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Presentace culture


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Whoiswho – famouspersonalities in theculturelife in theCzechRepublic
  • 2. 1.
    He was born 23rd September 1901 in Prague.
    He died 10th January 1986 in Prague.
    He was interpretor, writer and publicist.
    He get the Nobel Prizefor literature 1984.
    He studiedatfewgrammarschools.
    His first poetic collection was expenses in year 1921. He entered to communist side. He considered from capitalrepresentative artistic avantgardy. In March 1929 he was exclude communist side.
    His most knownpoeticscollections are „Maminka“ (Mum), „Město v slzách“ (The town in tears), „Světlem oděná“ a „Přilba hlíny“
    By : Lenka and Natálie
  • 3. 2.
    He wasborn on 5th October.
    He isCzechdramatist, critic, communistregil
    andpolitican. He wasmirriedtwice.
    His firstwifewas Olga andthesecondone
    is Dagmar, popularczechactress.
    He wasthe 9th president oftheCzechslovakia in 1989 -1992 andthefirst president oftheCzechRepublic 1993-2003.
    He helped to establish Charta77. His the most famoustheatre play was „Zahradní slavnosti“ = „Garden Party“.
    His thenewesttheatre play is „Odcházení“ = „Leaving“ from 2007.
    By : Daniel and Tomáš
  • 4. 3.
    He wasborn on 30th April 1883 – Praha anddied 3rd January– Lipnicenad Sázavou.
    He was Czech writer, publicist and journalist.
    He married Jarmila Mayerová
    His work :
    „Dobrý voják Švejk a jiné podivné historky“
    ( „Goodsoldier Švejk andtheothersstrangestories“)
    „Můj obchod se psy a jiné humoresky“
    („ My storewithdogsanddifferentfunnystories“)
    Dobrý voják Švejk v zajetí
    („Goodsoldier Švejk arrested“)
    Dobrý voják Švejk před válkou a jiné podivné historky
    („Goodsoldier Švejk beforethewarandtheothers
    Goodsoldier Švejk
    By : Petr and Vladyka
  • 5. 4.
    He was born 18th February 1932.
    He isdirector, screenwriterandactorCzechorigin.
    He grewupatrelativesand on the school‘s hostels.
    He is most significiantCzech, Americanandworld‘s filmingdirector.
    He got „Oscar“ forthebestdirectorfor „Amadeus“
    And „Přelet nad kukaččím hnízdem“.
    He gotaward „Zlatý Glóbus“ forthebestdirectorandaward „Bafta“ forthebestproductionandaward „ César“ forthebestforeigncountriesmovie.
    He had threewivesandfour son‘s.
    He directoredmovies: He playedatmovie:
    „Černý Petr “ „ Rabín, kněz a krásná blondýna “
    „ Hoří , má panenko “
    „ Přelet nad kukaččím hnízdem“
    „ Amadeus “
    „ Lid versus Larry Flynt “
    „ Goyovy příznaky “
    By : Zuzana and Lucie
  • 6. He isthe most significantCzechsinger.
    He was born 14th July 1939 in Plzeň.
    He got 40 times goldaward „Zlatý slavík“ (called „goldnightingale“ ).
    He gotmarried 7th January with Ivana Macháčková. They have twodaughters.
    His famoussongs : Včelka Mája
    Kdepak ty ptáčku hnízdo máš
    Kávu si osladím
    Když muž se ženou snídá………….
    By : Radka and Anna
  • 7. 6.
    Born: 9th April 1891 ( Liberec )
    Died: 31st January 1962 ( Praha )
    Parents: Antonín and Marie
    He was king of comedian, czechdramatic,
    actor, dramatic director, singer, dramatist
    headmaster, sportsman, businessman,
    films actor, film director, writer and
    He was one of the most popular
    actors of the first Republic.
    He played in movies:
    To neznáte hadimršku
    Přednosta stanice
    By : Lenka and Kateřina
  • 8. 7.
    • He wasborn 8thNovember 1841 in Nelahozevesand he died 1st May 1904 in Prague.
    • 9. He wasfamous music maker in theCzechRepublic. He wasthe most playedcomposeralltimes.
    • 10. He wrotesymphony Rusalka, Jakobín and Slovanský tanec.
    • 11. He wrote 9thsymphonyand a fewsymphonypoems.
    By : Michal and Daniel
  • 12. 8.
    He is czech director,actor and writer.
    He was born 23rd February 1938 in Prague.
    He got oscarfor film in 1966 and 1985.
    He is a teacher in the Prague FAMU = Film Academy (high school).
    I Served the king of England
    My sweet little Villege Larks
    On a String closely a Watched
    „Slavnosti sněženek“
    „ Na samotě u lesa“
    „ Rozmarné léto“
    „Všichni moji blízcí“
    „Rozmarné léto“
    Closely Watched Trains
    By : Pavla and Kristýna