Camp david summit and bible prophecy   sept-oct 2000
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Camp david summit and bible prophecy   sept-oct 2000 Camp david summit and bible prophecy sept-oct 2000 Document Transcript

  • $3.00 Co W ene or in nv Volume 10/Number 5 September/October 2000 ld Le New ad Y er or s k WORLD EVENTS FROM A BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE Camp David Summit and Bible Prophecy Temple Discussion Underway
  • PROOF THIS IS THE ENDTIME THIS ARTICLE IS REPEATED IN EACH ISSUE OF ENDTIME FOR THE BENEFIT OF OUR NEW READERS. Many have stated that it is impossible to know whether or 3. WORLDWIDE NUMBERING SYSTEM PRE- not we are living in the last days before the second coming DICTED: In Revelation chapter 13, the Bible prophesies of Jesus Christ. However, below you will find dramatic that a world dictator will soon rule over a world govern- proof that this is the last times. All of the proofs below ment. He will cause all people on the earth to receive a taken together defy coincidence. number without which they will be unable to buy or sell. We are seeing this prophecy fulfilled before our eyes in a most astonishing way. Nearly every human being in the 1. EUPHRATES RIVER TO BE DRIED UP: In world now has been assigned a number. In America it is our Revelation 16:12, social security number. In the last few years we have seen the Bible predicts this number extended to small children. A child without a that the Euphrates social security number cannot be declared as a dependent on River will be dried an income tax return. We have seen the emergence of elec- up to prepare the tronic money, shopping with credit cards, and many people way for the kings are urging the abolishment of cash. All of these things could of the east to in- not possibly have been fulfilled until this present time. Only vade Israel. This after the invention of the computer could such a worldwide will happen at the numbering system be administered. time of the battle of Armageddon 4. THE EMERGENCE OF A NEW WORLD according to verse ORDER: Revelation 13:7 and Daniel 7:23 prophesy the 16 of the same establishment of a chapter. The battle of Armageddon will be the final battle at world government. which time Jesus Christ will return and fight on the side of We recently have the nation of Israel. Immediately thereafter He will estab- seen the term “new lish His kingdom and usher in His 1000-year reign of world order” being peace. used by the leading On January 13th, 1990, the Indianapolis Star carried the political people of our headline “Turkey will cut off flow of Euphrates for 1 world. Mikhail month.” The article stated that a huge reservoir had been Gorbachev has made built by Turkey. While filling up the reservoir, the flow of the term famous, and the Euphrates would be stopped for one month and a con- Pope John Paul II has crete plug for a diversion channel built. These things have referred to it repeat- now been done. With this newly built dam, Turkey has the edly. Finally our ability to stop the Euphrates River at will. The conditions former President, for fulfilling this 1900 year old prophecy are now in place! George Bush, in the Chicago Tribune, September 12, 1990, said “Iraq is the 2. CHINA GOES TO WAR: In Revelation 9:15- first test for the new world order.” He stated emphatically 16, the Bible prophesies that an army of 200 million that the Iraq War is Saddam Hussein against the world. The soldiers will launch a United Nations troops are continually referred to as the war which will kill multi-national forces. The decision has been made to estab- “the third part of lish an interdependent community of nations that will rule men”. Never in the the world under United Nations authority. The Bible says history of the world, that this will lead us into a great world government. We can until our present gen- see this happening right before our eyes. eration, has there been a power on COINCIDENCE OR DIVINE PROVIDENCE? The earth that could field Euphrates River can be dried up, the necessary 200 million 200 million soldiers. man army is available, a worldwide numbering system is However, the late possible because of the computer, and now the new world ruler of China, Mao order is appearing. Tsetung boasted in his diary that he Is it coincidental that all of these major prophecies pertain- could field an army of 200 million. We see that this ing to the last times are being fulfilled simultaneously? prophecy pertaining to the very last times could not ever have been fulfilled until now. Hardly! Source: Endtime Magazine, P.O. Box 2066, Richmond, IN 47375, 1-800-Endtime This page may be copied and distributed freely.
  • contents presenting world events from a biblical perspective COVER STORY 8 Dishonoring King David at Camp David Barak offered Arafat part of Jerusalem. King David must be flipping in his tomb. Ironically, Arafat rejected the proposal. He’s holding out for more. Clinton then suggested as part of the deal to allow Jews to pray on the Temple Mount. Now, for the first time ever, Israel is openly talking about building their Third Temple! F E AT U R E A R T I C L E S 12 Exclusive Interview — Benjamin Crème Benjamin Crème is a New Age believer, and says we are on the verge of entering into the New Age. He is the chief spokesman for one AP Wideworld Photos Ralph Alswang, White House Lord Maitreya, a man who he believes is the promised Messiah of our Page 8 age. Who is Benjamin Crème, what makes him tick, and how do his beliefs tie in with the emerging global government of the soon-to- appear Antichrist? Endtime recently interviewed Mr. Crème. 18 New York, New York One-thousand of the world’s top religious leaders will convene at UN headquarters in Manhattan at the end of August. One week later, Mikhail Gorbachev and Maurice Strong present the Earth Charter to the world’s largest ever gathering of Presidents and Prime Ministers. The world government of the Antichrist isn’t far behind. 24 World Review The Denver Post 26 Understanding the Book of Revelation Page 12 It has been commonly taught that Revelation was written in chronological order. A simple comparison, however, of the 6th Seal, 7th Trumpet and 7th Vial shows this cannot be the case. You now have the key that unlocks the mystery of the book given to mankind for the endtime! 30 Millennium Forum: A Call for World Government They have portrayed themselves as the gallant saviors of peace and democracy on earth, but the “globalization” agenda of the UN and its NGOs is nothing less than a push for centralized, global control of every man, woman and child on earth. D E PA R T M E N T S 4 Editorial Endtime Photo 6 Letters Page 18 13 Whetstone Endtime’s World Wide Web Address: 29 Crossword 31 Seek & Find and Answers E-mail: Endtime, Inc. is published bi-monthly by Endtime, Inc., 1214 South 8th Street, Richmond, IN 47374. Subscription price is $24.97 for 12 issues. Periodical postage paid #009267, ISSN# 1066-6885, Richmond, IN, and additional mailing offices. © 2001 Endtime, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Endtime, PO Box 2066, Richmond, IN 47375-2066. For subscriptions call 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week 1-800-ENDTIME. Other inquiries call 1- 765-962-6344 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (EST)
  • EDITORIAL Editorial Endtime photo A s this edition of Endtime Make no mistake…global dreamers are goes to press, I have never hoping that this unprecedented meeting had such an overriding of national leaders at the UN, the head- sense of pending develop- quarters of global government, will ments of supernatural produce a huge leap forward toward the proportions. In a few days (August 28- long-dreamed-of one-world government. 31), 1,000 religious leaders from around Global leaders believe that the dawning the world will converge upon the United of the new millennium is a once-in-a- Nations building in New York. This reli- thousand-years opportunity. gious confab, funded by Ted Turner’s $1 These events leading directly toward billion UN donation, has been called in the one-world government and one- the hope of placing the influence of world religion prophesied about in global religious forces behind the much- scripture seem to be so huge that every- touted Millennium Summit scheduled thing else should pale by comparison. for September 6-8. The astounding thing is that another The Millennium Summit will boast eminent prophetic fulfillment is so in- the attendance of 150 world political credibly important that these Irvin Baxter Jr., Endtime Editor leaders, the largest ever assembly of unprecedented developments seem al- heads-of-state in the history of the world. most insignificant by comparison. ple, which will create the conditions for The deadline has arrived for settling the Antichrist to stand in the rebuilt M A G A Z I N E S TA F F control over Jerusalem. Control over temple claiming to be Messiah and God EDITOR IRVIN BAXTER JR. Jerusalem inevitably centers on control (II Thessalonians 2:3-4). of the Temple Mount. Over the next two The Bible also tells us that a covenant EDITOR’S ASSISTANT MARY BETH STIGLEMAN months, either a peace agreement on the will be confirmed concerning Jerusalem’s Jerusalem issue will be signed or Arafat future. When the covenant is confirmed, OFFICE MANAGER JANA ROBBINS says he will unilaterally declare a the final seven years preceding Palestinian state. Armageddon will begin. It seems almost CIRCULATION Whichever occurs, it appears the way certain that an agreement on the ROBERT ADAMS JUDY BAXTER will be cleared for Jews to return to the Jerusalem issue will take place yet this CHRISTI BENJAMIN Temple Mount to worship for the first year. This makes it highly likely that the MICHELE JACK LORA KENDALL time in 2,000 years. This will lead to the final seven years will also begin before TRACEY KIDWELL prophesied rebuilding of the Jewish tem- the end of this year of 2000! ❏ KARA MCPEAK JESSICA TURNER SHERI WOODRING What is Endtime Magazine? In 1968, Irvin Baxter Jr. discovered the United States and other modern nations in the Bible. He also NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR found the Berlin Wall in the Bible and that one day it was to be torn down, reuniting Germany, and that event DAVE NORTHROP would be the catalyst to spark an international movement called the "New World Order." These things have STAFF WRITERS now come to pass. JOHN L. BRYANT Irvin Baxter Jr., a Pentecostal minister, began Endtime Ministries in 1986 when he wrote A Message For N. TERI GROTTKE The President, a book explaining the major prophecies of the Bible which he had been teaching since 1968. EDDIE SAX After the fall of the Berlin Wall, prophetic fulfillment accelerated rapidly. The decision was made to launch Endtime. The purpose of the magazine is to explain the prophecies of the Bible and to show that RADIO OPERATIONS they are now being fulfilled in intricate detail. JIM STIGLEMAN Articles focus on the soon return of Jesus Christ, the truth of the Bible, and the need for salvation. RESEARCH Endtime does not deal with doctrinal controversies, as valid as they may be. This will be left to other pub- HAROLD HENWOOD lications. KATHY MCKINNEY STATEMENT OF FAITH: We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, and that He will come again to establish a kingdom that shall never be destroyed (Daniel ACCOUNTING 2:44). Those who are born again (John 3:3-5) will have eternal life and rule as kings and priests with Christ DEBBIE BARKLEY forever. 4 endtime SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2000 E-mail:, Website:
  • Prophecy Tour 2001 United Nations-Egypt-Israel March 27-April 7 (12 days) Moses grimaced when he saw the whip of the Egyptian taskmaster snake across the back of the Israeli slave. Anger welled up in him when he saw the angry stripe that was left across the Jewish back. At that moment, he made up in his mind that he and his people were leaving that place! It took forty years, but leave they did. The excitement was high as they headed north toward the long-dreamed-of “Promised Land.” Little did Moses know that it would be forty years before he would stand on Mount Nebo, gazing longingly into the land of Israel. That was as close as he would ever get. In Egypt: The overseas portion of Prophecy Tour 2001 will begin by walking in the footsteps of Moses and the children of Israel in the land of Egypt. We will visit Goshen where they lived while in Egypt and see the brickyards where they toiled. Believe it or not, bricks are still being made there till this day! While in Egypt, we will also see the Great Pyramid, the Great Sphinx, the Cairo Museum and visit Old Cairo. We will then travel north through the Sinai desert, across the Suez Canal, finally arriving in the land of Israel. In Israel: Stand on the Mount of Olives where Jesus will stand when He returns—Visit the Temple Mount itself where the Third Temple will soon be built—See the cornerstone intended for the rebuilding of the Third Temple—At the Temple Institute we will see the vessels and the garments already pre- pared for resumption of temple worship—Visit the Garden Tomb and the Garden of Gethsemane—See the site of the coming Battle of Armageddon—We will visit Judean settlements where Jesus prophesied great tribulation will come in the near future (Matthew 24:15-16)—Boat across the Sea of Galilee where Jesus walked on the water. And much, much more! At the United Nations: Prophecy Tour 2001 will begin in New York City at the United Nations—the seat of world gov- ernment. A guided tour will take us through the chambers of the UN where decisions are made that change the course of the world. A one-hour briefing by a UN official has been arranged especially for the members of our Endtime Prophecy Tour. We have just scratched the surface concerning the things you will experience in the land of the Bible. There is no doubt that Prophecy Tour 2001 will be the trip of a lifetime! I hope that you can join my wife, Judy, and me as we experience the UN, Egypt, and the Holy Land together. Eddie Sax, co-host for “Politics & Religion,” and his wife Charlotte will be with us on the tour. It will be a great time. Don’t miss it! The cost for the entire 12-day United Nations, Egypt, and Israel tour will be $2195 plus tips and taxes. You can insure your place on the tour by sending your deposit of $250 to Endtime, PO Box 2066, Richmond, IN 47375. Total payment will need to be made 45 days before departure. If you have further questions, you may call us here at 1-800-endtime. Irvin Baxter Jr. — Tour Host Call 1-800-ENDTIME for more information. (Ask for Christi at extension 226 or Debbie.)
