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In the Shadows of Promise - The New American Magazine - 8-31-09.pdf


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  • 1. No State Sponsors, No Terror • Exposing the Green World Order • Sousa’s March of Greatness August 31, 2009 ThaT Freedom Shall NoT PeriSh $2.95 In the Shadows of Promise Evaluating Obama’s Campaign Pledges
  • 2. First Ten Amendments to the Constitution Article I. Congress shall make no law respect-ing an property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or taken for public use, without just compensation. abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a Article VI. In all criminal prosecutions the accused shall redress of grievances. enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, Article II. A well-regulated militia being necessary to the which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be shall not be infringed. confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtain-ing witnesses in his favor, and to have the assis- Article III. No soldier shall, in time of peace, be quartered tance of counsel for his defense. in any house, without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law. Article VII. In suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury Article IV. The right of the people to be secure in their shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury shall be otherwise persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches re-examined in any court of the United States, than according to the and seizures shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, rules of the common law. but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirma-tion, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or Article VIII. Excessive bail shall not be required, nor things to be seized. excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted. Article V. No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or Article IX. The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the people. the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put Article X. The powers not delegated to the United States by in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or the states respec-tively, or to the people. We at Dean Sellers Ford believe freedom of mobility is as fundamental as our Bill of Rights. See Dean Sellers Ford for your new freedom machine. 2600 Maple Rd., Troy, Michigan • (248) 643-7500•
  • 3. 10 vol. 25, No. 18 august 31, 2009 Cover Story Politics 10 in the shadows of Promise Design by Joseph W. Kelly by Thomas R. Eddlem — Evaluating Obama’s Campaign Pledges. FeatureS 17 terrorism 17 No state sponsors, No terror by William F. Jasper — For 30 years Iran has been the leading state sponsor of global terror — with Syria, Cuba, and North Korea as helpmates. But behind them have been the terror masters of the Soviet KGB, and its renamed successor, the Russian FSB. NatioNal iD 23 “Your Papers, Please!” by Becky Akers — Though REAL ID implementation stalled, its AP Images twin, PASS ID, seems to be gaining traction because the federal government is poised to fund the mandate. Book review 23 29 29 exposing the Green world order by James Perloff — Steve Milloy, the founder of, makes a case that Americans are on a “green” slide toward authoritarian regulations and pauperism. HistorY — Past aND PersPective 35 sousa’s march of Greatness by John White — John Philip Sousa’s entire life was devoted to music; hence, it is no surprise that his legacy in music lives on. tHe last worD 44 why is “cash for clunkers” called a success? 35 by Gary Benoit DepartmentS Library of Congress 5 letters to the editor 33 the Goodness of america 6 inside track 39 exercising the right 9 QuickQuotes 41 correction, Please! cover Design by Joseph W. Kelly
  • 4. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Publisher John F. McManus Editor carlin’s report The reader might find it very informative to actually read the well-referenced report. Gary Benoit isn’t science Senior Editor The August 3 issue of The New AmericAN end_comments_7b1.pdf He would see that William F. Jasper claimed that a report, purporting to show Carlin’s purpose was not to prove what Associate Editor that the Earth is not warming because of did or did not cause the Earth to warm in Kurt Williamsen CO2, by EPA research analyst Alan Carlin the 1990s; it was to warn the EPA of the was suppressed. I am very surprised people gross errors in IPCC pronouncements and Contributors think the Carlin report was “suppressed.” I to show that CO2 lagged in third place as Dennis J. Behreandt favor holding career government employ- a possible climate-forcing agent behind Christopher S. Bentley Steven J. DuBord ees to standards. On several other websites, ocean current oscillations and solar irra- Selwyn Duke people have documented that Alan Carlin’s diance. If the reader doesn’t think the re- Jodie Gilmore “report” was lifted, in many cases without port was suppressed, he might explain an Gregory A. Hession, J.D. attribution, from other blogs. He does not e-mail from Carlin’s superiors: “The time Ed Hiserodt rely on peer-reviewed, scientific literature for such discussion of fundamental issues William P. Hoar — something that the Bush OMB (more has passed for this round.” In other words, R. Cort Kirkwood specifically, the Office of Information and let us blindly follow the Gore and Han- Warren Mass Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. Regulatory Affairs under John Graham) sen strategy of decrying that “the debate Alan Scholl codified in guidance to all agencies and still is over.” And by the way, Ph.D. economist Ann Shibler remains in effect today. (See OMB circular (MIT) Carlin also has a degree in physics Liana Stanley A-4 and its guidance on peer review.) In- from arguably the toughest undergraduate Michael E. Telzrow deed, the Sensenbrenner Science Commit- school in the nation, Cal Tech. Joe Wolverton II, J.D. tee also issued a report in 1992 that argued Also, the reader is trying to refute evi- Editorial Assistant that regulatory agencies need to rely on dence of global cooling using temperatures Denise L. Behreandt peer-reviewed science. taken only from the month of June. June was So when an economist writes (or should indeed hot. The Weather Service in Little Art Director Joseph W. Kelly I say lifts) a report from nonpeer-reviewed Rock reported it 2.80oF above normal. July, sources, the EPA manager should just however, was 4.00oF below normal. The real Research let it go forward? Government agencies question is not temperature anomalies such as Bonnie M. Gillis shouldn’t have any scientific standards? that measured in June. Nor even the fact that Marketing Any career government employee should a network of 3,175 bathythermograph buoys Larry Greenley be permitted to write whatever they want have found that the heat content of the ocean and force other agency scientists to spend has been dropping for the last five years. The Public Relations Bill Hahn time (and our tax dollars) responding? You question is, “What is causing the fluctuation do not think career employees should be in global temperatures?” And more specifi- Advertising/Circulation held to standards? I am quite certain that cally, why are atmospheric and surface tem- Julie DuFrane any agency analyst can always find some- peratures going down when CO2 is increasing thing on a blog somewhere that supports at a higher-than-expected rate? — Ed. their point of view. Some comments on the online version of the article imply that fed- eral employees should be free to lift that correctioN: In the history article for blog material, put their office’s imprimatur August 17 entitled “Browning: One Printed in the U.S.A. • ISSN 0885-6540 on it, and then forward it to the work-group Man’s Impact,” we mistakenly said that P.O. Box 8040 • Appleton, WI 54912 920-749-3784 • 920-749-3785 (fax) that is responsible for the regulation (or is John Browning’s A-5 autoloading shot- that just for employees who don’t think cli- gun and a line of semiautomatic pistols mate change is a problem?). That of course created by him were gas-operated. Rates are $39 per year (Hawaii and Canada, would take valuable work time of other They were not. Each of these guns had add $9; foreign, add $27) or $22 for six months (Hawaii and Canada, add $4.50; foreign, add federal employees to respond. Maybe you a singularly unique method of ejecting a $13.50). Copyright ©2009 by American Opin- missed the recent release by the Department spent shell and reloading a new one — ion Publishing, Inc. Periodicals postage paid at of Commerce’s NOAA, but the combined more proof of Browning’s genius. Appleton, WI and additional mailing offices. Post- master: Send any address changes to The New ocean and land temp for this past month is AmericAN, P.O. Box 8040, Appleton, WI 54912. the second hottest on record (since 1880). Ocean temps have never been higher. Send your letters to: The New AmericAN, P.O. The New AmericAN is pub- lished biweekly by Ameri- See Box 8040, Appleton, WI 54912. Or e-mail: can Opinion Publishing ries2009/20090717_juneglobalstats.html. Due to vol- Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of The John Tom wAlls ume received, not all letters can be answered. Birch Society. submitted via e-mail Letters may be edited for space and clarity. Call 1-800-727-TRUE to subscribe today! 5
  • 5. Inside Track illegal immigrants likely covered Under Democrats’ Healthcare reform A recent study by the Federation for American Immigration Re- Nonetheless, Camarota form determined that healthcare reform would not have any real maintains that, at the very least, barriers against illegal immigrants enrolling in the taxpayer-fund- the healthcare plans now being ed public option, and that there would be no verification system to proposed on Capitol Hill would stop illegals from receiving credits to purchase private plans. almost certainly make things The Center for Immigration Studies has put the number of worse by allowing employers illegal immigrants who do not have health insurance at 7.25 mil- to force taxpayers to foot the lion. More than half of these — about four million — are prob- bill for their illegal employees’ ably employed, said Steven Camarota, a research director with healthcare. “Illegal immigra- the center. Camarota believes that it could cost anywhere from tion kind of looms as the 800- $8 billion to $12 billion annually to provide these illegal immi- pound gorilla,” Camarota said. grants with insurance coverage, but there are many variables in “The impact is really big.” This the equation. is because the reform proposals For one thing, Camarota’s estimate doesn’t include covering fail to admit there is a problem. “The legislation says illegal im- children. It also assumes all four million had no benefits from migrants are not supposed to get this plan, but it also guts any of their employers to begin with, which doesn’t take into account the mechanisms that would leave them out — typical Washington that some would have already received emergency-room treat- kind of thing.” ment at the public’s expense. Some of the four million would It is worth pointing out that while illegal immigrants are not likely be too afraid of being caught to enroll in an insurance plan, supposed to be covered by President Barack Obama’s reform pro- and some would actually be paying taxes, so they wouldn’t be posals, he always includes them when stating how many millions freeloading. of “Americans” are uninsured. Unemployment Up; Unemployment Figures Down The Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics’ official un- The answer can be found in the fact that more and more Ameri- employment rate actually shrunk from 9.5 percent to 9.4 percent, cans are leaving the job market entirely. The BLS explained: “The even though the U.S. economy lost an additional 247,000 jobs civilian labor force participation rate declined by 0.2 percentage in July. point in July to 65.5 percent.” American families are increasingly How can the job market shed nearly a quarter million jobs and deciding to go back to school or trying to make do on a single the jobless rate still be lower? income, according to statistics. clinton wields and Praises the international criminal court Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, speaking at a town It is likely that Secretary Clinton and the Obama administra- hall meeting at the University of Nairobi, Kenya, on August 6, tion are fond of the ICC because it can be used to threaten tin-pot said it was “a great regret but it is a fact” that the United States is dictators who don’t kowtow to Western elites. Even though the not a member of the International Criminal Court (ICC). “But we United States has never ratified the treaty, Clinton held the ICC have supported the court and continue to do so,” Clinton said. threateningly above the heads of Kenya’s leaders when telling The ICC was set them how to run their criminal justice program: “I have urged that up in 2002 as the the Kenyan government find the way forward themselves,” she world’s first per- said. “But if not, then the names turned over to the I.C.C. will be manent war-crimes opened, and an investigation will begin.” court, and claims The New York Times reported that Clinton was referring to a the authority to list of Kenyans that former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan try individuals for handed to the International Criminal Court in a sealed envelope in war crimes, crimes July. In other words, Kenya’s leaders will bow to mandates from against humanity, Westerners or Kenya’s leaders may find themselves before the and genocide. The ICC facing long prison sentences for various crimes. United States, Rus- The fact that Americans enjoy protections as a result of our AP Images Clinton in sia, China, and Israel Constitution does not alter the fact that U.S. ratification of the Nairobi have not ratified it. ICC treaty would threaten those guarantees. 6 THE NEW AMERICAN • AugusT 31, 2009
  • 6. obama’s “snitch line” violates the Federal Privacy act Earlier this month, the White House un- federal Privacy Act of 1974, which Con- veiled a new section of its website called gress passed in an attempt to avoid another “Reality Check,” which retails stale Nixon-style “enemies list.” Former judge Obama talking points on healthcare and and Fox News Channel commentator An- also included a snitch line for Obama drew Napolitano explained that the White supporters to inform the White House House has put itself into a legal conundrum on opponents of Obamacare. The snitch on this issue. “There’s also a statute that line, also unveiled on the White House requires the White House to retain all com- blog, asked: “Since we can’t keep track munications that it receives. It can’t try to of all of them here at the White House, rewrite history by pretending it didn’t re- we’re asking for your help. If you get an ceive anything,” Napolitano told Fox News email or see something on the web about on August 7. “If the White House deletes health insurance reform that seems fishy, anything, it violates one statute. If the White send it to” House collects data on the free speech, it vio- The obvious concern is that the new lates another statute.” snitch line will enable the Obama administration to build an The White House quietly took down their “enemies list,” just as Richard Nixon did during his stay in the snitch line at “Reality Check” over the August 8-9 weekend, but White House. the original snitch line message on the White House blog has not The problem with Obama’s snitch line is that it violates the been removed as of this writing. Healthcare reform Biased against seniors allocates medical care first to those who have not yet lived a “complete” life — however that is defined — prioritizing those who have the greatest potential to live a complete life in the fu- ture. He notes that “broad consensus favours adolescents over very young infants, and young adults over the very elderly peo- ple,” because “the complete lives system assumes that, although life-years are equally valuable to all, justice requires the fair dis- Obama, at a “town hall” meeting tribution of them.” with the American Association Dr. Goodman points out how this all fits with current reform AP Images of Retired Persons, tries to sell proposals. “Buried somewhere in the 1,000 plus pages” of Capi- seniors on his healthcare plan. tol Hill legislation “is a provision to severely limit what Medicare pays for CT and MRI scans performed in doctors’ offices. This Dr. John Goodman’s Health Policy Blog for July 22 makes would force elderly patients, for example, to go to the hospi- clear the harsh reality that the only way for President Barack tal for their radiology — where there are often lengthy waits.” Obama’s version of healthcare reform “to control health care The elderly, who frequently have difficulty with mobility, will be costs is to get doctors to provide less care — fewer tests, fewer stuck making another long and arduous trip to the hospital when procedures, fewer everything.” And who gets the least health- their needs could have been met in one visit to the doctor’s of- care of all? Senior citizens. fice. Some will put off or outright refuse this hassle that younger What is the basis for these allegations of biased healthcare ra- people are better able to endure. tioning? Dr. Goodman cites none other than White House health- USA Today reported on July 17 that many medical profession- care policy adviser Ezekiel Emanuel. “Allocation by age is not als are issuing stern warnings against a reduction in office-based invidious discrimination,” Emanuel wrote in the January 31 issue imaging. “It’s something that’s going to affect patients dearly, of the British medical journal The Lancet. “Even if 25-year-olds I’m afraid,” said Steven Harms, a radiologist at the Breast Center receive priority over 65-year-olds, everyone who is 65 years now of Northwest Arkansas. “There are a lot of small towns (where was previously 25 years.” So because everyone would get an equal doctors) are doing CTs and MRIs, and I don’t think they’re going chance to be favored when they are young, they would be equally to be able to stay in business.” discriminated against when they are old. “Treating 65-year-olds This is Obama’s vision for healthcare reform. Instead of undo- differently because of stereotypes or falsehoods would be ageist,” ing the managed-care system the government is responsible for Emanuel maintains, but “treating them differently because they and allowing the free market to compete at providing affordable, have already had more life-years is not.” quality care, Obama’s proposals would implement Emanuel’s Emanuel is advocating here the complete-lives system, which model of rationing. n 7
