Important keys to success

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Basic key factors for attaining success..!!

Basic key factors for attaining success..!!

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  • 3. What is Success?
    • First we need to know the definition of SUCCESS.
    • Success is a wide term which could either mean success on a national level or an individual level.
    • Today we will be discussing Success on individual level.
    • The reason is that success on individual level leads to success on the national level.
    • Success is the state achieved ,after the accomplishment of the targets in life
  • 4.
    • AIM
    • Hard work
    • Mind Set
    • Focusing
    • Motivation
    • Inspiration
    • Management
    • Utilizing Potentials
    • Taking Risks
    Steps To Success
  • 5. AIM
    • The first and the most important step towards success is your AIM.
    • Aim depends on how big targets you set in your life
    • The basis of Success starts by setting targets.
    • It is the root of Success.
    • These targets are the main reason for which a person lives everyday of his life.
  • 6. Hard Work
    • In order to achieve success in life you need to put in a lot of effort and hard word.
    • Without Hard work and determination there is no success.
    • There are no shortcuts to success.
    • Failure is only when you stop trying.
  • 7. Mind Set
    • You must develop a mind set which depicts your struggle for achieving your targets in life.
    • It shows your attitude towards life.
    • It shows how firmly you face the challenges you encounter in your pursuit towards your targets
  • 8. Focusing
    • Focusing is also another important key to success
    • It depends on how sharply you focus on your targets overlooking the obstacles in your path.
    • Obstacles are those dreadful things you see , when you take your eyes off your target.
    • Your Focus Determines Your Reality
  • 9. Motivation
    • Motivation is the main driving
    • force behind an action.
    • Motivation is the reason why a
    • person wants to be successful.
    • When it comes to motivation,
    • KNOWING is not as important as
    • DOING .
    • Certainly, you need some
    • intelligence, knowledge base,
    • study skills, and time
    • management skills, but if you
    • don't have motivation, you won't
    • get far.
    • Motivation is the Key which starts the engine of the car standing on the highway to success.
  • 10. Inspiration
    • The word inspire means to influence someone by examples.
    • The reason why inspiration is important for success
    • is that it stirs you to action.
    • Different people get motivated differently, but
    • mostly motivation is achieved through
    • It ignites you for further advancement.
    • It motivates you to achieve your targets, your aims,
    • your goals and your ambitions.
    • Inspire and be Inspired
  • 11. Managing Your Life
    • It depends on how you manage everything in your life.
    • How you develop a good routine.
    • How you manage time.
    • You need to plan everyday of your life.
    • You need to set a time table which would help you in developing a good routine.
    • If you fail to plan, you have planned to fail.
  • 12. Living Up to Your Potentials
    • To be successful you need to utilize your underlying potentials that God has gifted you.
    • The remote control of your life is in your hand
    • You can mold your life in any direction you want.
    • You must use your Potentials In such a way that when you die, you must have this satisfaction that you have lived up to your potentials in a positive manner.
    • You Only Live once
  • 13. Taking Risks
    • In life you need to take risks
    • The context in which “Risk Taking” is being considered here is about jeopardizing your gains in the achievement of something more valuable.
    • The best thing about taking risks is that if it pays off then its quite beneficial for you and even if you fail you learn a lot from it.
    • The most successful person is one who is not afraid of taking risk at the right time.
    • Playing Safe will not get you to success.
  • 14. The Real Success
    • The Real success is that which would help you not only in this life but also in the life after death.
    • Real success is achieved when the targets are set in accordance with the principles of our religion so that God is satisfied by us.
    • Our Success should be such, that it leaves an everlasting impact on the world so that it remembers us with respect and honor.
    • After our death our name lives till eternity.
  • 15. Conclusion
    • So in Order to be Successful you need to take these important step.
    • So that you can achieve your targets in life.
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