  • Letters to Endtime You can’t believe everything you read her plagues.”) Notice that God’s word specifically tells sincere I read in a magazine of a boy born, some years back, in Italy Catholics what they should do—“come out of her my people.” by the name of Vifo. This boy had two horns on his head and Editor’s note: For further explanation, send for our free a tail. Also currently in the world, there is a boy about seven booklet entitled, Why So Many Churches? years old who is well versed in the Koran. Whenever he stands to preach, people are always surprised of him. This has led many Christians to denounce their faith. The outer court will be under Gentile control Please, how can you describe these two boys from a biblical Revelation 11:2 states: “But the court which is WITHOUT point of view? Could they possibly be the beasts described in THE TEMPLE leave out, and measure it not; for it is given the Bible? I would be very glad to hear from you. unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot FORTY AND TWO MONTHS.” Yours in the race, How can this scripture be fulfilled now, even if we are com- P. Afailce ing into the confirmation of the covenant? It looks like the Nigeria Gentiles won’t get their portion of the holy city to tread under foot until 3 1/2 years from now even if this begins the final 7 Reply: Your question points out something that is critically im- years. portant. Just because we read something in a newspaper or a I love “Politics & Religion.” It is the highlight of my day. magazine, that does not mean that it is true. The wildest fabrica- tions are being published every day. A report of a person born with M. Cummins horns and a tail should not be taken seriously. Internet According to scripture, a beast in Bible prophecy symbolizes a nation or kingdom along with the ruler of that kingdom (Daniel Reply: I don’t think the prophecy states that the Gentiles can only 7:17, 23). Since the boys in the stories you have read do not rule tread down the outer court for the final 42 months. I believe the pas- a nation, they could not fulfill the prophecies concerning the sage is indicating that once the temple is completed and the final beasts in the Bible. three and one-half years begins the Jews will control the temple, but the outer court will remain under Gentile control. This is supported by the present situation, since the Gentiles already are occupying the Miracles do not indicate whether a movement is Temple Mount. right or wrong It is interesting that President Clinton’s bridging proposal of- Is the Catholic Charismatic renewal a genuine move of the fered at Camp David provides for the sharing of the Temple Holy Spirit and a genuine revival emanating from God? I am Mount by Muslims and Jews—exactly as the prophecy describes. totally confused because I believe Revelation 17-18 is talking of the Roman Catholic Church. Yet I see them performing great miracles and healings in the name of Jesus Christ. Could Financial status is not a barometer of spirituality you please spare the time to write me on this matter? I would What do you teach concerning endtime prosperity, transfer- be most grateful. ence of wealth, or Kingdom now theology? My pastor was schooled at Rhema Bible Training Center and studied under Yours faithfully, Kenneth Hagin. He has always taught along the above men- O. Jerry tioned lines. Since getting saved, I have always had an interest E. Africa in Bible Prophecy and this prosperity stuff doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere before the millennial reign of Jesus. Reply: I have not attended the meetings of the Catholic Charismatic renewal so I am handicapped in answering your ques- J. Armstrong tion. However, there are some things that should be considered. Internet Any time a sincere person prays in the name of Jesus Christ, heal- ings and miracles can take place. This does not indicate whether a Reply: The Bible clearly teaches that Satan’s rule as “god of this movement is right or wrong. age” will continue until he is bound in the bottomless pit at the end Furthermore, in the same chapters that explicitly refer to Roman of the Battle of Armageddon (Revelation 20:1-3). The transfer of Catholicism as the great whore, scripture also teaches that there are power is described at the time of the last trump in Revelation sincere people in the Catholic Church. (Revelation 18:4, “And I 11:15, “And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my peo- voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become ple, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for 6 endtime SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2000 E-mail:, Website:
  • ever and ever.” The most alarming thing about the Project Megiddo report is that This does not mean that a Christian cannot experience financial it repeatedly labels people who believe in the coming Battle of blessing at this present time. It also does not mean that Christians Armageddon as “extremists.” It also implies that anyone taking the could not suffer financial reversal. Our financial status does not in- book of Revelation seriously is an extremist. Since the Bible defi- dicate our spirituality. The Church of Laodicea was financially rich, nitely teaches that there is going to be a battle called Armageddon, but God told them they were miserable, wretched, naked and blind. this report implies that anyone who believes the Bible has to be con- The Church of Smyrna was steeped in poverty, yet God said, “but sidered an extremist. This stance seems to have become the norm thou art rich.” emanating from our government. Jesus summed up the relevance of financial status to spirituality Bible prophecy will become one of the greatest tools for fighting by saying in Luke 12:15, “Take heed, and beware of covetousness: against the Antichrist and his emerging one-world government. for a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which Consequently, those who believe and teach the Bible’s prophecy he possesseth.” must be labeled as extremists and right-wing radicals. If God does choose to place financial resources in our hands, we should use those resources to further His kingdom. The Antichrist will have opposition during his reign On page 52 of your “Understanding the Endtime” Study What year is it? Manual you state that the scriptures seem to indicate that the The official Jewish year, which dates back to the day of cre- United States possibly will not be absorbed into world gov- ation, is 5760. For years, however, it has been contended by ernment. Since world government is the beast system, then, I Jewish scholars, as well as others, that there are 240 missing would have to maintain that it is entirely possible that years to this calendar. If this is true, then we are in the year Americans would not be required to take the “Mark of the 6000 — the 6000th year since creation. Do you agree with this Beast.” But since we must take all of the counsel of God into teaching? consideration, refer to Revelation 13 and 15. If Americans are not participating in the beast system, what have you consid- Tony G. ered may happen? Thanks a lot. Internet In Jesus Name, Reply: By tracing all the begets throughout scripture, it is possible J. Brophy to actually count the years from Adam to Christ. I have personally Evanston, WY done this. It indicates that we are actually a little bit beyond 6,000 years since the creation of Adam and Eve. Reply: We know that Israel will resist the Antichrist up until the There are one or two points in this study that may be open to Battle of Armageddon. We also know, according to Daniel 11:31- debate. However, it does appear that we are at least in the year 45, that during the final three and one-half years the Antichrist will 6,000 from the beginning. still be fighting wars. This means he will still have opposition on the national level. Daniel 11:41 specifically states that the country of Jordan (Moab, Edom and the children of Ammon) shall escape out Are you a “Right-wing Radical”? of the hand of the Antichrist. Recently, there was a caller who addressed an FBI report When scripture says that the Antichrist will cause all to receive a that apparently labeled people (presumably Christians) who number without which they will be unable to buy or sell, could this had Bibles in their cars or the commonly identified “Jesus mean that he causes all that are under his dominion to receive the Fish,” and other Christian symbols, as extremists. I am unable mark? Perhaps the mark of the beast will ultimately affect every sin- to locate this report. Was there any validity to his statement? gle human being on the face of the earth. If so, the total domination Additionally, it is public knowledge that the FBI has orga- of the earth will only be achieved during the last one or two years of nized the initiative, “Project Megiddo.” You can find this 32 the Antichrist’s reign. page report under the “Library” section of their website. The initiative is not inherently bad. In fact, it is a rational ap- proach in dealing with political extremists/terrorists. Jesus DID NOT support violence or hate. Endtime thanks you for your Nevertheless, could you briefly comment on the implica- letters. The letters we use in tions of this report/initiative concerning ministries like yours and the implications of extremism, in light of the FBI’s posi- Endtime do not necessarily reflect tion? the views of Endtime and/or its staff. Thank you, Tom M. Endtime reserves the right to edit U.S. Navy letters according to space and edi- Reply: We have not yet been able to locate the FBI report to torial style. which the caller referred. If we do, we will let you know. E-mail:, Website: SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2000endtime 7
  • COVER STORY Dishonoring King David at Camp David By Irvin Baxter Jr. AP Wideworld Photos Ralph Alswang, White House A nother Middle East sum- mit…ho hum! But wait just a minute! This one was different. For the first time in the history of the world, Israel put the future of Jerusalem on the table. And at this summit, Israel actually offered to surrender part of Jerusalem to the Philistines without fir- ing a shot! (Palestinian and Philistine are the same word.) Three-thousand years ago, in 1004 BC, King David conquered the city of Jebus and renamed it Jerusalem. President Clinton meets with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, left, and Palestinian leader Yasser Jerusalem has been the only capital of Arafat, Tuesday, July 25, 2000 at Camp David, Maryland. The Middle East peace talks collapsed the nation of Israel since that time. It was in a deadlock over the future of Jerusalem. this same David who killed Goliath, the Philistine. Now the leader of Israel meets with the modern leader of the of Jerusalem to a heathen king without Arafat’s “No” was adamant. “We will Philistines—Yasser Arafat—and offers to even putting up a fight? Of all the shame- never allow a Jewish presence on the GIVE him control of parts of Jerusalem. ful acts throughout Israel’s history, I Temple Mount at all.” Blasphemy of blasphemies! know of none that compares to what we This deal-breaker just happens to be And as though to forever dishonor have just witnessed. the issue that the Bible declares will ulti- King David’s memory, the summit was Amazingly, Yasser Arafat turned the mately hurl the world into the Battle of held at CAMP DAVID!! Incredible! offer down. “It’s not enough,” he said. Armageddon. Unthinkable! Impossible! Yet it hap- Barak had insisted on at least allowing pened. Jews to pray on the Temple Mount. “You How did we arrive at this Can you imagine reading in the Bible may keep your pagan shrines on our juncture? about a leader of Israel so frightened and Temple Mount, he said, “but we must be When the Oslo Accords were signed faithless that he would offer to give part allowed to worship there, too.” on September 13, 1993, the Jerusalem 8 endtime SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2000 E-mail:, Website:
  • Endtime Photo issue was simply too hot to handle. Consequently, both parties agreed to just leave it alone for the time being. It was decided, however, that negotiations on the final status of Jerusalem would com- mence by May of 1996. When the May 1996 deadline rolled around, Prime Minister Shimon Peres and Benjamin Netanyahu were in the heat of an election campaign. To satisfy the provisions of the Oslo Agreement, Peres held a ceremonial opening of final status negotiations. But with his loss of the election, these talks never got off the ground. The Oslo Accords provided for final borders and the final status of Jerusalem to be negotiated and implemented by May 4, 1999. In the months preceding this date, Arafat proclaimed that, if the promised negotiations were not com- pleted on time, he would unilaterally declare a Palestinian state. This evoked all kinds of apocalyptic visions of disaster The Western Wall of the Temple Mount is shown here. This is as close to the area where the in the minds of the world’s leaders. ancient Jewish Temple once stood as the Israelis are permitted to approach. To complicate matters, the govern- ment of Benjamin Netanyahu fell—just statehood and Barak was elected. Later Barak and Bill Clinton headed for the prior to the deadline. President Clinton in 1999, Arafat and Barak agreed on a friendly confines of Camp David. persuaded Arafat that a declaration of new deadline for final resolution of all The stakes were high. Clinton wants statehood during an Israeli election cam- outstanding issues—September 13, 2000. desperately to leave behind him the paign would insure the re-election of crowning achievement of bringing peace Netanyahu. Clinton contended that The stakes were huge. to the Middle East. Barak’s government Ehud Barak would be a much more With the September 13th deadline for back home is unraveling. His only hope friendly and generous peace partner. declaring Palestinian independence for survival appears to be new elections Arafat postponed his declaration of looming just ahead, Yasser Arafat, Ehud that would serve as a referendum on a “The two outstanding issues that remain problematic are the status of Jerusalem, in particular the question of sover- eignty over the Temple Mount, and the right of return for Palestinian refugees. During last week’s talks, the Israelis were surprised by the inability of one of the senior members of the Palestinian delegation to Camp David to comprehend the importance of the Temple Mount to Israelis. “The Western Wall is yours and Haram al Sharif [the Temple Mount] is ours—stop with your nonsense,” said the official. Ha’aretz Newspaper, August 6, 2000 E-mail:, Website: SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2000endtime 9