  • 7. Extended Inside Track obamacare shocker: send in the social workers T he proposed Obama government health- care bill has a government snitch net- work built into it, allowing social workers to gain access to your home under the pretext of checking on your new baby, or soon-to-be- born baby. It will result in many, many more children being taken from families by state Child Protective Services agencies. This is the fulfillment of a long-held dream by child protection Once into your home, they will look around and find some- agencies to gain access to homes, without first getting a report of thing, anything, to call “abuse” or “neglect.” Their jobs depend abuse or neglect, as currently required by law. Mandated visits to on it, and you can be sure that the managers will set quotas, which homes by government agents has been a favorite cause of Hillary will never be acknowledged. Then, they will open a case with a Clinton, and of the radical bureaucrats running the U.S. Admin- child protective services agency, and give you “services,” whether istration of Children and Families. you like it or not. In cases that they judge to be more serious, they This “home invasion” program is found on page 838 of the will likely ask their legal department to bring a court case and lengthy bill, in Section 1904, and it is called the “Home visitation possibly remove the children. programs for families with young children and families expecting This is a backdoor means of obtaining agreement to go around children.” The pretext on which the state agents would enter the the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and similar provi- home would be “to improve the well-being, health, and develop- sions in most state constitutions that prohibit entry into a home ment of children by enabling the establishment and expansion of without a search warrant. If you agree to having social workers high quality programs providing voluntary home visitation for enter your house, then you have waived your right to require a families with young children and families expecting children.” search warrant, which can only be authorized by a magistrate or It sounds pretty innocuous, but based on my 15 years of fighting judge on probable cause that a crime has or is being committed. these bureaucrats in court on behalf of innocent families, it can This part of the Obama healthcare bill is terrifying, and the be predicted that the way it will work in real life will be much numbers of children taken from families, as well as those who more sinister. will have to endure weekly or monthly visits from a social Visits from the bureaucrats are voluntary in theory. (However, so worker, would increase manyfold if this part of the bill were are income taxes.) Here is how it would work: after your first ap- to become law. This conclusion is not speculative, as it is the pointment with your OB/GYN to confirm a pregnancy, the doctor whole reason for mandating these visits to homes in the first would be required to report it to the leviathan healthcare bureaucra- place. If the child-services industry did not expect to kidnap cy. If you somehow fall through the cracks during the pregnancy, more children and to open many more administrative cases, the the birth hospital will do the honors of reporting you to the State. provision would not be there. n Then, chirpy social workers will show up at your house one day, — GreGory A. hessioN and pressure you to allow them to come “voluntarily” into your house. These people are so-called “mandated reporters,” who must The above article is the first installment in an online series by report any abuse or neglect, or potentially face fines and jail. Massachusetts attorney Gregory A. Hession, who specializes in Certain populations will be targeted for this “help,” and this family and constitutional law, examining various fine-print pro- should raise even more concern. Here is what the bill says: “The visions of the proposed 1,017-page Obama healthcare bill that State shall identify and prioritize serving communities that are in would deprive Americans of rights, or are of particular concern high need of such services, especially communities with a high owing to their likely intrusion on personal privacy or family au- proportion of low-income families or a high incidence of child tonomy. Please go to frequently to view maltreatment.” Translated, this means that poor and racial minority these articles, as well as other articles on the general subject of communities will be targeted, since they are more vulnerable and Obama’s healthcare plan. (These articles are grouped together they cannot as readily access legal muscle to repel the invaders. under “U.S. News” in the “Health Care” category.) 8 THE NEW AMERICAN • AugusT 31, 2009
  • 8. QuickQuotes President Doesn’t like opposition to His Healthcare Proposal “They are filling the airwaves and the Internet with outrageous false- hoods to scare people into opposing change. So we’ve got to get out there, fight lies with truth, and set the record straight.” In his August 5 message sent to supporters via the Internet, Barack Obama aimed some very strong accusations at activists who don’t want his government-mandated healthcare. White House Barack top British Diplomat sees His country in long afghan struggle Obama “We’re going to have a very long commitment. This is not just one year; this is going to be for decades. We’re going to help them get to a state in which they can ward off the return of Al Qaeda and the Taliban.” Speaking in Boston, Britain’s Ambassador to the United States Nigel Steinwald claimed that his coun- trymen were evenly divided about keeping forces in Afghanistan even as casualties mounted. He wants to Break Up the Fed “The Obama administration’s plan to increase the powers of the Federal Reserve, says one critic, is like giving a teenager a bigger, faster car right after he crashed the family station wagon.... What we need now is a debate about how to break up the Fed — and some of the sprawling financial institutions it supervises.” A visiting scholar at Harvard, Columbia University professor Amar Bhide is writing a book about the financial crisis. chinese official sends a warning about U.s. indebtedness “We sincerely hope the U.S. fiscal deficit will be reduced year after year. First and foremost our respon- sibility is the Chinese people, so of course we are concerned about the security of Chinese assets.” Speaking to reporters in Washington, Chinese Assistant Finance Minister Zhu Guangyao registered growing concern about the $801 billion in U.S. debt owned by China. a Black columnist scorches obama for His remark “Those who were shocked at President Obama’s cheap shot at the Cambridge police for being ‘stupid’ in arresting Henry Louis Gates must have been among those who let their wishes prevail over the obvious implications of Obama’s 20 years of association with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Anyone who can believe that Obama did not understand what the racist rants of Jeremiah Wright meant can believe anything.” Thomas Sowell Syndicated columnist Thomas Sowell wasn’t surprised that the president let his racism show in the aftermath of the confrontation. congressional report Blasts acorN “ACORN hides behind a paper wall of nonprofit corporate protec- tions to conceal a criminal conspiracy on the part of its directors, Newscom to launder federal money in order to pursue a political agenda and to manipulate the American electorate.” In a report commissioned by Representative Darrell Issa (R-Ca- lif.), the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform expressed outrage that ACORN could receive $8.5 billion in federal stimulus funds. House accedes to obama’s wish for abortion in D.c. “President Obama’s decision to force American taxpayers to foot the bill for abortions in the District of Columbia will cause the deaths of at least 1,000 more unborn children each year.” After the House acted favorably on the president’s budget request to repeal the Dornan Amendment, which has barred federal funding of abortion in the district for decades, Marjorie Dannenfelser of the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List lamented Congress’ callousness toward life and its misuse of taxpayer money. n — compiled by JohN F. mcmANus Call 1-800-727-TRUE to subscribe today! 9
  • 9. Politics In the Shadows of Promise Evaluating Obama’s Campaign Pledges by Thomas R. Eddlem aid money. But how has he done with House. Here is a review of these domestic the popular campaign promises he made policy promises in the categories of eth- P resident Barack Obama took office to middle America, the promises that got ics, transparency in government, and fiscal with an extraordinary set of prom- him elected? Candidate Obama pledged responsibility, along with an assessment of ises as a candidate. He has fulfilled to cut taxes for the middle class, lower how earnestly they were carried out. many of the promises to the left-wing base overall taxes, cut government spending, of his party, such as his executive order reduce the deficit, cut the cost of health- Thomas R. Eddlem, a freelance writer, served as the three days after he was inaugurated restor- care waste, eliminate most government John Birch Society’s director of research from 1991- ing the funding of abortions with foreign- secrecy, and reform ethics at the White 2000. 10 THE NEW AMERICAN • AugusT 31, 2009
  • 10. Ethics No lobbyists Funding His campaign the law that governs political activity, both Secretary Donovan also wrote letters to Promise: “I have done more than any because of political incentives not to use Brewer. “It was a thinly veiled threat,” other candidate in this race to take on lob- it and because of inadequate enforcement Kyl told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren. byists — and won. They have not funded mechanisms. As president, Barack Obama “And they combined that with some ads my campaign.” (Barack Obama, Speech in will issue an Executive Order banning the that the Democrat campaign committee Des Moines, Iowa, November 10, 2007) use of public office to further partisan ad- ran on their website, and so on.” Track Record: The independent vantage in political elections.” (“Taking Verdict: Outright Lie watchdog group found Back Our Government” pamphlet on Ba- that lobbyists had funded Obama’s Sen- Political appointees ate campaign, as well as his presidential Track Record: Obama issued an with close ties to industry campaign from the beginning. By the time “ethics” executive order, but it omitted Promise: “No political appointees in an Obama had made the statement above, it mention of banning use of the executive Obama Administration will be permitted was already false. Public Citizen had al- branch for partisan purposes. Partisan to work on regulations or contracts direct- ready listed nine different lobbyists who use of public office begins at the top in ly and substantially related to their prior had contributed to the Obama campaign, the Obama White House. Obama orches- employer for two years. A two-year ban in addition to “bundling” individual con- trated a partisan political pressure ma- will remove the incentive to employers to tributions averaging more than $100,000 neuver using his cabinet secretaries on provide some sort of financial incentive, each to Obama’s presidential campaign July 13, getting four cabinet secretaries such as [a] generous severance package, during 2007. During the 2008 campaign, to write on government stationery to Ari- to an employee leaving for a government Obama accepted bundled contributions zona Governor Janice Brewer to pressure job with an agency that regulates them.” of nearly one million dollars ($997,095) Republican Arizona Senator Jon Kyl to (“Taking Back Our Government” pam- from Goldman Sachs executives, the same stop criticizing Obama’s “stimulus” law. phlet on firm that received tens of billions in bail- Kyl had suggested on nationwide televi- Track Record: Obama broke this out funds through the TARP legislation sion days earlier that the “stimulus” bill promise within three days of taking office. Obama backed in September 2008. didn’t work and that all uncommitted He nominated former Raytheon lobbyist Obama later backtracked, claiming that projects from the “stimulus” bill ought to William Lynn as deputy secretary of de- lobbyists who funded him didn’t impact be stopped in order to prevent increasing fense on January 23. Raytheon is a major his decisions. Of course, this is the same the deficit further. Transportation Sec- military contractor for the Pentagon. Four claim all politicians who take money from retary Ray LaHood sarcastically wrote days later, Obama broke his promise lobbyists make. to Brewer, “If you prefer to forfeit the again. Obama nominated Goldman Sachs Verdict: Outright Lie money we are making available to your lobbyist Mark Patterson as chief of staff state, as Senator Kyl suggests, please let for Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner No more executive Branch me know.” Interior Secretary Ken Sala- on January 27. Goldman Sachs is a major electioneering zar wrote an almost identical line, except Wall Street bank holding company. After Promise: “Remove the use of public of- he omitted Kyl’s name: “If you prefer to that, everyone pretty much stopped keep- fice for partisan advantage: Public office forfeit the money we are making avail- ing count on how many times Obama should not be used to advance political in- able to Arizona, please let me know.” broke this promise. terests. Too often federal workers dismiss Agriculture Secretary Vilsack and HUD Verdict: Outright Lie Political arm twisting: Barack Obama promised he wouldn’t allow the use of political office for partisan political gamesmanship. But when Arizona Senate Republican Jon Kyl (left) publicly criticized Obama’s stimulus package, Obama had four cabinet- level Democrats, including Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood (right), write letters to Arizona’s governor, threatening to cut off stimulus funds to that state AP Images AP Images if the governor didn’t pressure Kyl to shut his mouth. 11
  • 11. Politics Transparency in Government legislative Five-day online limiting “state secrets” claims tion has invoked the state secrets privilege “sunlight” Pledge Promise: “It is no coincidence that the in three cases: Al Haramain Islamic Foun- Promise: “SUNLIGHT BEFORE SIGN- disastrous policies of the Bush-Cheney dation v. Obama, Mohammed v. Jeppesen ING: Too often bills are rushed through years have been accompanied by unprece- Dataplan, and Jewel v. NSA.” Senator Congress and to the president before the dented secrecy for the American people.... Russ Feingold, a fellow Democrat, gave public has the opportunity to review them. The administration has ignored public dis- Obama a “D” grade on “rule of law” is- As president, Barack Obama will not sign closure rules and has invoked a legal tool sues at that time, specifically mentioning any non-emergency bill without giving the known as the ‘state secrets’ privilege more the state-secrets claims. American public an opportunity to review than any other previous administration to Obama’s pledge to abandon “state se- and comment on the White House website get cases thrown out of civil court.... As crets” claims was not categorical, however, for five days. In addition to ensuring that president, Obama will restore the Ameri- as he noted on the same campaign website: the public has the ability to review legisla- can people’s trust in their government by “The Obama White House would invoke tion, the sunlight will help ensure that ear- making government more open and trans- its executive privilege to protect the confi- marks tucked into appropriations bills are parent.” (“Taking Back Our Government” dentiality of communications concerning exposed. (“Taking Back Our Government” pamphlet on national security and similar traditionally pamphlet on Track Record: Even though the presi- sensitive matters, not to withhold informa- Track Record: Obama hasn’t even tried dent used an executive order to instruct “all tion about private interests’ communica- to keep this promise. The New York Times members of his administration to operate tion on regulatory policy. There are com- observed on June 22, “Five months into under principles of openness, transparency munications that should be kept private his administration, Mr. Obama has signed and of engaging citizens with their govern- because disclosure could endanger the two dozen bills, but he has almost never ment,” President Obama has used “state public.” In each of the above cases, howev- waited five days. On the recent credit card secrets” claims with as much abandon as er, the suppression of evidence was related legislation, which included a controversial the Bush administration, and typically in to the torture of detainees, or the illegal measure to allow guns in national parks, the same kind of cases. and unconstitutional warrantless searches he waited just two.” ABC News reported on April 28 that “in that violated the Fourth Amendment of Verdict: Outright Lie the first 100 days, the Obama administra- the U.S. Constitution. In other words, the cases didn’t involve national se- curity, they involved the coverup of crimes against the U.S. Consti- tution. The “state secrets” claims also perfectly matched the same Bush administration policy Obama the people’s had nominally criticized during the president? Obama campaign. Glenn Greenwald of the promised that he liberal guessed at the would not sign true meaning of Obama’s pledge into law any non- on “state secrets” as early as Febru- emergency bill until constituents had ary 10: “Apparently, the operative five days to give word in that highlighted paragraph him their input. — unbeknownst to most people at (He is shown here the time — was ‘the Bush admin- reading one of istration,’ since the Obama admin- the 10 healthcare istration is now doing exactly that letters he is said to which, during the campaign, it de- read each day.) But fined as ‘The Problem,’ the only dif- President Obama ference being that it is now Obama, has rarely waited and not Bush, doing it.” Because five days. Obama’s promises weren’t categor- ical, they can’t be labeled outright lies. But they were clearly deliber- ately deceptive. Verdict: Deceit 12 THE NEW AMERICAN • AugusT 31, 2009
