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Present Simple And Present Progressive
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Present Simple And Present Progressive


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Present simple and present progressive

Present simple and present progressive

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Present Simple and Present Progressive Module 1
  • 2. Simple Present
    • For an action that is ongoing and permanent.
    • For example:
    • They finish their course
    • today.
  • 3. Simple Present
    • Example:
    • Hi! My name is Rob, I am 15 years old. I study high school in Washintong DC; I like to play soccer, listen the music on my ipod; I have a brother and a sister.
  • 4. Simple Present
    • Written activity:
    • Complete the sentences with these verbs:
    • Study, read, play, run, have, do, like, go
    • 1. He _________ soccer in the afternoon.
    • 2. They _______ to Cancun.
    • 3. She ________ to buy candies.
    • 4. You _______ the interesting book.
    • 5. I ________ at the park with friends.
    • 6. We _________ for the exam.
    • 7. Bob ________ a pet in his home.
    • 8. My sister ________ her homework.
  • 5. Present Progressive
    • For an action that is ongoing and temporary, exists now, but will change in the future.
    • Example: TO BE + Verb +ing
    • They are playing soccer
    • right now.
  • 6. Present Progressive
    • Example:
    • Currently, I am working to get my English course certification. Also, I am taking classes online to improve my use of English. I am trying to get rid of simple grammar mistakes so that I can communicate with my friends more effectively. I am taking a grammar course and a speech course at the College of San Mateo.
  • 7. Present Progressive time words
    • Observe Look for these time words as "companions" to the present progressive tense. Present Progressive Adverbs
    • for now * this morning
    • currently * this week
    • at the moment * this month
    • just now * this semester
    • as we speak * this year
    • presently * for a little while
    • today
  • 8. Present Progressive
    • Activity:
    • My name _____ (be) George . I ______ (be) from Greece.  I _______ (be) in the U. S. to improve my English. I ____ ______ (study) at a community college this semester.  For now, I ___ ________ (take) three classes. I ____ _________ (plan) to add one more class.  Currently, in my English class, we ____ ________ (learn) how to "blog" on the Internet. At the same time, I ______ _________ (improve) my typing skills!
  • 9. For your attention