  • Dishonoring king david at camp david peace deal. In the meantime, Arafat AP Wideworld Photos/Zoom 77 knows that giving up any control on the Temple Mount would probably result in his assassination. He later said as much when the talks broke down over that issue. The Camp David Summit began on July 11th and continued through July 25th. You must understand that these were the first negotiations ever between Jews and Arabs over the future of Jerusalem. Ehud Barak, one year ago in his campaign for election, had steadfastly promised to never surrender or divide Jerusalem. Yet at Camp David, Barak, in the end, offered to do just that. What a difference a year makes! Jews to worship on Temple Mount? Grappling with the issue of Jerusalem has been put off since the creation of the Modern State of Israel in 1948. At that time the UN avoided the issue by declar- ing that Jerusalem should be an Muslim worshippers in prayer on the Temple Mount during the holy month of Ramadan. Their international city. The day after Israel’s backs are to the Dome of the Rock, the site where Israel wants to build her Temple. declaration of statehood, her Arab neighbors launched a war in an attempt Palestinian control. Barak went farther man, and I shall never permit it to be said to snuff out the tiny nation. When the than anyone thought he would go. It that I sold the Haram [the Temple cease-fire came in 1949, West Jerusalem looked like a successful compromise Mount]. Even if the State of Palestine was in Israeli hands, while East might be struck. But then the talks came were to be established on 100% of the Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount, to a stalemate. land of Palestine, including Jerusalem, was under Jordanian control. When the deadlock appeared un- we shall never admit that the Temple lies Then Israel captured East Jerusalem in breakable, President Clinton offered a under the Haram.” the 1967 War. Immediately, Jerusalem bridging proposal between the was declared to be the eternal capital of Palestinian and the Israeli positions. The The genie is out of the bottle! Israel. Israeli leaders promised that it issue on which the negotiations had Though the Camp David Summit would never again be surrendered or stalled was the Temple Mount. ended without an agreement, forces were shared. In the Mideast peace process, the sub- unleashed there that are destined to have In the meantime, Yasser Arafat never ject of the Temple Mount has always far-reaching consequence. The one missed an opportunity to declare that been avoided like the plague. The very phrase in Clinton’s bridging proposal, there would never be peace in the mention of it is enough to bring rum- “Jews will be allowed to pray on the Middle East until there was a Palestinian blings of World War III. In President Temple Mount,” finally brought out in state with Jerusalem as its capital. Clinton’s bridging proposal, the Al Aqsa the open the issue that no one, to this In 1993, Israel’s Prime Minister, Mosque would be left under Arab con- point, had dared to mention. Since the Yitzhak Rabin, made a fatal mistake trol, including unhindered access. Then end of Camp David, debate concerning when signing the Oslo Peace Accords. came the seemingly insignificant ultimate control of the Temple Mount is He agreed that talks on the final status of clause… “Jews will be allowed to pray on raging daily. Jerusalem would begin by May of 1996. the Temple Mount.” That’s all it said. On August 7, 2000, the Chief In agreeing to discuss the status of But that issue is enough to trigger the Rabbinate Council, Israel’s highest reli- Jerusalem, he agreed that Israel’s control Battle of Armageddon—and in the end gious authority, held preliminary debate was not eternal and was subject to nego- it will. on the subject of building a synagogue on tiation. Barak accepted Clinton’s bridging pro- the Temple Mount. The council then ap- It was not until the Camp David posal, but Arafat said he just couldn’t. pointed a committee to study the subject. Summit in July that the final status of Arafat said to Clinton, “I shall not ac- It’s extremely interesting that the sug- Jerusalem was openly placed on the cept any reduced sovereignty over gestion to build the synagogue (the word table. At the summit, Barak did the un- Jerusalem, even if we have to wait an- synagogue is less inflammatory than the thinkable. He agreed to place some Arab other 50 or 100 years to liberate it, and word temple) was brought to the council neighborhoods in Jerusalem under raise the Palestinian flag. I am a religious by Haifa’s Chief Rabbi Shear-Yeshuv 10 endtime SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2000 E-mail:, Website:
  • Paul Schutzer Cohen. Rabbi Shear-Yeshuv Cohen is the son-in-law of the late Chief Rabbi of Israel Shlomo Goren. It was Shlomo Goren who served as rabbi of the Israeli Army at the time of the capture of the Temple Mount in 1967. The picture of Goren standing at the Wailing Wall with a shofar to his lips became the most famous picture of the Six-Day War. It was Goren who went to the com- manding general of the Israeli forces that captured the Temple Mount to urge him to immediately blow up the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock. “You will go down in history as the man who cleared the way for Israel to build her Third Temple,” Goren had stated. General Uzi ordered the rabbi to be quiet. When Goren persisted with the general, General Uzi said, “Rabbi, if you don’t be quiet, I will have to take you to jail.” Rabbi Goren sadly walked away. Now, thirty-three years later, Goren’s son-in-law is spearheading the fight to build the Third Temple on the Temple Shlomo Goren is shown praying on Temple Mount after its capture in the Six Day War in 1967. Mount. In another venue, a semi-official com- made to the last 42 months before tion seems to be the most likely one at mittee of Arabs and Jews is meeting to Armageddon. The remainder of the this time. Barak would probably use the discuss how Arabs and Jews can share the chapter is devoted to the ministry of the guidelines established at Camp David in Temple Mount. Some of those partici- two witnesses, which occurs during the determining Israel’s drawing of borders. pating in this committee also serve as same final 3 1/2 years. This would keep the Arabs from blaming advisors to officials who represent their Arafat for giving away part of the Temple governments at the peace talks. How will it all happen? Mount, and it would make Israel appear The prophecy tells us what will even- reasonable in the eyes of the World What does the Bible say? tually happen. The only question is, Community. This scenario also explains The Bible specifically prophesies con- “How do we get from here to there?” why tensions continue throughout the cerning who will control the Temple There appears to be two possibilities. Great Tribulation, finally culminating in Mount in the endtimes. Revelation 11:1- An agreement could be reached be- Armageddon. 2 states: “And there was given me a reed tween Israel and the Palestinians. This Whether events will unfold exactly like unto a rod: and the angel stood, say- appears unlikely since Arafat has said like this, we may not be able to say. ing, Rise, and measure the temple of that he will hold out another 50 or 100 However, there are some things that we God, and the altar, and them that wor- years before he accepts any reduced sov- do know: A temple will soon be built on ship therein. But the court which is ereignty over Jerusalem. The other fact the Temple Mount; Sacrifices and tem- without the temple leave out, and mea- that seems to indicate that the sharing ple worship will be resumed; The sure it not; for it is given unto the arrangement on the Temple Mount will Antichrist will stop the sacrifices and Gentiles: and the holy city shall they not be reached by agreement is that dis- stand in the temple, claiming to be tread under foot forty and two months.” pute will continue to rage after the Messiah and God. And this will trigger This prophecy plainly states that John rebuilding of the temple. We know this the Great Tribulation. Events which will should measure the temple but should because the Battle of Armageddon is ul- appear to have been solved will spiral not measure the outer court of the tem- timately to be fought over Jerusalem into confrontation, ultimately triggering ple because it would be controlled by the (Zechariah 14:2). the Battle of Armageddon. It is at Gentiles. This obviously describes a shar- The other possibility is that Arafat will Armageddon when Jesus returns to ing arrangement on the Temple Mount, make good on his threat to unilaterally earth. The Antichrist and the False which just happens to be the solution declare Palestinian statehood. Barak has Prophet will then be cast into the lake of suggested by President Clinton at Camp warned that Israel will respond to this fire. Satan will be bound in the bottom- David. course of action by unilaterally drawing less pit for 1,000 years, and we will crown We know that this prophecy is for the the borders, as she sees fit, between Jesus as King of kings and Lord of lords. endtimes just ahead since reference is Palestine and Israel. This course of ac- Come quickly, Lord Jesus! ❏ E-mail:, Website: SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2000endtime 11
  • EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Exclusive Interview Benjamin Crème Lord Maitreya’s John the Baptist Crème believes Maitreya is the Messiah The Denver Post N ew Age belief is rampant among the global leaders of this world. Its roots are found in Hinduism, Buddhism, and pagan na- ture worship (pantheism). New Age is being expressed today as Interfaithism, the belief that all religions are valid paths to God. Benjamin Crème is a New Age be- liever, and says we are on the verge of entering into the New Age – The Age of Aquarius. He is the chief spokesman for one Lord Maitreya, a man who he be- lieves is the promised Messiah of our age. Benjamin Crème was recently interviewed by Endtime. Creme believes he is the “John the Who is Benjamin Crème, what makes Baptist” of Lord Maitreya. him tick, and how do his beliefs tie in with the emerging global government of the soon-to-appear Antichrist? Endtime’s Crème: Yes, people do call me the pre- Crème: We’re not talking about Jesus. Irvin Baxter Jr. and Eddie Sax inter- sent day John the Baptist, except I don’t Jesus and Maitreya work together in the viewed Mr. Crème. baptize anyone. I work with people that closest relationship and harmony. But respond to my message all over the when we talk about Maitreya, we’re talk- Baxter: Who is Benjamin Crème, and world, who then form themselves into ing about the head and leader of the large what is your mission? groups. We are a loose network of like- group of whom Jesus is a major figure. We minded people—all engaged in can call Maitreya by different names: Crème: For the last 25 years I’ve been preparing humanity for the extraordinary The spiritual hierarchy of our planet, the engaged in worldwide work of literally events and changes that will take place esoteric hierarchy, the masters of wisdom preparing the way for the return of the in the world very soon. and the lords of compassion to name a Christ to the world. few. Maitreya is one of the great lords of Baxter: When we talk about Maitreya, compassion, the embodiment of the di- Baxter: So you’re like John the are we talking about the Messiah? The vine energy we call love, and which is Baptist. Christ? Jesus Christ? essentially the Christ principle. And so 12 endtime SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2000 E-mail:, Website:
