyone agrees with you; some thinking hasn’t evolved, but devolved. wherever it takes us, why do we abandon believe they are just man-made.” But then Real academic integrity consists of dog- this principle when it takes us away from I ask, if they are man-made just like secu- gedly searching for truth, without regard evolutionary dogma? We should be just as lar ideas, why do you discriminate against for superficial labels or supercilious judg- conscientious about philosophical pursuits them? Why do you say that ideas we hap- es’ rulings. One who does otherwise may as scientific ones, especially when the lat- pen to call “secular” may be in govern- be abiding by lexical or legal strictures, ter tread upon and render messages about ment schools, but those we happen to but he is in no way a thinker. He is simply philosophical ground. call “religious” may not be? If they’re all a dead-end intellectual species, one that At the end of the day, though, the real man-made, wherein lies the difference? can never, ever arise from the muck and issue is more fundamental than the de- Besides, whether or not what “religious” mire of its materialistic creed. n The M & M Company of the South LLC offers you a free SaMpLe of the finest hand cleaner you’ll ever use! Sno White Hand Cleaner Sold nationwide for personal, professional and industrial use. Call us at (800) 344-9927 for your free sample. (No charge of any kind) P.O. Box 73445 • Metairie, LA 70033 Fax: (504) 466-2181• Distributors of fine hand cleaners & related products since 1942
  • 31. • Residential • Apartments • Commercial • Industrial HELP PREVENT Clark’s Nutritional Centers have AMERICA FROM GOING the vitamins, minerals, herbs, DOWN THE DRAIN! and other supplements you need to keep your health and fitness at their highest levels, plus all the latest information about them (818) 837-1310 available through our extensive 453 Jessie Street online catalog. San Fernando, CA 91340 Locations Serving You: RIVERSIDE 4225 Market Street SVCH Riverside, CA 92501 (951) 686-4757 Fax (951) 686-5678 Deli (951) 686-9970 RANCHO MIRAGE 34175 Monterey Ave. Rancho Mirage, CA 92270 (760) 324-4626 Fax (760) 969-6730 South Valley LOMA LINDA 11235 Mountain View Ave. Care Homes, Inc. Loma Linda, CA 92354 (909) 478-7714 Fax (909) 478-0814 5810 Obata Way, Suite 1 • Gilroy, California 95020 Mail Orders: (408) 847-9738 • fax (408) 847-9743 (800) 251-8996 Online Orders: Brian adams, DDS president/CeO
  • 32. THE GOODNESS OF AMERICA Man Prevents Kidnapping to help when he saw the burning bus, made the Harford County Gold 911 Award at the On the morning of September 25, 12-year- a valiant rescue attempt, but told the Star- school assembly, along with commenda- old Dorine Browder was walking to class Banner: “The kid was lodged and I just tions from Harford County. at Fountain Square Academy in Indianap- couldn’t get her out. There was nothing I olis. Several blocks from her home, a man could do.” in a black pickup truck stopped, got out of Marion County Superintendent of Honest Girl Returns $1,000 his truck, and pointed a gun at Dorine. Schools Jim Yancey said: “This was a trag- Back in October, 11-year-old Mikela “I saw his truck, and when I got down to edy, but it’s also a miracle, We’re lucky Mercier was shopping with her mother in a the alley, that’s when he got out,” Browder [even] one person got out of there alive.” Salvation Army thrift store in Kailua-Kona, told “He put a gun He said that at least four passersby made Hawaii. As she was browsing through the close to my head.” The man told Dorine an attempt to rescue the students. used videotapes, Mikela made an astound- that if she didn’t come with him, he’d “I’d say [the rescuers] probably got ing discovery. Inside a Richard Simmons shoot her. half the kids off the bus themselves,” said exercise videotape were 10 $100 bills — However, another man who had wit- Yancey. “They were showing more grief $1,000! nessed what was happening charged to the and remorse from not being able to do Instead of envisioning going on a spend- rescue, scaring off the would-be kidnapper more.” ing spree, Mikela immediately hunted and preventing a possibly horrible fate for One unfortunate finding concerning the down her mother, Jodi Mercier, who was the young girl. “[The rescuer] picked up accident was made by the Florida High- in the store’s dressing room, and volun- something out of the yard and he threw it way Patrol, though: the driver of the trac- teered to return the money. and the guy got back in his truck and drove tor-trailer had probably been distracted by They turned the cash over to store man- away,” Dorine told the news reporter. using a cellphone while driving. Florida ager Jimmy Thennes, who posted a news When Dorine arrived at school, she told Highway Patrol Lt. Pat Riordan told re- release about the found money and also her teacher and principal about what had porters that Reinaldo Gonzalez, the truck’s praised Mikela for her honesty. happened and they called the police to the driver, “said that he was using the phone Mrs. Mercier told reporters that she is school. The authorities and Dorine’s par- just prior to the crash and he looked up and very proud of her daughter, and expressed ents want to apprehend the would-be child noticed that the bus had stopped.” her hope that if the original owner cannot molester and also find the Good Samaritan Charges against the driver were pending be located, the Salvation Army might be who helped the girl. at the time of the report. able to use it to help needy people. Tammy Siebenthal, Dorine’s mother, said: “If it wasn’t for that other guy, he probably would have had her. I wish I could Boy Honored for 911 Call Honesty Also Found in Utah find out who the other guy was who chased On October 16, eight-year-old Deven Bil- On Halloween day, Bill Vint, Jr. was riding him so I can tell him ‘thank you.’” lings was honored at an assembly at Joppa- his bicycle in Cedar City, Utah, when he towne Elementary School in Joppa, Mary- saw what looked like a bank deposit bag land, for helping to save his aunt’s life. lying on the ground. He said later that he Bus Burns; Students Saved On the morning of September 22, short- almost didn’t turn around, but his curios- A tractor-trailer crashed into a stopped ly before 6 a.m., Deven found his aunt, ity got the better of him and he rode back, school bus in Marion County, Florida, on who has diabetes, in a non-responsive picked up the bag, and unzipped it. Inside, September 25, and both vehicles caught state. “My aunt just kept moaning. I tried he found $450 in cash and checks. fire. There were 21 middle-school stu- to wake her up, but it wouldn’t work. So I From information found on a deposit dents on the bus, and the situation looked just called 911,” Deven told WJZ CBS 13 ticket, he figured out that the deposit funds ominous. However, motorists passing by News in Baltimore. belonged to the 5 Buck Pizza parlor. Vint quickly sprang into action to help. Deven remained on the line with the contacted Chris Dunning, the store man- Among these was James Horton, who emergency dispatcher, Lindsay Edwards, ager, and