  • 12. photos documented rape and torture. Why did both Gibbs and Whitman use the pecu- liar phrase “the photos in question” to deny the allegation that American handlers had raped detainees? Because they needed a lawyerly way of claiming they hadn’t lied if it were exposed that such photos existed. The very next day (May 29) the Internet magazine Salon reported that U.S. Army Major General Antonio Taguba confirmed that the British newspaper’s account of his quote was accurate: “These pictures show torture, abuse, rape and every indecency.” Since Taguba had been the two-star gen- eral in command of the 2004 Abu Ghraib investigation, he was in a position to see AP Images all the suppressed photos. Once the existence of the photos was exposed and confirmed by the same U.S. Familiar fickle fate: Under President George W. Bush, the government had secret prisons, general who had conducted the Abu secretly committed torture, secretly monitored Americans, and more. Obama promised to change all this — to bring transparency to government. Evidence shows that Bush’s Ghraib investigation, all the White House approach of hiding what government does is largely still in effect. had to say was they were suppressing an entirely different set of photos from the public. Indeed, Taguba had told Salon he limiting claims of One of the more public examples was wasn’t sure if the photos he had described “executive Privilege” the suppression of torture photographs were among the set that the Obama admin- Promise: “The American people deserve to showing instances of abuse and rape of istration had been seeking to prevent from know what their government does and why. detainees at Abu Ghraib prison. One of public disclosure. Ours is an open government, and our abil- America’s own generals, recently retired However sneaky the deception was, ity to understand our government at work Major General Antonio Taguba, even ad- none of it involved an outright lie, because — the freedom of information we enjoy — mitted to the May 27 London Daily Tele- the Obama administration had claimed has been copied by other countries around graph that “these pictures show torture, during the campaign that “the Obama the world. The Freedom of Information Act abuse, rape and every indecency.” When White House would invoke its executive is a pillar of our open government. Unfor- America’s own generals confirm that the privilege to protect the confidentiality of tunately, in recent years our government photos document torture and rape, denying communications concerning national se- has failed to keep the American people in- it is a pretty tough task. curity and similar traditionally sensitive formed about what it was doing and why, But the Obama White House did deny matters.... There are communications that and it has refused to provide Americans it, even as they denied the public access should be kept private because disclosure with information they are entitled to by law. to the photographs. White House Press could endanger the public.” After the pho- Turning our tradition of free information Secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters at tos were suppressed, Obama argued that upside down, the Bush administration has a press briefing the next day that “the ar- publishing photos documenting what our instructed agencies to presume citizens are ticle is wrong and mischaracterizes the top general had already confirmed would not entitled to information unless they are photos that are in question.... None of have inflamed terrorists against Americans. willing to sue for it. Barack Obama would the photographs in question depict the It was a “national security” issue, Obama restore the tradition of free information by images described in the article. Again, I claimed, even though Islamic extremists issuing an Executive Order that information think if you do an even moderate Google already believed the worst about detention should be released unless an agency reason- search, you’re not going to find many of by Americans. Therefore, Obama’s prom- ably foresees harm to a protected interest.” these newspapers and truth within, say, 25 ises about “executive privilege” were not (“Taking Back Our Government” pamphlet words of each other.” The Pentagon came outright lies, but they were clearly delib- on out with another, almost identical, non- erately deceptive. Track Record: President Obama has categorical denial the same day. “None of Verdict: Deceit denied Americans access to information the photos in question depict the images even when they have sued to get it. And that are described in that article,” Pentagon No “signing statements” his spokesmen conspired to mislead the spokesman Bryan Whitman told the press that Undermine the law public about the nature of secrets with- on May 28. Promise: “Obama will sign legislation in held from the public under the “executive Gibbs and Whitman could instead have the light of day without attaching signing privilege” doctrine. simply issued a categorical denial that no statements that undermine the legislative Call 1-800-727-TRUE to subscribe today! 13
  • 13. Politics intent.” (“Taking Back Our Government” lations by directing the Executive to take laws resulted in a near-unanimous rebuke pamphlet on certain positions in negotiations or discus- (429-2 vote) by the U.S. House of Repre- Track Record: President Obama issued sions with international organizations and sentatives on July 9. And on July 21, four a signing statement doing just that on June foreign governments.” Therefore, Obama committee chairmen from Obama’s own 26, arguing that a bill that established lim- wrote, “I will not treat these provisions as Democratic Party wrote to the president its on how a $106 billion loan guarantee limiting my ability to engage in foreign saying they were “chagrined” by his sign- to the International Monetary Fund could diplomacy or negotiations.” Obama’s ar- ing statement and urging him to withdraw be issued “would interfere with my con- rogant attack on the legislature’s sole the assertion. stitutional authority to conduct foreign re- authority to appropriate funds and make Verdict: Outright Lie Fiscal Responsibility No middle-class tax increase of two weeks to break this promise, with ing a tax increase to pay for his healthcare Promise: “I can make a firm pledge: his signing of the “Children’s Health Insur- “reform” package. ( Under my plan, no family making less ance Program,” which doubled the taxes on “Fiscal” page) than $250,000 a year will see any form tobacco (which is mostly consumed by the Verdict: Outright Lie of tax increase, not your income tax, not poorer half of American society). Obama your payroll tax, not your capital gains has also pushed an $840 billion energy controlling the National Debt taxes, not any of your taxes.” (Candidate tax increase on all Americans from May Promise: “Under President Bush, the fed- Obama, at a campaign speech in Dover, through July under the American Clean eral debt has increased from $5.7 trillion New Hampshire, on September 11, 2008) Energy and Security Act of 2009. Obama to $8.8 trillion, an increase of more than 50 Track Record: A big part of the reason himself has said that the legislation, infor- percent.... Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s Obama won the election was his prom- mally known as “cap and trade,” would Record [is] … against Raising the Federal ise not to raise the taxes of middle-class necessarily “skyrocket” Americans’ util- Debt Limit: In 2006, Obama voted against Americans. But President Obama took all ity bills. He is also reputed to be consider- misguided Republican efforts to raise the statutory debt limit at the same time the Republicans were pushing through mas- sive debt-financed tax cuts for the wealthy.” (BarackO- “Fiscal” page) Track Record: The stat- utory debt limit under the Bush administration was raised to $11.3 trillion with passage of the TARP (Trou- bled Asset Relief Program) bailout as the Bush adminis- tration waned. Had Obama updated his campaign web- site after the September pas- sage of the TARP legisla- tion, he could have pointed out that the Bush record of fiscal responsibility had ac- tually gotten worse. Perhaps Obama didn’t point that out because he had changed sides on the debt issue and voted in favor of (and lobbied for) the TARP legislation increasing 14 THE NEW AMERICAN • AugusT 31, 2009
  • 14. Drowning in debt: Obama and Biden campaigned on a platform critical of raising the federal debt limit. This pledge was actually broken by Obama before he became president: he lobbied for Bush’s TARP legislation that raised the federal debt limit to $11.3 trillion. Now Obama plans AP Images large increases in the debt limit. the national debt limit. Once he became rious effort to control pork barrel spend- $800,000 to help keep animals off the run- president, Obama took all of four weeks ing. “While the number of specific proj- way. That’s even though they’ve reported to continue the Bush policy to increase ects declined by 12.5 percent, from 11,610 just one incident: a plane ran over a skunk the statutory debt level with his “stimu- in fiscal year 2008 to 10,160 in fiscal year in 1996. In Alaska, $15 million went to lus” bill, the so-called American Recovery 2009,” Citizens Against Government build a bigger, better airport for the town and Reinvestment Act of 2009. That bill, Waste reported in April, “the total tax dol- of Ouizinkie — population just 165. That’s which he signed February 13, increased lars spent to fund them increased by 14 roughly $90,000 dollars per resident.” the statutory debt limit to $12.1 trillion. percent, from $17.2 billion to $19.6 bil- • The Washington Times reported on Moreover, President Obama’s fiscal 2010 lion.” In Obama’s case, he’s transformed July 9 that “$16.1 million from the stimu- budget proposal calls for increasing the the whole nature of pork by making it an lus program is going to save the San Fran- national debt to $17.4 trillion by the time executive branch distribution. Obama’s cisco Bay area habitat of, among other he finishes his first term in 2013. Obama’s marquis legislation, the $787 billion things, the endangered salt marsh harvest budget calls for $500 billion or larger defi- American Recovery and Reinvestment mouse.” The area just happens to abut the cits every year into the indefinite future. Act (a.k.a. the “stimulus” law), is a prime congressional district of House Speaker In sum, Obama plans to add more to the example. Obama claimed in his June 23 Nancy Pelosi. national debt in four years than was added press conference that the “stimulus” had • Citizens Against Government Waste under Bush’s eight years. Obama clearly worked because “we know for a fact that reported a “stimulus” award in Democratic has no real plan for or interest in stemming states, for example, would have laid off a Senator Robert Byrd’s West Virginia: “Paul the wave of deficit spending the country lot more teachers, a lot more police offi- Turman, West Virginia’s assistant transpor- began under Bush, but his campaign litera- cers, a lot more firefighters, every single tation secretary, said the $21 million in ture wasn’t an explicit lie. He never made one of those individuals whose jobs were stimulus money will connect two unfin- any concrete promises about the debt. saved.” Of course, teacher and govern- ished stretches of the superhighway at the Obama’s language expressing apparent ment employee unions were among the midpoint of the route. The State Division concern about the public debt was mere key contributors to his presidential cam- of Highways said the money will create throw-away lines for a gullible public. paign. What “worked” was the political 60 jobs lasting between 18 and 24 months, Verdict: Deceit payback, and Obama brought pork dollars which works out to $175,000 in taxpayer back to his voters just as local No “Pork” Pledge and stimulus Bill congressmen try to bring pork Promise: “Cut Pork Barrel Spending: dollars back to their voters. A big part of the reason Obama won the Obama introduced and passed bipartisan The “stimulus” is loaded election was his promise not to raise the legislation that would require more disclo- with lots of more-obvious sure and transparency for special-interest pork barrel projects, of which taxes of middle-class Americans. But earmarks. Obama and Biden believe that these are a few of the flagrant President Obama took all of two weeks spending that cannot withstand public examples: scrutiny cannot be justified. Obama and • reported to break this promise, with his signing of Biden will slash earmarks to no greater $1.1 billion in “stimulus” the Children’s Health Insurance Program. than year 1994 levels and ensure all spend- funding for rural airports on ing decisions are open to the public. (Ba- July 13, including ridiculous He also pushed an $840 billion energy “Fiscal” page) appropriations such as: “Pur- tax increase on all Americans. Track Record: Obama has made no se- due University Airport got 15
  • 15. Politics would be increased costs, not cost savings. That’s several times the meaningless overall cost figure Obama put into his campaign lit- erature. As it stands in Congress right now, Obamacare would in- crease the deficit by at least $219 billion, assuming that the House version with its massive $581 billion tax increase on taxpay- ers is included in the measure. Obama’s “plan” on his campaign website listed no comprehensive numbers, other than the absurd $50-65 billion costs listed above. Currently, there is no healthcare plan from the Obama administra- AP Images tion or congressional Democrats under public discussion that would cut costs to the American a tax by any other name... Despite repeated promises to never raise taxes on any American who makes less than $250,000 a year, Obama doubled taxes on tobacco only two weeks after taking consumer. Every plan would in- office. Tobacco is mainly used by low- and middle-income Americans. crease the cost to the American consumers between $800 billion and $1 trillion through either debt dollars a year for each job created.” Senator budget proposal would increase spending or taxes. That’s an increase in cost to the av- Byrd is known inside the Washington, D.C., by a third and increase taxes by half before erage consumer of about $2,500, the same beltway as the “Prince of Pork” for his bil- the next presidential election. Even assum- figure he promised to cut. lions of dollars in pork earmarks. ing his unrealistically optimistic economic You simply can’t honestly claim to Obama’s pledge to cut pork didn’t come growth projections (already proven too add 47 million people to the government true. But just about every politician pledg- optimistic by the history of the past six healthcare rolls and then state you’ll cut es to cut it and doesn’t. The difference is months), Obama would keep government overall taxpayer costs through cutting that the president really can’t stop a deter- spending in the 22-23 percent range of “waste.” While it’s possible Obama could mined Congress in passing pork. Congress Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Obama have honestly mistaken some figures, will always have the power to slip some never even proposed, let alone fought for, there’s no way he could have honestly of its favorite pork into a must-pass bill. bringing taxes back to Reagan-era levels. promised the cost cuts he did and ended But Obama still wins a mark for “deceit” Verdict: Outright Lie up with the increased-cost plans currently for claiming he could fix it, as well as for under consideration by Congress. expanding it within the executive branch Healthcare-cost Promises Verdict: Outright Lie decision-making process. Promise: “Under the [healthcare] plan, *** Verdict: Deceit if you like your current health insurance, The initial tally of Obama’s honesty in nothing changes, except your costs will fulfilling his campaign promises to middle cut Government spending go down by as much as $2,500 per year.... America is eight outright lies and four in- Promise: “Obama’s plan will cut taxes Barack Obama will pay for his $50-$65 stances of deliberate deceit. That’s hardly overall, reducing revenues to below the billion health care reform effort by roll- an encouraging start for President Obama. levels that prevailed under Ronald Rea- ing back the Bush tax cuts for Americans Americans should remember his pledges gan (less than 18.2 percent of GDP). The earning more than $250,000 per year and and his poor honesty record. As the old Obama tax plan is a net tax cut — his tax retaining the estate tax at its 2009 level.” saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on relief for middle class families is larger ( “Health Care” page) you. Fool me twice, shame on me!” n than the revenue raised by his tax changes Track Record: for families over $250,000. Coupled with Obama’s healthcare his commitment to cut unnecessary spend- package would cost ing, Obama will pay for this tax relief at least $1 trillion in eXtra coPies availaBle while bringing down the budget deficit.” new spending over ➧ Additional copies of this issue of The ( “Taxes” page) 10 years, according New AmericAN are available at quantity- Track Record: While candidate Obama to the Congressional discount prices. To place your order, visit promised overall spending cuts and lower Budget Office. Most or see the card between tax revenues, President Obama’s fiscal 2010 or all of that figure pages 34-35. 16 THE NEW AMERICAN • AugusT 31, 2009
  • 16. terrorism No State Sponsors, No Terror For 30 years Iran has been the leading state sponsor of global terror — with Syria, Cuba, and North Korea as helpmates. But behind them have been the terror masters of the Soviet KGB, and its renamed successor, the Russian FSB. by William F. Jasper photos, or issue audio or video recordings terrorist acts ranging from the car bomb- to Al Jazeerah media outlets. He rarely ings of the Israeli embassy and the Jewish “All warfare is based on deception.” broke cover, was always on the move, and cultural center in Argentina in the early — The Art of War, by Sun Tzu, reportedly never slept in the same bed two 1990s, to the World Trade Center bomb- Chinese General, military strategist nights in a row. Only a few photographs ing of 1993; the Khobar Towers suicide (sixth century B.C.) of him are known to exist despite his hav- bombing in Saudi Arabia in 1996; the U.S. ing cut an unparalleled swath of terror embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanza- I t was late in the evening of February over the previous 25 years. Yet he was at nia in 1998; the 2000 suicide attack on the 12, 2008 when the bearded, pudgy, the apex of the global terrorist pyramid, USS Cole in Aden, Yemen; and the 9/11 middle-aged man left a meeting at sitting with bin Laden on the super-secret attacks in 2001. The 9/11 Commission an Iranian school in the quiet Kfar Suseh Committee of Three. Report’s references (pages 240-241) to “a neighborhood of Damascus, Syria, and Imad Mugniyeh burst onto the interna- senior Hezbollah operative” shepherding walked to his car, which was parked on the tional terrorist scene in 1983 with a series the future 9/11 hijackers in and out of Iran street. No sooner had he climbed into his of spectacular, deadly bombings aimed at refer to Mugniyeh, say inside sources. Mitsubishi Pajero than the vehicle erupted driving U.S. forces out of Lebanon. At the Osama bin Laden spoke admiringly of in a mighty blast, killing him instantly. A time he was a mere 20 years old, but was Mugniyeh’s lethal handiwork and in 1993 few hours later, consumers of the morning already a veteran of many terrorist actions. met with Mugniyeh in Khartoum, Sudan, news learned the identity of the car-bomb The 1983 Beirut suicide bombings includ- to form a working alliance. That historic victim. It was none other than the elu- ed the April 18 U.S. Embassy (63 killed); meeting was brokered by Ali Mohamed, sive Hezbollah terror master, Imad Fayez the October 23 U.S. Marine barracks (241 bin Laden’s master spy/double agent in- Mugniyeh, one of the most hunted — and killed); and the October 23 French para- side the FBI, whose story is told in rivet- most dangerous — men on the planet. trooper barracks (58 killed). A litany of ing detail in Peter Lance’s newly released Unlike his better-known terrorist col- bombings, hijackings, kidnappings, and Triple Cross (reviewed in The New Amer- leagues, Osama bin Laden and Ayman assassinations followed, with an ever in- icAN, August 17, 2009). al-Zawahiri, Mugniyeh shunned public- creasing body count. He has been credited The question that dominated the news ity. He didn’t give interviews, pose for with masterminding and/or participating in headlines and the blogosphere in the im- Call 1-800-727-TRUE to subscribe today! 17
