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Personal Branding

  1. 1. PersonalBranding Mirza Shakeel
  2. 2. Introduction to Personal Branding Social Media & Personal Branding Interviewing & Resumes Presenting with Impact & Personal Branding
  3. 3. Introduction to Personal Branding Social Media & Personal Branding Interviewing & Resumes Presenting with Impact & Personal Branding
  4. 4. Why brand?
  5. 5. differentiation
  6. 6. Why do you want to Reach Who do What do you you want to reach want them to do Personal Branding Stategy What do What are you yourhave to offer marketing goals How do you know you have succeeded
  7. 7. Introduction to Personal Branding Social Media & Personal Branding Interviewing & Resumes Presenting with Impact & Personal Branding
  8. 8. Not solong ago
  10. 10. information was hardly accessible
  11. 11. But suddenlya BIG happened…
  12. 12. people areclos r to you now e
  13. 13. if you start writing
  14. 14. more people will read
  15. 15. if you startleading
  16. 16. morepeople willfollow
  17. 17. because welive innetworkingtimes
  18. 18. soAGR Bit!
  19. 19. We will be focusing on LinkedIn
  20. 20. What is LinkedIn ? Industry Information Source Job Hunting And much more… Site Contact Manager Social Media Referral Platform Generator Online Resume
  21. 21. LINKEDIN DEMOGRAPHICS & STATISTICS – JAN 2012 ABOUT 147 MILLION* LINKEDIN MEMBERS WORLDWIDE * This number is an approximation of total member registrationsCredits: Amodiovalerio Verde
  22. 22. LINKEDIN DEMOGRAPHICS & STATISTICS – JAN 2012 MEMBERS BY COUNTRY More than 1 Million Professional From Pakistan & Growing …Credits: Amodiovalerio Verde
  23. 23. LINKEDIN DEMOGRAPHICS & STATISTICS – JAN 2012 MEMBERS GROWTH BY COUNTRY JAN 2011 – JAN 2012 Pakistan Among Top Growing Countries 63% more members in one yearCredits: Amodiovalerio Verde
  24. 24. Gain More Visibility By Adding Friends
  25. 25. LinkedIn GroupsWhy join Groups?• Find people with similar careers, businesses or interests• Keep up on news related to that specific group’s focus• Engage in discussions specific to that group – gain insight & credibility• You can use them to connect with local & regional groups for networking & job finding • Most groups have a “Jobs” section where relevant jobs are posted
  26. 26. Introduction to Personal Branding Social Media & Personal Branding Interviewing & Resumes Presenting with Impact & Personal Branding
  27. 27. Resumes … Word Resumes vs. Visual Resume l-resume-mirza-shakeel-updated-2012
  28. 28. Preparing a Day Before Interview Prepare Most Frequently AskedStudy Company’s Web Site Interview Questions & Questions You will Ask Study Annual Financial Report
  29. 29. Frequently Asked InterviewQuestions Tell me about yourself Where do you see yourself in next five years What are your 3 strengths and weaknesses Why do you want to work for us How long do you see yourself with us Why should we hire you Tell me a project which went very well or didn’t go well
  30. 30. During Interview ….. Eye Contact Be On Time
  31. 31. When Interview is Finished… Ask when you can expect a decision Thank for their time Analyze your performance for future But Most Importantly ! Don’t get discouraged …
  32. 32. Introduction to Personal Branding Social Media & Personal Branding Interviewing & Resumes Presenting with Impact & Personal Branding
  33. 33. PresentationsMatterFirstly I want to talk about why presentations matter
  34. 34. Why?
  35. 35. A person can have the greatestidea in the world.But if that person can’t convinceenough other people it doesntmatter.Gregory Berns
  36. 36. “Ideas that spread... Win”
  37. 37. First impressions count
  38. 38. Show and tell!
  39. 39. Spread theword
  40. 40. Teach people
  41. 41. Make a good presentation and you will stand out from the crowd
  42. 42. And inevitably... You will get a big bag of cash!
  43. 43. Presentation tips
  44. 44. 1.Get rid of the logo
  45. 45. Have you ever bought a product/service based on the Prettiness of a logo used in a preso?