set up a meeting with Dunning’s identified himself as a father of three. for seven minutes. “He knew there was wife to return the money. When Horton saw the burning bus, he something wrong. He helped out a lot. I “I was amazed that someone would go pulled over and rushed to help. “The Lord stayed on the line until the ambulance got to that kind of trouble to return cash found put us all there for that reason — to save to her. And he was very, very calm,” said in the street,” Dunning told the George- those children,” Horton told the Ocala Edwards. town, Utah, Spectrum. Star-Banner. Now recovered from her episode, Vint, whose pool construction business While the efforts of rescuers saved 20 Deven’s aunt, Dolores Goins, was happy has not been doing well this year, said that of the students, one 13-year-old girl, Fran- to report: “I’m very proud of him.” his mother always told him not to keep ces M. Schee, tragically perished. Chris For remaining calm and acting deci- anything that was not his. n Mann, an elevator installer who stopped sively in an emergency, Deven received — wArrEN mAss 31
  • 33. hisTOry— PasT and PersPecTive Free-market Thinkers With bailouts and other unabashed socialist projects being embraced by both political parties to “save our economy,” has free-market economics been proved faulty? by Charles Scaliger been defended eloquently for over 200 interest. We address ourselves, not to their years, and that the West, particularly the humanity but to their self-love, and never I n the bailout-a-week political climate, United States, has prospered because of talk to them of our own necessities but of it is all too easy to believe that free- the acceptance, mostly in the 19th century, their advantages.” market economics are as passé as pow- of economic freedom, in principle if not Elsewhere in that landmark work, Smith dered wigs. Everyone, it seems, is a social- always in practice. The men who gave us pointed out that the division of labor in a ist now, and the old gospel of laissez-faire the theory of free-market economics were free market leads to much greater produc- and free enterprise has been discredited lonely, often misunderstood voices in their tivity because it permits greater specializa- by a cascade of free-market failures that day as much as in ours, offering timeless tion. A single person manufacturing pins, threaten to bring down the economy of the economic truths to any who had, and have, for example, might produce 20 per day, but entire developed world. ears to hear. many different people engaged individual- “For too long, the prevailing attitude in ly in the various steps of pin manufacture Washington has been that the market al- Adam Smith (1723-1790) might produce many thousands during the ways knows best,” Congressman Henry Generally regarded as the founder of the same interval. Waxman (D-Calif.) said recently. Econo- modern science of economics, the late Smith believed that value arose from mist and newly minted Nobel Laureate 18th-century product of the Scottish En- the amount of labor required to produce Paul Krugman has counseled the new lightenment, and a contemporary of Hume a given product, a notion that came to be Obama administration to “figure out how and Hutcheson, among others, Smith has a known as the “labor theory of value.” This much help they think the economy needs, less-deserved reputation as a champion of idea, unfortunately, was mistaken, as later then add 50 percent.” According to Krug- free-market economics per se. By all ac- generations of economists, especially in man, “it’s much better, in a depressed counts an eccentric if affable academician, the so-called Austrian School, discovered. economy, to err on the side of too much Adam Smith popularized certain ideas that However, the labor theory of value was stimulus than on the side of too little.” have come to be taken for granted by free- used by Karl Marx and other communist In short, the free markets, we are told, market economists, such as the notion that and socialist economists to justify central have failed, and more government supervi- men in their economic activities are guid- planning since, if value was a strict con- sion and central planning is the only possi- ed by self-interest (not necessarily selfish- sequence of labor invested, then “correct” ble cure. In truth, the economic meltdown ness), giving the appearance of an “invis- valuations could be determined by enlight- we are now experiencing is a result of gov- ible hand” that organizes human enterprise ened central planners. Some noteworthy ernment intervention, not the free market. and guides it into maximally productive economists, like Murray Rothbard and Jo- But that does not stop the proponents of channels. “It is not from the benevolence seph Schumpeter, believed Adam Smith’s interventionism from blaming the market of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that contributions to economics to be greatly for the problem and advocating more in- we expect our dinner,” wrote Smith in his overstated. Rothbard believed that Smith tervention as the solution.* most famous work, An Inquiry into the In such times, we would do well to re- Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Na- * See, for example, Brian Farmer’s article “Govern- member that free-market capitalism has tions, “but from their regard to their own ment Bailout” in our September 29 issue. 32 THE NEW AMERICAN • DECEMbER 8, 2008
  • 34. copied many of the ideas of the great coin. In an economy, differ- French economist Turgot, while Schum- ent products are exchanged peter doubted his stature as a thinker of for each other, with money Government, in Bastiat’s view, cannot the first rank: as the medium of transfer; justly do anything that morality would there is no mystical divid- Had he been more brilliant, he would ing line between supply and forbid in individual action. If it is wrong not have been taken so seriously. demand. Say devoted a good for individuals to steal, defraud, or Had he dug more deeply, had he un- deal of scholarship to de- earthed more recondite truth, had he molishing the old mercantil- commit murder, then it is surely wrong for used more difficult and ingenious ist fallacy — still lamentably governments — which derive their powers methods, he would not have been understood. But he … never moved fashionable among modern economists — that money is from individuals — to do likewise. above the heads of even the dullest the source of wealth. Money, readers. He led them on gently, en- Say took pains to explain, has value only freedom, both economic and political, in couraging them by trivialities and insofar as it is desired to mediate indirect trenchant, highly readable language that homely observations, making them exchange in the market; wealth per se con- has influenced millions of readers over feel comfortable all along. sists in other goods for which money is many generations. Best-known for his exchanged. Say probably understood bet- posthumously published pamphlet The Whatever his shortcomings, Adam Smith ter than anyone else in his generation the Law, Bastiat