  • Whetstone Radio Log by John L. Bryant Politics & Religion with Irvin Baxter Jr. 1. Thou art my beloved ___ ; in thee I’m well pleased. A. Friend B. Son C. Relative Red indicates new or change *Live Broadcast 2. What office did Haggai proclaim/occupy? AR Ft. Smith KFSA 950 AM 3:00 pm* A. Prophet B. Seer C. Governor Waldron KRWA 103.1 FM 3:00 pm* 3. But ye shall receive ___ to be a witness … GA Macon WBML 900 AM 6:00 pm A. Silver B. Power C. Gold IN Indianapolis WXLW 950 AM 2:00 pm 4. I and my Father are ___. Ft. Wayne WLYV 1450 AM 3:00 pm* A. Separated B. Enemies C. One Richmond WHON 930 AM 2:05 pm 5. For the love of ___ is the root of all evil. South Bend WHME 103.1 FM 4:00 pm A. Money B. Pleasures C. Self KS Wichita KSRX 1360 AM 4:00 & 10:30 pm 6. How excellent (Lord) is thy ___ in all the earth! LA New Orleans WLNO 1060 AM 3:00 pm* A. Power B. Majesty C. Name MD Baltimore WBMD 750 AM 11:15 am 7. … let the weak say, I am ___. Denton WKDI 840 AM 11:00 am MA Worcester WCRN 830 AM 4:00 pm* A. Unworthy B. Strong C. Boastful MI Battle Creek WOLY 1500 AM 4:00 pm* 8. Who was Moses’ successor? Detroit WLQV 1500 AM 6:00 pm A. Caleb B. Hur C. Joshua Lansing WLCM 1390 AM 4:00 pm* 9. Organ(s) mentioned in preparing offerings Flint WSNL 600 AM 11:00 pm A. Kidney(s) B. Eyes C. Ears MO Poplar Bluff KOKS 89.5 FM 3:00pm* 10. In the ___ that king Uzziah died... NC Durham WFTK 1030 AM 10:30 & 4:15 pm A. Year B. Day C. Hour NE Omaha KCRO 660 AM 3:00 pm* 11. His diet consisted of vegetables and water. OH Columbus WVKO 1580 AM 9:00 pm A. Adonijah B. Daniel C. Jeroboam OK Muskogee KMUS 1380 AM 4:00 & 10:30 pm 12. Moses put this over his face. Claremore KMYZ 1570 AM 4:00 & 10:30 pm A. Hand B. Veil C. Arm Tulsa KTRT 1270 AM 4:00 & 10:30 pm 13. Old Testament man known for his patience. OR Portland KKSL 1290 AM 1:00 pm* A. Ahab B. Cain C. Job KPBC 1640 AM 1:00 pm* 14. Judas ___, the betrayer of Jesus. TN Memphis KSUD 730 AM 1:00pm A. Alphaeus, B. Zelotes C. Iscariot TX Corpus Christi KCTA 1030 AM 4:00 pm 15. ___ was raised by the daughter of Pharoah? Dallas KVTT 91.7 FM 3:00 pm* A. Moses B. Joseph C. Judah Daingerfield KEGG 91.9 FM 11:00 am 16. After serving seven years (at the first), who was the VA Hampton Roads WPMH 1010 AM 3:30 pm wife of Jacob? WA Spokane KTRW 970 AM 1:00 pm* A. Rachel B. Leah C. Zilpah KTRW 96.9 FM 1:00 pm* 17. The sluggard was told to observe this industrious WV Point Pleasant WBGS 1030 AM 8:00 am insect. WI Milwaukee WEMP 1250 AM 5:00 pm A. Ant B. Moth C. Fly 18. I am like a green ___ tree. Worldwide via Shortwave WHRI 6.040 9:00 am A. Apple B. Fir C. Pomegranate North America, South WHRA 17.650 2:00 pm 19. Who was exiled to the isle of Patmos? America, Europe, Russia, WHRI 5.745 4:00 pm* A. James B. Peter C. John WHRI 9.495 4:00 pm* Africa, Israel 20. Samuel ministered unto the Lord before whom? WHRA 7.580 8:00 pm Times shown are for U.S. Eastern WHRI 5.745 11:00 pm A. Eli B. Hezekiah C. Zechariah Answers on page 31 WHRI 7.315 11:00 pm Pacific Rim Nations: China, KWHR 9.930 0800 UTC $3.00 Japan, India, New Zealand W Conv orld ene Lead Only $24.97 in Ne ers KWHR 17.780 0200 UTC Septembe r/October 2000 w Yo rk it umm At Last! er 5 10/Numb for 12 issues Call Volume vid S and IVE PECT PERS p Da hecy ICAL A BIBL TS FROM Cam LD EVEN Prop WOR Internet 24 hrs. Bible 1-800-Endtime or use Call 1-800-Endtime to find out how to get Politics & Religion on the air in your city. Order Form My Own ple Discu Tem nderway U ssio n between pgs. Subscription 12-13 E-mail:, Website: SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2000endtime 13
  • exclusive interview—benjamin Crème from the Christian point of view, he is The Denver Post the Christ and is awaited. Most Christians would say they await the re- turn of Jesus, but in fact, Maitreya worked through Jesus 2,000 years ago in Palestine, inaugurating the age that has now come to an end. Maitreya and his group of masters, including Jesus, have returned and are returning to the world to inaugurate the New Age – The Age of Aquarius. So what we are seeing is an ex- traordinary congruence of events: The return of the Christ from a Christian point of view, but from the Buddhist point of view the coming of the fifth Buddha – Maitreya Buddha. Two-thou- sand six-hundred years ago, the Buddha made a prophecy in which he said an- other great teacher would come into the world at this time—a Buddha like him- self by the name of Maitreya. Baxter: Is Maitreya a living human being or a spirit figure? Crème: A living human being, who at According to Crème, Lord Maitreya, shown here in Africa, will soon appear as “Messiah”. the present time is living in London as a normal looking man in a normal physical the Christ, or the Lord Maitreya, or the body. But it’s a body over which he has Messiah or any other names to which he complete control. He can appear and dis- “Eventually a can lay claim. He doesn’t like these appear at will, as can all of the masters. names. They are manmade. He only He has come into the world for the very new type of wishes to be called “The Teacher.” He first time as himself; in his own physical presence. At the beginning of every age, religion will says, “I have not come to found a new re- ligion. I have not come to create a master appears in the world as one of evolve and people followers. There is only one place you the various teachers. Maitreya overshad- can know me, and that is in your heart.” owed Jesus from the baptism to the will eventually Eventually a new type of religion will crucifixion, and Jesus became the em- bodiment of the Christ principle. And so drift into it. It evolve and people will eventually drift into it. It really won’t be a religion. It will Jesus became Jesus the Christ. really won’t be a be closely aligned with the science of evolution, which is the way of Jesus and Baxter: Have you personally met religion. It will be all the great teachers. Maitreya? closely aligned Baxter: There are many people who Crème: Yes, several times. with the science of saw the full-page ads that were placed in the spring of 1982 in 20 major newspa- Messiah, then a new religion evolution, which is pers around the world (announcing Baxter: How quickly should we expect the public emergence of Maitreya? the way of Jesus Maitreya as messiah). That was quite a fi- nancial outlay. Where did the money and all the great come from? Crème: I think it will be very soon. He has been ready to go public since the teachers.” Crème: It cost about $250,000. Half of spring of 1982. it came from donations. Many people invited to appear on a major television around the world responded very quickly. Sax: How will he emerge on the world network in America. That will allow him Half of it was borrowed and has since scene? How will the Average Joe on the to be heard by millions of people. This is been repaid. street be made aware of Lord Maitreya? also true in Japan. Then all the other networks will want to interview this ex- United Nations, United Religions Crème: In the first place, he has been traordinary man. He will not call himself Baxter: I notice in some of your teach- 14 endtime SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2000 E-mail:, Website:
  • ings that you speak of the fair distribu- International ( is all religious teachings, not just tion of wealth and bringing the world an official NGO (non-governmental Christianity, is that they were given ver- into unity. I hear the same things from organization) of the United Nations. bally—some over hundreds of years the United Nations and Mikhail UN Under Secretary General Maurice ago—some over thousands of years ago. Gorbachev. Is this an idea whose time Strong and his wife, Hannah, own a And then they took hundreds of years to has come? 10,000 acre New Age range in south- disseminate those teachings. In that dis- ern Colorado called “The Baca.” semination, in every case grew Crème: This coming age, the Age of There is indeed spiritual wickedness distortions of the original teaching. Most Aquarius, is an age of brotherhood. in high places! of the teaching was given in symbolic When humanity realizes it is one, we language only. It’s hidden. If you take the should act like a family and share. Lucifer: Satan or the human Bible literally, as perhaps you do but I family? personally don’t, I see the Bible as a work Baxter: Do you see the UN playing a Sax: You draw a lot of your teachings of great power and insight and revelatory prominent role in the development of from people who are not household truth when properly understood. When the Age of Aquarius? names, but who have had great impact taken literally it becomes something very on many people all over the world. Some different. The trouble with an awful lot Crème: Yes, if the UN lives up to its of these names are Helena Blavatsky, of Christians from my point of view is expectations, especially with Maitreya Alice Bailey and Djwhal Khul. From the that they take the Bible absolutely liter- and the other masters working openly in research I’ve done, and I know this will ally. But it wasn’t even meant to be taken the world. be of concern to many of our people, literally, quite apart from any distortions these people appear to be worshipers of that might have come into it. And so Baxter: I visited the constitution sign- Lucifer. they misunderstand the basic teachings ing of the United Religions Initiative. of their own scriptures. The goal of this organization is a to cre- Crème: No, absolutely not. ate a United Nations of Religions – a Editor’s comments: Djwhal Khul place where all religions can come to- Sax: Alice Bailey was editor of Lucifer never existed. He was Alice Bailey’s gether, to communicate, and to find Magazine (1887-1897) and founded spirit guide. On his website, common ground. What is your opinion Lucifer Publishing Company (1921)., Crème credits these two, of this effort? plus Russian mystic Helena Blavatsky, Crème: She had Lucifer Crème: Fantastic. It is one of the Magazine. The name was worthwhile things that all religious peo- changed to The Beacon be- ple can do. Everything should be cause of the misunderstanding spiritual. Politics should be spiritual. about the nature of Lucifer. Economics should be spiritual. Let me explain. Lucifer is usu- ally a Christian term seen as Editor’s comments: The similarities the name of Satan—the between New Age politics and United devil—the great angel who re- Nations politics are quite close in many volted against God and was areas. More revealing, however, are thrown out of heaven for his the similarities between New Age spiri- sins. But indeed, Lucifer is not tuality and UN spirituality. that at all. Lucifer actually As one example, Robert Muller was means light. It is the light of a high UN official for 38 years and is the star of the morning, known as the “Prophet of the UN” for Venus. And humanity is one the visionary role he provided for that great angel. Each of us individ- organization. He openly credits the ually is an individualized soul same occultic teachings as does of part of one great over-soul. Benjamin Crème. Muller, a professing The name of that great angel Roman Catholic, calls the late-UN is Lucifer. So when you say Video by Secretary General U Thant the most Lucifer, you’re really talking spiritual person he had ever met. Thant about the human family. Irvin Baxter Jr. was a Buddhist. The global government structures are Sax: Is there any connec- To order call rife in New Age philosophy. They tion between Lucifer and 1-800-Endtime firmly believe the UN will usher us into Satan? Order #947, $19.97 the New Age of Aquarius, and that Jesus is one of the masters. Crème: No. Absolutely Crème’s organization, Share none at all. The trouble with E-mail:, Website: SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2000endtime 15
  • exclusive interview—benjamin Crème as the basis for his beliefs. Blavatsky will ascend to power. wrote in her book, The Secret Will Lord Maitreya be the Antichrist? Doctrine, “Lucifer is divine and terres- “The trouble with We don’t believe so. However, he is one trial light, the ‘Holy Ghost’ and ‘Satan’ at one and the same time.” (1888, pg. an awful lot of of the fulfillments of Matthew 24—that many false Christs will arise. 513, Theosophical Publishing House) This and several other quotes from Christians from my While Benjamin Crème’s ideas and lingo may seem way out in left field to Blavatsky’s works conflict with Crème’s assertion that Lucifer is not Satan. point of view is some people, virtually everyone on earth has, at one time or another, been subject Isaiah 14:12-16 presents Lucifer in that they take the to it. In fact, there are untold multitudes a much different light than presented by who accept his philosophy to some de- Crème. Bible absolutely gree. Many present New Age doctrine in Endtime takes the Bible literally. We advise the same for all. literally.” such a way that it appears very close to Christianity. Those on the receiving end, who are unfamiliar with scripture and False Christs, deceiving many spond to this fundamentalist position? lack sound doctrine, will fall prey to its Sax: Is the Jesus you’re referring to the deceptions. same Jesus as depicted in the New Crème: I would say to look at what Can truth be found in all religions? Testament, or is he some other Jesus? Jesus went on to teach. “Sleep not for I Have you ever entertained the thought come like a thief in the night, in such a that we’re all worshiping the same God, Crème: I only know one Jesus – the time as you think not. And that’s pre- but just call him different things? If so, one depicted in the New Testament. cisely what Maitreya has done. In such a then you and Benjamin Crème have time as even Christians, some of whom joined forces. Sax: Let me ask you this next question are awaiting him quite imminently, do Do you take the Bible literally? If not, from a Christian viewpoint. There’s an not recognize the time of his coming and then how do you take it? All or part? If interesting passage in Matthew 24— perhaps won’t even recognize him when it’s not the Word of God, then it’s just a Jesus Himself speaking about the coming he makes himself known. He has quietly book from which to pick and choose. If it of the Messiah in the endtime, and the slipped into the world and begun his sounds good, embrace it. If not, ignore it. coming of the false messiah at the same work of transformation. The Christian pulpits are full of people time. I want to read a few verses and get who do not take the whole Bible literally. your comments and insights on how Editor’s comments: According to These are the people who are heading di- Christians should see Lord Maitreya in Jesus, if a person tells you the Christ re- rectly into the arms of Crème’s Maitreya. light of these scriptures. Matthew 24:4-5, sides in a secret chamber don’t believe If the Bible says you must be born 11, 23-27: “And Jesus answered and said it. When Benjamin Crème tells us the again in order