  • 17. terrorism mediate aftermath of Mugni- sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, yeh’s assassination was: who Hezbollah’s general secretary, did it? No one claimed credit shown here broadcast on a giant for the deed. The most likely screen in Beirut, with an image suspect, and the one most of slain Hezbollah terrorist Imad often cited, was the Israeli Mugniyeh over his shoulder. Mossad. Some pointed to the CIA (and/or the FBI, which had placed a $5 million boun- and other wanted terrorists. ty on Mugniyeh). Some sug- And Hezbollah, mimicking its gested a joint Mossad/CIA masters, has voiced the same operation. However, some in absurd denials. “For its part, the Islamic world pointed to Hezbollah has consistently intelligence agencies of Arab denied the existence of any nations that had their own relationship with Mugniyeh, reasons for wanting to “take direct or indirect,” notes Judith out” Mugniyeh. Considerable Palmer Harik in her 2005 book suspicion in the Arab-world Hezbollah: The Changing press focused also on Syria Face of Terrorism. “As a mat- as the perpetrator, while some ter of record,” she continues, speculated that Iran might “from the time of the party’s even be responsible. It was inception, all Hezbollah offi- reported in some press and in- cials have emphatically denied telligence blog accounts that ever knowing a person by the on the night of his execution name of Imad Mugniyeh.” But AP Images by car bomb, Mugniyeh had as Harik points out, it is “im- just concluded a meeting with possible for any member of Hamas leaders, Syrian intel- Hezbollah’s present leadership ligence officials, and Iran’s new ambas- though it would seem the preponderance of to deny knowing Mugniyeh, since all of sador to Damascus, on the occasion of the evidence points toward Tel Aviv. But a far them are known to have been intimately in- 29th anniversary of the Iranian revolution more important question than who killed volved with the day-to-day functions of the (February 12, 1979). And the meeting at Imad Mugniyeh is: who was he working Baalbek training camps,” where Mugniyeh the school was but a short distance from for? Terrorism is a form of warfare, the played a major role in preparing terrorist a Syrian intelligence center in Syria’s ultimate in asymmetric, unconventional cadres for their deadly trade. tightly controlled police-state. warfare. And to it, Sun Tzu’s maxim that However, at Mugniyeh’s funeral, all As the most notorious operational leader “all warfare is based on deception” applies those who had been denying connec- of Hezbollah, with whom Israel has battled in spades. Terrorists do not wear uniforms, tions to him for years — Hezbollah, Iran, for decades, Mugniyeh was, understand- carry their banners openly, fight on the Syria — let their masks fall (partially) to ably, a prime target for the Mossad. He open battlefield, or directly confront the claim him as their own and eulogize him has also been a major thorn in the sides military of their adversaries; their entire as a martyr. Iranian President Mahmoud of Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Egypt, and modus operandi is one of secrecy, stealth, Ahmadinejad eulogized him as “an out- Saudi Arabia, all of which had good rea- and deception, especially in this age of standing leader from Hizballah.” Iran’s sons for wanting him dead. But Syria and satellite surveillance, computer data min- Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Iran? They were his longtime sponsors. ing, and pervasive electronic eavesdrop- praised him as “an example for the young Precisely. And as some terrorism experts ping. They are particularly conscious of generation to follow.” Lebanese Hezbol- have argued (Kenneth Timmerman, for protecting their subterranean networks lah’s General Secretary, Sheikh Hassan one), Tehran and Damascus have been anx- and concealing all trails that might lead Nasrallah, used Mugniyeh’s funeral to ious that Mugniyeh’s ties to 9/11 and other back to their state sponsors. And their state threaten a retaliatory all-out war against terror acts may be used by Washington to sponsors, mindful of the global reach of Israel. “With this murder, its timing, loca- justify military attacks on Iran and Syria. assassin teams and GPS-guided precision tion and method — Zionists, if you want missiles, are even more highly motivated this kind of open war, let the whole world whose man was He? to maintain “plausible deniability” by listen: Let this war be open!” So, did Mugniyeh’s death represent a vic- structuring their ties to terrorists through The deception regarding Mugniyeh is tory by Israel, the United States, or an Arab several layers of surrogates. duplicated again with regard to Hezbol- state over a longtime, implacable foe? Or Thus we have witnessed for years an lah’s ties to terror, as well as its crucial was it a clean-up operation by Syria or ongoing charade in which Iran and Syria ties to Damascus and Tehran. According to Iran? This writer does not claim to know, have claimed to have no ties to Mugniyeh its leaders, as well as its many advocates 18 THE NEW AMERICAN • AugusT 31, 2009
  • 18. in the press, academe, and the United Na- nection to Black September and tions, Hezbollah (in Arabic, the Party of theatrically condemned their God — sometimes spelled Hizbullah or actions, while privately con- Mugniyeh shunned publicity. Only a few Hizb’Allah) is not a terrorist group at all, gratulating his terrorist minions pictures of him are known to exist despite but instead a social welfare, charitable or- for mayhem well done. Black his having cut an unparalleled swath of ganization, providing food, schooling, and September was purely Arafat’s medical care to the poor and downtrodden. operation, just as he, in turn, terror over the previous 25 years. Yet he Swedish terrorist expert Magnus Ranstorp was the deniable asset of com- was at the apex of the global terrorist notes it is perfectly understandable that the munist Romania’s intelligence terrorists and their state sponsors would lie service, the DIE, which, in turn, pyramid, sitting with bin Laden on the about their actions, intentions, and con- was the deniable cat’s paw of super-secret Committee of Three. nections. “Less understandable,” he says, the Soviet KGB. “are the many academics who allowed This process of deception themselves to be misled about Hezbol- and deniability was perfected by the So- S. Cline and Yonah Alexander, KGB: The lah’s clandestine wing and its use by Iran viet Union as it launched successive waves Secret Work of Soviet Agents by John Bar- and, at times, Syria…. They preferred to of terror in the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s. The ron, and Red Horizons by Ion Mihai Pace- believe that Hezbollah could not possibly Kremlin’s hands were usually well hid- pa — made it impossible for reasonable harbor a secret structure involved in terror- den, its KGB and GRU handlers working people to continue ignoring the elephant ism, when its above-the-board operations through their subsidiary Czech, East Ger- under the doily. What became strikingly — social, political and military — were so man, Bulgarian, or Romanian intelligence clear was that there wasn’t a single signifi- effective and (according to some) so noble services, which, in turn, operated through cant terrorist group that could legitimately and legitimate. And so Hezbollah was al- Libya, Yemen, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and claim to be independent and self sufficient; lowed to have its cake and eat it too.” North Korea, whose agents, in turn, inter- all relied on the intricate Soviet-directed faced directly with the terrorists: the Red network for arms, explosives, communica- Deniable assets Brigades, the Baader-Meinhof, the PLO, tions, training, intelligence, funding, sanc- Much the same can be said for PLO-Fatah PFLP, IRA, FMLN, etc. Yet, so massive and tuary, passports, identification papers, and and Hamas, as well; their apologists in the extensive was the global terror war that the much more. media, academia, and influential policy accumulated evidence of Moscow’s direc- Without state sponsorship terrorism circles claim they are no longer terrorists tion of the entire effort became overwhelm- would wither and die. Thus, any genuine (some insist they never were). At any rate, ing, despite all attempts to conceal it. effort aimed at eradicating terrorism must they have transformed (or are in the pro- Studies in the 1970s and ’80s — such confront the ultimate state sponsors. Oth- cess of transforming) into legitimate po- as The Terror Network by Claire Sterling, erwise one will be reduced to ineffectually litical groups. Any terrorist acts attributed Terrorism: The Soviet Connection by Ray striking at branches instead of the root, to them, say the apologists, are actually the work of “rogue elements,” shadowy “splinter groups,” or mysterious groups of unknown origin and makeup. This phenomenon is nothing new; Yassir Arafat, the Crown Prince of modern terror- ism, proved himself the master of deception in this regard with his creation of the ulti- mate ruse in “plausible deniability”: Black September. It is now an established fact (though still not sufficiently well known) that the Black September terrorist group, which carried out the Munich Massacre at the 1972 Olympics and other terrorist acts, was created and controlled by Arafat as a “deniable asset” to perform dirty deeds for which he did not want to be held account- able. Arafat publicly disavowed any con- Nuclear comrades: Russian Atomic Agency Chief Sergei Kiriyenk (left) and Iranian Vice AP Images President Gholamreza Aghazadeh at a February 25, 2009 press conference for the launch of Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant. 19
  • 19. terrorism — tanks, rockets, fighter Front for the Liberation of Somalia (DFLS). As Harik points out, it is “impossible for any jets, small arms, explo- It later also became a base for Islamo-Le- sives, radar, communi- ninist groups (both Shia and Sunni) such as member of Hezbollah’s present leadership cations equipment — in Hezbollah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), to deny knowing Mugniyeh, since all of them addition to thousands of Hamas (Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal has military and intelligence lived in Damascus since 1999, along with are known to have been intimately involved personnel, from Cuba, other top Hamas leaders), and the Al-Aqsa with the day-to-day functions of the Baalbek Bulgaria, Czechoslova- Martyrs Brigades, while an even broader kia, North Korea, and assortment of terrorists has been trained training camps,” where Mugniyeh played a East Germany, as well (and is being trained currently) at Syria’s major role in preparing terrorist cadres for as the Soviet Union. By terror camps in Lebanon. mid-1980, more than 500 In its 2006 Lebanon incursion, Israel’s their deadly trade. KGB advisers were train- vaunted armor columns took surprising ing Syrian intelligence casualties from Hezbollah forces equipped or to use another analogy, wasting one’s officers at a base near Damascus. with sophisticated armor-piercing, laser- energy and resources putting out endless Syria quickly became a key base for guided, anti-tank missiles from Russia — fires, rather than arresting the arsonists. avowed Marxist-Leninist terrorist groups by way of Syria. In one overrun Hezbollah such as the Palestine Liberation Organiza- position, Israeli forces captured a cache of evil twins: syria and iran tion (PLO), the Popular Front for the Lib- Russia’s top-of-the-line Komet missiles. When it comes to state sponsors of terrorism eration of Palestine (PFLP), the Popular The label on each missile read: “Cus- Syria and Iran are the evil twins: commu- Front for the Liberation of Palestine-Gen- tomer: Ministry of Defence of Syria. Sup- nists and Khomeinists. Although Damas- eral Command (PFLP-GC), the Armenian plier: KBP, Tula, Russia.” This and other cus has been in the terror business longer, Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia evidence belied Syria’s continued denials it has been surpassed by Tehran, with its (ASALA), the Popular Front for the Libera- that it was involved in the Lebanon terror. new brand of Islamo-Leninism, a blend of tion of Oman (PFLO), and the Democratic Although Hafez al-Assad’s Baathist Marx and Mohammed. Syria regime in Syria had a nine- is still run by the communist year head start in the Soviet- Baath Party, which took over in sponsored terror business, iran’s terror chief, Dr. a coup d’état in 1966. In 1970, Mahdi Chamran (left) Ayatollah Khomeini’s Islamic Syrian Air Force officer Hafez speaks with President Republic of Iran would soon al-Assad, who had been trained Ahmadinejad (right) eclipse him. The overthrow of in the Soviet Union, took over during a session of Shah Pahlavi by Soviet-backed in an intra-party coup. He was parliament in August street radicals and the Carter to rule with the proverbial iron 2005. Chamran administration in 1979 was a fist for the next 30 years, until oversees the global seismic shift of epic magni- his death in 2000. At which terror operations tude. Iran was flipped, virtu- point, in a fashion similar to the of Hezbollah ally overnight, from being the International. Kim Il Sung communist mon- most pro-Western, most mod- archy in North Korea, Hafez erate Islamic power in the re- passed on the throne to his son, gion, and a critical roadblock Bashar al-Assad. Hafez al-As- to Soviet regional hegemony, sad quickly established him- to a force for global revolution self as Moscow’s most loyal and terror. Khomeini’s militant ally in the Middle East. So fusion of Marx and Moham- much so that Soviet boss Le- med would resonate with mil- onid Brezhnev, in his keynote lions of Muslims who could address to the 25th Congress not accept the secular social- of the Communist Party of the ist tenets of the region’s other Soviet Union in 1976, praised Soviet client-states: Syria, Syria’s Baathist regime and Libya, and Iraq. Khomeiniism declared that the two countries was the perfect made-to-order “act in concert in many inter- fit for the Andropov Paradigm: national problems, above all in the plan to craft and promote the Middle East.” a radicalized, Leninist form In the 1970s, the Soviet of Islam to infect millions of AP Images Union began shipping Assad Muslims worldwide with fa- huge amounts of war materiel natical anti-American hatred. 20 THE NEW AMERICAN • AugusT 31, 2009
  • 20. Yuri Andropov (head of the KGB,1967- iraqi suicide bomber 1982, and head of the Soviet Union, 1982- Sajida Mubarek Atrous 1984) assured Romania’s spymaster, Gen- al-Rishawi was sent as a eral Ion Mihai Pacepa, that “the Islamic human bomb to attack a world was a waiting petri dish in which we hotel in Amman, Jordan, could nurture a virulent strain of Amer- in November 2005, but her belt failed to detonate. ica-hatred, grown from the bacterium of Marxist-Leninist thought…. Their illiter- ate, oppressed mobs could be whipped up to a fever pitch.” Ayatollah Khomeini fulfilled Androp- ov’s wildest dreams. Upon taking over in Iran, the Ayatollah affixed the label of “the Great Satan” to the United States. The So- viet Union was viciously persecuting the Muslims of neighboring Azerbaijan, Turk- menistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyr- gyzstan, and Tajikistan (and would soon AP Images invade Afghanistan), but Khomeini insisted that Muslims see the United States, not the Soviet Union, as Satanic. When Russia later invaded Chechnya and slaughtered Mus- lah, Hamas, Islamic Change Movement, al-Jihad al-Islami, or MJI) in Moscow. lims by the tens of thousands, Khomeini’s Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Popular Front Salame’s Moscow MJI unit provides the successors in Tehran gave tacit approval, for the Liberation of Palestine, and the crucial interface with Russia’s FSB and thereby blunting expressions of outrage by Popular Front for the Liberation of Pal- GRU for arranging the transfer of arms other Islamic countries. estine-General Command. The summit and other critical materials from Russia, Training terrorists became a primary concluded with creation of a Shia-Sunni Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, order of business for Khomeini, and terror Hezbollah International, headed by a Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Bulgaria, Ro- camps at Manzarieh Park in Tehran, Marv- Committee of Three: Imad Mugniyeh mania, and the Balkans. dasht camp near Persepolis, Bushehr air (Hezbollah, Shia), Osama bin Laden (al- Clearly, Russia is the ultimate state base, and Dowshan Tappeh air base were Qaeda, Sunni), and Ahmad Salah (Egyp- sponsor of terrorism; Iran, Syria, North soon set up with communist instructors tian Islamic Jihad, Sunni). Korea, Cuba, Kosovo, Lebanon, and other from North Korea, Vietnam, Bulgaria, and Sitting above HI’s Committee of Three terrorist facilitators are merely proxies. East Germany. These were joined by over is Dr. Mahdi Chamran, chief of Iranian Putin and the current rulers of the Krem- 300 Farsi-speaking KGB officers from the external intelligence, head of international lin are continuing the “Islamic” terror op- Soviet Union. The modern wave of suicide terrorism, and mayor of Tehran. Mahdi and tion outlined by Andropov more than three bombing was about to begin, thanks to his brother Mostafa (killed in 1981) were decades ago, as KGB defector Anatoliy these foreign trainers, who fortified their communist radicals at California universi- Golitsyn has repeatedly warned. “U.S. expertise in traditional brainwashing tech- ties in the 1960s, where they created “Red policy makers have recklessly accepted niques with new advances in mind-control Shiism,” a fusion of Marx and Moham- the premise that Russia and China are no drugs. The man who developed the Ayatol- med. Among Khomeini’s earliest acolytes, longer their enemies, but are rather po- lah’s pharmaceutical “martyr” program is the Chamrans got in on the ground floor tential allies and partners fully deserving Dr. Aziz al-Abub (real name, Ibrahim al- of the Iranian revolution. Mahdi Chamran, U.S. support,” Golitsyn wrote in his 1990 Nahdhir), a psychiatrist who was trained who holds a Ph.D. in nuclear physics, also book The Perestroika Deception. “Only at the Soviet Union’s KGB-run People’s has been in charge of Iran’s nuclear devel- countries like Iran, Iraq and North Korea Friendship University and schooled by opment program from the start, where he — which (ironically, in this context) work the notorious terrorist Abu Nidal. Aziz works closely with the Russian, Chinese, secretly with Russia and China — are still al-Abub became a founder of the Iranian and North Korean scientists and techni- considered potential adversaries.” Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and cians who are building Iran’s nuclear fa- All of which should call to mind Sun the Iranian-directed Hezbollah; he remains cilities and missile program. Of course, Tzu’s sober comment in The Art of War: “It a key player in their terror program. his Hezbollah International work requires is said that if you know your enemies and In June 1996, Iran marked a new mile- him to work closely with the intelligence know yourself, you will not be imperiled stone in the global terror war with the services of those three countries as well. in a hundred battles; if you do not know launch of Hezbollah International (HI), to To keep things rolling on that score, one your enemies but do know yourself, you be a central command uniting both Shia of Chamran’s most important assets is will win one and lose one; if you do not and Sunni Islamists. A secret summit was Imad Hadj Hassan Salame, who heads know your enemies nor yourself, you will attended by leaders of al-Qaeda, Hezbol- the HI special operations unit (Muntamat be imperiled in every single battle.” n Call 1-800-727-TRUE to subscribe today! 21
  • 21. Scott Farm Founded 1880 ding Fee a Am eric OFFICe • 701-869-2446 FACSImIle • 701-869-2829 The John W. Scott Farm P.O. BOx 186 GIlBy, NORTH DAkOTA 58235 JOHN W. SCOTT • JACk SCOTT emAIl • To what avail the plow or sail or land or life if freedom fail?