authored many books, essays, deserves to be remembered as one of the workings of the free market. His Treatise and tracts on liberty and limited govern- first popularizers of free-market econom- on Political Economy remains one of the ment that probably did more to popularize ics, expounding in clear, still-readable finest and most original works in the entire freedom than anything since the time of language some of the most important pre- history of economic thought. the American founding. cepts of free-market economics in an age Bastiat had a gift for illustrating his when many were ready to hear the sweet Frederic Bastiat (1801-1850) points with clever, memorable examples. doctrines of liberty. A Frenchman whom Karl Marx once dis- His “broken window fallacy,” in which on- missed as “the shallowest and therefore lookers, observing a shop window broken Jean-Baptiste Say (1767-1832) the most successful representative of the by vandals, erroneously conclude that the Best known for the law of economics that apologists of vulgar economics,” Frederic act of destruction will be beneficial to the bears his name, Say was one of the first Bastiat labored tirelessly throughout his economy because it will make work for “pure” free-market economists. A survivor short life to promote the philosophy of the glazier, is one of his most famous eco- of both the French Revolu- nomic parables. For Bastiat, tion and the Napoleonic good economics was merely dictatorship, Say had ex- refined common sense; most perienced firsthand the onlookers would initially ravages of Utopian social (and correctly) decry the planning and its inevitable broken window as a wicked concomitants, oppression and destructive act, and only and terror. Censored by the later allow themselves to be Napoleonic regime and dis- led into the false rationaliz- missed from a government ing with which the science post, Say quietly put his of economics is so unfortu- economic beliefs into prac- nately replete. tice, founding a successful Such false rationalizing cotton mill that employed has led many to believe that roughly 500 people. Un- World War II and the work able to publish his works it created were respon- while the dictatorship last- sible for ending the Great ed, Say privately revised Depression. In WWII, the and rewrote his treatises in military-industrial complex his leisure time. and the destruction were on Say’s Law is sometimes a gargantuan scale compared understood to mean that to the glazier and broken supply creates its own de- window, but the economic mand, but it really means principle illustrated by the that supply and demand are parable is the same. but two sides of the same The cardinal error of bad This 19th-century drawing depicts Adam Smith and the Industrial Revolution. 33
  • 35. hisTOry— PasT and PersPecTive Life, faculties, production belongs to them, and gives it to other — in other words, indi- persons to whom it does not belong. Hazlitt believed that the errors of bad viduality, liberty, property See if the law benefits one citizen at economists arose from a failure to — this is man. And in spite the expense of another by doing what of the cunning of artful po- the citizen himself cannot do without anticipate the consequences of a given litical leaders, these three committing a crime. policy over the entire economy (rather gifts from God precede all human legislation, and are Bastiat, who believed unswervingly that than just a given sector) and over the long superior to it. Life, liberty, “the solution to the problems of human re- term instead of just the immediate future. and property do not exist lationships is to be found in liberty,” prob- because men have made ably gave his life in service to that belief. laws. On the contrary, it was While traveling around Europe promoting economists, Bastiat explained, is to ignore the fact that life, liberty, and property his beliefs, he contracted tuberculosis and the “big picture.” In the case of the broken existed beforehand that caused men died at just 49. He was perhaps the purest window, the vandals have indeed given the to make laws in the first place. of the so-called “classical liberals,” a man glazier work — but that work will merely who never deviated from his passion for replace a good that has been destroyed. Government, in Bastiat’s view, cannot liberty, and whose written works continue What the confused onlookers forget is the justly do anything that morality would to inspire and enlighten. other goods that the glazier might have forbid in individual action. If it is wrong produced, that would have added to the for individuals to steal, defraud, or com- Ludwig von Mises (1881-1973) stock of wealth, had their energies not mit murder, then it is surely wrong for The best-known and most influential of the been diverted by a destructive act. Good governments — which derive their pow- school of economics known as the Austrian economics recognizes both the seen (in ers from individuals — to do likewise. School, Ludwig von Mises was the most this case, the broken window and its re- But government and laws are frequently eminent free-market economist of the 20th placement) and the unseen (what might abused, used to achieve collectively what century. Forced to flee his native Austria by have been produced with the resources most men would scruple to do individual- the Nazi invasion, von Mises took refuge diverted to replace the window). ly. In this way, wealth is confiscated from in Geneva before emigrating to the United In his magnum opus, The Law, Bastiat some individuals and given to others in States, where he took an unsalaried posi- explained as concisely as has ever been the time-dishonored pattern of socialist tion at New York University. Influenced by done the origin of rights and liberty, and redistribution. This Bastiat called “legal Carl Menger, the founder of the Austrian their relationship to the state. God-given plunder”: School, and Eugen von Boehm-Bawerk, rights are superior to man-made govern- another of the economic school’s early ment, and the latter, to the extent that it But how is this legal plunder to be eminenti, the precocious von Mises took has any legitimacy, is derived from the identified? Quite simply. See if the Menger’s ideas into then-unfashionable former: law takes from some persons what realms, criticizing socialism and credit Frederic Bastiat Ludwig Ludwig von Mises Institute von Mises