  46. 46. LogoWould stamping a logo in the corner of your forehead help you convince a client/investor of your case?
  47. 47. Have you ever given a presentation so long that by theend of it the audience has actually forgotten who you were and what company you are representing?
  48. 48. 2.Keep it simple
  49. 49. It is important to keep things as simple as possible• When in doubt try and make things as simple in possible.• Simple things are remembered better and can be more engaging – In the words of Jazz-great Dizzy Gillespie • “It’s taken me all my life to learn what not to play” Get rid of slides like this one...
  50. 50. It’s taken me allmy life to learnwhat not to playDizzee Gillespie And get to the core message
  51. 51. Simple Structure
  52. 52. 3.Use the right charts for your data
  53. 53. Keep it simple
  54. 54. A B C D EPeople seem to love 3d charts, like this exploded 3d pie chart
  55. 55. 70 60 50 40 A B 30 C 20 D E 10 0 A B C Series1 D EAnd this 3d cone bar chart. The fact is it actually makes it harder for the viewer to interpret the data.
  56. 56. Q: Which team had greater sales? Team B or Team EFor an example let examine the question above...
  57. 57. A B C D EWhich team had a greater proportion of sale, B or E... Takes a few seconds to be sure
  58. 58. A B C D E2d makes it a bit easier to tell, but in reality it is the WRONG chart
  59. 59. A B C D EA B C D E The bar chart suits this better
  60. 60. A B C D E A B C D EAnd for the comparison we are trying to show, highlighting the relevant data can help even further.
  61. 61. It really happens This really does happen
  62. 62. •The Big Plan •Plan A 1.50% 1.00% 0.20% % 1.80% 0.80% 0.20% Customer A 2.00% Customer Customer B Customer A 37.7% Customer B 22.5% 5.90% Customer C Customer C 9.9% Customer D Customer D 8.0% 7.10% Customer E 7.1% 37.70% Customer E Customer F 5.9% Customer F Customer G 2.0% 8.00% Customer H 1.8% Customer G Customer I 1.5% Customer H Customer J 1.0% Customer K 0.8% 9.90% Customer I Customer L 0.2% Customer J Customer M 0.2% 22.50% Customer K Here’s a slide I worked on a while back, looks Customer L complicated, but all they were trying to communicate was... Big LogoName of Business
  63. 63. Sales Shares for Quarter 2 by customer A 37.7% B 22.5% C 9.9% D 8.0% E 7.1%Customer F 5.9% G 2.0% H 1.8% I 1.5% J 1.0% K 0.8% L 0.2% M 0.2%Name of Business
  64. 64. 4.The right images
  65. 65. NO ClipartOnly use clipart when making fun of clip art, like in this slide!
  66. 66. NO Low-Res
  67. 67. NO Low-ResTry and find high-res like this one, they are nice and crisp even when blown up large!
  68. 68. NO Watermarked
  69. 69. Where?
  70. 70.
  71. 71. Here’s one I found on Flickr, even then blown up it looks good
  72. 72.
  73. 73. Or you canGoogleimages
  74. 74. 5.Step away from the effects!
  75. 75. TransitionsJust cause you CAN use them doesn’t mean you should!
  76. 76. Pow!They are like Batman effects from the old series with Adam West!
  77. 77. FadeTry to stick to Fade
  78. 78. PushOr push – for special occasions!
  79. 79. 6.Follow the leaders
  80. 80. Garr Reynolds(
  81. 81. Steve Jobs(
  82. 82. 7.Practise, practise, practise
  83. 83. Steve Jobs practises for days before a big presentation. He leaves NOTHING to chance!
  84. 84. 8.Have passion(but not too much)
  85. 85. Hans Rosling ( example of an APPROPRIATE and effective level of passion!
  86. 86. Jim Kosek Generally crazy manAn example of an a totally over the top level of passion that might just do more harm than good!
  87. 87. Keep thesethings in mindSo Next Time You are...
  88. 88. • Why presentation Matters• Brand You ® Kristein Andersan & Associates• LinkedIn demographics & Statistics 2012 Source LinkedIn Ad Platform• Thanks to the contributors at Flickr• Google Search• Effective job interviewing from both sides of desk• The world is in your hands - Hristo Radichev