  • 22. NatioNal iD “ Your Papers, Please!” though real iD implementation stalled, its twin, Pass iD, seems to be gaining traction because the federal government is poised to fund the mandate. by Becky Akers rebelled against a federal edict that estab- databases”). Nevertheless, the last time a lishes a key component of such tyrannies: federal outrage generated this much fury, N ot long ago, Americans feared and the national ID card. Northerners and Southerners went to war. ridiculed the police states cursing Congress passed the REAL ID Act in And an outrage it is. By whatever name, too many parts of the world. We 2005 as a rider on a bill handing more of this legislation puts your driver’s license worried that they might one day conquer our money to the military. There was no on speed, ramping it up into a national us despite their poverty and general mis- debate about either the concept of a na- ID. It dramatically increases the personal ery even as we mocked their totalitarian tional ID or the details of implementing information your license contains, the tactics — especially their “Papers, please” it — including the astronomical costs of number of bureaucrats who can access mentality. Indeed, being forced to prove forcing states to convert the driver’s li- that data, and the circumstances when the one’s identity to a bureaucrat on demand, censes they issue into national ID cards. government will not only scrutinize your having to carry and produce documents That expense may explain the fiery ID but then decide whether you may pro- with personal information for his approval opposition REAL ID sparked — opposi- ceed with your business — or not. — or condemnation — seemed especially tion unprecedented in our lifetime. Some Though REAL ID wasn’t and PASS ID horrifying. One of our classic films, Casa- states forbade their bureaucracies to com- isn’t explicit about embedding a tracking blanca, revolved around the deadly hassles ply with REAL ID while others officially chip or including biometric data such as of obtaining or forging such papers under denounced the legislation. fingerprints or retinal scans in licenses, the Nazis; episodes of Mission Impossible it’s likely both would occur sooner rather in the 1960s often featured the same de- Feds Firing Back than later. And you’ll be flashing your card tail as American agents outwitted sinister But the feds haven’t surrendered. Instead, so much you’ll probably wear it around Slavic tyrants. they’ve drafted virtually identical legisla- your neck rather than dig it out of your What tragic irony, then, that the U.S. tion under an alias — “Providing for Ad- wallet: the feds will inspect it each time government increasingly compels us to ditional Security in States’ Identification you so much as enter a location under identify ourselves. And it’s an even greater Act of 2009” (PASS ID) — with one dif- their jurisdiction, including courthouses tragedy that this command no longer ter- ference: states keep more of the taxes they and airports. You’ll have to show it to open rifies Americans, let alone goads them to extort from us (or, as Government Tech- a bank account as well. That custom will protest. nology puts it, PASS ID “reduc[es] costs doubtless spread to all financial transac- Until now. While the president and by providing greater flexibility for states tions, even the most picayune, as Ameri- his cronies push the country toward full- to meet federal requirements by eliminat- cans become inured to the constant order, fledged fascism, state legislatures have ing fees associated with the use of existing “Papers, please.” 23
  • 23. NatioNal iD No wonder REAL ID provoked rebellion. But little of it was grass- roots: except for members of or- ganizations like the John Birch Society or Campaign for Liberty, most folks still know very little about REAL ID or PASS ID and care even less; a few actually ap- plaud a national ID because the government claims it fights ter- rorism. Rather, organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union and the Electronic Fron- tier Foundation (which “defend[s] your rights in the digital world”) led the charge. Joining them were the governors of various states in a nigh revolutionary stand-off with AP Images the feds. That’s even more remark- able when we consider Washing- ton, D.C.’s countless other anti- Don’t leave home without it: The proposed national ID in the PASS ID legislation would function much constitutional incursions over the the same as the NEXUS ID, with embedded RFID technology that can be read by machines from a last hundred years, most of which distance, used at U.S. borders for prescreened travelers. Using this prototype would allow the government eviscerated states’ sovereignty to track us wherever we go. just as much as if not more than REAL ID does. Yet it was REAL ID — well as the plunder from concomitant fees president and CEO of the American Asso- not affirmative action and its contempt for and fines, is so vast that no one knows ciation of Motor Vehicle Administrators freedom of association, nor environmental the actual amount. That’s partly because in 2006, frankly admitted that “each state regulations that gut property rights, nor the governments conceal their profits lest big- agency has looked at DMVs as revenue massacres at Waco and Ruby Ridge — that ger, badder governments steal from them generators — ‘Come in and pay taxes and finally galvanized states to defy the federal what they stole from us: municipalities give us money.’” The driver’s licenses and Frankenstein. often hide how much they extract in traf- plates those DMVs dispense also enable Why? Most of the governors opposed fic tickets for fear their state will demand officials to track us to a billing address, no to REAL ID cited two reasons. They pro- a bigger cut. So even in our computerized matter how flawed the issuing cop’s judg- fessed concern about our vanishing lib- age with its sophisticated methods of ac- ment, regardless of how we disagree with erty — a concern strangely missing from counting, no one knows how much tickets his assessment of our speed or the length their acceptance of other unconstitutional alone filch from us. The National Motor- of time we paused at a stop sign. mandates, as well as their own tyranni- ists Association estimates the amount at cal decrees. They also complained about somewhere between $3.75 and $7.5 bil- Paternal regulations its cost, which conservative estimates put lion annually — and that excludes parking Licensing’s other purpose is the control it somewhere around $23 billion. Yet D.C.’s tickets. Now add fees for car registration, grants rulers. There’s a reason licenses are dictators impose plenty of other unfunded driver’s licenses, license plates, title certif- also known as “permits”: what the govern- mandates on states, and while governors icates, and inspections, as well as the taxes ment permits one day it may prohibit the complain, they don’t rebel. that encumber all things automotive (sales next. Wielding the power to deprive a man Still, money likely motivated their mu- of cars, insurance, gasoline, and parking), of his livelihood or his ability to travel tiny. For one thing, the National Gover- to say nothing of parking meters and tolls. keeps him obedient and cringing. nors Association likes PASS ID because it (Newsday reported that New York City If that doesn’t inspire us to question believes the feds have learned their lesson alone collected 126 million tolls solely for government’s licensing of drivers, perhaps and will put the dollars where their bill crossing to and from the island of Manhat- the system’s inherent insult will. Licens- is this time. For another, states resented tan in 2006; these ranged from a couple ing implies that we are silly children eager spending billions on REAL ID’s outlay, dollars for motorcycles to $36 or more for to drive without bothering to learn how; but that’s only a tiny part of the story. Li- a truck with five axles.) only the fatherly State saves us from auto- censing drivers is a gold mine for local Picking our pockets on behalf of the motive annihilation. governments, one so lucrative that they’re State is one of licensing’s two basic pur- That paternal motif increasingly charac- highly suspicious of federal interest in the poses, regardless of its type: professional terizes states’ interactions with drivers as process. (doctor’s, realtor’s, broadcasting), fishing they withhold this “privilege” to coerce our Indeed, the loot from licensing us, as and hunting, driver’s. Linda Lewis-Pickett, behavior, the way parents do teens. Many 24 THE NEW AMERICAN • AugusT 31, 2009
  • 24. revoke licenses for a long list of infrac- — from selfish sportsmen tions, not just those that pertain to driving. who would hunt and fish This legislation dramatically increases the Minnesota will suspend a license for “tru- our fields and streams to ancy,” “underage consumption of alcohol,” exhaustion, from broad- personal information your license contains, or merely the “attempt to unlawfully pur- casters who would as- the number of bureaucrats who can access chase alcohol or tobacco,” “failure to pay sault our ears with foul child support,” and “out-of-state convic- language, from reckless that data, and the circumstances when the tion.” Ohio repeals its permission to drive drivers. But is any of that government will not only scrutinize your ID for “dropping out of high school, drug-re- true? And if so, if fisher- lated offenses, unsatisfied civil judgments, men and radio announcers but then decide whether you may proceed delinquent, unruly, or habitual drug user and drivers are as great a with your business — or not. (juveniles), failure to appear in court on a menace as rulers allege, bond, liquor law violations, medical condi- are there more effective tion that would impair your driving ability ways to protect us from their dangers than the operator’s “name, address, age, and [and who decides that?], tagged as a ‘prob- by licensing them? the type of automobile he claimed to be lem driver’ in the National Driver Registry, In the case of driver’s licenses, the al- competent to drive.” insurance noncompliance, unresolved out- legations about safety postdate licensing That contented many states for years; of-state ticket, out-of-state alcohol- or drug- by several decades. Early drivers simply decades sometimes passed before they related offenses.” bought licenses without meeting any also forced drivers to satisfy a bureaucrat DMVs not only exploit this authority, requirements whatsoever. In fact, folks as to their vision and skills. Massachusetts they brag about it. “We walk a very fine often ordered them through the mail: and Missouri were both selling licenses by line with incredible power over people,” no one tested eyesight, competence, or 1903, but only in 1920 did “Massachusetts David Lewis, deputy registrar of the Mas- anything else. Only payment received . . . [pass] its first requirement for an ex- sachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, told mattered to the issuing government. Carl amination of general operators,” and “Mis- author Simson Garfinkle in 1993 for an ar- Watner at reports that souri had no driver examination law until ticle published in Wired Magazine. Peter by 1909, “twelve states and the District of 1952.” This at a time when both cars and Nunnenkamp, manager of driver programs Columbia required all automobile drivers roads lacked many of the protective fea- at Oregon’s Driver and Motor Vehicle to obtain” licenses. These generally listed tures we now take for granted. Services agreed. “[Suspending a license is] the most effective thing that you can do without throwing them in jail.... And it’s fairly cost effective.” So much so that DMVs seldom struggle with delinquent debtors. “Last year,” Garfinkle wrote, “the Massachusetts Registry collected more than US$660 million in fees and fines; less than $600,000 came back as bounced checks — a whopping 0.1 percent. ‘How can you afford to stiff us?’ Lewis asks rhe- torically. ‘Whatever it is you have, we’ll take it. We’ll pull your driver’s license. We’ll take your title.’” A capo in the mob sounds less menacing. If government were honest enough to say, “Look, we want lots and lots of your money, and we also want to subju- gate you,” most people would (we hope) deny it the power to license. So as usual, the State cloaks its motives in false so- licitude. Licensing protects us, it claims county treasurer Paula schneider (standing) and Clerk Geneva Spoon know almost everyone in Ellsworth, Kansas (population 2,965), but the Feds will force them to AP Images withhold driver’s licenses if friends and neighbors can’t document identity. Call 1-800-727-TRUE to subscribe today! 25
  • 25. NatioNal iD compared with licensed teens. However, they display increased unsafe driving be- haviors, particularly lower rates of seat belt use, which puts them at higher risk for in- jury and death when a crash occurs.” Meanwhile, many of the drivers Levia- than licenses are notoriously dangerous nonetheless. Not only are teens a hazard, as their insurance rates testify, so are el- derly drivers. A study from 1998 noted that “some statistics show they are more likely to be involved in fatal accidents than all other age groups but those under 25.” Licensing does not quicken slow reflexes, and the visual tests most DMVs administer are so fatuous even patients suffering from cataracts and glaucoma can pass them. Then, too, we’ve all read about or known someone injured or killed by a drunk but AP Images licensed driver with multiple offenses to his credit. The bureaucrats who promise to protect us so long as we cede our liberty to licensing drivers gives government an excuse to compile so much information on us that the them have failed abysmally. Department of Homeland Security uses the states’ DMVs when it wants to find someone. There’s an army of them, too. The agen- cies connected to automotive transporta- proof of superior skill and prudence be- DMVs have come a long way since then. tion in each state — from those that build Modern ones administer driving and eye-fore staking its money on an applicant, and repair the roads to those that issue would be another and very different mat- sight exams. They harp on seat belts and driver’s licenses and plates to those that ter). Then they compare two incomparable speed limits. They hang posters about de- cruise the highways trapping unwary driv- fensive driving in their offices, then compel groups: licensed drivers, about whom we ers and robbing them of even more money us to camp out there for hours while slow, know a great deal (how many exist over- — are myriad and labyrinthine. They hire surly clerks waste our time and money. all, their ages, their driving records, their phalanxes of union members who protest That fools most Americans into equatingplaces of residence, etc.), and unlicensed each and every cut a state makes to their licensed drivers with safe drivers. drivers, about whom there’s almost no budget with the excuse that the “custom- Yet little research proves that licensing information, collectively or individually. ers” they “serve” deserve better: when ensures anything other than increased rev- As the American Automobile Association California recently tried to cut expenses enues for government. Some studies pur-warns, “[The] methodology [of research- by eliminating overtime — not jobs, mind port to establish a link between licensing ers who study licensing and safety] has you, just overtime — at DMVs, one em- and safety, but two problems doom these. limitations.... [I]t is hard to arrive at reli- ployee moaned to ABC News, “We had to First, most of them assume rather than able findings for unlicensed drivers simply turn a lot of people away because we can’t prove that governmental licensing equals because so little is known about them.” serve them because we have to be out at safety (licensing by a private entity, per- And one set of such drivers actually es- 5:00 p.m. We cannot get no overtime [sic], haps an insurance company that requirestablishes the futility of Leviathan’s licens- so now we have customers yelling at us ing. The American Acad- thinking it’s our fault.” emy of Pediatrics reported “Customers” should wise up. Rather Meanwhile, many of the drivers Leviathan last year: “No relationship than begging our rulers for longer hours licenses are notoriously dangerous was found between li- and shorter lines so that we can more eas- cense status and reported ily pay their extortion, we should demand nonetheless. Not only are teens a hazard, crashes” among teen driv- that they quit charging us for a “privilege” as their insurance rates testify, so are ers — despite the fact that we already own as a right. the unlicensed ones tended elderly drivers. A study from 1998 noted to drink and drive, speed, rights and reasoning that “some statistics show they are more etc. It concluded that about Despite DMVs’ propaganda to the con- six percent of them “drive trary, traveling by any means — walking; likely to be involved in fatal accidents than unlicensed” — but “on av- riding a horse, bus, train, or plane; driving all other age groups but those under 25.” erage, they do not seem to a car — is one of the inalienable rights we have increased crash risk possess by virtue of our humanity. Unless 26 THE NEW AMERICAN • AugusT 31, 2009