  • 36. In 1933, government work programs, which these New Yorkers were waiting to sign up for, were part of the socialistic New Deal program to save our economy. But these programs didn’t work then — there was more unemployment in 1938 than 1932 — and they won’t work now. expansion by central banks, among many other state-sponsored evils. The Theory of Money and Credit ana- lyzed minutely the nature of money, bank- ing, and finance, while Socialism showed how central planning was irrational and unworkable because correct economic calculation and decision-making can- not be achieved by state planners. Mises’ magnum opus, Human Action, laid out a theory of what Mises called “praxeology,” the study of human actions and their mo- tives. His praxeology was the foundation for his entire economic and philosophi- cal world view, and helped de-mystify AP Images the “dismal science” for a generation be- fuddled by the sophisms of John Maynard Keynes and other thinkers hostile to the free market. However, Mises was not a gifted popularizer like Bastiat; much of ten in an era of totalitarianism ascendant, ties of totalitarianism are in the rearview his writing is dense and subtly reasoned, the book was wildly popular, attracting mirror now, except in a few backwaters compelling the reader to work hard for his acclaim from the likes of George Orwell like North Korea, and serfdom is an im- intellectual rewards. Yet Mises is the tow- (a professed socialist himself). Serfdom possible outcome in an age of information ering figure in 20th-century free-market (which might more aptly but perhaps less and economic plenty. economic thought. Many other econo- memorably have been entitled The Road to But the road to serfdom may follow dif- mists, as well as statesmen like Congress- Tyranny) argued that collectivism always ferent paths, or take longer to reach its des- man Ron Paul, and innumerable partisans leads to tyranny, as the inefficiencies and tination in a country like the United States, of liberty (including this humble author), shortages brought about by central plan- where many more barriers, both legal and count Ludwig von Mises among their most ning encourage the mistaken perception cultural, protect us from totalitarianism important influences. One cannot truly un- that more government is needed to “fix” than was the case in Czarist Russia or Wei- derstand freedom without some familiarity all the problems. At the time of its pub- mar Germany. But the early indicators of with the man and his ideas. lication, Nazi Germany and the Soviet our likely destination (absent a change in Union were the preeminent examples of course) abound: a declining standard in Friedrich Hayek (1899-1992) the extremes to which socialism eventu- living, rising levels of debt both public One of Ludwig von Mises’ most eminent ally leads. Subsequent decades, which saw and private, and most ominously, mush- students, Hayek, also Austrian by birth, much of the “free world” move aggres- rooming government, including ever-more was the only Austrian economist to win the sively into socialist regimentation with- intrusive police powers over American cit- Nobel Prize in economics, thereby helping out being taken over by mass-murdering izens. We ignore the warnings of Hayek to to confer scholarly legitimacy on a school dictators, lulled many into the belief that, our peril. of thought that collectivist economists like after all, socialism can be “done right” and the disciples of John Maynard Keynes had totalitarianism averted. Murray Rothbard (1926-1995) worked hard to discredit. This, of course, is precisely what left- Of all of Mises’ many students, Murray Although not as consistent a defender wing pundits and politicians are saying in Rothbard was perhaps the most prolific of aspects of the free market as his mentor the context of the ongoing economic cri- and also the most unapologetic defender von Mises (or his contemporary Murray sis. A little socialism, temporary and kept of economic freedom. His magnificent Rothbard), Hayek’s influential 1944 book within strict limits, we are told, has be- treatise on free-market economics, Man, The Road to Serfdom remains one of the come a necessary evil to save us from the Economy, and State, remains the most most devastating attacks yet written on consequences of too much economic free- readable text on the subject ever produced. collectivism and its consequences. Writ- dom. The death camps and other extremi- Both a historian and an economist, Roth- 35
  • 37. hisTOry— PasT and PersPecTive A journalist by profession, Hazlitt, like Bastiat, used his considerable literary gifts to explain freedom and free-market eco- nomics in terms that were both easy and enjoyable to read. He wrote prolifically, authoring more than 20 books and numer- ous articles in his lifetime, including many pieces for the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and Newsweek. His best- known work, Economics in One Lesson, is in essence a modern restatement of certain of Bastiat’s axioms applied to 20th-centu- ry statist sophisms. Like Bastiat, Hazlitt believed that the errors of bad economists arose from a failure to anticipate the con- sequences of a given policy over the entire economy (rather than just a given sector) and over the long term instead of just the Ludwig von Mises Institute Murray immediate future. Hazlitt is probably the Rothbard man most responsible for popularizing the ideas of Austrian economics (which is to say, free-market economics undiluted). The Economic Road Less Traveled Sadly, the arguments of the champions bard wrote voluminously on economic Banking is a concise explanation of that of the free market have yet to capture the history, particularly in the United States. arcane science (if slightly dated, in light popular imagination or sway the actions His early book on the Panic of 1819 re- of the various new techniques for creating of political leadership in the way that so- mains the best work on the subject, while a money that the Federal Reserve has ad- cialism has done. These arguments, after later history of the early years of the Great opted in recent months), while A History all, are generally ignored or dismissed Depression (America’s Great Depression) of Money and Banking in the United States by our major cultural organs such as the is the best explanation ever set forth for shows how banking and banking interests media. Moreover, freedom entails both that turbulent period. have militated against liberty since the risk and personal responsibility, whereas Drawing on the Austrian theory of the foundation of our republic. shills for socialism offer false promises of credit cycle, Rothbard showed that the Known for his aggressive and uncom- emancipation from both without harmful Great Depression was triggered by the promising defense of liberty in every side effects. Particularly in times of crisis, 1929 bust that followed reckless credit domain of human activity (a philosophy public ignorance of free-market econom- expansion in the 1920s by the Federal he termed anarcho-capitalism), Rothbard ics can prove a costly liability as govern- Reserve, the Bank of England, and other was derided by neocons and “respectable” ment takes advantage of a climate of hys- major central banks. The economic correc- conservatives of every stripe, earning from teria to enlarge its powers (“You don’t ever tion of 1929-1930 might have resolved it- the late William F. Buckley an especially want a crisis to go to waste,” Illinois Con- self fairly quickly (as had happened previ- bilious obituary in the National Review. gressman Rahm Emanuel, President-elect ously following the Panic of 1907 and the A maverick he may have seemed, but the Obama’s chief of staff, has said). severe recession of 1920-1921), Rothbard indomitable Rothbard understood