School hrochuv tynec in the past and now 2


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School hrochuv tynec in the past and now 2

  1. 1. NOW AND IN THE PAST  by: 8th class
  2. 2. SCHOOL HROCHUV TYNEC IN THE PAST  In the classrooms were more pupils – about 40. They learned Russian instead English now. We learn English from 1989. There were no computers, smart boards, mobiles. Children learned from textbooks mostly. There were so many pupils, that they had to go to school in shifts: some children in the morning, the other in the afternoon.
  3. 3. NOW  There are about 25 pupils in the classrooms. We can go to special classrooms like PC, Smart board class, library and so on. But we use the blackboard and chalk like our parents too.
  4. 4. IN THE PAST  On 1st May and 9th May there were celebration of holidays: Day of Work and Day of the end of 2nd World War. Every pupils, teachers, worker s in factories and so on went to the streets to celebrate it by walking in parade.
  5. 5. NOW  Now we are at our homes, schools are empty.
  6. 6. IN THE PAST  There were many of exhibition for parents. Pupils demonstrated their skills and products.
  7. 7. NOW  We often do some presentation than real products. We try to use ICT likely than our hands. It is not really good. But sometimes we are succesfull in some competition in ICT tools. There is our PC classroom.
  8. 8. IN THE PAST  Some pupils went to the „running competition“ in a district town called Chrudim. From our school there were on the 1st and 4th place 2 girls. In our school there was not a gym. Pupils had to have training out…
  9. 9. NOW  We have a gym about 20 years. But it is small for us. We play here woleyball, floorball, footbal and some games. We train our bodies, when outside is cold or freezy from autumn to spring. Some adults go there in the afternoon…
  10. 10. IN THE PAST  Pupils grew some plants: fruit trees, vegetables in the school garden. There was a „Growing activity“ in our school. Vegetables could be use in a school canteen.
  11. 11. NOW  Now, there is a school playground instead of a school garden. We have there athletic competition named „Hrošiáda“. For the balls games we have a new playground, it was constructed from Europeans funds 3 years ago.
  12. 12. IN THE PAST  This athletic stadium at our school children had to build together with adults: parents and grandparents… It was their work…
  13. 13. IN THE PAST  Pupils went to the district athletic stadium in Chrudim town to practise athletics….
  14. 14. NOW  Playground and athletic stadium is between two school buildings: A building is for the older /5th – 9th class/, B building is for the younger /1st – 4th class/. In the picture is B.
  15. 15. IN THE PAST  Children had some activities after school: the organisation was called „Pionýr“. There were activities: Touristic, sailing on the rivers, playing games, arts and others.
  16. 16. SCHOOL CLUB - NOW  There is a special room in our school: School club. It is for children, they can play here some plays, like billiar, chess, table games afer school, when they are waiting for their buses.
  17. 17. IN THE PAST On summer holiday children went to the nature: Pionýr camps. They slept in the tents putting up near the river.
  18. 18. NOW - LIBRARY  This is our new school library. Pupils can come here every Thursday and they can borrow some books themselves. It was done from European funds too.
  19. 19. IN THE PAST - SPARTAKIADA  Pupils trained in our country in every schools the same excersising once in five years Spartakiada. They started to train in September every weeks, then demonstrate this excersising in each district towns. The best teams were chosen to go to Prague in June – Strahovský stadium. Spartakiada was trained by the youngest, older, juniors, senior s, men, women, soldiers and so on. They had the same dresses for each group.
  20. 20. NOW  Our school cloakroom. We left there our boots and coats with caps…
  21. 21. IN THE PAST  The workroom. Children tried to produce some small wooden or iron products. They learnt to use tools, like driers, hammers….  But we do now the same things.
  22. 22. NOW  There is our school dinning room…
  23. 23. IN THE PAST  There were some cooks, who cooked for children in the past…
  24. 24. NOW  In our corridors you can play some games, as table tennis. But only during the breaks. You can go to the school club too, there are some activities and competition too.
  25. 25. IN THE PAST  Children, who finished the school in 1960.
  26. 26. NOW  And in this time…
  27. 27. NOW AND IN THE PAST… 1. What is better: in the past or now? 2. Which building is similar Polish school: A or B? 3. Do you like our presentation? A B