  • 26. we trespass, we assault no one’s life, lib- Janet Napolitano finds herself erty, or property by simply moving from in an awkward spot: as Arizona’s one location to another. The State has no governor, she condemned REAL moral authority to interfere. ID. But as Obama’s secretary Why, then, did our grandparents allow of Homeland Security, she endorses its twin, PASS ID. government to license cars in the first place? Didn’t this strike them as a bizarre and intrusive innovation? After all, no one licensed horses and buggies. Unfortunately, inventors developed the internal combustion engine just as pro- gressive politics with its veneration of Leviathan was hijacking the nation. Pro- gressives convinced Americans who had formerly distrusted government that it was in fact their best friend, a benign giant AP Images protecting them in the frightening, rapidly changing world of electricity, telephones, airplanes, and automobiles. Add to that the fear most people harbor more fatalities when crashes occur: cars governments should issue driver’s licenses for new technology, especially technolo- built from plastic rather than steel reduce to illegal aliens. She writes that “driver li- gy they can’t afford. Cars were playthings consumption of fuel but put occupants at cense and state identification databases for the wealthy when they first appeared risk. And government’s decades of ineptly play” a huge “role” “in national security on the market — but noisy, smelly nui- micromanaging Detroit’s Big Three led di- and law enforcement.” sances to everyone else. The folks whose rectly to their failure and nationalization. “The collective DMV databases are the horses shied as a newfangled automobile In short, an accident of history put gov- largest law enforcement databases in the zipped past deeply resented this emerging ernment behind the wheel of all things country,” she continues, “with records on industry. automotive. But there’s no reason we more individual adults than any other law And once Mr. Millionaire bought his should acquiesce in this. Certainly we enforcement databases. The collective car, where did he drive it? The early 20th should work to ensure that PASS ID suf- DMV databases are the only comprehen- century boasted very few paved roads. fers REAL ID’s same fate. But let’s go the sive internal security database. These considerations spurred automo- extra mile and oppose the State’s licensing “The Department of Homeland Secu- tive enthusiasts to welcome government’s of drivers at all. rity (DHS) does not yet have a compre- interest in their hobby. If the State ap- Whether in their current incarnation or hensive database on all adult residents of proved of driving enough to license it, ev- REAL ID’s űber-version, driver’s licens- the United States.... When DHS wants to eryone must accept it, even those too poor es swindle huge amounts of our money find someone, the primary government da- to afford cars. And what politicians regu- while giving the State virtually unlimited tabase it relies upon is the driver license late, they usually fund, too. The magnates authority and an excuse for spying on database. buying horseless carriages wanted all tax- us. They also destroy the private market “When a person … applies for a driver payers, not just themselves, to subsidize that would otherwise exist for authenti- license, that person … provides the DMV the infrastructure their new toys required. cating one’s name and credentials — a with a variety of valuable personal infor- Since then, government has consolidat- market with virtually none of the fraud mation — including a key identifier, the ed its conquest of our automotive lives — and identity theft that characterize the digital photo. DMV databases thus contain a conquest so complete most people take government’s monopoly of this industry. biometric information, and a wealth of it for granted despite the State’s incompe- It would be a differentiated market, too, other valuable information that is updated tence and even criminal negligence. It mo- offering degrees of authentication for ev- on a regular basis … by the individual who nopolizes the design and construction of erything from cashing a check to entering has the license.” She insists that other da- roadways; meanwhile, we mourn roughly a restricted area, rather than the one-size- tabases can’t compete with the depth and 42,000 traffic fatalities year after year. De- fits-all approach of driver’s licenses that breadth of the DMVs’ — not the “state liberate carelessness like drunk driving ac- divulges our names, addresses, birth- birth certificate databases,” which record counts for some of these deaths, but others dates, height, and weight to every bank a one-time event without updates, nor the result when drivers follow the rules of the teller and supermarket clerk. “federal Social Security” and “Internal road as imposed by the State. Indeed, frightening amounts of our per- Revenue Service databases,” which lack Bureaucrats heavily regulate automotive sonal data clog DMVs’ computers. Profes- “biometric information.” design and manufacture, too. Their latest sor Margaret Stock of the United States Should government know this much mania is more miles to the gallon. But many Military Academy at West Point inadver- about us simply because we drive cars we experts blame the requisite flimsiness for tently makes that point when arguing that own on roads we pay for? n 27
  • 27. ZIGNEGO READY MIX, INC. W226 N2940 DUPLAINVILLE ROAD WAUKESHA, WI 53186 262-542-0333
  • 28. Book review Exposing thE grEEn World ordEr bate. To the rescue comes Steve Milloy’s the proposal. Similar recommendations Green Hell. At 294 pages, it is not ency- come from NASA’s James Hansen, who clopedic, but just the right length to bring said that coal- and oil-company execu- readers up to date on the methodologies, tives who cast doubts on global warming motives, and fallacies of this movement, “should be tried for high crimes against and how to combat it. humanity and nature.” In short, if greens have their way, just presenting the facts Green Guilt refuting global warming might be classi- The core environmental “danger” greens fied as a hate crime against the planet. currently discuss is global warming, alleg- It has been a hallmark of true science edly caused by man-made carbon dioxide. that any theory be subject to objective test- Nevertheless, greens do not wish to toler- ing and examination. Greens’ refusal to ate debate on the subject. Many scientists allow open discussion of global warming’s have refuted the claims of global-warm- validity — except by themselves — is vir- ing alarmists. Over 31,000 scientists have tually an admission that their viewpoint is signed a petition denying those claims indefensible. What then, is the greens’ real ( Carbon diox- motive? ide is a naturally occurring substance re- quired by plants, and man’s contributions Green Governance to carbon dioxide levels are negligible. Milloy insightfully notes the common Nevertheless, greens do not wish to toler- denominators of all green demands: in- ate debate on the subject. Even Al Gore, creased government regulation, reduced environmentalism’s leading pop guru, re- economic productivity, and a lower stan- fuses to debate global warming. dard of living for Americans. One of the green groups Milloy points to Greens argue that each human being is the Institute for Public Policy Research, has a “carbon footprint” — the amount Steve Milloy, the founder a British think tank, which strategizes: of carbon emissions his lifestyle creates by driving cars, using electricity, etc. If a of, makes The task of climate change agen- person’s carbon footprint is too great, radi- a case that Americans are cies is not to persuade by rational cal greens want the government to penal- argument.... The “facts” need to be ize that person. This, if the greens prevail, on a “green” slide toward treated as being so taken-for-granted would entail energy rationing. authoritarian regulations that they need not be spoken.... It A proposal made by the California En- amounts to treating climate-friendly ergy Commission in 2007 would have and pauperism. activity as a brand that can be sold. required homes to have “programmable This is, we believe, the route to mass control thermostats” by which utility of- behaviour changes. ficials could, by remote control, regulate by James Perloff home thermostats, water heaters, refrigera- Milloy also cites Cristine Russell, presi- tors, and lights to ensure consumers stayed Green Hell: How Environmentalists Plan dent of the Council for the Advancement within acceptable boundaries of energy use. to Control Your Life and What You Can of Science, who wishes to drown out crit- Though the proposal was rejected, it dem- Do to Stop Them, by Steve Milloy, Wash- ics. Russell writes that “the era of ‘equal onstrated the degree to which greens will ington, D.C.: Regnery, 2009, 294 pages, time’ for skeptics who argue that global go to establish a “green Big Brother.” hardcover, $27.95. warming is just a result of natural varia- In the meantime, the British government tion and not human intervention seems to is conducting trials with “smart meters” T he environmental movement, bent be largely over.... The he-said, she-said that set off alarms when homes exceed al- on regulating America under its reporting just won’t do.” lotted electricity limits. In Pennsylvania, green thumb, has such a vast array David Roberts, a writer for Grist Mag- of lobbying groups, proposed measures, azine, went even further, calling for “war James Perloff is the author of The Shadows of Power: and specialized terminology, that it is dif- crimes trials” for those who deny glob- The Council on Foreign Relations and the American ficult for busy Americans who are wary of al warming, and “some sort of climate Decline and Tornado in a Junkyard: The Relentless this movement to stay current with the de- Nuremberg,” although he later retracted Myth of Darwinism. Call 1-800-727-TRUE to subscribe today! 29
  • 29. Book review the leaked findings of a private three-year study commissioned by the U.S. govern- ment, may shed light on this. The report made shocking recommendations, some of which are now becoming reality. The establishment press denounced the report as a hoax; five years later, the late Leonard C. Lewin proclaimed he had written it as a satire on government think tanks. For a satire, however, it was strangely devoid of humor. Many wonder if the “hoax” charge was issued for damage control. The study chiefly discussed the implica- tions of the world moving from the system of war — which nuclear weapons were making impractical — to disarmament. The report cited many advantages to war, AP Images one of which was allegiance by citizens to their government: Use it or lose (cash): In parts of Germany, new homes must install solar panels or face a $1,500 In general, the war system provides fine — this even though the cost of the solar panels and their upkeep may be more than the the basic motivation for primary homeowner can recoup in energy savings. social motivation. In doing so, it re- flects on the societal level the incen- solar, and biofuels, claim- tives of individual human behavior. A proposal made by the California Energy ing that each has its own The most important of these, for so- negative impact on the en- cial purposes, is the individual psy- Commission in 2007 would have required vironment. What, then, is chological rationale for allegiance to homes to have “programmable control the real green agenda? a society [read: government] and its Energy is required for values. Allegiance requires a cause; a thermostats” by which utility officials all activity. By opposing all cause requires an enemy. This much could, by remote control, regulate home forms of substantial energy is obvious; the critical point is that development, from offshore the enemy that defines the cause must thermostats, water heaters, refrigerators, drilling to nuclear power, seem genuinely formidable. and lights to ensure consumers stayed greens are creating an artifi- cial energy shortage, drasti- The report noted that if wars disappeared within acceptable boundaries of energy use. cally increasing the cost of due to the advent of nuclear weapons, a energy, and providing an new “enemy” would be required to induce Governor Ed Rendell has okayed a law excuse for the government to micro-regu- citizen allegiance. Among the solutions requiring utility companies to cut their late every home in Orwellian fashion. And, proposed were threats to the environment: customers’ annual electricity consumption since global warming is seen as a “global” by one percent by May 2011, or be fined threat, it is also being used as an excuse for Nevertheless, an effective politi- up to $20 million. In Marburg, Germany, world government. Former French Presi- cal substitute for war would require as of 2008, new homes are required to in- dent Jacques Chirac said in a speech advo- “alternate enemies,” some of which clude solar panels or face fines of $1,500. cating the Kyoto Protocol: might seem equally farfetched in the And that same year, San Francisco Mayor context of the current war system. It Gavin Newsome proposed that citizens For the first time, humanity is insti- may be, for instance, that gross pol- who mix recyclables with their regular tuting a genuine instrument of global lution of the environment can even- trash be fined up to $1,000. governance, one that should find a tually replace the possibility of mass If greens were truly interested in im- place within the World Environmen- destruction by nuclear weapons as proving energy resources, they should sup- tal Organization which France and the principal apparent threat to the port viable alternatives — such as nuclear the European Union would like to survival of the species. Poisoning of power, which creates no carbon emissions. see established. the air, and of the principal sources of Yet greens oppose it, and as Milloy docu- food and water supply, is already well ments, in many cases they have even ob- origins of the Green iron Fist? advanced, and at first glance would structed the building of the highly touted Though not mentioned by Milloy, Report seem promising in this respect; it “renewable energy” sources such as wind, from Iron Mountain, published in 1967 as constitutes a threat that can be dealt 30 THE NEW AMERICAN • AugusT 31, 2009
  • 30. with only through social organization us. Just two of the examples he gives: al- • Greens have opposed forest cleanups, and political power. But from present though Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger resulting in costly, deadly forest fires. indications it will be a generation to has stated that “California will be a leader • Although water is the Earth’s most a generation and a half before envi- in the fight against global warming,” he abundant substance, greens want even its ronmental pollution, however severe, spends three hours a day commuting to and use restricted and regulated. As Milloy will be sufficiently menacing, on a from work in his own private jet — which, notes: “There’s World Toilet Organization global scale, to offer a possible basis according to the Los Angeles Times, “does founder Jack Sims, who pronounced the for a solution. nearly as much harm to the environment flushing toilet to be ‘unsustainable’ at the It is true that the rate of pollution in one hour as a small car in one year.” Al 2008 World Toilet Summit. Conference at- could be increased selectively for this Gore’s Nashville mansion, which includes tendees called for various solutions such as purpose; in fact, the mere modifying a heated pool house, consumes more than … a ‘toilet tax’ to discourage flushing.” of existing programs for the deter- 20 times the electricity used by the aver- • Even national defense is not exempt. rence of pollution could speed up the age American home. And while Gore has In 2005, the Natural Resources Defense process enough to make the threat belatedly added some environmentally Council sued the U.S. Navy for conducting credible much sooner. friendly energy sources, such as solar pan- exercises using sonar — vital for detecting els and wind turbines, this is easily afford- enemy subs — based on the unsupported Was this the green movement’s beginning? able for him since his net worth had grown claim that the exercises disturbed whales In the report’s wake, numerous environ- to over $100 million by 2007. and other marine animals. The Supreme mental scares were raised: acid rain, over- Court sided with the Navy, but only by a population, ozone depletion, toxic waste, Broad Destruction 5-4 majority. deforestation, endangered species, global Milloy documents a host of other harm- • Many American school children, warming, etc. Establishment foundations ful aspects to the green movement. Ex- heavily indoctrinated in environmental began pouring billions of dollars into envi- amples: “doomed planet” scenarios, are growing ronmental groups. (For a listing, see “Be- • Green opposition to DDT has led to depressed about the future. hind the Green Curtain” in the April 4, 2005 millions of malaria deaths in Africa. And Milloy projects that, under Barack issue of The New AmericAN.) Indeed, as • Greens advocate population reduction Obama, the “green president,” things are Milloy notes, “The ten largest green groups since each person has a “carbon footprint” apt to get much worse. had revenues of more than $1.36 billion in and is seen as a liability to the planet. 2007 and net assets in excess of $7.1 bil- • Greens want cars to run on alternative answers lion.” Contrary to media spin, environmen- energy. This not only drives up the cost of Milloy doesn’t just report the problem; he talism is not a “grass-roots movement.” automobile ownership, but since the easi- also presents solutions: educating the public And as Milloy observes, the restricted est way for car manufacturers to meet new, (most of whom are more concerned about living standards greens advocate are not higher mileage standards is to make cars rising energy costs than global warming); meant for the green elite, but for the rest of lighter, car safety is also reduced. lobbying legislators; shareholder activism to press corporations into reversing green compliance that reduces shareholder value; letters to the editor; Internet activism; and more. Milloy’s own website, www.junk, is one of the best out there for debunking the greens. We wouldn’t necessarily agree with every point in Milloy’s book. For exam- ple, he criticizes greens who have opposed vaccinations. However, growing numbers of individuals completely outside the green movement also oppose mandatory vaccinations, believing that their risks outweigh their alleged benefits and that they constitute an unwelcome intrusion of government into private life. Many out- side the green movement would also not share Milloy’s confidence in genetically AP Images altered foods. Nevertheless, Steve Milloy has written snapshot of an agenda: Environmental groups, working in tandem with the UN, have made it a clear, concise, up-to-date refutation of difficult for Africans to get or have the political willingness to use the insecticide DDT. The policy the green movement that belongs in any has resulted in nearly a million malaria deaths a year. home library. n 31