better Economics is one subject on which explained, but the interventionist poli- than most that liberty can only survive every man fancies himself an expert, but cies of Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt when it is defended without respite and which few take the time to study. Yet eco- prevented the markets from returning to without compromise. nomics affects every one of us every min- equilibrium. The New Deal exacerbated ute of every day. None of us can hide from and prolonged the event in a textbook Henry Hazlitt (1894-1993) the workings of the market, or escape the case of misbegotten government interven- No list of eminent free-market thinkers consequences of bad economic policies, tion worsening the very problems it was would be complete without mention of whether or not we choose to understand supposed to cure. Henry Hazlitt, the 20th century’s answer to them. A grasp of the fundamentals of the Rothbard devoted a lot of ink to demys- Frederic Bastiat. In an age of professional free market is an essential part of appreci- tifying banking and finance, believing academics, Hazlitt was a rara avis, a self- ating liberty. To cure economic ignorance, fractional-reserve banking and its mod- trained economist without a college degree the writings of Smith, Bastiat, Hazlitt, ern outgrowth, fiat money, to be among who wrote not for rarefied professional Rothbard, and other free-market econo- the very worst evils. His The Mystery of journals but for ordinary men and women. mists are very good medicine indeed. n 36 THE NEW AMERICAN • DECEMbER 8, 2008
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  • 39. EXERCISING THE RIGHT “... the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Justice Triumphs owner, threatened him and demanded were charged with theft of property. On October 25, a Cape Girardeau, Mis- money. He was able to escape briefly, re- Detectives say the investigation is con- souri, woman was at the mercy of an at- trieving his gun and shooting the larger of tinuing and believe the suspects may be tacker, Ronnie Preyer, 47. He invaded her the two men in self-defense, according to responsible for other utility-trailer thefts in home and raped her. Preyer, a registered the police department spokesman. Shelby and neighboring counties. sex offender, committed that crime and The Sacramento Police Department’s managed to escape and elude the police. Homicide and Crime Scene Investigation Then six days later he came back to attack Units responded to the scene in a Sacra- Balancing the Equation her a second time. mento suburb at about 8:02 a.m. Arriving Older people, so often victimized by But in the meantime, the 57-year-old officers located a man described as suffer- younger, stronger criminals, are balancing woman had armed herself with a shotgun ing from gunshot wounds, who was later the equation by exercising their right and borrowed from a friend. When Preyer re- pronounced dead at the scene. Neither po- arming themselves against potential crimi- turned, forced his way into his victim’s lice reports nor an article in Sacramento nal attacks. According to News Channel 5 home a second time, and smashed through Today disclosed the names of the home- in Nashville, Tennessee, late on Septem- a window and a door to get to the victim, owner or the perpetrators. ber 30, 67-year-old Douglas Dabbs pulled she was able to defend herself, and shot The description of the criminal who was into the driveway of his home and was and killed this violent career criminal. shot certainly gives credence to the home- exiting his pickup truck when two armed Preyer, of Jackson, Missouri, died seven owner’s professed concerns about his safe- men came up to him in the darkness and hours after being shot in the chest. Cape ty. He was described by Sacramento police tried to rob him. Nineteen-year-old Nibeyu Girardeau prosecuting attorney Morley as “a white male, early 30’s, 6' 5" and 260 Demissew Yosef and 23-year-old Jermi- Swingle confirmed in the local Heart- lbs.” The second suspect was described chael Jerome Burgy brandished weapons land News that the victim shot Preyer as a white male, late 20s, 5' 6", 135 lbs. and demanded money from Dabbs. The only when he broke through her basement The second man apparently fled after his homeowner refused and, reaching back door into her kitchen around 2:15 in the accomplice fell, and a reward is being of- into his pickup console, withdrew a pistol morning, after he’d entered her basement fered for information on his whereabouts. designed to fire .410 shotgun rounds and through the same window he’d broken in No charges were filed against the home- opened fire on the thieves. the earlier episode. owner. Yosef was wounded and transported According to Associated Press reports, by ambulance to Southern Hills Medical on the night of October 31, the woman Center in Nashville, where he died shortly had had a scare earlier in the evening Trailer Trash after arriving. Burgy took off running dur- and called 911 when she heard a car door Steven Rutter, 57, was alerted by the sound ing the shooting, but police later located slam. Police came but didn’t find anyone of a vehicle slowing down in front of his him also at Southern Hills Medical Center, in her home. Two hours later, Preyer broke house in rural Shelby County, Tennessee. where he was recovering from a non-criti- through the basement window. The woman Since he lives in a quiet rural area near cal gunshot wound to the head. Police said tried to call police again, but Preyer had Rosemark, this sound sparked his curios- Burgy admitted to being with Yosef during turned off her electricity. The woman shot ity, and he decided to investigate. After ob- the robbery attempt, so police charged him Preyer as he crashed through the locked serving a gray pickup truck backing into with attempted aggravated robbery. basement door. his front yard, he saw two men exit the Burgy, a convicted felon, was held on Prosecutor Swingle says he will not vehicle and begin hooking up his utility $80,000 bond. He had previously been charge the woman with any crime. Cape trailer to their truck. That’s when Rutter found guilty of aggravated assault in 2006 Girardeau County Coroner John Clifton grabbed his pistol. and is on probation for that offense. Burgy says he agrees and plans to rule Preyer’s According to a news release issued by also was convicted for unlawful gun pos- death a justifiable homicide. deputies of the Shelby County Sheriff’s session and driving without a license. Office on September 30, Rutter confront- Yosef had been issued a total of four state ed the two men in the yard, stopping them misdemeanor citations in 2007 and 2008. Bigger Target before they could drive away. Initially, Police said they were looking into whether A South Sacramento homeowner discov- Jessie Brown, 51, of Munford, and Kel- this robbery may be linked to other recent ered that two men had forced their way vin Nathaniel, 45, of Drummonds, told robberies in the area. inside his home on November 8 in an ap- Rutter that a neighbor had said they could Nashville police said that though Dabbs parent home invasion. According to Sac- use the trailer to move some hay. Rutter does not have a handgun carrying permit, ramento police reports, when the burglars didn’t believe their story and held the the homeowner shot in self-defense when were confronted by the homeowner, the two thieves at gunpoint while he called the armed suspects tried to rob him. No two attempted to rob him. The two men, for deputies. Moments later, Brown and charges were anticipated. n who police say were known to the home- Nathaniel were taken into custody. Both — AlAN scholl 38 THE NEW AMERICAN • DECEMbER 8, 2008
