Vegetarian slow cooker


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Slow cookers or crockpots have rapidly become popular tools for free video recipes convenient food preparation. Aside from recipe videos the simple methods, usually just one or two steps, even the mis en place (pre-preparation) is kept at a bare minimum. Precision is not so much given importance (to the dismay of professional chefs who prefer ingredients cut up in the same size and shape). Rustic cooking therefore goes hand-in-hand with slow cookery. Slow cooking adapts well to comfort foods as the texture of these dishes is generally tender and served hot, perfect on a rainy day or in the winter season.

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Vegetarian slow cooker

  1. 1. Vegetarian Slow Cooker Slow cookers or crockpotshave rapidly become popular toolsfor free video recipes convenientfood preparation. Aside from recipevideos the simple methods, usuallyjust one or two steps, even the misen place (pre-preparation) is kept ata bare minimum. Precision is not somuch given importance (to thedismay of professional chefs whoprefer ingredients cut up in the samesize and shape). Rustic cookingtherefore goes hand-in-hand withslow cookery. Slow cooking adaptswell to comfort foods as the textureof these dishes is generally tenderand served hot, perfect on a rainyday or in the winter season. A slow cooker, or crockpot, is a small electrical kitchen appliance that cooksfood over an extended period of time usually from six to 12 hours. It uses aconsistent low heat with a liquid to cook the food. The advantage of a slow cooker isit allows for minimal supervision. It is practical for busy people who do not want tospent much time in preparing their meals. In food preparation which has meat and poultry components, a significantadvantage of using a slow cooker is that cheaper cuts of meat with toughconnective tissue can be used as the extended cooking time softens the meat andbreaks down the ligaments and tendons. Depth of flavor is also developed duringthe slow cooking process. Caution must be taken in terms of the levels of seasoning as well as thecooking time of dish components. It is recommended to keep salt and seasoning toa minimum until the dish is almost done as flavors concentrate over time. In vegetarian slow cooking, preparation time doesn’t vary as much as whenyou’re cooking meats. An advantage of cooking vegetarian dishes in a slow cookeris it is virtually impossible to burn food due to low heat especially with advancemodels which can be set to adjust temperature as the food cooks. Extra care mustbe taken as vegetables easily overcook and become mushy and more importantlylose valuable nutrients. Raw vegetarians frown upon slow cooking and pretty muchany heating of food as it supposedly boils out heat-sensitive nutrients and kills liveenzymes found in raw vegetables. Two European soup recipes borsch from the Ukraine and Hungarian goulashare provided. Other vegetarian dishes such as soups, stews and some desserts canalso be prepared with a slow cooker.