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  • 32. THE GOODNESS OF AMERICA Honest Housekeeper needy children across the globe. Last chemotherapy and radiation, doctors have Herlinda Gillam is a new employee for month, OCC’s Boone, North Carolina, given her only a few months to live. Aramark, a professional-services compa- collection center received an early deliv- Richards got out the family’s decorations ny that provides cleaning services to the ery of Christmas boxes. and made it Christmas inside the house, and healthcare industry and whose employee- On July 18, members of the Revelation a few of Reagan’s neighbors decided to hold training motto is “Integrity in all we do.” Disciples Motorcycle Ministry delivered a small parade of neighborhood children on On May 26, Gillam had a chance to put 113 packed and wrapped boxes for the min- decorated bikes. But when Richards con- that motto into action. istry. This was the group’s first ride for Op- tacted his homeowners’ association to get The Valley Morning Star of Harlingen, eration Christmas Child, and it fits right in permission to put up lights and decorations Texas, reported on July 5 that Gillam had with their goal of spreading the Gospel. “We outside, word of the event leaked out. As been employed at Valley Baptist Medical want to share His love and to be Christ’s Kent Rivers, a volunteer firefighter who Center in Harlingen for only two weeks hands extended to people in need,” Rick Ar- played Santa for the celebration, told the when she happened upon two envelopes in rington, the group’s cofounder, said in an station, “It went from a little-bitty grass fire the ladies’ restroom — containing $11,000 article posted on to a Texas-size wildfire.” in cash. Being a very busy public restroom, Thirteen of the boxes were packed by And indeed it did. The small parade it would have been easy to just keep the Faith Christian Center Fellowship in Kern- evolved into a grand party and a procession cash without raising any suspicion. But in- ersville, N.C., and the rest were packed by involving 50-60 community groups, 11 stead Gillam did the right thing and turned the bikers and their families. Lynn Ar- fire departments, veterans groups, cheer- it in to her supervisor. rington, also a cofounder of the motor- leaders, over 100 motorcyclists, police of- Gillam, a widow, very briefly thought, cycle ministry, posted the planned ride on ficers, a band, floats, hot rods, and much “Well, like, I need tires. I could take it her blog back in March; that post garnered more. The Krum fire department erected with me, then. But I said no, I’ll take it over $1,000 in donations, which will be a huge banner saying “Merry Christmas back, because somebody might need it.... used to cover the shipping charges and to Reagan,” and the party was kicked off with It crossed my mind, wondering who left purchase items for future boxes. a CareFlight helicopter flyover. the money behind here. It had to be, like, Before leaving the facility and riding Recovering from chemotherapy treat- an old lady.... A lot of people said I should home, the bikers and the OCC staff sur- ments, Reagan enjoyed the party from her have kept it. But I said, no. It was my job rounded the 113 boxes and prayed for the bed, which had been brought outside for to hand it to the supervisor.” children who will be receiving the gifts the occasion. There were gifts, candy, and The owner of the cash returned to the around Christmas. “God is going to use snow cones, and a movie special-effects hospital to look for the money, and was your ministry to share God’s love and the coordinator came all the way from Aus- extremely relieved that it had been found Gospel with many hurting children over- tin to bring a snow machine. Dallas/Ft. and turned in. It was to be used for prop- seas,” said April Butcher, regional manag- Worth’s captured Reagan’s erty taxes. er for the Operation Christmas Child of- visits with Santa (who arrived at the end For her honesty, Gillam was recognized fice in Charlotte. The Revelation Disciples of the parade on a fire engine covered with at a meeting of hospital supervisors and has plan to fill more boxes and make another Christmas lights), Frosty the Snowman, been nominated for Valley Baptist’s Help- run in October. and a live reindeer. ing Heroes award. In spite of that, though, Richards told the Denton Record-Chron- she remains very humble. “She doesn’t icle that Reagan loved the party and had a consider what she did special,” related christmas in July, Part 2 great time, and it was a great time for the Chuck Reynolds, the hospital’s vice presi- From Krum, Texas, comes the heartwarm- participants, as well. Rivers (Santa) told the dent for Aramark services. “She told me ing story of a small town that pulled to- paper that just one look at Reagan made it she did what she thought was right … and gether to celebrate Christmas in July for all worthwhile for him. “When I stepped off the way she would want to be treated.” a young girl who may not be able to cel- the truck and saw her, she was beaming.” ebrate it in December. Krum’s Channel 11 Hopeful that Reagan may be able to reported that the event on July 25, which celebrate Christmas twice this year, Rich- christmas in July, Part 1 drew more than the entire town’s popula- ards says the family is still “holding on to Operation Christmas Child (OCC) is a tion of 3,700, began with a simple ques- a miracle.” “Everyone, keep praying for missions project of Samaritan’s Purse tion: “Daddy, when is Christmas?” my daughter,” he told the paper. “That’s Ministries, a worldwide evangelical minis- The answer was, “Soon,” and was the bigger and better than everything.” But the try led by Franklin Graham, son of famed beginning of Shawn Richards’ preparation way the whole community came together evangelist Billy Graham. Each November, for an early Christmas for his daughter. to support his daughter is something big, OCC collects shoeboxes filled with toys, You see, five-year-old Reagan has a very too, and something Shawn Richards will school supplies, hygiene items, socks, etc., aggressive form of brain cancer, and fol- never forget. n and distributes them at Christmastime to lowing two surgeries and seven months of — liANA sTANley Call 1-800-727-TRUE to subscribe today! 33
  • 34. HistorY— Past aND PersPective Sousa’s March of Greatness Library of Congress John Philip sousa John Philip Sousa’s entire life was devoted to music; hence, it is no surprise that his legacy in music lives on. by John White The baton that [departing U.S. ety. Every child in any school band in the Marine band director Timothy] Foley United States likely knows who Sousa is A rielle Levin Becker of the Washing- passed to [new band director Mi- and has played music Sousa composed. ton Post wrote about John Philip chael] Colburn was given to Sousa in Most recognizable amongst his songs is Sousa’s professional stature as re- 1892 and bears his name in gold en- “The Stars and Stripes Forever,” the song gards his past association with the Marine graving. Sousa’s Tiffany lamp, with that is the official march of the United Corps Band: a blue and green stained-glass shade States of America. (It is so stated in the decorated with outlines of fireflies, U.S. Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, by an If there’s any question about the place stands in a corner of the director’s of- act of Congress in 1987. This was the re- Sousa has in the band’s memory, a fice. Across the room, a cabinet holds sult of a grass-roots movement that pre- visit to the director’s office settles any medals Sousa won for skeet shooting sented petitions to Congress with more doubts. Sousa is immortalized in four and other outdoor activities. The new than 250,000 signatures in support of the photographs and paintings, including band barracks may be named John legislation.) one of him in a Navy uniform, and Philip Sousa Hall. perhaps in a fifth — there is specula- Another Sousa portrait overlooks The “March King” tion that, in the front row of a Civil the room where band members often John Philip Sousa (1854-1932), known War-era photograph of the band, a practice, an ever-present reminder of as the “March King,” was a composer, young Sousa is hiding between two the tradition to which band members conductor, and patriot. Over the course trombone players. belong. of his life, he composed 140 military marches. He was born in Washington, John White, the author/editor of 15 books, lives in And Sousa’s renown is not limited to the D.C., the third of 10 children of John An- Cheshire, Connecticut. He is a former naval officer. Marines; it transcends all levels of soci- tonio Sousa (born in Spain of Portuguese 35
  • 35. HistorY— Past aND PersPective When Sousa resigned from his second stint in the U.S. Marine Corps, he gave a farewell concert on the White House lawn. An engraved baton was presented to him. That baton was given back to the Marine Corps after Sousa’s death by his daughters and is now traditionally passed to the new director of the Marine Band upon assumption of the duties. In 1881, Sousa became a Freemason and remained so for 51 years of his life. One of the marches he composed, “Nobles of the Mystic Shrine,” is dedicated to the Shriners. The first Sousa Band concert was per- formed in 1892. The band became Amer- ica’s first superstar band. It was the first to go on a world tour, the first to log more than one million miles, and the first to per- form before one million listeners. Sousa continued his successful career to the end of his life in 1932, making Euro- pean and world tours. During World War I, at age 62, Sousa joined the U.S. Naval Reserve (at the symbolic salary of $1 a year) and was assigned the rank of lieuten- ant. He trained Navy bandsmen and took a band of recruits on tour to raise money Library of Congress John Philip sousa for war causes. After the war he contin- marching in front of the ued to tour with his band. He composed Great lakes Navy Band. many of today’s popular marches, includ- ing “Semper Fidelis,” “El Capitan,” and “Washington Post.” He championed the parents) and Maria Elisabeth Trinkhaus“Moonlight on the Potomac Waltzes,” in cause of music education, received several (born in Bavaria). His father played trom- 1872. In 1875, he was discharged from the honorary degrees, and fought for compos- bone in the U.S. Marine Band, so SousaMarines and began performing on violin, ers’ rights, testifying before Congress in grew up around military band music. touring, and eventually conducting theater 1927 and 1928. The sousaphone, designed Sousa began his musical education orchestras. He conducted Gilbert & Sul- by Sousa in 1899, continues to be a vibrant around age six, studying voice, violin, livan’s H.M.S. Pinafore on Broadway. part of marching bands. piano, flute, cornet, baritone, trombone,In 1879, he married Jane van Middles- and alto horn. His father enlisted him in worth Bellis. The next year he returned “The Stars and Stripes Forever” the Marines at age 13 as an apprentice after to both the Marines and Washington to In late 1896, Sousa and his wife went to he attempted to run away to join a circus assume leadership of the U.S. Marine Europe on vacation. While there, he re- band. He published his first composition, Corps Band, which he led for 12 years, ceived word that David Blakely, who had until 1892. During that time become manager of the Sousa Band, had he also conducted “The died suddenly. The band was scheduled to When Sousa was asked late in his career President’s Own” Marine begin another cross-country tour soon, and Corps Band, serving under Sousa knew he must return to America at what single piece of music he would Presidents Hayes, Garfield, once to take over the band’s business af- choose to hear just before he died, he Cleveland, Arthur, and Har- fairs. Sousa tells the rest of the story in his rison. After two successful autobiography Marching Along: replied: “‘The Stars and Stripes Forever,’ I but limited tours with the would meet my Maker face to face with the Marine Corps Band in 1891 Here came one of the most vivid inci- and 1892, Sousa was con- dents of my career. As the vessel [the inspiration that grows from its melodies vinced by promoter David Teutonic] steamed out of the harbor and the patriotism that gives it meaning.” Blakely to resign and orga- I was pacing on the deck, absorbed nize a civilian concert band. in thoughts of my manager’s death 36 THE NEW AMERICAN • AugusT 31, 2009
  • 36. and the many duties and deci- Here are the words to “The Stars and sions which awaited me in New York. Suddenly, I began to sense a rhythmic beat of a band play- ing within my brain. Through- out the whole tense voyage, that imaginary band continued to Stripes Forever.” unfold the same themes, echo- ing and re-echoing the most dis- Let martial note in triumph float tinct melody. I did not transfer And liberty extend its mighty hand a note of that music to paper John Philip A flag appears ’mid thunderous cheers, while I was on the steamer, sousa The banner of the Western land. but when we reached shore, I The emblem of the brave and true set down the measures that my Its folds protect no tyrant crew; brain-band had been playing for The red and white and starry blue me, and not a note of it has ever Is freedom’s shield and hope. changed. Library of Congress Other nations may deem their flags the best It was Christmas Day, 1896. The And cheer them with fervid elation composition: “The Stars and But the flag of the North and South and West Stripes Forever.” Is the flag of flags, the flag of Freedom’s nation. Sousa’s Later Life Sousa, a man of letters and author of several books, also wrote words Hurrah for the flag of the free! for “The Stars and Stripes Forever” (see below). The march was an im- May it wave as our standard forever, mediate success, and Sousa’s band played it at almost every concert until The gem of the land and the sea, his death more than 25 years later. Veteran Sousa musicians said that it The banner of the right. was always an inspiring experience to play the piece because, despite Let despots remember the day hundreds of repetitions, the tearful and heartfelt patriotic fervor commu- When our fathers with mighty endeavor nicated by the audiences to the musicians never seemed to fail. Proclaimed as they marched to the fray Sousa said he had been born “in the shadow of the Capitol dome,” and That by their might and by their right as he witnessed the sights and sounds of Civil War activities, his love of It waves forever. America grew. He loved his country with a passion seldom demonstrated more eloquently, and described his occupation as “a salesman of Ameri- Let eagle shriek from lofty peak canism.” At all of his 15,000 concerts, there was a sense of patriotism. He The never-ending watchword of our land; was described as the “Pied Piper of Patriotism.” Late in his career, he was Let summer breeze waft through the trees asked what single piece of music he would choose to hear just before The echo of the chorus grand. he died. He replied, “‘The Stars and Stripes Forever.’ I would meet my Sing out for liberty and light, Maker face to face with the inspiration that grows from its melodies and Sing out for freedom and the right. the patriotism that gives it meaning.” Sing out for Union and its might, A few days before his death, Sousa said to his friend, Dr. James Francis O patriotic sons. Cooke, editor of the famous music magazine The Etude, “I believe firmly in God. The trouble with modernistic music today is that it is written by Other nations may deem their flags the best men who don’t believe in any kind of God. That is the reason why it won’t And cheer them with fervid elation, last. Only that lasts which comes from God.... All of my music, all of my melodies are not of my own making; no matter how light, they come from But the flag of the North and South and West a higher source. I have listened to a higher power.” Is the flag of flags, the flag of Freedom’s nation. Sousa died of a heart attack on March 6, 1932 at age 77 in Reading, Pennsylvania, after conducting a band rehearsal. The last piece he con- Hurrah for the flag of the free. ducted was “The Stars and Stripes Forever.” It is considered by many to May it wave as our standard forever be the finest march ever written. The remains of America’s most famous The gem of the land and the sea, and beloved bandmaster were taken by train to Washington, D.C., where The banner of the right. he lay in state for public viewing in the Marine Band auditorium and then Let despots remember the day was buried in Congressional Cemetery with military and Masonic honors. When our fathers with mighty endeavor Thousands lined the curb to pay their last respects. Proclaimed as they marched to the fray, A statue of Sousa now stands at the Marine barracks building in Wash- That by their might and by their right ington, D.C., one block from the home where he was born. n It waves forever. n Call 1-800-727-TRUE to subscribe today! 37
  • 37. Virtue is a choice. Make it a habit. Virtue • the moral excellence evident in my life as I consistently do what is right Sponsored by Putting Character First!®
  • 38. “... the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” EXERCISING THE RIGHT Don’t Give Him any lip force that was used against you for you to president of Virginia’s largest gun-rights In Port Allen, Louisiana, Roderick Porter protect yourself or your family.” group. After trying to tie the Virginia Tech and an accomplice by the name of Dean After having something to eat, Harvell (VT) massacre to the ability to purchase Favron, who had just finished serving had gone to bed for the night only to be weapons at gun shows from private sell- nearly seven years in prison for aggravated awoken by someone knocking at his door. ers without the federal background check assault on a Baton Rouge police officer and When he answered the door, the assailant (even though that was not how the VT two carjackings, came to an apartment for allegedly forced his way in and shocked murderer acquired his weapons — he did unknown reasons, according to the local him with a stun gun in both the arm and in fact have a federal background check), news. At first they yelled for the occupants stomach. The invader then brandished Stahl asked Van Cleave if he thought the inside to open up. On the other side of the what appeared to be a pistol and demanded VT murders proved there is a need for door were a 10-year-old boy and his eight- money. Bradley gave him what cash he had stricter gun control. Stahl was taken aback year-old sister, who were understandably available, but when the intruder pressed by his response. upset as they stood trembling in fear. They him for more, Bradley reached among “If just one student 21 or older had a per- were home alone and two grown men sud- some scattered papers and retrieved his mit and had been armed that day — I mean denly began angrily banging on the door magnum. The first shot hit the trespasser the first time a police officer showed up, demanding to be let in. Porter and Favron in the stomach, the second in the head. they didn’t even fire a shot. He saw the po- allegedly escalated the situation by kick- When asked about his actions, Harvell lice coming, he killed himself. It was over. ing at the door until it burst inward. said, “I did what I did to try and save my- The first time somebody would’ve been The 10-year-old boy reacted by herald- self,” and added, “I’m 82 years old. I’ve able to show him resistance, it would’ve ing his sister to their mother’s room, where made it this far, and I want to keep on stopped him. I’m convinced he would’ve he knew Mom kept her gun. They hid in living.” killed himself and probably saved a whole the bedroom, and the young boy grabbed bunch of lives at that point,” Van Cleave his mother’s gun. As the child’s mother responded. later explained to CBS affiliate WAFB, right to “Bear” arms A stunned Stahl questioned, “Arming “He did what I told him to do.… Thank In Grants Pass, Oregon, a man was all those young people…?” God he did.” As Porter and Favron threw wrenched from sleep in the middle of the “Wonder who’s fighting in Iraq for us open the door, the 10-year-old fired a sin- night by his daughter’s screaming. Imag- right now?” Van Cleave answered. gle shot into Porter’s lip. ine his surprise when he discovered that Stahl, who has no compunctions about The two home invaders were quick the source of her terror was a bear that arming the young as long as it is in service learners: they immediately took off and had climbed through her window! The fa- to the state, tried to return the debate back sought medical attention. Both men are ther quickly reacted and fired a shotgun to the VT killing example. “But you know, being held on $150,000 bond and will at the beast. Bears are notorious for their you could have a lot of them be like Cho soon appear before a judge. strength and durability, and this creature (the VT shooter),” she argued. was no exception. “I shot him once with “If they do, there will be plenty of other the gun and that didn’t bother him” the ... people there to make sure that he doesn’t First shot in 25 Years man told CBS affiliate KTVL. A second get very far,” Van Cleave replied. Self-defense knows no age limits appar- and third shot still did not finish the job, Another interesting exchange from ently, as 82-year-old veteran Bradley Har- but three more blasts finally took their toll the report was between Stahl and Sena- vell of Bristol, Florida, exemplifies. Brad- and the animal collapsed. tor Dianne Feinstein regarding President ley owned a .357 magnum for 25 years and Obama’s decision not to pursue new gun- had never fired it, but that changed when a control measures at this time because of man barged into his home and zapped him 60 Minutes exchange the political consequences. “There’s some twice with a stun gun. Bradley fired the In a 60 Minutes report entitled “Gun sense that the president has so many crisis gun for the first and second time that night, Sales: Will the Loop Hole Close?” jour- issues on his plate right now that the idea and those two shots claimed the life of the nalist Leslie Stahl advocated for further of bringing up guns — which is consid- oddly dressed home invader. The alleged restrictions on purchasing weapons. Stahl ered part of the Culture Wars — would be assailant, 24-year-old Octavius Barnes, started the report by discussing the spike such a diversion,” Stahl said to Feinstein. was described by local deputies as being in gun sales, which began with the election “I agree with you. I wouldn’t bring it up dressed “like a ninja.” The deputy sheriff of Barack Obama to the office of presi- now,” she answered, but assured Stahl that explained to the Tallahassee Democrat dent, as being driven by paranoia created eventually it will be pushed. “I’ll pick the that under state law, “the Castle Doctrine by gun lobbies. Later in the report, Stahl time and the place, no question about that.” allows you to defend yourself with like had a rather interesting conversation with Statements like that, and not the gun lob- force if someone comes on your property, an informed gun-rights advocate by the bies, are what’s driving the “paranoia.” n but it has to be a reasonable amount of name of Philip Van Cleave, who is the — pATrick krey 39