  • 40. virtue is a choice. Make it a habit. Virtue • the moral excellence evident in my life as I consistently do what is right Sponsored by Putting Character First!®
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  • 42. Piling Bailouts Upon Bailouts Item: The New York Times for October 31 reported: “As the Treasury Department prepares a $40 billion program to help de- linquent homeowners avoid foreclosure, it confronts a difficult challenge: not making the plan too tempting.” Item: An editorial in the New York Times for November 1 advocated a federal bail- out of state government budgets. Noted the Times: “The National Conference of State Legislatures has begun appealing for Congressional help with the ‘precari- ous’ financial status of many states.... If Congress and the White House can bail out bankers and insurance companies and possibly the auto industry, they should be AP Images able to help state and local governments, too.... In addition to extending unemploy- ment benefits and food stamp programs, Now what? The Treasury Department plans to extend $40 billion toward helping delinquent which provide the biggest immediate homeowners avoid foreclosure, but it likely won’t help. Banks are already arranging refinancing boosts to states’ economies, one promis- for homeowners, yet people are failing to pay their bills. Maria Martinez is three months behind in ing idea being pushed by governors is to her payments even after receiving loan modifications. put more federal money into projects like roads, subways, bridges, tunnels, schools unwise housing investments, bailing c’est fini,” he has admitted: “We will in- and sewage plants.” out profligate state governments to fund tervene massively whenever a strategic Item: USA Today reported on October whatever Pharaoh-like schemes seem ex- enterprise needs our money.” 31: “Not long ago, the International Mon- pedient, or even promoting a global redis- Today’s bailouts have no apparent end. etary Fund had a problem that bankers tribution of wealth with the United States British Prime Minister Gordon Brown don’t normally face: It had lots of money acting as central banker to the world, as wants to beef up the powers of the Inter- and no one to lend it to. That isn’t a prob- the International Monetary Fund and Fed- national Monetary Fund. The IMF already lem any more.” eral Reserve seem inclined to do of late. says it will offer a trillion dollars to the Now the problem is that the fund does Invariably, it turns out that political in- developing world and has grandiose no- not have enough money to lend. USA tervention has led to the economic prob- tions of saving the international monetary Today continued: “Simon Johnson, who lems at hand, and the earlier intervention system. recently stepped down as the IMF’s chief becomes a pretext for even more govern- The IMF scheme at hand is to inflate its economist, says up to 20 countries eventu- ment intrusions. own importance by giving billions in loans ally may require fund help. But the IMF In much the same fashion that liberals to “healthy” nations, with $30 billion each only has about $250 billion available for have long wrongly taught that the Great being held out to Brazil, Mexico, South all lending — not enough in a world of Depression was the result of a failure of Korea, and Singapore so those nations will massive cross-border capital flows. ‘It laissez-faire in order to justify FDR’s swap their currencies for dollars. needs a lot more money.... Ten times more schemes — which of course didn’t work The IMF long made a practice of loan- money than it has,’ Johnson says.” (there were more unemployed Americans ing to governments that had broken their CorreCtIon: The best three-card Monte in 1938 than in 1932) — today’s interven- economies. Economist Hans Sennholz player that Washington might hire still tionists also blame the “free market” for noted in 1979 that the IMF represented the can’t change the fact that government producing the current financial crisis. “spurious notion that the policy of inflation cannot make us wealthy by spending Indeed, French President Nicolas Sar- can be made to last indefinitely through more money. But big government and its kozy has declared: “The all powerful mar- cooperation of all member governments. It promoters continue to try to push this con ket that always knows best is finished.” So acts like a governmental cooperative with game — such as, as noted above, by giv- what is proposed? Sarkozy has the virtue 146 members that tries to coordinate the ing incentives to people who have made of being blunt. Claiming, “Laissez-faire, inflationary policies of its members.” 41
  • 43. The marketplace doesn’t work anymore, say the experts. We are supposed to trust these experts to know how to fix the problems, even though the cre- ation of new money and credit by the Fed and Treasury, and the U.S. government’s Com- munity Reinvestment Act of 1977, led to the current finan- cial problem in the first place. As usual, the big government backers are happy to use prob- lems to increase their own powers. But Frank Shostak, an ad- junct scholar of the Mises Insti- tute, sees through the gambit: “If central bankers and govern- ment bureaucrats can fix things AP Images in difficult times, why not in good times too? Why not have a fully controlled economy Hey, I want a bailout: General Motors says it may not be able to avoid bankruptcy past the end of the year and all the problems will be if it doesn’t get a $25 billion bailout. But nowadays bankruptcy doesn’t usually mean the end of a large fixed forever? The collapse of company. It means the entity will be restructured to become competitive — as has been done with airlines. the Soviet Union’s centralized system is the best testimony one can have lars have already been promised to auto- $1,300 billion for the Commercial that controls don’t work. A better way to makers, who are just part of the parade of Paper Funding Facility; $25 billion fix economic problems is to allow entre- industries on the corporate dole, and other for the auto companies; and $540 preneurs the freedom to allocate resources various special-interest groups are anxious billion for the money market mutual in accordance with society’s priorities.” to rip off some goodies for themselves. As funds. Together, these giveaways, all The best rescue plan would be to allow noted by Dr. Robert Higgs, a Senior Fel- ultimately taken out of the taxpay- market mechanisms to operate freely. low in Political Economy for the