to enter the kingdom of unto them, Take heed that no man de- Christ resides in a secret chamber some- God, then you must be born again in ceive you. For many shall come in my where in London and only appears to order to enter the kingdom of God. If the name, saying, I am Christ; and shall de- select people, we shouldn’t believe it. Bible says, except you believe I am the ceive many…And many false prophets The Bible says that when the Messiah you will die in your sins, then shall rise, and shall deceive many...Then Messiah comes the second time, it will you must believe Jesus is the Messiah, or if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is be like the lightning flashing from the you will die in your sins. Christ, or there; believe it not. For there east to the west. He will come in the If Maitreya is Messiah to all faiths, shall arise false Christs, and false clouds of heaven with power, great then this validates the concept of prophets, and shall shew great signs and glory and with the great sound of a Interfaithism – that all religions are valid wonders; insomuch that, if it were possi- trumpet. Crème says Lord Maitreya pathways to God. But in Acts 4:12, scrip- ble, they shall deceive the very elect. will first appear on television in the ture clearly says of Jesus, “Neither is there Behold, I have told you before. United States, then in Japan, and this salvation in any other, for there is none Wherefore if they shall say unto you, will lead to other TV interviews. other name under heaven given among Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: Crème’s messiah is clearly not the men, whereby which we must be saved.” behold, he is in the secret chambers; be- Jesus of the Bible. Jesus Christ is the only Savior. Beside lieve it not. For as the lightning cometh Him there is no savior. Any that come up out of the east, and shineth even unto Conclusion any other way is a thief and a robber. the west; so shall also the coming of the Understanding the scriptures is our If you aren’t sure that Crème’s teach- Son of man be.” When Christians read safeguard against being deceived by false ings are a mainstream problem, take a this literally, coming from the mouth of messianic claims. Endtime’s purpose is not stroll through the New Age section of Jesus, and then compare it to your de- to attack Benjamin Crème. Rather, it is any major bookstore chain. scription of Lord Maitreya emerging on to make you aware of what is happening From your next door neighbor to the the world scene, it seems that Maitreya at very high levels of power in the world. 33rd floor of the UN Building in New perfectly fulfills the prophecy of Jesus Satan is at the root of globalism, and it is York, the world, to one degree or an- concerning false Christs. How do you re- through globalism that the Antichrist other, has gone Crème. ❏ 16 endtime SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2000 E-mail:, Website:
  • WORLD GOVERNMENT WATCH New York, New Endtime Photo York Political & Religious Leaders to Convene at UN By Eddie Sax Phase One: Religious Unity UN World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders, August 28-31 I t will mark the United Nation’s first official foray into global spirituality. On August 28-31, 1,000-plus reli- gious leaders from around the world will gather in the UN’s General Assembly Hall for the Millennium World Peace Summit. They are coming to talk world peace, to dialogue and to compromise. This meeting that will take place in New York is really nothing new. Meetings like this have been occurring with astonishing regularity for years now. The most recent such major event was the June 26th signing of the United A series of meetings will be held at the UN Headquarters building in New York City. These meet- Religions constitution. The Peace ings will have incredible prophetic implications. Summit, however, is the first such meet- ing to take place under the roof of the political entity which intends to lead the Year” in 1991 and the same man who im- Background world into a 21st Century system of pudently declared that Christianity was While it is true that many organiza- global governance. “a religion for losers.” Hmmmm… tions, with whom the UN has long been It is extremely curious that this meet- Why has the UN avoided entering associated, are, in fact, spiritual, their ing of 1,000 religious leaders should be into the religion arena publicly for so participation has always been kept indi- the brainchild of CNN’s Ted Turner. long? And why now? The answers are rect. For example, the UN breathed life Yep! You heard right. The same Ted sobering and relate directly to endtime into the United Religions Initiative, but Turner that was named “Humanist of the prophecy fulfillment. their involvement was curiously and 18 endtime SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2000 E-mail:, Website:
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  • new york, new york conspicuously downplayed. The inten- Endtime Photo tional distance has served to insulate the UN from having to answer for any of the UR’s activities, as well as for the activi- ties of any other such spiritual organizations with whom they are associ- ated—and there are quite a few. Because of their careful approach, the United Nations is not seen as having a religious agenda. It is seen as a political entity only—as an impartial third party in world politics. If it ever is perceived, however, that the UN has a religious agenda, it would cast a dark shadow over their impartiality and their ability to op- erate. This is why direct UN involvement in religious forums has been carefully avoided. Let the truth be known…the UN does have a religion. And this religion influ- ences it from its core. It’s a dark secret. If it ever became widely known that the UN has been operating in accordance with certain religious principles, and that it intends to impose this religion on its global citizens, it would be curtains and Father O’Rouke, a Catholic Priest from San Francisco, proudly signs the charter that gave birth back to the drawing board. to the United Religions Initiative. How then is the UN ever supposed to achieve its spiritual goals? Answer: They than one pathway to God. Above all, the smoke is as thick as it will ever be. have others do their work. proselytizing is not allowed when you The time is right. It’s now safe for the “dialogue.” United Nations to open its closet and, Interfaith “dialogue” In other words, to dialogue you must with confidence, bring the movement The religion of the United Nations is be an Interfaithist. To be otherwise pro- under its roof by hosting the World pantheism. They are nature worshipers, duces religious conflict, which is the Millennium Peace Summit. and Gaia—Mother Earth—is their god. foremost threat to world peace and a sus- On August 28-31, the United Nations Their religion is expressed through tainable world order. will hosts its first Interfaith gathering and Hinduism or Buddhism, which today is An Interfaithist validates the truths in the largest one ever. Politics – meet reli- called New Age. Through New Age a all religions, and one of these religions is gion. Religion – meet politics. And new movement has emerged and been pantheism. Many people who call them- welcome to the New World Order’s fast embraced. It’s “Interfaithism”… the be- selves Christians, for example, are track. lief that all religions are valid pathways Interfaithists. They acknowledge the to God. truths found in veneration of “Mother Phase Two: Political Union From the Interfaith movement sprang Earth,” but they choose to express their UN Millennium Assembly and forth a new buzzword. The word is “dia- worship in a different way. Summit, September 6-8 logue.” The concept of dialogue is to bring the perennially-warring religions And now that it’s mainstream… One short week after the world’s reli- together to talk; to communicate; to For years a multitude of organizations gious leaders end their dialogue, over 160 “work it out through dialogue.” who believe in Interfaithism have presidents and prime ministers will break It sounds great, but there is a catch. pounded this view into the psyche of bread at the UN Millennium Assembly You don’t know their definition of the people the world over. You may have and Summit. It, too, will be held at the word “dialogue.” In this new global arena even heard of some of these organiza- United Nations building in New York of religious dialogue, before you can “di- tions. The Vatican is one. The City. The September 6-8 event has been alogue” you must first accept certain worldwide Anglican Church (called in planning for years. It will be the largest principles. You must “respect the sacred Episcopal in the U.S.) is another. gathering of heads-of-state ever, and it wisdom of each religion.” You must “re- Through it all, Interfaithism has now will happen under the auspices of an or- spect the differences among religions.” become mainstream. Religious exclusive- ganization that openly claims You must not claim your religion is “the ness (i.e. biblical Christianity) has jurisdiction over them all. only way.” Tolerance supposedly forces become tantamount to genocide. Saddam Hussein and Slobodan acknowledgement that there is more The groundwork has been laid, and Milosevic are expecting the flu and will 20 endtime SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2000 E-mail:, Website:
  • Recommended cassettes from Endtime Will Gorbachev Be the Antichrist? Prophecy T816 Mikhail Gorbachev & Prince Charles R511 Live with Globalism Expert, Gary Kah Teaching Cassettes S1020 Gorbachev—World Savior or Antichrist? by Irvin Baxter Jr. The China Threat $5 each T817 Is the China Threat Over? Buy 4 get 5th free! T822 China & The Third Temple Mark of the Beast Israel, 3rd Temple, Armageddon T802 Earth Charter & the Mark of the Beast T807 Temple Mount Controversies T731 Why the Final 7 Years Are Close Highly Recommended T821 Sharing Jerusalem SPECIAL — Peter Jennings’ Search for Jesus: Fact or Heresy? T822 China & The Third Temple (T719) SPECIAL — Clinton Receives Charlemagne Award (T607) World Government SPECIAL — Interview: UN Under-Sec. Gen. Maurice Strong (T411) T630 UN Special Intelligence Report with Gary Kah SPECIAL — A Non-Christian for President? (T814) T808 Millennium Summit: What to Expect T809 Court System Is in Place for Great Tribulation Understanding Revelation T711 Understanding the Earth Charter T228 The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse R603 Chernobyl — The 3rd Trumpet of Revelation Global Religion R604 Understanding the 6th Seal, 7th Trumpet & 7th Vial T627 United Religions Organization is Born R1217 5th Trumpet — Saddam Hussein in the Bible T707 Benjamin Crème Interview T710 Benjamin Crème: Flaws of the New Age Tapes in red indicate either New or Highly Recommended Tapes in black indicate Classic Teaching Tape The Vatican in Prophecy T629 Vatican Ties to World Government Join the Politics & Religion Tape Club. Only $10 per month! not be in attendance. incide with the UN Millennium came a new man with a new purpose. The Summit will not be a planning Summit. Gorbachev’s Forum 2000 will The change occurred within moments. session for world leaders. The planning be held September 4-10 at the New York Something also must have changed in has already taken place. It occurred at Hilton. It is during this time that the Mikhail Gorbachev. He became the UN in May behind closed doors at a communist world statesman will offi- President of the Evil Empire in 1985. by-invitation-only event called the UN cially present his new Earth Charter to Two short years later this most unusual of Millennium Forum. What the world will the 160-plus heads-of-state gathered 16 communist dictators published a book see in September was set forth May 22- blocks away at the UN Building. called Perestroika. In it he espoused a 26. The Earth Charter will be given a high new policy of openness called glastnost. The article on page 30 of this edition profile presentation to the Summit at- He went on to charm Thatcher, Reagan of Endtime reports on the UN tendees. Like the proposed changes to and the entire West. He brought down Millennium Forum. Dr. Michael the UN Charter, the Earth Charter will the Berlin Wall and became one of the Coffman, gives expert analysis of the also give the UN unprecedented global most popular men ever on the planet. Forum’s official published statements. powers. Co-authored by Gorbachev and What change occurred within Mikhail The goal of the September 6-8 meet- Maurice Strong, chief advisor to Kofi Gorbachev to cause such an about-face? ing is UN empowerment. Fundamental Annan, the Earth Charter will ulti- Was it something in the water? A near changes to the UN Charter will be pre- mately be endorsed. Its importance is death experience? A flash of light on his sented that will give the organization earth shattering, both figuratively and way to Red Square one afternoon? unchecked totalitarian authority. literally. Remember, the goal of his predecessors Approval may not occur at this meeting, Let us therefore take a few steps back had always been to conquer the capitalist but it is a near term inevitability. and reacquaint ourselves with Mikhail West. Gorbachev did not become presi- Gorbachev. Where did he come from? dent on a platform of perfect love for Phase Three: The Earth Charter And most importantly, what is his plan Planet Earth and his fellow man. He State of the World Forum, September to save mankind? presided over the communist half of the 4-10 planet with a nice smile and iron teeth, A fresh look at Gorbachev and his job description did not include Mikhail Gorbachev has planned his When the Apostle Paul encountered orchestrating the self-destruction of annual State of the World Forum to co- the light on the Damascus Road, he be- communism. E-mail:, Website: SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2000endtime 21
