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Simple past






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Simple past Presentation Transcript

  • 2. USE The Simple Past is used to talk about actions or situations in the past. Examples:  I had dinner at ten o’clock last night.  My mum called me yesterday.  Your friends visited you last month
  • 3. Regular verbs spelling rulesTo form the affirmative past tense of most regular verbs: Add –ed to the base form of the verb (talk- talked). If the verb ends in –e, add –d (like-liked) If the verb ends in a consonant preceded by a vowel, double the final consonant (stop- stopped) If the verb ends in –y preceded by a consonant, omit the “y” and add –ied ( study- studied)
  • 4. affirmativeRegular verbs Irregular verbsI talked I wroteYou talked You wroteHe talked He wroteShe talked She wroteIt talked It wroteWe talked We wroteYou talked You wroteThey talked They wrote
  • 5. NEGATIVERegular verbs Irregular verbs(didn’t + verb) (didn’t + verb)I didn’t talk I didn’t wroteYou didn’t talk You didn’t wroteHe didn’t talk He didn’t wroteShe didn’t talk She didn’t wroteIt didn’t talk It didn’t wroteWe didn’t talk We didn’t wroteYou didn’t talk You didn’t wroteThey didn’t talk They didn’t wrote
  • 6. interrogativeRegular verbs Irregular verbs(did + subject +verb) (did + subject +verb)Did I talk? Did I write?Did you talk? Did you write?Did he talk? Did he write?Did she talk? Did she write?Did it talk? Did it write?Did we talk? Did we write?Did you talk? Did you write?Did they talk? Did they write?
  • 7. Other irregular verbs To have To be Infinitive Simple pastI Was Have HadYou Were to doHe, she, it WasWe, you, Were Infinitive Simple pastthey Do Did
  • 8. Expressions for the pasttense last ago yesterday last night 10 minutes ago yesterday last Sunday an hour ago yesterday morning last week three days ago yesterday afternoon last weekend a week ago yesterday evening last year a month ago the day before yesterday last month a year ago
  • 9. IRREGULAR VERBSBe / am, Was / Been Ser / estarare, is wereBegin Began Begun EmpezarBreak Broke Broken RomperBuild Built Built EdificarBuy Bought Bought ComprarCome Came Come VenirCut Cut Cut CortarChoose Chose Chosen Elegir
  • 10. Do / does Did Done HacerDrink Drank Drunk BeberDrive Drove Driven ConducirEat Ate Eaten ComerFall Fell Fallen CaerFly Flew Flown VolarForger Forgot Forgotten OlvidarGet Got Gotten ObtenerGive Gave Given DarGo Went Gone IrHave Had Had Haber/tener
  • 11. Hear Heard Heard OírKnow Knew Known SaberLearn Learnt Learnt AprenderLeave Left Left Dejar(irse)Lose Lost Lost PerderMake Made Made HacerMean Meant Meant SignificarRun Ran Run CorrerSay Said Said DecirSee Saw Seen VerSing Sang Sung cantar
  • 12. Sleep Slept Slept DormirSmell Smelt Smelt OlerSpeak Spoke Spoken HablarSpend Spent Spent GastarSteal Stole Stolen RobarSwim Swam Swum NadarTake Took Taken CogerTell Told Told Contar (decir)Think Thought Thought PensarWin Won Won GanarWrite Wrote Written Escribir
  • 13. activities
  • 14. Fill in the blanks with the missing verb in the past simple.  Yesterday Mary ______ (go) to the concert.  Went  Last night _________ (not/be) cold, but it  Wasn’t _________(be) rainy.  Was  Last Tuesday morning my friends  Brought _________(bring) the car.  Last weekend we _________(not/go back) on  Didn’t go back foot.  Mark and Sue _________(do) their homework after lunch.  Did  My friends _________(come) over after dinner.  Came  The teacher _________(know) them and  Knew he_________ (be) very happy.  Was
  • 15. CHOOSE the correct verb form in each of these sentences. My father and some of his friends play/ played football  Played last Saturday.  Broke When I was doing the washing up, I break / broke a glass.  Went Susan and Tim go / went to the disco last weekend. Last night the train doesn´t arrive / didn´t arrive on time.  Didn’t arrive Do you have / Did you have a nice weekend in London?  Did you have Diane visits / visited her grandmother in a rest home last Sunday.  Visited Jeremy leaves / left secondary school last year.  Left My mother buys / bought a blue coat two days ago.  Bought