Indepen- ers’ hide, amount to an astonishing However, as Shostak says, dent Institute: $2,850 billion — a sum almost equal to total federal government spending This is precisely what the govern- Hundreds of billions here, hundreds in the fiscal year just completed. ment rescue package prevents from of billions there — pretty soon Of course, most of these outlays happening. The government package you’re talking about real money. It nominally take the form of loans, and is not going to rescue the economy, will be highly depreciated money, much of the money probably will be but it will rescue activities that the however, because the government’s repaid eventually. Nevertheless, ex- economy cannot afford and that bailout commitments to date, along tension of the loans must be financed consumers do not want. It will sus- with its already huge budget deficit, in any event, and in the present cir- tain waste and promote inefficiency, ensure that the Fed will be flooding cumstances, such financing is incon- draining resources from growth and the world with newly created dollars, ceivable without gigantic expansions efficiency. Remember: government and, other things being equal, each of central-bank credit, which require is not a wealth generator; it can only one’s creation reduces the purchas- nothing but a snap of the Fed’s elec- take resources from A and give them ing power of every existing one. So tronic finger. If you are not expect- to B. far we must contend with $700 bil- ing a surge in price inflation, then lion authorized by the big bailout law you need to review your economics There seems to be no end to the govern- enacted on October 3; $85 billion for notes. ment’s willingness to hand over tax mon- the AIG loan; $100 billion each for ies outright or loan our assets to others as Fannie and Freddie; an undetermined The problem, whether at the local level a form of political capital. Billions of dol- amount, but potentially as much as or beyond, is that the U.S. government 42 THE NEW AMERICAN • DECEMbER 8, 2008
  • 44. already spends the equivalent of about hold. Still, we need to acknowledge lenge” funding goes to countries 40 percent of the national income. Our the fact that the current Congress and which enact “market-based reforms” financial failings today are decidedly not Administration are rushing the nation as we push our own country further from a free-market failure, but from big- toward bankruptcy. and further into a centrally planned government encroachments. Why do the This being the case, we could hope economy. automakers need a rescue? In large part, they would at least come to their they have their hands out because statists senses regarding our debt and for- All in all, much of this should seem famil- used the government to foist expensive eign spending sprees. Our nation’s iar to students of history. Social engineers fuel-economy regulations on consumers foreign-held debt is at record highs just love to allocate what they think is the who didn’t want them and colluded with and moving ever higher. Continuing right mix of resources, as they redistrib- the United Auto Workers to resist chang- to borrow money from Red China ute wealth and ration goods and services. ing benefit packages that were above their and others in order to pay “dues” to Yet, as counterproductive as all of these competitors’ elsewhere. So now we are the United Nations and run “Plan Co- schemes are, there is a real goal in mind. It told the taxpayers should have to pay for lombia” makes no sense at all. was once propounded by Karl Marx, who these poor choices. Our whole carrot-and-stick ap- called for the “centralization of credit in Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm seems proach to foreign policy makes no the hands of the state, by means of a na- delighted to reprise the Depression days. sense. The U.S. government simul- tional bank with state capital and an exclu- He recently told the BBC: “It is certainly taneously gives money to Israel, and sive monopoly.” the greatest crisis of capitalism since the to Egypt. We send AIDS money to Old Karl was just aiming a bit low for 1930s.... There’ll be a much greater role Africa while AIDS clinics in Amer- today’s social and fiscal engineers. n for the state, one way or another. We’ve ica shut down. “Millennium chal- — williAm p. hoAr already got the state as lender of last re- sort, we might well return to the idea of the state as the employer of last resort, which is what it was under FDR. It’ll be some- thing which orients, and even directs, the private economy.” Old failed ideas keep resurfacing. Soon, it would appear, we can expect another “stimulus package” — again using gov- ernment spending as if that were a magical amulet that could make us better. Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) takes heed of the fact that much of this spending is unconstitutional, not that such matters bother those doing the spending. Says Paul: The next stimulus package is likely to include money for infrastructure. While these investments are, con- stitutionally speaking, supposed to be made by state and local govern- ments, it is not likely that Congress will suddenly begin to pay heed to the document we are all sworn to up- Bailout bonanza: The International Monetary Fund intends to give a $25.1 billion loan to Hungary after its currency and stock market dropped. The IMF’s action is based on the idea AP Images that countries’ economies can be made healthy by flooding them with newly printed money. 43
  • 45. THE LAST WORD by williAm F. JAspEr Fed Loaned Nearly $2 Trillion B y now everyone knows financial markets will only that Congress and the delay America’s economic White House approved recovery,” Jones concluded. an enormous $700-plus billion House Republican leader John package a short time ago and Boehner and Republicans Jeb that the Treasury Department Hensarling of Texas and Scott is rapidly burning through that Garrett of New Jersey have mountainous sum and asking also criticized Bernanke and for more. What wasn’t known the Fed for refusing to divulge until the past few days is that information. the Federal Reserve has been What is striking in the con- “lending” hundreds of bil- gressional comments thus far lions of additional dollars to is both the small number of troubled companies and insti- senators and representatives tutions. In fact, the Fed may weighing in on this issue and have already dished out nearly the weakness of their pleas, in $2 trillion! light of the seriousness of the What is perhaps most out- unprecedented exercises of rageous about the latest reve- power by the Fed. The elected lations of these huge bailouts officials seem to be conceding is that the Fed has refused to to the Fed the power to contin- provide information to the public (the taxpayers who are foot- ue pouring whatever amounts of newly created credit into which- ing the bill) or their elected representatives as to where all of ever entities it chooses — as long as it is “transparent” about it, that money is going, claiming this is “confidential” information. i.e., tells Congress and the public