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1999 to 2000 Faisal Mirza - Nigeria Work Experience

1999 to 2000 Faisal Mirza - Nigeria Work Experience



My 13 month experience working in Nigeria as a Project Manager. I have this presentation at length when I got back to inform our Canadian offices.

My 13 month experience working in Nigeria as a Project Manager. I have this presentation at length when I got back to inform our Canadian offices.



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    1999 to 2000 Faisal Mirza - Nigeria Work Experience 1999 to 2000 Faisal Mirza - Nigeria Work Experience Presentation Transcript

    • Working in Nigeria By Faisal Mirza of Reid Crowther International Ltd.
    • Background • Joined RCPL in May 1997 in Fraser Valley Office. • Once completed Surrey Data Capture Project, a stormwater GIS, assigned to Nigeria in January 1999. • Left in April 1999 after 3 month visa delay. • Returned in May 2000 to Calgary Office.
    • About Nigeria • Gained Independence from Britain in 1960. • Gone through self serving dictators, a term of democracy, military control and various coups. • 1970’s, new capital under construction in Abuja, FCT, center of country to serve all 3 tribes equally - Hausa (North), Igbo (SE), Yoruba (SW) . • May 1999 transferred from military to civilian rule in Abuja, FCT.
    • History of RCPL in Nigeria • Interest began in 1985 with the Lagos State Water Supply Design Project with CIDA/World Bank funding. • Work began 1989 and completed 1991. • Tendering for Lagos Water Supply Supervision Project took place 1992-93 • 1993-96 Supervision of 800 km of water main in Lagos area. • Reid Crowther’s reputation for those jobs still exists.
    • Lagos
    • Working in Nigeria • • • • • • The Country The Work The Offices The Challenges The Culture The Life of an Expatriate
    • The Country
    • The Saddledome in Lagos?
    • Abuja
    • Abuja-Wuse Market
    • Transport
    • Garages
    • Transport
    • Transport
    • Go Slows
    • Okada, Going, Express, Machine
    • Typical Houses
    • Akure Downtown Market
    • Typical Roadside Market
    • Typical Roadside Market
    • Eleko Beach
    • Shopping on the Beach
    • The Work
    • Current Projects • World Bank Assisted Technical Consulting Projects on Water Supply • Assorted Water Supply Projects for Chevron
    • Technical Consulting Projects • Jointly funded by the World Bank and the State Water Corporations • Reid Crowther is involved with 3 projects for: Federal Capital Territory Water Board Ondo State Water Corporation Ekiti State Water Corporation
    • Federal Capital Territory Water Board • The new capital of Nigeria. • Federal Capital Territory or FCT is similar concept to Washington DC. • Out of all the state projects, FCT was the most prestigious because of its high profile. • The main city in FCT is Abuja. • Project was worked on by Calgary, Victoria and Edmonton offices.
    • Abuja The Office The Client (World Bank) Parliament Buildings The House Home of the President The Client (FCTWB)
    • Technical Consulting Projects • • • • • Operation and Maintenance Evaluation Water Audit Mapping Customer Enumeration Training
    • The Mapping of FCT Scanned Image on Top of Legal Map Legal Map in AutoCAD
    • Ondo and Ekiti Technical Consulting Projects • Both Ondo and Ekiti used to be one state. • TOR the same as FCT. • Difficult to fulfill many aspects of Terms of Reference because of conditions of infrastructure. • Mapping was not available. • Used aerial photography.
    • Computer Training
    • Conference at the Sheraton
    • Chevron • Nigeria is one of Chevron’s largest operations. • Ugborodu New Town - Full Engineering Services for new subdivision • Lekki Office Compound Assorted ProjectsSewage, Drainage, Water, Electrical • Water Supply Projects for various villages in south western Nigeria.
    • Ugborodu New Town
    • Ugborodu New Town
    • Ugborodu New Town
    • The Offices
    • The Offices • 4 Offices in Nigeria with approximately 50 Nigerian staff and 4 expatriate staff. • Main office is in Lagos with smaller satellite offices in Abuja (FCT), Akure (Ondo State) and Ado (Ekiti State). • Ian Jesney, Municipal Technical VP is responsible for all Nigerian operations. • Ken Till is the Senior Project Manager for all Nigerian Work. • Jacquie Judd (Head Office) acts as liaison for the Nigerian operations.
    • The Offices - Lagos
    • The Offices - Lagos
    • Lagos Office-10 Years Ago
    • The Lagos Fleet
    • Lagos Residence
    • Abuja-Manager’s Office
    • The Offices - Abuja
    • The Offices - Abuja
    • The Offices-Abuja
    • The Offices - Ondo
    • Victoria in Nigeria
    • Calgary in Nigeria
    • The Challenges
    • In the News
    • Fuel or “Fooell” Crisis
    • Car Troubles-Call NAA
    • Typical Roads in the Interior
    • Typical Roads in the Interior
    • A Typical Email Hi Karam, I am currently in the Bush. The transformer by our house caught on fire and we currently have no power. Also, there is a fuel shortage here and I don't have enough to get back to Lagos so I'm trapped here. Moreover, there are riots in between here and Lagos. Sigh.... There is absolutely nothing to do here except work and watch the chickens run around the compound. I’m going to kill that stupid rooster.
    • Other Challenges • Unreliable Power (NEPA), Telephone (NITEL), Water and Roads. • “Nigerian Time” • Getting sick - Malaria, Titbu Fly, Typhoid • The rainy season and the “Harmattan” • 419 - not an area code • Tribal tension-Yoruba, Ibo and Hausa. • Bureaucracy of various government agencies.
    • The Culture
    • The Culture - Everyday Sayings • • • • • • • “You’re Welcome” “Come eat with us” “Yes, yes, yes” “Well done!” “sssssssss” Safe journey “You’re not married?”
    • Mr. Faisal, how…... • • • • • • ……is your family? ……is your body? ……is work? ……now? ……far? ……is your weekend? (the dash)
    • Not sure when you can deliver? Say the following: • • • • “Inshallah” (If it is the will of Allah) “At the end of the day” “Soon” “By the grace of God”
    • The Naira-Forget Your Wallet
    • To Take or Not to Take a Picture
    • Living in Nigeria as a Local • • • • The extended family Commuting Respect - “Alhaji”, “Engr”, “Architect” Very religious-Church every Sunday, All Day • Muslim and Christian Holidays both taken • Almost no middle class • People living on $40 US/month
    • Food • • • • • • • • Pepper Soup - Chicken, Fish Pounded Yam with Soup Jollof Rice Meat Pies “Minerals” aka Soft Drinks “Bush” Meat Hot pepper or “Pepper” Taking a risk with roadside vendors
    • Varied Degrees of Health Care
    • Life of an Expatriate
    • Foreign Residents in Nigeria • Expatriates for foreign companies • Diplomats for Embassies or High Commissions • Journalists • Volunteers • Missionaries
    • But it was a lot of fun...
    • The Little Things • • • • • • Drivers Security Guards Cooks trained in Europe Secured Compound Respect of the local citizens ACs, Generators
    • The Abuja Cook, Mary
    • Jamming at the US Embassy
    • Music-Femi Kuti, Son of Fela
    • RC Party in Abuja
    • Safari at Yankari Game Reserve
    • Safari at Yankari Game Reserve
    • Wikki Hot Springs
    • Partying with Diplomats
    • Hobnobbing with Diplomats
    • Almost meeting Jean Chretien
    • The Hash
    • Abuja Golf Course
    • In Conclusion • An eye opening experience to life in a 3rd world country and it really makes you appreciate the conveniences and easy lifestyle we take for granted in North America.