  • new york, new york When the Grinch heard the Who- AP WideWorld Photo/Reed Saxon People sing on Christmas even though he had stolen all of their presents, his heart grew ten sizes that day. Is that what happened to Mikhail Gorbachev? There are some who speculate that nothing happened. They contend he is the same wolf he always was. Only now he dresses in sheep’s clothing. His goal, they say, is the same, but it is only his tac- tic that has changed. The goal is still to conquer the world, but his new tactic is to work in concert with the United Nations using a tool called environmen- talism. And the vehicle he will use to make his ultimate conquest is…the Earth Charter. “I was just passing by and thought I’d drop this charter off” The man who took office in 1985 was on the streets by 1991. He had it all, and then nothing. It was strange. In 1992, Gorbachev attended the Earth Summit in Rio, and was seen running with a Ted Turner, whose $1 billion donation to the UN funded the World Millennium Peace Summit, ad- Canadian globalist named Maurice dressed the attendees on Tuesday, August 29. He told them he was born into a Christian family Strong. It seems he was involved in some and had actually dreamed of going into the clergy, but was bothered that his church taught only chintzy environmental matters. They Christians were going to heaven. "I thought heaven was going to be a mighty empty place," he began working on something called an said. "Now I believe there may be one God who manifests Himself in different ways to different earth charter – a definite step down from people…And I can’t believe God wants us to blow ourselves to kingdom come." Turner is shown the pinnacle he had just held. here with Mikhail Gorbachev at a Green Cross International symposium. Or was it? Did, in fact, Mikhail Gorbachev know something we didn’t? resent the will of the little people. It are no democratic principles involved on Was the platform of environmentalism sounds a lot like democracy. any level. NGOs give the illusion that to become more powerful than the presi- But this couldn’t be further from the they voice the will of the people. But dency of the Soviet Union? truth. Civil society is another term for again, the truth exists 180 degrees away. After a million miles of politicking and NGOs. You may have heard of NGOs Now you know who Gorbachev’s civil eight years, Gorbachev, Strong and UN before. And if you are like most, your society leaders are. And his international Secretary-General Kofi Annan are on eyes glaze over at the mere mention of business leaders? They are all loyal and the verge of slipping through one of the them. NGO stands for “non-governmen- avowed globalists. most horrific documents ever conceived. tal organization.” It’s an organization not The May 22-26 planning session for Gorbachev’s September 4-10 State of associated with any government. “civil” the September 6-8 Summit was, by the the World Forum will be held at the New is the opposite of “government.” It’s a way, an exclusive NGO meeting. If you York Hilton in Manhattan, just blocks civil organization, but not just any civil weren’t an NGO, you weren’t there. away from the UN Building where he organization. It’s a United Nations-ap- “Our intent in juxtaposing (the State and Strong will make their presentation. proved and endorsed organization. To be of the World Forum) with the UN “Forum 2000,” writes Gorbachev on his a member of “civil society” means you Millennium Summit,” writes Gorbachev website,, “will be a high are already sold out to the UN cause. It’s “is to create a ‘global town meeting’ in level gathering of international leaders of about as democratic as when the which acknowledged world leaders in business and civil society.” Politburo chose Gorbachev to be the business, finance, labor, science and Let’s shine a spotlight on what head of the Soviet Union. technology, the environment, human Gorbachev says and what he means. rights, academia, religion and civil soci- Gorbachev refers to “Civil society.” NGO properly understood ety will join in substantive dialogue with That’s an interesting term. What is “civil An NGO is nothing more than a spe- selected heads-of-state on the great issues society?” It has a grassroots kind of ring. cial interest group that is sympathetic to confronting all of us as we enter the era It probably means “the people of the the agendas of the UN. Many NGOs are of globalization. We do not know of an- world.” Perhaps, society at large. It formed by the UN itself. They do not other occasion when so many leaders sounds as though Gorbachev has invited represent the people in any way, shape or from so many regions of the world and so the common man to his meeting to rep- form. There is no election process. There many diverse disciplines will be gathered 22 endtime SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2000 E-mail:, Website:
  • together for a common dialogue about is- principles. Political and spiritual matters sues of such import.” are interconnected. “Global inclusion,” Many things get lost in translation Endorsement of by the way, means an empowered world from Russian to English. A better render- government through NGOs. ing would be… “Our intent is to give the the Earth Charter “We urgently need a shared vision of impression that leaders from all walks of basic values to provide an ethical foun- life will make their valued inputs. It will will plunge dation for the emerging world seem as though we have achieved the ul- timate in a global democratic process. mankind into the community. Therefore, together in hope we affirm the following interdependent But in reality, these guys all work for me. They always have. It’s a sham, and no- worst nightmare it principles for a sustainable way of life as a common standard by which the con- body can stop us.” has ever known. duct of all individuals, organizations, businesses, governments and transna- A new democracy tional institutions is to be guided and Now that you understand what an EarthCharter.ugh assessed.” NGO is, let’s take a look at how the What is the Earth Charter, and how The need is urgent. The peoples of the United Nations plans to use them. In a will it help fulfill the prophesied totali- world must affirm certain common prin- document called NGOs and the New tarian one-world government of the ciples. Every person and entity on earth Democracy, formerly posted to the Antichrist? Let’s read it. must be guided by these principles. They page, the UN writes, “The well-being of humanity depends will be judged by the principles of the “NGOs and other civil society actors are upon preserving a healthy biosphere with Earth Charter, and if found wanting, pe- now perceived not only as disseminators all its ecological systems, a rich variety of nalized. of information or providers of services, plants and animals, fertile soils, pure wa- In other words, the world is one small but also as shapers of policy.” ters and clean air. The global step away from having to take an oath of The UN will have NGOs shaping pol- environment with its finite resources is a allegiance to the unbiblical principles of icy. In other words, they will make laws. common concern of all peoples. The pro- the Earth Charter. Bible prophecies indi- In the United States, Congress makes tection of Earth’s vitality, diversity and cate that the reward for compliance to laws. The U.S. Congress is elected by the beauty is a sacred trust.” the world government system will be re- people. NGOs are accepted or rejected The Earth is sacred. Environ- ceiving a number without which buying by the very global government that mentalism knows no national bound- or selling would become difficult. claims validation from these NGOs. It’s aries. The entire Earth Charter text is avail- very much like…you scratch my back "Dominant patterns of production able online at and I’ll scratch yours! and consumption are causing environ- The UN goes on to say they will make mental devastation, the depletion of The point of no return NGOs “key operational partners and im- resources and a massive extinction of Endorsement of the Earth Charter will plementing agents. A vibrant civil species. Communities are being under- plunge mankind into the worst night- society is critical to the processes of de- mined. The benefits of development are mare it has ever known. If it’s not the mocratization and empowerment.” not shared equitably and the gap be- Earth Charter, then it will be something Operational partners and implement- tween rich and poor is widening. similar. If not in September, then soon. ing agents? Not only will they make laws, Injustice, poverty, ignorance and violent It appears the Earth Charter will ulti- NGOs will be empowered to enforce conflict are widespread and the cause of mately be ratified. And when it is, we laws! great suffering. An unprecedented rise in will have crossed the point of no return And this is what the United Nations human population has overburdened toward world government. We will, as calls democratization? ecological and social systems. The foun- they say, be off to the races. Dr. Michael Coffman, author of the dations of global security are threatened. Is Mikhail Gorbachev a wolf in sheep’s book, Saviors of the Earth?, sees it a differ- These trends are perilous, but not in- clothing? Is he too old at 69 to take the ent way. “NGOs are special interest evitable." reigns? groups whose agendas are pre-approved Rough roads are certainly ahead. If you respond to the imminence of and directed by the UN itself,” he says. There must be a solution. world government with fear, work it out. “All this does is give unbelievable powers “Fundamental changes are needed in If you respond with excitement, gear up. to a group of unaccountable people who our values, institutions, and ways of liv- It’s an exciting time to be alive. are one very small step away from totali- ing…The emergence of a global civil Endtime is not a political movement. tarian powers. There will be no elections society is creating new opportunities to It’s a religious movement. We are not out by the people of the world,” says build a democratic and humane world. to prevent, but to expose. Coffman. “It will all come from NGOs. Our environmental, economic, political, Human government will fail. The bat- There are no checks and balances. It’s all social and spiritual challenges are inter- tle is spiritual, and we win. Know what by appointment. A properly designed connected, and together we can forge the Bible teaches about being born again. world government could work. But this inclusive solutions.” Pray, believe, obey and enjoy the ride! won’t be it.” The solution involves democratic Start spreadin’ the news. ❏ E-mail:, Website: SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2000endtime 23
  • by Eddie Sax W o r l d Episcopalians and Lutherans lion sale of the Phalcon advanced air- Unite borne warning system to China. He The 5.2 million-member Evangelical informed President Clinton of his deci- Lutheran Church and the Episcopal “Last year, the sion at the beginning of the Camp David Church have approved an historic al- Summit. liance. The two denominations will now FBI’s Project Barak sent Defense Ministry Director share clergy, sacraments and strategy. General Amos Yaron to Beijing to per- Part of the worldwide Anglican Megiddo classified sonally deliver a letter to Chinese Church (Church of England), the President Jiang Zemin. It read, “Israel is Episcopalians are strong proponents of anyone who be- right now together with the United the ecumenical and Interfaith move- States in the midst of an effort to achieve ments. Bishop Desmond Tutu was lieved in a literal historic decisions relating to its vital in- quoted as saying that Mahatma Ghandi, terests, and cannot under the existing a Hindu who denied Jesus Christ as his Armageddon as a circumstances carry on in the Phalcon Lord and Savior, was in heaven. Episcopalian Bishop William Swing is potential threat to project.” Both parties in the U.S. Congress founder of the unbiblical United Religions Initiative. The church recently society.” threatened to cut all aid to Israel if the deal went through. gave its blessing to one of its ministers having a sex change operation. It also NRA opposed UN gun ban pays spousal benefits to the live-in part- has been in place for over a year now and Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle ners of their homosexual clergy. There is being used by the FBI to monitor the Association is organizing a massive peti- were several openly gay and lesbian dele- communications of suspected criminals. tion rally to thwart what they call a gates at July’s Episcopalian national And what qualifies a person to be on disastrous international gun control convention. this suspected criminal list? Last year, the scheme being planned by the United These are all clear departures from the FBI’s Project Megiddo classified anyone Nations. “UN operatives are working be- teachings of the Bible, and with this new who believed in a literal Armageddon as hind the scenes to build support for an arrangement, the Evangelical Lutheran a potential threat to society. international treaty,” reads LaPierre’s let- Church gives the Episcopalians its offi- Like a phone tap, Internet taps require ter, “that would include a virtual cial stamp of approval. a court order. “Anytime we develop a sys- worldwide ban on private firearms own- tem,” said FBI spokesman Paul Bresson, ership.” Arafat hailed as new Saladin “we’re basically balancing the interests of If ratified by the U.S. Senate and Returning as a conquering hero after national