how much is going to whom. Equally maddening is the fact that Congress has been largely Of course, Congress has itself to blame; for years Rep. Ron AWOL on the matter; it was Bloomberg News that brought it to Paul (R-Texas) has been virtually alone in warning that the Fed’s light with a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed powers are not only destructive but also unconstitutional and against the Fed on November 7. Bloomberg’s suit is seeking incompatible with either prosperity or liberty. Instead of begging details of the “emergency loans” and the collateral the Fed has the Fed to be more transparent, Paul has urged his colleagues to accepted as protection against losses. exercise their constitutional duty to abolish the Fed. Aside from Bloomberg, CNN’s Lou Dobbs appears to be about Unfortunately, Congress instead has allowed itself to be stam- the only voice in the major media expressing outrage over the co- peded into giving the Fed even more power, which is why it has lossal transfer of wealth. On Lou Dobbs’ November 10 program, been able to get away thus far with its enormous secret lend- CNN’s Lisa Schiavone told Dobbs’ audience: “The Federal Re- ing program. As ThE NEw AmEricAN reported recently, the Fed serve tells CNN that about $1.5 trillion in loans have been issued and the secretary of the Treasury were unconstitutionally given by the Central Bank. It’s an extraordinary amount of money, con- broad new powers under the Emergency Economic Stabiliza- sidering the fact that in the summer of 2007, outstanding Fed loans tion Act of 2008: “Since last December, the Federal Reserve stood at $100 million. But out of concern for the reputations and has aggressively transformed itself from a mere central bank soundness of the institutions involved, the Fed will not report who into a lender of last resort for every niche in the financial sector, is getting the money now and what collateral they’re using.” expanding an already hypertrophied money supply by hundreds Belatedly, some members of Congress have jumped on board of billions of new dollars. Meanwhile, the Treasury secretary, the Bloomberg/CNN hold-the-Fed-accountable bandwagon. thanks to the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, “There cannot be accountability in government and in our fi- is poised to become a permanent financial czar, with emergency nancial institutions without transparency,” Texas Senator John powers that will likely remain on the books long after the cur- Cornyn said in a November 13 statement. “Many of the financial rent crisis has passed. In a word, we are witnessing a bloodless problems we are facing today are the direct result of too much coup, in which all remaining constitutional limits on the finan- secrecy and too little accountability.” Similarly, Rep. Walter B. cial powers of the federal government are being discarded in the Jones (R-N.C.) sent a letter on November 12 to Federal Reserve name of national emergency.” Chairman Ben Bernanke appealing for “transparency.” Congress is responsible for allowing this rampant pillaging “I strongly urge you to immediately reconsider your deci- of our economic system. Ultimately, that means the people will sion to deny the Bloomberg News request. The Federal Reserve have to put serious pressure on Congress to curtail and eliminate should know better than anyone that blocking transparency in those illicit powers — while we still have an economy. n 44 THE NEW AMERICAN • DECEMbER 8, 2008
  • 46. Featured ProdUctS The Creature From Jekyll Island Bastiat’s ‘The Law’ Want to know how money is used — and misused — by those in power? In The Creature This classic exposé of socialism and communism as “lawful plunder” From Jekyll Island, author G. Edward Griffin unmasks the secrets behind the manipula- explains the fundamental principles involved in determining the proper tion of our nation’s money supply by providing an insider’s look at how the Federal scope of government. Written at the time of the revolutions of 1848, it Reserve came into being and how it controls the value of the dollar. Wondering why debunks the socialist fallacies of that age and those that are widespread in we’re in such economic trouble? The Creature From Jekyll Island provides the unnerving our country today. (2001ed, 87pp, pb, $4.95) BKL answers. (2004ed, 608pp, pb, $22.95) TCFJI Take Your Money Back Dollars & $ense Carbon Dioxide How would repealing the federal income tax affect you? This Dollars & $ense, by John F. McManus, provides and the “Climate Crisis” powerful video answers that question and also suggests ave- an excellent tool for teaching Americans about Is the crisis a reality or an illusion? Find out in nues of action. It is being reproduced and distributed with the nature of money and inflation, and explains this investigative documentary by CO2 Science. the permission of Executive Producer Aaron Zelman. (2008, how to solve the problem. A must see given the (DVD: 2008, 53min, $19.95) dVdCdCC 10min, 1/$2.50; 2-4/$1.75 ea; 5-10/$1.50 ea; 11-20/$1.25 current economic crisis! (2008, 45min., 1/$1.00; ea; 21-50/$1.00 ea; 51-75/$.90 ea; 76-100/$0.80 ea; 101- 25/$20.00; 50/$37.50; 100/$70.00) dVddAS 500/$0.75 ea; 501+/$0.70 ea) dVdTYMB ✁ QuAnTITy TITlE PrICE ToTAl PrICE Name ______________________________________________________________ Address ____________________________________________________________ City _____________________________ State __________ Zip ________________ Phone ____________________________ E-mail ______________________________ ❑ Check ❑ ViSA ❑ Discover 000 0000 000 000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 ❑ Money Order ❑ MasterCard ❑ American Express VISA/MC/Discover Three Digit V-Code American Express Four Digit V-Code SUBTOTAL WI ReSIdenTS Add 5% SALeS TAx SHIPPIng/HAndLIng (See CHART BeLOW) TOTAL Make checks payable to: ShopJBS ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ # _________________________________________ Exp. Date ________________ For shipments outside the U.S., please call for rates. Signature ___________________________________________________________ Order Subtotal Standard Shipping Rush Shipping $0-10.99 $4.95 $9.95 Standard: 4-14 Mail completed form to: $11.00-19.99 $7.75 $12.75 business days. ShopJBS • P.O. BOX 8040 $20.00-49.99 $9.95 $14.95 Rush: 3-7 business APPLETON, WI 54912 $50.00-99.99 $13.75 $18.75 days, no P.O. Boxes, HI/AK add $10.00 Order Online: 1-800-342-6491 $100.00-149.99 $15.95 $20.95 $150.00+ call call Credit-card orders call toll-free now! 081208
  • 47. “’Tis our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world....” – George Washington (1796) “Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto.” – Thomas Jefferson (1799) “I deem [one of] the essential principles of our government [to be] peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none....” – Thomas Jefferson (1801) PRISM MANAGEMENT COMPANY, INCORPORATED PRISM: Any medium that resolves a seemingly simple matter into its elements Consultants and administrators Specializing in Tax Deductions for Dental Practices Post Office Box 7007 • Porter Ranch, CA 91327