Derby: City of Invention

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A story about the history of Derby: a history formed by a series of strong characters with big ideas.

A story about the history of Derby: a history formed by a series of strong characters with big ideas.

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  • 1. Invention is part of Derby’s DNA past, present and future. 12 images - 300 yearsDerby: City of Invention
  • 2. James Thomson: Derby Arboretum – the first public park in England.Derby: City of Invention
  • 3. Derby Museum: John Flamsteed, Atlas Coelestis, first published in 1729.Derby: City of Invention
  • 4. Derby Museum: St Pancras Station: Derby/shire stone, steel, brick, track, trains & clock.Derby: City of Invention
  • 5. Thomas Phillips: Herbert Spencer (1820-1903), Derby-born philosopher and author.Derby: City of Invention
  • 6. Royal Crown Derby: masterpieces in the making since 1750.Derby: City of Invention
  • 7. Derby Museum: Whitehurst’s clock, exported to the British Colonies 1750-70.Derby: City of Invention
  • 8. Smith of Derby: 18th-century technology informing 21st-century engineering.Derby: City of Invention
  • 9. Jon Legge: Samuel Plimsoll MP (1868-1880) invented the life-saving Plimsoll Line.Derby: City of Invention
  • 10. Sally Lemsford: Derby émigré Harry M Stevens invented the Hot Dog in the 18th-century.Derby: City of Invention
  • 11. Anna Boyd: Fashion & architecture meet experimentation & innovation.Derby: City of Invention
  • 12. Adrian Riley: Derby Roundhouse – architecture in praise of the locomotive industry.Derby: City of Invention
  • 13. David Booth: Sculptural Enlightenment – cables that transmit ideas beneath our feet.Derby: City of Invention
  • 14. Derby: City of Invention was curated by Antoinette Burchill & AndreaHadley-Johnson.It would not have been possible without the support and collaborationof…Derby Museum & Art GallerySmith of DerbyRoyal Crown DerbyDerby CollegeThe participating artists&Derby City Council - Arts Team & Economic Regeneration TeamIt was funded by Derby City Council and Section 106.Derby: City of Invention