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Podcasts focusing immunological constituents present in human breast milk


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Poster apresentado no Immuno 2012

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Podcasts focusing immunological constituents present in human breast milk

  1. 1. EI04 UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DE UBERLÂNDIA PODCASTS FOCUSING IMMUNOLOGICAL CONSTITUENTS PRESENT IN HUMAN BREAST MILK MÔNICA CAMARGO SOPELETE1; BEATRIZ DE ABREU DOS SANTOS2; LUIZA ARAÚJO FREITAS2; ALINE PIRES DE OLIVEIRA3; JULIANA APORTA GASPAR3; MARÍLIA DA SILVA COELHO3; TAIS BITTENCOURT MAGALHÃES DE PAULO3; MIRNA TONUS3 1 .Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Universidade Federal de Uberlândia, MG, Brasil. 2.Faculty of Medicine, Nursing course, Universidade Federal de Uberlândia, MG, Brasil; 3.College of Education, Social communication: journalism, Universidade Federal de Uberlândia, MG, Brasil .INTRODUCTIONThe association between digital mobile telephony and Internet predictsmajor changes in human institutional relations, including education. Podcastis a media file that can be transmitted over the Internet, and can be accessedfor download on mobile devices or not, such as phones, tablets and mp3players. Blog is a combination of the words web and log, and consists of Figure 2: Image of SoundCloud, online hosting platform for audio, especially thediscussion or informational site published in posts on the world wide web. episode 13 of ImunoCast “A ciência diz” serie. It may be noted in the player, asPodcast and blog are didactic tools that contribute to the teaching and well as track time, options to download and share the file.learning regardless of time and space. They may also represent tools forscientific diffusion.AIMSAiming to promote content on the role of immune system componentspresent in human breast milk, for academics and for professionals of the 1 2biomedical area and encourage them to access articles published in this area, Figure 3: Images of the two series of podcasts were hosted on SoundCloud anda multidisciplinary group of students and teachers created podcast episodes. on the Imunocast blog (http://imunocastufu.blogspot.com.br): (1) "Imunologia de berço" is used as a resource to support teaching in classes for the undergraduate program in nursing and (2) "A ciência diz" is aimed at professionals and studentsMETHODS in the area of biomedical sciences.1. Project staff - Federal University of Uberlândia: - University professors: Immunology and Digital Media (Journalism) - Graduation students: Nursing and Journalism2. Literature review: - PubMed and Scielo - Articles focusing on immunologic components present in human breast milk3. Analysis of voice quality: - Done with all professors and students - Criteria: understanding of content; text interpretation; transfer of Figure 4: Image on the blog ImunoCast episode 13, "A ciência diz” serie. The information with clarity; rhythm; voice variations; convincing and, well player, the link to the PDF text, the authorship and type of copyright license are finished sentences. also shown. - Assisted in the choice of host4. Podcast: Vignettes: - Human voice and music; - Introduction, opening and closing in all episodes; - Music available in public domain: www.jamendo.com Audios: - Analysis of voice quality: all staff - Audio files: players - Hosting in an online audio distribution platform: SoundCloud Figure 5: Image on the ImunoCast fanpage in Facebook. A fanpage was created to promote the project. In the first month, five episodes were published on the blog - Signature via RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and had over 700 views.5. Blog: - Text and audio posts - Hosting in an online text and audio distribution platform: blogger - Texts according to the new rules of grammar of the Portuguese language and bibliographical references - PDF file hosted in Google docs6. Facebook fan page: - To share information on breastfeedingRESULTS Figure 6: Picture of the ImunoCast project members who participated in the 14 th Week of Breastfeeding in the UFU. Figure 1: Image of Jamendo (music sharing website), and the song CONCLUSION "Ensarada“ by Tunacka, chosen to compose the vignette on ImunoCast. Technical details in the preparation of audio, text and blog were built to facilitate the understanding of content by listeners/readers and were important to make them accessible and understandable, especially for professionals in areas of biomedical sciences.FINANCIAL SUPPORT