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  • 1. Social Media &Brand ManagementMirza Shakeel Baig
  • 2. Social Media Defined Internet-BasedTools For Sharing & DiscussingInformation Among Human Beings.
  • 3. Social Media Strategy The Old Way Shout!
  • 4. The Shout Method
  • 5. Old Marketing Funnel Source: Forrester Research
  • 6. Social Media Strategy The New Way Listen
  • 7. Facilitate the Conversation
  • 8. New Marketing Funnel
  • 9. Social Media Strategy It’s HappeningWhether you Participate or Not
  • 10. Social Technographics Ladder Source: Forrester Research
  • 11. Social Technographics Ladder
  • 12. Benefits of using Social Media
  • 13. Ways in which Social Media can help your business: Sales Net New Customers, Increased Frequency of Transactions, promo exposure Increased yield (average $ value per transaction), and product penetration Customer Support Immediate feedback and response, positive impact in public forum, cost reduction Human ResourcesMore effective recruiting, online monitoring of employee behavior (risk management) Public Relations Online Reputation Management, improved brand image via Social Web Customer LoyaltyIncreased interactions, better quality of interactions, deeper relationship with brand, Increased trust in brand, increased mindshare of brand, greater values alignment Business Intelligence
  • 14. 900Million
  • 15. People interact with their favorite brands on Facebook far more than other social networks 34% 4% 1% Did You Know? 56% of those under 35 interact with theirOnline community/forum/bulletin board 9% favorite brands onBlogs 4% FacebookMySpace 1%Other 2%None of these 59% Base: Those who go online ● Q31. What social networking sites do you use to interact with your favorite brand(s)?
  • 16. Engagement is real: 78% of people who “like” brands on Facebook like fewer than 10 brands Number of Brands Fanned on Facebook35% 33%30% 25%25% 22% 20%20%15%10%5%0% 1-2 3-4 5-9 10+ Base: Those who are fans of brands on Facebook ● Q32a. Approximately, how many brands are you a fan of?
  • 17. Social MediaStrategy
  • 18. Harnessing “People Streams”
  • 19. Steps to Follow Goal & Monitor &Discovery Engagement Objective Measure
  • 20. Goal & Monitor & Discovery Engagement Objective MeasureCustomers• What are they doing on social media• Why they use it• What do they useCompetitors• Are they using social media• What are their objectives• Are there untapped opportunitiesBrand• What is brand’s current online perception• Are there opportunities to connect
  • 21. Goals & Objectives Customer Awareness New Ideas Service Research & Market Reach New Intelligence Customer ThoughtLeadership Goal & Monitor & Discovery Engagement Objective Measure
  • 22. Goal & Monitor &Discovery Engagement Objective Measure
  • 23. Responding to the public Responding to your audience comes in 2 forms: 1. Conversational Responses (chat)Your website 2. Informational Responses (link) Either way, never argue, always be helpful, don’t Ever become defensive.
  • 24. Responding to the public Engagement PR
  • 25. Some thoughts about ROI and measurement Measurement & Accountability Goal & Monitor & Discovery Engagement Objective Measure
  • 27. THE R.O.I. EQUATIONInvestment Expectation of return
  • 29. Non-financial impact is not ROI (yet).
  • 30. Types of non-financial impactWebsite Visitors Customer complaints Impressions Positive press Click-throughs YouTube viewsRetweets Coupons distributed Visitors to a brick & mortar store Positive WOM Delivered emails Negative pressNegative WOM Employment applications Blog comments FaceBook friends Social mention Twitter followers
  • 31. ROI = actualized potential.
  • 32. Non-Financial Measurement & Accountability 1. Set Goals 2. Set Standards 3. Set Milestones 4. Pick the right measurement tools for the jobExamples of free tools:Track website visits Track the growth of your Twitter Account Track online mentionsMonitor visitor behavior Monitor your Twitter stats Compare mentions Track video downloads Track FB & LinkedIn group members Track video embeds Track blog visitors & comments Track offline numbers and results
  • 33. Mirza Shakeel
  • 34. • Social media by Veronica Peng• (facebook and google financials)• An insight to social media (Omllion)• Twitter vs, facebook• Thanks to the contributors at Flickr• Google Search• The world is in your hands - Hristo Radichev