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  • 40. washington Gives Us the treatment Item: The New York Times for July 30 reported that the White House and other supporters of overhauling the U.S. health- care system are being met by resistance, charging that this legislative move is a “risky experiment” or “a government takeover of health care that would prevent people from choosing their own doctors.” President Barack Obama “is making an intense effort to rebut those claims. On Wednesday, he flew to Raleigh, N.C., for AP Images a town-hall-style meeting to address the kinds of public concerns reflected in the poll results.” Handling healthcare: Demonstrators face off in Lincoln, Nebraska, over Obama’s proposed “‘First of all,’ Mr. Obama said, ‘no- healthcare plans. Those for Obama’s plans usually maintain that government can provide body is talking about some government inexpensive, all-encompassing healthcare. Those against usually point out that present government takeover of health care. I’m tired of hear- intervention in healthcare is failing and that socialized healthcare around the world is failing. ing that. I have been as clear as I can be. Under the reform I’ve proposed, if you like CorreCtIon: If you ran across a mam- omy. The bill being worked on in Washing- your doctor, you keep your doctor; if you moth sinkhole into which people were ton runs to about a billion dollars a page — like your health care plan, you keep your being forced to throw tax dollars — let’s and represents more than the outlays of the health care plan. These folks need to stop call it Medicare and note that the govern- entire U.S. government as late as 1986 or scaring everybody, you know?’” ment itself says it faces bankruptcy in one 1994 (depending on which of the shifting Item: Syndicated columnist Paul Krug- short decade — would it occur to you to pieces of legislation are involved). man, writing in the Salt Lake Tribune for fix the situation by blasting that hole even How is the president making his case? July 31, argued that, in the United States, deeper and coercing additional workers to With well-reasoned facts? Nope. He’s “government involvement is the only rea- shovel in greenbacks even faster? And then doing it by trying to frighten the bejabbers son our [healthcare] system works at all.” try to convince those doing the work that out of the public. The president has even If you “currently have decent health insur- this would be a good way to save money? charged that many doctors now perform ance, thank the government.” Well, you might if you were the presi- tonsillectomies that aren’t needed, pre- Krugman continued: dent or another supporter of nationalized sumably to drive up their payments. One healthcare. You might also blame the mak- gathers that this will change when bureau- Right-wing opponents of reform ers of the shovels for the situation in the crats are calling the shots. would have you believe that Obama same fashion the “evil” insurance indus- Right after his railing against those is a wild-eyed socialist, attacking the try is being portrayed as the villain in the advising caution, because, supposedly, free market. But unregulated markets current reform frenzy. Or you could try to those opposed to Obamacare are merely don’t work for health care — never shift the subject to those doing the shovel- trying to scare the public, Obama himself have, never will. To the extent we ing, faulting them for being, say, too obese resorted to scare tactics. If the nation fails have a working health care system to fill in the pit caused by the explosion of to act, he divined, “I can almost guaran- at all right now it’s only because the mandated government spending. tee you your premiums will double over government covers the elderly, while The current healthcare system in this the next 10 years,” and you may not get a combination of regulation and tax country has plenty of faults, but it’s been a raise at your job to boot. The president subsidies makes it possible for many, proven time and again that there is no keeps saying, for example: “If we do not but not all, nonelderly Americans to problem so grave that more government reform health care, your premiums and get decent private coverage. intervention can’t make it even worse. out-of-pocket costs will continue to sky- Now Obama proposes using ad- Searching for scapegoats, the president rocket. If we do not act, 14,000 Ameri- ditional regulation and subsidies to is calling out as scaremongers those who cans will continue to lose their health make decent insurance available to won’t fall into line behind the passage of insurance every single day. These are the all of us. That’s not radical; it’s as his hugely expensive legislation — costing consequences of inaction.” (Of course, American as, well, Medicare. the equivalent of the entire Brazilian econ- Obama doesn’t explain that the 14,000 Call 1-800-727-TRUE to subscribe today! 41
  • 41. “losing their health insurance” are mainly victims of other government malfeasance that has cratered the economy, such as job losses caused by government-subsidized immigrant workers and U.S. regulatory compliance costs that in 2006 were 31.7 percent higher than those of our nine largest trading partners.) Yet, supporters of the president’s re- forms are advocating legislation that will tend to force employers away from pro- viding healthcare benefits. Indeed, should you lose such benefits, the Democrats have also proposed that you not be able to buy a new private policy because they want you in a public plan. If you really want what amounts to a nationalized, government-run HMO, you’ll love the Democrats’ plans, which would lead to long lines, high costs, more taxes, and rationed care. That is the considered view of many Do we really want healthcare run by [about being able to keep your plan, in the profession willing to look beyond those who have displayed the efficiency no matter what] shouldn’t be taken the rhetoric in Washington. “This is war,” of the DMV and Postal Service and the literally.” commented George Watson, the president- compassion of the IRS? After all, the gov- Indeed, a new government program elect of the Association of American Phy- ernment already has a track record. Do we would literally oust millions of Amer- sicians and Surgeons. “This is a bureau- want to empower on a larger scale those icans from their current health plans cratic boondoggle to grab control of health who have been administering the long-suf- and threaten their relationships with care. Everything that has been proposed in fering VA and Indian Health services and their doctors, as employers choose to the 1,018 page-bill will contribute to the who have pushed Medicare and Medicaid drop their current employee health ruination of medicine.” The doctor noted to the brink of insolvency and beyond? plans and as private health plans close that the legislation is crammed with rules Still, Time magazine asks plaintively in down. A Lewin Group analysis esti- and regulations that will result in shoddy its recent cover story, “Can Obama Find a mated that Obama’s campaign pro- care and lengthy waiting lines. A provision Cure?” as if the former community orga- posal would move 32 million Ameri- that would coerce doctors who contracted nizer were a medical research scientist on cans into a new government-run plan. with Medicare into the nationalized plan is the verge of some grand discovery. Lewin subsequently estimated that if a “trap” that he compared to “involuntary The government does not want true pri- Congress used Medicare’s price con- servitude.” vate competition. Indeed, ever-dependable trols and opened the new program to The White House disputes all of this columnist Krugman declares it impossible everyone, it could pull 120 million of course. The president has praised the to have free-market healthcare. Yet, the Americans out of private insurance Mayo Clinic, among others, as a model for consequences of the proposed public al- — more than half of the private mar- the nation, lauding its high-quality care “at ternative, in rather short order, would not ket. The share of Americans who de- costs well below the national norm.” From be pretty. Writes Michael Cannon, direc- pend on government for their health his enthusiasm, you might think that his tor of health policies studies at the Cato care would rise from just over one- administration was itself responsible for Institute: quarter to two-thirds. such success. The reality is a bit different. “The Mayo Clinic and 12 other top health- After the Congressional Budget Of- The reformers have their eye fixed on more care-delivery outlets just sent Congress a fice estimated that as many as 15 than bringing down the insurance industry. letter,” wrote Grace-Marie Turner, presi- million Americans could lose their Big-government advocates literally want dent of the Galen Institute, in the New York existing coverage under Senator to run our lives — for our own good, of Post, “warning that the bill that already Kennedy’s legislation, the Associated course. They are also willing to tax almost has passed two committees in the House Press reported, “White House offi- anything to herd us around as they so de- would put them out of business.” cials suggest the president’s rhetoric sire. Consider an all-too-typical example, 42 THE NEW AMERICAN • AugusT 31, 2009
  • 42. thanks to third-party payers: govern- ment-privileged insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid. While that intervention boosts demand by elimi- nating cost consciousness, others con- strict supply: occupational licensing, a sales pitch: President Barack insurance mandates and barriers to Obama frequently “sells” his entry, patents on drugs and devices, healthcare plans. Democrats’ FDA regulations, certificate-of-need plans have gaping logical requirements, and more. holes: they don’t explain how With each so-called reform, we government can insure (in reality, they, the politicians) more people and made things worse. It’s time we — improve care when many doctors already collectively — stopped trying to don’t take patients reinvent the medical and insurance with Medicare and industries. Instead that task should SCHIP because be left to us individually — acting, the doctors lose transacting, competing, and cooper- AP Images money. ating in the marketplace. Only then will solutions emerge from people’s — not politicians’ — choices, as from a healthcare blog in the Los Ange- to encourage the purchase of fresh entrepreneurs (neither aided nor im- les Times for July 27. The piece, called and processed fruits and vegetables, peded by the State) pursue profit by “Tough love for fat people: Tax their food the added revenue would still be $356 producing goods and services that to pay for healthcare,” urged the United billion over 10 years. make us better off. States to “adopt extensive menu- and food- labeling changes that would make ‘good Meanwhile, the legislation being foisted on The reforms that are really needed in- foods’ easily distinguishable from the bad the public has a lot in it other than what treat- volve less government, not more. Yet, the ones subject to added taxes. Not to worry ments you might be allowed. The Associa- prescription being written for the United though: Several European countries, most tion of American Physicians and Surgeons States by Dr. Obama and his congressional notably Great Britain, have led the way in has noted that there are even provisions orderlies would insinuate Washington even this area.” for home visits that could provide paren- deeper into healthcare matters. It would Yes, that’s the same no-so-great Britain tal counseling with Washington’s wishes cost us in many ways. The added tax bur- where the Orwellian-nicknamed National about “increasing birth intervals between den would be both direct and indirect. One Institute for Health and Clinical Excel- pregnancies” — which probably translates method of financing in the House version lence (NICE) board decides what treat- quite easily into Chinese since it sounds of the legislation is what amounts to a jobs ments should be funded by the govern- suspiciously like Beijing’s program. tax; the business levy would hurt those ment based on an accounting statistic that Collectivism is key to Washington’s the reformers profess they want to help. measures, in terms of pounds, how much legislative occupation of what should be Those workers who might “gain health in- your life is worth. personal business. Intrusive and expensive surance from ObamaCare,” observed the Nevertheless, continued the Los Ange- government, contrary to columnist Krug- Wall Street Journal, “will pay the steepest les Times do-gooder: man, is actually behind virtually all of the price for it in either a shrinking pay check, ills of the system. As Sheldon Richman or no job at all.” And here’s the payoff: Conserva- explained in an article for the Foundation That knock on the door is ominous; it’s tively estimated, a 10% tax levied on for Economic Education: a snake-oil salesman from Washington foods that would be defined as “less who says he’s got a cure-all. The govern- healthy” by a national standard ad- Nearly every aspect of medicine and ment will simply lend a hand, we are told. opted recently in Great Britain could health insurance that the politicians We’ve been sold that bill of goods before. yield $240 billion in its first five say needs fixing is the result of politi- It is a mistake to believe, as proven by years and $522 billion over 10 years cians’ previous attempts to fix some- long, repeated, and painful experience, of implementation — if it were to thing. Much of the escalation of pric- that Uncle Sam can open his wallet and begin in October 2010. If lawmakers es comes from consumer demand that let you keep yours closed. n instituted a program of tax subsidies is freed from normal cost constraints — williAm p. hoAr 43
  • 43. tHe last worD by GAry beNoiT Why Is “Cash for Clunkers” called a success? T he “cash for clunkers” each new car purchase? program is supposedly Detroit would sell a lot wildly successful. Ac- more cars then. In fact, Detroit cording to proponents, con- would not be able to keep up, sumers are spending money no matter how hard it strived once again on expensive, big- to ramp up production. But ticket items; gas-guzzlers are would the resulting surge in being removed from the road; car sales to eager consumers and new-car sales are soaring, willing to take possession of benefiting not just the auto- the government-paid cars at mobile manufacturers, but the no cost to themselves really economy as a whole. get the economy going again? As just about everybody in Silly, isn’t it? Yet the only America now knows, consum- thing that makes the current ers can receive federal rebates “cash for clunkers” program of up to $4,500 by trading in less silly in terms of its sup- AP Images their old, fuel-inefficient cars posed benefit to the economy for new, more fuel-efficient is the fact that government is ones. So many consumers subsidizing only a part of the jumped at the opportunity to take advantage of this government cost of the deals instead of the entire amount. enticement that the $1 billion Congress initially authorized for The government has no wealth of its own, and the money the program was almost totally exhausted by the first week’s it spends to finance the “cash for clunkers” program must be worth of rebates, causing politicians who equated “consumer siphoned out of the economy — the very economy that the pro- participation” with “success” to scramble to provide another $2 gram is supposed to help. If the money for the program is bor- billion for the program. That latest installment of funds should rowed and created out of thin air through the Federal Reserve, keep the program on the road through Labor Day, the Obama then the newly created dollars interjected into the economy will administration, a strong advocate of the program, says. erode the value of already existing dollars, causing prices to rise But is the extent of consumer participation and the money they for goods and services, including cars. spend the best way to measure the success of the “cash for clunk- In short, the program is a wealth-redistribution scheme ben- ers” program? Consumers participate, of course, because they are efiting the auto industry (albeit only as long as the program is able to get more money for their old cars than the old cars are kept alive by Washington) and some consumers at the expense of worth — in many cases thousands of dollars more. So that means the economy as a whole. There is no overall economic gain. that the government enticements benefit the economy, right? Well, Well, actually, it is even worse than that, since the govern- if that were the case, then why not sweeten the government-subsi- ment is having all of the “clunkers” it is paying for destroyed, dized deals? Wouldn’t that benefit the economy even more? which means that the cost to the government (and ultimately Obviously, even more consumers would participate in the the American people) is not merely the benefit the consumer “cash for clunkers” program if the rebates were bigger, or if the derives (the difference between the market value of the cars and definition of “clunkers” were extended to cover a larger number the value of the rebates) but the entire cost of the rebates. Sup- of used cars. Just think of how many more cars Detroit could posedly this destruction of many still-useful vehicles will help produce and sell if the federal rebates were increased to (say) the economy since those vehicles get lower gas mileage than the $10,000 and then applied to any deal where the difference in gas government deems advisable. mileage between the sale of a “clunker” and the purchase of a This “logic” ignores the fact that destroying goods that still new car were just one mile per gallon or more! Wouldn’t such a possess market value can only hurt the economy. (If the op- turbo-charged “cash for clunkers” program generate even more posite were the case, then the government could also help the car sales than the current model? economy by buying and destroying older homes and factories And if a turbo-charged “cash for clunkers” program is not and replacing them with new, more-efficient ones.) The “logic” sufficient to jump-start the economy, then why not dispense also ignores the effect that the reduction in the number of used with the “clunkers” part of the program altogether and simply cars will have on the price of used cars (the price will go up). give each consumer a big, fat voucher that can be redeemed And it assumes that consumers do not factor in the price of when purchasing a new car (a very fuel-efficient new car, of gasoline when buying cars. course)? In fact, why not design the “cash for new cars” pro- If this government program is a huge success, one would hate gram so that the government will pay for the full amount of to contemplate what would constitute failure. n 44 THE NEW AMERICAN • AugusT 31, 2009
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