security against that of the pri- signed by the President, the treaty would the Camp David Summit, Yasser Arafat vacy of the public. This issue is always be binding on all citizens with the full was proclaimed a modern-day Saladin, going to come up. We’re always going to force of law. According to the NRA, the Muslim warrior who drove the get questions—we understand that.” America is one of the last free nations on Crusaders from Jerusalem in 1187. Bresson says that law-abiding citizens earth when it comes to the right to own It was several years ago that Arafat was would be protected and not violated by and use firearms. quoted as offering Israel “the peace of Carnivore. Saladin.” History majors will recall that Britain is on the verge of passing a law Scrapping the pound Saladin, after being defeated, offered forcing companies to install equipment It is being widely reported that England’s King Richard a peace treaty. so authorities can intercept and decode Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair has Two years later, when his forces had re- any email messages. already decided to do away with the grouped and were strong enough, he William Webster, former head of the pound and embrace the euro. Opposition broke the treaty and defeated the English CIA and FBI said, “Tough measures to Blair’s pro-European Union stance is armies. might seem alarming today, but people fierce, and could cause his party to lose The Muslim Arab community under- will get used to them.” the next election. Many fear Blair’s poli- stands Arafat’s work is not yet finished. cies will relegate Britain to a third-rate Israel cancels $250 million sale to power in the EU, which they see shaping FBI monitors America’s email China up as a Franco-German-led modern-day A carnivore eats meat. A computer Israeli leader Ehud Barak caved into version of the Holy Roman Empire. system named Carnivore reads emails. It U.S. pressure and cancelled its $250 mil- The Bible prophesies such an empire 24 endtime SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2000 E-mail:, Website:
  • R e v i e w to be revived and in place when Jesus re- Prophecy Shorts Costa Rican city of Cartago to ask the turns. q Israel’s Chief Rabbinate Council will Virgin Mary to end a crime wave that be voting soon on a proposal to estab- has been devastating the city for six Flogging loggers lish a synagogue on the southern edge months… Paying homage once again to the UN’s of the Temple Mount. The vote is not q The new electronic signature bill was environmental policies, President expected to pass… passed, signed and is now law. Digital Clinton has proposed an executive order q Defense Secretary William Cohen says signatures now carry the same legal that would effectively eliminate logging that the proposed national missile de- status as handwritten. Doing business from 43 million acres of forest-land. The fense system cannot work unless on the Internet will now be quicker order, expected to take effect before the NATO allies drop their opposition. and easier… President leaves office, will be a ban on The system requires radar stations q Arutz-7 is reporting that enough com- new roads in these forest-lands and pro- abroad… plaint emails hit CNN’s weather desk hibit maintenance on old roads. q The United Nations Development to convince them to change the way Executive orders have been used fre- Program’s annual report urged that ac- they list Jerusalem in its global weather quently by Clinton to make laws without tion be taken against nations that city-listings. It had been Jerusalem, a congressional approval. perpetuate poverty. “All people have a city without a country. It now appears Idaho Senator Larry Craig has human right under international law as Jerusalem, Israel, with a note added launched an effort to thwart the anti-log- not to be poor.” Last year’s report on the bottom to the effect that ging order. called for a global tax to fight Palestinian and Arab leaders consider poverty… part of Jerusalem the capital of the Congress promotes Vatican q One million Catholics gathered in the prospective Palestinian state… ❏ influence at UN The U.S. House of Representatives voted 416-1 in favor of seeing that the Vatican has a more prominent role at the UN. The non-binding resolution was made in an attempt to hinder the efforts of international family planning groups who are out to reduce Vatican influence at the world body. Bear dances with dragon It’s official. China has entered into a mini-mutual defense pact with Russia. Should the U.S. interfere with Beijing’s efforts to reunify Taiwan with the main- land, Russia will deploy its Pacific fleet into the Taiwan Strait to combat the U.S. Seventh Fleet. Both countries have vowed to create a strategic alliance against what they per- ceive to be U.S. efforts to dominate world affairs. Christians and lions no more The Coliseum in Rome reopens for en- tertainment after nearly 1,500 years. This time, however, the show won’t in- To Order call volve Christians and lions, but rather the 1-800-Endtime show will be a traditional Greek tragedy. Order #948, $19.97 Italy’s Culture Ministry just finished a renovation project. E-mail:, Website: SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2000endtime 25
  • PROPHECY INSIGHT Understanding the Book of Revelation Was Revelation Written in Chronological Order? by Eddie Sax & Irvin Baxter Jr. G od’s story of the endtime is about the order of endtime events. different scriptures. The first three told in the book of columns show what will occur under the Revelation in three differ- Was Revelation written 6th Seal, 7th Trumpet and 7th Vial. The ent ways. The seven Seals chronologically? events are virtually identical. As you can tell the endtime story, cul- There is a teaching embraced by some, see, it’s the great day of God’s Wrath. minating with the revelation of Jesus which contends that the book of There are several other accounts of Christ at Armageddon. This battle oc- Revelation is written in chronological God’s Wrath in the Bible. Two of these curs in the sixth of the seven Seals. The order, and that all of its events occur other accounts are shown on the chart. Seals span a very long period of time— within “a seven-year tribulation period.” The reason they have been included is about 1,700 years. Please consider why we feel that these because one of them pinpoints for us ex- The seven Trumpets tell a shorter story conclusions are not supported by the actly when God’s Wrath will occur. The of the endtime. It, too, ends at scriptures. other tells us where it will happen. Armageddon, but the Trumpets span a First, there is no “seven-year tribula- For instance, look at the events of shorter period of time—probably under tion period.” Every passage which speaks Matthew 24:29 on the chart and com- 100 years. of the tribulation identifies its length as pare them with the events of the 6th The seven Vials are the very short three and one-half years (Dan. 7:25, Seal. It’s easy to see that the two are the story ending at Armageddon. The span Matt. 24:15-21, Rev. 12:6, 12:14, and same event. In Matthew 24:29, however, of the Vials will be anywhere from a few 13:5). Second, Revelation was not Jesus not only describes the 6th Seal, but days to a few weeks. The scriptures are recorded in time sequence. There are he also tells us specifically when it will not conclusive. many scriptures that confirm this. In this occur. He says that it will be “immedi- Three stories with three different start- article we will offer one indisputable ex- ately after the (great) tribulation.” ing points, but all with one common end. ample. You will see that an event, which Now we know when the Wrath of And what is that end? As we study the happens in Chapter 6, also happens in God will take place. It will be after the chart on the opposite page, we will come Chapter 11 and then again in Chapter Great Tribulation. The next question is to recognize that the 6th Seal, 7th 16. where will it occur? Trumpet and 7th Vial are the exact same The chart’s third column is the 7th event—Armageddon. This, in fact, is the Comparing the 6th Seal, 7th Vial, Revelation 16:17-21. This is the key to understanding the entire structure Trumpet and 7th Vial Battle of Armageddon. The reason we of the book of Revelation. This one key In the chart to the right, we have ex- know this is because the verse that intro- unlocks so many doors of understanding tracted the specific events from five duces the 7th Vial, verse 16, says, “And 26 endtime SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2000 E-mail:, Website:
  • 6th Seal 7th Trumpet 7th Vial Matthew Ezekiel Rev. 6:12-17 Rev. 11:15-19 Rev. 16:17-21 24:29 38:18-22 Earthquake Great earthquake An earthquake Great earthquake An earthquake Sun Black Sun became black Sun is darkened Moon became Moon shall not Moon Blood as blood give her light Stars of heaven Stars shall Stars Fall fell unto earth fall from heaven Mountains and Islands fled Mountains & islands were away, mountains Mountains thrown Islands down, walls fall moved not found The great day of God’s Wrath His wrath is come Thy wrath is come God’s wrath God’s wrath Great voices Great voice from Great Voices in heaven temple in heaven Lightnings, Lightnings, voices, Voices, thunders, Powers of heavens Voices, thunderings lightnings shall be shaken Thunders Great Hail Great hail Great hail Great hailstones Battle of Immediately after Battle of Gog Armageddon the Tribulation and Magog he gathered them together into a place Wrath, and it happens at the time of the Seals, Trumpets and Vials will be called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon. worldwide phenomena. However, we be- Armageddon.” The 6th Seal opens in Revelation lieve that this assumption is not The Battle of Armageddon occurs dur- 6:12-17, the 7th Trumpet sounds in supported by scripture. The key to proper ing the Wrath of God, and it happens Revelation 11:15-19, and Revelation understanding is found in “the hail.” after the Great Tribulation. 16:17-21 is where the 7th Vial is poured Great hail falls to the earth under the out. The same event is described in three 7th Trumpet and the 7th Vial. The criti- Gog and Magog is Armageddon different chapters. It is easy to conclude cal question is—will this hail fall over The final column shows the events of from this that the book of Revelation the whole earth? We know that it does Ezekiel 38:18-22. By comparing this col- was not written in chronological order! not because Ezekiel 38:22 tells us that umn with the other four, it’s easy to see There is an order, but it is not chrono- God will plead against Gog (Russia) with that Ezekiel has provided yet another ac- logical from front to back. great hailstones. If 125 pound hailstones count of what happens at the Battle of Had Revelation been written in would fall over the entire earth, every- Armageddon. chronological order, then the world thing would be demolished. We know The subject of Ezekiel 38, however, is would experience “the great day of God’s this is not true because scripture clearly called the Battle of Gog and Magog. Is Wrath” three separate times. There states that Jesus will establish His king- Gog and Magog the same as would be three great earthquakes, two dom at the time of His Second Coming Armageddon? The answer is, obviously, separate times when mountains and is- and that kingdom will continue on earth yes. lands move out of their places, and twice for another 1,000 years. when there will be lightnings, voices, It is clear that the hail is localized to Three accounts of one event thunderings and great hail. Armageddon. Just as God used the The chart makes it simple and clear. plagues against Egypt in the Old The 6th Seal, 7th Trumpet and 7th Vial Will the Seals, Trumpets and Vials Testament, He will use the Vials against all occur immediately after the Great occur worldwide? the invading armies of the UN at Tribulation. It’s the great day of God’s It has been commonly assumed that Armageddon. The Seals, Trumpets and E-mail:, Website: SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2000endtime 27
  • understanding the Book of revelation Vials may, but do not necessarily, occur appears almost certain that the nation of worldwide. China will fulfill this role. Mao TseTung How close to Armageddon? boasted in his diary that he could field such an army. It is significant that he Prophecy To know how close we are to Armageddon, which occurs under the used the exact number stated in the prophecy. Furthermore, the 1999 CIA Conference 7th Trumpet, we must first understand how close we are to the 6th Trumpet. World Fact-book stated that the number of men of military age in China was 198 Schedule The answer: It’s closer than most people million as of the end of 1999, and is think. growing by 10 million per year. Houston, TX Christ Church In previous issues of Endtime, over- Once we understand that the 6th Seal, Pastor Mike Anderson whelming evidence has been presented the 7th Trumpet and the 7th Vial are the September 21st about the fulfillments of the 3rd and 5th same event, we know that the book of 281-481-3222 Trumpets. We believe that the Revelation is not in chronological order Speaker: Irvin Baxter Jr. Chernobyl Nuclear Meltdown in 1986 from front to back. However, it should be fulfilled the 3rd Trumpet, and there is noted that Revelation does have an quite incredible evidence that the 5th order. The seals give us the long story, the Trumpet blew during the Gulf Crisis in trumpets give the shorter story, and the Corpus Christi, TX Holiday Inn Emerald Beach 1990-1991. The reality is that very vials the very short story—all ending at September 22nd strong evidence indicates that the 6th the same place. ❏ 361-242-1857 Trumpet is in the on-deck circle. Speaker: Irvin Baxter Jr. Recommended Resource: Analyzing the How soon, then, will the 6th 6th Seal, 7th Trumpet and 7th Vial is part of Trumpet blow? the first lesson of Endtime’s 6-lesson series, Milwaukee, WI Under the 6th Trumpet a war will be The Sequence of Endtime Events, which is Parkway Apostolic Church launched by an army of 200 million that the latest addition to the Understanding the Pastor Frank Tamel will kill “the third part of men.” As ex- Endtime Prophecy Home Bible Study. See October 6th plained in previous editions of Endtime, it back cover for more details. 414-571-2680 Speaker: Irvin Baxter Jr. Milford, DE Understand Lighthouse Christian Center Pastor Royce Andrus Your Bible November 9th 302-424-4652 Speaker: Irvin Baxter Jr. as you never have before. Baltimore, MD 11 Informative Abundant Life UPC Pastor David Reever Workbooks November 10th 410-866-1086 for the low price of $16.97 Speaker: Irvin Baxter Jr. This Christian Development Course, Your Bible A Whole New World, takes you from Pearl, MS Pentecostals of Pearl Genesis to Revelation in eleven easy-to-un- Pastor Randall Boyd December 4-6 derstand workbooks. 601-939-3400 Speaker: Dan Barkley See Endtime order form. Call 1-800-ENDTIME to schedule your conference. 28 endtime SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2000 E-mail:, Website:
  • CROSSWORD PUZZLE 1 2 1 2 3 5 4 5 6 7 10 9 11 10 11 Across 12 13 13 14 15 14 16 17 1. Breaches (Ezek 13:5) 18 17 17 19 20 4. esteem 9. Destitute 20 21 22 23 23 24 24 10. opposite of in 25 25 26 26 27 12. Europium, symbol 13. Marine Amphibious Force, abbr. 28 30 29 30 17. “...____ wings of a great eagle,...” 32 33 Rev. 12:14 18. Capital of Moab 31 32 33 39 34 19. Abhorrences 35 39 36 37 21. “...force and _____.” Ezra 4:23 23. “...and ____ greedily after the 38 39 40 42 41 42 43 error...” Jude 1:11 47 45 44 46 45 47 46 24. “...___, saith the LORD.” Hag. 2:17 52 47 48 50 51 25. “... hundred and ___ years old.” 53 54 49 50 Josh. 24:29 26. Emit 51 52 53 54 56 55 28. “...who ____ before of old...” 57 56 57 Jude 1:4 29. Decay (Prov 10:7) 59 60 58 59 30. King of the jungle 60 61 62 64 63 31. Reason 34. Sharp toothed tool 64 65 66 67 68 35. Extra fine, abbr. 59 70 71 69 72 36. Rachel’s sister (Gen 29:16) 38. Adore 41. Talk 72. South Africa, abbr. 28. Bloody injuries 44. Petroleum products 32. Ground moisture (Hosea 6:4) 45. Southeast, abbr. Down 33. Evil railings against God 46. A king of Assyria (2 Ki 15:19) 37. Barely make a living 47. Talking 1. Who Jesus is 39. “For thy word’s ___,...” 48. “...___, such a one!” Ruth 4:1 2. Capital of Moab 2 Sam 7:21 49. Dirtiness 3. Wound covering 40. Swine 51. baby sheep 5. People who live there 42. A reservoir 55. Plunge (Ruth 2:14) 6. Opposing 43. Defile the Name of the Lord 56. Objects 7. Mary was told to regard fear this 47. Bright red 57. Eve was the first way (Luke 1:30) 48. Opposite of her 58. Single (Deu 6:4) 8. Large rocks 50. Silicon, symbol 60. opposite of after 9. Royal color 52. View 61. “...___ all the power...” 11. United Way, abbr. 53. Bestowed Rev. 13:12 12. Each, abbr. 54. concurred 63. Electromagnetic, abbr. 13. Suffered death for a cause 56. People 64. “ fetch ___.” Ex. 2:5 14. Whoredom 57. “...great grasshoppers, ___...” 65. Made in the image and likeness 15. Relatives Nah. 3:17 of God (Gen 1:26) 16. winged messengers 59. Saul’s uncle (1 Sam 14:50) 67. Female horse 20. Massachusetts, abbr. 60. a tiny bit 69. Judges, abbr. 22. “___ the rather, brethren,...” 62. Her Majesty’s Service, abbr. 70. An altar (Josh. 22) 2 Pet 1:10 66. City near Bethel (Josh. 8) 71. “ ... God created ___ heaven ...” 27. The wise men did this when they 68. Alcoholics Anonymous, abbr. Gen 1:1 first saw Jesus. Answers on page 31 E-mail:, Website: SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2000endtime 29
  • states answering to them “as guarantors of the past. Had disarmament been a re- The NGO of this accountability.” Lost within this ality 60 years ago, our nation would have mind-numbing arrogance is the realiza- stood emasculated and utterly helpless Millennium Forum: tion that there is no mechanism of against the onslaught of the Nazis. accountability of these “guarantors” of The Forum’s brand of disarmament A Call for World global justice to the people of the world. reaches beyond military weaponry and Government They are setting themselves up as gods over planet earth, accountable to no one. includes small arms through the utiliza- tion and expansion of the UN arms Although the root of most poverty and registry. In other words, global gun con- By Dr. Michael Coffman hunger in the world today can be found trol. And, to be sure the masses accept within corrupt governments and ram- this version of global peace, it is to be This article was reprinted with permis- pant civil war, the grand NGO vision taught at all levels from “pre-school sion, edited for space. Dr. Michael Coffman blames the wealthy for the suffering of through university.” No one will be left is the director of Sovereignty International the poor and the hungry. Hence, global out. and author of Saviors of the Earth. socialism is at the core of this new global The Forum’s report also urges that the “democracy.” Poverty is seen as a viola- UN phase out the veto power of the per- The rallying cry at the UN tion of basic human rights. manent Security Council members and Millennium Forum held from May 22-26 Redistribution of wealth is a top political eventually eliminate the permanent at the United Nations headquarters in goal, and seems to be nothing more than member status entirely. Such action New York City was for global equality global welfare. The UN Millennium would leave the U.S. with the same vote and democracy. Yet, the agenda the con- Forum has called on governments to as the weakest, most anti-U.S. third veners of the Forum pushed is nothing “provide safety nets and basic livelihood world nation on the Council. less than global control of everything allocations as a right.” Debt cancellation Furthermore, the Forum is urging nations from money, arms and education, to is a key element of this redistribution, to endorse the Earth Charter in the UN basic needs such as food, water and shel- with the wealthier nations, specifically General Assembly. The Earth Charter is ter. Their brand of globalization is a the U.S. taxpayer as well as the vilified an NGO/UN document that, when fully threat to the sovereignty of every nation corporate world, left holding the bag. implemented, would require every per- and the freedom of every citizen on Emerging as a top priority from the son in the world to accept and apply an earth. Forum is education. The Forum calls earth-centered ethic system based in the The recommendations and demands upon governments to restructure policy polytheistic belief of pantheism. accepted during the Forum are published to “ensure that all children (girls and The Millennium Forum’s report is not in a document entitled, We the Peoples boys) receive moral, spiritual, peace and just another UN meeting destined to be Millennium Forum Declaration and human rights education...” Clearly, how- relegated to the dusty halls of history. Agenda for Action Strengthening the ever, this moral and spiritual training will According to the UN, the Forum’s rec- United Nations for the 21st Century. As exclude the beliefs of those who hold to ommendations and demands will expected, the issues that have come out one Creator God who became flesh and “contribute to the Millennium Assembly of this meeting parallel those found in dwelt among us as a poor young man and the Millennium Summit.” The Charter 99, A Charter for Global from Nazareth. NGOs within the Forum are doing all Democracy. In turn, Charter 99 merely Another fundamental goal of civil so- that they can to put enormous pressure echoes the agenda laid out in 1995 by ciety represented at the Forum is the on the world leaders at the Millennium the UN Commission on Global utopian myth of a war-free world. Summit to implement their demands. Governance. Both call for a complete, Underlying this fantasy is the humanistic Naturally, the Forum’s report does not top to bottom restructuring of the UN belief that man is basically good, and state the obvious fact that their brand of into what is called global governance, that if people simply have equality in ed- globalization is nothing less than a push but in fact is an absolute, totalitarian ucation, wealth and resources, they will for centralized, global control of every world government. no longer seek violence. Those who un- man, woman and child by a partnership Only fully UN accredited Non-gov- derstand that man apart from God will between this elite group of NGOs and ernmental Organizations (NGOs) were destroy himself, realize that greed and the UN. Instead the NGOs in the Forum permitted to attend the Forum. Called the thirst for power will make war and have portrayed themselves as the gallant civil society, the NGO vision is one of a conflict an inevitability until God saviors of peace and democracy which human-centered world with a common chooses to rule the earth through his must step in to save the planet from glob- homeland. Because these NGOs view Son, Jesus Christ. Until then, the only alization via the “process of economic, free market economics as the root of hope we have against tyranny from the political and cultural domination by the poverty, the Forum wants to eradicate outside is a strong military. Yet, the NGO economically and militarily strong over corporate driven globalization. In this Forum, which professes to speak for the the weak.” In true socialist doublespeak, new globalized world, “a strengthened huddled masses, demands disarmament. the successful and industrious are blamed and democratized United Nations and a No matter how hard they try to filter the for the world’s problems, and big brother vibrant civil society” are to be the reality of the fallen nature of man, how- is ready to jump in to save the day by in- guardians of global justice, with nation ever, tyranny and conquest is not a thing stituting world government. ❏ 30 endtime SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2000 E-mail:, Website:
  • SEEK AND FIND AND ANSWERS Seek & Find By N. Teri Grottke DRAGON WORSHIP ABLE HAND SAYING C W H E A R G D E R E D N O W D N O I L AFTER HEALED SEA G A H I U O K O O B B W E L I V E C F E ALL HEAR SEAT ANY HEAVEN SHALL N F U O D N P C O M I N G A D C D Y R T BEAR KILLED LAMB SHOULD I M E S E A I M Y W O U N D R E O E O S BEAST LEOPARD SIGHT Y O K D E A N T A E X I S N A T H M M R BLASPHEMY LIFE SIX A D A N F B O Q N N H P H D Y T H F E I BOOK LIKE SLAIN S S M A L L G W F O Y T L M N S C I C F BOTH LION SMALL S I G H T E A O T O C Y E N I A I R N A BUY LIVE SWORD D W D A L L R M L L H H A E A E R E E I CAPTIVITY MAKE TABERNACLE 0 E F E B C T D L B T P T E K L B T D I T CAUSE MAN TEN L H L U Y S A S A S I C L I S A H E T H COME MANY THAT COMING MEN THEM 2 L M A Y A H A E A O F A C L H T G N A R CONTINUE MIGHT THERE 3 I A E W S N D L N H D P A T K F I E P P COUNT MOUTH THEY 4 K N H E D B B S T W L T N R A W M P N L DEADLY MUST TWO 5 N U M B E R O S T R U I R B O T H O E E DEATH NATIONS UPON 6 O U T A H N U E M I O V E N E M P F V O DRAGON NUMBER WAR 7 G E R A E M N S E T H I B V O U J R A P EAR ONE WHO 8 E M O C R E V O H T S T A U L I F E E A EARTH OPENED WISDOM 9 Y D L U O W A F T E R Y T N U O C E H R FAITH OUT WITH 0 S A V E F T A E S N P H T I W S W O R D FIRE OVERCOME WONDERED FIRST PATIENCE WOULD FORTY RICH WOUND FREE SAND WRITTEN FROM SAVE GOD SAW Crossword By N. Teri Grottke 1 2 G A P S 5 A D M I R A T I O N 10 S Whetstone Answers 11 P O O R C N G O U T E U D 13 M A F K 14 H A A T W O A R 17 17 A B O M I N A T I O N S N By John L. Bryant 20 P O W E R R A N B N 23 G 24 M E 25 L H T E N 26 D I S S U E W S 30 W E R E Y I R O T T L I O N 1. B., Son, Luke 3:22 11. B., Daniel, Daniel 1:12 O 32 R R 33 C E A S R 2. A., Prophet, Haggai 1:1,3 12. B., Veil, II Corinthians 3:13 U N D E R S T A N D I N G B 39 S A W 3. B., Power, Acts 1:8 13. C., Job, Book of Job N E F T S 39 T L E A H 42 4. C., One, John 10:30 14. C., Iscariot, Matthew 26:14-16 D W O R S H I P S P E A K I B S 47 R A 45 O I L S 46 O S E 47 P U L 5. A., Money, I Timothy 6:10 15. A., Moses, Exodus 2:10 52 S P E A K I N G H O 50 P 51 P A 6. C., Name, Psalms 8:1 16. B., Leah, Genesis 29:20-25 53 C 54 E S F I L T H I N E S S 7. B., Strong, Joel 3:10 17. A., Ant, Proverbs 6:6 L A M B G A 56 M E D I P 8. C., Joshua, Deuteronomy 34:9 18. B., Fir, Hosea 14:8 R 57 E T H I N G S W O M A N H 9. A., Kidney(s), Leviticus 3:4 19. C., John, Revelation 1:9 59 L H 60 H V R H I O N E 10. A., Year, Isaiah 6:1 20. A., Eli, I Samuel 3:1 B E F O R E E X E R C I S E T H 64 E M I T L M A N E C S M A R E T J D G I E D T H E 69 S A E-mail:, Website: SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2000endtime 31
  • Understanding the Endtime—Level 3 This latest addition to the Understanding the Endtime Series is for everybody! The Sequence of Endtime Events by Irvin Baxter Jr. and Eddie Sax explains what will happen over the next few years, and places each event in order on God’s prophetic timeline. Don’t enter the 21st century without this indispensible knowledge! Lesson 1: The Secret of Understanding Revelation Lesson 2: Seals, Trumpets & Vials Lesson 3: Great Tribulation Lesson 4: The Wrath of God Lesson 5: The Second Coming of Jesus Christ Lesson 6: Timeline of the End y Stud & Video Series: $99.97 ual Man rencie s Cassette Series: $39.97 spa g! Tran Shippin Study Manual $18.97 Now Transparencies $99.97 “Questions & Answers” $19.97 Supplementary Video Call 1-800-ENDTIME Internet: WORLD EVENTS FROM A BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE P.O. Box 2066 Richmond, IN 47375-2066 *44 16-IADIHi:k;o 1-800-ENDTIME